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Leon has now produced another pistol as he leads the way just in case there are more people hiding or ready to attack Leon. The drug dealer is crapping his pants as Leon continues to hold the gun to his mouth.


Leon continues to walk along the corridor at a fast pace as Mathilda appears from behind.


Leon walks a few more paces then stops and turns left to face another room. The drug dealer is at the mercy of Leon and is showing no signs of a fight or resistance.


Mathilda slowly follows behind as Leon enters the new location as the drugs dealer whimpers loudly from his suffering. 


Mathilda seems to have another task to complete as she walks along the corridor completely avoiding Leon in the other room. Mathilda carries a small black case in her right hand.


Mathilda turns her head left momentarily.


Mathilda steps back slightly as Leon and the gang member come out of another door well and across the corridor.


The gang member has started to make some strange eek eek sounds as Leon controls him wherever he goes. Mathilda watches as Leon surveys the apartment and it's layout as he goes into another passage way. 


Mathilda evaluates and scans her position as she stands motionless. The sound of deep echoing low level noise is heard to provide the sound score. 


Mathilda looks to her right and instantly notices a cocaine cutting setup in the distance, The table contains among other things, weighing scales, cutting agents and a heap of small green paper packets that will be used to sell the cocaine as small deals.


Mathilda walks on over to the table as she stares at a large pile of cocaine.


Mathilda looks down at the cocaine in contemplation. The sound score now consists of synthesizer generated low level airy notes.


Suddenly Leon and the drugs dealer appear from the left side door well as they step into the kitchen area,  The gang member is having a hard time as he mumbles and umms from the force of the guns barrel in his mouth.


Leon decides to change direction and turns around as he returns back from hence he came, The drug dealer follows Leon like a dog as he has no other choice and must keep the barrel in his mouth or Leon will assassinate him on the spot.


Mathilda is still looking down at the large pile of Cocaine, She is thinking about Norman Stansfield and her now deceased family members, She so dearly wants to take revenge against those responsible to compensate a little for her loss and pain. 


Suddenly Leon appears from behind Mathilda as the drug dealer continues his muffled gasps for freedom.  Mathilda turns around to watch Leon as he  carries out his mission instructions.


Leon stops moving and is happy with his position, Leon say's to the drug dealer, Here is Okay,


Leon firmly raises his weapon so that the barrel sits firmly inside the dealers mouth, Leon say's, Let it go. Referring to the gun.


Leon repeats his words and say's, I said let it go. The dealer makes a croaking sound as he releases his pressure on the guns barrel.


Leon say's, Move as he signals with his gun, Leon say's, Move over.


The drug dealer is fixed to Leon's gun and is very worried and tense at this moment, The drug dealer complies with Leon's request and steps back slowly still transfixed on the weapon and Leon.


The drug dealer steps back towards the back wall as he holds his hands up in desperation, The dealer shouts out loudly, "Easy Easy" as he shakes his hands in fear of being shot. Leon points his weapon directly at the dealers head and could easily kill him from his position.


The drug dealer falls backwards on to his back side as he trips on a low mattress and bedding, landing on his hands.


The drug dealer is hyperactive and extremely stressed, He stumbles and gyrates for a few seconds as he tries to find stability while trying to stay focused on Leon and the weapon.


The dealer finds his feet as he say's "Where You want me" in a low breath, The dealer is totally confused and is unsure what the intruders actually want.


The dealer points his right index finger at the back window as he looks at Leon to indicate if this is where you want me to stand.


The dealer stands motionless awaiting Leon's command.


Leon turns his head around briefly and say's to Mathilda, Go ahead, Your turn. leon continues to point his gun at the drug dealer.


Mathilda turns and focuses her attention on the table that is being used to cut cocaine.


Mathilda pushes a silver tray that has some loose cocaine on top across the table a foot or so with the black carry case she has in her possession. A metallic sound is heard as the tray slides slightly to allow her room to place down her case.


Mathilda clips open the two silver push locks as they snap and release, inside the case is a handgun that sits comfortably on a bed of silky red material.


A clicking is heard as Mathilda pulls out the handgun from its apartment, Mathilda grabs a magazine and places it into the bottom of the gun with her right hand.


