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Commando 1 who is the team leader slowly edges his way to the living room corner in the same exact way the last team member did, 


Low level deep drum notes produce the sound score, The commando is breathless and very nervous as he continues to move forward.


The nervous commando is totally oblivious to Leon who has anchored himself high in the ceiling as he rests his weight on a support beam, Leon pushes his left hand into the wall to provide support and stability as he aims his high powered weapon to the back of the unsuspecting commando, Leon is using two weapons and this will enable him to kill multiple targets much quicker and be much more efficient. The lid to the attic has been removed and Leon could also retreat into this if his life is in critical danger.


Leon bides his time then suddenly a loud shot is heard as Leon pulls the trigger, A high powered bullet perforates the commandos left shoulder as a large wound becomes visible.


The team leader grunts loudly as the bullet enters his body, The forces cause the commando to raise his hands high as he falls over head first critically wounded to the floor.


(A cymbal crash is heard) Leon has started a war as he instantly drops down from the attics support beam, In a rapid swinging motion Leon appears upside down as he uses his feet to support his weight, Leon trains daily and scrunches are his specialty so will have much strength in his back and lower muscle region. Leon hits the distance just right as he aims his dual weapons at the enemy, The commandos have been taken by surprise and there guns are still aiming towards the living room area and they have no time to react to Leon's sudden attack strategy.


The two commandos who are standing just behind there leader just outside of the corridor are now in the firing line from Leon's weapons, A massive explosive sound of highly heated metal and explosive forces is heard as Leon unloads his weapons directly at the enemy in front of him, The first three shots kill the two commandos standing at the door well instantly as Leon always shoots to kill and aims directly at there heads. 


As the two commandos drop to the ground it allows Leon the opportunity to shoot out further into the corridor killing anyone in his firing line, Leon fires out another three highly explosive shots as his guns light up from the enormous forces of adrenalized heat.


The sudden explosive action shocks confuses and incapacitates the commando's in the corridor for a fleeting moment in time, This allows Leon a small time frame to kill his enemy.


Leon continues to fire his weapons in anger frustration and for his life.


Leon is using dual weapons as he switches from one side to the other in quick succession.


The second round of three bullets hits and kills another two commandos who are stationary to the right side of the corridor, One of the commandos is knelt down while his comrade stands upright behind him, 


The commandos grunt and moan as the heavy shrapnel hits them, The forces send  the commando who is standing flying backwards while his comrade falls to the floor both critically wounded.


The commando from team two who was the first to enter the corridor retaliates with his automatic weapon from a distance, He has been knelt down the entire time and his basic instinct is telling him to fire. A loud rumbling of automatic fire is heard as the commando unleashes his weapon directly at Leon who is still upside down in the corridor.

The commando shakes his head rapidly as the forces of his gun create a rhythmic pattern of disruption.


The commando is hellbent on killing Leon.


Leon is in trouble if he doesn't escape the torrent of bullets that fill the air. Leon needs to think fast or he could be killed by this singular marksmen.


The bullets come at Leon thick and fast as he lowers his weapons unable to fire back for a brief moment in time. Leon retorts with pain as he is shot in the right shoulder blade, Leon loses his grip on his gun that he is holding in his right hand and it drops to the floor,  The wound squirts blood out like a long snake as he grimaces and suffers for a short few seconds.


Leon manages to gain his composure as he fires back at the commando with his left hand, A singular shot explodes out of Leon's weapon.


The ace commando groans with pain as he is hit on the left shoulder around his neck region, Leon has gone for the kill and the commando has received a critical wound, His neck and shoulder explodes out with blood and flesh as the high powered bullet penetrates his clothing.


The commando bleeds heavily as the high powered bullet has severed a main artery in his neck and he will succumb to his injuries,


The commando violently falls backwards discarding his gun as he loses consciousness, Blood sprays over the commandos face, the corridor walls, and floor surface as he drops to the ground neutralized.


Five commandos and Mathilda still occupy the recycling storage area as they, The commandos have decided not to attack Leon but to cower behind the wall as they too might be shot and killed.


The lone marksmen falls down heavily with a loud thud right outside of the capture zone, Another high powered shot rings out as Leon continues to fire his weapon, The commandos retort with shock as they instantly back away from the dead man in case of attack, Mathilda is still being muffled by a commando as the interrogation commando looks on down at his dead comrade in fear and shock, The sudden death and loud thud of the commando causes another commando to quickly hide into the right side of the capture zone to protect his life.


Leon has not finished firing his weapon, Leon is now enraged and would kill every last commando in his vicinity if he had the chance, Leon discharges another round to his right. 


Leon discharges another round to his left and then another to his right again, Leon is letting the commandos know that if they want a war they are going to get one, 


A tambourine, deep rumbling drums, and echoing pan notes can be heard to provide the sound score, Leon has finished his attack for now as he lifts himself back up backwards into his hide out spot. In total Leon discharged 12 bullets from his weapons.


