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So the cosmonaut's in there,


and he's got this portal window, Rhoda expresses with her hand as she continues, and he's looking out of it,


and he see's the curvature of the Earth... for the first time. I mean, the first man to ever look at the planet he's from.


And he's lost in that moment, 


And all of a sudden this strange ticking...


Rhoda looks left and picks up a dinner knife. Rhoda slowly starts to tap on to the wooden table top with the blunt end of the knife with a rhythmic pace of one tap every 2 seconds. Tap---Tap---Tap---.


begins coming out of the dashboard. John replies, Okay Yeah! as he begins to build the story from Rhoda's soft words.


John replies, Okay Yeah! as he begins to build the story from Rhoda's soft words.


Rhoda laughs slightly as she continues to tap, Rips out the control panel, right? Takes out his tools, Trying to find the sound, trying to stop the sound. But he can't find it, He can't stop it. It keeps going.


Rhoda is also becoming mesmerized by the tap tap sound.


Rhoda continues to tap.


Few hours into this, Rhoda nods negatively to express her words, She continues, begins to feel like torture.


A few days go by with this sound, 


and he knows 


that this


small sound will break him. Rhoda continues to tap.  He'll lose his mind.


Rhoda smiles and shakes her head slightly, She say's, What's he gonna do? 


Rhoda looks right to express her words, He's up in space, alone in a space closet. He's got 25 days left to go...with this sound,


Rhoda looks directly at John and say's, So the cosmonaut decides..


the only way to save his sanity...John looks down at Rhoda's tapping hand, Rhoda continues, is to fall in love with the sound. John listens to every word Rhoda has spoken and is moved by the story.


So he closes his eyes... Rhoda continues to tap.


Rhoda moves her left hand to Johns face and pulls down slowly so that John closes his eyes. 


and he goes into his imagination, 


Rhoda continues to tap as a low level violin can be heard preparing to play.


and then he opens them..

The Cosmonaut - Fall on your sword.


The camera zooms in on Rhoda's face, Rhoda say's,.. He doesn't hear ticking any more. Rhoda pauses for a few small seconds and then say's... He hears music.


A violin starts to play a middle toned chord accompanied by a light toned piano key. The sound expresses the Russian cosmonaut's delight as he begins to enjoy the sound as he floats around in space. Rhoda continues, And he spends the remainder of his time...


Rhoda looks down then back up at John, She say's, sailing through space in total bliss..


and peace. John imagines the Russian cosmonauts dilemma and solution. John may try the same technique with his migraines now that he has heard Rhoda's story.


A chirping of birds can be heard mixed with the violin and piano composition. Earth Two and the Moon are in full phase as there light glimmers down lighting up the forest and surrounding area.


Mr Burroughs has laid down on the sofa with a damp cloth over his forehead.


Rhoda appears from the right and sets down a laundry basket onto an armchair.


Mr Burroughs say's to Rhoda as she folds the clean laundry. Why...are you cleaning houses?, John looks up slightly at Rhoda waiting for an answer.


Rhoda starts to fold a blue and turquoise checked garment, It is the bottoms to a sleeping gown, She replies, "I like to clean" as she places the folded item into a washing basket.


John replies with a tone of negativity, Nobody likes to clean he say's.


Rhoda responds with a smile and enthusiasm as she snaps a white tee shirt into the air. Rhoda begins to fold the shirt as she replies, Some people build houses, some people decorate them, 


Some people clean them, Particles from the clothing can be seen floating and suspended in the air almost mimicking snow fall.


A short moment of silence goes by then John say's, How old are you? John say's with interest, Did you go to college?.


Rhoda is silent as she pauses momentarily before looking at John then back away again as she continues to fold the clothing. Rhoda replies, No!. Rhoda places the item of clothing into the washing basket as she say's, I read..


John turns his head away as he continues to hold his forehead with his hand, He replies, A wise choice..


