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Sarah continues to turn around in disgust as she say's much louder "It can't..." Sarah's sentence is abruptly cut off as Captain Rhodes suddenly appears from no where. Captain Rhodes rapidly grabs hold of Sarah's shoulders with both hands as he prevents her from leaving the room. Sarah gasps loudly from the shock and surprise of Rhodes sudden appearance. Rhodes looks Sarah in the eyes with a blank facial expression. Rhodes other henchmen also filter in from behind, Pvt Juan Torrez, Pvt Rickle's and Pvt Steel all accompany Rhodes.


Sarah's arms flail out slightly as she gasps again while being held firmly by Torrez, Rickles is in a jovial mood as he smiles and chews on some gum, Rhodes stares through the observation window towards Bub the zombie and Frankenstein with a solemn and somber expression.

Captain Rhodes continues to hold Sarah as his right hand slides down her arm slightly, Rhodes means business and is not happy with Sarah or her scientific colleagues. Pvt Rickle's quickly walks behind Rhodes to his left followed by Pvt Torrez. Sarah is silent and motionless as she waits patiently for Rhodes to explain himself. A light scuffle is heard as Rhodes forcefully pushes Sarah out of the way and into the arms of Pvt Torrez.


Rhodes takes a controlled side step as he comes closer to the observation window for a better view, Bill turns his head as he watches Sarah fleetingly before turning back to Rhodes in silence.


Rhodes hunches forward slightly as he observes the captivity room, Rhodes is not a happy man and Frankenstein had better have some answers for him. Rickles looks down then back up again as he chews furiously on his gum.


Bub is immensely enjoying the meat offering as it rapidly gyrates it's rotten head and body, Suddenly Bub looks up and across the room as more vile blood drops down to the table below. (Splat sound is heard as the blood soils the right side of the bucket from Bub's view) A large bone has been discarded onto the table after having all of the meat torn from it, Bub will certainly go back to this bloody bone after it has consumed the tasty flesh. Bub is a complete mess and is covered in thick blood and fleshy bits.


Stringy flesh and muscle stretches out from Bub's mouth as he stares ahead, Suddenly Bub pulls down on the flesh causing the stretched piece of meat to snap (Squelch is heard) Blood and flesh dangles from Bub's mouth as it portrays eyes of evil. Four smaller splats of blood also hit the table and spread out and away from the bucket.


Bub side steps as long pieces of putrid flesh sway out from left to right from it's stench filled mouth. Suddenly the zombie lets out a strange crying groan of unhappiness as it stands with it's mouth wide open and covered in blood. Bub side steps again as it looks ahead with some kind of disappointment. Bub's hands open up slightly as it defers from eating momentarily.


To the zombies utter displeasure Frankenstein has decided to leave Bub to his own devices as he makes his way out of the room, Logan looks down at the floor as he stands by the door before turning clockwise to face Bub once again.


Suddenly a loud click is heard as Frankenstein switches off the light to the room with his left hand. The room instantly dims to a cool blue shade of darkness - Logan looks back at Bub very pleased with the progress he and the zombie are making.


Logan tilts his head forward slightly as he rapidly raises his right hand as he waves and gyrates his fingers as a sign of goodbye. Frankenstein speaks with a soft tone of voice as he say's "Good night, Bub." Logan is pretending it is night time when actually it is the middle of the day from outside. Inside the Seminole Storage Facility days and nights take on a whole new meaning, Without a clock and calendar a survivor can quickly lose there ability to differentiate from daytime or night time zones. Logan smiles at Bub as he turns and leaves the room, Frankenstein is so engrossed with his work he is still completely oblivious to Sarah and McDermott's presence, to make matters much worse he has no idea Captain Rhodes and his goons are also present.


The soft and gentle scientist innocently makes his way out of the door but is suddenly ambushed by an irate Rhodes. Rhodes grimaces as he grabs Frankenstein by his collar with both hands. Logan stares at the Captain in silence and wonders why the Captain has developed a sincere aggression towards him when progress is admiral.


Rhodes pulls Frankenstein tighter towards him as his anger increases, Rhodes stares Logan in the eyes and say's with a vexed frustration, "What are you giving him in there, Frankenstein? - Rhodes is on the same wave level as Sarah and McDermott as he questions Logan on the meat he gave to Bub as a reward. Rhodes hair curls wobble slightly at the front.


Captain Rhodes is feeling aggressive as he suddenly swings Frankenstein around in an anti clockwise motion before propelling the placid man several feet in the direction of the powerfully built Pvt Steel. Logan expels forced air from the violent grip Rhodes places on him.


A loud scuffling of feet is heard as Frankenstein is propelled across the floor, Frankenstein groans loudly as his back lands into the powerful grip of a silent and mentally controlled Pvt Steel. (Steel has a cigar in his mouth) Steel grimaces as he grips the Dr from under his shoulders. Logan rapidly looks to his left before looking back over to Captain Rhodes. Steel grimaces slightly as he holds on tightly to the doctors blood stained clothing. A deep and synthesized two key sound is heard similar to a double bass as Frankenstein is grabbed by Steel.


Captain Rhodes slowly begins to walk forward towards Frankenstein as he say's "What is it, huh?" Rhodes can smell a rat as he refers to the meat offering. A light tapping of feet is produced from Rhodes as he takes slow and controlled steps from his right foot and then to his left. Rhodes stares at Frankenstein with an in built anger as his lips contort.


Rhodes continues forward as he say's with a serious tone of voice "What are you giving him?"
Rhodes staggers slightly from side to side in a rhythmic movement as he comes forward.


