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The girls father is now rubbing a sore head after the collision with the bathroom door.


The mans girlfriend is almost hyperactive as she moves from room to room in an almost fluid urgency, The woman almost walks into her boyfriend as she say's, Hi Honey!. 


The boy and young girl are still in a loving embrace in the kitchen.


The woman walks into the kitchen to greet her family, She say's Hey, You Two as she places her hand onto her sons head.


The woman also greets her daughter by placing her hand on her head also.


The woman turns around to face her exercising daughter, The woman say's loudly, Sweetheart, turn that down, mum has got a headache as she walks towards the living room.


The woman raises her left hand to her temple to try and soften her headache.


The young girl say's with irritation and slight annoyance, She took my turn!. The girl is referring to her older sister who is hogging the television and the girl is is not too interested in yoga in the morning as she would much prefer to watch Transformer cartoons.


The older sister is thrusting up and down in a fast motion and responds by saying loudly, She's just a slappy, She just wants to watch goddamn cartoons!, It wouldn't hurt to move her ass a bit.


The young girl replies sarcastically, I'm not the one with the fat ass around here.


The older sister looks around at her younger sister from her response but say's nothing, The girl and the older sister are always arguing and bickering amongst themselves they don't really get on too well.


The mother turns around from a table and as she does she swings her handbag onto her right shoulder with her left hand. The mother seems to be on the older sisters side and her tone of voice indicates she is putting blame on her younger daughter. The woman say's sternly, Can someone who's doing nothing all day but watching cartoons move her little ass and go get some food!. The mother walks off with a banana in her right hand.


The fat ass comment has now took effect with the older sister, She stands up and stops her rhythmic exercise, She turns her head to look at her younger sister and say's, I dare you to say that again.


Leon is still in the middle of his crunching exercises, The bed creaks and Leon exhales loudly as he really works his upper and stomach body muscles.


The young girls mother could really be described as a dolly bird, She enjoys garish clothing, bling wear and died blonde hair. The mother is applying red lipstick in the bathroom when her boyfriend enters, He say's Margie, I think I screwed up. 


Stan starts to kiss the back of Margie's neck as he snuggles in behind her. Margie replies, It wouldn't be the first time. I mean you always come up with something right?


Stan replies, Yeah, Stan gives Margie a loud smacker of a kiss on her left shoulder, (but I think I went a little too far this time.). Stan starts to kiss Margie more and more. Margie stops applying lipstick and is feeling a little awkward as Stan starts to kiss Margie in a romantic way.


Margie say's with concern as she continues to apply lipstick,  You're going a little too far right now. I'm gonna be late for work. Stan stops and say's, How about working at home today?. Stan begins to unzips his trousers as love is now on the menu.


The exercise programme is still on and a woman is heard saying, Really feel it! That's it stomach in! One!


Suddenly a very high pitched sound is heard as the young girl changes the channel with the remote control.


The television now displays a transformers cartoon with Megatron as the protagonist. Megatron say's with an evil robotic voice, Now it's my turn as his eyes turn orange.


The older sister is infuriated by her younger sister for changing the channel, She gets angry and chases her out of the kitchen, The young girl runs as fast as she can towards the bathroom where her parents are, otherwise her older sister is going to hit her if she catches her. The young girl shouts out loudly "Oh shit," She's gonna hit me! 


The older sister comes running out of the living room after being disturbed by Megatron. Her arms flail as she runs as fast as she can to catch her sister.

The girl runs straight into the bathroom and shouts out "Daddy" but is shocked to see that her parents are having an intimate moment.


Margie and Stan have been caught in the act.


Both Margie and Stan look round at the sudden appearance of there daughter, Stan shouts out loudly "Shit" Shut the goddamn door!.


The young girls sister turns up seconds later and also see her parents in the act, She squirms her face in disgust as she slams the door shut.


A robotic voice is heard loudly from a distance, Please stop shooting! Laser fire is then heard from the television set. The young girl cowers as her older sister strikes her with her right hand. 


A loud thudding sound is heard as the older sister belts her younger sibling two times quite heavily. The older sister then steps away so that she can get back to her exercise routine. As she leaves she shouts loudly at her sister in anger and say's Fucking Bitch!


The younger girl is quite distraught and upset by the treatment of her older sister, She stands motionless with her outer garments dangling as she regains her composure.


