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Spooks strange occurrences the supernatural, Spectre's that dwell in dark corridors of the night, Ghost hunters with sophisticated cameras try to record ghosts and other spooks in abandoned mental hospitals and dark foreboding woods and tunnels. This is all very scary but can ghosts harm a human being are they bad omens that were left on earth because they did bad things when they were alive. Ghost boxes pick up strange voices and words, Ouija boards have a strange power and you can communicate with the dead, Many stories tell the tale of a ghost encounter some friendly some bad, Tarot cards tell your future and a medium will read your palm you might not like what they have to say but you may question how they know so much. Witches and satanic devil worshipper's believe in the occult, Lets delve further into these sightings to build a bigger picture.

There have been many reports of ghost sightings and some have been described in vivid detail. Some of the earliest ghost sightings date back to the first century AD when Pliny the younger recorded seeing a ghost in one of his letters The ghost was haunting his house in Athens, He described him as having a long beard and rattling chains, The Greek writer Lucian and Roman Plautus also wrote about ghost encounters. 

Pliny the Younger - Gaius Plinius Caecilius Secundus, Born 61 AD Como Northern Italy, Died 113 AD aged 52 Bithynia. 

Pliny the Younger was a lawyer magistrate and author of Ancient Rome, He wrote hundreds of letters of which 247 still survive today. He wrote his first works at 14 years old called A tragedy in Greek and wrote many poems but these have been lost. He first hand witnessed the eruption of mount Vesuvius in 79 AD and wrote two letters 25 years later describing the event. Pliny the Elder died at the volcano and Younger's friend the historian Tasitus requested these writings because he wanted to know the details of Pliny the Elders death.

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Mount Vesuvius Located on the Gulf Of Naples in Campania Italy about 5.6 miles east of Naples.

In 79 AD Mount Vesuvius erupted sending a plume of volcanic ash and Lava into the sky, It soon came crashing down and around the unaware ancient Roman towns of Pompeii and Herculaneum covering the population and turning them into stone. No one escaped and more than 20000 people lost there lives. The explosion and release was 100000 times more powerful than the Nagasaki Hiroshima Bombings at 1.5 million tonnes of debris per second. A powerful earthquake was experienced 17 years before causing wide spread damage to Pompeii and the bay of Naples, Some of the damage had still not been repaired when the volcano erupted.

Many animals and farm animals perished in the inferno.

Anne Boleyn was the second wife of King Henry VIII and mother of Queen Elizabeth the 1st, She was executed at the Tower of London in May 1536 for accusations of Witchcraft, Treason, Incest, and Adultery very serious offences back in those times. Many sightings of Anne Boleyn have been witnessed as she frequents the tower as a ghostly figure, Incidentally the tower of London is one of the most haunted places in it's 900 year history.

The Tower of London Seen From The River Thames.

Abraham Lincoln Born February 12, 1809 – April 15, 1865 was the 16th President of the united states, He was also a politician and lawyer. He served as president from March 1961 to April 1965 until his assassination by the hands of John Wilkes Booth while attending a play at Ford's Theatre on good Friday April 14th 1865, He died 9 hours later at 7.22 am on the 15th after being shot at point blank range to the back of his head.

At the White House, everyone from first ladies to queens to prime ministers have reported seeing the ghost or feeling the presence of Abraham Lincoln particularly during the administration of Franklin D Roosevelt who was the 32nd president of the United States.

Haunted Castle was an attraction at Six Flags Great Adventure amusement park located in Jackson township New Jersey. It was a very popular attraction and when very busy both sides would open up to 1000's of people. On Friday May 11th 1984 evening time around 6.35pm a fire broke out burning the structure to the ground. Staff were still admitting people into the castle as it was burning. People who went in behind the group of nine were sent back choking as the smoke was very intense. About 29 people were inside at the time and many escaped but unfortunately 8 teenagers were not so lucky and were burnt to death by the intense flames and heat.

11 fire patrols responded from the surrounding communities and the fire was brought under control at 7.45pm. No one knew lives had been lost until later on when all 8 teenagers were found burnt beyond recognition and the rescuers had difficulty identifying the bodies as they looked like mannequins after the intense heat. The castle had no sprinklers or smoke detectors despite repeated recommendations by the park's safety consultants. 

Haunted house was made up of two seperate attractions with a control room in the center. Only the Red side was in operation on the night of the fire, Mummies Vampires and other creatures would jump out at you in the dim corridors, Hanging spider webs skeletons and coffins were also in view to try and scare you. Count Dracula and Frankenstein would also make an appearance it truly was a scary and fun place to be. Circles indicate people in and around the attraction at the time and crosses indicate people that died.

Botanical gardens replaced the haunted castle site until 1994 when the Autobahn bumper car ride was constructed in the same spot as the castle. 

The walls of the Strobe Room, Haunted Castle after the fire.

Names of the people that died

The Haunted Castle was made up of two sets of eight semi trailers lined up in a mirror configuration.

Psychics and paranormal experts have detected spirits on the ground where the Haunted castle was. The teenage bodies were removed shortly before the park reopened for business, It never closed as a mark of respect.

After an eight week trial the two companies responsible for fire safety being Six Flags Great Adventure and it's parent company Six Flags were found not guilty as they had been told by township officials that they needed no permit or sprinklers. Two park executives avoided jail and manslaughter charges by carrying out community service work as part of a pretrial intervention programme.

Joey Iraca 14 who was in the haunted castle when the fire broke out testified that he had left the room where the fire was by a fire exit after seeing a boy accidentally set the fire by touching a lighter to the wall mat. But no one in his group ever saw a boy he did not exist or maybe he was a ghost. The group that died were hiding and planned to jump out on another group who were making there way in to scare them. Suzette Elliot 15 was the sole survivor of the group of nine she managed to make it back after being stood on by fleeing people and was carried out by an employee. People have reported apparitions for years on the site of the Haunted Castle, One report stated a spirit was walking over the Autobahn bumper ride which is on the same spot as the Haunted Castle was, another had a spirit appearing in one of the phony windows of the facade of the ride. These could be the ghosts of the 8 teenagers that died. The botanical garden that was put in place of the haunted castle was removed after 10 years and the Autobahn bumper ride was put there instead. It would of been nice for family and friends of the deceased to have somewhere to go and they should of left it in place. The Autobahn bumper ride area is now used for storage of vehicles and maintenance but should of been left as a garden in my opinion. Also free entry for life would of been the right thing to do for all concerned. Heath and safety has improved enourmously since 1984 standards but still things can and do go wrong.

An employee who worked at six flags reported that in the morning as he returned to work family and friends besieged the amusement park wanting news of there lost sons and daughters, Park management could give no details or access to emergency officials, And the only way to get into the park was to buy a ticket and wait for the park to open. They were crying and very distraught but the six flags staff were very insensitive and unhelpful considering the terrible tragedy. The employee decided to leave six flags handed in his uniform and never returned as he was upset and discusted by the families treatment as they had approached him and begged for help very traumatised and in tears. No management were in sight. Help and support should of been available and considering what happened the park should never of even opened for at least a week or two.

  • A light bulb had burned out in one of the rooms of the attraction, and a 14-year-old boy lit a cigarette lighter to find his way through the darkness, Foam rubber padding used to protect people from bumping into a wall was ignited which started to burn the extremely flammable materials from within Haunted Castle.

The Botanical Gardens at Six Flags New Jersey, Now replaced by the Autobahn Bumper ride which is defunct.

The Autobahn Bumper ride 6/11/1994, Now used for storage and maintenance of ride vehicles.

The Ouija Board also known as a spirit board or talking board was introduced on July 1st 1890 by Elijah Bond. A heart shaped piece of wood called a Planchette is used to move around the board spelling words as it does so. Participants will place there hands on the Planchette and the spirits will guide it to spell out phrases and numbers. Some christian demoninations have warned against using the Ouija board stating that it could lead to Demonic possession.

Ouija boards can be used to contact the dead maybe an aunt or uncle but most often the spirits you contact are those that reside on the lower astral plane. These spirits are confused and may have died by murder or suicide. Therefore violent negative and potentially dangerous conditions are present to those participating in the game. Asking for physical proof of a spirits existence is also risky as you have allowed these spirits to enter your world through a spiritual doorway and future problems could and do arise. At the start of the session ask for positive energy not negative and that negative energy is not welcome. Don't ask for physical signs like lights on and off or glass tumblers shooting across the table. When session is over slide the Planchette to goodbye and close the board.