All is silent and there is no sound score - As Rhodes approaches Frankenstein he suddenly looks down at the Dr's bloodied left glove, Rhodes mouth opens wider as it contorts with a sick and aggressive anger. Rhodes rapidly and without warning grabs hold of Frankenstein's bloodied hand and raises it up in front of him with force. A loud sound of a fast and repeating drum beat accompanied by cymbal crashes is heard to add effect as Rhodes grabs hold of Frankenstein's bloodied wrist. Rhodes eyes open wider as his mouth bends and contorts with contempt, Logans hand shakes slightly.


Frankenstein has decided to come clean and reveal what he has been up to as he leads the soldiers into another room that is full of cardboard boxes that are stacked up on top of each other. Theses boxes contain a plethora of items including dried food products, plastic cups, knives and forks, white paper, toilet rolls, Medical supplies, Tea and Coffee and everything else that the survivors need. Suddenly one of Rhodes soldiers makes his way over to a large refrigeration unit and instantly attempts to pull open the latch,


A loud metallic click sound is heard as the silver latch is pulled outward, the large and heavy door begins to slide open as another click is heard as the latch is pushed back into position. A light creaking is heard as the door reveals it's contents from inside. (A deep pulsating synthesizer chord is heard to provide the sound score.)


To the utter and incomprehensible shock of Pvt Rickles and Captain Rhodes a rather gruesome sight meets there eyes. From inside the chilled and very cold freezer room two dead soldiers can be seen laying at opposite ends to each other. An icy steam licks and floats just above the floor to indicate that it is very cold inside. A decapitated soldier which is more than likely Pvt Johnson can be seen, this soldier has also had there left arm amputated and there right arm is almost butchered to the shoulder blade. Two severed hands lay at opposite ends next to the soldier and are in a bloodied state. This indicates that Frankenstein did indeed steal the two dead corpses from the corral cave area and brought them back to be stored here. Pvt Miller is also present as his corpse lays on it's stomach. Millers bloodied foot has been stripped of flesh as it lays just ahead of Johnson's severed neck. Now Rhodes knows that Frankenstein has been feeding Bub pieces of human flesh, Not any old flesh but the fresh flesh and muscle from his own soldiers. Frankenstein is now in big big trouble. Millers left arm and foot also seems missing and it is only a matter of time before Logan feeds the entire contents of the freezer to Bub and his other specimens.


Pvt Rickle's stares in and down at the gruesome discovery that two of his comrades lay dead and butchered. Rickle's hunches forward slightly as he struggles to accept the situation.


A few seconds later and Pvt Rickle's turns away from the macabre sight as he looks back to Captain Rhodes. As Rickles turns he pushes the fridge door further open with his right hand, This causes the door to silently swing out to it's furthest possible distance. Rickles looks at Captain Rhodes with a silent and solemn facial expression as he chews on his gum. Rickles closes his mouth as he expresses his sadness and sorrow that resides inside the cold refrigerator. Higher pitched wavering notes now accompany the pulsating synthesizer sound.


Sarah is looking down at the floor as she keeps her eye contact away from the irate Captain, Rhodes stares in at the gruesome horror as his mind tries to overcome the shock and betrayal he is now witnessing first hand. Rhodes suddenly turns his head towards Frankenstein as his eyes veer in the same direction. Sarah looks back up and inside the refrigerator with a very unhappy complexion. Rhodes anger and frustrations are now coming back to Frankenstein in multiples of 100.


Frankenstein suddenly turns his head away from Captain Rhodes as he hunches his eyebrows and looks slowly towards the open refrigerator. Dr Logan knows that he is in serious trouble as he stares in at the dead soldiers corpses. Pvt Torrez stands motionless as he looks down at the floor in deep thought for his soldier friends.


Suddenly Pvt Walter Steel fills with hate and rage for the radical and pure science thinking doctor. Steel looks down at Frankenstein as his face grimaces with uncontrollable feelings of deception and lies, Without warning Steel pushes Dr Logan from behind with an almighty force as he shouts out loudly with anger "Scum!" Logan groans with shock and pain as he is violently propelled across the floor towards the open refrigerator space.


As Frankenstein hurtles towards the open refrigerator space he manages to turn around and widen his arms so that he does not fall into the cold storage area. (Frankenstein turns around anti clockwise) (A loud scuttling of feet is heard) Frankenstein rests his left arm onto the left side of the fridge door before placing his right just above the doors latch. Frankenstein's glasses instantly fly from the Doctors face at speed as they shoot off to the floor below. (Sound of broken glass is heard) Frankenstein is fearing for his life as he shouts out "No you" Logan hesitates for a second before shouting out even louder with despair, "You must listen to me Captain", Logan is now begging for his life -


Frankenstein's head shakes rapidly from the stresses of the situation as he shouts out again in his attempt for Captain Rhodes to take pity on his life. "You must listen"


Captain Rhodes has drawn his high powered machine gun and is pointing it at a slight downwards angle at the mentally destroyed Doctor, Rhodes is composed as his mouth contorts and his eyes beam with evil intentions, Suddenly Rhodes speaks with a controlled and almost normal tone of voice, "Listen to this".


Suddenly Captain Rhodes lifts his weapon slightly and points it directly at Frankenstein who is at open arms from the terrible and tragic consequences of his actions. A short time ago Sarah and McDermott had the privilege to hear Dr Logan speak to his specimens and also his memories of his childhood. He may of known from a young age that his scientific interests would lead him into the dragons lair of peril and risk. His pure science work does not come without great risk and sacrifice, but his unique and aspiring mind would not release the strong driving force he feels every time he associates with the undead. Rhodes has had enough as he blows his top and unloads his fully loaded machine gun into Frankenstein's exposed torso. A very loud and explosive noise emanates out of the weapon as Rhodes unleashes his fury upon the radical Doctor. Bright and intense sparks of light spread out of the gun's barrel end as Rhodes kills Frankenstein in cold blood. Sarah is shocked to the core at the surprise attack by Rhodes as she suffers an immediate spasm and uncontrollable shaking from the loud sound of bullets.