A loud screeching robotic voice is heard as the older sister returns to the living room "Megatron" "Megatron". A high pitched sound is also heard as the older sister changes the channel back to the jazzy exercise programme. The yoga dancing woman's voice returns and say's, Come up for the whole body!, 


The older sister is completely addicted to the show and begins to follow the instructors commands once again.


The television speaker seems even louder as the exercise instructor continues her workout commands, She say's, When you use the quadra step your sine levels warm up your body fat. A phone starts to ring loudly in another room to add to the noise and mayhem. The young girl is still in the hallway wondering what to do next as she feels isolated and is being picked on and physically abused by her father and older sister on a daily basis.


Stan shouts loudly from the bathroom, Hey, can somebody answer the phone?, The older sister is in full work out mode and shouts loudly with anger, I'm Busy she screams out.


The phone continues to ring as the younger girl decides that she will answer the phone herself as every one else is very busy. The girl wanders into a room just a few feet away.


The young girl enters her parents bedroom and crawls across a king size bed to reach the ringing phone.

The girl picks up the telephone receiver to find out who it is on the other end.


The girl speaks with a normal tone of voice, She say's confidently "Hello". A middle aged posh woman's voice is heard on the other end of the line. She say's, This is Margaret McAllister, Headmistress at the Spencer School in Wildwood, New Jersey.


The young girl reaches over and picks up the telephone then rests it on her lap. Margaret McAllister continues, Is Mr or Mrs Lando home?.


The young girl turns her head right as she listens carefully to the lady, A few seconds pass and then the girl turns her head back around again. This time she changes her tone of voice as she pretends to be Mrs Lando her mother.


The young girl say's with a deep and mature voice, Yes, this is she. Margaret McAllister continues thinking she is talking to Mrs Lando. She say's, Mrs Lando, when your husband enrolled Mathilda at Spencer, He told us she had problems.


(The soundscore is producing an orchestral ballet using only brass and stringed instruments.) Well as you know, we pride ourselves in turning troubled girls into healthy, productive young women. But if they are not here, there is very little we can do. Now Mathilda left school without permission nearly two weeks ago. I know your husband paid tuition in advance for a year. But if you refer to page 20 in the rules and regulations manual we sent you, You will see that unless there is a valid excuse for prolonged absence, Your tuition will be forfeit.


Mathilda listens to every word Mrs McAllister has said then replies with, "She's dead." Mathilda knows about the cocaine that Stan is involved with and maybe she has a bad feeling inside her that something terrible is going to happen if the drugs gang return.

Tears start to dwell in Mathilda's eyes as she slams the phone receiver down. The orchestral soundtrack has increased in tempo and prowess as Mathilda contemplates the decisions her parents are making for her.


Leon continues to workout as he strains and grunts with effort.


Leon stops his routine as he breathes out heavily.


Leon lifts the window panel high to let some fresh air into the room.


Leon lifts the green plant from the table and places it onto the window ledge for some quality sunshine and vitality.


Leon grabs his keys as a rattling sound is heard and heads out into the hallway.


As Leon makes his way slowly down the corridor a loud males voice can be heard shouting at someone. Leon noses in on the commotion, The voice shouts, You don't get it, Turn down that fucking music and do some work around here, and clean up!


A loud banging is heard as the voice continues, Clean this fucking mess and hurry up. You haven't cleaned this place all week, 


Leon stands for a few moments longer then decides to carry on down the corridor.


Leon reaches the outside world and street below, It is very busy as he steps out into the sunshine. Leon turns his head to see a teenager playing football close by as many cars align the long road. Leon stands on the front porch momentarily as he absorbs the day and it's movements.


Leon quickly descends the stairs as he turns right and along the street.


Two teenagers are playing ball and the teenager in the blue top dribbles the ball around Leon as he passes, Leon turns around briefly as he watches the pair play.


Leon is off on a mission.


Leon has walked to the local cinema to take his mind off things and is engrossed in a screening of "Singin In The Rain, This movie was released in 1952 and is an American musical romantic comedy film directed and choreographed by Gene Kelly and Stanley Donen, Starring Gene Kelly, Donald O'Connor and Debbie Reynolds, It offers a lighthearted depiction of Hollywood in the late 1920's, with the three stars portraying performers caught up in the transition from silent films to "Talkies". Gene Kelly's voice is in full song and can be heard singing,  Why am I feeling when things could look Black, 


That nothing could possibly go wrong.


