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Blades art skills shine through as he sprays the word SHIT onto the reinforced vans windows in a backwards kind of hand stroke.

Hammer turns up at a derelict building that is used by the Riders gang, He is carrying a long tube and is in disguise as a US mailman.

A drunk is standing outside the front of the building, The drunk shouts over to Hammer and say's in a slurred tone of voice, Hey mail man! You got a letter for my friend here? as he urinates and looks down at his genital area.

The drunk starts to pull some crazy faces as he say's, He's expecting a love letter! with comical sarcasm.

The drunk continues, Oh it's been so long he say's in a drunken and funny way.

A funky but simple melody repeats as Hammer makes his way into the building.

Hammer kicks a can and light footsteps are generated as he slowly examines his bearings.

Hammer kicks another tin can as he reaches the back of the building.

Hammer spots some bikes that belong to the Riders, A clear giveaway is the skull that sits atop each bike.

Noises can be heard of a man and a woman as Hammer enters from the side of the building, 

Two gang members are making out on the stairs and a lot of laughing and fun play can be heard.

Hammer slowly ascends the stairs with parcel in hand, Both gang members are completely oblivious to Hammers approaching shadows.

Suddenly Hammer reaches to within feet of the cavorting pair, The male gang member called Speedy notices Hammer and stands up, He say's to Hammer, Hey! Speedy pulls out a flick knive and it clicks as it's blade extends. Speedy say's one more step and your dead. 

Try to leave us and your dead!

With each sentence a twang of a guitar is heard at a different key, Speedy say's, Just stay where you are and your dead.

Hammer is motionless but has his finger on the trigger, Speedy edges forward slowly with knife in hand.

Suddenly Hammer turns around very quickly and aims the cardboard tube at Speedy, A loud explosion is heard as Hammer pulls the trigger and fires a high powered explosive into the unaware and completely surprised gang member.

Speedy screams with pain as he falls back on to Sandy, The noise has spooked Trash and other gang members.

Sandy starts to scream loudly from shock and fear, 

The heartless Hammer pulls a shotgun from out of the cardboard tube and cocks it ready to fire another cartridge. An empty shell flies out as he does this. 

Hammer pulls the trigger and blasts Sandy in the chest, She slumps over to the wall and passes away along with her boyfriend Speedy at her side.

Hammer walks to the top of the stairwell and looks down at the two dead gang members, He has a gold tiger ring in his hand which is worn by members of The Tiger gang, He looks at it momentarily before dropping it onto the floor like a worthless piece of junk. He is going to frame The Tigers for this mess.

Blade shouts, Outside! Outside fast as he bunny hops over a metal railing.

The music soundtrack has similarities to Streets of Rage for the Sega 16 Bit Mega drive, It is a funky chorus of melody and rifts, Hammer spots Paul at the bottom of the corridor, He aims his shotgun and fires his weapon taking out a piece of the wall.

Hammer fires three more times but misses his target each and every time. Paul manages to escape the corridor.

Blade is running down a dusty corridor and Trash suddenly appears. Blade signals to Trash that the partition is clear from his left side facing position.  

Blade Ice Trash and Paul all enter another room, Blade hides behind some boxes but fails to notice a hole in the wall to his back.

Suddenly Hammer appears behind the wall and ignites a fire smoke bomb, A fizzing is heard as the bomb ignites and a loud bang is produced. 

Blade though not hurt emphasizes his frustration, He shouts out loudly, Fucking Bastard, Halt that Fucker, Hammer may of used this smoke bomb to confuse the Riders in giving him a time frame to escape and as a warning that his demands be met. Only Paul has seen Hammers face at this point and the blame is still on the Tigers for the murders.

Ice Paul and Trash run out of a side door but Blade goes off in another direction up some stairs.

Hammer reaches the top of some stairs, He pauses momentarily then steps over to an open frame less window space,

Hammer decides the best course of action is to jump out of the building, He lands neatly onto a small pile of sand.

Hammer looks up as he makes a fast get away just in case the Riders are just behind,

Trash Paul and Ice all jump out of the window frame to get to there bikes, It seems they have done this many times before.

Blades bike was parked on the second floor and he comes down the stairs at high speed.

Hammer appears along the side of the building, The local drunk is still loitering and nearly falls over as Hammer passes. The drunk shouts out, Hey where's that fuckin' love letter... His drunken and slurred speech finishes the sentence, Hu Huh Huh ha. Hammer enters Hotdogs Yellow lorry and it speeds off at high speed.