Mathilda continues to whine and create as her masked antagonist continues to muffle her cries,


The commandos in the capture zone are feeling the squeeze and are on edge and very nervous, The interrogations commando say's, "Take this" as he hands a machine gun to one of his comrades to the right, The sound of metal is heard as the commando takes the gun.


The interrogations commando pulls out his radio receiver from his left side pocket and raises it to his mouth, The commando say's, Ahh...The commando hesitates as seems lost for words, He instantly moves his position to the right side of the storage facility.


An electronic static pop is heard as the interrogations commando takes his finger off the talk button and decides against communicating with his backup team, 


The interrogations commando looks to his right and signals with his hand, He say's to one of his team, "Go take a look".


The commando who has been ordered to go and investigate takes a few deep breathes to compose himself, he is not to keen to follow orders but has to obey his higher ranking officer, 


Mathilda is panicking and screams out loudly with fear and frustration from being muffled for so long, 


The investigating commando continues to breath in and out in controlled bursts as he slowly takes one step at a time to the edge of the wall,


Another commando from the right side of the storage facility suddenly joins his comrade from behind, The five remaining commandos are now trapped from within the storage facility and the entire floor, If they enter into the corridor they could be shot and killed in an instance. (Smoke bombs are definitely needed here), The investigating office continues to breath in and out in controlled bursts. 

The investigations commando is just inches from peering around the corner and the tension is thick with suspense.


The investigations commando continues to breath in controlled bursts and is eager to see what is behind the wall.


Suddenly a click from a handgun is heard and a singular note of a harpsichord to provide the sound score. The commando looks up at the barrel of a gun that is pointing directly at his head, 


Leon has exited apartment 4F after killing all the commandos in his way, Leon is on edge and a little fidgety as he points his weapon directly at the antagonist, Leon say's, Don't move


The interrogations commando say's, You see anything? 


The investigating commando nods his head positively very slowly to indicate that he does see something but it is not good. The commando say's softly and carefully, It's the guy,


The commando speeds up his words a little and say's, He's here, He's got a gun to my head. 


As soon as the interrogations commando hears the words that one of his team has been captured he backs away in shock and fear, The other members of the team also back away with anticipation. Clicks of guns can be heard from the commandos weapons.


Mathilda continues to tussle and scream while being muffled, She starts to struggle with her antagonist as she wants to be set free, The interrogations commando say's with a serious tone of voice, Okay, Nobody moves.


Leon still has his gun firmly against the commando's head as he say's "Let the girl go" Now that Leon has heard Mathilda's muffled screams he knows for sure that she is just a few feet away from him.


The interrogation commando turns his head back around after conferring with another commando to the left, He shouts out loudly "Now take it easy man!" with an altered voice recognition pattern, 


A few moments pass but the interrogations commando has still not released Mathilda, Leon starts to lose his patience slightly as he raises his voice and repeats his words, "Let the girl go!"


The interrogations commando replies with his altered speech pattern and say's, Okay, The girl's coming out.


The commando turns his head around to face his comrades and say's with his own normal speech pattern, "Let the girl go"


Suddenly the pressure is released from Mathilda allowing her to break free from her antagonist, Mathilda pulls down with both hands as she free's herself from her long overdue captivity.


Mathilda turns her head around to look at her antagonist who has muffled her screams for sometime, Mathilda has a face of hate and anger as she turns to look at the eyes of the commando.


Mathilda is feeling angry and is full of hate for the commandos who have now changed her life forever, Without warning she spits into the face of the commando creating a whistling high pitched sound, The commando simply turns his head away without any other reaction.


Mathilda looks at the commando for a brief second more as he wipes his mouth of Mathilda's saliva with his right hand, she then turns away from him and slowly makes her way out of the capture location, As Mathilda passes by the men she rests her right hand on the commando who is wearing a gas mask,


Mathilda then claws her way forward by gripping onto the interrogation commanders clothing for a fleeting moment to give her the strengh,


Mathilda walks around the shoulder of the commando standing at the end of the recycling storage area who has a gun to his head as she lays eyes on Leon.  Mathilda is extremely keen to see Leon and her face expresses that of a long lost relative or someone who is desperate to see someone again.


Mathilda runs into the arms and body of Leon as she pushes her head into his chest with joy and relieve that he is still alive. Mathilda is almost in tears as she holds Leon tightly.


Leon looks down at Mathilda and is also relieved and happy that she is back with him, Leon turns his head quickly to focus on the commando he has in his care,


Leon looks back down again at Mathilda and is delighted to be with her again. Leon is breathing heavily from the stress of the situation.


Mathilda is looking directly up at Leon as he say's, Grab the Axe off the wall,


Mathilda looks to her left as she looks for the axe that Leon wants her to retrieve, Leon say's Over there... 

Leon say's Go! to express his desire that Mathilda is as quick as possible.


Leon signals with his left hand to tell Mathilda to go get the Axe, Mathilda is feeling tired and very scared as she carries out Leon's wishes,


As she walks down the corridor she pulls up her white cardigan with her left hand as it has slipped down from her right shoulder. Mathilda's feet can be heard tapping on the floor as she walks along.


