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Stansfield shouts out with denial, I don't know. Stansfield chuckles briefly, They should of been at school don't you think?.


Stansfield raises his right hand and squirts some mouth freshener into his mouth two times.


The bold headed detective responds and say's, But in your statement you said you were the first man in,


The bold headed detective continues, "didn't you see any kids?." Matilda is still listening behind the wall, The detective wearing the white shirt and purple tie responds and say's, The door was broken, what happened? Did you follow the procedure?.


Stansfield is trying to control the proceedings as he instantly walks on up to the two detectives with his right hand held high.


Stansfield is having none of it as he tries to deflect his guilt and make out he is some kind of hero under the circumstances. (Beeps from a car horn can be heard from outside.)


Stansfield say's with hidden anger and ferocity, I lost a good man here, He turns and looks directly at the bold headed detective and say's, What the fuck do you want with me?.


The detective in a white shirt and purple tie nods his head positively as he say's, Cooperation.


Stansfield is taken back by the detectives attitude as he breathes out quickly after becoming consumed by his inner guilt complex.


Stansfield holds his hands together as he portrays a sick man that is in prayer. Stansfield is not really asking God for strength but for his demons to help him out here.


Suddenly Stansfield blows a fuse as he becomes extremely angry and infuriated. Stansfield shouts loudly, I haven't got time


 for this Mickey Mouse bullshit.


Stansfield turns to the detective wearing a white shirt and purple tie and say's, You want cooperation?, Stansfield signals with his left hand and say's, Come up my office..


Stansfield shouts out clearly and say's, Room 4602. Stansfield has had enough and pushes through the two detectives using both of his hands.


Stansfields feet tap lightly as he makes his way out of the apartment, Mathilda now knows where Stansfield resides and also that he is a big liar and cheat.


Stansfield blasts through the open door well as yellow crime scene tape breaks off and snakes in all directions.


Stansfield makes his way down the corridor as a piece of yellow tape continues to stick to Stansfields clothing.


Stansfield pulls the tape away from his clothing as he passes the police officer.


Stansfield leaves the building as a group of teenagers have accumulated outside.


Stansfield is in a rush as he heads for a parked vehicle just around the corner, Two boys are playing ball as Stansfield walks past, Stansfield decides he will confiscate the ball and takes control of it as he passes by. Stansfield say's, Kids should be at school!. A boy in a white tee shirt turns around and shouts "Hey!".


The boy in the white tee shirt follows Stansfield in an effort to try and get his ball back, The boy shouts, Hey, come on, that's my ball!. 


Stansfield throws the ball to Benny one of his gang members who catches the ball, Benny then takes the ball with him into Stansfield's motor vehicle.


The boy in the white shirt chases Stansfield right up to his vehicle and say's loudly, Hey, give that back! Come on where are you going?. Mathilda has left her old apartment and is watching the scene unfold from the corner of the street.


Stansfield gets into his police vehicle as Benny starts the engine, The boy say's, Damn, where are you going, man?, That's my ball.


Stansfield and Benny drive off as Benny activates the siren system. The siren woa wooh's loudly as it wooh's at a continuous tone up the hill and away into the distance. Mathilda is watching the scene unfold but Stansfield has not recognized her.


Mathilda waits until Stansfield has traveled up the road a few kilometers before crossing the street.


Mathilda runs to the middle of the road and begins to flag down a taxi cab. Light and deep drums produce the sound score.


A police siren can still be heard in the distance as a taxi comes into view. The taxi skids and screeches to a winding stop.


The taxi driver turns his head and looks at Mathilda slightly surprised at how young the customer is.


Mathilda gets in and slams the door shut before saying, Follow the blue car!.


The dread locked taxi driver replies sarcastically, And I suppose you want me to blast the music and go through the lights hey. 


Mathilda is holding a handful of american dollars in her hand taken from the stash she found in her old apartment. 


Mathilda leans over and offers the taxi driver the cash, She say's with a serious tone, No, Drive slowly.


Mathilda continues with an adult approach, She say's, Take the hundred bucks and shut the fuck up, Okay?.

