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Leon is finishing tightening the compressor to the rifle barrel. Leon say's, The knife, for example is the last thing you learn.


Leon say's, Okay?... Mathilda nods her head positively and responds with, Okay.


Leon looks away then back at Mathilda as he say's, Position.


Leon and Mathilda stand up and make there way over to the access roofs edge. A police siren is heard from the streets many feet below.


Leon and Mathilda carefully walk closer to the edge of the high rise building.


Leon evaluates his position as Mathilda follows behind.


Leon indicates with his left hand that this is a good spot to set up shop.


Mathilda begins to lay a soft blanket down onto the hard roofs surface so that she and Leon will feel comfortable when laid flat to the floor.


Leon scans the roof top and looks to his right as he ensures that it will be safe from prying eyes.


Mathilda is putting the finishing touches to the sheet as she spreads it out fully over the roof.


Leon bends down with the rifle in his right hand as he jostles for position.


Mathilda quickly follows as she also lays down flat next to Leon.


Leon starts to scratch his right ear with his right hand as he looks down at the floor momentarilly.


Mathilda flips open the black plastic cover that protects the rifles lens from damage including scratches and dirt. A low level ping sound is heard as the cover flips open at speed. 


Instantly Leon puts his right hand over the naked lens and closes the cover back, Leon say's No as he nods negatively to Mathilda.


Leon say's, Never take it off until the last minute, it reflects light.


Leon expresses with his hand and say's, They can see you coming from a mile away.


Leon continues as he signals with his hands in a downwards motion,  And always dress down, never brighter than the floor, Okay?. Mathilda nods positively and say's, Okay.


Leon gasps and lifts his shoulders as he rummages through his pocket for a pair of binoculars. Leon say's, Let's practice now, It's the best way to learn.


A trance styled slow paced synthesizer melody produces the sound score.


Mathilda say's, Who should I hit?


Suddenly Mathilda flicks open the sight lens and places her right eye close to the scope. Leon replies, "Whoever" as he raises the binoculars to his eyes.


Suddenly in the distant at ground level two black Cadillac limousine dubbers rapidly appear. A loud skidding is heard as the vehicles stop at speed. The first vehicle in front stops on the roadside while another closely following behind pulls into a side road. Television news crew can be seen in the distance with boom sound equipment and commercial cameras, Someone important is about to turn up.


Two smartly dressed men quickly get out of vehicle one, They are some kind of secret service agents or FBI officials.


Another secret service official runs on over to Vehicle two and opens the back side passenger door as he speaks on a radio receiver. Almost instantly a man with long graying hair wearing an orange and yellow tracksuit emerges from the vehicle. as camera news crew close in.


Indistinct voices are heard as the men in black speak on there radios,The man in the tracksuit is an important business man and could almost be described as a Donald Trump kind of guy. He raises his left hand at points at the camera crew before saying, I'll be with you in a second alright, give me a few minutes, thank you thanks a lot.


The very important business man holds both of his hands up and say's, You guys in the suits, Get Lost. I don't want to see you, all right?.


The very important man inhales and then exhales deeply as a loud gushing sound is heard, 


The business man then say's, "This has to look natural" as he poses and shows off.


Mathilda is scoping through the rifle lens as she turns the weapon slightly right.


Mathilda slowly brings the scope back left then right slightly then down slightly. The sound track consists of a moving synthesizer melody accompanied with drums and a female voice overlay including flute sounds.


Matilda moves the scope right as a group of school children come into view sitting on benches. Matilda say's to Leon, No women, no kids, right?. Leon replies, Right. A child wearing a white jumper suddenly runs off to the right as a teacher holds her right hand up high then rubs her head briefly.


Suddenly one female and one male come into view, They jog at a controlled pace going forward towards the orange and yellow track suited business man.


The business man has a concierge of body guards and security that accompany him for protection.


Mathilda watches as the very important business man comes closer and closer to her rifle scope.


