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A loud metallic bang sound emanates from the kitchen, The sound startles Tony as he rapidly turns around to see what it is.


Suddenly a dark figure appears from the kitchens left side, The unidentifiable man is wearing dark glasses and goads a mustache and beard including long black hair, He is one of Stansfield's cronies and has entered the kitchen to put pressure on Tony, obviously Stansfield wants answers. Tony stares at the uninvited visitor momentarily as the tapping of footsteps get closer and closer.

Tony turns back around expressing a face of disheveled annoyance. He now knows for sure he had better find some good answers to Stansfield's interrogation.


Tony turns to face the music as Stansfield arrives clumsily and noisily pushing a chair back with force that has some party balloons attached to it with his left hand, Balloons swey in and out as a loud banging sound is heard. Stansfield sit's himself down as his cronies loiter in the background.

Stansfield makes himself comfy as he reaches into his right side inner jacket pocket for his trusty silver magnum, Stansfield flashes his gun at Tony for a brief moment before resting it down on the table.


A loud sound of cutlery is heard as the silver magnum makes contact with a party plate that lies on the table, Stansfield does not beat around the bush but is straight to the point, Stansfield say's with irritability and stamina as Tony looks down briefly at Stansfields weapon, I have a lot of respect for your business, Tony. 


Stansfield signals with his hands as he say's,


When you've killed for us in the past. 


We've ahh, Stansfield moves his mouth from side to side in a distorted and strained way, A loud ceramic ding sound is heard, Stansfield looks right and up at Benny as he say's, We've always been satisfied.


Stansfield turns back to face Tony as Tony looks away from Stansfield with an unhappy expression. Stansfield say's, "And that's exactly why today it's going to be very, very" 


hard for me, Stansfield pauses momentarily as he expresses his feelings.


Stansfield expresses with his hands as he say's in a smug tone of voice, I hope you'll excuse my mood.


Stansfield turns his head right as he stretches his right hand out to signal for Benny to hand him something important.


A loud scrunching of paper is heard as Stansfield snatches a large photographic sheet from Benny's hand, Stansfield instantly holds up the photographic image of Malky to show Tony why he is so angry, Leno killed Malky when he infiltrated the China men meeting at an undisclosed address, Stansfield looks at Tony with a sincere complex reaction as he tries to drum into Tony how serious the situation has become. Stansfield holds up the image for a few seconds before his impatience gets the better of him, Stansfield slaps the image down onto the tables surface with speed as another loud flapping paper sound is generated, Stansfield looks down momentarily as he ponders and contemplates on Malky who is now six feet under.


Stansfield becomes more irritable as he pokes at the image with his index finger creating a loud tapping sound to express his dismay and disappointment, Stansfield say's with slight anger, My man...


Stansfield continues as Tony looks on, "Was killed right here," Stansfield bangs the table hard creating a jingling of glass and cutlery, Stansfield continues, on your turf, Tony shows some distorted interest as he looks down at the image to try and reason with Stansfield.


Stansfield continues with vigor, And the Chinks tell me that the hitman was


Stansfield expresses with his hands as he say's, "kind of the Ahh..." Stansfield looks slyly away from Tony as he plays with his lip with his left thumb, Stansfield pauses momentarily as he ponders his reply then looks back at Tony and say's, Italian type..


Stansfield continues, So we figured that ahh, Tony sighs loudly as he listens to the important ramblings of Stansfield, Stansfield continues,  "Tony might know something."


Tony raises his right hand and say's "Wait"


Tony then rubs his right side face with his right hand fingers, Tony tries to take control of the conversation but Stansfield won't stop until Tony has heard him out, Tony looks to his left in disappointment as Stanfield say's, There's more. 


Stansfield lets out a controlled chuckle and chugs his body to express his delight at the next part of his meeting, Stansfield say's as he points both of his index fingers at Tony, "You're gonna love this"


Stansfield hesitates as he pretends to be a conductor at a concerto, Stansfield looks down as he points his index fingers in opposite directions,


Stansfield changes his hand signals to open palms as he say's, A few hours later,


Stansfield continues as he holds his right hand up to shoulder height to express how tall Mathilda is, "A little twelve year old girl comes into my office


Stansfield continues, armed to the teeth with the firm intention of sending me straight to the morgue.


