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Ashley pushes Scotty again to try and make him see sense, Ash say's Scotty! Listen to me, please. Ashley is getting frustrated and a little angry, He shouts loudly, For God's sake! He screams loudly and pushes Scotty again"Scott!" he shouts.

Ashley slaps Scotty around the left side of his face a couple of times and say's come on. Scotty is dazed and fatigued almost on deaths doors and Ashley wants answers. 

Scott say's, Ash... Ash, I don't wanna die. You're not going to leave me are you, Ash? Are you?

Cheryl's deadite form is listening to the conversations and say's in an evil tone of voice, I don't wanna die, You're not going to leave me here are you? Are you? Are you, Ash?,

The deadite gives out a menacing and evil chuckle pulling some evil and scrunched up faces of pleasure.

Ashley is even more frustrated at the situation, He pushes Scotty with his hand and say's loudly, Scotty! Now c'mon listen to me for God's sake! Is there a way around the bridge?

A light wind can be heard, Scotty comes to his senses slightly and say's, There's a way, The Trail, But the trees, Ash. They Know.

Scotty continues, Don't you see, Ash? They're alive!, He shouts loudly with conviction. Linda's deadite form is giggling loudly as Scotty screams out in pure pain and suffering at this point, He can not take much more of this evil.

Both Linda and Cheryl's deadite forms are giggling and laughing with evil a combined effort. With each step of suffering and pain the deadites rejoice with pleasure and laughter.

Linda's deadite form produces a high squeaking kind of laughter , A sound guaranteed to send you up the wall. Ashley shouts loudly at the immense noise of the laughing deadites, Shut Up!Shut up Linda Ashley shouts out. A sombre violin chord plays as the commotion continues. Blood drips heavily from Scott's mouth as he closes his eyes.

Ash leaves Scotty on the sofa and stands up and goes over to the giggling Linda. Ashley is very upset at the situation and is starting to crack under the pressure. Ashley screams at Linda "Shut Up!". The laughing Linda refuses to do such a thing and continues her irritating giggle to the frustration of Ashley.

Ashley has had enough and strikes the deadite as hard as possible with his right hand. A loud whacking sound is heard as Ashley's hand strikes the giggling Linda.

This has proven to be of no effect so Ashley slaps Linda again this time on the left side. Linda is still giggling and feels no pain whatsoever.

The more Ashley slaps Linda the more she giggles, Ashley slaps her again back on the right side of her face. Her head acts as a punch bag but the giggling Linda is enjoying every moment. With each strike of the hand a violin chord is increased in loudness from the rest of the violin symphony.

Ashley holds his hands to his head in disbelief and frustration, No matter how hard or how many times he slaps Linda she will not stop her irritating laughter.

Linda's deadite form gives out a long and continous scream and giggle nothing will stop the possessed Linda from giggling.

Scotty is still alive and can hear all the noise and mayhem, He splutters out the words, "Kill her! He shouts more loudly, Kill Her!.

Cheryl's deadite form who is still locked in the basement say's with an evil expression of voice, Kill her if you can, "LoverBoy", The deadite chuckles loudly with a comedic tone.

Ashley is getting pushed for ideas, He turns and grabs the shotgun that Scotty brought up from the basement earlier. Ashley walks on over to the giggling Linda and points the shotgun at her head. He say's, "God forgive me Linda" Linda continues to chuckle as Ashley cocks the gun, He points the gun ready to fire.

Linda is enjoying every moment of the situation and is completely oblivious to the danger or the dying Scott on the sofa.

Ashley points the gun at Linda but struggles to pull the trigger, His mind is telling him it's Linda but the other part is telling him to fire the weapon, He is in gridlock.

Linda's menacing laughter continues as a violin symphony plays out a somber expression of loss.

The cresendo of violins reaches is climax as Linda bows her head and slowly stops giggling.

Suddenly the mood changes and a solo violin plays a middle chord with occasional cymbal crashes. Linda slowly lifts her head up to reveal a normal Linda, With tears in her eyes Linda say's with a sad voice, Oh Ash, Help me, please!

Ash is dumbfounded at the sight and drops the shotgun without a second thought. His mouth is open and he stares at the normal Linda with surprize and astute reflection. Ashley is breathless and raises his arms to embrace Linda. Linda slowly stands up and say's with a whimpering sadness, Ash, Help me please... Ash.