Mathilda wacks the magazine with her right palm to ensure it is securely attached to the gun, A loud clicking is heard as Mathilda places pressure on the end of the gun to lock the magazine into place.


The drug dealer can be heard in the background, He say's, in a scared and worried tone of voice, Help me, Please help me!. Mathilda is biding her time as she carefully places a suppressor onto the end of her weapon. A chinking is heard as Mathida begins to twist the compressor on to the end of the barrel to ensure a snug fit.


The drug dealer is feeling left out of the action and is having a hard time comprehending what exactly is going to happen to him, The dealer holds his right index finger high in to the air to try and catch the attention of Leon, He say's, Um Sir!, He shouts louder Sir!.


Mathilda has finished preparing her weapon and is slowly making her way to the front of the living room. Leon continues to menacingly point his gun at the dealer without showing any expression at all.


Mathilda finds her position alongside Leon as the dealer Ums with frustration.


The dealer raises his right hand to try and resolve the situation and reason with Leon, He say's, Sir, Sir,


it's not my dope.


Matilda has suddenly changed into a little diva as she turns her head around in a circular motion. Mathilda is now fantasizing that she is part of a famous duo like Thelma and Louise or Bonnie and Clyde. her act is only prolonging the intense confusion and frustration of the dealer who must now think he is part of some sick stage show. Leon watches the dealer with a face of confusion and a hint of amusement, After all why should he give anything away. Matilda continues her diva impression.


Leon is teaching Mathilda another lesson today as Mathilda prepares herself mentally and physically. The dealer has an impressive collection of native American tribe relics and other precious pieces. Unopened wooden boxes can be seen stacked up high as the dealers ill gotten gains are spent wisely on treasures that one day will go up in value or could be sold to a museum. But a question must be raised, When is it legal for individuals to buy and sell or even own such native American objects?. The question is a simple one, but its answer is complicated, requiring a careful reading of the Native American Graves Protection and Repatriation Act (NAGPRA). NAGPRA is a federal law passed in 1990 that provides a process for museums and federal agencies to return certain Native American "cultural items"—human remains, funerary objects, sacred objects, or objects of cultural patrimony—to lineal descendants or Indian tribes. Museums and federal agencies are almost always the ones challenged or prosecuted under the law.


Leon waits patiently in silence as Mathilda goes through her routine,  The law, however, also forbids the buying and selling of these particular objects on the market—which is where the law applies to individual collectors. Dr. Paula Molloy, the NAGPRA public affairs officer for the National Parks Services National Center for Cultural Resources, points out that in most cases it is legal for people to own such objects. That would mean that the man in Chicago who brought in the masks, which he had inherited from his father-in-law, had not violated NAGPRA by having the masks in his possession. The owner could also sell the masks legally as long as they don't qualify under the NAGPRA law's definition of cultural items.
Other objects, Dr. Molloy says, should cause individual buyers to back away from a purchase. "If you're looking at a funerary item, it should raise a red flag," Dr. Molloy cautions. "If it came from federal land or the reservation, it's the property of the federal government or a tribal government—you should stay away from that as well. As with anything, knowing where an object came from and how a dealer got it is the key for finding out whether it falls under NAGPRA." Similar caution is suggested by Bruce Shackelford, an independent San Antonio appraiser and consultant who deals with the history of the American West. "If some dealer says, 'This is from the most important spiritual ceremony of the Hopi,' you walk away."


Bruce M. Shackelford - Antiques Expert.

Yet if you are unsure whether NAGPRA applies to a certain piece you are interested in buying or selling—the law is often open to interpretation—both Dr. Molloy and Bruce recommend that you make sure to obtain a written receipt that lists a well-documented chain of ownership.
"Make sure to get paperwork by a reputable seller so you have something to stand on if it blows up in your face," Bruce says. "If the guy says it's not a problem to buy it, have him put it in writing. If there is a problem, you can take him to court and say you want your money back." 

