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This guy is pure vegetable power and he enjoys living in slimy swamps where he can camouflage with the scenery and vegetation. Any part of swamp thing can be regrown like a starfish can regrow there legs if damaged. Swamp thing has incredible strength but is no larger than a large man. He has the mind control to make any plant he wants, He can bend it or accelerate its growth for his own use. Created by writer Len Wein and Bernie Wrightson his first appearance was in House Of Secrets vol 92 part of the DC universe, His alter ego Dr Alec Holland had invented a bio restorative formula that would that would solve the hunger problems of any nation. Thugs broke into his lab and planted a bomb which when exploded showering the secret formula all over his body, He ran to the swamps in intense pain and slowly his metamorphosis was complete.

The fly was originally made in 1958 but the remake is probably the one people remember. This movie strikes me as a brilliant idea and it is extremely scary to watch. Directed and co written by David Cronenberg the fly tells the story of a genius scientist who works at home with his master creation. He has invented teleportation and his two telepods are capable of transferring inanimate objects only, He stumbles when he tries  to teleport living things like rabbits and cats. Ok this film will not be liked by animal lovers as it turns the animals inside out but it's only made up so ok there. He meets a science journalist called Veronica Quaife who begins to document his work. Seth brundle is very enthusiastic about his work and together they begin to have a relationship. He has a brain wave and decide to reprogramme the machine and it works. One night he decides he would teleport himself over but unfortunately a fly gets in with him without him knowing. After teleportation is complete Seth has become fused with the dna of the fly and starts to slowly change into a hugh fly with all the characteristics a fly has. Very gruesome when bits start falling off him and also sad when veronica no more wants to see him but instead rekindles with her old flame Stathis Borans. Veronica is pregnant with Seth's child and he hatches a plan to get Veronica and him into a telepod in the hope he can fuse all three together in a desperaste attempt to be normal again. Veronica manages to escape the telepod but brundle is fused with the metal and cables of telepod 2, He begs her to shoot him to end his suffering and she does with a shotgun. Made in 1986 on a budget of $15 million the film was a success with total takings of $60.6 million.

The Thing is a movie that was made in 1982 and directed by John Carpenter. A group of American researchers are living at a station in Antartica in the winter months. A Norwegian helicopter flies over trying to shoot an Alaskan malamute without success. The helicopter lands and the 2 men get out, one tries to throw an explosive but it goes behing and blows the helicopter, Cursing the other man continues his pursuit of the dog into the camp and is shooting at everything in a fit of rage. He shoots one of the researchers but another researcher smashes a small window and shoots the Norwegian in the head killing him instantly. No one knows why the dog is being shot at and they take it in as they feel sorry for it. They decide to find out what is happening and two researchers fly to the Norwegian station in a helicopter. When they arrive thy find a frozen corpse and a deformed man which they bring back for anaylis. The strangely deformed corpse is infected with the thing organism which came from outer space but had been buried in the snow for 100000 years, The Norwegians must of reawoke it as they found the spaceship buried in ice and the deadly organism had come from inside it. They had been planting thermite charges after they found a video of the scientific find. Unfortunately the thing the organism has now reawoke and starts to infect all at the station. The special effects are very good for this time period and the suspence is excellent. The senior biologist goes mad and starts destroying all the computers and radios even the helicopter so no one can leave. He is put in a shed for his own safety his name is Blair. He wants to be let back in and says I am much better now but they wont allow it. Everyone gets there blood tested by using heat, If the organism is in there blood there will be a reaction it is a great scene of the movie. They find out Blair is secretely building a UFO to leave antartica and fly to civilization as after 27000 hours everyone on earth would be affected by the organism basically the end of the world. At the end of the film only two people are left alive and the camp is on fire, The film ends with the two drinking some whisky. The dog mutation scene is also very good and well made.

The Fly 2 - Ending sequence

Macready and Clark approach the dog kennels.

Clark approaches the infected dog.

Three researchers survey the spaceship discovery.

Macready Making A Tape Recording.

The Norwegian Dog Hunt

The Blob came out in 1988 and is an American science fiction horror movie written and directed by Chuck Russell. Upon release it faired badly but was praised for it's special effects but has become a cult film.

We have all heard of some monster or creature from the movies, From the very beginning of film there has been a fiend a monster portrayed to scare and excite the viewer. From Mary Shelley's Frankenstein to Bram Stokers Dracula many films have been made with these made up characters. Why do people like to watch these characters kill people because people enjoy to be scared. The screams of the viewer could be heard in long ago distance cinemas and a well made movie can still give people the goose bumps and jumps. But at the end of the film the good guy always seems to finish off the monster and kill them so all is well for the viewer. If the monster won would that be accepted by the viewer if they were in fear probably not. Here is a list of some of the finest made up monsters to hit the big screen in no particular order.