Linda embraces with Ash and whimpers and cries with sadness, She says, Oh Ash, Please, don't let them take me away again, Please. Ashley say's with a breathless sincerity, No, No I wont, I wont I promise. Linda is extremely upset and whimpers with uncertainty.

Suddenly the violin score fades away and a voice can be heard. It is the voice of a returned Cheryl, Cheryl say's from the hatch, Ashley, Ashley, help me, Let me out of here. Crickets can be heard chirping, Cheryl continues, Ashley? Ash, help me. Let me out of here, I'm... I'm all right now. The camera pans to the hatch and Cheryl say's, Im all right now, Ashley... I'm all right. 

Cheryl's voice has a slight echo to it as she stands from behind the old wooden hatch. She say's, Unlock this chain and let me out!, Chirping crickets and a soft and light wind is all that can be heard.

Ashley slowly releases his grip on Linda and edges his way towards the locked hatch. Ashley steps over a broken piece of wood that was part of the book shelve he crashed into earlier. 

Ashley slowly and cautiously bends down to get a closer look at the hatch and what Cheryl is saying.

Ashley reaches into his left side pocket and pulls out a set of shiny and silver keys. One of these will open the lock to the hatch.

Ashley highlights the key to the lock and silently presses his head down towards the gap in the hatch door. It is deadly silent with only chirping insects and a light wind. Ashley carefully looks in between the gap in the hatch opening but can see only a darkness of silence, The fire can be heard crackling as it slowly consumes the wood logs. Ashley softly calls for Cheryl but there is no answer the voices have stopped.

Ashley is intrigued and slowly lowers his head to almost touching distance of the old rotten hatchway.

Suddenly a loud and crashing bang noise is heard as a hand smashes through the old wood and grabs Ashley with speed and ferocity. A wooden beam has broken clean in half as the force of the deadites rotten hand protrudes through.

Ashley shouts with fear and shock as the hand grabs Ashley by the chin, Another hand appears and starts to pull at Ashley's face and hair. The deadite say's with an evil expression and fits of laughter, "I'm all right now, Ashley! Come unlock the chain and let me out!

The deadite laughs intensively as Ashley struggles to escape the evil Kandarians clutches.

The deadite say's, I'm all right now, as the deadites hand shakes Ashley's face with a dark and evil humor-ism. With a high pitched voice the deadite shouts, "It's your sister Cheryl" with another dark episode of humorous evil.

The deadites thumb is force ably pressing inside Ashley's mouth to his utter distaste, Ashley finally relieves himself of the unexpected party crasher and stands up to look back with shock and utter disbelief.

An echoing sound of retreat is heard as the deadite returns back to the evil depths of the basement. The deadites hands spread wide as they succumb to the depths defeated for the moment.

Ashley stands motionless as he watches the hands disappear, He say's with anger and despair, You Bastards!, Why are you torturing me like this? Why!?. Suddenly the irritating laughter can be heard again as Ashley slowly turns his head to discover it's whereabouts.

Thunder and lighting strikes as Linda sit's by the doorwell among broken debris, She has started her menacing laughter again as she plays with her hair.

Ashley looks on over at the laughing Linda and say's "Shut Up!" in an angry tone of voice.

A soft but high keyed piano chord plays as Linda starts to sing her Kandarian chant, She sings softly, We're going to get you, We're going to get you. Not another Peep, Time to go to sleep.

Ashley can take no more and quickly steps over to Linda and grabs her legs.

Ashley can take no more and quickly steps over to Linda and grabs her legs. Linda starts to repeat the song "We're" her words are cut short as Ashley grabs her legs. She falls on to her back as she continues to giggle and laugh.

Ashley opens the wooden door leading to outside and pulls Linda through as she giggles and laughs.

Linda starts to speak again as Ash pulls her out into the warm night air, She say's in an evil tone of voice, It's Useless, Useless!, In time, it will come for him and then it will come for you!.

Linda's deadite form begins to spasm and shake as it screams and groans on the floor.

A soft piano chord plays lightly as Ash pulls the deadite through the foliage of dead leaves and branches. The deadite continues it's spasm's and screams.