Bruce notes that few individuals have been prosecuted under NAGPRA laws. "So far, NAGPRA hasn't hit the private guy," Bruce says. "A few things have been demanded back at auctions, and the owner has done that. But every time you go to the major show in Santa Fe, Indians are looking for something that would fall into the NAGPRA category. It's just a matter of time before a major case is taken against an individual on the market." Bruce says that this is the reason why many dealers and major Native American collectors are increasingly leaning toward buying Native American paintings, pots and rugs, which are just less likely to fall under the NAGPRA legal definition of a cultural item.



Furta Sacra: Thefts of Relics in the Central Middle Ages by Patrick J. Geary


The drug dealer tries to break the twisted and unpredictable scenario again, he say's, Sir look I, it's not.... The dealers words are cut short as Mathilda points her gun left and say's in a soft but controlling tone, A little to the left please. 


The dealer steps left on the instructions of Mathilda. A low level scrunching is heard as the dealer side steps to the new location.


The dealer confers with Mathilda as he cautiously edges further left similar to someone having there photo taken at a celebration. A deep rumbling sound is providing the sound score.


The dealer stands upright with his arms by his side as he contemplates his life and the crazy situation he is now in.


Leon has his mouth wide open and is completely oblivious to the dealers feelings of mental torture. Mathilda has raised her gun and has the dealer bang in her sights.


The dealer continues to plead with his life as he say's Before you Please, The dealers words are cut short as Mathilda fires her weapon. A high pitched piercing sound snaps out of the gun as Mathilda shakes slightly from the pellets outward trajectory.  The drug dealer screams out loudly with arms held out from either side as a paint pellet explodes into the stomach region of the gang member. 


The dealer continues to scream out in fear and panic as he looks down at his fake wounds even though it was only a paint pellet. The dealer is shocked and has still not realized he was shot with a harmless paint suppressor and not a real bullet.


The dealer is extremely traumatized and continues to cry out as Leon begins to explain to Mathilda the fundamental techniques involved in her training session. Leon say's Now the security shot.


Leon nods at Mathilda to help her gain her confidence and to help her remember.


Mathilda takes aim again as she holds her weapon steady, The dealer is still whimpering and is not in a good way at this point. Mathilda suddenly aims a little lower and fires her weapon as the dealer screams out in fright and terror "NO!" The dealer can't take much more of this abuse.


The paint pellet produces a loud splat sound that then inks the victim like tomato ketchup. 


The dealer screams out even louder and shakes his hands as the second shot explodes onto his white tee shirt.


The dealer looks down at the red paint as he cries and shouts out like a child in total shock and bewilderment.


Mathilda lowers her weapon as Leon evaluates Mathilda's skill and judgement after she took the second shot. Leon is slightly dissatisfied with Mathilda's performance and say's, Oh, the second goes higher on the chest. Mathilda listens carefully to Leon's instructions and advice. The dealer is still whimpering loudly in the background.


Leon continues as he signals with his left hand, Leon say's, Aim for the heart and lungs. Mathilda is still chewing her gum as she listens intensively.


Leon circles his chest with his left hand to demonstrate to Mathilda the exact position she should aim on the body, Leon say's, There, right there, you see?. Mathilda nods positively to acknowledge the correct procedure.


Leon continues, The first shot takes him out of order, and the second finishes him off.


The drug dealer can hear Leon talking to Mathilda about the correct procedure and where to aim for, The dealer suddenly becomes alert and has realized something is not quite right, This is not your normal interrogation and assassination mission but a learning exercise for Mathilda.


The dealer looks directly at Leon and Mathilda and say's, What the fuck" as he holds his hands up in frustration.


The dealer say's with confusion, What the fuck are you doing?.


Leon continues as the drug dealer whines and complains from a distance. Leon say's, And never in the face, If they can't recognize the client, you don't get paid. Because you could take out anybody and say you did the job. mathilda nods positively as she takes in the information.


Leon say's, "Got it" too make sure Mathilda has learnt the lesson, Mathilda nods positively and say's, Got it, Never in the face.


Leon continues and say's, Okay, Now you can put the tools away. Mathilda turns around to complete the task.


