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Leaven has accidentally stepped on a small piece of glass which has stuck inside the bottom of her right foot. Leaven lowers her left hand and pulls out the triangular shaped piece of glass to investigate.


(All is silent in the Blue room) Leaven holds out the small piece of glass close to her face as she examines the familiar item. This small piece of glass is actually a tiny piece of lens that fell out of her glasses very early on in Cube, Leaven was trapped in a brown color coded room and Quentin came to her rescue, When Leaven climbed out of the room she accidentally fell dropping her glasses to the floor. This strange occurrence suggests that the group of prisoners are still going around in circles as they have already met up with Rennes from the Orange room.


Leaven is fascinated with the tiny piece of glass as her mind travels into a new chapter of possibilities, 


Leaven places her glasses to her face so that she can focus more precisely on the tiny piece of glass. (Erie synthesizer key begins to play)


Leaven places the tiny piece of glass much closer to her broken right glass lens as she evaluates dimensions, Sure enough the glass piece is making a perfect fit.


Leaven is feeling slightly perplexed as she tries to work out her movements from within Cube. Leaven is feeling slightly perplexed as she tries to work out her movements from within Cube. Suddenly Leaven pulls her glasses away from her face as she continues to stare at the small piece of glass.


Leaven is now building up even more information on how Cube works, Life works in mysterious ways and Leaven is bewildered that the rooms keep repeating on themselves.


Leaven now has a strong desire to find out more, A loud sound of pressurized air is heard as Leaven opens up a trap door from within the Blue room. Leaven pulls down the heavy door with her right hand as she keenly scans the surface for the number grids. Leaven begins to talk out loud to herself, She say's 14, (Hesitates) - 26, (Hesitates) - 14.


Leaven turns her head and shouts loudly so that Worth might here her, "Worth, get back here right now!"


Worth is still trying to negotiate with Kazan who has become awkward and difficult to give instructions too, Worth is working some overtime as he speaks with Kazan in trying to bring him out of the Orange room, Worth say's, Five bags of Gum drops, (Chime sound is heard)


Kazan is rocking backwards and forwards at a controlled pace, Kazan is fluttering his right hand fingers, Kazan responds to Worth as he looks into outer space and say's with slight difficulty, 27 bags total, 


Worth is in a rush and instantly replies at speed with, 27 bags, deal! Leaven can be heard from the Blue room shouting loudly, Leaven say's from a distance, Come here Worth.


Leaven continues to shout loudly, This room's next move takes us to the bridge! - The way to work Cube efficiently is on how the rooms switch so that the bridge falls into place like clockwork.


Worth shouts out loudly as his voice strains from the extreme effort of pulling Kazan out of the trap door space. Worth shouts loudly, We're coming! Worth is bringing Kazan up into a Green room? Worth had to go down two rooms through the floor to reach Kazan as when Cube turned it disrupted and changed the position of two rooms in every direction. Worth still has too get Kazan up another level back to the Blue room, The sound from Leaven is a good marker and location finder so that Worth and Kazan don't get lost if the rooms change again.


Explosive sound provides effect as a bright blue room blurs rapidly at speed travelling right.


Leaven makes her way over to the trap door Worth went inside initially to rescue Kazan, Leaven stretches out her right arm as she say's with an urgency, Over here! (Chime sounds infused with a tambourine continue to provide the sound score)


Leaven continues and say's, "Move it! as Worth turns around to face the trap door room Leaven is situated.


Leaven outstretches her hand and say's with urgency, We don't have much time, Come on.


Kazan notices Leaven and takes the lead as he quickly steps on over to the comfort and safety of her hand, Worth gently pushes Kazan from his back so that he ensures that Kazan stay's in his sights at all times from now on. A light tapping is heard as Kazan climbs the metal rungs and enters the trap door entrance to the other side.


Worth stands motionless and breathless as he watches Kazan leave the room.


Leaven assists in helping Kazan out of the trap door space by holding onto his right armpit, Kazan grimaces from the stress and extreme madness he is experiencing , Kazan turns his head and reaches for a high rung with his left hand, Kazan then stands as he reaches out with his right hand for support. Leaven continues to apply pressure to the back of Kazan so that he does not fall and injure himself. 