Stansfield folds his hands as he say's, And you know who came and got her in the middle of the afternoon


Stansfield signals again with his hands and say's, "right there in my building?"


Stansfield sighs loudly as Tony looks down at the table, Stansfield continues in a slow and precise way, "The very same


Stansfield is almost chewing on his sentence as he splutters out the words "Italian hitman." Stansfield hunches his head slightly in disappointment at the situation, He is trying to get some sympathy from Tony but Tony is not participating as Leon is a very close and special friend of his and he would never stitch on Leon.


All is quiet as Stansfield becomes ultra silent, A loud sound of a dog barking is heard once only infused with the ambient sounds of traffic and motor vehicle beeps from outside, Stansfield smiles brightly as he awaits some kind of answer that Tony simply does not have, 


Stansfield looks at Tony and smiles more broadly as his eyes widen with curiosity. 


Stansfield is not even focused on Tony as he looks away and say's with zeal, I'm dying to meet him. Stansfield returns his vision back to Tony as Tony stares blankly back.


It is the next morning and Leon is still sleeping in bed. (No Sound Score)


Suddenly Leon springs up from the soft mattress having slept soundly, He is a little shocked that he has lowered his defenses after trying a bed for the first time in a long long time. The bedside table wobbles and produces a vibrating wooden sound as Leon rests his right hand on to it for support, 


Mathilda is awake and is sat upright, Mathilda smiles and is in a happy mood as she say's, Relax, everything's fun. Mathilda hesitates then say's, Sleep well?.


Leon replies in a sleepy tone of voice, I never really sleep. Got one eye open always, 


Mathilda replies, Oh I forgot, You know, I never saw someone with one eye open snore so much.


Leon turns and looks at Mathilda with surprise after hearing Mathilda say that he snores, Leon say's, I snore?


Mathilda replies, Like a baby.


Mathilda decides to get out of bed as she turns and places her feet on to the floor,


Mathilda heads for her clothes which have been stacked on top of a dressing table that has a large oval mirror attached to the top that is supported by a swivel base. Mathilda say's, I'm gonna go get some milk for breakfast, I won't be long.


Mathilda picks up her clothes as Leon's reflection watches her from a distance.


Leon say's, Don't forget the code when you come back.


Mathilda replies, Two Knocks, then one,


Mathilda turns to look at Leon as she say's, and two Knocks again, right?. Leon replies right to confirm that Mathilda got the code correct.


Leon watches as Mathilda makes her way to the bathroom.


Leon seems to like sleeping in a bed and may probably sleep in a bed more often now that Mathilda has helped him to understand that a bed is much more comfortable than an armchair, And Leon can still sleep with one eye open.


Leon leans to his right as a loud bang is heard from Mathilda entering the bathroom, A bird can be heard squawking as Leon ponders and shows some concern for Mathilda, Leon knows that Stansfield is looking for Mathilda and he is worried for her.


Leon's interest returns to the soft bed as a shower is heard from a distance, (A soft flute now provides the sound score.) Leon starts to move around slightly on the bed as he adjusts his position and his feet, Leon feels comfortable and sleeping in a bed will be Leon's next step in life.


Leon lays himself down flat as he spreads his arms and legs out wide, Leon is physically and mentally tired as he now has double the problems because of Mathilda's plight.


Leon starts to play with his feet as he pushes and rubs them against the beds front board, Leon's fingers twitch from the comfortable sensation as he rests firmly. 


Mathilda has arrived at the local convenience store located just a 100 yards from apartment 4F, Mathilda is in high spirits as she rapidly grabs a loaf of bread, Mathilda imagines the bread is an aeroplane as she gasps loudly "phewww" and holds the bread packaging up high.


Mathilda turns and makes her way to the checkout, Mathilda say's, "Hola, senor," (Translation, Hello Sir in Spanish) Mathilda slaps the bread down onto the counter with her right hand.