Matilda say's as she watches the business man jog, The jogger in the yellow and orange, Referring to Leon as should I aim for him?.


Leon takes his binoculars away from his eyes for a brief moment and say's, Okay. Leon moves closer to Mathilda for support as he say's, Keep calm.


The business man is enjoying his fitness workout as two of his training guru's jog beside him.


Leon say's Don't take your eyes off him.


The business man and is concierge are completely oblivious to Leon and Mathilda's meticulous observations.


Leon say's, Breathe easy. Leon hesitates then say's, Watch his movement.


The business man is starting to tire as he looks to his left.


Leon say's, Pretend your running with him.


Mathilda has clearly got her man right in her sights at this moment.


Leon say's, Try to feel his next movement.


Leon continues, "Take a deep breath, hold it". Leon breathes in deeply to demonstrate and teach Mathilda.


The business man continues to jog completely unaware of the high powered rifle that is pointing directly at him.


Mathilda is moments away from pulling the trigger, Leon is poised and completely focused on the events happening in real time,  He is the eyes and Mathilda's mentor at this very crucial moment. Suddenly the sound score stops and Leon say's "Now".


A high pitched sound emanates from the rifle as the precision bullet explodes out from the rifles barrel and through the suppressor.


A sudden splat of red paint hits the business man at very high speed, so quick that the business man at first does not realize he has been hit. Leon has loaded the rifle with paint and the impact will not hurt or injure the business man, it will only scare him as this is just an exercise for Mathilda to learn the cleaner skills and traits. 


The business man say's "Ouch" loudly similar to him being stung by a wasp, The business man drops to the floor as his concierge shout out loudly,  Oh my God get down get down. A lot of commotion and noise is heard and seen as the business man's security team go into overdrive to protect him.


The business man shouts out loudly as he hits the ground, I'm all right, I'm fine, I'm fine.


Armed personnel swarm the business man with guns in hand as more security run across a bridge completely confused and turning in circles. The business man is being crushed by his own security team as he struggles to speak and breath, A parody of a circus has transcended the park into sheer chaos.


Matilda say's, One shot, Not bad, huh?


Leon returns to his binoculars so that he can view the circus event.


Some of the armed personnel have a fairly good idea of what direction the paint ball came from, but others face a completely opposite direction and are none the wiser. One team member shouts in a panic, What the hell, who fired, Another say's "He can't breathe", The business man manages to free himself but is told by another member to stay down again. The armed concierge spin there guns around in all directions as the mayhem continues.


Mathilda say's, CAN WE TRY WITH REAL BULLETS NOW? as Leon continues to watch the show. A low level synthesizer sound is heard accompanied by a tinny beat.


Leon replies, Not today, Let's pack up.


A click is heard as Leon closes down the protective lid to the scope, he grabs the weapon with his left hand and stands up. Mathilda is fascinated with the rifle as she stares at it for a few brief moments.


Leon and Mathilda are making a fast getaway as the heat could be on them if they stayed for any longer. Another lesson in Mathilda's book (When the job is done get the hell out of there if possible.)


Mathilda gathers up the bed sheet as Leon signals with his right hand to leave the roof.


Leon and Mathilda quickly walk away from the roofs edge.


Leon looks left and up momentarilly as he follows Mathilda.


Leon is pleased with Mathilda's performance, But there is still a lot to learn and to experience before she can be considered a part of the team.


Leon and Mathilda have returned to apartment 410 at Hotel National. Leon is showing Mathilda how to use a gun correctly, How to dismantle a gun, and also how to clean the gun after use. The sound track comprises a track by Bjork titled, "Venus As A Boy".


A clicking sound is heard as Leon demonstrates how to cock a gun ready for firing. He say's, "continue like that" as Mathilda looks on in complete concentration.




Leon turns the gun over and say's, After. Leon releases the coil and a snapping sound is heard as it returns to a closed position.