Worth waits a few more seconds for Kazan to climb out of the gap before he quickly takes his turn, If the rooms changed while Worth was still in the dark blue room he would then be lost. Whatever computer system controls Cube could always be altered so that the rooms switch at faster or slower intervals and more rooms could be involved in different and multiple directions, Death trap rooms could block a prisoner from ever escaping the horror maze.


Worth quickly steps down from the trap door space using the metal rungs that were added for a prisoners convenience. Leaven also steps down but jumps the last few rungs for speed, Kazan is fluttering his right hand fingers as he watches Worth. Leaven quickly closes the trap door hatch with her right hand and then pushes it firmly closed with both hands.


Suddenly without warning the room begins to shake and tremor violently, A loud screeching sound is heard from a lift transport system that is in close vicinity to the group, The closer to the bridge you are the more extreme the vibrations and shaking become, Worth groans loudly from the intense sound pressure and incredible earthquake properties of the moving Lift, Leaven also screams loudly from the strong forces, The unexpected rumblings have caused the three prisoners to fall to the floor unable to stand upright, 


The powerful lift hurtles at incredible speeds through and up the shaft without mercy, It is programmed to perform a set of instructions and will not stop for anything, The incredible forces create a cascade of vibration and force the walls to move and shake violently as the lift travels at full velocity. So this explains the loud rumbling and tremors prisoners frequently experience, The lift and the moving rooms creates pressure and intense noise and complete mayhem. 


The lift produces a sound distinctively similar to a fast moving locomotive.

giphy (34).gif

The lift reaches it's ground level then returns, The lift may activate the room switching if it locks down onto a series of push buttons located on the surface of the shaft?


The lift rapidly becomes obsolete and out of view which will be a relief for the prisoners as the tremendous tremors will subside substantially. A deep echoing ambiance is all that is left as the lift disappears from view into the blackness.


Leaven has fallen flat on her back and has hurt her head, Leaven grimaces as she rubs her injury with her left hand, Leaven begins to pull herself up from the floor as she continues to hold her head with her hand. (Low level rumbling sound continues) 


Leaven looks down at the floor as she attempts to recover a little from her fall. Leaven turns to her right to check on Worth who has also fallen down, Leaven places her right hand to the floor for support as she evaluates Worth's condition.


Leaven begins to crawl on over to Worth as he is silent and motionless, Leaven breathes out heavily as she crawls over on hands and knees to Worth's side, (Leaven grabs hold of her glasses with her right hand) Leaven say's with concern, Worth? Leaven rapidly lifts her left hand then sets it back down again as she gains stability, Leaven shouts again, Worth? Suddenly Worth splutters and groans as a small amount of blood explodes out over his top lip, Leaven gasps with serious fright as Worth continues to breath deeply, Worth is now becoming more and more damaged and injured and he can not take too much more of the brutality Cube and Quentin have dished out to him. Worth ahh's with pain as he jerks his body slightly, Worth splutters and say's, "This better be it," Referring to the last door that will hopefully lead to the bridge,  Worth continues to deep breath as Leaven say's, "It should be?" Leaven has placed her left hand over Worth's chest as she tries to comfort him the best she can. A loud tap sound is heard as Leaven stands to the floor. Worth grunts as Leaven helps Worth to turn over on his hands so that he can stand up also. Leaven holds the back of Worth as he slowly stands, Worth touches his bloodied mouth with his left hand momentarily as Leaven holds his left shoulder. (Kazan stands up)


Leaven suddenly receives a stabbing pain in the left side of her neck which causes her to raise her left hand and closes her eyes briefly, Worth say's Where? referring to the room that leads to the bridge. Leaven slowly turns her head towards the room the group will have to investigate. Leaven sighs loudly from the stress she is feeling, 


Leaven quickly walks on over to the room she had opened earlier and raises her hands to the silver lever, (Light tapping is heard)


A loud metallic winding sound is heard as Leaven begins to turn the lever in an anti clockwise fashion, A loud click is heard then an explosion of compressed air as the door opens out, A skating vibrating deep sound of metal and moving mechanics is heard as the door slides down to reveal the interior.