Frankenstein rapidly shakes and gyrates as a thousand and one bullets penetrate his clothing and flesh.


Frankenstein looks on over towards Rhodes with a severe sense of terror and failure, Rhodes has no interest in Frankenstein's serious words as he continues to unleash his weapon into the defenseless scientist.


Frankenstein grimaces as he closes his eyes momentarily in a futile effort to shut out the terrible situation. A grey smoke emits from his body as the bullets hit home, even though Frankenstein is already dead inside he still manages to maintain a standing position with his arms outstretched


Shredded and large holes appear onto Frankenstein's white jacket and blue shirt as the bullets continue to belch out from Rhodes weapon. Frankenstein suffers greatly as he shakes at a rapid and uncontrollable speed, Dr Logan grimaces some more as his mouth contorts and his body and limbs shudder.


A red and sticky blood explodes out from Frankenstein's torso as it splatters and coats the inside of the refrigerator door and the wooden beam on the other side. Smoke and shrapnel explode from Frankenstein's torso as heavy metal flies in every direction. Rhodes has revealed his true inner-self this very day as he continues to pummel Dr Logan with high powered bullets.


Sarah watches Frankenstein's demise with sheer terror as her mouth opens wide, Rhodes arms shake furiously as he continues to fire his machine gun towards Frankenstein. Rhodes maintains a cool composure with his mouth closed as he selfishly murders Frankenstein. Frankenstein's side of the story is the soldiers were already dead and would be put to better use by him for his experiments. Rhodes side of the story is, You did not ask for permission and they deserved a dignified burial with prayer. You deceived me and you have gone to far. Frankenstein would say, I am so close to a solution, you would of only said no and I cant afford to jeopardize my scientific work, you could of still buried them after my studies were complete. What's more important, two dead soldiers or a solution to the zombie apocalypse.


A large plume of grey vapor emits out of Rhodes weapon as he continues the onslaught, Rhodes grimaces as he hunches his face caused by the hatred and frustration that has festered inside his brain for quite some time.


Frankenstein is almost dancing up and down as his arms flail and flap at his side, Sarah stands shocked to the core and will now be worried about her own safety and that of the others.


Captain Rhodes is determined to kill Frankenstein as he continues his murderous spree, Now that Miguel has taken sides with the survivors he considers everyone his enemy now except for his soldiers.


Finally Frankenstein's body can take no more after absorbing more lead shot than a Florida everglades fishery in the summer months. His body falls over backwards with great speed and velocity as his feet tumble over themselves, As the doctor lands inside the freezer area he produces a loud thud sound. Rhodes suddenly takes his finger of the trigger after feeling much more satisfied with himself and confident that the good doctor is now very very dead. 


Sarah can take no more of the horror as she suddenly turns away from the psychotic Rhodes as she tries to escape his evil clutches. Rhodes stands motionless as his weapon bellows out a thick grey smoke happy that he has paid back the pain and suffering Frankenstein caused his fellow soldiers.


Sarah is beginning to lose all mental stability after witnessing Frankensteins untimely death, As Sarah attempts her escape, the alert and more sensible McDermott quickly blocks her path. A loud thump sound is heard as Sarah makes contact with Bill's shoulder as she attempts to exit the room.


Sarah turns her head away from McDermott as he silently blocks her path.


Sarah instantly tries to break out from McDermotts strong grip as the survivors tussle for control, (McDermott grimaces momentarily from the strain) McDermott stands his ground as he attempts to settle Sarah down the best he can.


The loud sound of the machine gun fire has frightened Dr Fisher as he rapidly comes running out of another room that is full to the brim with cardboard boxes also. Dr Fisher is also fearing for his life as he tries to make a run for it.


As Dr Fisher passes Pvt Steel the powerfully built soldier instantly looks down and grabs Dr Fisher by the scruff of his neck.


A loud thud sound of material is heard as Pvt Steel grabs firmly onto the escaping science officer. Pvt Steel say's with a controlling tone of voice, Hold it, Fisher. (Fisher looks down at the floor fleetingly) - Pvt Steel grimaces but easily keeps Fisher under his powerful grip. Dr Fisher's arms outstretch momentarily as they bend at at awkward angle from the sudden contact by Steel. Dr Fisher has the strength of a normal male and won't be escaping anytime soon. Pvt Steel turns his head as he looks on over to Pvt Torrez and say's (Steel raises his eyebrows fleetingly) "Torrez, get his gun. (Torrez looks at Steel momentarily) Steel nods towards Fisher to emphasize his words. Fisher turns his head slightly as he looks at Torrez with one eye, Torrez continues to look forward as he aims his weapon at Sarah and McDermott, Torrez suddenly outstretches his left arm and pats Dr Fisher on his right side once then lower down twice. A loud thud sound is heard as Torrez pats Dr Fisher down in his search for a weapon. Fisher looks away unable to look Torrez in the eye. Rhodes speaks out with a tone of frustration, "Take all there guns" Torrez opens Dr Fishers Velcro gun pouch as he fumbles and attempts to retrieve his weapon.


Rickle's is observing the refrigerator and his dead and butchered comrades as he silently looks down and into the horrific sight. Rhodes stares at the silent and motionless Sarah and McDermott with a face of anger. Captain Rhodes suddenly swings his weapon down butt end first with his left hand, A loud metallic thud is heard as Rhodes rapidly grabs the guns barrel jacket with his right hand. Rhodes grabs the weapons strap with his left hand as he lifts it up and rests it over his right shoulder with his right hand. Rhodes turns more towards Sarah and McDermott as he lowers his right hand down. Rhodes keeps his left hand close to his magnum styled handgun.