The taxi driver becomes silent but accepts the offer and takes the cash from Mathilda's hand. The taxi driver looks at the cash to check it's authenticity.


The taxi moves at speed as it follows Stansfield's vehicle through the streets of New York City.


The police siren can be heard as the taxi stays within a few hundred yards of the moving vehicle.


The camera pans up as the taxi continues it's journey along the busy streets.


10 minutes later and Stansfield has arrived at his destination, The vehicle screeches to a halt as Stansfield makes his way out of the passenger side.


Stansfield slams the door shut as he makes his way in to his office situated on the top floor of the building.


Stansfield walks past large amounts of pedestrians and several side stalls that sell fresh fruit and vegetables, It is a very busy location where Stansfield operates his felonious business activities.


Stansfield is pretty well known at his residence and is also a respected DEA officer doing a fine job for his people and his country.


A police officer making his way out of the complex greets Stansfield as they both walk past each other, Stansfield has an office located at 1 Centre Street, which is the Department Of Justice Department, New York Office. 


Very important officials and secret service personnel frequent the building and the DEA employ a large security team to keep the building safe.


Finally Stansfield makes it back to the building, He passes through a revolving door to enter the foyer.


Mathilda has also made it to her destination as she watches Stansfield from a distance. Now she definitely knows where Stansfield carries out his foul and illegal operations from.


Mathilda has returned back to Hotel National room 410 and is watching her favorite programme being Transformers. The robots voice emanates from the television speaker and say's, I do not want to fight you?, But you leave me no choice!.


Mathilda does not look happy as she watches the television set, Loud sounds of laser guns explosions, and other synthesizer effects can be heard as another robots voice say's, Watch, You just gave me a great idea. The camera is slowly zooming in on Mathilda as she silently watches the moving images.


Leon has just arrived back at the hotel after finishing one of his secret cleaning job activities.


Leon's hand is covered in blood as he reaches for the key to open the door. A low level clicking sound is heard as Leon turns the key in a clockwise motion. The sound from the television can be heard from outside the door, A voice say's, Oh I will look for help, Thats right!


Mathilda turns her head left briefly as the sound of Leon making his way in startles her slightly.


Mathilda quickly reaches for the remote control and changes the channel, A loud and very high pitched electronic sound is heard as Mathilda points the control at the television set. Robot voices can still be heard as one robot say's, But I need a big one! What did you....The words are cut short as Mathilda changes the network to a current affairs show instead. A female presenter is heard saying,Welcome back to Elith Bailey and were starting to have a look at the greatest TV interviews. Loud cheering is then heard from the television.


Mathilda has taken on a more serious and mature role after spending time with Leon but she does not want him to see her watching Transformers as she want's Leon to listen and understand her better, If he thinks she is still a girl which she is he might not agree to her requests involving Stansfield and the drugs gang. 


Mathilda pretends to be interested in the television programme as she dips her hand into a pot of potato chips.


Leon places a white boutiques styled bag down onto the table.


Leon looks down as he say's, It's for you, a present.


Mathilda continues to watch the television screen as she places another potato chip into her mouth completely ignoring Leon. Mathilda has been to the convenience store and has purchased a large amount of candy, corn, chips, and fizzy soda, Mathilda no doubt used some of the cash stash she found at her old apartment.


A male voice can be heard from the television and say's Another little step up then hold it in, the television continues to produce voices and cheers. Leon say's, Do you want me to open it?,


Mathilda continues to ignore Leon, Leon pauses momentarily then say's, "I'll open it" in an enthusiastic way.


A loud scrunching of paper is heard as Leon takes the item out of the bag, Suddenly Mathilda looks up slightly at a pink and frilly silken dress that Leon has bought for Mathilda. 


Leon holds the dress up from each shoulder as he shows it to Mathilda.


Leon say's, How do you like it?, Nice, eh?, Mathilda is still showing very little interest as she rubs her hands of the oily potato chips.


Suddenly there is a loud knock on the door consisting of 5 knocks in quick succession, A male voice is heard shouting from behind the door and say's, Mr McGuffin?


Leon goes to investigate the unexpected visit while the television continues to sound out, This time a female presenter is heard saying, Several celebrities on the ball, The sound fades out as Leon leaves the living room space.