Mathilda is hand washing some clothes in the bathroom. She pulls the garment out of the bucket and begins to rub the material with a green sponge.


Mathilda is cleaning the windows with a white cloth, Mathilda stands upright as she sprays the glass with a window cleaning detergent.


Mathilda wipes of the detergent as she ensures a shiny finish.


Mathilda has been shopping for supplies, She carries a brown bag into the kitchen and drops it down onto a single refrigerator.


Mathilda pulls out a large loaf of (GIANT) bread and rests it down on top of the fridge's surface.


Mathilda searches through a brown bad that has a selection of adult clothing. Mathilda found time to sneak into her old apartment and has acquired some of her mothers clothing which she has kept with her as a way to remember her. Mathilda pulls out a black bra which she discards to one side.


Mathilda pulls out another black bra identical to the first one, she discards this item also to one side.


Mathilda is washing up as she places a clean glass onto a green plastic drainer.


Mathilda washes the soap from a yellow cereal bowl.


Mathilda is cleaning a gun with a white cloth, She vigorously rubs over the metal to ensure a polished finish.


Mathilda places the gun behind three other weapons as she cleans in an ordered fashion.


Mathilda plonks the gun down barrel end first but shows a lack of elegance as the grip thuds onto the third gun momentarily.


Mathilda is feeling a little tired as she scrunches the white cloth in her hand before discarding it. Mathilda rubs her left eye with her left hand.


Leon slides open the bay window at speed.

Leon turns right as he focuses on the green potted plant that is resting on the living room table.


Leon quickly places the plant on to the ledge for some quality sunshine. Leon looks up briefly but is totally focused on his plant and it's health.


Leon and Mathilda are working out in the bedroom.


Mathilda must keep fit if she is to become a professional cleaner.


Mathilda is feeling her muscles tighten as she keeps up with Leon.


Mathilda has almost run out of strength as she fails to raise up fully.


Mathila flops to the floor defeated for the moment.


Leon has poured Mathilda a glass of milk as she rests at the kitchen table. Mathilda looks at the glass Leon is filling as a drip sound is made, Mathilda looks at Leon and say's "No Thanks".


Leon holds his glass out with his right hand and say's, No Discussion.


Mathilda continues to look at Leon for a few seconds then looks down as she flops her hands to her side in resilience of Leon's wishes but also in acceptance that she has to drink the milk. Leon continues to hold his glass outstretched as he waits for Matilda to comply. Mathilda picks up her glass of milk and taps Leon's glass as they begin to drink.


Mathilda has visited the local convenience store and is placing milk into the kitchen refrigerator.


Mathilda places two cartons neatly inside.


Mathilda enters the bedroom and has only one thing on her mind, Mathilda has been busy all day cleaning and is now feeling tired.


Mathilda crashes down on to the double bed and rolls over wrapping the red blanket around her as she does so.


Leon retires to the living room armchair and sits down holding a gun in his right hand. He places the gun on to the wooden table.


Leon reaches up and switches off the lamp with his left hand.


Leon sits in silence and total darkness as he contemplates his day.


The next day has arrived and Leon is continuing the routine of placing his plant out on the window ledge.


The nets create a ripping sound as Leon pulls them back to allow the potted plant some space.


Leon places the plant outside as he scrutinizes the leaves health and vitality.


Mathilda is still sleeping as Leon suddenly comes into the bedroom.


Leon pulls the red bed sheet away from Mathilda in an effort to wake her up.


Mathilda flops back down again as she attempts to get a few more minutes rest.


Leon begins his daily scrunches and stomach muscle training regime.


The television is displaying an early morning yoga workout program that Mathilda's older sister used to regularly watch. 


Mathilda is following the instructions on screen as she outstretches her arms one at a time in rhythm.


Leon stops his workout and looks behind as he watches Mathilda exercising in front of the television for a brief second.


Leon looks back around and stares up at the cupboard in front momentarily then back down again. Leon's facial expression indicates Mathilda is getting it easy today as Leon works flat out. 


