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Trash slowly walks through his gang of bikers to face up to Leech, Leech is a blood freak and chauffeur to The Ogre. His gang is called The Tigers.

Trash say's, Where's The Ogre? 

Leech replies, How you doin' Trash?, I said where's The Ogre Trash shouts, Leech replies, He's mighty pissed, His generosity's right on just the same, I mean giving Chris's body back to ya. Brotherly love only the hearts missing, He ate it.

Trash opens the door to The Ogres car and Witch steps out. Witch is the right hand dominatrix to Ogre and an all round sadist, She fights with a whip and uses long metal claws as her razor sharp nails, She has her eyes on Trash she some what fancies him. Witch say's, Hi Trash long time no see.The Ogre is the almighty kingpin and King of the Bronx, His gang called The Tigers rule the roost and are not to be messed with,  

The Ogre says, Leech is a blood freak, If it was up to him He'd turn the Bronx into a cemetery.

Trash replies, Why'd you do it Ogre?

Ogre replies, We had a deal, You and the Riders had to stay in your own territory.

Ogre continues, Remember? No trespassing. Besides the sucker was carrying a Gizmo, I did you a favour Trash!

Trash shouts - Bullshit! 

Ogre replies, Oh yeah! What the hell do you call this? It's wave length is the same as that of the Manhattan police.

Ogre continues, Do you think I'm Jivin'? If I were you Trash I'd be worried. If I found one of my own men carrying a Gizmo...Now they know exactly where we're based.

Ogre continues, We're in for a few surprises! 

I'd be on the look out... Trash. Witch say's, So glad you and the Ogre understand each other so well.

Be seeing you around Trash Witch say's.

The drum roll starts up again as The Ogre taps the steering wheel to signal an exit with his iron stick. Ogre shouts Leech.

Cars can be heard starting there engines and revving as they make there way out of the waste ground.

The Tiger gang slowly make there way back out of the waste ground located next to the East river. The Rider gang watch on emotionless as the Tigers slowly disappear.

Trash shows the Gizmo to Ice, Trash say's, Ice you know anything about this?

Ice replies, That son of a bitch almost fucked it up for all of us! 

Trash replies, Do you think he was a spy?, 

Ice replies, Who Knows? Could of been

The Rider gang start there engines and vacate the area.

A police officer working for the Manhattan corporation is examining the tracing detector for the gizmo's location. He say's It's gone, We lost the tracing signal. A low level electronic whirring is heard as the circular tracking monitor loops round and around. Samuel Fisher is the father of Anne.

The Vice President  say's, Tell Fisher there's no sign of the girl,  And we lost contact with our informer.

Farley should be here in half an hour. If anything gives get in touch with me on the reserved code. This whole operation is hush hush, Not a word understand!.

Special vigilante squad members are observing the Bronx from up high. The co-pilot squad member say's, If it were up to me I'd clean the whole god damned borough with napalm sizzle them out of existence!.

The pilot replies, Just thank your lucky stars We never have to go down there.

The pilot continues, I'm just fine as long as we keep flying above those creeps!. Jesus, look at em' Scum of the earth. The lousy cockroaches think they own the whole fuckin' borough! Look at em!.Enough to make you vomit!.

Ice is talking with his gang members and Trash, Trash is the leader of the Riders Gang and Ice is his right hand man, The vigilante helicopter can be heard overhead, He say's, What I think, I think it was a set up.... Right! Ice continues, This Gizmo he hesitates, And your still thinking about it.

Ice walks off slowly and say's, Come on turn your attention to something more important Trash... Like The Ogre.

Ice say's, See the way he and the Tigers came struttin in like they were hot shit!

You seen it Rat!

Ice say's, Those fuckers need straightening! We gotta put em' in there place once and for all!

Blade replies, The way I see it Ogre did us a favour by tellin' us Chris was a spy.

Ice replies surprised, A favour! He did us a favour? Maybe we should send him a thank you note! Ice walks away slightly and replies, Blade... Do something you haven't done in a long while.. Like think!

Ice rests his left arm onto a gang member who has a hook for an arm, He say's to the gang member, Would you mind asking Blade here to put his grey matter in motion?, The gang member holds his hands to his fore head to signal that Blade uses his noodles..