The drug dealer is still creating and say's with a sad voice Mr Mr, The dealer whimpers some more, What are you fucking doing?, The drug dealer shouts loudly with anger and frustration, He shouts, What the fuck is going on?. The dealer is checking his stomach for any sign of injury as he holds his hands to his stomach, The dealer then shouts out loudly, Hey Mister!. The dealer looks down again with serious concern for his now painted tee shirt.


Leon turns around at the sound of the dealer calling him, Leon shows no emotion as he looks at the dealer.


Suddenly without warning Leon raises his weapon and aims it directly at the whimpering and complaining drug dealer. The dealer say's "What the fuck"...His words are cut short.


Leon decides he has had enough of the dealers cry baby tactics and fires his weapon two times at the dealer, The first shot is a head shot and the second shot is a shot to the chest just like he explained to Mathilda. A loud whistling sound is heard each time a bullet escapes the chamber and barrel. The dealer has definitely sank his own boat with all his bickering and complaining (If only he had just shut up?.)


A loud wooden banging sound is heard as the dealer falls to the floor dead,


Leon turns to check on Mathilda as she begins to unscrew the silencer from the barrel of her weapon. A chinking ceramic sound is heard as Mathilda twists off the suppressor with her right hand.


Leon points his left index finger at the silencer and say's, You see, when you use the silencer a lot, You have to put a piece of cloth here, Another chinking is head as Mathilda pulls off the suppressor.


A clicking sound is heard as Mathilda pulls out the magazine from the bottom of the grip, Leon continues, Because it gets very hot and could burn it inside.


Leon continues, A damp black cloth is the best.


A guitar begins to play to produce the sound score, Mathilda has finished dismantling her weapon as she picks up a plastic bottle of methylated spirits from the cocaine weighing and cutting table.


Mathilda starts to unscrew the lid from the top of the container. Leon say's, What are you doing?. Mathilda looks Leon directly in the eyes and say's, "We said no women, no kids. Who do you think this is gonna kill?, Donkeys and Monkeys?."


Leon looks down and then away as he contemplates Mathilda's words.


Leon watches silently as Mathilda pours the flammable liquid all over the table, A loud spluttering sound of liquid is heard as Mathilda spread it all around.


A simple piano theme now produces the sound score, Mathilda pours some more of the flammable liquid into a silver tray that has a large amount of cocaine inside. Mathilda reaches for a box of matches that are lying next to Mathilda's black carry case. Mathilda has finished pouring the liquid over the table and discards the bottle by throwing it over the table as a loud plastic bang is heard. Mathilda immediately picks up her black carry case so that it does not get damaged.


Mathilda throws a lit match onto the table as a loud and deep sound is produced from the methylated spirits igniting.  A light and relaxing guitar melody plays to produce the sound score.


Mathilda watches for a moment as the fire quickly takes hold, A loud crunching sound is heard as the intense heat and flames begin to consume the table and it's contents.


Leon is also a little fascinated with the fire and flame.


Leon turns to look at Mathilda.


Mathilda watches the table burn as large flames burn brightly, A high pitched fizzing sound is now heard as the cocaine bubbles and burns from the intense heat, Mathilda say's, "Now it's clean" in a satisfied way. Mathilda ponders her life and her situation, Drugs have only destroyed her life and she now hates them with a vengeance.


Leon looks at Mathilda as the flames snake up from the tables surface, he softly places his right hand over Mathilda's right hand and say's, Let's get out of here.


Leon escorts Mathilda away and out of the apartment as the flames continues to burn, It will only be a matter of minutes before someone from the complex notices or smells smoke and Arson it is a very serious offence.


The flames continue to consume the cocaine and anything else it can reach, Hopefully the flames will subside as it is a metal table.


A few hours have passed and Leon and Mathilda have found themselves a lovely and very posh restaurant to while the hours away. A chinking of glass is heard as Mathilda and Leon clink there champagne glasses together in celebration of there lives tonight.


The sound score comprises of a singular Guitar and a simple spaced out Piano chord. Low level ambient noises of people chatting and cutlery clinking can be heard. Leon raises the champagne glass to his lips and drinks the expensive vintage beverage.


Leon lightly swills the champagne in his mouth.


Mathilda has taken a couple of mouthfuls of the champagne as she places the glass back down on the table temporarily.