Tarot cards normally consist of 78 cards with various illustrations on them, They have been used for hundreds of years to forsee the future of the person getting read the cards. There are over 70 major varieties available and each will have a theme such as cats or ghosts as an example. Many believe tarot originated from China or ancient Egypt or maybe medieval Europe. A few decades ago Tarot was associated with Gypsies but are now used by Occultists and New Agers. But after Tarot was introduced to Western Europe in the 14th or 15th century it has spread all over the world. 

Essentially a Tarot deck consists of two parts, There are 56 pictorial cards and 22 additional cards called the Major Arcane. These cards include pictures with names such as the Fool, the Devil, Temperance, the Hermit, the Sun, the Lovers, the Juggler, the Hanged Man, and Death. People who get there tarot readings done usually want to prepare for the future and find out secrets about there friends and family. To get the best reading one must concentrate on the cards with the psychic reader and put there own personal vibration to the cards, This way a true and meaningful reading will come from the cards, The psychic reader will spread the cards out on the table in special combinations called spreads, The traditional 10 card spread is called the Celtic Cross, The reader will look at the cards and can determine what has happened in the past and what will happen in the future.

The Celtic Cross 10 card spread

Tarot is popular with the New Age Movement, Tarot cards are a perfect way for them to channel there thoughts, contact there inner spirits and connect with the Oneness of the universe.

Two Psychics could read the same spread of cards and come up with entirely different interpretations of those cards

How to do a 10 card Celtic Cross Tarot Reading.

A Crystal ball or Orbuculum is a crystal or glass ball that when looked into by a psychic or clairvoyant reveals images that can reveal a persons future. This information can help a person to make important changes depending on the images and it's decipher. Technically it's called scrying or seeing and is popular among occult circles. If a crystal ball is used it is referred to as crystallomancy or crystal gazing. Pliny the elder described the use of crystal balls in the 1st century AD and by the 5th century scrying was widespread within the roman empire but was condemned by the early medieval christian church as satanic and responsible for demonic possessions.

The legend of the haunted railroad tracks was a tragedy that occured in South west Texas just South of San Antonio near the San Juan Mission your find the intersection of Villamain and Shane. It is here on the tracks that disaster struck when a bus full of students were on there way home from a field trip. The bus stalled on the tracks after crossing the railroad crossing and the students were unaware of the danger as most were asleep. The driver tries to restart the engine but it is in vane as an impeding train comes down the track at high speed smashing into the bus cutting it in half. The impact kills all of the students and the driver who happens to be a nun flies out the window surviving the crash. A few weeks later the nun returns to the crash site riddled with guilt she decides to commit suicide,

A ghostly figure around the tracks of San Antonio.

She waits in her car for a train and as it approaches she hears sounds all to familiar of students, Her car slowly rolls forward and over the tracks to safely avoid death. She gets out of her car and checks to see if someone has saved her but there is no one in sight except some small handprints on the boot of her car. She believed these were the hands of some students that died and this moment changed her life forever, She opened a school for orphans and continued to dedicate her life until she died. It is said if anyone parks there car on Shane road next to the tracks it will be pushed over by ghosts of the students to safety as they do not want the same to happen to you. This story has grown so much over the years that tourists drive to the spot to see if it is true. They shake baby powder over the back of the car so that the hand prints become visible after they have been pushed over they inspect for prints.

Many people have witnessed the phenomena first hand, Brenda Pacheco was one of those that tried, She put her car into neutral took her foot of the pedals and the car moved. It moved quickly towards the tracks up and over the bump and down the other side safely out of harms way. Pacheco also did the baby powder test and was astonished to see some tiny hand prints on the back of her car, They were so tiny but perfect you could see the swirls of the  fingerprints and the lines of the palms. 

Another story is of a woman who was driving home one night and saw a girl all alone as she approached the railroad crossing,  She stopped and gave her a lift to her house, The girl was hesitant to leave the car so the woman got out to speak to her mother as she thought the girl had run away from home, As she glanced back the little girl had vanished and was never seen again.

What makes this story even more unbelievable is the fact there is no record of this accident ever happening, It is a fable or legend but no evidence or newspaper reports exist to support this ever happening. But there was a terrible tragedy in Salt Lake City Utah South Jordan very similar to this story. On December 1st 1938 a school bus collided with a Rio Grande freight train killing 23 Jordan high school students and the driver of the bus. There was thick fog at the time and the driver had stopped the bus near the crossing at 10200 south and 400 west. He did not see the approaching train and as he slowly passed over the tracks at 8.43 am  the train smashed into the bus at 50 mph, The driver of the train tried in vain to stop but it was too late. 

After this terrible crash laws changed and railroad crossing laws were drawn up, Mechanical crossing arms and national regulations that are still in place today were required, also drivers are mandatory required to stop at railroad crossings and to open there door and driver side window to look and listen for oncoming trains.

The Church Of Satan was established by Anton Szandor LaVey On April 30th 1966. It is a religious organisation that is dedicated to Satanism. It describes it's members as skeptical atheists and they do not believe in the Devil or it's Christian or Islamic notions. They consider themselves to be the most important being not God and worship themselves.Satan is a symbol of Pride Liberty and Individualism. They do not believe in Sacrifice as they do not believe in supernatural beings, They have strong views against pedophilia and it is totally prohibited within the organisation, Any member found to be engaging in this kind of thing will instantly be terminated with no chance of reinstatement. The church has no set meetings or activities it is not like a church of England where you attend every Sunday. Membership numbers are kept secret but there are members in most countries, If membership was disclosed it may alarm some people as a threat. 

Anton szandor LaVey founder of the Church Of Satan. Born April 11, 1930 - October 31, 1997 aged 67.Incidentally these dates indicate he died on Halloween and his age of 67 adds to 13 which is a superstitious number. The sign of the beast is 666 so he was destined to die at this time. He was also a musician and author who wrote many books on the subject of Satanism his most famous being the Satanic Bible which was published in 1969. It has been described as the most important document to influence contemporary Satanism. He was born in Chicago in 1930 but his parents soon relocated to California. He had a musical talent and he specialised in keyboards because he liked there scope and versatility. He despised gym and sports in general but was an avid reader and enjoyed watching film noir movies.

In 1956 LaVey purchased a Victorian house located in San Francisco's Richmond district on California Street. He painted it black and it was here that he started his church of Satan religion. It was demolished on October 17th 2001 by the real estate company that owned the building. Many famous people have been members of the church including Marilyn Manson and Sammy Davis Jr. 

Peter H Gilmore born May 24, 1958 is the current high priest of the church of Satan, He like LaVey is an author Composer and religious leader who was appointed the position in 2001 by Magistra Blanche Barton. 

Magistra Blanche Barton was Magistra Templi Rex within the church of Satan up until April 30th 2002, She assumed the role after LaVey's death. She unsuccessfully tried to raise funds to purchase the black house. Peggy Nadramia is currently High Priestess and the wife of Peter H Gilmore.

The First Satanic Church was started by Karla LaVey on October 31st 1999 another Halloween Date. She is the daughter of Anton LaVey and is a reestablishment of the church of Satan and continues to support the theories and ideologies of LaVey.

The order of the Nine Angels is another Satanic movement that was established in the 1960's, It is a left hand path occult group which has different stances on magic. The left hand path is equated with malicious Black Magic while the right hand path is benovolent white magic. 

White magic is used for selfless purposes and is also referred to as natural magic, On the other hand Black magic is used for evil and selfish purposes also known as dark magic.

Temple of the Black Light is another order founded in Sweden in 1995. They have a unified belief in Chaosophy meaning it is an infinidimensional and pandimensional plane of possibilities. Chaos can be described as timeless in the way it is not contained nor limited by one dimensional time and formless because of it's ever changing and infinite number of space dimensions. Militant neo-gnosticism and nihilism is taught within the group and state that true Satanism is a lie and the very fabric of this reality is a lie that hinders chaos from realizing itself. 

These are the three dark veils before Satan, in their belief system seen as the three Forces that were expelled from Ain Sof in order to make way for the manifestation of the Black Light in the Outer Darkness that soon became Sitra Ahra:

  • 000 - Tohu - Chaos: Qemetiel ("Crown of Gods")

  • 00 - Bohu - Emptiness: Beliaal ("Without God")

  • 0 - Chasek - Darkness: Aathiel ("Uncertainty")

These three powers can be seen as the Burning Trident held high above the Thaumielitan. These three powers can also be viewed as Wrathful Reflections of Ain, Ain Soaf and Ain Soaf Aur.