Rhoda looks at John with a smile as she continues folding, John replies, I was a college professor. You learn more doing it by yourself.


All is quiet as John lays on the sofa still suffering from a migraine headache.


John lets out a deep breath of air as birds chirp from outside, Rhoda is quiet as she continues to fold.


Rhoda ponders momentarily as she folds the top part of the sleeping gown.


Rhoda say's to John, Did you hear about that contest? John replies, Mmm? Rhoda continues, The shuttle to Earth Two?, 


John replies with another Mmm. Rhoda say's, I submitted an essay. All is quiet as John contemplates what Rhoda has just told him. A low sound of a motor vehicle can be heard from outside which gradually decreases. John replies with a hint of surprise, He say's, You did?


Rhoda laughs with happiness as she nods her head to suggest she entered the contest in a moment of craziness or that million to one chance of winning. She say's, It's silly, as she lays another item of clothing into the washing basket.


A few seconds pass in silence then Mr Burroughs say's, You'd go?


Rhoda hesitates as she considers her answer, Rhoda suddenly raises her head up and confidently replies, Yes.


Mr Burroughs replies, You don't know what's out there.


Rhoda stands motionless for a few moments then replies, That's why I would go.


John replies sternly, It's a bad idea.


Rhoda is silent as she looks on down at John. 


A fly has started to buzz around John, John say's, In Plato's allegory of the cave, John suddenly with a streak of anger irritation and speed attempts to shew the fly away with his right hand, The force of his actions knocks his damp cloth from his forehead. John continues, the people living in the cave..


Rhoda stands motionless as she watches John on the sofa.


John places the soft cloth back to his forehead, John then swipes with his left hand as a low buzzing sound is heard.


John continues, All they knew, what was in the cave, and one day one of them gets out.. and goes out and..


John speaks louder expressing a serious tone with a strong conviction, He continues, see's the real world, comes back and tells the others. You know what happened to him? They beat him up. They didn't believe it, "That can't be," they said.


John continues, I don't think we're ready to know what's out there. Rhoda expresses a face of disagreement from Johns opinionated words.


John nods his head negatively as he say's, It's a bad idea.


Rhoda replies with a serious tone as she folds a pair of striped trousers,  So you'd rather stay in the cave? I mean if Galileo had felt that, We'd still think we're the center of the universe, that the sun is orbiting us. I mean, They tried to burn him at the stake for that.


John snaps back and say's, Yeah, maybe they should have.


John continues, We still think we're the center of the universe. A slow motion camera effect shows a red sweater trail and twist as Rhoda lifts it up from the pile of unfolded clothing. 


John continues, We call ourselves Earth One and them Earth Two.


John starts to speak much louder as the migraine headache refuses to dull, John is irritable and maybe shouldn't of got into a serious discussion with Rhoda as he needs to rest. John continues, You think they called themselves Earth Two? Suddenly John turns his head to look at Rhoda folding the red sweater.


Rhoda replies, Probably Not!. Mr Burroughs instantly becomes interested in the red sweater Rhoda is folding, He say's with a serious tone, Did you wash that? 

Mr Burroughs is irritated and starting to become angry at this point, He repeats his words again as Rhoda stands innocently quiet. He shouts, Did you wash that sweater?


Rhoda responds with difficulty as she is now worried and goes very quiet like a mouse.Rhoda replies, Yep, Yes, I didn't dry it. I..  


Rhoda continues, I laid it... Rhoda can't finish her sentence as Mr Burroughs has stood up and walked over to Rhoda in complete anger and irritation. He grabs the red sweater from Rhoda's hands as he say's, Give me that. John looks down at the red garment before raising the material to his face and breathing heavily. He smells the garment to see if it has been washed or not as a strong smell of detergents will be present.


John responds loudly with anger, He shouts at Rhoda, Why did you wash that?


Rhoda is taken back by Johns sudden change in character.


