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Attention Emergency All personnel must evacuate immediately.

Suddenly a bright blue electrical arc is emited from below and a loud explosion is heard.

A massive fire ball explodes up from the Queens lair located in the basement as the M40 grenades do there job.

Ripley nearly loses her footing as the powerful forces explode upwards.

Attention Emergency All personnel must evacuate immediately.


Ripley reaches the lift system as the tannoy blares out " You now have four minutes to reach minimum safe distance".

The lift system rattles and clinks as it sets in motion, Huge bellows of flame can be seen ejecting inwards into the shaft space. The lift has to come down from the top.

A loud screeching is heard as Ripley turns round, She screams out " Come on, goddamn it! as she frantically presses the buttons to the lift controls.

More loud screeching is heard.

Ripley suddenly moves off and runs to some stairs close by, She shouts to Newt, Hold on to me!

Suddenly the Queen alien appears from a dark corner, The sound score changes to a dramatic and scary tone.

The Queen hisses as Ripley shudders from the sight.

Suddenly the lift arrives and starts to open up. Ripley runs over to the lift.

Ripley starts pressing the lift button in quick succession as she watches the Queen alien making it's way towards her.

The Queen alien screeches with terror as it knocks over a pair of ladders with it's almighty strength.

The lift's metal shutters close just in time as Ripley fires her flame thrower through the grills, The Queen alien screeches loudly as the flames hit there mark.

Ripley shakes her flame thrower as she fires off another round of flame.

Suddenly the lift door shutters close as the lift begins it's journey to the top.

The lift whirls as it travels rapidly upwards, An explosion sends another fireball up the lift shaft as Ripley and Newt try to hold on with there lives.

In the pandemonium Ripley has inadvertently sent another lift down to basement 02, The lift whirls open as the Queen alien looks on.

Another explosion causes Ripley to shake violently for a momentary second as the tannoy continues, Attention Emergency, All personnel must evacuate immediately,

You now have Two Minutes to reach minimum safe distance.

A dramatic sound score is playing as Ripley and Newt reach the top, Lightening is heard as they make there way out of the lift system.

Ripley exits and looks both ways as she say's No! in disappointment as there is no Bishop and drop ship for rescue.

Lightening streaks across the platform as steam and wind come from every corner, Ripley shouts out in disappointment frustration and anger, Bishop, she screams Goddamn you!

More explosions are heard as Ripley breathes out loudly in fear,

Suddenly a metal noise is heard as Ripley moves over too the other lift shaft to investigate, It is very noisy and windy now.

The other lift is making it's way up as bellows of flame penetrate from below.

Ripley moves back slightly and checks her weapon, The counter reads Zero and she throws it off onto the ground. Rattling and shaking is heard as the metal structure of the complex starts to lose it's strength,

Massive explosions and metal chinging are heard as material and debris falls down in every direction.

Ripley holds Newt tight as she slowly backs onto the railings, Metal pipes and other debris are falling down all around her and Newt, Loud explosions are heard it is very noisy.

Continuous explosions and arcs of electric blue and neon are heard as a large cylindrical pipe crunches and falls under it's own weight.

Suddenly a whirring is heard as the other lift system locks into place. Ripley and Newt look on with a frightened facial expression.

The lift door slowly whirls open revealing a blackness.

Then the worst possible outcome is revealed, The alien Queen was in the lift and is now dangerously close to attacking Ripley and Newt, Ripley shouts out to Newt, Close your eyes baby, to try and comfort her.

A powerful orchestral whoomph is heard as the drop ship suddenly appears behind Ripley and Newt, Newt shouts, Look!

The Queen alien screeches loudly as it makes it's way towards Ripley and Newt.

Bishop manoeuvres the ship as close as he can to allow Ripley and Newt to grab onto a pair of emergency exit ladders, Ripley breathes out heavily as she helps Newt on. Newt shouts out to Ripley" Come On, Come on.

Another huge explosion sends thick plumes of acrid smoke high into the sky.

The drop ship shakes and rumbles as the explosive forces hit, Ripley and Newt struggle and climb the ladders to the safety of the drop ship.

Trumpets are playing out as the situation is tense. Another explosion sends the drop ship flying to the left. This causes one of the legs to get caught up in some metal scrap that has accumulated.

Ripley grunts as another explosion is heard, The leg of the drop ship whines as it tries to free itself of the metal scrap pilings.

After a moment Bishop manages to free the leg from the debris as he pulls it up into it's housing.

Ripley shouts out, Punch it Bishop as the drop ship becomes free.

Massive explosions are generated as the drop ship arches and speeds away from the critical platform. The atmosphere processor is exploding in virtually every part of it's structure now.

Bishop carefully manoeuvres the drop ship out of the atmosphere processor structure as explosions and flame rain down from every direction.

A dramatic sound score is heard as the drop ship weaves it's way out of the atmosphere processor and into outer space, The music stops and only the sound of the drop ship can be heard as it gets further and further away from the dangerous base.

Suddenly there is an almighty bright white light as Hadley's Hope and everything in it explode like a nuclear bomb has gone off.

The huge explosion can be seen for many many miles as it mushroom clouds and disintegrates into oblivion.

A huge rumbling is heard as the drop ship shakes from the forces.

Ripley is breathing heavily as Bishop gains his composure,

Bishop grabs his head set and say's, Its okay, We're okay.

Ripley and Newt are breathing heavily, All is quiet except the noise of the drop ship engines, Ripley turns to Newt and say's Hey, We made it.

Newt replies softly, I knew you'd come. Ripley gives Newt a loving peck on the cheek as soft flutes play in the background.

I'm a paragraph. Click here to add your own text and edit me. It's easy.

I'm a paragraph. Click here to add your own text and edit me. It's easy.

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