Our lives exist in a third dimensional reality, The human being comprises a body and mind soul and spirit. The soul has a domain and exists's in the 4th spiritual dimension. The 4th dimension has no time or darkness and is all light there is nothing physical. Consciousness of eternity exists in the 4th dimension and past and future coexist in the now. Emotions and thoughts are symbiotic one never exists without the other, The most powerful force of the mind is the one that can change reality create and control. The veil between worlds usually happens during the solstice and equinoxe when spirits of dead people and demons enter are world. We exist in the 3rd dimension but the 4th dimension is a higher plane. a second veil was created by visitors from other worlds aliens, They came to earth to conquer it and settle here enslaving the human race. When the Reptilian Anunnaki began to fornicate with human women upon earth and there were children born to them, the veil or gate between the 4th and 3rd dimension was closed tight and a guard was placed there to prevent anyone, whether tainted with Reptilian DNA or not, from entering in there.

The Amityiville horror 1979.

Ronald Joseph Butch Defoe Jr is an American Mass murderer. On November 13th 1974 he systematically slaughtered his entire family with a .35 caliber lever action Marlin 336C Rifle around 3am that morning. All the victims were found lying on there stomachs in bed while the parents had been shot twice the children were only shot once each.The victims were Ronald Jr.'s parents: Ronald DeFeo Sr. (44) and Louise DeFeo (42); and his four siblings: Dawn (18), Allison (13), Marc (12), and John Matthew (9). Defeo was a drug user who regularly took Heroin and LSD, and had an antisocial personality disorder. He was found guilty of 6 counts of second degree murder and was sentenced to six concurrent sentences of 25 years to life. 

When police officers and a medical examiner entered the house they were puzzled by the speed of the killings. No gun shots were heard only the dog barking called Shaggy. Defoe claimed later that Dawn his sister killed their father and then the distraught mother killed the children before he killed his mother, This story seems hard to believe and probably not a true account of what really happened that night. 

Based on a true story the Amityville horror story details the ghostly experiences the Lutz family experienced after they moved into the house on December 19th 1975, The family new about the murders but decided it wouldn't pose a problem. They decided to get the house blessed and father Mancuso was asked to come over to perform the act. As he flicked the first Holy water and started to pray he heard a male voice telling him to get out. On Dec 24th 1975 Father Mancuso phoned George Lutz to warn him about the second floor room where he heard the voice but it was cut short by static. The room was formerly the room of Marc and John Matthew Defeo and was to be used as a sewing room for Kathy.

Some of the Experiences the Lutz family endured while at the house included. 

  • George would wake up around 3:15 every morning and would go out to check the boathouse. Later he would learn that this was the estimated time of the DeFeo killings.

  • The house was plagued by swarms of flies despite the winter weather.

  • Kathy had vivid nightmares about the murders and discovered the order in which they occurred and the rooms where they took place. The Lutz children also began sleeping on their stomachs, in the same way that the dead bodies in the DeFeo murders had been found.

  • Kathy would feel a sensation as if "being embraced" in a loving manner, by an unseen force.

  • George discovered a small hidden room (around four feet by five feet) behind shelving in the basement. The walls were painted red and the room did not appear in the blueprints of the house. The room came to be known as "The Red Room." This room had a profound effect on their dog Harry, who refused to go near it and cowered as if sensing something ominous.

  • There were cold spots and odors of perfume and excrement in areas of the house where no wind drafts or piping would explain the source.

  • While tending to the fire, George and Kathy saw the image of a demon with half his head blown out. It was burned into the soot in the back of the fireplace.

  • The Lutzes' 5-year-old daughter, Missy, developed an imaginary friend named "Jodie," a demonic pig-like creature with glowing red eyes.

  • In the early morning hours of Christmas Day 1975, George looked up at the house after checking on the boathouse and saw the pig standing behind Missy at her bedroom window. When he ran up to her room he found her fast asleep with her small rocking chair slowly rocking back and forth.

  • George would wake up to the sound of the front door slamming. He would race downstairs to find the dog sleeping soundly at the front door. Nobody else heard the sound although it was loud enough to wake the house.

  • George would hear what was described as a "marching band tuning up" or what sounded like a clock radio playing not quite on frequency. When he went downstairs the noise would cease.

  • George realized that he bore a strong resemblance to Ronald DeFeo, Jr., and began drinking at The Witches' Brew, the bar where DeFeo was once a regular customer.

  • When closing Missy's window, which Missy said Jodie climbed out of, Kathy saw red eyes glowing at her.

  • While in bed, Kathy received red welts on her chest caused by an unseen force and was levitated two feet in the air.

  • Locks, doors and windows in the house were damaged by an unseen force.

  • Cloven hoof prints attributed to an enormous pig appeared in the snow outside the house January 1, 1976.

  • Green gelatin-like slime oozed from walls in the hall, and also from the keyhole of the playroom door in the attic.

  • A 12-inch (30 cm) crucifix, hung in the living room by Kathy, revolved until it was upside down and gave off a sour smell.

  • George tripped over a 4-foot-high (1.2 m) China lion ornament in the living room and found bite marks on one of his ankles. Later this lion would reappear in the living room after George had moved it back upstairs into the sewing room.

  • George saw Kathy transform into an old woman of 90, "the hair wild, a shocking white, the face a mass of wrinkles and ugly lines, and saliva dripping from the toothless mouth."

  • Missy would sing constantly while in her room. Whenever she left the room, she would stop singing, and upon returning, she would resume singing where she left off.

  • On one occasion Kathy heard what sounded like a window being opened and closed through the sewing room door even though she was sure no one was in there.

On January 14th 1976 The Lutzes had had enough and left the house leaving all there possessions behind. They claimed that the phenomena followed them to Kathy's mothers house in nearby Deer Park as a greenish black slime was following them up the staircase.

It's incredible to believe that this actually happened and if it really did it must of been very scary for the Lutz family. I personally would not want to live in a house that experienced the murder of six people it would be on my conscience. If ghosts are real I get the impression they are the souls that never made it to heaven or the 4th dimension or another place. They were all mistreated badly in life from murder to accident to abuse and have stayed on earths eternal plane as a spirit or apparition until one day they will be allowed to leave for good. Ghosts in general are harmless but some are evil for sure. People who become possessed are in danger and a medium priest will be required to exorcise the spirit from within the person. Maybe the ghosts will rest in peace as soon as the perpetrator has died this maybe the case with the Amityville murders.


For many people Satan or the devil is a sycronum for bad and unholy. The churches that praise Jesus and God in there scriptures state that that Lucifer left gods angels he broke away as he thought his way was better. These satanic cults groups praise Satan is the good guy in there evaluation he makes the world go round, How can a powerful God allow children to die of disesase and natural disasters, How can a God allow these terrible murders and suicides to go on without an intervention. Atheists will agree that God has no form or shape and is just that a invisible oddity something that does not exist, On the other hand Satan does exist as the one God the one that has created this world and the universe. So surely we should praise his beliefs and ideals and not that of the deity God the unnaturalist the dreamer. Satanic organisations do not sacrifice and kill people at the altar as showcased in a horror film nor do they rape and torture children or misfits, This and many more stories are just made up to follow satan is a more whole and realistic opportunity in todays crazy and dissapointing world in which we live. Without Satan the churches of god would have little to go on it was satan that brought this black cloud over the earth and it's people. Many people look for another insight into life it is a very big thing to be alive their are many choices available. It is easy for one to dismiss the claims made by these extreme groups but there has to be some truth in what they say, After all people that follow god believe in Satan and this lays the basis for the devil worshiping groups or cults, Maybe Satan wants out he wants to be good again and it's his way of making up with God, If Aliens exist what do they believe in or dont they maybe they consider themselves Gods in there own right. With a little thought anyone could therotically make up a new group or cult. How about a group that believes in light and darkness as the two foreboding and controlling things on earth. Without light we would not be able to see anything and without darkness the other side of the planet would not get any it's a sharing system. We are all made up of molecules and each particle uses the light to live and grow multiply, So a full book could be written on light and it's sources and these types of light build the stepping stones of life, After death we become the light and we will transcend into a new life that is made up of an even brighter light that controls are lives. Ok I havan't started this group but the more information that I use the more the meaning will be seen by my followers, I will call this group softlight and you will believe in light as your greatest power not god or even Satan, Light is the power as the universe is full of light it travels to very far places and life evolves through it so light is the one the power of life.

Telekinesis is the ability to move manipulate and influence objects with the power of the mind. Levitation is the ability to lift an object, Orbital field powers allow objects to spin and rotate around the person, There are many levels of Telekinesis from Basic Advanced Master and Ultimate levels. 