Rhoda puts her hands to her face as she now feels she has done something very wrong, Rhoda has upset John and John is quite angry. 


John shouts with anger, Stop washing things. 


John reaches down into the laundry basket to signal his displeasure of Rhoda's help, He shouts louder, Just stop washing things! Rhoda jumps slightly with fright at the angry Mr Burroughs.


John is in a real bad mood and at this moment in time he is angry with the world for his life and the circumstances he now faces. John is standing a few feet away near the telescope, He raises both of his arms to signal his desire, He shouts, Leave them alone! Please!


John raises his right arm high into the air as he signals for Rhoda to go, He shouts Just go! as he faces away from her.


Rhoda is upset and does not hang around long at Johns angry instructions.


Rhoda instantly leaves by the back door, The door creaks slightly as it closes behind Rhoda before producing a loud bang when it locks into place.


Rhoda is travelling by train back home as a simple trumpet composition plays from a passengers radio. No one is talking as everyone seems to be contemplating there lifes or Earth TWO. Rhoda looks sad and is also in thought, 


A man with long braided hair and wearing a black beanie cap sitting on his own suddenly begins to tune his radio to another frequency. A light sound of the train travelling over the tracks is heard as the radio intermittently produces a short blister of scrambled tones as the man adjusts the tuning dial.


A man's voice can suddenly be heard emanating from the radio speakers, He say's, This isn't a planet with little green men and blue avatars. It's essentially a mirror earth, 


If we strike them,

they could strike us. Rhoda stares out of the window in silence and contemplation as she listen to the radio voice. The voice continues, If we attempt to enslave them, they could enslave us. It's the perfect scenario for mutually assured destruction. Rhoda raises her left hand to her left side temple as she attempts to ease her worries and tiredness.

Rhoda has returned home and is silently contemplating in the attic bedroom. The room is dimmed to a relaxing level as the only light source shines through from the window. The window is producing a double image of it's rectangle r shapes which transmit to the wooden floor surface. A strange synthesizer sound can be heard, it sounds like a record is being played backwards mixed with a middle toned synth key. The light from the floor is in motion as if time has been speed ed up as it gradually decreases in size. Rhoda looks up and watches as the rectangle light squeezes into a smaller and smaller rectangle.

Rhoda watches as the bright and intense golden light swamps around her pillow making it stand out from everything else. Rhoda is fascinated with the light and it's movements. Small particles of fiber float and mingle with the light to produce a dazzling display of sparkling radiance.


Rhoda has just arrived back to work at West Haven High School, She is carrying a plastic bag which contains her dinner. The office radio can be heard as a females voice emanates out, The voice say's, Preparations are nearing completion for interplanetary travel to Earth Two. A banging sound from Rhoda's locker is heard as Rhoda places her personal items inside. 


The modified Saturn 5 rocket has undergone rigorous testing to meet federal aerospace guidelines.


Protesters are calling this a modern-day Tower of Babel. Rhoda walks into the office to see Frederico (Freddie) working instead of Purdeep. Freddie is looking inside the underneath draw for something.


Protesters are calling this a modern-day Tower of Babel. They say they have no right to what they see...The radio becomes a jumble of sounds as Rhoda starts to talk to Freddie. Rhoda say's with concern, Where's Purdeep? Freddie replies, Checked out. A loud bang is heard as Freddie slams the metal draw shut.


Rhoda replies, When's he coming back?


Freddie replies, I don't think he is with a tone of worry. Poured bleach in his ears. 


Rhoda responds with shock and concern, What?, Rhoda is taken back by Freddie's remark. Freddie replies "Yeah" and then looks down with a sense of guilt and denial. The school bell begins to ring as the radio sound can still be heard in the background as a jumble of voices and mumbled chatter.


Rhoda say's, Why would he do that?


Frederico responds, Look I don't know he say's, I mean, Freddie pauses and gives out a long breath and sigh as he continues, why'd he pour bleach in his eyes?