Leaven breathes heavily as she stares in at the dark and foreboding space, (A deep sound of fast moving wind is heard)


Leavens mouth is wide open as she turns to Look at Worth and Kazan, Leaven is disappointed that there is no bridge and she has in some way let the side down.


Worth say's "Oh well" with disappointment also, (Kazan is fluttering his fingers) A squeaking sound is heard as Leaven closes back the trap door that revealed the outer shell.


Worth sighs as he looks away from Leaven with wanton thoughts of defeat.


Leaven say's with a breathless tone, Give it a minute, Be patient.


Worth looks back towards Leaven but is silent.


Leaven continues to try and build morale, She say's, So, guess what? 


Worth sighs as he closes his eyes from his tiredness and disorientation, Worth say's "No" as he shakes his head negatively in a slow way, Worth is not in the best of moods to listen to Leaven but will do his best.


Leaven continues as she nods slightly in an up and down motion,  This is the room we started in. Leaven chuckles lightly from the incredible outcome.


Leaven chuckles some more as Worth slowly looks towards her, Leaven continues with zeal, I was right, Worth tries his best to react to Leavens words as he stands exhausted and feeling like a zombie. 


Leaven continues, "We should never have moved in the first place." Leaven chuckles under her breath as she shakes her head negatively, (Such is life)


Leavens solid discovery has now made Worth a little more happy, He also chuckles from the knowledge that the group never had to navigate the maze of rooms, Worth looks up at the ceiling as the deep rumbling sound returns.


The rooms have begun to shift once again as the room the prisoners are located begins to shake with a tremendous veracity, (A loud squeaking sound of rubbing and moving mechanics is heard) Leaven manages to maintain her stability as she holds on to a low metal rung with her left hand outstretched and pushing herself against the wall, 


Kazan flutters his fingers - Worth wobbles in an up and down motion but also manages to stay upright, Worth looks up and all around at the sound and tremors - (A deep sound of moving and shifting cogs under pressure is heard infused with a straining creaking ambivalence)


A tremendously loud thud is then heard as something heavy smashes down to the surface - The vibrations instantly stop and Leaven turns around to face the trap door once again. Leaven begins to climb the metal rungs to her right with both hands, 


Leaven takes one giant step before reaching over to the trap doors lever with her left hand, (Light tap is heard) A winding sound is produced as Leaven carefully twists the lever anti clockwise with her left hand only.


Kazan fluters fingers - Worth and Kazan watch from a distance as Leaven opens the trap door.


Leaven slides the door down with her left hand to reveal a red color coded room, Leaven gasps with happiness and relief as she sets her eyes on the new room, Light tap is heard as Leaven places her left hand to the surface of the trap door. Leaven breathes in the air and scans the room momentarily before turning to face Kazan and Worth, Leaven gasps some more with a feeling of euphoria that her calculations are now starting to show some results, Leaven is silent as she smiles over at the prisoners.


Worth gasps with a hidden happiness considering his mental and physical attributes, Worth gasps with relief as he say's softly, "The bridge" Kazan is slapping the side of his head with the palm of his hand in quick succession.
(High pitched ambiance is infused with a cool breeze)


Leaven is looking inside the red room but suddenly turns around from Worth's words with a big smile on her face.


Kazan say's "Red" as he looks through the trap door gap, Worth breathes out a breath of air as he looks through to the red room, Leaven shouts over "Kazan?" as she requires him to factor the numbers on the metal grid. (Erie synthesizer chord plays out)


Leaven quickly turns back around as she moves aside slightly to allow Kazan some room,


Kazan walks over to the trap door and begins to decipher the numbers.


Leaven looks back at Worth in hope that the numbers provide a clear outcome.


Worth looks on as Kazan begins to factor the numbers, Kazan say's 4,2,4,


Kazan has a clear mind as he deciphers the factors at speed to the delight of Leaven.


Leaven gasps with happiness as she turns to worth and say's with delight, Clear! Leaven is ecstatic that the numbers have worked out and this could be the last room they ever have to navigate. A light tapping is heard as Leaven instantly makes her way up the rungs and into the trap door space, 


(A vibrating prism of synthesizer sound is heard) The group all begin to make there way inside the red color coded room in the hope that it will lead to the bridge.