Rhodes turns around even more as he lowers his right hand as he faces Sarah and McDermott "Rhodes say's "All of em" Rhodes quickly turns to face Pvt Steel and Dr Fisher fleetingly - Rickles turns his head as looks on over toward Sarah and McDermott while chewing furiously on some gum, Rickles moves his left leg slightly as he rubs his little finger with his right hand. Rhodes becomes vexated as he looks at he flits his head between Sarah and McDermott and Dr Fisher, Rhodes lowered right hand opens and shakes with frustration as he grimaces and shouts loudly (Rickles lowers his hands) "All their fucking guns!" Suddenly Rhodes turns to face Sarah and McDermott as he quickly makes his way over to them. Rhodes bends down as he attempts to take Sarah's gun while shouting at the top of his voice , "Take all there guns" Rickles lazily begins to walk over towards Rhodes - Because his soldiers provided little enthusiasm Rhodes has to do the job himself.



Captain Rhodes quickly pulls at Sarah's weapon pouch with force using his left hand in an attempt to retrieve her gun. As he pulls at her pouch the force causes Sarah to turn around in a clockwise motion, A loud slap sound is heard as Rhodes rudely places his right hand onto Sarah's left crutch and then tightly holds her jean pocket, Rhodes machine gun sways back and forth from the violent interrogation of Sarah, A loud metal clicking sound is heard as suddenly Sarah's pouch is removed completely from her right side leg.


A loud but short and repeated thud sound is heard as Captain Rhodes quickly discards Sarah's weapons pouch with his right hand as he grimaces and looks to Sarah. Pouch hits the floor - Rhodes silver dog tags sway and gyrate over his chest, Rhodes shouts out again with anger "All there guns" Sarah is trapped and there is nothing she can do as Rhodes rapidly grabs hold of her neck with both hands. Rhodes violently squeezes and controls Sarah as he gives her the death stare. Rhodes rapidly bends Sarah's head up as he locks eyes with her, Rhodes breaths heavily as he becomes silent, Camera slowly zooms in for added effect - Rhodes begins to speak more calmly as he say's with a serious tone of voice "Those are my men in there" Rhodes hesitates as the muscles in his face tighten and his mouth contorts. (Rhodes eyes are popping out almost) Rhodes continues as he breaths in deeply a few times "My Men" Rhodes shakes furiously as his fingers gyrate and twitch from the tremendous stresses he is under. Even though Sarah has nothing to do with Frankenstein's butchery and unorthodox procedures Rhodes is putting her in the blame book also. Sarah's power cable for the light sways from side to side.


Suddenly Captain Rhodes blows a fuse as his anger hits boiling point, Rhodes rapidly raises his right arm behind him as he points it in the direction of the refrigerator, Rhodes maintains eye contact with Sarah as he screams at the top of his voice "Those are my men (Turns his head rapidly towards Pvt Steel Torrez and Dr Fisher) in there" - Rhodes shakes and trembles a cold sweat as his frustration and anger take over. Rhodes becomes silent as he continues to look at Steel, Fisher and Torrez. Rhodes is now on the war path and is putting the blame on the survivors for the diabolical mess they are all in.


Some time has passed as Flyboy patiently waits for Sarah and McDermott's return even though he is showing slight agitation. All is silent along the dark and dank passageway that leads to Flyboy and McDermott's cabin. A simple electronic melody is heard.


Flyboy eagerly looks out of the window as he waits for the survivors return, Suddenly Flyboy turns his head and looks on over towards the sick and injured Miguel who is in desperate need for medicine. Flyboy is worried for Miguel also.


Miguel is silent and motionless as he breaths slowly, Suddenly Miguel shakes his head slightly before continuing to stare up at the ceiling. 


Suddenly Flyboy lifts the (Adjustable collapsible buttstock), up with his right hand before snapping it down at speed - A loud clicking sound is heard) Flyboy rapidly places his right hand under the buttstock a little further up as he prepares his weapon.


Flyboy quickly releases his right hand away from his weapon as he looks out of the window and into the darkness, Flyboy can feel a hidden tension and is expecting something to happen.


Flyboy takes hold of the pistol grip with his right hand before pulling back rapidly on the bolt mechanism as he readies his weapon. Another loud click is heard.


Flyboy rapidly removes his left hand from his weapon as he quickly makes his way out of the door and into the darkness of the cave passageway.


Miguel continues to shake a cold feverish sweat as his eyes look slightly down and forward almost spying or aware of Flyboys presence and actions. Suddenly Miguel looks up more as he begins to lift his right hand up from underneath the green blanket. Miguel pulls the blanket away to reveal his bare chest and multiple silver chains that adorn his neck. 


Miguel quickly places his right hand over his head as he tries to block out the pain and anguish he is feeling, Miguel slides the blue tee towel away as he looks up in some kind of comtemplation. The blue tee towel bends in half as Miguel gently holds it with his hand. Miguel releases the cloth before closing his eyes and resting his hand onto the side of his face.


Miguel breathes deeply as he reopens his eyes while caressing his chains, A low level chinking of metal is heard as Miguel stares up at the ceiling,


Miguel suddenly pulls up tightly on one of his silver chains as black thoughts of dispair fill his mind. Miguel pulls tighter on several of his chains as his mind ponders his awful predicament.


Sometime has passed and Flyboy is very worried for Sarah and Bill and he goes looking for them, His six sense tells him that he should check the corral cave entrance as Captain Rhodes and his goons are on the war path. A deep pulsating electronic sound is heard to provide atmosphere, John can feel a dangerous presence something is on it's way to him and he is scared and very cautious, The dark passageway is revealing dark moving and fluttering shadow movement from the far right hand corner, John knows danger is near. 