Mathilda swallows her beverage and closes her eyes momentarily before saying, I thought we don't have the right to drink. (Referring to her age.)


Leon replies, I know, but we're making an exception for your first client.

giphy (1).gif

Mathilda blinks and replies, We'll, if we're making exceptions for a job well done, Mathilda looks down briefly then looks back at Leon and say's, "how about a kiss, like in the movies?."


Leon looks at Mathilda then looks away briefly as he does not know what to say at the surprised reply from Mathilda. Leon nods negatively slightly as he looks down then back up with his eyes and say's, "No". 


Mathilda leans forward slightly and whispers over to Leon, She say's "Yes".


Mathilda begins to climb out of her chair as Leon say's, What are you doing?. Mathilda replies, I'm gonna kiss you.


Leon say's Mathilda stop please, 


Mathilda has reached right over the dining table and is experiencing those sensations again, Mathilda say's, Come on, just a kiss.


Mathilda has snuck up very close to Leon and he is now feeling a little embarrased. 

Leon say's, Stop, everyone is watching us. 


Leon looks down and does not look to happy, (Alcohol loosens the brain's controlling instincts allowing spontaneous thoughts.)


Leon looks back at Mathilda as she continues to be affectionate.


Leon say's Basta, go sit down. Basta means - That's enough in Italian. Mathilda is refusing to sit back down as she say's No and smiles brightly at Leon with happiness and emotions. A few moments later Mathilda returns to her chair.

Suddenly a waiter comes over to the table with a plate of food, he quickly moves out of the way of Mathilda as she returns to her chair.


The waiter places a plate of food down on to the table for Leon as Mathilda grabs the champagne bottle from the silver ice cooler. A metallic sound is heard as the bottle leaves the ice, 


Mathilda begins to pour some champagne out into her glass at a very fast rate. The sound of flowing liquids are heard. The waiter also places a plate of food down for Mathilda, Leon and Mathilda have ordered Avocado and a Pink Salmon dish that also has a lettuce topping.


More clinking of china is heard as Mathilda pours out the champagne, Mathilda must be feeling the effects of the alcohol as she completely misses the glass and the expensive vintage champagne pours out all over the table. 


Mathilda holds the champagne bottle up high in the air with her left hand as the waiter say's, "Enjoy". Mathilda plonks the bottle back down next to some glasses that are filled with water and ice, The contact creates a chinking sound.


The waiter leaves the table to attend to another customer as Leon turns briefly to watch the waiter walking away.


Mathilda raises her now full champagne glass to her lips and drinks. Leon watches as Mathilda drinks her beverage then she sets the glass down. 


Leon reaches over and picks up the champagne bottle from the table but sets it down under the table. Leon thinks that Mathilda has had enough alcohol and he has discarded the bottle.


More customers have arrived into the dining room as Mathilda say's, You don't believe me, do you?. Leon replies, How's that?. The sound score does not exist at this moment.


Mathilda replies, When I say I'm in love with you.


Leon replies with a sense of seriousness and meaning, Leon say's, Mathilda, please drop it, Just change the subject, Okay?.


Mathilda looks down in slight disappointment and sadness as she nods positively and say's, "Okay Okay, Sorry".


Mathilda looks back up and has taken Leon's advice, She say's with enthusiasm, So how old were you when you made your first hit?.


Leon looks at Mathilda and is silent momentarily before replying, Nineteen.


Mathilda grabs her champagne glass from the table and holds it up ready to drink, Mathilda smiles brightly as she say's with an air of sarcasm, "Beat Ya!.


Mathilda drinks a large mouthful of champagne to celebrate her victory over Leon.


Mathilda is gulping the beverage down in large mouthfuls as she takes another swig of the fine champagne.


Leon watches as Mathilda decides to consume the full glass of champagne, Champagne is a very strong alcoholic drink and it's effects are not always immediate but some time later.


Large gulp's are heard as Mathilda swallows the champagne in giant swigs.


Mathilda finishes the glass off.


A low tap is heard as Mathilda rests the empty glass down on the table, Mathilda looks at Leon quite pleased with herself.


Mathilda burps quite rudely but finds the occasion rather amusing.