The group are all inside the red room as Kazan comes into view, Light tapping from Kazan is heard - Kazan holds both of his hands to his face because he has a dislike for the color Red especially Red Gum drops. A squeaking of mechanics and a release of pressurized air is heard as the trap door that leadeth to the grey room closes. Kazan turns around to face the door that has just closed. (Echoing synthesizer pipes and pans are heard)


Worth slowly turns around as he looks down at the floor, Leaven comes into view as she stares with mesmerizing focus at the trap door in front of her. Both Worth and Leaven take a few short steps closer to the trap door as they prey for deliverance.


 Both Worth and Leaven watch as Kazan has the honors of opening up the elusive door. (Tense synthesized violins provide the sound score) 


Kazan steps up to the lever as he turns his head to look back at Worth and Leaven for a fleeting moment.


Leaven cups her hands to her mouth in some kind of prayer as she prays that the door will reveal the bridge, Echoing deep synthesizer sound is heard -


Worth slowly turns to look at Leaven as he also prays for a reprieve. Leaven looks at Worth in silence and deep thought.


A tense atmosphere now exists as Kazan prepares to open the door, Worth raises his right hand out high in the air as he points his index finger to signal to Kazan that it is time for him to open the door, A creaking winding sound is heard as Kazan begins the laborious task.


Kazan is frozen in time as he turns the lever with a steady and time controlled hand, Kazan pushes down on the silver lever slowly and meticulously similar to opening up a safe.


A loud click is heard as the lever reaches equilibrium and the door is now ready to be pulled open, Kazan grabs the lever firmly with his right hand as he begins to pull, A loud sound of releasing air pressure squeaking and grating friction controlled steel is now heard. Kazan grimaces as he pulls hard on the door.


A bright and dazzling light now emanates from the trap door with no sign of the outer shell or any color coded room in sight, The bright light begins to illuminate the red color coded room becoming the most dominant light source as the door slowly lets in more and more light from the outside world.Worth and Leaven look in awe at the amazing sight and are now absorbing the fact that they can now leave Cube if they so desire.


The brilliant white light beams in lighting up the faces of Worth and Leaven to there satisfaction, Leaven is overwhelmed at the beautiful sight and is speechless, Leaven's mouth opens wide from the phenomena and a million and one thoughts are flooding her mind as she contemplates freedom. Worth is mesmerized and also feeling the same way as Leaven, he is tired and wants out like the rest of the group.


Synthesizer pipes are heard infused with a high pitched jumble of middle toned chords that plays a continuous sound. Kazan stares out into the bright light unable to see anything else because of the breathtaking glare.


Kazan slowly turns to look at Worth and Leaven in silence.


Worth is feeling an overwhelming experience of a new life and a new beginning when he steps into the light, Leavens emotions get the better of her as she suddenly develops a wide smile of happiness and a chuckle of elation, Leaven closes her eyes briefly as she tries to accept the fact that the group have finally found an exit from Cube maze of horrors.


Leaven stands motionless as she holds her hands together, Kazan continues to stand by the trap door as Worth looks on.


Worth slowly turns to look at Leaven as she gasps with delight, Leaven looks at Worth as they both smile and chuckle softly to one another.


Worth though elated is also very tired and has something else also on his mind, Worth begins to bend his knees as he steadily lowers himself to the floor.


Worth lets out a sigh of relieve as he rests down on the floor, Worth though satisfied to of found an escape is also feeling downhearted, Worth is silent as he stares down at the floor.


Leaven is observant and has also noticed the sudden change in Worth's mentality, Leaven looks down on Worth with a face of anguish.


Leaven kneels down slowly to be closer to Worth, Leaven is intrigued and wants to find out a bit more about Worth. Leaven say's with a trembling concern, "Worth!"


Synthesized pipe effects are heard - Worth is silent as Leaven smiles fleetingly as she tries to contemplate Worth's state of mind, After all he should be happy and ready to enter onto the bridge, Suddenly Leavens face changes to one of utter disbelief.


Worth is utterly exhausted and mentally fatigued, Worth closes his eyes as he contemplates his life, Leaven rests her right hand onto the back of Worth for emotional support, Worth say's softly, Go Ahead - Worth is suggesting that Leaven exit onto the bridge and that he should be left alone in the red room.


