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Ice say's I don't know how to break this to you Hammer, But the bird has flown the coop.

Your too late!

Hammer is slightly confused at Ice's words, He shakes his head and say's, The bird has flown the coop.


That ahh little Red Riding Hood was caught by the big bad Seven Dwarves.

Hammer replies sternly, Where is she? Ice hesitates and then replies, The Zombies got her.

Hammer replies, Are you bullshitting me? Ice replies, Hey man..Ice continues, Don't you know it's against the law to bullshit a cop. Hammer replies, What about Trash? Ice replies, Ahh that son of a bitch went to the Ogre to beg for help.

Hammer contemplates what Ice has just told him, He say's Trash and the Ogre? I'll tell you what we do.

Hammer say's Deliver the girl to me by tonight!

Hammer continues, And I'll clean up your Trash for ya!

Hotdog pulls a pistol from his jacket pocket and passes it over to Ice, Hotdog say's, You better take this you might need it, now that your switching sides.

Hotdog continues, Anyway it goes good with the uniform General.

Ice continues, Two birds with one stone......Ogre and Trash!. Ice chuckles menacingly and say's That would leave me with a nice slice of the Bronx.

Blade has located Ice and is silently investigating. His reflection can be seen in the mirror of Hotdog's truck.

Hammer turns to Ice and say's You know what I need? I need something that belongs to Trash. Something that's his.

Ice replies, I think I got just the thing for you.

Ice steps out of the truck and walks over to his bike. 

Ice pulls out a Riders signature weapon that all the gang members have in there possession.

Ice walks back to the truck and hands Hammer the weapon, Ice say's What you say? Will this do?

Blade watches Ice doing the dirty and bangs his hands on the wall in disappointment. 

Hammer looks at the weapon and say's Perfect.

Hotdog notices Blade in his left side mirror and say's, Three's a crowd four means trouble... Enough of this peace talk.. we got a visitor.

Ice say's I'll take care of him! in a serious tone. 

Blade notices that something is up and quickly disappears from his hiding position.

Ice mounts his bike and starts the engine, He is off to find Blade.

Hammer turns to Hotdog and say's, Trash and the Ogre together... Hammer nods his head in disbelief at the situation. Hammer then say's Let's go.

Blade has took off on his motor cycle but Ice is not far behind.

Blade now knows the truth about Hammer Hotdog and the killings and what Ice is up to and needs to tell Trash the news. Blade heads on towards the underground system that will get him across the river to the Tigers. 

The Hells Angels performed many motorcycle stunts in the movie, In the scene above Ice loses control of the back end of his bike. Ice slams down heavily onto the ground throwing him off his machine. I don't know if this scene was staged or an accident but is very authentic.

Blade heads furthur in to No Mans Land! He is eager to find Trash Paul and Hawk. He takes his shades off and puts them into his top pocket.

Blade jumps the gap.

Rats screeching can be heard as Blade runs down the corridor. As he gets to the bottom he shouts out loudly, Trash! in a panicking and eager way. This can only alert the scavengers and Blade is in trouble. A simple but creepy soundtrack is playing.

Going it alone in Scavenger territory is a very dangerous activity. Blade is risking his life to find Trash. He thinks he is close by and it is worth the risk. Blade finds Hawk who has succumbed from the earlier scavenger attack.

Blade suddenly comes face to face with a scavenger, He immediately performs a super high drop kick on the scavenger kicking it in the head.

Weapons chink as Blade makes contact with another scavenger. 

Blade performs a low kick to push the Scavenger away, Only to face the scavenger he had dropped kicked.

Blade strikes the scavengers weapon with his baton and then with all his might punches the scavenger squarely in the face. A whacking sound is generated as Blade sends the scavenger flying.

Suddenly Blade is whacked from behind and he drops his weapon and his arms go up allowing another Scavenger to whack Blade hard in the stomach. 

As Blade goes down severely winded several scavengers appear from no where and jump on top of Blade. Blade has been overpowered by the pack.

Blade and Paul are running through the maze of corridors and stop as they reach a branch in direction. Trash and Paul look up and then Trash nods to Paul to continue right.