Leon opens the door with a face of bewilderment.


The hotel receptionist stands in the hall with two hotel security personnel on either side of him. The hotel receptionist has a stern and concerned expression as he say's to Leon, "Can I have a word with you?". Earlier on Mathilda told the receptionist she was in a relationship with Leon but we know this is not true. Leon likes Mathilda but he treats her like his daughter, The hotel receptionist now thinks the worst about Leon.


Leon is speechless.


The sound score returns once again, This time it consists of an almost oriental arrangement, Flutes provide a harmonious sound stage infused with light and deep drum beats, hi hat, and a middle toned synthesizer chord. Leon and Mathilda have been forced to leave Hotel National room 410 as the receptionist and Leon have not worked out a satisfactory conclusion that the hotel receptionist can believe. To keep the quality and high standards of the hotel Leon and Mathilda have been asked to leave. Mathilda and Leon make there way up a busy street carrying there personnel belongings with them.


Mathilda and Leon make haste as they continue along.


Mathilda is accumulating a collection of items now as she follows Leon to another hotel.


Leon has much on his mind as he carries his suitcases through the city streets.


Mathilda's hair flaps in the wind as she also thinks about her situation.


Mathilda and Leon have found a new hotel, Mathilda is slowly walking down a corridor as she hugs the teddy bear.


Mathilda turns her head left and looks into one of the rooms as she does some soul searching.


Leon is in the shower having not been able to have one at Hotel National. Leon is bleeding having sustained an injury on his last cleaning mission.


The sound of water splashing and pooling is heard, Leon looks at his injured and bleeding hand as he contemplates on the high risks he has to endure each time he gets a contract.


Leon is very good at disguising his injuries to anyone that he might meet,  Leon is in some pain as he tends to his injuries. Leon holds his right hand over his right chest region as he retorts with pain, Leon has been injured and a hidden and more violent pressure is building on Leon each time he carries out a mission.


Mathilda is showing signs of boredom and sadness mixed into one entity, Mathilda reaches for the remote control that sits undisturbed on top of the television set, Mathilda is still cuddling the teddy bear as it provides some comfort from the terrible thoughts and feelings she is experiencing at this very bad moment in her life.


Mathilda stands fixed to the floor as she presses a button on the remote to switch the television on. Mathilda becomes uninterested in the moving images as she has something on her mind which is troubling her and has come to the surface. Mathilda places the remote back and turns away.


Leon sighs loudly as he attempts to carry out some DIY medical to his body. A thin and long piece of wire is protruding out of Leon's right side chest region and is causing tremendous pain. Leon pulls at the wire in an attempt to remove it.

Leon lets out a deep gasp of air as he winces and tenses his body, Leon pulls on the wire as it slowly comes out of his chest.
Electroshock weapon technology uses a temporary high-voltage, low current electrical discharge to override the body's muscle-triggering mechanisms. Commonly referred to as a stun gun, electroshock weapons are a relative of cattle prods, which have been around for over 100 years and are the precursor of stun guns. The recipient is immobilized via two metal probes connected via wires to the electroshock device. The recipient feels pain, and can be momentarily paralyzed while an electric current is being applied. Essential to the operation of electroshock, stun guns and cattle prods is sufficient current to allow the weapon to stun.

Jack Cover a NASA researcher began developing the TASER in 1969, By 1974, he had completed the device which he named after his childhood here "Tom Swift" ("Thomas A. Swift's electric rifle"). The Taser Public Defender used Gunpowder as its propellant, which led the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms to classify it as a firearm in 1976.  Cover's patent was adapted by Nova Technologies in 1983 for the Nova XR-5000, their first non-projectile hand-held style stun gun. The XR-5000 design was widely copied as the source for the compact handheld stun gun used today.  