Leon now turns his full attention back to the commando who has a gun pointed at his head.


Leon suddenly grabs the commando by his left shoulder with his right hand and pushes his face right up against the antagonists face, Leon and the antagonist stare at each other as Leon say's "You're coming with us"


A scuffling of feet is heard as Leon pulls the antagonist around a full 360 degrees, The antagonist has his hands held high as Leon uses his body as a human shield. The antagonist has a solemn expression on his face as he is at the mercy of Leon who could kill him at any moment.


Mathilda reaches the cabinet that houses a large axe, This cupboard is used for emergencies including fire and earthquakes in case people become trapped in their apartments, Mathilda uses both of her hands as she attempts to slide open the heavy glass and wood door.


A few seconds later and the large door swings open at speed revealing a large red bladed axe that is safely attached to the back wall.


Mathilda reaches in and grabs the axe with both hands at the bottom just before the blade,  A loud metallic sound is heard as Mathilda lifts the heavy axe out of its storage bracket.


Leon moves at speed as he continues to walk backwards down the corridor with his antagonist, A commando appears at the storage room door well but is only partially seen, He can not attack as his comrade will be killed if he does. A tapping of feet is heard.


Leon moves his head from one side of the antagonist to the other as he points his weapon at the back of the antagonists head, By moving from side to side will make things more difficult for a commando if he decides to take Leon out clean saving his comrade.


The antagonist is petrified but is completely silent as Leon continues his journey back to apartment 4F, Mathilda can be seen in the distance making her way into the apartment. The sound score comprises synthesizer pan notes infused with jingles deep rumbling bass and fog horn effects.


The antagonist is feeling the pressure as he is pulled backwards by Leon, 


Mathilda quickly makes her way back inside apartment 4F as she brandishes the large fire axe, This series of three frames has reminiscent qualities of a horror film like the Shining or Friday the 13th.


Mathilda turns to her left towards the bathroom as she carries the large axe.


Mathilda waits inside the corridor to her left for further instructions from Leon as the door is closed and it is better to wait.


Leon reaches the entrance to apartment 4f as he continues to hold his weapon to the back of the antagonists neck, The antagonist still has his arms held high and stops dead just outside the door as his arms wont allow him to go any furthur. 


Suddenly Leon looks up high to the ceiling just outside in the corridor.


Leon has spotted a water sprinkler that activates with heat and smoke, Leon instantly raises his gun at the sprinkler pod and is poised to fire his weapon.


Without hesitation Leon shoots his gun at the end of the sprinkler pod destroying it in to a thousand pieces,


The sprinkler system explodes into a fountain of sparks and flame as the sensitive electronic components burn up and disintegrate causing a massive electrical blow out,


A huge bright light engulfs the corridor as it rains flames and sparks similar to a firework display over Leon and the antagonist, By shooting out the sprinkler system Leon has caused confusion, And Leon works best when confusion is a factor, Now that the sprinkler pod has been destroyed the hotel will now activate the water sprinklers in the rest of the complex which will make the situation very slippery and ultimately give Leon the edge he needs to survive and escape.


Mathilda jumps and screams with fright from the loud explosion and firework display.


Leon has an action plan as he begins to discharge his weapon down the corridor towards the commandos who are still cowering inside the recycling storage facility, Leon grimaces as he fires off four shots in succession at different angles and trajectory along the corridor,


The interrogations commando instantly steps away from the edge of the capture locations side wall after hearing the loud gunfire, It is now pouring down with water from the sprinkler system and it is very noisy from all the water that is hitting the floor and walls, The interrogations commando shouts loudly to his comrades "Christ, he shot him". Now the commandos think that there comrade has been killed but he is still alive.


Leon decides to return back inside the apartment, As Leon slips away from the door well he maintains pressure on the back of the antagonists neck so that the antagonist will stay in a stationary position, Leon is timing the situation just right and quickly pulls the gun away as he closes the door behind him,


The antagonist is now all alone outside the door well with his arms still held high unsure if Leon still has his sights on him or not, The noise of the water pouring down reduces the sound levels that reach the ears. The door lightly slams shut creating a thud sound.


In all the confusion the interrogations commando becomes convinced that his comrade has been killed and in an act of extreme anger and frustration decides to attack Leon from his position, The interrogations commando suddenly steps out into the corridor and shouts loudly with anger, "Bastards!" The commando begins to fire his automatic weapon down the corridor towards apartment 4F in rage, 


As soon as the interrogations commando begins his assault his comrades decide to join the party and also step out into the corridor with there guns locked and loaded.


Two more commandos instantly fire there weapons as they sweep right across the corridor, It is very noisy as the men discharge there weapons, The sprinklers are really working hard as the scenario is more like a torrential downpour than a flowerpot spray gun, 


The commando's are in over drive as they spray the corridor with hundreds of bullets in a short space of time, 


The commando wearing a gas mask suddenly appears from the capture location from the right to join in with his comrades.