Suddenly Mathilda bursts out in laughter at the sight of Leon and the situation, Mathilda is feeling the effects of the champagne now.


Mathilda is feeling possessed as she spurts out a rapturous giggle,


The more Mathilda laughs and looks at Leon the more she laughs.


Leon stares at the laughing girl with a completely straight face, 


Leon looks to his right momentarily as Mathilda continues to giggle loudly.


Leon is unsure why Mathilda is laughing so intensively.


The more Mathilda watches Leon with his straight face the more she giggles.


Mathilda is now in hysterics as she looks away from Leon briefly. Leon has not said a word as he holds his fork in his left hand unable to eat anything while Mathilda's loud laughter continues.


Something is tickling Mathilda's funny bone as she holds her left hand over her face as the hysterics continue. Customers on other tables have stopped talking and the ambiance within the restaurant has decreased as mathilda laughs insanely.


The sound of cutlery is heard as Mathilda knocks her fork with her right hand unable to control herself while she continues her laughing episode. Leon makes an attempt to eat some of his food but is temporarily distracted from the sound of the fork, Leon looks away again unable to deal with the situation, Mathilda is not taking things too seriously at the moment but Leon continues to endure Mathilda's giggles.


Even these Emojis find it funny.


Leon looks around as he feels a little awkward just in case Mathilda creates unwanted attention, The champagne has gone straight to Mathilda's head and she can't control herself anymore. 


Leon looks back around as Mathilda's laughing is almost comparable to a Hyena on marijuana.


Mathilda looks away from the table as the hysterics continue to torture her. 


Leon has not said a single word since Mathilda started laughing hysterically, He may question why she is finding the situation so funny!. 


Mathilda points her left index finger directly at Leon as she is finding Leon funny, He does not know why?.


Mathilda breaths in heavily as her laughing tantrum begins to subside.


A deep twang of a bass guitar is heard with an echoing sythesizer key. A new day has arrived and Leon and Mathilda have arrived at another secret location somewhere in New York. Leon appears from a right side door well as he quickly surveys the stairs going up.


Leon raises his right hand to signal for Mathilda to follow.


Mathilda appears from the left as she chews down on some gum. Mathilda takes the large piece of green gum from her mouth, Something big is going down!.


Leon and Mathilda are trying the effective gum technique again, Mathilda removes her gum and places it over a view finder located just feet from across the corridor. Mathilda pushes the gum down with two fingers as it slides and spreads out thinly to stick firmly.


The sound score comprises a singular low level electronic key with occasional high pitched pops of a wooden xylophone. Mathilda stands back from the door a few feet as she brushes her left hair with her left hand. 


A loud jingling of metal is heard as Leon pulls out his bolt cutters from beneath his jacket.


Leon watches Mathilda as she attempts to put her woolly hat on to her head, Leon stretches his head out slightly at the sight of Mathilda and say's, What are you doing?.


Mathilda shivers slightly as she say's, Can't afford to catch cold.


Mathilda lowers her head and places the hat onto her head. Slightly audible sounds of echoing chatter can be heard from residents in the complex.


Leon acknowledges Mathilda's response as he turns his attention back to the door. He knows where the key chain is as he feels the door with his left hand, Leon can feel it's presence as he described from an earlier scene.


Mathilda looks at the door and then at Leon as she prepares to communicate with the person from behind the door. Leon is ready to cut the key chain and force his way in.


Suddenly the door opens to the tension point and Leon strikes with the heavy bolt cutters. The sound score has changed to a fast paced rhythm of drum beats almost like jungle and a simple synthesizer melody. 


Leon and Mathilda are cleaning a lot of apartments today and have moved onto another door. Leon raps the door knocker three times in succession. 


Leon decides to ring the bell as he is not getting an answer.

An unsuspecting drug dealer retorts with fear and shock as Leon forces his way in.


Another bell and another victim, Mathilda presses the button twice hopefully someone will answer.

This technique has now become a way of life for Leon and Mathilda as they meticulously and repeatedly trick and force there way into apartments on a day to day basis. Mathilda has purchased some Orange flavored gum for this cleaning job.