In 1935 Ciril Diaz of Cuba designed an electroshock glove. In the United Kingdom the possession and purchase of any weapon of whatever description designed or adapted for the discharge of any noxious liquid, gas or other thing is prohibited. This includes electroshock weapons. Currently, Tasers are programmed to be activated in automatic five second bursts, although the officer can stop the energy charge at any time by engaging the safety switch. The charge can also be prolonged beyond five seconds if the trigger is held down continuously. The operator can also inflict repeated shock cycles with each pull of the trigger as long as both barbs remain attached to the subject. The only technical limit to the number or length of the electrical cycles is the life of the battery, which can be ten minutes or more.

Jack Cover with a model of his invention in September 1975. Credit United Press International


The danger with any kind of electromagnetic discharge is that the recipient could be severely injured or even die. Concerns about the use of conducted electrical weapons have arisen from cases that include the death of the Polish immigrant Robert DzieKanski in the Vancouver, BC airport where he died after the RCMP officer, in spite of his training, repeatedly stunned him with a Taser. The report by forensic pathologist Charles Lee, of Vancouver General Hospital, listed the principal cause of death as "sudden death during restraint", with a contributory factor of "chronic alcoholism".

A similar incident occurred in Sydney, Australia, to Roberto Laudisio Curti,  a 21-year-old tourist from Brazil. He died after repeated Taser application even after being physically apprehended (by the weight of several police officers lying on top of him compressing his chest and making it hard to breathe. He was pepper sprayed at the same time). The Coroner was scathing of the "thuggish" behavior of the police. The repeated use of several Tasers was considered excessive and unnecessary. Although the Taser is a programmable device, the controlling software does not limit the number of the bursts of pulses and the time between bursts while the trigger is held down continuously, or the number of times the shock cycles can be repeated. Thus the design does not adequately reduce the likelihood that the victim's heart enters into a deadly ventricular fibrillation. The threshold for a woman may be less and could die from a smaller discharge compared to a man. The study done by Pierre Savard, Ing., PhD., Ecole Polythechnique de Montréal, et al., for the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC), indicated that the threshold of energy needed to induce deadly ventricular fibrillation decreased dramatically with each successive burst of pulses; however, one pulse may provide enough energy to induce deadly ventricular fibrillation in some cases. 

Police Footage of Roberto Laudisio Curti being Tasered to death in Australia (new footage) Viewer Discretion Advised.

Video of the tasering and death of Robert Dziekanski at Vancouver International Airport has been released. Viewer Discretion Advised.


Tom Swift and His Electric Rifle; or, Daring Adventures in Elephant Land is a young adult novel published in 1911, written by Stratemeyer Syndicate writers using the pen name Victor Appleton. It is Volume 10 in the original Tom Swift novel series published by Grosset & Dunlap. The novel is notable for inspiring the name of the Taser.
While Tom Swift is working on his latest new invention, the electric rifle, he meets an African safari master whose stories of elephant hunting sends the group off to deepest, darkest Africa. Hunting for ivory  is the least of their worries, as they find out some old friends are being held hostage by the fearsome tribes of the red pygmies. Swift builds two major inventions in this volume. The first is a replacement airship, known as The Black Hawk. This new airship is to replace The Red Cloud, which was destroyed during his adventures in Tom Swift in the Caves of Ice. This airship is of the same general construction as The Red Cloud, but is smaller and more maneuverable. Of foremost notice is Swift's invention of the electric rifle, a gun which fires bolts of electricity. The electric rifle can be calibrated to different levels of range, intensity and lethality; it can shoot through solid walls without leaving a hole, and is powerful enough to kill a rampaging whale, as in their steamer trek to Africa. With the electric rifle, Tom and friends bring down elephants, rhinoceroses, and buffalo, and save their lives several times in pitched battle with the red pygmies. It also can discharge a globe of light that was described as being able to maintain itself, like ball lightening, making hunting at night much safer in the dark of Africa. In appearance, the rifle looked very much like contemporary conventional rifles.

Tom Swift and His Electric Rifle 2015 Trailer [HD]

Although the book exists in a historical context, a modern reading reveals bold racism in the plot.

In the book, the black people are rendered as either passive, simple and childlike, or animalistic and capable of unimaginable violence. They are described in the book at various points as “hideous in their savagery, wearing only the loin cloth, and with their kinky hair stuck full of sticks”, and as “wild, savage and ferocious ... like little red apes."