The commando wearing a gas mask and brandishing a high powered pump action shotgun immediately begins to discharge his weapon down the corridor, Because of the sprinkler system visibility has been reduced at the end of the corridor that leads to apartment 4F, The environment has become foggy and clouded reducing visibility considerably. 


The commandos have made a serious mistake as they have unwittingly shot and killed one of there men because of the poor visibility, The captured commando outside apartment 4F shakes violently as his body absorbs hundreds of bullets all at the same time, 


The captured commando bangs his head in a continuous rhythmic motion as his body spasms and retorts from the immense fire power, The commando bleeds heavily as he continues to hold his hands high for the very last time, 


Leon is hiding behind the wall to his left as he grimaces and retorts from the immense torrent of bullets, Leon holds his weapon high with his right hand as he waits for an optimum moment to strike back at the angry and frustrated enemy,


The bullets are thick and fast as they mince up the door and walls from outside, The flak is so great that pieces of debris fly out from the walls from inside apartment 4F, The commandos have blown a fuse on Leon and Mathilda and Leon can do nothing until the firing has stopped.


Mathilda cowers low to the floor as she tucks her head down in an attempt to protect herself from the flying debris and stray bullets. Torrents of wall plaster and dust fall down from the walls and ceiling as the carnage continues.


The commandos continue to fire there weapons with amateur characteristics thinking that brute force will neutralize there opponent, Five comrades lay dead in the corridor which can only increase there anger and frustration towards Leon and Mathilda.


Leon is waiting for the perfect time frame so that he can retaliate at the irate commando's, Leon turns slightly to face the side of the door as he raises his right hand from the tremendous forces of shrapnel and bullet spray,

The commandos have slowed there attack and Leon takes the opportunity to fire back, He quickly takes advantage of a large hole in the door that was created from the impact of the gas mask wearing commando's pump action shotgun, Leon stays clear of the door as he places the barrel of his weapon into the jagged hole.


Leon's barrel of his weapon protrudes out of the hole into the corridor by a few inches, Because of all the holes in the door Leon also has a view point to aim his gun.


Without any hesitation Leon begins to discharge his weapon down the corridor towards the commandos. The gun explodes fire and a bright orange light as the highly explosive bullets blast out at high speed.


The barrel of the gun recoils up and down as Leon discharges his weapon, Three shots ring out into the corridor in fast succession,


The commandos have been taken by surprise as Leon discharges a further two bullets, The second two bullets hit home as the commando who is third in line across the corridor instantly gets hit, The commando groans loudly as he falls back with arms flailing high, with a violent energy the commando drops to the floor neutralized from the powerful forces. 


For a split second the commando furthest to the right just looks down at the corridor with shock and confusion,


The commando furthest to the right was lucky that it was not him that was shot, The commando glances quickly down at his now dead comrade as his basic instincts kick in, He suddenly shouts loudly "Move! Move! Move! Move!" to the remaining two commando's as he skates back across the corridor back to the relative safety of the recycling storage facility, 


The commando wearing a gas mask is the first man to return back inside the capture location, He carries a pump action shotgun.


The commando that initiated a retreat is second to return back to the capture zone, He rests his back against the wall to the left.


The third commando to return back is the interrogations commando and team leader for this group, He briefly looks back along the corridor before side stepping inside the storage facility banging his weapon against the right side wall

The interrogations commando briefly looks back out into the corridor for a split second.


The interrogations commando quickly turns around and steps over to the commando who shouted for everyone to Move back, The interrogations commando is angry as he shouts loudly, "Shut the Fucking water off!" The commando who ordered a retreat say's with a breathless tone of voice, "You got it!" as he turns his head away from his leader, It is very noisy as the water sprays down thick and fast inside the corridor.


Mathilda is still cowering on the floor very scared and frightened, 


Leon shouts "GO!" as Mathilda hands Leon the heavy axe,  a loud metal sound and tinging is heard from the axe, Leon grabs Mathilda and pulls her up by her right shoulder as he carries out his next move. A wooden tapping is heard from Mathilda's shoes as she stands up abruptly.


The interrogations commando is now talking on his radio receiver to Stansfield who can initiate a response, The commando is breathless and has run out of ideas after Leon has killed seven of his Alpha team unit. The commando say's, as he leans against the capture facilities corner wall, "We're in a bad way here, Send the Cats, I repeat, send the Cats. Another commando who shouted Move Move! who stands behind him also has a radio receiver held high to his mouth, The Cats are a specialist team of commando's that specialize with heavy artillery and explosives, This team have authority to use RPG based systems Tear gas, smoke gas, grenades and anything else that can cause maximum damage and carnage.


Mathilda follows Leon as she runs at full speed into the living room area, As Leon makes his way to the front window of the room he kicks a small table that lays broken on the floor, A loud sound of vibrating wood and broken ceramics can be heard as the table spins off onto it's edges revealing a broken leg, Leon kicks a small lamp stand with his right foot that topples and falls over to the floor producing a loud sound of broken glass.


Leon quickly moves into the far right corner of the room with an axe in his right hand and his weapon in the left, An upturned armchair lays on its side as Leon kneels down low to avoid being seen or shot. Mathilda also kneels down next to Leon as the commando's will shoot her on sight too.