Leaven responds with slight vexation and sadness for Worth, she say's with a raised voice, What are you doing?


You can't quit now.


Worth slowly turns his head to look at Leaven in silence before looking away slightly and looking down.


Leaven tries to make Worth see sense as she shouts out loudly, It's not your fault! Leaven shakes her head forward as she expresses her words.


Worth begins to look back at Leaven slowly as he say's with a tone of despair and self loathing, I have nothing to live for out there.


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Leaven looks at Worth with tears beginning to swell in her eyes,


Leaven turns her head away from Worth as she contemplates her own life and if it has any value back on the outside. Suddenly Leaven say's softly with a lack of confidence having been dragged to the ground by Cube and Quentin, What is out there?


Worth looks on at Leaven in silence and does not respond to her sensible and deluded reasoning.


Worth turns his head as he looks up at the bright light of the bridge. (Erie synthesizer effects are heard) The camera slowly pans in to Worth's face as he stares blankly at the blazing white light.


The camera slowly zooms in on the dazzling bright light of the trap door that will give any weary traveler a second chance in life, Worth suddenly say's out loud with a breathless tone of voice, Boundless human stupidity. (The sound of a trap door opening can be heard in the background, (A click and then a loud release of air pressure is heard)


Leaven looks on at Worth with great sadness in her eyes, Leaven closes her eyes for a brief moment as she contemplates Worth's words and begins to evaluate her own boring life on the outside. Leaven truly wants to escape Cube but Worth is having a strong and persuasive effect on her mental state.


Leaven sniffs as she looks down avoiding eye contact in silence, Leaven likes Worth and it is hard for her to leave him in Cube after all that they have been through. A short moment passes before Leaven lifts her head up and looks directly at Worth, Leaven say's with a soft tone of voice, "I can live with that." Leaven smiles brightly at Worth and is accepting the fact that she can handle her new life outside of Cube. (Cube has given Leaven mental power and determination)


Suddenly a low level sound similar to someone piercing a paper bag is heard, This sound is then followed by Leaven who gasps loudly from something that has penetrated her body from behind.


Leaven's eyes bulge as she stares at Worth unable to control her trembling body. Leaven screams a very disturbed high pitched sound of forced air mixed with a gurgling and spluttering as she becomes severely winded and unable to breath properly.


Worth is completely taken back by Leavens sudden change in character as he looks up at someone who has entered Cube in secret so that the others stay completely oblivious.


Leaven winces as her body is lifted from the floor by someone who has a lot of strength, Shockingly Leaven has been stabbed completely through her chest and is being hoisted up with the weapon. A sharp instrument is seen protruding out of Leavens upper chest and there is a good chance she will die from her severe injury.


A splattering sound is heard as blood squirts from Leaven's mouth at high speed and begins to drip down the side of her face, 


A thud is heard as Quentin appears having shaken Leaven off the weapon so that he can retain it for another murder.


Quentin has managed to find the rest of the group and is using a silver handle from one of the trap doors which he has managed to break off as a weapon. Worth was hanging from underneath a blue room when Quentin fell through, Worth may of weakened this lever and as Quentin climbed out he retained the sharp metal object. 


Quentin shakes with complete anger and is covered in his own blood from his head injury and now that of Leaven, Quentin stands back from the dead with only murder on his mind and Worth is going to be next.


An injection of compressed air and moving mechanics is heard as the trap door Quentin came through closes automatically behind him, Quentin is a man possessed and wants to kill the rest of the group and then make his own selfish and greedy escape.


Kazan is very scared and begins to whine from the situation, Kazan begins to climb back down the metal rungs which causes the door that leads out onto the bridge to also close back up,  (A loud tapping sound is heard including continuous blasts of air,) 

As the door closes it blocks the intense bright light from entering the room, Now the room has suddenly become very dark to the delight of Quentin but a nightmare for Worth and Kazan who must now fight for there lives.


Quentin stands motionless with his weapon in hand as he decides who to murder next,


Quentin has infuriated Worth with extreme anger, Worth shouts out loudly at the top of his voice, "Noooooo!!!" 