Flyboy has a strong feeling Sarah and Bill have been captured by Rhodes and his men and is very cautious from the approaching sounds. John silently walks forward with a curious and worried mind, John is hoping that Sarah and McDermott arrive back safely to the cabin but he does not want to have to deal with Captain Rhodes and his soldiers. A light crunching of mud is heard as John steps forward trying his best to identify the approaching disturbance. John stops in his tracks as his eyes focus on the moving shadows that flutter in the distance.


Suddenly John's fears have become a biting and vivid reality as Captain Rhodes voice is heard from a distance, Captain Rhodes has Dr Foster from behind as he leads him over to the corral cave entrance. Rhodes shouts out loudly "Spick love" or something similar to that. 


A clicking sound is heard from Flyboy's machine gun as he instantly backs away in an attempt to hide from the approaching men. Another soldier is heard saying "Captain hold on" Flyboy looks to his right fleetingly as he takes several rapid steps backwards,


Flyboy turns his head left while standing still in an attempt to find a suitable hiding place.


Flyboy turns clockwise as he runs at high speed towards a pile of junk in the far corner of the cave. Flyboy holds his weapon up high with his right hand. 


Flyboy is now under pressure and is taking no chances with Captain Rhodes or his men, Miguel is sick and he has no idea if Sarah and McDermott are safe or in danger.


Flyboy attempts to conceal himself amongst the junk and darkness of the cave as he waits awkwardly for the approaching soldiers to make there way over to him. As the noises increase in loudness Flyboy stances as he points his weapon directly at the hostile visitors. Flyboy takes a single step backwards as he looks to his right before looking back at the uninvited guests. Flyboy lifts his gun slightly higher against his shoulder as he waits patiently for a gun fight if necessary. Flyboys mind races as he contemplates the sick and disturbing mind of Captain Rhodes who is full of unexpected surprises.


Pvt Steel is heard saying loudly and in quick succession - Hey hey hey watch it - Pvt Rickles is heard saying Yeah Yeah! A loud sound of people in motion is heard as Captain Rhodes sighs loudly. Captain Rhodes is pulling Dr Foster forcefully with his left hand while holding his magnum gun in his right hand. McDermott follows behind as Pvt Juan Torrez points his machine gun into his back. Behing Torrez is Pvt Rickles then Sarah and then Pvt Steel. Flyboy knows that Captain Rhodes means business as he is brandishing his weapon and now keeping hostages.


McDermott looks behind him momentarilly as he is force marched over to his cabin space. Dr Foster is not in a happy mood and the mission that Sarah and Bill went on has now failed as Captain Rhodes will be using the survivors as bait for Miguels return and also a small favour from Flyboy. 


Suddenly Flyboy shouts out loudly "Hold it right there Rhodes" 


Suddenly the entire party of survivors and soldiers stop in there tracks from Flyboy's controlling words. The sound of scuffling feet becomes almost sinister and absent like a switch has been turned off. Rickle's chews furiously on some gun as he rapidly points his weapon over towards Flyboy. Pvt Torrez quickly takes two short steps towards the wall as he also points his weapon towards Flyboy. A low level breeze can be heard but there is no sound score.


A short moment passes as Rhodes sidesteps to his right and say's loudly "Frankenstein's dead" His words echo around the cave passage. A low level scuffling of feet and material is heard as Rhodes roughly pushes Dr Foster forward with force. (Rhodes grimaces at the violent effort) Dr Foster sprays his arms out as his legs move at an awkward angle. White jacket sways around) Pvt Torrez quickly  moves off from his position as he walks behind McDermott - McDermott looks around at Torrez before walking forward. Rickles Sarah and Steel all begin to follow up from the back. Rhodes shouts out again loudly - This scum gets it next unless you throw your weapons out right now. Everyone follows slowly behind Captain Rhodes in silence.


McDermott suddenly speaks as he say's "He means it, Johnny. He killed Logan in cold blood. Dr Foster maintains a constant focus on Flyboy in silence and fear.


McDermott suddenly speaks as he say's "He means it, Johnny. He killed Logan in cold blood. Dr Foster maintains a constant focus on Flyboy in silence and fear. Bill quickly looks back at Torrez before looking forward once again, Captain Rhodes speaks out again loudly creating a loud echo that reverbreates around the dark cave, "I killed Logan because he was a butcher." Bill walks behind Rhodes and Dr Foster as the narcissist Captain stops in his tracks. A loud scuffling of feet is heard as Pvt Torrez Pvt Steel and Sarah also continues on round the back of Rhodes. Rhodes continues with a serious tone of voice "I'll kill the rest of them one at a time, unless you get your black ass out here, Flyboy." Torrez stares at Bill.


Flyboy maintains his composure as he stands in silence and deep thought on the actions he should take, Suddenly a loud clicking of metal is heard as Flyboy releases pressure from his weapon. Flyboy reluctantly lowers his gun as the odds are stacked against him.


Flyboy blinks with disappointment as he suddenly comes forward from out of the darkness, More clicking and crunching of metal is heard as Flyboy lifts his weapon strap up and over his head with his left hand.


Flyboy grabs back hold of the weapon with his left hand before turning to his right and placing the machine gun down onto the top of a wooden box with his left hand. All is silent and only a low level breeze can be heard. A loud thud of wood is heard as the heavy weapon is placed on top,


Flyboy instantly turns to face his friends and his enemies.


Flyboy looks at Rhodes with an unpleasant facial expression as he sweeps his left hand over to his right side and pulls up a black Velcro flap that houses his other weapon. Flyboy slowly pulls up and releases his handgun from his pouch as he maintains a deathly stare towards Rhodes. More crunching of metal is heard as Flyboy raises the gun up before passing it over to his left hand.


Flyboy turns his head right as he places that gun down with his machine gun. (Loud thud sound is heard)


Flyboy instantly looks back towards Rhodes in silence and swings his right hand down and in front of him as he takes several steps forward while saying with a normal tone of voice "Let him go Rhodes" Flyboy stands motionless once again as he waits patiently for Rhodes decision to be made.