Leon is enjoying the movie experience and  no doubt is a Gene Kelly fan,


Leon turns his head briefly and looks at the only other person in the cinema for a few seconds then returns to the movie. Gene Kelly continues, This has been a most unusual day, 


Calm and beautiful Violins and flutes create the sound score for the movie as Leon's face expresses a somewhat fascinated view of the film.


Gene Kelly continues to sing, Love has made me see things...


In a different way............


Whistling is heard as Gene Kelly skates around with arms wide open.


The whistling continues as Leno makes his way back to his apartment climbing the long and steep stairs.


Mathilda is back on the stairs in her favorite spot, Mathilda snorts loudly as she holds her right hand to her nose.


Leon arrives back to his floor.


An echoing banging is heard momentarily from higher up, This causes Leon to briefly look up at the origins of the sound. Leon stops and looks at Mathilda as she holds her nose with her hand, Leon pulls out a white hanker chief and offers it to Mathilda.


Odd bangs and low level sounds can be heard in the corridor, Mathilda accepts the hanker chief and places it to her nose.


Mathilda's nose is bleeding and she most probably has been beaten again by her father or maybe her older sister.


Mathilda's nose is bleeding quite badly, Mathilda looks at Leon and say's, Is life always this hard, or is it just when you're a kid?


Voices are heard in the background as a cymbal crash is heard to accompany the sound score. Leon stares at Mathilda briefly without saying a word then say's in a serious tone of voice, "Always like this".


A high pitched violin is heard as Mathilda stares at Leno without saying a word.


Leon looks at Mathilda and then nods his head positively and say's "Keep it" referring to the hanker chief then turns and walks off.


Mathilda watches as Leon moves off.


Mathilda gracefully swings around the metal Bannister balanced with her left hand.


Mathilda wipes her nose with the hanker chief with a single long swipe of the hand and say's to Leon....


Hey, I'm going grocery shopping, You want some milk?


One quart or two? It's two, right?


Leon looks on over at Mathilda for a few seconds then nods positively to indicate that he would like some milk fetching.


Mathilda smiles with happiness at the thought of helping Leon, She steps backwards for a few steps with excitment as she instantly carries out the task.


Matilda turns and makes her way down the stairs to the local convenience store almost skipping with delight.


A singular and high pitched violin is heard to accompany the sound score, Leon watches as Mathilda disappears down the steep stair case listening to her tapping footsteps as they slowly reduce in levels of noise.


Leon turns and slowly makes his way to his front door directly ahead.


A click is heard as Leon closes the door and enters into his apartment. 


Leon walks a few steps then turns his head to examine the many locks and chain that align the wooden door. 


Leon is always alert and cautious of his surroundings.


Leon enters the kitchen and retrieves a carton of milk form the refrigerator.


Leon slams the refrigerator door closed and walks over to the table where he picks up a glass. Leon pauses briefly as he looks at the kitchen clock.


The kitchen clock reads 11:56 AM, A ticking sound is heard for every second that expires.


Suddenly the clocks minute hand clicks to 11:57 AM.


The scene changes back to the corridor as a man can be seen in the distance. He looks up and down and all around like some sort of inspector.


Suddenly another man appears from the stair case, he walks with a casual attitude along the corridor. A tambourine and light drums accompany the sound score.


Almost as soon as the second man appears another third man suddenly appears from the stair case. This man has a bold appearance and looks rather large and muscular. The second man turns his back and pulls up his shirt to reveal a handgun, while the third man is carrying a shotgun. 


The third man walks ahead at speed while the second man mingles by the door space,  He turns his back to the left wall as he waits for more of his cronies to arrive.


The uninvited men keep appearing as a fourth man comes from the stairs, He has a Rasta Farian look to him with long dreaded hair, shades, and ragga styled clothing.


A fifth man appears chewing on a match stick, He also makes his way along the corridor.


Suddenly another man appears from a left side door well, His name is Malky and was speaking to Stan the day before about missing cocaine. This now indicates that the drug gang kept to there word and have returned to do some serious business with Stan. Malky walks to the middle of the door well as he stares down the corridor with a menacing expression.


Suddenly the big boss man appears at the door well, He also looks menacing and serious. He goes by the name of Stansfield and has brought along armed men today.