As Trash and Paul leave the archway Hammer appears clearly having followed them through the maze of corridors. He stops and pulls out his radio. He switches it on and say's Hotdog... I spotted them. Contact you later...

Trash and Paul reach a point that looks unfamiliar to other parts of the underground system. Water can be seen and heard dripping from the ceiling. Trash is inquisitive and looks to his right to see an exit that has daylight.

Suddenly Trash appears from the underground system, He emerges from a pipe that is located directly along the river side.

Trash and Paul climb out of the pipe, Trash say's to Paul, Where in Tiger Territory.. Paul hesitates then replies, I'm shitting myself!

A simple but funky tune starts to play as Trash and Paul quietly edge there way closer to the Tigers mansion. Trash and Paul hide behind some large stones and greenery, They can see Tiger gang members in the not to far distance.

After surveying the area for a few seconds Paul say's How we gonna break in there?, Trash replies, I got an idea? Paul replies Yeah!

Trash indicates to Paul with his hand to follow him as female gang members can be seen standing by there cars.

Suddenly Hammer appears from the pipe also, He has brought along a riders weapon which he plans to frame Trash with somehow.

A plump gang member say's to his buddy who is up to something in the Red vehicle,  "How you doing there?," The gang member in the vehicle replies, "Hey just Fine!," The plump gang member replies, "Looks like your having fun," The gang member in the vehicle replies, "I am Come on in!" The plump gang member giggles slightly and say's "Nah I just like to watch." 

Inside the Tigers mansion a piano can be heard along side some light bongo drums to accompany the sound.

The Ogre can be heard saying, Food supplies: Los Seneca Heights.

Witch writes down everything the Ogre orders, He say's Gasoline: Melrose.

Witch slowly walks a few feet more, The Ogre say's Electrical Supplies: Sunset Heights.

The Ogre walks along slowly, He turns to his right and points his stick and say's, Hippo! Snake!, Prepare the supplies for delivery.

The Ogre shouts out, These goods are for the people... of the Bronx!

The Ogre continues, Kindly bestowed upon them by their generous.. King!

A twang of an electric guitar and then a lead is heard as funky deep notes play out. Trash indicates to Paul to follow him over to the mansion and that he should climb the wooden frame that is fixed to the side wall 

Hammer is close by and can see Paul climbing the side of the building.

Trash keeps an eye out for any gang members by peering around the side wall, Paul reaches the top and A okays Trash. Paul then signals for Trash to follow him up the wooden stairs.

The piano theme has changed to a more relaxing and slightly upbeat sound. People voices echo from the floor a happy and relaxed atmosphere has been generated. Paul can be seen looking down from a circular hole in the ceiling.

Paul signals with his arm for Trash to come on over so that he can see for himself the situation below.

A gang member wearing a white shirt and black trousers comes over to the Ogre, He signals with his hand and say's What about the West side, The Ogre turns his head to Leech and replies, Leech take care of it. Leech is a high ranking member of the Tigers but a step down from the Ogre.

Hammer has also decided to climb up the easily accessible wooden stair column.

Trash stands up and surveys his position, He looks all around and behind then signals for Paul to follow him.

The Ogre is sat in his chair and put's his hand up. The Ogre shouts out, Let's pick the music up...More lively. Chatter and laughter can be heard among the people, The piano sound becomes more upbeat and the bongo drums speed up, A male member is heard saying "Let me have a taste of that" Oh gees one female is heard saying.  Suddenly Hammer appears at the top of the ceiling and starts peering down. He looks down for a few seconds then leaves the same way he came in to the right.

Paul and Trash are running along the ground floor corridor when suddenly a gang member appears from behind pointing a pistol, The gang member shouts, Trash? What the hell you want here?, Trash replies, Take me to the Ogre!

Hammer has spotted Trash and Paul he keeps his distance as the scene plays out.

The gang member lets out a twisted and sick chuckle as he replies, I could send you to Hell! Trash replies louder, I said take me to the Ogre!

As the gang member continues to menacingly chuckle Hammer has other ideas. He carefully aims the riders weapon at the back of the gang member. With a perfect aim he throws the sharp weapon directly into the back of the gang member. The weapon penetrates deeply into the flesh of the gang member.