Mathilda then places a blue plastic basket on to the counter which slides slightly with both hands, The basket contains a variety of food stuffs and beverages. Mathilda then say's, Ring these up and I'll go get some milk.


Mathilda runs and hops over to the refrigerator to get some red carton milk for her and Leon.


Mathilda is feeling very happy as she carries the shopping back to apartment 4F.


Mathilda suddenly starts to run and skip with delight as her entire body lifts off the pavement, Mathilda is in love with Leon and she thinks she is in a relationship with Leon when in fact she is fantasizing and has a crush, but she is not considering the real and very dangerous situation she is now involved in. Leon has killed three of Stansfield's gang members up to now and Mathilda may be satisfied with the result even though Stansfield is still alive.


A loud tapping of feet can be heard as Mathilda reaches the entrance to apartment 4F, Mathilda runs at speed into the door well as she anticipates spending some more time with Leon over a glass of milk and some corn flakes.


The sound score now consists of a deep rumbling sound accompanied by the solo flute, Suddenly Stansfield appears from behind a wall, He has been spying on Mathilda as he watches her enter her hotel complex, Stansfield now knows for sure that this is the girl he has been looking for and also there is a very good chance that the Italian Hitman will be with her also, Danger is lurking and time is running out for Mathilda and Leon very quickly. Stansfield could of been tipped off but Tony would not of told Stansfield Leon's location but is using his sixth sense instead.


All is quiet on Mathilda and Leon's floor and there is no sign of anyone lurking or any disturbance. A deep echoing synthesizer chord provides the sound score.


Mathilda slowly pushes through the thick brown door that leads to 4F, A jingle of keys is heard as Mathilda holds the set in her left hand, Mathilda looks to her left briefly as she enters the corridor then turns to walk down the long passageway.


(An echoing pipe sound is heard to produce the sound score) Suddenly without warning a man appears from a storage space and grabs Mathilda around the neck and waist, The unidentifiable man is wearing a black balaclava and special commando issued clothing, His waist has a belt clip that contains a knife and grenades, 


The special commando unit smothers Mathilda's mouth as he lifts her body weight with his left arm, Mathilda screams with fright and shock but all is in vain as only a muffled sound is heard, Another commando appears from the storage room and assists in bringing Mathilda into the capture location. Mathilda is dragged in backwards and she is completely powerless to do anything.


Mathilda is dragged into the capture location and all is revealed, A large team of eight commando's stand motionless inside the storage area, They all brandish automatic machine guns and all wear balaclava and special commando issued clothing, This can only be the work of Stansfield who works for the DEA. Mathilda is confused and very scared as the commando continues to muffle Mathilda's screams.

The second assist commando who helped his comrade bring Mathilda in to the capture location suddenly takes Mathilda's brown bag of shopping away from her, He passes the bag down to the next commando in line as he raises his right hand to give a solid thumbs up signal. A commando standing to the right who is third in line from the wall suddenly moves from his position, It is his job responsibility to communicate with the captured enemy and to gain insight and knowledge so that the next phase of the mission can be initiated.


The commando who received the thumbs up stands over Mathilda and say's with a serious tone of voice, From here on out, you don't make a sound. You answer my questions by nodding "Yes" or shaking your head "No" you got it?.


The interrogation commando unit say's, "Is he alone?," Mathilda nods positively awkwardly while being restrained by the commando who initiated the capture procedure, The interrogation commando then say's, Does he expect you?. Mathilda nods positively again in fear and shock.


The interrogation commando signals with his right hand as he say's, Do you have keys to the apartment?. Mathilda awkwardly nods again to confer that she does have keys, Mathilda quickly raises the apartment keys high in the air with her right hand as a jingling is heard, The interrogation commando rapidly snatches them from Mathilda's hand.


The interrogation commando continues, Is there a code, a way of knocking so he knows it's you?. Mathilda hesitates for a brief moment as she quickly tries to find a solution to the commando's request, Mathilda does not want anything bad to happen to Leon and she will not give away the secret knock because if she does Leon could be killed.