Leon and Mathilda are breathless as Mathilda shows signs of severe trauma and fear, A loud banging sound is heard from a distance which causes Mathilda to quickly turn to her right, Mathilda rapidly turns her head back around with tears in her eyes.


An orchestra of cellos produce the sound score, The brown weapons suitcase is conveniently sitting on the floor next to Leon. Leon rapidly opens the lid with his right hand as a leathery sound is heard, Leon he in to replace his weapons magazine with a fresh round of bullets.


Leon briefly looks over at the far side of the living room as a clicking and snapping of metal is heard from Leon's gun and fresh magazine, Leon looks back down at his weapon as he reloads.


Mathilda is breathless and scared as she speaks to Leon with a distressed tone of voice, "I don't know what happened, Mathilda swallows on her words as she say's, I didn't see them coming, I swear," Mathilda is now completely stuck with Leon and there is no going back from this point on.


Leon retrieves a grenade from his tool box and quickly raises it to his neck, He then quickly slides the grenade down the middle of his chest and attaches it to his clothing with a clip, Mathilda continues, I just... 


Mathilda continues, went shopping, Mathilda swallows on her words again as she say's,  "and I came back and they were everywhere."


Mathilda begins to become much more emotional as she fails to continues her next sentence, She say's, They ah huh, Mathilda breaks down as she pushes her head against Leon. More clicking is heard from Leon's gun.


Leon turns his head left and slightly down at Mathilda and say's, "Stay away from the window!" Leon instantly stands and steps over to the corner of the right window.


Leon sighs loudly as he rests his back onto the wall creating a loud thud, A picture to the back of Leon wobbles slightly from Leon's shoulder pressure,  Leon stands motionless with his weapon held high in his right hand, A grenade can be seen attached to Leon's chest.


A few seconds later Leon turns his head Left as he slowly edges his way to the window, Leon looks out of the window for a few seconds before turning his head back around to face Mathilda.


Leon is breathing heavily and is feeling a strong pressure and a sense of extreme danger.


Suddenly Leon makes a move as he throws the heavy red bladed axe with his left hand right across the room, The axe hits the table and falls below onto the floor creating a loud metallic banging sound.


Leon's plant can be seen from the window.


Leon continues to breath heavily as he stands at the window.


Suddenly Leon turns and runs across the window at top speed, Leon threw the axe to test the air as snipers might be positioned to shoot if they see any movement, Throwing the axe tells Leon that he has a good chance of crossing the room without being shot or killed. Snipers work on movement so when Leon threw the axe there was no shooting, When Leon moves again he will find out if snipers exist from the hidden walls and winding stair wells from outside his window.


As soon as Leon passes the window a sudden torrent of sniper fire reigns in from outside, The curtains blow high from the forces of shattered glass that explodes into the room, A loud sound of breaking glass pierces the air as Leon's green plant pot falls off the window ledge. As the plant slips from the ledge Leon grabs the plant pot with his left hand just before it falls to the ground saving it from breaking, A table lamp also falls over as Leon's left hand pushes against it as he tries to escape from the lethal bullets,


More bullets penetrate the room as large pieces of glass and debris fly out in all directions, The sound of breaking glass is very loud. The window has been completely blown out as Mathilda screams loudly from the sudden attack, 


The sight and the sound of exploding glass shocks Mathilda to the core, She instantly ducks low and pushes her head underneath a red cushion, The upturned armchair also helps to protect Mathilda from the barrage of flying glass and debris, Mathilda screams loudly with fright and fear as large pieces of glass reign down on her.


Leon stays put against the side wall of the window as he turns his head left to protect his face from the exploding glass.


More bullets reign in from the snipers as small holes instantly appear every split second from the crack shot snipers, Four bullet holes penetrate the door to the left starting with a shot to the top middle of the first bottom square panel, then a shot to the right side just above center position, The third shot hits the right bottom corner of the top square panel and the fourth shot hits the lower square panel right side slightly lower. A brass wall mount attached to the wall to the right has an elegant ornament of Mary Mother of Jesus perched on top resting on a white frilly cloth, A picture of Jesus in later years rests to the left of the ornament. Who ever lived here before must of been religious as there is also a picture of Jesus at the last supper on the wall to the far left.


The snipers are carving the place up as they continue there volley of shots, More bullets pierce and break the glass window as they penetrate the pull down window panel, The white curtains sway and blow violently from the tremendous forces.


Leon has knelt down and has his hands to his ears as the bullets reign in. The window explodes in creating a plume of glass fragments and larger pieces, Suddenly the curtain rail disconnects from the wall sockets and the rail and the curtains fall rapidly to the floor.


Mathilda continues to shield her face from the flying shrapnel as she tightly places her hands over her ears.


Ironic as it seems, Jesus Mother of Mary is in prayer and maybe praying for Mathilda's and Leon's safe keeping, The snipers do not care what they destroy or hurt or maim or kill, They are hell bent on a successful mission as the commando's couldnt do it so who dares wins.