The sound of liquid filling a glass is heard as Leon fills an eight ball glass to the top with fresh milk.


Matilda stares at the glass knowing that she has to drink it or Leon wont be happy.


Mathilda is teaching Leon how to read and write and is referencing a paragraph from a hard back book on Socrates. Mathilda walks the room as she speaks out loudly, Mathilda say's, "It seemed"...


Mathilda continues, Socrates... Leon writes down the best he can the each word Mathilda say's, Mathilda tries to teach Leon how to spell the word Socrates by saying slowly, To, So--Cra--Tes... as he slowly inks the word.


Leon is now teaching Mathilda how to handle a gun, With each lesson Mathilda is learning new skills as Leon is with his reading and writing. Mathilda seems to be having some difficulties with the rear slide feature as Leon watches on, Leon say's I'll do it. 


Mathilda looks at Leon briefly then passes the weapon over to him.


Leon grabs the gun from Mathilda and continues the hand action that Mathilda was trying to complete, A clicking sound is heard as Leon pulls back on the slide lock a couple of times before checking underneath where the trigger guard is located. Leon quickly flips the gun around before another click is heard as the slide lock becomes stable and in place.


Leon presents the gun back to Mathilda as she takes it back in her hands for evaluation and learning.


Mathilda reaches over and picks up a magazine holder as she holds the gun in her left hand.


Matilda places the magazine in to the guns magazine compartment as Leon carefully watches her actions. Mathilda gently pushes the magazine in to place with the palm of her right hand.


Leon pulls up the window as a loud vibration of wood is heard, Leon bends down to his right to pick up his plant from the table top.


Leon reaches down and places his beloved plant outside the window yet again.


A light tap is heard as Leon places a glass of freshly poured milk on to Mathilda's side of the table. Mathilda is showing signs of boredom as she watches her glass in silence. 


The sound score has faded away and no sound score exists at this moment. Leon begins to pour himself a glass of milk as Mathilda say's, Leon, all we do is work. The sound of liquid filling the glass is heard. Mathilda say's, We need a break,


Mathilda wants to break up the monotonous routine, She say's, Let's play a game. 


Leon replies, What kind of game?


Mathilda replies, I have this great game, It makes you think and it helps your memory


Mathilda continues, It's exactly what you need.


Four harpsichord notes are heard to express Leon's thoughts and the situation, Leon looks on at Mathilda motionless and in complete silence, A few seconds pass when Leon decides to go along with Mathilda's game, He say's "Okay". 


As soon as Leon say's "Okay" Mathilda leaps out of her chair as fast as she can in complete excitement.


More short harpsichord notes are heard to express the scene, Loud footsteps are heard as Mathilda runs off into another room in the apartment leaving Leon to contemplate on his glass of milk. 


Mathilda enters the bedroom as she quickly slams the door behind, Mathilda swizzles around as she takes her top off simultaneously. Mathilda is extremely happy and excited to be allowed to play this game which she has in mind.


Mathilda throws her top over towards the window as she stops her swizzling to face right. Rows of clothes align the ward robe and Mathilda has her eyes set on them.


Mathilda starts to sing in a high toned voice as she jumps up and down with excitement,  


She sings, It's a guy da de da da dah, Mathilda reaches up with her right hand as she grabs a red garment. 


Mathilda jumps along the side of the ward robe as she continues to sing with excitement, (It's a girl) Mathilda spots a black and flowery patterned dress and snatches that quickly from another shelve.


A few minutes have passed when Mathilda returns to the living room to start the game, This game is a miming and guessing game, Mathilda has dressed herself up as a famous person and Leon must guess who it is by watching Mathilda's mannerisms, singing, and clothes style and body motions to try and guess who it might be. Mathilda puts her left hand up high in the air to start the game and screams out, "Owwwl"


Suddenly Mathilda turns around and starts to sing and dance as she approaches Leon, She sings, Like a Virgin, 


Leon watches as Mathilda acts and sings out her chosen famous person, Leon is slightly shocked stunned even as he watches with his mouth wide open at the cavorting young girl. Mathilda screams again, "Owww".