A sound of synthesizer generated cannons can be heard including a high pitched violin chord to produce the sound score, Suddenly Mathilda nods positively to acknowledge that there is a secret code, Mathilda slowly raises her left arm and with her hand cupped she places it against the wall so that she can indicate to the commando the secret tapping code.

Mathilda taps the wall three times in quick succession as she stares at the interrogation commando, The interrogation commando carefully watches Mathilda's hand as it knocks the secret code, Mathilda hesitates then taps the wall two times in quick succession, Mathilda raises her hand for the third time as she knocks the wall a singular time, Mathilda has knocked the wall code like this (3+ gap 2+ Longer Gap then 1+) As soon as Mathilda finishes the sequence the interrogation commando looks directly down at Mathilda to confer that she has completed the code sequence.


The interrogation commander now knows the secret code and must communicate it silently and to all team members by using hand signals, The commando looks down at his team and signals with his right hand that is clenched shut to initiate on his command, Now that the commandos have Mathilda's apartment keys they know for sure that Leon is in 4F,


The interrogation commando then signals with four fingers, This hand signal is requesting four team members to initiate the attack and capture of Leon.


Another commando hands the interrogation commando his automatic machine gun back as the team move around inside the capture location.


The interrogation commando immediately starts to communicate on his portable radio system to other units that will be called in and to let other commando's know that he has initiated a four man assault on apartment 4F.

In a military or survival situation where silence must be maintained in order to mask your presence from an enemy, foe, or target, several types of non-verbal communication (visual signals) are available including flags, pyrotechnic, chemical lights, ground-to-air signals, and hand and arm signals. The United States Army Field Manual 21-60 lays out the standard for hand and arm signals (see below) but other hand signals have been adopted and are commonly used in situations requiring visual communication.


The limits of visual communication
Visual signals are of course, limited to range and reliability. As such, weather elements and possibly terrain, can disrupt use of hand and arm signals when line of sight is disrupted.

Hand and arm signals are easy to misunderstand which is especially problematic when non-standard hand signals are used by the participants.

Lastly, hand signals may be vulnerable to enemy interception and allow the possibility that the visual communications is received and properly interpreted by the foe, possibly even without your knowledge that the communication was intercepted.


Uses for hand signals
Despite their limitations, hand and arm signals are useful in military and survival situations and are especially useful when participants remain relatively close together. Hand and arm signals may be used by participants to coordinate movement and actions in a silent manner and may be used by leaders to control movement of their team during patrol or combat movement. Hand and arm signals are also useful for hunting or tracking parties who must maintain silence to avoid alerting their target to their presence.

Common hand signals
Below are the various hand and arm signals that can be used when visual communication is required.  When receiving hand signals, be sure to pay attention to the signalers facial expressions too.  Eyes and head movement may be used to add emphasis or additional communications (e.g. nod of head for “yes” or “no”, tilt of head to indicate direction).  Recognize too that multiple hand signals can be combined in sequence in order to more accurately communicate the thought or action.



A deep and low level cello produces the sound score as the first team member appears from the capture location, He quickly makes his way up the side wall as a light tapping of feet is heard. The commando has put on a gas mask and also carries a spare that is attached to his right side, He brandishes a fully loaded automatic weapon and carries tear gas in a pouch around his waist. This commando hides in between the first apartments door well to his right.


Another three commando's appear from within the capture location, They all run at a fast pace towards the attack point which is apartment 4F.


The 2nd 3rd and 4th commando to enter the corridor all stay together as they gather along the left side wall, The 2nd commando hides in between the door well of the second apartment to his left as the 3rd and 4th units move further forward. The 3rd commando is also wearing a gas mask and carries tear gas and large bolt cutters.


The 3rd and 4th commando units quickly reach the outside of apartment 4F, Both men turn around to face the opposite direction as they await further instructions.


(A scuffling of feet is heard) Back inside the capture location a further two commandos exit the storage area and enter onto the corridor, One commando enters out into the corridor while the second commando behind him stays put at the wall, A commando who had his back to the left side wall suddenly moves from his position and moves on over to the right side wall ready for the next instruction,He immediately starts to communicate on his radio receiver,


The initiation commando still has Mathilda in his control and she is still being muffled, The initiation commando also moves position as he crosses over to the right side of the storage area still restraining Mathilda as he does so.