The magic gum technique works wonders. Mathilda presses a small black button to initiate the process.


The sound of wood and metal is heard as another victim opens his door to the sight and sound of a large pair of bolt cutters and a french Italian speaking man wearing a hat and glasses.


Mathilda and Leon have arrived at yet another premises as Mathilda takes her gum out ready for another hit.


Mathilda quickly places the gum onto the view finder as Leon follows from behind.


Leon rings the buzzer as he and Mathilda wait patiently for a response.


Another victim retorts with shock and fear as Leon forces his way in.


Many days have passed and Leon and Mathilda are now a fully working and efficient cleaning team. Leon presses another door bell as the lucky streak continues.


And another!.


These door bells are starting to get familiar.


Mathilda pushes a large lump of chewing gum onto yet another view finder.

Another unsuspecting client.


Yet another unsuspecting client.

giphy (3).gif

Leon appears from a right side corridor as he surveys his environment.


Leon and Mathilda slowly and cautiously make there way along the corridor on another day for another attempt at the well used and now quite well known gum and bolt cutter trick.


Mathilda is chewing her gum again as she points her right hand to a green painted door just a few feet ahead.


The sound score continues it's fast paced rhythm of drums and off key synthesizer notes. Mathilda reaches for and removes the chewing gum.


Mathilda looks briefly to her left to check for any people as she takes the nicely moistened gum from her mouth.


Mathilda carefully squeezes the gum out over the view finder for another attempt to trick the occupant to open the door.


Leon pulls his jacket to one side so that he can reach for his trusty bolt cutter.


A loud metallic sound is heard as Leon pulls out the bolt cutters ready for the job at hand. A slight squeak is heard from the floor as Leon jostles into position behind the door.

Mathilda looks at Leon with contemplation as she realizes there is no door bell, The sound score has retired for this moment and no sounds are heard, Mathilda say's, There's no doorbell?,

Leon replies, So knock on the door. A low level singing is heard almost like Monks in a monastery singing there daily prayers and tribulations. Leon waits patiently as Mathilda knocks loudly on the door three times in succession, A loud wooden thumping sound is generated each time. 

Suddenly a voice is heard from behind the door, The male voice say's, Yes!. Mathilda puts on her lost child impression as she say's loudly, Hi.... I'm looking for Mr Rubens' apartment.

Mathilda continues as Leon evaluates the situation, Mathilda say's, But it's all dark out here in the hall and I'm lost.


The client from inside the apartment replies, Just a second!,  Leon looks at the door briefly then back away again as he waits patiently for a response.


Mathilda looks at Leon for a few moments and then gives him the thumbs up to exemplify that she has done a good job of tricking the client and he will be out soon.


A deep echoing base synthesizer can be heard to provide the sound score, Leon waits patiently for that all too familiar sound of locks and chains but nothing is heard. Suddenly a loud snapping and locking sound is heard of an automatic weapon in the machine gun category. Another clicking sound is then heard from inside the apartment, 


H&K UMP AEG Airsoft Submachine Gun Name of Parts


The scene from inside the apartment shows a man preparing a machine gun ready to fire, He slides the Picatinny rail from the top of the weapon to enable it in a downwards motion. 


Leon has been listening carefully to the sounds from inside the apartment and has now realised that the clicking and clacking is the sound of a weapon, Leon instantly fears for his life and that of Mathilda and quickly pulls Mathilda away from the door to safety, A loud metallic noise is heard as Leon drops his bolt cutters with absolutely a split second of time to react. 


Leon shields Mathilda and retreats to the corner of the corridor as the irate and angry client fires off his high powered machine gun towards the door in an attempt to kill whoever is behind it. 


The client is not in the best of moods as he unloads bullet after bullet into the door, The door starts to splits and large holes appear as the bullets strike the wooden surface. A loud noise can be heard as it echoes and grinds from the apartment to outside in the corridor. Bits of wood and shrapnel consume every inch of space as the mayhem continues.

A loud pinging sound is heard as the machine gun fires out it's bullets, Leon and Mathilda pray for there lives as they stay motionless hoping that the wave of trajectory missiles will end.