Worth quickly stands and lunges at Quentin as he tries to stop him from hurting anyone else and for stabbing Leaven.


A loud thud is heard as Worth slams into Quentin's chest with his left shoulder, Quentin groans as he is propelled across the floor.


The physical intervention from Worth causes Quentin to drop his bloodied weapon which flies across the room landing a few feet away, A rattling metal sound is heard as the lever lands sliding a few inches before rapidly stopping dead in it's tracks.


Worth is tired and also injured as he tries with all his might to overpower Quentin and stop him from hurting anyone else,


Unfortunately Quentin is proving to be much stronger as he grips Worth's throat and neck with his right hand, Quentin punches Worth in the face with his left hand which causes Worth to groan loudly, 


Worth falls to his knees as Kazan stands at a distance, (Kazan whines) Worth spots Kazan and shouts over to him, Kazan! Get out through the door!


The murder weapon lays undisturbed on the floor covered in blood from Leaven.


Suddenly a hand appears which quickly snatches the dangerous weapon from off the floor at speed,


Quentin lifts Worth from the floor and pushes him over to the back wall so that he can murder him, Quentin is seeing red and would probably kill his own mother at this point, 


Quentin grips the back of Worth's head as he drags him to the far wall, 


(Kazan whines loudly with fear) Worth groans as his head slams against the back wall bouncing several times form the powerful impact, 


Quentin now has Worth where he wants him so that he can attempt to take his life, Quentin begins to stab Worth in the stomach with the sharp trap door lever multiple times with no mercy, Low level thud sounds are heard as the sharp and long blade penetrated Worth's flesh. (Worth groans from each powerful stabbing motion from Quentin)


Worth's mouth opens wide from the pain and terrible thoughts that are spinning around in his head, Quentin continues to dish out maximum pain and suffering on the poor and defenseless Worth.


Quentin looks down as he stabs Worth for maximum satisfaction that the weapon is doing it's job, (Quentin stabs Worth for the third time in quick succession.)


Worth stares ahead not keeping eye contact with his aggressor, Worth's breaths out severely winded and unable to take in any air properly, Worth groans some more as the evil Quentin stabs him a fourth fifth and sixth time just to make sure that he dies and can't interfere with his escape.


A squishing sound is heard as Quentin penetrates Worth's body, (Kazan whines loudly almost like a small child)


Worth knows he is finished and will not survive the attack from Quentin. Quentin has no fear and feels confident he can finish his murder spree and then make up any story he likes if he was ever questioned on the outside.


Worth may regret ever trying to control Quentin but he is destroyed inside from Leaven's death and also that of Holloway. (Worth chokes and splutters)


Worth slowly drops down to the floor as Quentin turns his head to face Kazan, The whining sound is really getting on his nerves and he will be relieved to kill Kazan so that he can have some peace and quiet. Quentin's facial muscles twitch and spasm as his evil intentions get the better of him, Quentin breathes out loudly as he debates how he is to kill the mentally retarded man. (Low level echoing synthesized pan chord is heard)


Worth stares down at the floor still alive but unable to help Kazan from Quentin's clutches, Quentin stumbles forward with his murder weapon in his right hand, Quentin is also tired and act's like a Zombie as he moves forever closer to Kazan, 


Kazan is scared witless from Quentin as he begins to climb the metal rungs that will lead him to the bridge, Suddenly a loud banging and clinking of metal is heard as Quentin drops his murder weapon to the floor, Kazan continues to whine as he desperately tries to escape.


(Blast of electronic synthesizer effect is heard)(Tense violin chord provides the tension and sound score) Quentin stares ahead at Kazan as he slowly stumbles over to him in his bid for freedom.


Quentin breathes heavily and has only has one thing on his mind and that is to stop Kazan from escaping, 


Kazan is moments away from opening the trap door in his attempt to escape Cube and Quentin.


Quentin begins to slowly raise his bloodied hands high and outstretched in front of him, (Quentin wants to scare Kazan as much as possible) (A winding of the silver lever is heard as Kazan attempts his escape,) Quentin suddenly say's with a tone of frightening pitch,  "Red Kazan" Kazan does not like the color Red or Red gum drops and Quentin is being sarcastic and evil as he tries to get Kazan's attention.

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