A low level clicking sound is heard as an extra squad of commandos arrive at the hotel complex, Stansfield is specially seeing over the operations as he wants the mission to go like clockwork and be a success, The commando's run at speed along the sidewalk and then turn right into an alley which will lead them into the hotel complex.


As the last commando arrives Stansfield moves off so that he can keep a careful check on the mission progression and activity. Stansfield has lied to the DEA officers who pull the strings, He is making out that he is doing New York a big favor by eradicating this murderer who has killed three DEA police officers from his team, If he can pull this mission off successfully he will no doubt be awarded a medal and he will be released of his burden when he and his gang killed Mathilda's younger brother, older sister, Mathilda's mother Margie, and Stan her father all in the space of 20 minutes. He can't allow Leon to continue as he could kill more of Stansfields team or even Stansfield himself. He must find Mathilda as she has enough information to send Stansfield to prison for eternity and he is gonna go out with a fight. Leon has a strong hold over Mathilda and she is finding it extremely hard to leave him and go to the police which would be the right thing to do, She wants the best for Leon and can see his good side and nature which most people do not, Mathilda knows now that things are not looking rosy for Leon and his life is in extreme danger, She is also concerned that Stansfield will lie and cheat and make out that she is just as bad as Leon, she could also be killed as Stansfield has no heart.


The 4th commando unit raises his left hand as he knocks on the door three times in quick succession,


The commando knocks on the door two times in quick succession, The commando does not leave a long enough gap after the round of two knocks but knocks quickly after for a single knock. The commando lowers his hand as he waits for a response from whoever may be inside.


The interrogation commando is communicating on his radio receiver, A low level static clicking noise is heard as the commando switches his radio to a receive position, The commando say's, Alpha Team, 


Stansfield is using his radio receiver and has the device held high with his left hand as he listens to the interrogation commando's words, "Final position, we're ready to go" is heard from Stansfields radio, There is a lot of movement behind Stansfield as another team of security personnel make there way up a flight of stairs, as Benny looks from behind a wall. Stansfield replies as he raises his radio to his mouth, "Be Careful" An electronic click is heard as Stansfield switches his radio to an off position.


The 2nd 3rd and 4th Commando units stand at the entrance to 4F, Now that Alpha team have been given the all clear the commando's will start there assault inside apartment 4F, Commando No2 slowly pushes open the door to 4F after using the apartment keys which had been confiscated from Mathilda inside the capture location. A jingle of keys is heard as the door slides open. The sound score comprises an orchestra of wood instruments including cello and violin and occasional deep base notes from a timpani.


Commando No2 quickly kneels down while aiming his weapon inside the hallway and into the living room area.


Commando No3 quickly enters apartment 4F from the right while holding his weapon high with both hands, 


Commando No3 rapidly finds a position inside a corridor to his left which leads to the bathroom area.


Commando No3 kneels down as he peers around the edge of the wall, at the same time Commando No5 who was stationary on the edge of the wall from the capture location has come down the corridor to join with the other four commandos. Commando No5 comes from the left and fills the spot where Commando no3 was just moments ago, 


Commando No2 now steps up a gear as he stands and enters apartment 4F slowly walking down on the right hand side, Commando No3 has Commando No2's back covered.


Commando No2 slowly and cautiously edges his way forever closer to the end of the hall as Commando no5 quickly steps out of safety and aims his gun so that Commando No2 is more securely protected in case of attack. Commando No5's gas mask swings from left to right as it hangs from his belt, 


Commando No2 is wide eyed as he nervously reaches the end of the corridor, Commando No2 slowly peers around the corner and has a full visual view of the entire work plan area,


The living room consists of a large brown furniture cabinet that has a Gold lamp holder and white shade perched at the top, There is also an ornament at center position on top of the cabinet that depicts horses and red roses. The apartment has been badly neglected by its owners and could do with a paint and new carpets. An old picture depicting Jesus and the last supper is precariously hanging as well as a chandelier that could do with straightening. The living room table has a flowery plastic table cloth adorning it as three chairs sit around it. An oil painting flower scene portrait aligns the left wall. Leon's writing pad sits on the table. 