As in the movie Chronicle that was released in 2012, A group of teenagers find an alien crystalline object in a hole, It gives them nose bleeds but later on they realize they have super powers a high form of telekinesis which allows them to fly and move objects with incredible results. This film is only a work of fiction but if aliens exist they may have these kinds of powers.

Uri Geller Born 20th December 1946 is an Israeli Illusionist Magician Television personality and Psychic. Geller has claimed he has paranormal powers which were given to him by Aliens, He arrived on Earth from 53.000 light years away  He has shown his powers by bending spoons while a live audience watches on a feat that uses telekinesis to achieve. He also claims to have teleported a dog through the walls of parapsychologist Andrija Puharich's house. Puharich also claims that he and Geller communicated with super intelligent computers from outer space, The information received warned humanity of a forthcoming  disaster if humans do not change there ways. Geller was also employed as a mineral dowser someone that uses psuedoscience to locate oil gemstones water minerals and anything else by using his psychic powers to see. If people possess these kinds of intelligence they could be used to find murderers and prevent disaster from happening which would save a lot of peoples lives.

Uri Geller Shows You How To Bend a Spoon.

A witch is someone who believes in having magical skills and powers. A witch can work alone or in groups known as covens.  A practising witch sometimes needs the tools of the trade to create powerful magic and sometimes they just use there hands. Here is a list of items a witch may use.

A chalice can be used to hold the elements of water and to honour the goddess if using an altar, A chalice will be used for drinking during ritual ceremonies.

A selection of witches wands that can be used to direct energy, to invoke the elements and to cast a circle or compass.

Athame knive, This Athame is used as a director of energy and rarely used for practical cutting work.

The Ouija Board, Communicate with the dead spirit world and to ask for questions and to find out thoughts of those who have passed away.

A cauldron is a traditional cooking pot that a witch will use, Today's modern uses are for making powerful potions and if it is well made a fire underneath will be an added bonus for the practitioning witch. A witches cauldron represents and symbolizes the female, and the womb from which magic is given birth an utter essential tool.

A witches broomstick, Modern witches use a broomstick to clean the atmosphere not to clean physical dirt. Brooms can be used to sweep away negativity in a home and can be used at fertility rituals. A broomstick is a phallic symbol representing the male.

Crystals have many properties that can be used in magic and are mostly used as a healing element, Crystals can be used to represent the element of earth placed in a circle and at rituals.

A bell is used for breaking up the vibes of an atmosphere and to signal the start and finish of a ritual, A bell can be used to summon the presence of the goddess for ritual work.

A witch will always need plenty of jars to keep a rats tail or onions and anything else a witch might need to conduct a potion or spell.

A pendulum is a divinatory tool used to aid in decision making and/or future divining, A witch will swing the pendulum between a Yes and No outcome or two different choices options.

Boline knive is the witches chosen knive for cutting herbs and anything else. Very often a boline will have a white bone handle. This knive is never used in rituals or cermonies.

The staff is used to conduct energy from the sun or the moon, Can be used to mark out a ritual area or for drawing energy into a circle.

Amethyst Quartz Crystal Staff  with Moonstone Oak Leaves Acorns effect for Druid Wizard Witch.

Pestle and Mortar is simply used for grinding down herbs pastes powders and resins.

Statues are used to honour deities spirits or elements, Statues are kept on altars and shrines. Sometimes the statue can be used to call down the images it represents such as a goddess.

Tarot cards are used by witches as they are a divinatory tool, Can be used to see into the future and for revealing clarification and understanding of current events in the querant's life.

Divinatory system of symbols with each symbol having an individual meaning which can be read alone or as part of a spread. Witches also carve into candles to lend the power of the rune to the spell.

If you are a master witch or maybe just a newbie you are going to want to create some magic spell's at some point in your exploration of the occult. Some of the ingredient's for these spell's you may not have and some you may have already. Any spell if done correctly will work but you may need to redo the spell just to make sure. Here is a list of some magic spell's which will come in useful.

Bird's Of A Feather Spell

This spell is used to help you find someone who has similar interest's and trait's as yourself. They might agree to everything you say and be nice and comforting just like you. 

If you perform this spell you might consider opening a window or even perform it outside as there will be a bit of smoke and burning feathers don't smell so great. Tip dip your feather into the Rose oil and leave to dry for a more sweeter smoke.

Ingredients: A Large Natural Feather, A Pink Candle, A Cup Of Water, Rose Oil, Lavender Incense.

Spell Directions, Smear the candle with the Rose Oil and then light candle, Light the Lavendar incense as well, You might want to burn two or maybe three depending on how strong you want the spell to be. Start to think about the qualities you want, try to envisage the person the dream it's what you want in life. As you think about this wave the feather slowly in and out of the essence smoke try an up and down motion, Remember the actions of your hand will also influence the spell. Now light the tip of the feather in the candle flame and point directly to the West. 

You must repeat the word's of the spell. 

Bring me my match

Bring me my mate

By this feather I will not wait,


You must hold your smouldering feather close to your heart after saying these word's and say.

Smoke and air

By magick I dare

Birds of a feather

Flock together

The last stage of the spell is to drop the last of the burning feather into the glass of water, Add a drop of Rose oil and then leave the cup on your Altar. Soon you will meet someone who is just like you, as the spell start's to work straight away.

In today's world and economy many people are struggling to pay the bills and buy food. Just when you think your over the hill another unexpected bill comes through your letterbox. Magic should not be used for greed and for selfish acts. But magic could help you to pay a bill if you are genuinely struggling to live and need some help. This Pay a Bill spell will help you to pay your debt if done correctly.

So your going to need, A Green Candle, Patchouli oil or Cinnamon Oil,  Essence to match the chosen oil. A piece of paper. 

First you need to find the bill you want to pay, Get a piece of paper and a pen or pencil and draw out the logo, Also write out the text and the amount of money owing + anything else as you want a good representation of the bill. Photocopying the bill wont be suitable as this spell want's your personal energy so that's why you will draw it out. Once completed smear the candle with your chosen oil and then fold the piece of paper in half and place under the candle holder. Next light the candle and some incense and slowly watch the flames. Now Say:

The candle burns

And lights the way

For money coming

This bill will pay

Concentrate on the bill and keep thinking why it should be paid off and that it is important. Let the candle burn for 15 minutes and then put it out. Routinely light the candle every day for fifteen minutes for a period of seven days, Ensure the candle is large enough to burn for 105 minutes at 15 minutes per day. On the final day remove the paper from under the candle holder and light it in the candle flame after the 15 minutes has passed. Now let the candle burn until it run's out of wax. Have a bowl handy for the burning embers.Only burn incense on day one of this spell. To honour this spell any money that you receive must be used to pay for the bill you chose, If you dont pay the bill with the money you will only lose the money as the spell will work against you instead.

Power of 3 Healing Spell

We have all been sick at some point in our lives, You may have a friend or relative that is poorly and maybe resting up at home in bed. Wouldn't it be nice to perform a healing spell to help them to get better. This spell should help in some way if performed correctly.

Anoint all 3 candles with the three oils, Try one candle at a time for easiness. After this set the candles up in a triangular arrangement on your altar. Anoint the Quartz stones as well with the oils and place one in front of each candle. Write down the name of the person who is ill on each piece of paper and then place all three pieces in the center of the Triangle. Next light each candle and try and concentrate on the person who is sick, Think of them in good times and when they were healthy and free of sickness. Let the candles burn for a short while why you contemplate and then you must say these words to the spell.

Magick mend and candle burn

Illness leave and health return

Let the candles burn for a further three hours let put them out. If the sick person is quite poorly you can do the ritual for three consecutive nights for extra healing power,This spell uses the strength of the number three to help speed healing of an illness. It is best used for an illness and not an injury, You can also try this spell on yourself if you are well enough to perform it, Any variety of oil can be used those shown are for an example.

Sandalwood Oil

Myrrh Anointing Oil

Mint Oil

In many traditions the cauldron is seen as the womb of the goddess, some users only burn herbs in there cauldron but it can be used in many more ways to make spells and magic, It is a good idea to cleanse your cauldron physically and spiritually. Use it as a vessel of transformation, A cauldron can significantly amplify the power of a chosen spell. You can if you wish call upon the goddess to infuse your cauldron with energy, If you are serious about magic you should have a deity a statue in your possession.

You can start by placing a few inches of sand into the bottom of your cauldron and charge 6 to 9 quartz stones for the spells you wish to create.You can place the stones in a pattern inside the cauldron. You can shape a circle or triangle with the stones for an extra dose of magic power.