The force and surprise of the attack causes the gang member to fire his pistol high into the air.

A loud noise is generated as the weapon discharges and causes many to take notice of the loud bang.

People turn there heads after hearing the first loud shot.

People start to scream in fear as a second bullet discharges from the pistol. People start to run in a panicked way.

The gang member stumbles and for a final time fires his pistol again before falling to the floor dead. Hammer just looks on satisfied at the outcome. His plan to frame Trash might just work.

The Ogre turns to Witch and say's "Sound the Alarm!" Witch turns to her left and activates the system. A square plastic object lights up in different colors as a bleating alarm sound is heard not to dissimilar to a laser gun.

Hammer has seen enough now the alarm has been activated. He quickly makes a get away. Trash spots Hammer from a distance and gives chase.

Trash follows Hammer in the same direction, Trash turns a corner and runs on down a dimly lit corridor.

Suddenly Hammer appears from a side wall and points his pistol at Trash, He shouts out Trash and signals with his pistol for Trash to follow him over to the side wall.

The alarm can still be heard in the background, Hammer say's Sorry I can't hang around, The Ogre blames you for killing one of his men.

Trash snaps loudly at Hammer, He say's You Bastard! You work for the Manhattan corporation.

Hammer replies sternly, I work for nobody... I don't care about the Manhattan Corporation!

Hammer is getting more angry and shouts louder, I don't care about the girl!

I don't care about Politics! I don't care about anything!.

I believe in Nothing!

I'm Hammer... The Exterminator!.

Trash replies, Your the biggest son of a Bitch in the World!!, You afraid somebody might remember you were born in the Bronx?

Hammer wiggles his finger negatively and say's to Trash, No your wrong...

Hammer points his pistol at Trash and say's,

I'm gonna make sure that nobody ever forgets.

Running footsteps can be heard along the corridor as gang members are quickly making there way to Trash and Hammer. Hammer quickly slips away leaving Trash to face the music!!

Suddenly two highly dressed gang members in suits and top hats appear, They point there pistols at Trash, One member shouts, Just stay where you are? 

Suddenly Witch and several more Tigers appear and surround Trash with there pistols. Trash shouts out, You bastards! You let him get away!, Witch is observant and is pondering the situation, she looks up the corridor not to convinced that Trash is responsible. After all Witch the Ogre and Trash have a good understanding of each other. Witch walks back over to Trash and touches his cheek with her finger, She say's, Hi Trash... You know the Ogre doesn't like any unexpected visitors.

A gang member in a white shirt signals with his pistol, He say's Come on move! to Trash.

Hammer has made his way back to the pipe and has climbed back down into the underground system. Hammer always causes a distraction before he makes his escape, Hammer style!

Hammer stops where he is and pulls his radio out from his jacket. It clicks as he switches it on, Hammer say's, Hotdog?

Hotdog hesitates at Hammers voice coming over the trucks radio system, He hunches his face in a "what does he want now kind of way". Hotdog! Hotdog! Hammer repeats his words.

Hotdog reaches up for the radio mic, He replies, Yeah! it's Hotdog!

This is Hammer... I should make it back there in about 15 minutes.

Hotdog replies, 15 minutes I'm outta here!, Hotdog continues in a more serious tone, Hammer...I need some money.

Hammer replies, Don't make me repeat myself you do what I tell ya! You stay there and wait for me! Hammer shouts loudly "You here me!"

As Hammer talks on the Radio Scavengers can be seen slowly closing in on Hammer from behind. Hotdog disconnects the radio conversation as Hammer puts a finger to his ear after the radio goes quiet.

Hotdog is getting a little peeved with Hammers demands, he repeats Hammers words in a sarcastic way, he say's I don't like to repeat myself... Stay there and wait...Hotdog throws the radio mic in frustration.

A simple keyboard melody is playing as hammer puts away his radio and replaces it with his pistol. The scavengers are moving even closer to Hammer as he has his back turned away from them.

Hammer cocks his weapon ready to fire he has a hunch something is creeping up on him. Suddenly Hammer shouts out loudly and swings round with pistol in hand. 

Hammer starts to rapidly discharge his weapon shooting multiple scavengers.

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