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Ripley succeeds in getting to the top and quickly presses the close button the the air lock doors.

Ripley lays motionless momentarily as she gasps for air and is breathing heavily, She is very tired but relieved to be safe.

Ripley slowly edges over to Newt, Newt say's in a relieved tone Mommy, Ripley say's in a relieved tone Oh God!. Ripley picks up Newt and they hug each other.

Bishop say's while still gurgling the white liquid, Not bad for a h-human. Ripley looks at Bishop and gives him a little smile as Bishop smiles back.

Newt is looking over Hicks and Bishop as they lay in there medivac hyper sleep units. the hatches slowly whirl shut as Newt looks on.

Ripley is programming some commands into the Sulaco computer system, She is inputting her destination back home.

Newt say's, Are we gonna sleep all the way home?

Ripley replies, All the way home.

Newt say's Can I dream?

Ripley replies, Yes, Honey, I think we both can.

Ripley puts a finger to Newts chest then as Newt looks down Ripley waves it onto her nose, Newt is tickled.

Ripley says as she plays with Newts hair, Sleep tight,

Newt replies, Affirmative.

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