Commando No2 is motionless as his eyes look in all directions as he evaluates his position and to digest any clues that might be noticeable.


Commando No2 begins to signal his team to come forward as he waves his left hand two times at a slow and controlled pace.


Commando No2 moves from his position and fully explores the living room by entering in after evaluating it as safe to do so.


Commando No5 from the right side door well moves his position as he enters into apartment 4F, Commando No3 moves out of the corridor to the left and is behind Commando No2 who is fully inside the living room,


Commando No4 who is wearing a gas mask and has stood to the left for some time now moves position and follows behind his comrades.


Commando No5 moves into the corridor to the left briefly as Commando No4 who is wearing a gas mask passes him. Commando No5 then comes back out of the corridor and is now the last man in the team at the back of the pack.


Suddenly the camera pans up to reveal a hand that has the fingers balanced on top of the ridge of the entrance door. Leon is using his survival instincts as he climbed up into an attic space that is hidden from view, Almost instantly the door begins to slide closed at speed creating a loud bang as it shuts.


Mathilda is heard screaming loudly while still being muffled by another commando, The sudden loud noise startles the remaining commandos who have moved out into a side passage which is still part of the storage and recycling area,


All the commandos react by jumping back from the corridor in a panic, 

The sound of the door closing creates havoc within the apartment, The commando's act instinctively and instantly fire there weapons at the now closed door, Seven shots are heard as they penetrate the doors wooden frame. Large pieces of wood and debris explode out of the door leaving huge gaping holes.


Mathilda continues to scream Leon while being muffled by a commando, The noise of the bullets echoes around the corridors as the team of four fire there weapons. The commandos located in the capture zone are now feeling edgy and on high alert.


The commando at the front of the pack cautiously sticks his head around the wall to evaluate the situation.


The second commando behind him who interrogated Mathilda say's with a serious tone of voice, Move Back, Move Back to his comrade who is peering around the corner.

The interrogation commando grabs his comrade and shoves him out of the way as he moves to the front of the corridor to see what he can see, He shouts loudly, Move Move! as he jostles for position. A clicking of weapons can be heard as the commando moves to the back.


The interrogation commando peers around the corner cautiously.


As the commando looks around the corner and up the long corridor he can see that the door from 4F is slowly opening all by itself, The door clicks intermittently as it slides open.


All is revealed once the door fully extends inwards, Total carnage can be seen from the corridor as two commando's are visibly seen laying face down on the floor in the living room dead, Leon's armchair has been tipped over and there is a lot of mess, No sounds are coming from the apartment and it seems that all four commando's have been neutralized by Leon. Because Leon had a vantage point he could easily aim his weapon and fire rapidly before the commando's could locate the target, All the commando's joined forces allowing Leon to kill all four in quick time. It was very quick and painless.


The interrogations commando can clearly see the carnage from his position, He responds by saying, "Shit" as now the game has changed and the remaining commando's have realized that they are dealing with an expert.


The interrogations commando has seen enough as he rapidly returns to inside the capture location, 


A loud but short static electronic interference is heard as the interrogations commando instantly gets on to his radio receiver, The commando say's slightly breathless,  "Alpha Team, Men Down Men Down," Mathilda's muffled screams for Leon can still be heard, 


Stansfield brings his radio close to his mouth as a static pop is heard and say's, I told you.


Another static pop is heard as Stansfield releases the talk button, Stansfield turns his head around so that he can speak to Benny who is standing just a few feet away, Stansfield say's in a serious tone, Benny...


Stansfield turns his head away slightly as he waits for Benny to come over, Stansfield is agitated and breathes in deeply as he say's, Bring me everyone. Stansfield turns his head away from Benny thinking that his words will be understood by Benny, Benny replies, What do you mean, Everyone?,


Benny's remark has infuriated Stansfield as he always wants his own way, He suddenly snaps and turns around to face Benny as he shouts at the top of his voice, Stansfield shouts, "Every...