Stansfield reaches into his left side trouser pocket and pulls out a box of pills which he then raise to his left ear and shakes producing a light rattling sound.


Stansfield looks down as he opens the lid to the metal container which contains five large pills. 


Stansfield reaches in and pulls out a single pill.


Stansfield snaps the container shut as he raises his hand and places the pill into his mouth.


Stansfield balances the pill between his lips and teeth momentarily then takes the pill into his mouth.


Stansfield looks to the ceiling as his left arm contorts and twists behind him, His face starts to turn red from an increased blood pressure as his body spasms. His face twists and strains as a loud biting sound is heard.


The powerful medication is having a powerful effect as Stansfield strains and lets out a loud groan from the elicit drug. Stansfield licks his inside lip as he shakes and groans with intense pleasure and pain. Stansfield breathes fast and furiously as the powerful drug enters into his brain and blood stream.


Stansfield always gets high before an important meeting, the pills he consumes are extremely dangerous but so is Stansfield. Malky turns a blind eye to his bosses addiction as he has seen it many times before it's like a second nature.


Stansfield stands motionless as he slowly returns to normal body function. Stansfield then say's with a zesty tone of voice,  I like these calm little moments before the storm.


Stansfield continues, It reminds me of Beethoven.


Stan is in the front room helping himself to a stiff drink of bourbon. He drinks a mouthful then breathes deeply as he stares at himself from a mirror just in front.


A singular rattle snake sound is heard to accompany the sound score, Margie is in the bath listening to music on some headphones. She has her eyes closed and is moving her hands to the sound.


Stansfield is slowly moving forward along the corridor, He nods to one of his cronies to his right (The bold and muscular man), Stansfield say's, Can you hear it


It's like. when you put your head to the grass. You can hear it growing.


You can hear the insects...Stansfield begins to make strange zzz zzzz sounds to imitate a wasp or other insect. Stansfield begins to impersonate an insect with his hands and facial expression.


Another rattle snake sound is heard as Leon is sat in the front room checking through his equipment. Suddenly Leno pauses and becomes motionless. Leon can sense something outside in the corridor and turns his head to further investigate.


Leon walks on over to the front door and removes the door knob so that he can spy out and down the corridor.


Leon places his left eye to the spy hole to see what he can see.


Stansfield sighs loudly and say's to Malky, Ahh do you like Beethoven?. Malky replies, Couldn't really say.


Suddenly Stansfield grabs the shotgun from Malky's hand and say's in a menacing tone of voice.


I'm gonna play you some.


Suddenly Stansfield cocks the shotgun as a loud clicking is heard, A loud explosive sound is then heard as Stansfield fires a cartridge at very close range into the lock and door of Stan and Margie's apartment. The wood sprays and breaks off at the tremendous forces of gunpowder.


The loud sound has spooked Stan as he jumps with fright and turns around in an almost fluid movement.


Stansfield pushes the door open with force as it bangs against the inner wall, Stansfield is in music mode as he raises his left hand high to imitate a conductor in a concerto.


Mathilda's older sister has walked into the corridor to investigate the noise, She screams with fright as she sets her eyes on the delusional and extremely deranged Stansfield. As soon as she appears Stansfield raises his shotgun high. 


As the older sister tries to flee Stansfield without a second thought aims and fires the shotgun into the back of mathilda's sister creating a mighty bang.


Luckily the shotgun blast misses the older sister by inches as she runs off shouting loudly "Daddy".


Leon is still at the spy hole watching the scenes unfold, Even though he can only see the corridor he knows that Stansfield has entered Mathilda's apartment and that gun shots have been fired.


Another Rattle snake sound is heard as Stansfield's gang start to enter Mathilda's apartment. 


The sound score is almost Egyptian with violins and light but fast paced drums and rattle snake sounds. The bold and muscular man is called Benny and he stays outside in the corridor while the rest of the men enter.


Stansfield walks with conviction as he shoots at anything in his path. Stansfield raises his right hand this time as he conducts the symphony for the second time.


Stansfield takes a few steps back then cocks his shotgun ready to fire.


Using his unique sixth sense Stansfield yanks open a door to his right and enters into the bathroom completely uninvited.


Margie is still in the bath completely oblivious to the gang members uninvited presence as she is listening to music on some headphones. Stansfield stands above the bath and with a heartless motion pulls the trigger and shoots Margie at point blank range while she bathes.