A teeshirt imprinted graphic for The Blob

Kevin Dillon stars as Brian Flagg

Brian Flagg is a down and out type of bloke who smokes cigarettes rides a motorbike and wears leather clothing. He is considered a trouble maker in the sleepy Pennsylvanian town he lives near.  An early scene sees Brian trying to jump a wooden bridge but his bike cuts out and he crashes down the hill slightly bruised. 

An old man  that lives rough in the woods around the town see's the blob meteorite crash land close to where he is. He investigates with his faithful dog but as he prods it with a stick it attaches to his hand causing great pain.

The old man runs from the woods and hits a car driven by Meg Penny and Paul Taylor who are on a date. Brian follows out from the woods as he was trying to help the old man. Together they take the old man to the local hospital. At this point no one knows what it is on his funky hand as Brian puts it but he is put into a ward to be cared for. Soon the blob eats the old man and then eats Paul as he tries to call for help. Meg and Brian run from the hospital as the blob oozes out.

Paul Taylor Gets Blobbed Hospital Scene

The local police arrest Brian Flagg in all the commotion as he is getting blamed for the murder of the old man. He gets taken to the local police station but is released after they realize there is no evidence no blood and he is let loose.

Meg and Brian meet at the local diner and she asks Brian to help her as her boyfriend has died and she wants to get to the bottom of what happened. She knows a danger is lurking somewhere having witnessed the blob first hand and everyone is in danger. Even at this time people have not realized how serious it is. Brian say's can I ask you a personal question, I know your the home come queen and all but are you strung out or something, you never showed any interest in me before and she gets upset and tries to leave but Brian stops her and they have a chat sharing a sandwich. She tells him about Paul and the old man and that the blob is getting bigger.

Fran Hewitt played By Candy Clark is heard screaming in the kitchen, Her washer up has been sucked down the plug hole after trying to unblock it. They run into the kitchen to see a distraught Fran and together they witness the blob eating him.

Fran runs out the back and into a phone box to call for help. As she frantically calls the blob entombs the phone box she screams as she see's the dead Sheriff Herb Geller who she had agreed to go on a date with earlier in the film. The blob crashes through the phone box and she is consumed screaming.

The Blob pulls washer up through plug hole.

Meg and Brian run into the cafe;s food freezer to escape and the blob tries to go under the wooden door, They then realize the blob does not like cold temperatures as it backs off and goes away.

Phone Booth Scene

Meg and Ryan drive into the woods in an old beetle car as they are investigating. They run into a load of scientists in white suits and helmets. They are searching for the organism it is a military experiment gone wrong. They wont let Meg and Brian go but force them into a white van. Brian manages to open the back door while travelling and escapes leaving Meg behind. She meets with her family in the town.

Meg realizes after her mum tells her Kevin her younger brother has snook off to watch a movie at the local cinema, She runs to the local cinema to warn and save him. As she arrives everyone is running out she enters and finds her brother and his friend, They decide to open a grate and go down into the sewer system to escape.

The Blob Enters the cinema

The cinema room engineer has been eaten after peering into a vent.

Kevin manages to climb to safety but Meg cant fit through the iron bars, His friend was eaten by the blob. Kevin goes for help at the same time scientists appear and start to shoot at the blob, It retreats giving Penny a chance to escape, She climbs a slippery vent and then Kevin appears and pulls her to safety. The Blob is still in pursuit but he manages to swerve around it on his motorbike with Penny holding on the back. They are still stuck in the sewers as the leader of the scientists Dr Christopher Meddows orders the sewer to be secured and a scientific van is driven onto the grate so that it cannot be opened. Kevin finds a wounded scientist who luckily has an RPG, Kevin fires the explosive at the grate blowing the van to pieces. They escape up but the scientists point there guns at them. The lead scientist Meddows gets grabbed by the Blob and is pulled down the grate then all hell breaks loose as the Blob now considerably larger starts to swallow up the town.

The end is near as Brian runs to the towns garage and grabs a snow maker vehicle, He drives back and starts to shoot snow at it, The Blob knocks the Snow maker over and Meg climbs it and sticks an explosive charge on the snow maker. As she tries to clear the area she snags her foot on the top of the snow maker, Brian runs to her aid and frees her, The device explodes as they escape and the blob is flash frozen and explodes into millions of different colored crystals, It is stored in the ice house, 

While this maybe the end the film diverts to the Rev Jacob Meeker who after his service somewhere in the countryside he goes back to his room to look at a small piece of the blob he found and placed in a glass jar earlier in the film, This could definitely be another film in the making but maybe they left it here as the film was so well made. Compared to more modern films this one rates quite highly as it has a certain flow to the film while the special effects are excellent it's a shame it didnt do so well at the box office.

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