The television is producing a mumble of sounds mixed with the sound of an air filtration system that gives out a continuous high pitched tone. Rhoda is silent momentarily as she tries to take in what Freddie has just told her, With a sense of shock and surprise Rhoda replies, He blinded himself? Oh Yeah Freddie replies.


Freddie continues with surprise also, He say's You didn't know?, Freddie pauses for a few seconds then say's, He said he was tired of seeing himself everywhere.


Rhoda has heard enough and slowly walks out of the office to start her days work.


A crunching sound of paper is heard as Rhoda leaves the office space. The television continues to spurt out a jumble of sounds that are very hard to distinguish.


A sound of chirping birds is heard mixed with a loud sound of cars and wind. Rhoda has finished work and is close to her house.


Rhoda stops walking and stands motionless as something in the distance grabs her attention. 


Rhoda has spotted Mr Burroughs truck that is silently parked across the road.


Rhoda looks left and then right as she tries to figure out why the familiar vehicle has been parked so close to her house.


A motor vehicles engine can be heard in the distance along with the loud sounds of chirping birds. Rhoda stares over at the vehicle in contemplation and slightly intrigued.


Rhoda tries to see if she can see anyone in the stationary vehicle from the distance she is at,  A silver car drives past as she stands motionless and a little cautious.


Mr Burroughs face can be seen reflecting from his drivers side front view mirror, He does not seem angry but rather calm and patient.


Rhoda has decided that she will go and investigate, She slowly starts to walk across the road towards the vehicle with her hands in her pockets.


A creaking is heard as John winds down his drivers side window to allow him to speak to Rhoda. Rhoda arrives at  his drivers side window as John say's softly, Hi. Rhoda responds with Hi also. John raises his hand to signal to Rhoda that he wants her to walk around the other side, He say's Um, would you mind coming around to the passenger side?. Just cause there's traffic and- Rhoda responds with "Oh! as she looks from side to side in an oblivious way.


Rhoda walks around to the passenger side as John winds down the window to the passenger side.


John leans over and starts to turn the handle to the window as a silver car passes down the road.


As John continues to wind the window down fully he looks at Rhoda and say's, I tried to reach you at your work, but they said they had never heard of you. 


Rhoda responds, Um, management changes there all the time. 


John replies with curiosity, Is that why none of my cheques have been cashed?


Rhoda pauses as she contemplates her answer, She say's, That's weird, I... It must've slipped through their books. 


Rhoda continues, I mean, I've been getting paid, so... John accepts Rhoda's words as he scrunches his face and nods his head in acceptance, He say's Okay. Well... He say's Anyway, that's.. John is breathing heavily, He say's, That's not why I'm here. I wanted to apologize for the other day.


You know, I just- Rhoda responds, I'm sorry, I shouldn't have been touching things in your room,  Rhoda nods her head negatively to accept her mistake, John responds,  No it's not...


It's not your fault. I should not have gotten upset. John shakes his head in making a mistake and say's, I'm sorry.


The sound of passing vehicles can be heard as Rhoda looks at John silently. 


John say's softly and with sincerity,  Can I take you somewhere..


and show.. and show you something?, Rhoda responds with surprise, Right now? she say's in slight shock. John replies, Yeah!


Rhoda becomes a little nervous and apprehensive as she looks on over at her house from across the road, She say's, I have to help my mom out, But- John responds with a serious Please!


come with me?, John is genuinely sorry for shouting and getting angry with Rhoda, He realizes he has a lot of problems but it was wrong to take them out on the person who now probably means the most to him. John and Rhoda look at each other in silence as Rhoda decides whether to take up his offer or not.


Rhoda contemplates her actions then slowly moves over to the passenger door. 


A metal banging sound is heard along with the chirping of birds as Rhoda opens the passenger side door and slowly gets in with a silent expression on her face. Rhoda shuts the door as John starts the engine.