Suddenly the ornament Mary mother of Jesus is hit by a speeding bullet, The sudden impact disintegrates the ornaments lower portion sending bits of ceramic material flying out in all directions, 


A loud noise is heard as the top piece of Mary mother of Jesus topples over after losing it's base and falls to the floor at speed.


Luckily Jesus as a man still hangs next to the base of his mother Mary, Unfortunately the Jesus picture also suffers from the high energy blast and topples over also hitting the floor.


Deep chorded cellos infused with a flute melody produce the sound score, All is now quiet as the snipers have finished firing there weapons for the time being, Now the snipers have changed tactics and are using laser guided scopes that penetrate the air with a thick and broad spectrum of bright red and orangery light, The window hook swings back and forth on its own accord as the room turns into a fiery red color of light.


The orange light swings from one side to the other as it investigates the wrecked apartment building.


Mathilda is starting to recover from her ordeal, She holds onto Leon's tool box with her right hand as she begins to lift herself from the floor, Mathilda shouts out, "Leon?" as she is not sure if he has been killed or is still alive. Mathilda pushes herself up some more with both hands as she say's "Leon" again.


A rattling is heard as Mathilda dislodges a box of bullets inside Leon's tool box as she places pressure on the side to push herself up, Mathilda's hand suddenly creeps over the top of the up turned armchair as she pulls herself up, A creaking sound is heard as Mathilda's weight pushes down on the corner of the armchair.


Mathilda is scared and short of breath as she stutters her breath out loudly almost as if she is cold.


Mathilda turns her head to the left as she surveys the room, It is very quiet and Leon is not making a sound.


The camera slowly pans right as the flute sound repeats it's eerie and suspenseful melody. Beams of red and orange light continue to strobe the room as the camera slowly reveals the devastation of the room, 


The beams of light hover and move up and down at speed as they hunt for it's prey. Leon is visible to the back wall center of this image.


Leon is breathing heavily as he holds his weapon in his right hand, Suddenly Leon see's Mathilda from the other side of the room and signals to her with his gun to come over to him.


Mathilda immediately follows on Leon's signal and begins to crawl along the floor while keeping her head low, A tapping of wood is heard including broken glass as Mathilda crawls along the debris filled floor, Beams of red light continue to blaze down onto the floor and over the back of Mathilda as she quickly travels the few feet required.


Leon say's with eagerness, Come Here as Mathilda nears him, Mathilda is relieved to be with Leon again as she hugs him with both hands, Leon places his right arm over Mathilda to comfort her the best he can, Both Leon and Mathilda are breathless from the crisis situation, mathilda is very emotional and scared as she ponders the danger she is in.


Red laser light continues to hound Mathilda and Leon as Leon say's "Snipers" as he looks to his right to see if he can identify the source of the bright light.


A loud gushing sound similar to a large waterfall can be heard as the sprinkler system continues to belch out large volumes of water from it's fountain heads.


Suddenly a loud echoing sound is heard as the water sprinkler system instantly switches off, The water has finally been turned off as the last drops flow out from the sprinklers fountain head.


The interrogations commando is observing the water sprinkler outlet and suddenly turns as the water stops, He say's in a serious tone of voice, Okay,now... get this fucking asshole outta there.


Leon and Mathilda crawl out of the living room on there knees as they make there way to the relative safety of the kitchen,


Leon quickly enters the kitchen as he holds his gun high with his right hand and his plant pot and weapons belt in the other. Leon holds his gun high as he checks for any intruders, Leon turns and faces the corridor as he points his gun down the darkened space, 


Mathilda enters the kitchen as Leon turns right and places his plant down onto the Kitchen sideboard, 


Mathilda enters the kitchen as Leon turns right and places his plant down onto the Kitchen floor, Mathilda gets back down onto her hands and knees as she crawls to the far corner of the kitchen,


Leon suddenly grabs the kitchen sideboard with both hands that has a bread bin sat on top, Leon grimaces as he pulls the entire piece of furniture over on it's side so that it lies in front of the kitchen door well.


A loud thud is heard as the heavy piece of furniture hits the floor.


Mathilda sits with her back to the wall with arms folded, Leon screams and shouts loudly which startles and worries Mathilda.


With all his might Leon tosses a green cabinet high into the air, The cabinet flies over the cabinet that Leon knocked over just moments ago,


The wooden cabinet creates a tremendous noise as it hits the floor upside down then topples over on it's side, Leon is blocking the kitchen entrance with furniture to cause an obstruction and to slow down any antagonists that might try to attack Leon and Mathilda.


The Cats have arrived and are in the corridor, Two commando Cats appear from the left side corridor using police heavy duty shields, The first commando slides his shield into position to the left


Another commando slides his shield to the right of the corridor just a few feet behind.


Leon grabs his weapon from the top of a shelf with his right hand.


Mathilda say's, How we gonna get outta here now? 


Leon ducks down and is very close to Mathilda's face as he say's, Leave it to me, We're checking out.