Steel plays with his cigar in his mouth  - Rhodes is not in a negotiating mood as he say's to Pvt Torrez, "get his machete" - Referring to Flyboy's weapon attached to his right leg. Rhodes contorts his mouth as he oozes with evil. Wind howls everyone is silent. Torrez suddenly makes his way over to Flyboy


Flyboy looks down at his machete before placing his left hand and then his right to the sharp blades sheath. Left hand undoes button) Flyboy quickly slides the dangerous weapon out at a controlled speed with his right hand which creates a sliding metallic sound. Torrez has made his way over as he points his loaded gun towards Flyboy.


Torrez raises out his left hand as he collects the weapon from Flyboy, Flyboy stares at Torezz as he hands him the blade with his left hand after passing from his right hand.  A light slap sound is heard as Torrez retrieves the blade, Rhodes speaks out loudly "We're getting out of here right now!"


As Torrez maintains a constant focus on Flyboy he swings his left hand out and tosses the weapon behind him with a rapid motion, 


A loud thud of mud and steel is heard as the machete hits and skids to a stop, Rhodes grimaces as he sways slightly in a left to right motion, Rhodes speaks out again with evil thoughts "You give me any shit about it, I blow his head off. Dr Foster is motionless as he awaits his fate.


Flyboy shakes his hands out as he emphazises his words and say's "The whirlybird can't hold us all"


Rhodes replies and say's "Us all" ain't going. "Me (hesitates) my men, you. That's it." Rickles smiles as he looks towards McDermott. Foster blinks once then veers his eyes towards Rhodes as he hears him out before looking back towards Flyboy. Breeze is heard - no sound score


Flyboy is silent momentarily before speaking with a controlled tone of voice "You'll never get me to do that, Rhodes." Flyboy turns his head slightly right as he expresses his wishes.


Captain Rhodes has become desperate and mercilless as he fires his weapon at Dr Fosters head without any warning, Flyboys words have infuriated Rhodes who has now become a cold blooded killer, The sound of the gun is very loud producing a echo sound that repeats over and over again from inside the Seminole Storage Facility.


Rhodes grimaces as he closes his eyes from the powerful and explosive round that has penetrated Dr Fosters brain. A grey smoke belches from the barrel. Dr Foster grimaces as he falls to his left, Rhodes holds his gun high in the air with his right hand as he stares towards Flyboy with a menacing evil, Rhodes continues to hold onto Dr Fishers right collar fleetingly as he falls away to his death. McDermott shudders with shock and fear as he looks on down at the gravelly injured scientist. A loud thud is heard as Dr Fishers body hits the muddy floor below almost certainly dead.


Flyboy looks on down at Dr Fisher with complete shock surprise and intense feelings of betrayal and hate.


The bullet continues to sound out as it slowly decreases in loudness, Flyboy looks back up towards Rhodes with intense shock on his face, Dr Fisher was an innocent party and now Flyboy and every one else knows that Rhodes will kill you at the drop of a hat for his own selfish reasons. 


The sudden attack by Captain Rhodes has severely upset Sarah who was close and a long time friend of Dr Ted Fisher, Sarah screams out loudly with 101 emotions all at the same time as she lowers herself down slightly. Sarah screams loudly "No" long and hard as she clenches her fists and opens her mouth widely. Pvt Steel continues to hold onto Sarah's back as he looks at her with zero emotions of any kind.


Sarah is sick and tired of Pvt Steels control as she frantically struggles to free herself of the powerfully built mans clutches. Pvt Steel grimaces as Sarah breaks her bonds and runs forward towards Dr Fisher in a desperate bid to save his life. Steel shouts out "Hey" as he tries to settle the traumatized Dr.


As Sarah flails her right arm out Pvt Steel grabs hold of Sarah's left arm as she tears away with all her strength. Pvt Steel pulls the frantic Dr back as he grabs hold of her tightly with both hands. Sarah screams loudly as she shouts out "No" in a frantic high pitched and desperate bid for Steel to stop man handling her. Steel grimaces as he swings Sarah around in a clockwise motion. Sarah looks down as Steel tightly wraps his arms around her thighs before rapidly picking her up from the ground. Captain Rhodes shouts out "Rickles, open the gates, 


Rhodes continues to hold his gun high in the air as he looks on menacingly towards Flyboy, Rickles nudges McDermott towards the Corral gate trap door as he shouts out "Let's go"


Rhodes slowly lowers his weapon as he say's with evil "Steel, shove 'em in there. Rhodes is convinced the scientists are causing all the problems and won't stop until he has eradicated everyone he thinks is getting in his way now. Sarah screams as Steel physically carries her over to the trap door so she can join McDermott. Sarah shouts out loudly "Stop It" as she tries in vain for her life. Steels machine gun produces a metallic sound of vibration as he tussles with Sarah. A lot of wooden tapping sounds are heard as Rickles opens the door to the zombie cave network.


Rickle's speaks some more words but are indistinguishable in all the mayhem, sounds like "You and the phones"Flyboy is shocked to the core as he stares at the evil Rhodes. 


McDermott has the privilege of first in as Rickles pushes and tussles with Bill's left arm, Rickles grimaces as McDermott struggles against his wishes. Suddenly Rickles releases his grip as McDermott rapidly propels inside the primitive trap door system. Rickles suddenly smiles as his enjoyment and torture methods excite his senses. Sarah and Bill will soon be inside the corral cave system with no weapons and only there lights on there hats to help them. All the noise will disturb the dead ghouls who will come stumbling forward for a bite to eat.