You can put poppets into your cauldron to help rid you of bad habits and healing. You could place sealed envelopes that have secret wishes and desires into your cauldron, You may prefer to create ritual brews bath waters, You can add sea salt for purification. A lot of people prefer to use a gas stove if heating is required, If you have an electric stove carefully place your cauldron over one of the ring's. You could place the cauldron on a fire proof surface and place candles underneath instead, You could just boil some  water in a kettle or pan and add it to the cauldron this is probably the easiest way to get the cauldron hot.You can cleanse by adding water rosemary oil and salt into the cauldron then dipping your broom into and sprinkling over the area you would like to be cleansed.

A prosperity spell will require you to put notes into the sand if you want just push them in half way. I mentioned before how to pay a bill with magic the cauldron can also be used by placing the drawn out bill into the cauldron. You can place Alfafa which is a flowering plant from the pea family Fabaceae into your cauldron, You can use Vesta powder which is used for dispelling evil as well as honouring the Vesta Goddess of the hearth sacred fire and maternity, Vesta powder can dispel evil negatives spirits, evil influences, bad vibrations, and stop gossip. Call upon goddess Vesta, and strengthen ritual work, You can also sprinkle the powder on Amulets Charms Voodoo dolls and Poppets. For workings on money try sprinkling Vesta powder over your bill or around your purse, Try sprinkling on Amulets Talismans and anointed candles. It is conbustible as it has salt peter added so will give you a flash and smoke when ignited,  PLEASE TAKE CAUTION.

The Goddess Vesta

Try drying your own herbs by leaving them in your cauldron for a few weeks, You could put the herbs in your oven on a very low heat for an hour or so if speed is the essence, Try using your cauldron as a mortar and pestel, If you have a pestle already just use your cauldron instead,Try seashells moonstones and seasalt and try charging under a full moon, You could use holy water and anoint yourself. The cauldron is used to place offerings into for the goddess, this could be flowers food or anything that you see suitable be creative, Try bay leaves and get them to float with your intent, If there is something you really would like to own or possess try a picture and place it into the cauldron, This could be a house or maybe even a car, If you are an artist you can place your favourite brush into your cauldron to charge it with creative energy, If you have had your tarot cards read or by a reader or you have read them yourself you might wish to place certain cards into the cauldron to transform them into real life, Maybe you strive for a meaning and the cauldron can help you to find out what you want to know, Especially good for reverse cards, You can place some of your favourite jewellery into the cauldron which you can charge and then carry around with you or wear

If you have some black tourmaline crystals with some sea salt you can place these into your cauldron and once charged will be used to remove negative energy. Black tourmaline crystals were relied upon by ancient magicians to protect them from earth demons as they cast there spells, Even today this stone is revered as a premier talisman of protection,

It guards against radiation and environmental pollutants and is highly useful in purifying and neutralizing one's own negative thoughts and internal conflicts, and turning them into positive usable energy. Using this stone in a talisman or other item will dispell negative energy's entities and destructive forces, Black tourmaline is a powerful grounding stone which is electrical in nature that provides a connection between Earth and the human spirit, the stone channels healing light throughout the system and it's supportive energy aligns the energy centers of the body, It generates a sense of power and gives the user self confidence, allowing for a clearer and more objective view of one's surroundings and even the world. This stone will help people that live in dangerous and challenging environments, or facing difficult circumstances, Tourmaline is a shamanic stone and can be used for scrying, You can use tourmaline in purification and protection rituals, Create a ring of eight natural stones for a protection circle or place into your cauldron or on to your altar. Black tourmaline reduces and soothes panic attacks especially people that are affected by dark and confined spaces, If the atmosphere is frightening it will soothe the user especially good if you go to a dentist or doctor. As it has aphrodisiac properties your sense of smell will be heightened, You could also mediatate with tourmaline, The stone has properties to allow it to become electrically charged simply by heating in your cauldron or even rubbing it,  There are so many uses of this stone it is ideal for your magic and potions.

Natural Black Tourmaline


Black Tourmaline is an excellent choice for Meditation and relaxation.

You can put your book of spells or if you have a copy of the Book of Shadows inside your cauldron to help you become closer and more focused on the text and illustrations. This will help you to connect to it better, The book of shadows contains religious texts and instructions for magical rituals found within the neopagan religion of Wicca, Wicca is pagan witchcraft, It was developed in England during the first half of the 20th century and was introduced to the public in 1954, by Gerald Gardner, he was a retired British civil servant, it is considered Duoatheistic as you worship a goddess and a god, these being the moon goddess and the moon god, Wicca can be considered a new religious movement, Place 50 coins into your cauldron they can be 50p pieces £1 coins £2 coins or any other denomination one at a time and say financial Abundance each time until all have been placed inside,  Place a potted plant inside your cauldron for 3 days and receive amplification and transformation energies, You can then plant it out side or place in a window or give to a friend to aid healing, Fire magic is great if you have a cauldron but make sure you have an open window or do it outside for safety reasons, These are just some of the things you can do with a cauldron it all takes time and experimentation to define and nurture your spells, You may discover something which works best for you and the more you practice with your cauldron the more you will learn and you can only progress into more exciting spells and potions, good luck,

Gerald Gardner Born 1884 - 1964, Also known as Scire, He was an author and a amateur Anthropologist and Archaeologist who was instrumental in bringing the contemporary pagan religion of Wicca to public attention. He wrote some of it's definitive religious text's and founding the tradition of Gardnerian Wicca 

Pages from the Book of Shadow's

The Wicca Circle Diagram


Between 1450 and 1750 even into the1800's a terrible time was upon any one labelled or seen as a witch wizard or someone who was involved in the occult and devil. Back in those day's a black cloud developed over these people it was in the Early Modern Period of time and these people were hunted down and punished for there malevolent sorcery. Witches had created a moral panic and a mass hysteria had developed among the population. People thought witches and wizards were an organised threat against Christianity and responsible for  food shortages droughts and any other negative aspect that people were going through. Witches were evil and must be destroyed. A terrible fate awaited anyone involved in sorcery as between 50000 to 100000 people were put to death usually involving strangulation hanging and being burnt alive. They would be tortured and a confession would be forced out of them if found guilty they would be sentenced to death usually in front of a large crown it was a horrible time for peoples beliefs and interests.

The educated elite at the time put cause to question these so called magicians as they believed they were all devil worshipper's, Witch hunting peaked between the years of 1580 and 1630. One of the best known trials was the Scottish north Berwick witch trial in 1590. A number of people from East Lothian in Scotland were accused of witchcraft as they held there covens on the Auld Kirk Green which is part of the modern day North Berwick Harbour Area, These people were tortured at the Old Tolbooth located in Edinburgh and a confession was extracted. This story was first published in the 1591 pamphlet Newes from Scotland and was also published in King James dissertation on contemporary necromancy titled Daemonologie in the year 1597.

St Andrews Auld Kirk in North Berwick Scotland, As it stands today.

The Old Tolbooth in Edinburgh Scotland, There are 90 historic tolbooths in Scotland and they housed the Jail the council the court and the debtors prison. It was common practice for torture and execution to take place at a tolbooth.

A sensational case developed between the royal houses of Denmark and Scotland, King James VI sailed to Copenhagen to marry princess Anne who was the sister of Christian IV the King of Denmark. 

Anne of Denmark Born 12th September 1574 died 2nd March 1619, Anne was just 15 years old when she married James VI and bore him three children who survived infancy as death rates were quite high in those times, One of the children would later become King Charles I, Henry Frederick Prince of Wales would of taken the throne but unfortunately he died of typhoid fever at the age of 18 years. Anne did love her husband but as time went on they slowly drifted apart but a mutual respect and degree of affection continued. While in England Anne moved away from factional politics to become patronage of the arts, She had built a magnificent court which hosted one of the richest salons in Europe, After 1612 she started to develop ill health and gradually withdrew from the centre of court life, Historians believe she was a protestant but later on became a catholic, Having a patronizing superiority Anne was extravagant and exhausted her considerable dowry after only a few short years, She loved dancing and pageants and hosting masque's which were a festive type of courtly entertainment, She enjoyed performing with her ladies and played in the vision of the twelve goddesses of 1604 and the masque of blackness in 1605 she performed this act while still six months pregnant but caused scandal when she and her ladies appeared with there skin painted black (blackamores) this could of been racial. Anne also commisioned arts and would use the services of Paul van Somer, Isaac Oliver and Daniel Mytens who were leading the visual arts movement that continued and sustained the English taste at that period of time. Queen Anne died aged 44 after suffering bouts of edema or Dropsy, Royal physician sir Theodore de Mayern instructed Anne to saw wood as this would improve her blood flow, This exertion only proved to make things worse and lost her sight near the end of her life, The king only visited her three times during her last illness and neglected her completely only to leave her with her son Charles I and her personal maid Anna Roos who had arrived with Anne from Denmark in 1590 as she slowly passed away. King James VI did not attend her funeral as he was sick himself, He was emotionally affected by Annes illness and death and would regularly faint and sigh and suffered dread and great sadness. Anne was buried in King Henry's chapel Westminster Abbey on 13th May 1619. Incidentally the Catafalque which is a raised box or similar platform that supports the coffin the dead persons body or casket was destroyed during the English civil war of 1642 to 1651. 