Mathilda raises her hands together as she sings, "Touched for the very first time".


Mathilda then holds her arms out to express the famous person.


Mathilda continues to sing, (Like a) Mathilda emphasizes the word (Virgin) as she stretches the vocabulary of the word.


Mathilda extends her head out as she sings the last part of the word  "gin" to try and help Leon to guess who it might be. There are three basic parts to medical terms: a word root (usually the middle of the word and its central meaning), a prefix (comes at the beginning and usually identifies some subdivision or part of the central meaning), and a suffix (comes at the end and modifies the central meaning as to what or who is interacting ...


Mathilda claps her hands together then opens them wide as she smiles brightly.


Mathilda say's, Okay, Who is it?. Mathilda claps some more as Leon looks on with a confused expression on his face. Leon replies, I don't know.


Mathilda's eyes widen as she waits for an answer, Mathilda is positive that Leon can guess the game correctly and expects Leon to answer correctly after trying her best to sing and dance.


Mathilda turns her head away from Leon and say's, "Okay" in a disappointed but I will keep trying sort of way.


A sad better luck next time sort of harpsichord plays down the scale as Mathilda slowly walks away.


Mathilda holds the thin silky and long draping robes up high as they float behind her as she goes back into the bedroom for another idea.


Leon looks to his right slightly in anticipation of the next act. 


Mathilda returns a few minutes later with another act,


To start Mathilda spins around in a full 360 degree motion as she gracefully bends down with her arms touching.


A light scuffling is heard as Mathilda's feet twist on the floor, Mathilda blinks erotically at Leon as she looks on over at him.


Mathilda stands upright as she begins to sing to Leon with a low and sultry voice, She sings slowly, "Happy Birthday" 


Matilda continues, (To You),..Leon does not seem to happy though as he looks away from Mathilda for a brief moment, 


Leon glances at Mathilda again and then away again, Leon is bamboozled and has no idea who Mathilda is impersonating. Leon feels a little awkward at this moment as the young girl tries her hardest to impress.


A slow harpsichord melody plays. Mathilda is really trying as she incorporates voice control and expression, She sings slowly, Happy Birthday...Mr President..


Leon suddenly responds, I don't know, Leon has a blank expression on his face as he looks away from Mathilda. 


Leon glances at Mathilda then looks away again in complete bewilderment. Leon might be an excellent hitman but is terrible at miming games.


An up tempo and highly melodic sound score is heard similar to that of a wind up organ. Mathilda enters the living room spinning an old coat hangar in her right hand as she waddles up to Leon. Her body moves and gyrates like a duck as she stares motionlessly at Leon. Mathilda is wearing a brown woolly hat and has used eyeliner for a fake mustache. Her face is stern and her eyes are wide( Who could this be?).

Mathilda is wearing a pair of overly large pantaloons with braces that drape down and sag from her waist, (These could be Leon's).


Mathilda stares at Leon for a split second as she imitates this famous individual.


Mathilda completes a full 360 degree motion as she waddles around with her coat hangar in hand.


Mathilda stops her waddling as she awaits an answer from Leon.


Leon holds his right index finger high in the air as he tries his hardest to come to some kind of resolution. Leon thinks he is getting closer to guessing correctly but is still showing signs of uselessness.


Leon stares at the far wall as he ponders the answer, Leon Ahhs and Umm's with mental fatigue as he tries to find a suitable response for Mathilda's game.


Mathilda tries to help Leon to jog his memory a little, She holds her left index finger to her top lip and say's, Mustache..


Mathilda swipes her index finger from side to side in an attempt to describe to Leon that the famous person has a mustache as a prominent feature.


Leon is silent as he nods positively briefly, Leon is still clueless to Mathildas featured artist and continues to stare as he tries to pretend that he does know when in fact he does not.