John drives Rhoda a few miles away from town as they travel through an industrial area of high rise buildings, bridges, cranes, electrical pylons, and high chimney stacks that lay along a deep river system. A light sound of travelling lorries cars and other road vehicles can be heard in the distance.


A light tapping of feet can be heard as Rhoda and John make there way along a corridor, There silhouettes blend with a series of octagons shapes in bedded in the glass window pane as there body shapes get closer and closer.


John leads Rhoda to a brown wooden set of double doors, A clicking sound is heard as John pulls the silver handle down to let Rhoda pass through.


John leads Rhoda into a large theater complex that he used before the accident to conduct his many symphonies and compositions. A low level sound of footsteps is heard as John and Rhoda walk further inside the large auditorium.


The auditorium consists of many rows of brown chairs that are aligned across the room with a slightly circular motion. The left and right partitions house 6 chairs to each line while the middle section consists of 12 seats. The theater has roughly the capacity for around 350 people as the chairs reach the back and all the way to the front of the large room. Stairs lead down to to the front stage, while the walls display a symmetrical wood effect as the beams raise slightly from the join to the end.


John points with his right hand and say's to Rhoda as they make there way down to the front stage, The best seat in the house is this row, right here. Rhoda looks down at the row of seats as John points again and say's, Uh, it's the one in the middle.


Rhoda slowly makes her way to the seat John had suggested.


A metallic tapping sound is heard as Rhoda turns her head to look on down at John, John has taken his brown jacket off and sets it down on to a seat. John also pulls off his light brown under garment so that he is loose and not restricted.


John walks a few feet and grabs a wooden four legged chair that he carries onto the stage by a series of small steps.


Rhoda watches John from a distance as she ponders what he has brought her here to see, Rhoda sits down as John prepares himself.


John carefully sets the chair down as he looks back at the motionless Rhoda.


Rhoda is patient and silent as she ponders Johns actions. John say's Okay to himself as a rattling of wood is heard.


John has bent down and has a violin bow in his right hand, John has a saw blade in the other. John stands up and walks back to the wooden chair on stage. John coughs slightly to clear his throat.


Rhoda watches intensely she neither moves her head or her eyes as she watches Johns every move. Rhoda's eyes are now fixed onto the musician and his movements.


John sits down with bow and saw in hand, John turns the saw upside down so that the wooden handle rests in between his legs. 


John holds the tip of the sharp saw with his left hand as he bends the thin and shiny metal. He is trying to loosen the blades metal he wants a lucidity and it will take a few bends of the saw before it succumbs to Johns satisfaction.


John holds the saw steady as he braces himself with the bow in the other hand. Slowly and silently he rubs the bow along the tenderized but firmly held blade of the saw. Suddenly a strange but wonderfully crisp and high pitched warbling sound emits from the saws blade. The sound echoes and vibrates as it moves up and down the metal s thickness and stringent tension.


John immediately stops the sound as he coughs, He starts to bend the saw blade to a greater capacity and tension He is working the blade so that it will produce a better sound, John say's, Just a little out of tune, as he bends the blade with an up and down motion.


Rhoda is still fixed to John on center stage.


John bends the blade a couple more times as he coughs again, He applies the tension to the tip of the blade as he focuses in to the spot where the bow will strike a melody. Suddenly John strikes the friction just right with the bow and blade, The saw immediately fires out an intense high pitched sound again.


John say's That's better, huh?, John smiles as he bends the saw for another few rotations.


Rhoda is amused at Johns strange musical composition, She laughs and smiles at John clearly enjoying the show.


Johns breathing can be heard as he braces himself for the bow strike that will set the saw off in unimaginable harmony and soundscape. John looks at Rhoda just before he starts to play in anticipation of the sound and Rhoda's thoughts.


Rhoda patiently waits for John's saw composition.