Ice continues, What's this spy shit! And who was he a spy for? Tigers?... No Way! It wasn't his style, He stood to gain nothing! But the Ogre and Hotdog, You know what... The fact is I wouldn't at all be surprised if it was them who sold him the fucking Gizmo in the first place. I think it's time we got even, What do you think Trash?  Anne replies, Maybe? I was the one he was spyin' on.

Trash replies, Yeah.. Who Knows?

Ice looks into a motorcycle wing mirror and say's quietly to another gang member, Shit... Since he's hooked up with that Manhattan pussy... 

All his blood has rushed to his cock!.

The gang member say's um yeah and nods in agreement.

Samuel Fisher lands in a helicopter and has a limousine waiting. The Vice president will shortly be picked up also as the two men have some important conversation to discuss.

Samuel Fisher say's, How did she end up in the Bronx?

The Vice president replies, She apparently went their on her own initiative. Samuel Fisher replies, Her own initiative? The vice president  replies..Yeah. Fisher replies, That's insane. Fisher continues, The wealthiest and most affluent girl in the world runs away and hides in the Bronx. That's shear insanity!

Fisher pulls out an ID authorization card from his left pocket and places it over the portable fax machine. The fax machine comes to life and a male voice is heard, Samuel Fisher ID Code Level 1: Top priority authorize communication: Please begin.

Farley it's Sam I'm in Manhattan

Farley continues, I'm sure Fred has informed you already that we lost contact... Fisher replies, Yes.

Farley continues, Do you think Hammer will accomplish the mission just the same? Fisher replies, Affirmative. Farley continues, Anne must be brought back at any cost!

The sound score is playing out a simple zombie chorus with occasional drum beats, A heavily reinforced Manhattan corporation van has come into view.

A Manhattan police supervisor is contacting the guards driving the silver van from the operations room, He say's as he put's his coffee cup down, Calling Patrol Van 8,  

A guard responds, We receive, Approaching the 12th District No action 10-4

Anne presses play on a silver tape deck, Some funky low key sounds quietly chirp out as Anne contemplates some thoughts.

Trash say's, What's botherin' you?, Nothing Anne replies. Trash replies, You got somebody back there? Anne replies, No... It's not what you think.

Trash stands and walks slowly over to Anne, He say's, Maybe you don't like it here?,, Anne repies, No I'm happy with you here. Trash replies, I'd like to believe it....

Anne replies, It's true. This is the first time I really feel I really belong to someone, 

That I'm truly part of something that's all mine.

I feel safe with you Trash. Don't you ever let them take me away from you.

Trash say's, Who?, Anne replies Nobody......Nobody!.

Just hold me...Hold me tight!

A funky guitar melody is playing as the van moves forever furthur into No Mans Land.

Four of the Riders are on the tail of the guards van, Trash Blade Ice and Paul are in hot pursuit of the trespassing vehicle.

The four gang members stop at a junction before they spot the approaching van.

Blade say's, You see what I see? Ice replies, It stinks like the fuzz!
Blade say's, The cops in the Bronx! Ice replies, Down right heroic.

Blade is excited and say's Ha ey, What do ya say man? Paul replies, Come on Blade huh, Simmer down.

The driving guard say's to his partner, There's four punks down at the end of the street,

His partner readies his rifle with a clicking sound.

The driving guard say's Don't forget MCormack the lieutenant said try to avoid contact.

The other guard replies, Yeah, But he didn't say we couldn't defend ourselves.

Blade say's, They gotta be crazy in the head! Ice replies, Silly ass fuckers... I wonder what they're after?.

Trash say's, Check it out! Blade replies, What ever you say man!

Mcormack say's to his partner, Go on step on it... Make em' shit in there pants!

Blade say's, Man, They should get a medal... Paul say's, Shall we, Trash say's as he accelerates off, We're be there welcoming commitee.

The guard driver say's to his partner, Were'd they go?, I don't see them anywhere now.

Mcormack replies, Ran?, The other guard say's, I don't know,

Tough looking bunch of guys.

Bikes can be heard revving and rumbling as they suddenly appear from a corner junction, They spread out circling the van as Paul drives to the side of the vehicle to allow Blade to clamber up the back.

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