A portrait of King James VI

A portrait of Princess Anne of Denmark

During the happy couples return over sea's from Oslo Denmark to Scotland they came across ferocious storms and had to retreat into Norway for shelter and safety. They were there for several weeks until the storms subsided and it was safe to continue the journey back to Scotland. They were escorted back by the Danish sailing fleet but the Danish Admiral accompanying them put blame for the terrible storms on the wife of a high official who he had insulted and resided in Copenhagen. Several nobles of the Scottish court were also implicated and witchcraft trials were held in Denmark. One of the first Danish victims was a woman called Anna Koldings, She was held under pressure and later divulged the names of five other people. One of these was the wife of a burgomaster or Mayor  who was from Copenhagen. These people all confessed that they were guilty of sorcery with intent to create storms to menace Queen Anne's voyage and had sent devils to climb the heel of her ship. In September of that year two people accused of being witches were burnt to death in Kronberg in Denmark. James VI heard of this and decided to set up his own trials for witches.  Very soon more than one hundred so called witches were rounded up in and around North Berwick. Under pressure and torture many of them admitted to having met with lucifer the devil at night at the church which was St Andrews Auld Kirk. They confessed to being masters of evil and devoting there lives to the pursuit of black magic, They also admitted they tried to poison the King and other members and that they used black magic to try and sink the returning ship.

Witchcraft on the High Sea's.

Even respected and educated people were accused of witchcraft and tortured accordingly no one was safe from persecution.

Scottish witches dance to the sound of diabolical bagpipes at St Andrews Auld KirkNorth Berwick Scotland before flying of to the Sabbat.

Dr John Flan who was a schoolmaster and scholar from Prestonpans was one of the accused, He refused to confess of his sorcery so was severly tortured. His fingernails were forcibly extracted and then having iron pins thrust into the naked flesh, The torturers also used various implements to further cause extreme pain and suffering. Th Pilliwinks or thumbscrew as also known  was also used. This torture device is a simple vice with protruding studs on the interior surfaces, Victims thumbs fingers and toes were placed into the device and slowly crushed, The thumbscrew was also applied to crush the big toes of the victim, Sharp metal points were sometimes aligning the metal bars to cause severe pain to bare nails and toes a very horrendous torture device. After his death a published text found in the Newes from Scotland pamhlet titled Declaring the damnable life of Dr Flan a notable Sorcerer was distributed. In it he confessed to attending a sabbat with another 200 witches present. This information most likely was forced out of Dr flan as he would of been in great pain and suffering or  was made up biased  to create a sense of doing good for the community of the land to enable a harmonious liking by the public for there king to keep respect and morale high. This untruthful information only helped to continue the witch hunts and cause much suffering among them.

Thumbscrew torture device from the period.

They also used another torture device simply called the boot, This device is used to cause crushing injuries to the foot and leg, One type of boot consists of four pieces of narrow wooden board nailed together, These were measured for a snug fit, Once the leg has been enclosed wedges would be hammered in between the wooden boards creating pressure, This process would continue until the victim confessed or went into unconsciousness which would be very quick in my opinion.

The Spanish Iron Boot Torture Device,

Another significant person to be captured and tortured was a woman called Agnes Sampson, She died January 28th 1591, She was a Scottish healer and purported witch that succumed to the witch hunt trials, She was also known as "the wise wife of Keith", She resided at Nether Keith a part of the Barony of Keith East Lothian Scotland. In her community she was considered to have healing powers and was a central part and acted as a midwife to the community she resided in, She denied all charges but was tortured horrifically, By special commandment her head and body hair were completely shaved off, She was then fastened to the wall of her cell by a device called the witches bridle, This is an iron torture implement that has four sharp prongs which is forced into the mouth. This allowed two prongs to press against the tongue and the other two against the cheeks.She was denied sleep and a rope was placed over her head and she was thrown. Still alive after this torture she eventually admitted all 53 indictments against her. She was finally strangled and burnt as a witch.

Agnes Sampson with witches and Devil, An image depicting the 1591 trial.

William Shakespeare Born in Stratford upon Avon in Warwickshire England was an English poet playwright and actor. He is widely regarded as the greatest writer in the English language and the world's pre-eminent dramatist. His work including collaborations consists of approximately 39 plays, 154 Sonnets and two long narrative poems. Shakespeare produced most of his known work between the years 1589 to 1613. His early plays were mainly comedies and histories which are regarded by some as the greatest and best work ever produced in those genres.He then went on to write Tragedies until about 1608, These include Hamlet, Othello, King Lear and Macbeth,These are considered some of the finest works in the English language.His last known works were tragicomedies also known as romances.

A portrait of William Shakespeare.

Macbeth, The tragedy of Macbeth was first performed in 1606, It tell's the story of political ambition and the damaging physical and psychological effects it may cause on those who seek power for one's own sake. King James VI was the patron saint of Shakespeares acting company. Playing company was the usual term for a company of actors, These companies were organised around a group of ten or so shareholders who performed in the plays but were also responsible for the general running of the shows so were considered managers also.

Painting by Alexandre Marie Colin, The Three Witches from Macbeth,

This painting depicts Macbeth instructing the murderers employed to kill Banquo. Artwork by George Cattermole.

This image portray's a model of a Jacobean withdrawing room or bedroom, Based upon an interior from the manor house of Knole Kent England.

The writing and style of Macbeth clearly highlights Shakespeare's relationship with his sovereign .It is also Shakespeare's shortest Tragedy play. The story is about a brave scottish general called Macbeth who receives a prophecy from a trio of witches, They tell him that one day he would be King of Scotland. His wife mentally pushed his desire and his ambitions and this grew in strength that one day his ambitions become too strong that he commits murder by slaying King Duncan and claims the throne for himself. But after doing this act of murder he becomes wracked with grief and paranoia that he starts to commit more and more murders to make him feel at ease from emnity and suspicion. He soon becomes a tyrannical ruler. The civil war swiftly becomes reality and this fusion of blood guts and death rapidly take he and Lady Macbeth into the abyss of madness and defeat.

King james VI was the son of Mary queen of scots, after mary abdicated he became king at a very young age of 13 months. As he was too young to govern at 13 four different regents did the job until he was old enough to do so himself. He eventually took full control of his government in the year 1583. He was king of Scotland England and Ireland simultaneously for 22 years a period known after him as the Jacobean era, He died in 1625 at the age of 58. He also reigned the longest of any one before him as the scottish king. He succesfully completed most of his aims and ambitions in Scotland but was steeped with complications and difficulties in England. He had repeated conflicts with the english parliament and the gunpowder plot of 1605.

King James Bible printed between 1612-1613

He was also responsible for sponsoring the bible into English. After being translated from the Christian bible from Greek and Hebrew texts it became synonymous as the king James bible or the authorised version. Translated by 47 scholars who were all members of the church of England. 

A drawing of Kirk o Field after the murders of servants and Lord Darnley. 1567

James was a serious and thoughtful monarch and was the only son of Mary Queen of Scots. Born on 19th June 1566 at Edinburgh castle his father was murdered on 10th February 1567 at Kirk o Field Edinburgh. James Melville of Halhill wrote in his memoirs that he was found choked to death in a stable with a serviette stuffed in his mouth then left under a tree. James father was at home when a huge gunpowder explosion destroyed the old provost lodging a two story house within the church quadrangle. Queen Mary was attending a wedding at the time and was in Holyrood attending Bastian Pagez wedding. Two servants died but it was said that the explosion did not kill Darnley but the choking did. Darnley was found dead alongside one of the servants.Suspicion was put on Mary queen of Scots and James Hepburn 4th Earl of Botwell who was one of Marys most trusted noblemen. Even though the blame was being put to James hepburn by Lord Lennox Hepburn was subsiquently found not guilty and acquitted by the privy council of Scotland in 1567

Henry Stewart - Lord Darnley.