Leon breathes out heavily as he stands up and grabs the kitchen table with both hands at either side, A loud wooden bang is heard as Leon's gun hits the right edge of the table as he grips the edges.


Mathilda screams loudly with fear as Leon tips the table onto it's side, Mathilda cups her face as she turns away from the falling furniture. Mathilda's teddy falls from the table as a sound of loose change hits the floor.


A deep level cello plays an adventourous theme infused with short pan notes. Leon suddenly turns and aims his weapon high at the extraction fan just a few feet away. Leon fires the first three bullets at the wall.


Leon fires his weapon in fast succession as he aims his gun at the wall just around the extraction fan, The fans electrical circuits explode with purple sparks, Leon is trying to weaken the walls structure so that he can remove the fan from the wall. Large holes appear around the fan as Leon unloads his weapon. 


Wall plaster explodes out from the holes as Leon continues to fire his weapon.


Leon is causing maximum destruction to the extraction fan. A whistling sound is produced each time Leon fires a bullet.


Bullets have penetrated electrical wires from behind as a bright hot light of intense heat emanates out from the grills, Leon has now unloaded Eight bullets in succession.


Mathilda cowers with her teddy as she protects her face from the tremendous noise and debris pile that is showering the kitchen floor,


Leon fires another two shots as a loud pinging sound is heard, Suddenly the fans grill explodes away from its housing and falls to the floor revealing its inner workings. 


Leon has weakened the wall and has a plan of action in mind.


Leon fires another three bullets to the top of the wall as a much larger hole and smaller ones appear, A loud noise is heard as the wall cement disintegrates creating a large plume of dust and debris that falls out of the holes and rains down to the floor creating a rain effect,


Mathilda looks up at the destroyed wall and fan housing as she hugs her bear for some kind of support.


Mathilda watches as Leon grabs and slides the axe out from underneath his weapons belt that is now balanced on top of a chair, Leon picks up the axe with both hands as he plans to carry out a little DIY.


A loud noise is heard as Leon clears a debris pile with the axe as he swings it slightly right so that he can get to work. Leon breathes out heavily as he takes a swing at the weakened wall and fan, With all his might Leon swings the axe at the wall,

A loud ching sound of metal hitting concrete is heard as the axe embeds itself deep into the weakened wall, Leon strikes for the second time with all his strength as he groans from the effort.


Leon strikes for the third time in fast succession, He is trying to destroy the wall as there is something important behind the thick concrete sheet, Concrete mix explodes out from the heavy forces of the axe.


Leon groans with effort as he hits the wall a fourth and fifth time.


The camera is now focused from behind the wall as Leon continues to strike the wall with the heavy axe, Leon can be seen from the gaps in the wall and extraction fan as he continues to reign blow after blow down onto the weakened wall,


Leon groans loudly with effort as he continues the onslaught. The concrete is slowly started to break away revealing an open space from inside.


Suddenly the complete fan and housing loosens and breaks off including large pieces of concrete as it vanishes behind into the large open space. Leon is a man possessed as he batters the wall with the axe,


Leon continues to bash the wall in all areas so that a large hole can be created.


Suddenly sparks explode out from behind the wall from large plastic reinforced electrical tubing,


A hissing sound is heard as a large current of electricity fuses and blows out creating a firework effect.


The large red blade can be seen from inside the wall, Luckily Leon has earthed himself as his hands are touching the thick wooden handle and electricity can not travel to his body, If it could Leon would have been electrocuted but wood is non conductive.


Mathilda is covering her ears with her hands as she grimaces and strains from the tremendous noise of Leon and the axe, Leon becomes more angry as he puts even more effort into his renovations, Leon shouts and groans loudly as he pummels the wall with the axe.


Leon strikes another blow lower down as another electrical hissing is heard, More sparks and an intense light belch from the severed electrical tubing as it fizzes.


Leon tussles with the axe as he twists the blade left and right to counter the electrical disturbance.


An intense bright white light engulfs the space behind the wall as large amounts of acrid smoke spew forth.


Leon discards the axe to his right throwing it to the floor after feeling satisfied with the now large enough hole he has created, Leon quickly pushes aside a large pile of debris that has accumulated below the hole with his hands.


Mathilda is still in the same position as she watches Leon carry out his renovations, Mathilda looks away as she covers her left eye with her left hand, Mathilda is traumatized and in tears as she closes her eyes briefly trying to reduce the stress of the situation, Leon has moved away from the wall and turns around briefly as he grabs his long black overcoat that is just a few feet away, Leon quickly lays the jacket over a cooker that sits just underneath the fan system, He then returns to his right and retrieves his plant pot which he puts on top of his jacket.


Leon lays his plant down on its side as he covers over his prized possession with the jacket,


He pulls the right side over and then the left so that the plant is fully protected.


Leon picks up his jacket and plant with both hands as he quickly places the parcel inside the hole in the wall, A loud noise is heard as the parcel fulls several meters down a long and deep shaft to the bottom, A debris trail of concrete dust and small pieces of plaster follow the parcel down creating a rain effect. A metal wire ladder can be seen to the left that is attached to a large pipe this could allow someone to climb down there if they needed to. Large pipes snake around the shaft and it is very dark the further down you go.