— Jamiles Lartey


Mathilda is silent as she stares into outer space from the living room table. Suddenly a loud wooden clicking noise is heard as Mathilda looks up breaking her thoughts.


Leon emerges from the bathroom having finished his shower, Leon rubs his left side head with his left hand as he makes his way into the room. A large ornament can be seen in the distance exemplifying Mary Blessed Mother Of Jesus. Leon becomes motionless as he freezes on the spot, Leon looks to his right, then directly at Mathilda, then he looks left in complete silence. Leon then looks back at Mathilda as she reaches out for the red milk carton with her right hand. No sound score exists at this moment in the movie. 


Mathilda holds a glass in her right hand as she begins to pour a glass of milk.


Mathilda pours the milk into the glass as Leon watches from a distance. A loud sound of liquid filling the glass is heard.


Mathilda quickly finishes pouring the milk, she then offers the milk to Leon by sliding the glass towards him as she looks up at him.  Leon begins a slow walk over to the table.


Leon begins a slow walk over to the table. Leon sits himself down as Mathilda say's, "Here".


Mathilda suddenly produces the stash of cash she found under the floorboards at the old apartment, She lay's the thick wad of cash down onto the table and say's, It's for a contract, Twenty Grand, right?.


Mathilda continues, His name is Norman Stansfield and he's in room 4602 in the DEA building, 26 Federal Plaza. Leon sighs as he places his glass down,


Leon is not making any eye contact with Mathilda and is in a quiet and pondering mode of thought. Leon turns his head slightly and say's, I'm not taking it. Mathilda replies, Why Not?. Leon pauses momentarily then replies, "Too Heavy"


Mathilda replies softly, Well, Would you rent me your gear for the day?


Leon replies, I never lend out my gear. A thought comes to Leon as he turns his head right and looks on down at something.


Leon quickly opens the lid to his suitcase and say's, But... 


Leon grabs a gun from inside the suitcase and lays it down on the table top, Leon say's, You still have your gun, Use it. The gun creates a loud thud sound as Leon places the weapon down with slight pressure.


Leon say's, Just do me a favor, Leon turns slightly as he looks momentarily at the window, Leon say's, "don't shoot out of the window, Okay?"


Mathilda replies softly, Why are you so mean to me?.


Mathilda is silent momentarily then say's, You're out there killing people you don't give a shit about, A single flute at soft levels provides the sound score. Leon can not look Mathilda in th eye as he looks away in silence. Mathilda continues, But you won't get the bastards who killed my whole family. Leon replies, Revenge is not good, Mathilda.. Believe... it's better to forget.


Mathilda has become angry as she snaps back at Leon, Mathilda say's, To forget? After I've seen the outline of my brothers body on the floor. You expect me to forget?.


Mathilda has become emotional and is venting her anger and frustrations towards Leon as her eyes swell with tears, Mathilda shouts loudly, I want to kill those sons of bitches, I'm gonna blow their fucking heads off!. 


Leon tries to reason with Mathilda as he say's, Nothing's the same after you've killed someone. Leon pauses and then say's, Your life is changed forever. Echoing metallic pipe sounds provide the sound score. Leon looks down as he say's "And I have to sleep with one eye open for the rest of your life".


A tear falls from Mathilda's left side cheek as she say's softly,  I don't give a shit about sleeping, Leon. I want Love...Mathilda pauses briefly then say's, "or Death". Mathilda nods negatively slightly as she say's That's it...


Leon is looking at Mathilda then looks away as he ponders Mathilda's words, Leon say's, Love or Death. Leon suddenly sniffs after considering Mathilda's strong thoughts, Leon say's, Get off my case, Mathilda, as he nods negatively,  "I'm tired of your games".


Mathilda is silent momentarily as she looks at Leon, Mathilda then say's, It's a really great game Leon. It makes people nicer and starts them thinking. A screeching violin chord is heard similar to a firework that shoots across the skyline. The sound score consists of a deep rumbling sound that slowly builds up in loudness and intensity. Mathilda's eyes looks down for a fleeting second as she looks back again at Leon, Mathilda say's, "The Kind of game you love".. Mathilda is being very serious today as an impulsive urge sends her arm towards the gun Leon placed down just a few moments ago.