Sarah gyrates her legs as Steel continues to support her body weight, Steel and Rickles chuckle furiously with a sick delight as they physically place Sarah and McDermott into the trap door space. Steel has his trademark cigar in his mouth) Suddenly Sarah is released as her feet touch the floor. Sarah reluctantly takes two steps towards McDermott as she faces away from her enemies. Steel swings Sarah's red safety light around with his right hand as he grabs hold of it with his left hand.


Steel becomes sarcastic and rather vile as he say's to Sarah "Have a nice visit with McDermott huh" 


Steel chuckles with a sick delight as he taps the top of Sarah's hat twice with his right hand. Steel say's "Yeah" as he enjoys the play time. Sarah holds her safety hat with both hands as McDermott stares at Steel and Rickles.


Sarah and McDermott are trapped and only Flyboy could possibly save them from being eaten alive. Rhodes will consider his actions very fair considering there is a female involved, he could of quite easily shot the pair instead.


Sarah and McDermott quickly turns there heads around as they look in and down the corral cave system with extreme fear, Zombies have been disturbed and will now think it's feeding time.  


From a distance Zombies can be seen slowly making there way up the passage, A loud groaning is heard and sounds like this "Braaaaaaaaaains" More zombies stumble out from a right passage as they awkwardly move with a slow and cumbersome rhythm, A wooden clicking thud sound is heard as zombies appear from all directions.


Sarah is shocked and very frightened as she looks down at the moving creatures of shadow and dim light, Sarah knows she is destined to meet and mingle with them very soon as Rhodes won't change his mind not for anyone.


Flyboy looks away from Sarah and his good friend McDermott as he settles his stare back to the unforgiving Captain Rhodes, Flyboy is mesmerized by his cold attitude and it is hard to beleive he is acting just like the undead at this point. Flyboy is silent as he contemplates his thoughts.


Rhodes stares at Flyboy in silence and satisfaction that he is finally dealing with the ridiculous situation down in the bunker, Rhodes eyes are one of pure evil and he glares at Flyboy, Flyboy suddenly speaks and say's with a serious and almost begging tone of voice, "Rhodes"


Flyboy turns his head right slightly as he say's "Don't do this... please. Flyboys facial muscles are tight as his cheeks inhale and expel rapidly from the stresses of the situation.


Rhodes is silent momentarily as he produces an evil smile of control Rhodes speaks.. Are you gonna give us a ride, Flyboy?.


Flyboy replies with a desperate tone of voice as he attempts to dissuade Rhodes from his evil plans, "I'll do whatever you say man, Flyboy hesitates as he looks on over towards Sarah and McDermott before looking back to Rhodes. Flyboy takes in several fast breathes as he say's "Let her go now". Flyboy is tense and extremely worried for his friends.


Rhodes is silent as he slowly turns away from Flyboy completely unimpressed with his efforts to help Sarah and Bill. As Rhodes moves off to his left he places his magnum weapon back into his gun holder. Rhodes continues to walk on over to the trap door system as his intentions to release Sarah and Bill into the corral underground cave have not changed.


(A clinking of metal is heard from Rhodes gun as he slides it back into place) Shadows form on Rhodes as he takes several long steps towards the trapped pair of survivors. Rhodes wants the honor of releasing them as it will boost his morale.


A bright white light spreads over Rhodes face and clothing as it reflects from the wooden surfaces and wire fencing. Pvt Steel chugs on his cigar before spitting out a large amount of tobacco and phlegm with his right hand. (Loud and wet splat sound is heard) Steel replaces his cigar to his mouth. Rhodes face is bright white from the powerful halogen bulb as he nears the trap door. Rhodes raises his left hand up to a long and dangling piece of rope before grabbing it firmly - Rope swings from side to side - Flyboy shouts out a last and desperate cry for mercy as he say's "Rhodes" in his attempt to stop the mad man from ending Sarah and McDermott's lives. 


Rhodes turns his head towards Flyboy as he holds his hands over the rope while maintaining a cold and evil stare of power and control. Flyboy shouts out again "Let 'em off" Rhodes is silent and motionless except for a slight shaking of his cold hands.


Flyboy almost has tears in his eyes as he fears the worsed for Sarah and McDermott, Flyboy hesitates then say's, "I'll take you...Hesitates shakes head slightly -  wherever you want to go. The strain of persuasion is now taking it's toll on Flyboy as he begs for his friends life.


Rhodes is icy cold and motionless as he replies and say's with a quiet tone of voice, "Like you said, (Hesitates) the chopper can't hold us all."


Suddenly Rhodes turns away from Flyboy as he rapidly pulls down on the rope with his right hand. Rhodes violently pulls down on the long rope right hand over left and then repeats as the worn and wooden trap door lifts up from the ground. A loud and vibrating sound of rubbing hemp and old oak is heard as Rhodes proves his point and dishes out his wrath.


A loud squeaking sound infused with a sliding of wood is heard as the trap door lifts up at speed. 


Sarah and McDermott can be seen through the gaps in the trap door as it travels at high speed to the top of the platform. 


McDermott and Sarah quickly turn around as they face an uncertain fate, Sarah looks up at the ceiling fleetingly as Bill looks out and down towards the approaching hordes of the undead. The trap door produces a loud bang sound as it slams at force to it's furthest position, Rickles casually waits on the other side of the trap door oblivious to Sarah and Mcdermott's feelings and plight. 


McDermott catches a glimpse of the zombie pack making it's way forward which causes the radio enthusiast's eyes to widen and light up with a cold shivering fear of death and dismemberment.


A loud growling sound is heard as the undead steadily make there way closer to Sarah and Bill, One female one male and another female zombie clumbsily stagger one step at a time forward towards the light, Several more zombies can be seen several feet behind the first treo of undead. The female zombie to the far right has a wobble and a hobble to her walk as she quickly makes haste. Flyboy shouts out again as he desperately tries to save Sarah and Bills lives, "Rhodes - Hesitates - Don't do it"radio enthusiast's eyes widen and light up with a cold shivering fear of death and dismemberment.