Ashley leaves the tormented Linda as he makes his way back into the cabin.

Ashley enters the cabin and slams the door, Hopefully he will be able to think better now that the terrible laughter has been eradicated and maybe he can find a solution out of this terrible situation.

A low strike of a piano key is heard as a black mist engulfs the full moon landscape, The Evil and demonic voice of Linda is heard at a more lower tone as the deadite possession increases with velocity.

A low wind is heard but all is silent, Ash returns to the injured Scott and brings him a glass of water, Ash raises the glass to Scott's dry and bloodied lips as he say's "Here" Here.

Ash say's to Scott, Now, the sun will be up in an hour or so and we can all get out of here together. Ash lifts the glass but the water just trickles down Scotts mouth, He is motionless and things are not looking good for Scott at this moment in time.

Ashley continues, You, me, Linda, Shelly, Ash pauses for a moment to contemplate on Shelly who was chopped to pieces with an axe. Ash say's Hmm.. Well... Shelly... she

Ash continues, We'll all be going home together. Wouldn't you like to be going home?, Scott is silent and has not moved an inch.

Ash say's, I bet you'd like that, wouldn't you?

A sad and somber violin plays as Ash looks at the motionless Scott. 

Ash drops the glass and it rests on the stomach of Scott, Ashley has now realized that Scotty could be dead as he has not moved or said a word, Ashley desperately wants things to be back to normal and this role play exercise with the dead might improve his mental state.

Ashley say's "Scott" in a worried tone of voice.

The laughter has returned as Ash turns his head towards the irritating sound. The sound is comparable to an old haggard witch,

Suddenly the laughter stops but is replaced by the howls of a wolf. The somber violins have returned mixed with the wolfs howling

Ash stands up and walks on over to the front window, maybe he can see Linda or something else. 

A low wind and the chirping of insects is all that can be heard, A silver mist wisps through the air slightly obstructing the 1973 Oldsmobile Delta 88 Royale vehicle that is parked outside.

Ashley steps back slightly but is suddenly met with a screaming Linda. Linda has the Kandarian dagger in her possession and attempts to stab Ashley with the long and sharp blade.

Linda's deadite form is not giving up without a fight, It is angry and desperately wants to kill Ashley. The blade comes down onto Ashleys left arm ripping through the cotton material and causing a deep wound.

Ashley groans loudly with pain as the deadite bursts out in rapturous laughter at the sight and pleasure of Ashleys suffering.

Ashley looks down at his bloodied wound in shock and fright, Violins are playing an excited theme.

Linda's deadite form is clearly very evil as it licks and consumes the blood with its tongue from the sharp blade, The tongue slowly rolls over the sharp metal part that penetrated Ashley's flesh and she is enjoying every second of it. A violin chord plays up and down the scale in rhythm with Lindas mouth. Deadites enjoy tormenting good souls.

The deadite becomes disinterested in Ashleys blood as she suddenly turns and shrieks with pure evil. The deadite lunges at Ashley with the kandarian blade in her right hand. A cymbal crash is heard.

Ashley hits the back wall creating a loud thud sound as the deadite tries with all it's might to kill Ashley. 

Ashley hits the wall for a second time as the deadite screams loudly, Even Ashley is starting to feel the effects of Kandarian possession.

The deadite spins Ashley around as she giggles loudly with fun and pleasure.

A loud crashing sound is heard as Ashleys goes flying into the sofa and the motionless Scotty. 

The force of Ashley's body sends Scotty flying off the sofa and he falls to the ground as Ashley lays on his side on the sofa.

The deadite uses the moment to attack the stricken Ashley who has little time to react. The deadite screams loudly as it holds it's arms up with dagger in hand.

The deadite laughs loudly as it dives and lunges at Ashley who has managed to move on to his back. Ashley uses his feet and manages to push the evil deadite away and across the floor.

The deadite hits the back wall producing a loud thud sound. 

This has only infuriated the deadite as it swaps the blade from right to left back to right. This time the deadite holds the blade a little lower like a spear and runs at Ashley with only murder on her mind.

The deadite screams loudly as violins surge to the action, Ash and the deadite tussle and fight as it tries to kill Ashley.