Leon immediately comes on over for Mathilda as he says breathlessly, "Come On!" Leon leans over the flowery upturned table and grabs Mathilda with his left hand, Leon pulls Mathilda from the floor as he says' under his breath Lets Go", Mathilda whines and creates as she is moved from her sitting position.


Time is passing very quickly and the Cats commando team are moving into position,


A Cat commando appears from the right corridor carrying a ginormous and heavy duty machine gun that has a scope and floor stand attached, A trail of highly explosive bullets snake out of the guns ammunition's bay, These machine guns mean business and can penetrate thick walls with ease, Another commando to the right stands motionless carrying a machine gun and has a gas mask attached to his lower right leg,


The Cat commando turns the corner and heads down the corridor towards apartment 4F, If the Cats commando team can't capture or kill Leon then nothing will, these guys mean business.


Leon destroyed the fan and wall for a reason, He is helping Mathilda to escape the building, The large hole Leon created leads down to ground level and hopefully Mathilda can escape, Leon has Mathilda in his arms as he helps to lift her into the hole in the wall,


Mathilda holds onto Leon with her right hand as she wraps it around Leon's neck, Mathilda bends her legs so that she can get inside the dark space, Mathilda is not so happy that she has to leave Leon but it is for the best as she could be killed and Leon does not want that on his conscience for the rest of his life, He only wants the best for Mathilda and the situation is just to dangerous,

Mathilda lifts her left leg over the wall as she is slowly placed into the hole by Leon, Leon supports Mathilda from behind to allow Mathilda to find her footing inside the dark passageway. 


Leon continues to support Mathilda with his left hand as she gains her bearings and focus in the dark and foreboding shaft.


The Cats commando has finally reached his attack position as he places his heavy duty machine gun down to the floor with both hands. A loud thud is heard as the heavy metal hits the floor poised for action as the large ammunition belt swings from left to right,  The sound score consists of a tambourine, pan notes, and an Egyptian themed wood instrument chorus,


Mathilda has turned around to face Leon as he continues to support Mathilda in the hole, Leon pushes Mathilda down into the hole gently as he tries to get her to make her escape.


Mathilda stands back up to face Leon as she say's, But Leon, it's not big enough for you,


Mathilda tries to get back out of the hole as she looks down, Mathilda say's, "It's barely big enough for me" as she looks back at Leon, Mathilda struggles to push past Leon back into the room, Mathilda does not want to leave Leon as they are a team but Leon realizes the real danger but Mathilda does not.


Leon tussles with Mathilda as he tries to stop her from coming back out of the hole, Leon looks down at Mathilda and say's, We said no discussion, Mathilda begins to become frustrated and slightly angry as she can't have her own way, Mathilda shouts out, No! I'm not letting... Leon and Mathilda tussle some more,  Leon tries to reason with Mathilda as they tussle and say's Listen!

Mathilda becomes even more emotional and angry as she shouts out loudly, I'm not going!. Leon repeats his words again "Listen". 


Mathilda screams even louder with frustration and emotions, "I won't go!" as she claws Leons face with sadness and dispair. Leon say's "Listen to me" as he tries his hardest to persuade Mathilda to leave.


Mathilda breaks down as she sobs with extreme sadness and emotions, She just cant break away from Leon the man that has saved her life on multiple occasions, Leon holds Mathilda's head softly with both hands as Mathilda shakes with uncontrollable feelings, Leon say's, Listen to me!...Listen to me.


Leon looks deeply into the face of Mathilda as he expresses his deep concerns towards the young girl and the very dangerous situation he and Mathilda are firmly in, Leon and Mathilda breathe heavily from the stressful situation as Leon say's, We have no chance together, but if I'm alone I can do it. Trust me. I'm in good shape, Mathilda,


Leon softly caresses Mathilda's right side cheek with his left hand before opening his hand wide and caressing Mathilda's mouth and chin, Leon continues, and I know I've got a lot of money with Tony, a lot. We'll take it and leave together just the two of us, Okay? 

Leon say's Go! as he pushes Mathilda slightly in an effort to make Mathilda change her mind, Mathilda reaches out and holds onto Leon's right shoulder with her left hand as she say's with a sad and emotional tone of voice, "No" Mathilda continues to sob with sadness.

Mathilda cries out with emotions as tears flood her eyes, Mathilda say's, You're just saying that so I won't worry. Mathilda sobs even more as she pushes her head close to Leon.


Back in the corridor a Cat commando reaches behind with his left hand and pulls out an RPG explosive rocket,


A loud metallic sound is heard as he pulls out the bomb with a rapid motion of the hand, Two more RPG rockets are visible from the pouch that is attached to the Cat commandoes belt.


A crunch and click is heard as the commando slides the RPG rocket onto the end of a heavy duty launcher device, Another click is heard as the commando twists the rocket in an anti clockwise motion a full inch so that the explosive device locks into position, 

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