Stansfield screams the word long and strained with anger and desperation, Oneee


Stansfield has blown a fuse as his request echoes around the corridors and walls. Stansfield shakes with anger and frustration as he bellows out his request.


Stansfield has now put tremendous pressure on Benny as he communicates with his DEA contacts, Because of Stansfields anger Benny has exaggerated the situation and now a whole army of police vehicles are on route to the location, A short time later a police car arrives at the scene at high speed slamming on the brakes hard as the vehicle skids several feet. Sirens wail from every direction as police car after police car appear from every direction. A large group of pedestrians have accumulated next to a restaurant across the road from the scene.


The sound score comprises of a deep drum roll infused with intrepid trumpet chords and middle chorded trombone. A second police vehicle arrives as it skids to a stop.


Another two police cars arrive at high speed.


The police have been filled in with all the details about the perpetrator, They know they are dealing with a mass shooter and killer who has killed at least four commandos at this point, Incidents that involve four or more deaths are categorized as a mass shooting so the police will be armed to the teeth.


A police officer driving a police car who has just arrived at the scene stares at Benny who is helping to coordinate the fiasco, The police are only acting on information received and don't know the full picture of events.


Another police officer who is standing outside of his vehicle suddenly raises his left arm and shouts loudly to instruct someone in another vehicle, He shouts "Go Round, as he swings his arm around in a clockwise motion.


Another police vehicle appears this time with two occupants, A large reinforced police truck also comes into view from the left, Sirens blaze loudly and it is total mayhem.


The police car pulls in slightly to the left as it slows and its siren produces a short beep sound.


More intrepid trumpet sounds are heard, A police military personnel suddenly appears as he runs across the busy road with a machine gun in his hand, The police reinforced truck is moving at speed down the road as a police officer looks to his right briefly.


Another military personnel appears from the left as the police officer from the right turns back around.


Another military police personnel runs backwards at high speed as he lays out some thick yellow tape with the words "POLICE LINE DO NOT CROSS" printed in large black letters across it's length.


Another military police personnel comes into view brandishing a large metal shield with a small rectangle window at the top.


A jingling of metal is heard as another team of commando's appear all carrying automatic weapons, tear gas and knives among other things. The commandos move at speed as the situation is on red alert.


Stansfield has ordered in the entire state of New York as men run in all directions.These commandos are carrying automatic machine guns, smoke cannisters and gas masks. A loud skid is heard from a police vehicle alond with the wailing of sirens, It is very loud and total carnage is ensured.


Mathilda is still being muffled even though it is not necessary to muffle her screams anymore as the commandos, police military personnel, trucks, cars and DEA officers are already producing a very loud noise. Mathilda's eyes are weeping from the pressure of being muffled and squeezed for so long. A new team of commandos begin to enter the corridor space as the pressure begins to build on Leon.


A new commando who sports a long curly outcropping of hair kneels down and sets his sights with his automatic weapon as other commando's follow from behind.


Another team of Six commandos saturate the corridor as each man has his position and actions and will follow on their military training gut instinct and combat knowledge.


More commandos move at speed as another aims his weapon high for any sudden attack or ambush, These commando's mean business and will shoot on sight.


One commando moves position and hides behind the left wall column as another commando runs forward to the right side behind the wall. The commando's have surrounded the entrance to apartment 4F and there is only one way in and that is through the door. Leon always chooses suitable apartments from a tactical view point in case of attack.


Another commando appears from the right side wall and makes his way inside apartment 4F as soon as his comrade reaches his position behind the right wall column.


As soon as the commando is out of view the two remaining commandos that are hiding behind the left and right wall columns appear at each side of the door aiming there weapons directly inside to cover there comrade.


The first commando in to apartment 4F steadily and cautiously moves forward towards the living room area as he absorbs the total carnage of dead commando's and upside down furniture and debris.Even though the organisation and movements of the commandos seems professional it is not, The reason being this new team have not been briefed properly on the situation and the events that have already happened, No one else has been into apartment 4F since the shootings and no one knows what happened for definite, Leon killed four commandos from a vantage point but these new crack commando's have not evaluated his position and are just sitting ducks for Leon at this point in the game.

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