Leon is silent as he watches Mathilda pick the gun up from the table, Mathilda is now familiar with fire arms as Leon has been helping her training and supervision for some time. Mathilda opens up the weapons barrel wheel as a loud metal thud is heard as a bullet expels and hits the tables surface.


A clicking is heard each time Mathilda places a bullet into one of the chambers apartments. Mathilda places three bullets into the gun in quick succession. Leon is unsure what Mathilda has in mind but is not stopping her from playing her game.


Leon stares at the gun in Mathilda's hand as she loads up the ammunition, he then looks back at Mathilda as she ensures the bullets are firmly placed inside the weapons chamber, Mathilda sniffs loudly as she completes the task.


Mathilda spins the chamber around very quickly as a whizzing and chugging sound is heard (Similar to a rattlesnake in a cowboy film). The bullets have been placed randomly allowing two empty chambers. This loading scheme has all the hallmarks of a game called (Russian Roulette). This very dangerous game is based on chance and luck, Death frequently results from playing Russian Roulette) Please don't try this at anytime).


Mathilda snaps the gun barrel closed with a singular swiping hand motion as a loud clicking is heard. Mathilda say's to Leon, If I win, you keep me with you, For Life.


Leon is now starting to take Mathilda a little more seriously but still has doubts that she would risk killing herself if she so desires. Leon looks down momentarily then back up at Mathilda, Leon say's, And if you lose?, 


The sound score comprises deep bass chords and light drum beats that express someone creeping around in the dark. Mathilda replies, You'll go shopping alone, like before. Mathilda sniffs as she looks at Leon with a serious expression on her face. 


Leon looks at Mathilda with an almost certain doubt, He say's with a serious tone of voice, You're gonna lose, Mathilda. There's a round in the chamber, I heard it..


Mathilda replies, So what?, What's it to you if I end up with a bullet in the head, huh?.


Leon looks at Mathilda but does not say a word, After a few long seconds Leon replies, Nothing!. 


Violins have now started to play along with the rest of the sound score, (A slow building composition), Leon's cold response has sent shock waves through Mathilda's mind, Mathilda stares at Leon trying to fathom out how he could say such a horrible and nasty thing. Mathilda replies, I hope your not lying, Leon. I really hope that down deep inside there's no love in you. Mathilda pauses Momentarily then replies as she start to swell with emotions, Cos if there is... just a little bit of love in you for me, 


Mathilda scrunches her eye lids as a single tear falls from her right eye and quickly disperses leaving a steak of wetness on her right cheek. Mathilda say's, I think that in a few minutes you're regret you never said anything.


Leon just stares at Mathilda in a very cold manner, The whites of Leon's eyes are turning red as his glare emits a nothingness. 


Mathilda picks up the gun from the tables surface and pulls back the cocking pin with her thumb, A loud click is heard as the metal hammer slides back into position, 


Mathilda holds the gun up high with her right hand as Leon continues his death stare.


Mathida places the guns barrel to her right side temple with her right hand as she stares at Leon with a sad and desperate expression, Mathilda say's softly, I love you, Leon.


Leon is motionless and silent, Deep down Leon does care for Mathilda but he is playing along with the game and somewhere inside his soul he knows a satisfactory outcome will materialize. Suddenly Leon can take no more of the suspense as he quickly attempts to snatch the gun away from Mathilda's hand.


The sudden pressure of Leon's hand causes Mathilda to pull the trigger, A very bright spark of light emits from the guns barrel as the bullet explodes out of the chamber, Leon grimaces as Mathilda squints and retorts at the loud and powerful discharge.


The bullets trajectory whistles along the living room towards the right side window impacting into a tall lamp. The force of the blast knocks the lamp over sending it toppling on to the floor. The sound of the bullet and the lamp creates a vacuum of echoing ambiance as it feels the living room area with a short boom sound.


Mathilda faces away from the blast as she rests on her teddy bear for comfort. 