Queen Mary married James Hepburn the following month but the earls enemies were not so happy. Called the Confederate lords they gained control of Edinburgh and captured the Queen at the battle of Carberry Hill, They disproved the marriage and blamed this factor on their rebellion, The earl escaped but four of his men were not so lucky as they were already in prison and were tortured on 26th June 1567, Mary was put in prison at Lochieven Castle and abdicated, The murder of Darnley remains one of histories unsolved cases, Mary was executed on 8th December 1587 her severed head was held high by the executioner as he said the words "God Save The Queen".

Mary Queen of Scotland

The Babington plot was a plan in 1586 to assassinate Queen Elizabeth I who was a protestant and this would allow Mary to take the throne who was Roman Catholic, She had been imprisoned for 19 years and would not of been very happy after losing her royal status, She was moved from place to place her final place was Tutbury castle which she disliked because of its drafts and cold walls, she also stayed at Wingfield manor in the countryside of Derbyshire. A coded letter Mary had written and sent to Anthony Babington one of the chief conspirators in which she consented directly to the assassination of Elizabeth.Double agent Gilbert Gilford and spy decipher Thomas Phelippes were placed inside Chartley castle another place Mary had been imprisoned, Gilford placed Babbingtons and Marys encrypted communications inside a beer barrel cork which was then intercepted by Philippe decoded and sent to Walsingham, On 7th July 1585 Mary responded to Babbingtons letter in code asking to be rescued and to assassinate Queen Elizabeth,

Walsingham's "Decypherer" forged this cipher postscript to Mary's letter to Babington. It asks Babington to use the—broken—cipher to tell her the names of the conspirators.

The Cipher Code of Mary Queen of Scots

James VI was widely mourned when he died for all his mistakes he still had the affection of his people, He had low tax rates while king and was clever enough not to be executed himself. James and Queen Anne had seven children but only three survived as the death rates were very high back in those times. James VI son Charles I became king in 1625 after his fathers death, he was a difficult leader as he had his own ideas to how a king should lead his people, He married Henrietta Maria a Catholic French princess but by doing so offended his protestant subjects, He also dissolved parliament on several occasions and considered it just and right to rule entirely without a parliament, This confliction of King and parliament struggle eventually brought on the first English civil war, War broke out and the kings royalist army was defeated at Marston moor in 1644 and also again at Naseby in 1645, led by oliver cromwell the parliamentarians had formidable ironside force to repel the kings royalists as they tried to gain ground in Scotland, ultimately Charles surrendered to a Scottish army in 1646. He was moved to Hurst castle at the end of 1648 and then to windsor castle, 68 firm parliamentarians attended charles trial on charges of high treason, the indictment held before him placed him guilty on charges of murder, rapines burnings spoils desolations, damages and mischiefs. An estimated 300000 people or about 6% of the total population died during the civil war. Charles refused to plead to any of the charges and question how he could be accountable how can a king be trialled no court has juristiction over a monarch.Charles the first had this to say in court, 

King Charles I Portrait titled Three Positions by Flemish artist AnthonyVan Dyck 1635.

Henrietta Maria of France was queen consort of England, Scotland, and Ireland as the wife of King Charles I. She was mother of his two immediate successors, Charles II and James II.

no earthly power can justly call me (who am your King) in question as a delinquent ... this day's proceeding cannot be warranted by God's laws; for, on the contrary, the authority of obedience unto Kings is clearly warranted, and strictly commanded in both the Old and New Testament ... for the law of this land, I am no less confident, that no learned lawyer will affirm that an impeachment can lie against the King, they all going in his name: and one of their maxims is, that the King can do no wrong ... the higher House is totally excluded; and for the House of Commons, it is too well known that the major part of them are detained or deterred from sitting ... the arms I took up were only to defend the fundamental laws of this kingdom against those who have supposed my power hath totally changed the ancient government.

A digital reconstruction of Hurst Castle in the 1540s

Soverign immunity did not help charles the court proposed that Charles King of England was an office and not a person as his role as king should be rightly accepted. He was entrusted with a limited power to follow the laws of the land, On day three charles was removed from court and 30 witnesses were then heard speaking against the king and on 26th January King Charles I was condemned to death. 59 of the commisioners signed Charles death warrant he was doomed. When restoration of the monarchy was completed in 1660 many of the judges court officials and key associates were punished for there involvment in the trial and execution of Charles I, Some had already died but were posthumously executed, This meant they were exhumed then hanged drawn and quartered before having there heads put on spikes at the end of westminster hall and there carcass body was thrown into a dark pit below the gallows. Having to look at a severly decomposed head would not of been a pretty sight and the smell. It was believed then that even in death one cannot escape justice, Oliver cromwell and John Bradshaw who was the judge that presided over the court and Henry ireton who was a general in the parliamentary army and cromwells son in law were some of the people that were exhumed. Nineteen Others were given life sentences and many were barred from holding public office and title again, At least 104 were put to death as they were denied a reprieve, At this time the Indemity and Oblivion act of 1660 was passed. This act was a general pardon for everyone who had commited crimes during the english civil war and interregum which is during the suspension of government, Certain exceptions were not allowed such as murder without a license (granted by king of parliament) piracy buggery rape and witchcraft, and all people involved in King Charles trial and execution

An Eyewitness Representation Of The Execution Of King Charles I outside the banqueting house in Whitehall, Painting by John Weesop

King Charles I was beheaded on 30th January 1649 he was 49 years of age. According to observer Philip Henry a moan "as I never heard before and desire I may never hear again" rose from the assembled crowd, Some of the assembled crowd then started dipping there handkerchief's into the dead kings blood as a momento. It was common practice for a traitors head to be held up and the words said "behold the head of a traitor" but this time the words were not spoken possibly because the executioner did not want to be recognised. The following day the kings head was sown back onto his neck and the body was placed into a lead coffin. In 1813 the body of King James I was examined at Windsor and it was confirmed that his execution had been carried out by an experienced headman. The common hangman of London was approached and was offered £200 to carry out the execution which by todays standards was an awful lot of money. No one knows for sure if Richard Brandon the hangman did undertake this foul deed or he may of buckled under pressure after being threatened with death. Other possible candidates are George Joyce, William Hulet, and Hugh Peters. Parliament was reinstated and the monarchy was restored by Charles Ist eldest son King Charles II in 1660. From 1649 to 1660 England and Wales and later on Scotland and Ireland became a commonwealth or a rebublic and fighting did continue through these years between parliamentary forces and those opposed to them this is referred to as the third English civil war.

The ghost of Mary Queen of Scotland has been seen many times especially in the many castles she stayed at while she was imprisoned. Born on 8th December 1542 her final resting place before execution was Fotherinhay castle, Located in Fotherinhay village about 5.6km north of the small market town of Oundle in Northanptonshire, this castle was founded around 1100 ad by Simon I de Senlis who was the 1st Earl of Northampton and 2nd Earl of Huntingdon, Possession passed to Prince David of Scotland in 1113 after he died. King David I of Scotland was married to Maud Countess of Huntington who was the great niece of William the Conqueror and the grandaughter of Earl Slward. In the early 13th century the castle was confiscated by King John of England. 

Fotherinhay Castle as it looked in 1587, Now there is very little that remains of the castle.

King John of England confiscated Fotherinhay castle in the early 13th Century.

Fotherinhay Castle, Very little remains now of this structure which was constructed around 1100 ad.

In the 1630s the castle was dismantled and most of the building materials including stonework and wooden beams were removed leaving just the remains of the ground works, The castle is open to the public and is classed as a scheduled monument as it is a nationally important archaeological and historic site and has been given protection against any unauthorised changes. Incidentally there are about 20000 scheduled monuments in England covering about 37000 heritage assets. Some sites are only archaeological sites as the castles have long since decayed and will be inconspicuous to most people, but there are many that are still in good condition and some are in ruin. Scheduled Monuments are defined in the ancient Monuments and Archaeological Areas Act 1979. These binding laws were created by the UK Government to protect the archaeological heritage of England Wales and Scotland. A monument is described as, any building, structure or work above or below the surface of the land, any cave or excavation; any site comprising the remains of any such building, structure or work or any cave or excavation; and any site comprising or comprising the remains of any vehicle, vessel or aircraft or other movable structure or part thereof... (Section 61 (7). It is also a punishable criminal offence to damage any ancient monument.

One of the first castles Mary's apparition was reported was at Craignethan Castle Lesmahagow, Mary had sheltered there prior to her defeat at Langside in 1568. Craignethan castle is recognised as an excellent early example of a sophisticated artillery fortification although it's defenses were never fully put to the test.

What remains of Craigethan Castle Lesmahagow in Blackwood Lanarkshire.