A loud growling sound is heard as the undead steadily make there way closer to Sarah and Bill, One female one male and another female zombie clumbsily stagger one step at a time forward towards the light, Several more zombies can be seen several feet behind the first treo of undead. The female zombie to the far right has a wobble and a hobble to her walk as she quickly makes haste. Flyboy shouts out again as he desperately tries to save Sarah and Bills lives, "Rhodes - Hesitates - Don't do it"


Rhodes ignores Flyboy as he twirls and tightens the rope around the trap door handle to stop the survivors from returning and to keep zombies out from Rhodes safe area. Rhodes tightens the rope in a clockwise motion one turn before taking the rope underneath the metal hinge before wrapping it around in an anti clockwise motion. Flyboy continues with desperation "You do it and I won't fly".


Rhodes stops dead from his actions from the negative words of Flyboy, Flyboy is the only person who can operate the helicopter and he is needed to escape, otherwise Flyboy would of been stuck inside the corral cave with the others if it wasnt for his aviation skills. 


Rhodes turns his head around slowly as he looks back towards Flyboy in silence.


Flyboy is emotional and feeling the worst for his friends as he say's "I swear, you got to kill me before I fly." Flyboy has a serious and stern facial expression and is trying one last time to stop Rhodes plan.


Rhodes just stares at Flyboy in silence and complete motionless as he holds the rope with his right hand. Suddenly Rhodes pulls hard and down with the rope to ensure it is securely fastened with his right hand as he stares at Flyboy. a LOUD sound similar to an arrow from a bow is heard as Rhodes snaps down hard on the rope.


Rhodes slowly turns his body around as he releases his right hand from the rope, 


John stares at Rhodes with an inbuilt anger as he begins to go against Rhodes wishes, Flyboy speaks out again "Let 'em out" Flyboy hesitates as he points his right index finger over to the Captain and say's "That's the deal"


Suddenly Rhodes begins to slowly walk on over towards Flyboy as he removes his machine gun from his right shoulder with his right hand. (A loud clinking of heavy metal is heard from the gun) Rhodes places his left hand over the barrel of the gun as he removes his right hand (Another chinking sound is heard)


Rhodes becomes slightly vexed as he steps from side to side a few times as he closes in on Flyboy, Rhodes speaks with authority, "I make the deals around here." Rhodes hesitates as he cocks his weapon with his right hand (Loud metallic clicking sound is heard) Rhodes comes even closer as he produces a death stare towards Flyboy - Rhodes then say's "Not You"


Flyboy stands in silence unable to reply to the Captain, Rhodes suddenly shouts loudly towards the helicopter pilot as he say's sternly "Now you get your shit together whatever you need."


McDermott and Sarah are still stood inside the trap door space as they have no immediate plans or urge to venture out into the darkness. Bill stares ahead as he drinks from his silver liquor flask that he always keeps with him, Sarah stares at Bill as she ponders her and his serious predicament. A loud swishing of liquid is heard as Bill lifts the flask up to his mouth and takes a refreshing mouthful of Brandy. Sarah fleetingly looks at Bill before turning her head in fear at the approaching undead which are steadily increasing in numbers. Suddenly Sarah turns to Bill and say's with a sense of hope "Isn't there an old silo back there?." Sarah looks back into the darkness as she emphasizes her point.


Bill looks out at the horror approaching before saying "No, We can't go back there without guns." Bill begins to twist the cap back down to his flask producing a tinny sound)


Sarah replies with concern - We can't stay here, They'll tear us apart. Zombies growl loudly as they continue there slumbering walk towards fresh meat.


Sarah stares out at the zombie presence as she prays for a quick solution, McDermott replaces his silver flask back into his right side back pocket with his right hand as he fleetingly looks away from the undead corpses. Bill sighs loudly with disappointment as he say's Oh, Jesus, Mary and Joseph.


Both Sarah and McDermott look back into the relative safety of the other side of the trap door as they quickly investigate the situation. The situation does not look good and there is very little chance they will be given a reprieve.


Pvt Torrez is on the trigger as he aims his fully loaded machine gun at Flyboy, John stares at Rhodes with anger and frustration as he is not being listened to or taken seriously. 


Suddenly Flyboy begins to turn slowly to his left as he breaks eye contact with the narcissist captain and his goons, John closes his eyes fleetingly as he keeps his hands in his pockets, Torrez is locked and has his gun directly aimed at him. As Flyboy continues to turn away from Torrez the soldier breaks his concentration and looks on over towards Captain Rhodes. Suddenly without warning Flyboy turns back around at speed and catches Pvt Torrez off guard as he grabs his weapon with both hands. Flyboy pushes down on the barrel end which causes Torrez to quickly look back around at the sudden violent movement. Flyboy wont take no for an answer and has now resorted to a fight in his bid to safe Sarah and Bill. A loud sound of crackling metal is heard as both Flyboy and Torrez tussle for control, Torrez grabs Flyboy by his right collar as they scuffle and tumble around.


Pvt Rickles quickly steps into action as he hunches his body and widens his legs as he attempts to shoot Flyboy dead. Sarah and Bill watch the fiasco from inside the trap door as the zombies approach.


Pvt Steel also rapidly goes for his handgun retreiving it at speed from his gun holder that is attached to his right side leg. As both soldiers spring into action Capatain rhodes shouts out loudly "Don't shoot 'im!"


Flyboy continues to take control of Pvt Torrez's weapon as Pvt Steel Captain Rhodes and Pvt Rickles stands poised to fire there weapons, Flyboy has little or no chance of surviving even if he did manage to get the machine gun from Pvt Torrez.

Day Of The Dead 1985 - Part Twelve
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