A few moments later Leon nods negatively and say's "No" expressing the fact he can't give a sensible answer. Leon looks at Mathilda awaiting her response and for her to move on to the next famous person. (Better luck next time).


Mathilda retreats back to the bedroom for another attempt to invigorate Leon's mind, Mathilda decides she will impersonate a more recent individual someone famous but maybe someone this time Leon will recognize.


Mathilda begins to sing and tap dance as she sways her hands out and back in. Mathilda sings with happiness, I'm singing in the rain, 


Leon tries again to guess the famous person.


Leon tries again to guess the famous person. Mathilda continues to sing, "Just singing in the rain". Mathilda's feet can be heard tapping on the floor as she dances in front of Leon. Leon closes his hand slightly as he feels he might just know this famous person.


Mathilda continues, Just singing in the rain, What a beaut.... Mathilda stops singing as Leon responds with an answer, Leon points his finger and say's with a hint of doubt, Gene Kelly?.


Mathilda sighs loudly with intense relief that Leon has finally got one of her dancing and singing acts correct.


Mathilda looks at Leon with a slight sense of regret that she started this game in the first place.


Mathilda say's "Good. 


Leon is elated to have got a game correct and smiles with intense satisfaction. Mathilda say's, "Your turn now".


Leon's face instantly turns sour and is slightly shocked to here Mathilda request that it's his turn now. Leon is enjoying the show but Mathilda has already performed four acts and Leon will have to pull something out of the bag for Mathilda to guess correctly.


A few minutes later the roles have changed and Mathilda is sat down ready for the show, Leon suddenly steps in to the front room from the bathroom area with a swaying and hunched appearance. His arms are slightly outstretched as he stands on one foot, (This definitely resembles a cowboy to me.)


Leon walks on over to Mathilda as he limps slightly with a zombie like stance and body movement.


Leon is very confident that Mathilda will guess his act correctly as he tries his best to impersonate a cowboy.


As Leon is a hitman a cowboy is probably right up his street as cowboys like to have shootouts and quick draw fire fights. 


Leon stands motionless in full impersonation as he say's to Mathilda in a low and serious tone of voice, "Okay Pilgrim".


Mathilda is mesmerized by Leon's stage presence and persona, She looks away slightly from Leon as she "uhhs" loudly. (A short few notes descending in pitch are heard from an electronic organ.)


Mathilda looks back at Leon as he stands silently awaiting an answer. Mathilda is also silent and is having some difficulties guessing this famous cowboy.


Mathilda replies with skepticism, "Clint Eastwood" as she scrunches her face indicating that she is not exactly sure and is making a guess on this one. (Two more notes are heard from an electric organ.)


Leon shows a straight face as he turns around and straddles back to the bathroom door well. (More electronic organ sounds are heard.)


Leon turns his head to look at Mathilda briefly as he continues to perform his act.


Leon rests his right elbow and shoulder to the right wall as he holds his left side hip with his left hand. Leon looks at Mathilda briefly before looking down in a typical cowboy stance. Mathilda should get the answer now?.


Leon starts to rub his left side hip as he looks away and then back at again in an attempt for Mathilda to guess correctly.


Mathilda shakes her head slightly in defeat as she say's, I don't know, I give up.


Leon stands straight as he looks on over at Mathilda, 


Leon then replies, John Wayne as his face retorts slightly indicating that everyone has heard of John Wayne.


Mathilda stares at Leon momentarily with intrigue on her mind.


Mathilda suddenly responds with a deceitful enthusiasm as she sways her head from side to side. She say's, I was just about to say that, I swear.


Mathilda continues, "It's amazing"


Leon does not seem too happy as Mathilda failed to guess correctly, Leon slowly heads into the bathroom as Mathilda tries to make Leon feel better about himself, She say's, Leon, "really", "brilliant".


Mathilda is wide eyed as she say's softly to herself, "Amazing".

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