Ashley holds the deadites hands with his as they tussle and turn. Suddenly the basement hatch opens and Cheryl's deadite form grabs Ashley with both hands around the right leg. The basement deadite screams out "Join Us" Join Us" as it tries to pull Ashley's leg into the hatch opening.

Linda's deadite form continues to giggle and laugh at the situation as Ashley frantically tries to get them both off of him.

Ashley manages to pull himself free of the basement deadites evil clutches, Violins are playing a high toned and fast paced melody.

A slapping sound is heard as the deadite squeezes and holds Ashley's face squarly in it's slimy paws. It continues to hold it's hand in front of Ashleys face to obscure his view. The deadite screams loudly as violins increase with velocity.

Ashley tries with all his might and manages to twist the blade from withing the deadites hold into a position facing the back of the evil kandarian entity.

The basement deadite is watching the show and is enjoying every moment.

Suddenly the deadite falls over backwards causing the long and sharp blade to fully penetrate the rotten evil, The blade protrudes from out of the other side of the deadites stomach causing a a torrent of thick red blood to seep and saturate the white linen nightgown.        

Cymbal crashes and violin highs are heard as the deadite reels with pain on the floor. The mystical kandarian dagger has the power to kill a deadite form.    

Ashley looks down at the oddity that was once his girlfriend Linda. How could this possibly happen he is thinking to himself.

Suddenly the deadite screams out with a loud displeasure as a fountain of white milky liquid spurts from it's mouth.        

The deadite moves it's head from side to side as it screams and spurts the white liquid substance.         

The basement deadite is getting very violent and excited. It slams the hatch door up and down over and over again as it screams and groans with disappointment.     

Suddenly the violin sound fades away as Linda's deadite form slowly but surely stops moving and rests motionless.    

All is quiet again as Ashley stands looking over the motionless Linda. He is breathless but also relieved that he is still alive.    

Ashley bends down and slowly starts to pull the motionless Linda by her feet across the wooden floorboards.

Scott lay's motionless also and is probably dead, Insects chirping can be heard including the taps of Ashley's feet as he slowly pulls Linda across the floor. Linda's body makes a crunching sound as it slides over a slight gradient, Ashley's light breathing is heard and a low wind.

Linda's body slides past a tin can which produces a rattling sound, The basement deadite is surprisingly quiet only making  a quiet groaning whimper but is watching every move that Ashley makes from the hatch opening.

Ashley has discovered the generator room and has dragged Linda with him. Wild rats roam freely within, A wooden work surface is visible along with other assorted items including a chainsaw and pulley system. 

Ashley pulls a metal cord to illuminate the dark and dusty environment.

A echoing wooden thud illuminates all around as the weight of Linda's body is flayed out onto the wooden support top. It is deathly quiet at this time.

Ashley starts to chain the deadites body down to the wooden table, Thick metal chains align the work surface and a loud click is heard each time Ashley snaps one of the hooks into place.

Ashley positions the second hook into place.

Another loud click and another hook is locked into place, Ashley is taking no chances now as the deadite could spring back to life at any moment..

A loud squeaking sound is heard as Ashley secures the deadites feet with metal clamps. A twisting motion fastens the deadites feet securely.

Ashley starts to pull down on the thick chains which set the pulley system into motion, A grinding metal sound is heard as the thick metal links rub and grate through the pulley spindle device.

Suddenly the chains tighten and the pulley system stops dead, The chains and hooks are now securely tightened around the deadites body.

Ashley ensures the chains are tight and secure.

The pulley system stops dead and is at maximum tension.

The chains extend upwards and are securely tightened now.

Ashley turns and pulls a grey fabric cover at speed, A whipping sound is heard as the cover is pulled away. Behind the cover lies an XL 12 Chainsaw a very successful model.