At Borthwick castle in Midlothian Mary's ghost has been seen dressed as a pageboy, The castle was visted twice by Mary the first was in 1563 and again in 1567, Her later visit resulted in the castle coming under attack on 11th June 1567. She and Lord Bothwell had fled to the castle from Holyrood in Edinburgh after the murder of her husband Henry Stewart. Suddenly a strong army of 1000 men on horseback rode up and surrounded the castle's walls. Scottish barons Morton Mar Hume and Lindsay were some of the orchestrated leaders on that day. Bothwell was imformed in good time of the ambush and rode off with a few attendants leaving Mary alone in the castle, When she got news that the citizens and the provost of Edinburgh were not going to fight and oppose the attack she had a great idea to disguise herself as a pageboy, She mounted her horse and followed a by path through the glen east of the present farm of Aflieck hill, She safely arrived at Black castle where she was met by Bothwell. Borthwick castle is one of the largest and best preserved surviving middle ages Scottish castles. It can be found 19km south east of Edinburgh to the east of the village Borthwick. The castle was constructed in 1430 for Sir William Borthwick from whom thew castle takes its name. The castle has also been attacked by Oliver Cromwells forces in 1650 but unusually was surrendered after only a few cannon ball shots, The damage to the walls from this attack can still be visibly seen today.During world war II the castle was used to store and hide national treasures, From 1973 it was leased from the Borthwick family and is now an exclusive hire venue.

Borthwick Castle Midlothian as it stands today still in excellent condition.

Borthwick Castle Dining Hall as it looks today. Constructed in 1430 ad.

Cannon Damage at the East wall of Borthwick Castle, As it looks today.

Mary was believed to have been heard wailing in the Tower of London on christmas eve 1900, This was thought to signify that a current monarch was close to death, Queen victoria died on 22nd January 1901 at Osbourne house Isle of White she was 81,  One of Queen Victoria's ladies in waiting the dowager Lady Churchill had recently passed away in the next room adjacent to where Queen Victoria was resting in Osbourne house, Victoria was deeply upset at finding out of this and Mary's wailing were kept secret from her to prevent any furthur distress. Mary has also been sighted at Fotherinhay Castle where she met a grissly end. Her final moments required her to walk down a tall staircase as she went to her execution, Fotherinhay castle is now a ruin but the stairs have been saved and are at the Talbot Hotel in Oundle Northamptonshire. Her apparition has been seen many times around the staircase. In 2004 around 40 people from her majesty's service saw what they believed to be her ghostly figure dressed in white standing on the South Tower at Tutbury castle in Staffordshire, Also Mary's ghost has been seen in the Window of the Great hall numerous times. People have witnessed something looking at them from the window as they look up all dressed in black, and a group of highly respected archaeologists claim to have seen her ghostly figure walk across the grass whilst they were carrying out investigation ground work at the castle. Mary may visit this castle that she loathed because it can not hurt or hold her captive no more.

Mary Queen of Scots arriving at the Tower of London - By Robert Hillingford.

The staircase down which Mary descended to her execution was removed when Fotheringhay Castle was demolished and installed in the Talbot Hotel at Oundle. Many ghostly sightings have been witnessed by guests and staff of Mary on these stairs.

The Talbot Hotel in Oundle Northamptonshire is a grade I listed building. The timber frame of the building dates back to 638 AD. When Fotherinhay castle was demolished in 1635 some of the stonework is thought to have come from Fotherinhay when the hotel was rebuilt in 1626, The factors that Mary was executed at Fotherinhay may of caused an eagerness to demolish the castle by her son and grandson, This beautiful building's structure and interior support a number of period features including oak beams, open fires, leaded windows and picturesque white grey stonework, 

The Talbot Hotel situated in Oundle Northamptonshire.

Not forgetting Tutbury castle and many more places Mary seems to frequent on a regular but random basis. She may never of found resolution and peace even after her swift execution and unfair treatment, Many historians believe she was the rightful queen and not Elizabeth sometimes life is cruel and unfair, Her execution was not carried out very well. It took three swings of the axe before her head became detached and Elizabeth I was reluctant to sign her death warrant but was probably persuaded to do so by her many haters. She was blamed for Darnleys death even though nothing had been proved concisely, She had her personal letters interrogated and was imprisoned for 19 years being moved from place to place, She was a clever woman who spoke several languages and was excellent at embroidery prose and playing musical instruments like the Lute and virginals which is a musical keyboard from the Harpsicorde family, She was competent in horsemanship Poetry Falconry and Needlework, Her languages were French Italian Latin Spanish and Greek.

Tutbury Castle, Tutbury, Staffordshire, United Kingdom. Interior of the South Tower

David Rizzio born in 1533 and died 9th March 1566 was the private secretary for Mary and an Italian courtier, Darnley was jealous of there friendship because he had heard false rumours that Mary was carrying Rizzio's child, Darnley joined a conspiracy group of protestant nobles led by Patrick Ruthven to have him murdered. Mary was having dinner with Rizzio and a few ladies in waiting when Darnley joined them with about 80 or so of his conspirator men including Lord Ruthven. Making there way through the palce of Holyrood house to enter into the queens supper chamber. In an outrageous outburst Darnley accused his wife of adultery Mary asked him to leave and said this instant of any wrong doing offence by Rizzio would be taken care of by the lords of parliament and and at the same time this troublesome argument and accusations were being said. Mary stood up in anger as the terrified Rizzio hid behind her, Ruthhen was ordered to hold Mary as a group of the queens friends tried to hold Ruthhen from carrying out an act of murder, Ruthen and an accomplace managed to pull daggers and stab Rizzio multiple times an then hauled out of the chamber,

David Rizzio, 1533 to 1566

The murder of David Rizzio, Artwork by Jean Lulves, Oil on canvas 1868, Currently on display at the National Museum in Warsaw.

Also another angle of approach was an assassin standing behing Mary in cohert disguise suddenly attacked Rizzio with a flurry of knive wounds stabbing him repeatedly. Rizzio tried to hide behing the heavily preganat Mary  as he desperately struggled for survival. To further increase the distaste of this wretched man he was stripped of all his fine jewels and clothing and thrown down the winding main staircase of the house. Mary could do nothing as a pistol was firmly aimed at her, Rizzio received 57 knive wounds and the final wound was from Darnleys dagger but it was not darnley who stabbed rizzio, His body was burned two hours later in the cemetery of Holyrood, His body was eventually removed by the queens orders and deposited in the sepulchre of the kings of scotland which is a small room or monument that houses dead corpses

A low relief plaque hangs on the wall of the ante room of the House of Lords. Low relief is a method of sculpting stone or metal with a shallow depth, It's mot fully three dimensional nor is it just etched it's somewhere in between,The variations in depth create a realistic carving for an added life like effect.

Darnley grew arrogant before the murder he was unhappy with his position as King Corsett and wanted to be a co-sovereign of Scotland, He demanded the crown matrimonial this would of enabled him the right to keep the Scottish throne for himself if he so lived on after his wives death, Mary refused his request and there marriage grew strained even though they had conceived King James VI by October 1565.  Queen Mary may have organised a conspirator against Darnley to have him murdered after Rizzio's demise, She could well of had fond feelings for him or even loved him,  She would of been angry at the circumstances between her and Darnley and sore fit to have him dead. Even though she and Bothwell her husband were the main culprits and negotiators of this murder it has never been proven who was involved in the Kirk o Fell story. She also suffered from great bouts of illness having symptom including frequent vomiting, loss of sight, loss of speech, convulsions and periods of unconsciousness. Even though Lord Bothwell was acquitted of the crime Mary may of been responsible after the deciphered letter,  she requested Elizabeth I to be killed so she had a contemptuous mind, She lost important key stage battles to only land herself in prison her 19 years before execution, It seems to go from bad to worse for Mary, Lord Bothwell was driven into exile and was imprisoned himself in Denmark before becoming insane and dying in 1578. Mary Queen of Scots was finally laid to rest in Westminster Abbey on 28th October 1612. James I brought the remains of Mary to Westminster abbey to lay her down in a magnificent marble tomb located in the South aisle of the lady chapel. There is a fine white marble effigy under an elaborate canopy, She wears a close fitting coif a laced ruff and a long mantle fastened by a brooch, A crowned Scottish lion stands at her feet, The sculptures were William and Cornelius Core. The two queens meet after all the fighting and turmoil is truly over Mary and Elizabeth I rest in opposite aisles in Henry VII's chapel, Next to Mary is the tomb of Margaret Countess of Lennox on which is a kneeling figure of Lord Darnley,  Margaret was the mother of Lord Darnley who died 7th March 1578 aged 62.

The tomb of Mary Queen of Scotland, Located in Westminster Abbey.

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