All is quiet and no sound score exists, Leon breathes out heavily from the sudden shock of the moment, Leon looks down as he sighs again in some kind of disbelief at what just happened. Mathilda sniffs loudly as she considers how lucky she was not to have been killed.


Mathilda snivels and sniffs as she looks on at Leon. Mathilda say's after a few seconds "I win".


Leon looks up at the ceiling relieved that the intense situation has now come to an end. Leon lets out a huge sigh of relief as he looks away from Mathilda.


Leon and Mathilda are silent as Leon contemplates the next move.


Leon has decided to take Mathilda to Guido's restaurant to meet with Tony, Leon has something important to tell Tony in regards to Mathilda's circumstances. All is quiet in the restaurant as Tony looks on at Leon and Mathilda from across the table. Tony spins his glass around in a circular motion as he stares at Leon with a straight expression on his face. Leon then looks at Mathilda as he surveys the unusual meeting.


Leon and Mathilda are very quiet and just look at Tony as he drinks his beverage, Tony has also not said a word at this moment.


Tony raises his glass and quickly consumes the liquor. Tony slams the glass down on to the table producing a loud wooden thump sound.


Leon turns his head right as he points his index finger at his right shoulder region, Leon say's, I took a hit, Leon turns back and looks at Tony as he signals with his right hand, Leon say's, I need a hand now. I know she's young but she learns fast. Kids need to be shaped into something RIGHT. 


Tony replies as he hunches slightly forward, Yeah I know, I taught you that. But ain't there an age limit?. 


Leon replies, She's eighteen as Mathilda slants her eyes right knowing that Leon has lied about her real age.


Tony nods his head positively as he say's, Oh Really?,


Tony then turns to look at Mathilda for a brief moment then continues to look behind him. The two chefs are standing at the kitchen door well and seem to be very interested in the table conversation. 


Leon expresses with his left hand as he say's, How about something to drink, Tony?.


Tony say's, Yeah sure as he turns his head left, Tony shouts out, Manolo, a glass of milk for Leon. Manolo and the other chef instantly get to work in preparing some drinks for the guests. Manolo is wearing a light brown garment and is the Chefs assistant. Tony looks back at Mathilda slightly intrigued by the silent and motionless girl.


Mathilda looks down and across at Tony, She points her right index finger and say's, Nice Tattoo. Mathilda then looks back at Tony as Leon turns to look at Mathilda. Leon then quickly turns back to face Tony in silence.


Tony looks at Mathilda for a short few seconds then shouts out loudly, Manolo!, Manolo appears at the kitchen door well, Tony shouts again,  Make that two!.


Tony reaches for a bottle of spirits he has been drinking from and holds the bottle up in a fixed position momentarily as he looks at Mathilda, he quickly glances at Leon then back at Mathilda before looking down and shaking his head slightly as he pours out another beverage in to his glass. A gurgling sound of liquid is heard. The sound score has returned and comprises synthesizer notes. A deep continuous bass line is accompanied by higher notes. 


Leon has more faith and confidence in Mathilda now as there friendship and bonding has become much more intense and secure. Leon is still teaching Mathilda the fundamental cleaning  bible and has brought her into another apartment complex somewhere in New York. Leon is the first to arrive at the top of a stair well. Crazy as it seems, Tony has accepted Mathilda into Leon's operations and she has now become part of a working team.


Leon is cautious as he checks the corridors for sounds and people.


Mathilda follows closely behind and looks right along the long corridor as the intrigue and excitement builds.


Leon quickly walks further along the corridor as he sweeps the building.


Leon quicky walks furthur along the corridor as he sweeps the building.
Leon touches the wall to his left next to another flight of stairs as a precurser to his actions. Being a hitman also relies on a natural gut feeling or in Stansfields world (A sixth Sense). Evaluating the thickness of a wall can determine if your weapon of choice can penetrate that wall.


Leon turns and signals with his left hand that he has identified and located the door in which he plans to infiltrate. Very little noise is heard in the corridor only a very light tapping of feet.


Leon and Mathilda circle the door as Leon pulls out his hat. 


Leon quickly puts his hat over his head.


Mathida say's, What's that for referring to Leon's hat, Leon replies, Can't afford to catch cold as he pats his hat with his hand.