The powerful blast instantly kills Margie as a torrent of foam and water cascades and explodes all around.


Malky hears the loud noises from inside the apartment as he stands at the door well. He looks at Benny and say's, Benny, stay here!


Malky cautiously looks into the door well and then instantly enters to investigate the progress of the attack.


Benny turns his head left and looks down the corridor momentarily to check for any people or police that might witness the terrible scenes.


Benny turns his head back around with gun in hand he is ready to shoot anyone who might try and leave the apartment to escape the gang members.


Stansfield has left the bathroom as his killing spree continues, Mathilda's sister is still alive and is being chased by Stansfield through the young boy's bedroom. 


The older sister is scared out of her wits as she desperately tries to escape the evil clutches of Stansfield.


The older sister runs through a bedroom and back into the corridor.


Three of the drugs gang have blocked the exit, there is no chance the older sister can escape. The older sister screams out with fear as she realizes her path is blocked. Malky moves forward at the sight of the woman.


The older sister reverses her direction as she runs back down the corridor shouting loudly, "Daddy! Daddy!.


Suddenly Stansfield appears from one of the rooms with shotgun in hand. His face shows no remorse or forgiveness as he takes aim at the fleeing older sister.


With an almighty explosion Stansfield fires Malky's shotgun into the back of Mathilda's sister.


The tremendous force of the shotgun stops the older sister in her tracks. Her body becomes ice as she falls to the ground.


Mathilda's sister lays face down dead as the evil Stansfield looks on in satisfaction.


Stansfield re cocks the shotgun as empty cartridges spill out onto the floor. Stansfield leaves the corridor and turns right into an adjacent room.


Stan has not budged an inch but has listened to the entire attack from the living room fire place and drinks table. Stan is frozen with fear and trembles with fright from the gang members presence. He knows he is in some deep shit now.


Two gang members slowly edge forward with guns in hand as Malky peers around the edge of a door well.


Stansfield has only one thing on his mind at this point and that is Cocaine. Stansfield is creating a loud racket as he enters the kitchen area and starts to smash everything off the work surfaces with and old silver frying pan.


Stansfield with a swift swoop of the hand smashes and knocks everything to the floor. Concerto number three is now in progress as a loud clattering of pots and pans echoes throughout the apartment.


Stansfield is angry and smashes the silver pan down hard onto the cooker with a swinging action not to dissimilar to wielding an Axe or mallet.


Four gang members mingle at the end of the corridor with guns poised to fire, The commotion and loud noises has certainly put them on edge,


Suddenly Stansfield crosses there paths as he enters into another room. Stansfield has no fear as he walks around the apartment destroying everything in his path, The drug he consumed has given him double dutch courage but in reality he is a squirming worm and coward.


The four gang members are surprised when Stansfield passes and duck down instantly thinking they are under attack, Malky shouts loudly, "Jesus fucking christ" as another gang member behind becomes erratic.


Stansfield is closing in on Stan and has entered the living room area. Stansfield's mind is playing a Beethoven concerto in his head and he closes his eyes and raises his right hand in a snaking rhythmic motion as he conducts concerto number four. 


Stan has frozen with fear and has moved to the far corner of the room. He stands motionless as he watches Stansfield enter.


Stansfield begins to wave both hands in sequence as a crescendo is building and Stansfield wants to produce a grand entrance with style and perfection. Stan can see the figure of Stansfield from between the beaded curtains.


Stansfield cups his hands together to simulate praying as he slowly pushes the beaded curtains apart with both hands.


Suddenly Stansfield appears through the beaded nets with hands held high, He is expressing his ability that he is some kind of a saviour a man with power. Concerto number five is just moments away.


Stansfield walks forward towards Stan with arms held high then he slowly lowers them to greet Stan.


Stansfield faces Stan with a cold expression of madness and unpredictability. Suddenly Stansfield say's, We said noon!


Stansfield holds his arm up high to indicate the time, Stan looks down at Stansfield watch with complete fear and confusion.


Stansfield taps his watch face furiously with his right index finger as he say's, I've got one minute past.


Stan stares at Stansfield dumbfounded and unable to speak.


Stansfield raises his right hand and snaps his fingers to imitate a lighter.


Stansfield looks at Stan momentarily before he say's, You don't like Beethoven.