Blade has a faster route and leaves the building first but Trash Paul and Ice are just behind.

The drunk watches as the Rider gang heads down a steep embankment to the road, He doesn't seem amused at this point and shouts out, You Honky!

The drunk shouts out, Your making too much noise as he spins his right arm around his head.

The drunk shouts out again in a stupor and drunken tone, This is a respectful neighbour hood!  Blade signals ahead after spotting Hotdogs Lorry, He shouts There he is!.

The drunk can hardly stand and gestures to the gang as they make there way up the road to catch Hotdog.

Hotdog stops his vehicle momentarily under a bridge, Hammer can be seen climbing a metal stairwell to escape the Riders.

The motorcycle gang are in hot pursuit and are closing in on Hotdog.

The Riders accelerate passed the truck and force it to the side of the road.

A squealing of brakes is heard as the truck comes to a stop. A release of air is heard as the truck turns it's engines off.

Ice has the honors and walks over to the door hatch of the truck, He shouts out, Where you goin' Hotdog? as he opens the door to the truck.

Unexpectedly Ice gets a foot in his face as an angry Hotdog kicks him down onto the ground.

Ice responds and say's angrily, You mother fucker! 

Hotdog replies, I love you like a brother.

Ice stands up and replies angrily, I outta unscrew that leg of yours.. and shove it down your throat.

Ice is just about to confront Hotdog when Trash steps in and holds Ice back from any violence.

Trash say's Calm down.

All is quiet and the Rider gang step forward slightly, Trash say's to Hotdog, Let's hear it Hotdog... What are you in such a hurry for?

Hotdog replies in a sarcastic way, I have an appointment with the President of the United States...

Blade replies, Very Funny in a serious tone of voice, Paul smiles and is tickled by Hotdogs statement.

Ice say's. He's trying to cover up for the guy that shot at us. Trash replies, He don't trust no one Ice!

Trash say's sternly, Mind I take a little look around in there?

Hotdog nods backwards to signal a search, He say's to Trash "Help Yourself".

Hotdog jumps from his vehicle, Trash say's Take a look around you guys... Blade say's right as he and Paul get back on their bikes to search the area. 

Ice is talking to Hotdog, He say's, You never met your Mother did ya? She just kinda popped you into the sewer and split!

Ice continues, And let you blossom into the asshole you are today.

Hotdog is becoming infuriated with Ice's comments, He replies in an angry tone, Just keep talkin' fag face... and I'll tear your fuckin' lid off!

Ice listens but keeps his cool, He say's Yeah and walks away from Hotdog.

Hotdog looks at the Riders leaving the scene with a face of contempt.

Trash searches the truck for any clues but finds nothing of any importance, Hotdog say's, Did you find what you're looking for pisshead! in an irritated tone. 

Trash steps back out of the truck and the two men look at each other briefly without saying a word, Hotdog say's, Satisfied, 

Trash replies, Did you sell that Gizmo to Chris? 

Hotdog replies, I haven't sold nothin' to nobody. I don't even know what the hell a Gizmo is! 

And you Dirtballs, You come chasing me all over town asking me some stupid questions about a Gizmo?

Hotdog continues, You guys are getting on my nerves! Trash replies, Be careful Or I will knock your block off!

Suddenly Paul comes back down the road followed by Ice and Blade from the other direction, Trash shouts "well", Paul replies, Nothing and nobody, Trash shouts over to Blade, Not a trace Blade replies, 

Trash turns to Hotdog and say's, You stay here!.

Trash shouts, Let's go to his gang members and he and the rest ride off leaving Hotdog alone.

A twang of an electric guitar is heard as Anne studies the golden Tiger Ring that was dropped by Hammer.

Trash enters his crib and Anne stands up to meet him, She say's, Did you get them? Trash replies, No.

Trash sits down on the bed, He say's, The Bastard got away, 

Anne hesitates and say's, There too clever. Trash replies, Clever.. What do you mean? Anne replies, I don't know what I mean,

Anne shows Trash the ring she was looking at moments before, She say's, I found this at the top of the stairs if it means anything?.

Trash stands and walks a few feet, He looks at the ring and hesitates, He then say's, Impossible!

Trash continues, First let's honor our dead.

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