The door and walls are pitted with holes as the bullets penetrate and spray out in all directions, 


Suddenly the wave of bullets stop as the possessed madman from inside shouts out with infuriating anger, The madman shouts, You want more?, Come on, show your fucking face!. Sounds of glass and debris are heard as Leon and Mathilda's feet move slightly from the stress and panic of the situation.


Leon pulls for his gun as the madman from inside the apartment say's, Think you're gonna get me that easily?.


The madman returns to his machine gun as he moves along the room in a horizontal movement like a demon possessed. The madman is infuriated and extremely angry as he tries his hardest to kill Leon and Mathilda from the corridor position.


His gun lights up the room with flashes of bright light each time he pulses his weapon, Vietnam or World War Two this madman is taking no prisoners this time or anytime soon.


Leon and Mathilda's luck seems to have run out and there trick has not worked this time, Unfortunately it failed with a crazy guy with a machine gun (Cest la Vie).


A tremendous noise is created as the madman assaults the door and walls for a second phase, Wood and splinters of wood flying shrapnel and debris explode out in all directions, The door and walls are pitted with bullet holes as Leon shields Mathilda with his gun ready.


The walls are starting to resemble a peg solitaire game as the bullets explode through.


Leon continues to shield Mathilda as the madman continues the onslaught.


The madman has totally destroyed his door with the ferocity of his attack, A large piece of the door has been blown out revealing bright sparks of light from the madman's weapon that illuminate's the darkness. 


The madman from inside the apartment suddenly stops his attack and begins to shout out with anger, The madman shouts, You Fucker...The madman continues to shout as Leon say's to Mathilda, When it's tough like this, you know it's gonna be ugly. Better make it quick, or else we'll be here all day listening to his crap.


The madman is heard shouting, Asshole Come on, Show me your fucking face, faggot!. The sound score is a simple continuous low key synthesizer chord.


Leon passes his gun over to Mathilda as he tries an alternative method of attack. Mathilda is worried and scared now that she has experienced for real someone who has tried to kill her.


The madman shouts out again loudly, "Come on Gum trick" The madman is not stupid and knows all about Leon and Mathilda's game. Leon shouts back through the door with a sarcastic tone of voice, Leon shouts, Hey, What about the "Ring Trick"?.


Mathilda cowers behind Leon not sure what Leon has in mind, Leon shouts again, You know that one?, The madman replies, Ring Trick? in a confused tone of voice. The madman continues, Come on Asshole I'm waiting. Suddenly a low level metallic sound is heard as Leon pulls a ring clip from one of his grenades that are conveniently attached to his waste.


Leon quickly throws the grenade into the apartment from the large blown out gap in the door.


The madman shouts with dubious doubt, Show it to me mother fucker! as the grenade comes shooting in from the open space.


The grenade produces a thud sound as it rolls slightly then stops dead just inside the door well. Empty bullet shells litter the floor from the onslaught.


Almost instantly Leon drops to his knees as he shields Mathilda as best he can. 


With an incredible force and tremendous explosion the grenade detonates from inside the apartment, The force blows the door completely off its hinges and obliterates it into a million pieces. The apartment lights up like a strobe light from a pursuing police helicopter as the madman gets some of his own medicine.


A sound of smashing glass and a deep and low rumbling sound is heard as the grenade obliterates the apartment. 


Leon holds Mathilda tightly as the explosive forces venture out like a hot fireball of intensity, 


Fire and explosive debris blast out of the blown out door space lighting up the corridor with intense white light.


Suddenly the intense explosive forces subside allowing Leon and Mathilda a little breathing space, (Boy that was hot)


Mathilda has her eyes tightly shut as the fires rage just a few feet away.


Mathilda pushes her face back into Leons jacket for protection.


Leon breathes in and out heavily from the sudden explosive fire ball, Leon looks along the corridor briefly before turning back round to face Mathilda, A loud sound of fire raging and burning is heard.


An echoing synthesizer key is producing the sound score, Leon opens his hand and say's sarcastically referring to the now very dead client, That's the "Ring Trick".


Mathilda is also breathing heavily as she slowly looks up at Leon from between his hands, Her face expresses relief and shock from what just happened.

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