Stansfield continues, You don't know what your missing?, Overtures like that get my juices flowing.


So Powerful! But after his openings,


to be honest he does tend to get a little fucking boring.


Stansfield smiles at Stan as Malky comes through the beaded curtains.


Suddenly Stansfield becomes very excited almost impersonating a comedian, He say's with conviction, That's why I stopped! 


Stansfield laughs hysterically at his own words and thoughts.


Stansfield immediately stops laughing like a switch has been turned off and say's, search the apartment as Malky stands behind.


Stansfield continues to stare at Stan as Malky leaves the room through the beaded curtains to carry out Stansfield's request.


Mathilda has arrived at the convenience store and is stood by the fresh milk refrigerator.


Mathilda rubs her index finger over the glass as she opens the refrigerator door.


Mathilda lifts out two cartons of red labeled milk and then closes the refrigerator door.


A gang member is in one of the bedrooms searching for the lost cocaine, He swipes with his right hand as he knocks off everything from the shelves.


He is angry as he smashes off more items from a higher shelf that go flying onto the floor in every direction.


Malky is in the kitchen creating a huge torrent of noise as he rummages through a cabinet draw which he discards onto the floor.


Malky then searches inside the empty draw space for anything that may be concealed.


Mathilda's sister lays flat to the floor stone cold dead as the gang members continue there noisy search of the apartment.


A scene of horror unfolds as a back shot of the bath Margie was in shows the devastation the shotgun round caused. Blood and water slowly drip from the gaping hole as Margie rests in peace.


Stansfield shakes his finger at Stan and say's, Your a Mozart fan,


Stansfield continues,  I love him too. Stan is feeling stressed and is thinking what a nut this guy really is, Regrets are definitely on his mind at this point.


Stansfield becomes emotional over Mozart as he turns to face the fire place. 


Stansfield holds both hands out and closes his eyes, With an incredible enthusiasm and passion Stansfield say's loudly and with strong conviction, "I LOVE MOZART!


Stansfield turns to look at Stan to see that he is sharing the same enthusiasm and passion as he is.


The scene changes to a bedroom as the Rasta farian gang member discovers a stack of old records and a gramophone player. 


The gang member closes down the lid to the gramophone player.


The gang member then places his machine gun down on top of the gramophones lid.


Mathilda's younger brother is hiding underneath his bed and can see the Rasta Farian gang members legs from his position, He looks on in fear as he continues to hide as best he can.


Stansfield is still very deeply involved with his love of Mozart and Beethoven, Stansfield starts to speak with a take on an Austrian accent, He say's, He was Austrian, you know.


Stansfield pretends to be at a grand piano and starts to play the fire place with his fingers, He say's, But for this kind of work... His hands move up the wood as he creates a torrent of moving fingers and rhythmic notions.


Stansfield thens stops and turns to look at Stan, He say's, He's a little bit light.


Stansfield starts to wave his arms in a circular motion as he changes his voice into a New Yorker, He say's, So I tend to go for the heavier guys.


The Rasta Farian gang member has suddenly become interested in the record collection, He pulls out a record by Burning Spear titled "MARCUS' CHILDREN" Marcus' Children is a studio album by Jamaican reggae singer Burning Spear and was originally released in 1978 as Social Living. The antagonist say's with excitement and zeal, Cool, as he begins to read the back cover totally forgetting that he has to search the apartment and not read it.


The other gang member stood behind becomes irate at the sight of the other gang members enthusiasm and say's with anger,  Yo' What the fuck are you doing, Huh!.


The Rasta Farian gang member replies in true Rasta style, He say's, Man!, "Keep your bombaclot mouth shut" as he replaces the record back into the stack.


Stansfield is rounding off his passionate and enthusiastic chat about Mozart and Beethoven, He say's, Check out Brahms, He's good too.


Stansfield winks at Stan as he walks off satisfied that he has educated Stan on the more Fidel forms of life.


Stansfield walks off leaving Stan completely confused and fearful of his life.


The Rasta Farian gang member say's to the other antagonist, Hey What the fuck do you know about music?, The gang member replies "Knock it off" as he gets irate.


Another gang member is chewing on a matchstick as he stands motionless. He suddenly turns his head at a noise from the other room across the way.


The irate antagonist kicks a lampshade to the floor, a loud noise is heard as it goes flying,


He is angry with the Rasta Farian gang member.

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