John is motionless as he anticipates and prepares to play the saw, A moment passes in time as John waits with bow in hand ready to surprise and explore the saws metal sound scope. Suddenly a rubbing sound is heard as John takes the first of many bow strikes onto the taunt metallic metals edge.

John begins to bend the saw at varying angles to produce the scale and key of the composition. The sound could be described as a wailing females cries for a lost child, or a small boat that is floating to sure in foggy conditions. The sound pierces the auditorium with its high pitched warbling and echoing spectrum of sound waves, It is a placid and relaxing sound of high and not so high notes that exasperate into thin air each time John changes the taunt metals position.

John continues the Wooh Hoo sound of the saw with eyes closed he is drifting off into his imagination as he plays the saw.


Rhoda listens very carefully to John and the sound.


John strikes again onto the saws metal edge as he hits a high note that he slowly brings back down again.


Rhoda watches and listens as she smiles and beams with a sense of happiness, Tears are starting to well in her eyes from the sound John is playing. John plays another high note that he slowly brings back down again in implementable pauses of pressure.


The camera zooms in onto the blade and the bow as it produces a cross type of shape. The bow and the saw are a working team as each has a role to play to produce the sound.


Rhoda is transfixed on to the sound as she sails off into her own imagination.


John is mastering the saws sound as he continues to keep tight control of saw and bow. With eyes closed John is finding his own meaning to the sound.


Both Rhoda and John listen deeply to the wooh hoo sound as they drift and collide together in thoughts of life and reality. 


The sound is producing some deep emotions in Rhoda as she absorbs the musical sound waves. 


Rhoda closes her eyes and drifts into visual thoughts of travelling to Earth Two, She envisages the ISS space station and it's interior design as the music floats in and around her audible spectrum.


Rhodas thoughts describe how zero gravity affects the body and mind as the sheer weightlessness of space suspends a human body between materials and a nothingness, She so desires to travel to Earth Two if she was ever given the chance to do so. In space there are no sound waves as space cannot carry sound, So, in order for sound to travel, there has to be something with molecules for it to travel through. On Earth, sound travels to your ears by vibrating air molecules. In deep space, the large empty areas between stars and planets, there are no molecules to vibrate. There is no sound there.


Rhoda follows her imagination as she slowly travels through the small corridors of the ISS Space Station. A low level breeze can be heard as the saw plays.


A revolving kind of air sound is heard as Rhoda imagines looking down on the ISS space station from a distance, She is an astronaut in the middle of an important space walk as she looks down onto two homes, One is the ISS and the other is Earth which she will return too after her mission days have been depleted. Her astronaut buddies are doing repairs to the outside of the station as she takes in the magnificent view.


Rhoda is good with her hands and maybe one day she will become an astronaut or work in space exploration that requires good use of her hands. In this imaginary thought she is an astronaut carrying out scientific procedures.


Rhoda continues to dream from the intoxicating sounds.


A rumbling and deep wind sound is heard as John continues to play.


Johns thoughts are also of space, His bow has blended into an image of deep space and Earths horizon, He too is drifting into outer space from the sound. Earths horizon is playing a tune and John envisages the closeness of bow and Earth.


Johns imagination shows him the future or the past, He maybe thinking that he has been given a great opportunity to travel into space, Maybe not to Earth Two as he has some negative issues with that incredible reality. A shuttle blasts its huge rockets as it breaks out of Earths atmosphere into the dark void of space.


A huge plume of thick smoke is generated as the heavy spaceship lifts off from its launch platform, 


Rhoda is deep in thought as the saw and heavy rotating sound continues. 


Suddenly Rhoda slowly opens her eyes after going into a deep fantasy. Rhoda watches as John continues his composition piece.


John holds the tip of the saw steady as he finishes and brings the sound to a close.


John opens his eyes again as he contemplates the sound and his thoughts.


A slow and middle toned flat piano key plays as John drives Rhoda back to his house.


Another slow piano note is heard as both Rhoda and John sit in