    3.3 cu. in. (54.2cc)
    1.75 in. (44.4mm)
    1.375 in. (34.9mm)
    Aluminum with chrome plated bore
    Reed valve
    not advertised
    12 lbs. 12 oz. (5.8 kg.) powerhead only
    One Man operation
    Die cast magnesium
    Wico and Phelon, electronic on later series
    Tillotson HS-4D, 142A, 179D, 195A series
    Flocked wire screen
    Homelite automatic rewind
    6,000 under load, free speed 9,500 to 10,500
    30 degrees before TDC.
Position stator plate fully clockwise
    0.015 in. (0.38mm)
    Position is fixed
    Champion TJ8J, later Champion RCJ-8J
    0.025 in. (0.63mm)
    Caged needle roller
    20.9 fl. oz. (595 ml)
    32:1 with Homelite oil
    Homelite chain saw mix oil
    3/8 in.
    Oregon 72D
    14 Link
    12 in. (30cm)
    24 in. (61cm)
    Homelite Blue enamel, later Red enamel

A click is heard as Ashley switches the chainsaw on. A loud rumbling sound is heard as the chainsaw comes to life.

Ashley holds the powerful chainsaw over the motionless deadite and is moments away from cutting the deadites body into two. Fumes bellow from the exhaust unit as the chainsaw sets in motion.

Ashley holds the chainsaw steady and still just a few inches from the deadites body.

Ashley looks over his deadite girlfriend Linda with a chainsaw just inches from her chest.

The chainsaw rumbles loudly as Ashley contemplates his actions, He notices the silver amulet that the deadite is wearing and it is bringing back fond memories of happier times. Ashley is having some trouble chopping his girlfriend in half at this moment in time.

Violins start to play as Ashley contemplates his actions, The silent Linda looks so innocent laying on the wooden surface, Ashley is having second thoughts about carrying out the macabre act.

Sad an somber violins play as Ashley decides not to cut his girlfriend, He switches the chainsaw off and throws it back into it's storage place.

Ashley turns to face the motionless Linda, He is clearly upset and distraught also sad and feels very isolated and desolate.Ashley rests his hands and lowers his head in sadness and dismay, He must find another way to dispose of his girlfriend. Ashley starts to whimper and say's "Oh Linda" to express the terrible situation.

Ashley has unlocked the deadite and carries the body out into the dark forest region. A light howling wind is heard together with the scrunching of Ashley's feet as he progresses furthur into the foliage of trees and darkness.

Ashlea carries the deadite furthur into the woods.

A wispy silver mist floats and snakes through the moist air, A shovel can be seen protruding from the ground. A spooky synthesizer key is playing out as Ashley closes in on the burial location.

Ashley carefully lays the body down onto the ground.

Ashley pulls at Linda's feet so that she is perfectly flat and even.

A metal clinking is heard as Ashley picks up the shovel and starts to dig.

The basement deadite is getting more irate and violent, It has only one desire at this moment and that is too escape the dark and dusty basement space. It pushes the wooden hatch up continuously creating a loud bang each time the wood and chains meet maximum tension.

The constant pressure of the hatch door banging up and down is starting to split and break the wood that holds the chains in place, If the deadite keeps up it's vigil it could quite possibly escape.

The evil presence seems to come and go, Linda's deadite form can sense that Cheryl's deadite form in the basement might escape and join forces with her to kill Ashley. A sudden booming synthesizer sound is heard as Linda opens her dead and blind eyes.

Ashley suddenly stops in his tracks and can somehow sense something is not quite right.

Linda quickly closes her eyes so that Ashley does not see that she has awoke from the dead.

Ashley slowly turns around too look at the dead body of Linda. A light wind is heard.

Linda is completely motionless as she wants to catch Ashley off guard, A kind of Kandarian trickery.

Ashley for a moment looks at the silent Linda but turns back around to continue digging the burial hole. A sad disappointment can be seen on Ashley's face.

The basement deadite is continuing it's onslaught, A loud growling sound is heard along with the sound of breaking wood,

The soft wood is splintering into pieces and splitting in all directions with the force of the hatch.

A squeaking sound is heard as the metal hinge and screws eject out of the soft and rotten woodwork, 

The hatch is moments away from popping open.

Suddenly the wooden hatch gives and will now allow the basement deadite to escape.

As soon as the hatch door opens Linda's deadite form reopens its eyes, A telepathic connection between the two evil hosts is taking place. A deep synthesizer sound can be heard.

Ashley again senses something strange and stops digging, He looks around again at the dead body of Linda to make sure she is really dead.

Linda is still motionless and Ashley is none the wiser.

Ashley stares at the motionless Linda, he still senses something is not quite right.

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