Leon is chewing a piece of gum, He instantly takes the gum from his mouth.


Leon places the green gum over the view finder so that the house occupant or occupants can not see outside. Notice the doors bronze star design is very similar to Mathilda's necklace.


Leon points his index finger at Mathilda and say's, First you find out where the chain is,


Leon moves his left hand up and down in a continuous motion to describe to Mathilda how to locate a door chain. Leon say's, You can't see it, but you can feel it. Leon looks back at the door as he rubs his fingers over the location, He turns to face Mathilda again and say's, Here,


Leon looks back at the door as he rubs his fingers over the location, He turns to face Mathilda again and say's, Here, Leon continues, I ring and you start talking. Mathilda replies, "What do I say?".


Leon opens up his long black over coat to expose his tools belt.


Leon pulls out a large and powerful metal cutter from his right leg, Leon say's Whatever you want as he pulls out the metal tool at speed.


Leon rings the bell with his left hand as a low level ringing sound is heard.


Leon rings the bell with his left hand as a low level ringing sound is heard.
A metal rattling sound is heard as Leon holds the metal cutter high in the air ready to cut the door chain in half as soon as the door opens. The sound score is silent except for an echoing light wind similar to air travelling through a long pipe or tunnel system. Suddenly a mans voice is heard from behind the door, The male voice say's, Yes?, 


Mathilda's voice has a slight echo to it from inside the corridor, Mathilda say's as she hides behind the door, Hi, It's Susan. Mathilda pauses as she waits for a response, The man's voice replies, I'm sorry, You must have the wrong door little girl,


The man continues, "I don't know any Susan". Leon starts to signal and twist his left hand left to right in a continuous motion. He is telling Mathilda to play it safe and to let the man do the talking.


The man continues, Move back a little, I can't see anything. Mathilda pauses and then say's, The light's out,...It's all dark out here.


Leon is motionless as he silently bides his time and patience, Hopefully the man inside the apartment will bite on MATHILDA'S WORDS AND OPEN THE DOOR.


Mathilda tries her luck again and say's Mister, I'm scared. Mathilda looks at Leon and then back at the door confident that the man might just open it now.


The man suddenly responds and say's, Okay Okay!. Leon A Okay's Mathilda with his left hand as he now knows the man is going to open the door and to express that Mathilda has done a good job.


A few seconds later three loud clicks are heard in succession as the man opens the door from the other side, Leon waits silently as the door suddenly opens up as far as the door chain will allow. A man peers through the gap to evaluate the corridor.


As soon as Leon see's the man appear he attacks with the metal cutters cutting through the chain like butter as the man grimaces with shock. A loud metal clinking is heard as Leon forces his way into the apartment.


Mathilda watches from the side of the door as Leon enters, The man tussles with Leon as he say's, What are you doing?, The door creates a loud wooden noise as the force of the two men creates powerful shock waves through the doors structure.


Mathilda stays outside in the corridor as Leon deals with his client, 


Mathilda turns and pays her attention to the green gum that is still stuck on to the view finder. Mathilda reaches up and removes the green gum.


Mathilda places the gum into her mouth.


Mathida backs into the apartment as she closes the door behind her, The door produces a slight squeak as it shuts.


Leon pushes the drug dealer back against a book shelve as he holds his mouth with his right hand, Leon say's, "Open Up" as he raises his pistol and then places the barrel over the drug dealers mouth. 


The drug dealer has a skull with knife and ferrets tail type of tattoo on his left side neck, This indicates that he is part of a much wider gang organisation as the members will all sport this tattoo. Some gangs require a form of initiation before you can join.


Some glass falls down a few feet away as it makes a loud clattering on the floor, Leon has now pushed the barrel of his weapon much further into the gang members mouth. 


The gang member is extremely scared and worried that he might be killed, Leon say's with a serious but controlled tone of voice, "If it leaves your mouth, I pull the trigger, Capiche?".


The drug dealer nods positively in acceptance of what Leon has just requested. Leon pulls the drug dealer away from the book shelve by using the gun as a tool as he takes him on a tour of his apartment.

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