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West Haven Beaches in my opinion have much to offer, some might disagree seeing that it is Long Island Sound rather than the Atlantic Ocean. For my money, they have some of the nicest beaches in the vicinity of the Greater New Haven Area. In particular, Veterans Memorial Park stands out as a fitting tribute to our men and women who have sacrificed their lives in service for our country and as a beautifully well manicured park along West Haven's beach lined coast. This little spot is worthy of a visit during the day or night; it is well lit during the evening hours which provides a quiet dignified serene majestic feel to this wonderful West Haven resource.


broove - You Are Just Another Me

Rhoda is taking a pleasant stroll along the coast of West Haven, A spacey synthesizer chord starts to play as a male conspiracy theorist's voice can be heard explaining some interesting facts. He say's, Within our lifetimes, We have marveled.


As biologists have managed to look at ever smaller and smaller things. And astronomers have looked further and further...


into the dark night sky, back in time and out in space. (Two loud and deep drum rolls are heard.)


But maybe the most mysterious of neither the small nor the large


It's us, up close.  (Drum Roll) Could we even recognize ourselves? And if we did would we know ourselves?,


What would we say to ourselves? What would we learn from ourselves?, (Drum Roll) What would we really like to see...If we could stand outside ourselves...and look at us?


A simple middle toned violin starts to play as Rhoda explores her surroundings. Rhoda steps from side to side on the broken and old rock platform, Her hair blusters in the cool breeze as she observes distance and time.


Rhoda sits down as she starts to discover a space and planets puzzle box.


Rhoda's hair flails in the cool breeze as she concentrates on the puzzle box.


Rhoda opens her puzzle box to reveal the planet Saturn..... Saturn is the sixth planet from the sun and the second largest in the Solar system after Jupiter, It is a gas giant with an average radius about nine times that of the earth. 
Saturn is big enough to hold more than 760 Earths, Saturn has the lowest density of all the planets, and is the only one less dense than water — if there were a bathtub big enough to hold it, Saturn would float. The yellow and gold bands seen in Saturn's atmosphere are the result of super-fast winds in the upper atmosphere, which can reach up to 1,100 mph (1,800 km/h) around its equator, combined with heat rising from the planet's interior. Saturn spins faster than any other planet except Jupiter, completing a rotation roughly every 10-and-a-half hours. This rapid spinning causes Saturn to bulge at its equator and flatten at its poles — the planet is 8,000 miles (13,000 kilometers) wider at its equator than between the poles. Saturn has at least 62 moons compared to Earth Two's one. Since the planet was named after Cronus, lord of the Titans in Greek mythology, most of Saturn's moons are named after other Titans, their descendants, as well as after giants from Gallic, Inuit and Norse myths.


Rhoda studies the puzzle box as she turns it over to reveal it's other side, Rhoda's blue dress ripples and expands in and out as the cold air penetrates in and around the material. Rhoda's inquisitive mind is trying to find a link with the solar systems planets and moons as she would like to know how Earth Two became reality, There must be a powerful meaning for Earth Two to suddenly appear. Saturn was first visited by NASA'sPioneer 11 in 1979 and later by Voyager 1 and Voyager 2. Cassini (a joint NASA / ESA project) arrived on July 1, 2004. Launched in on Oct. 15, 1997, Cassini's mission to explore Saturn ended on Sept. 15, 2017 with a deliberate plunge into Saturn's atmosphere. The spacecraft collected and transmitted data until the very last seconds of the mission.
Total Mission Elapsed Time: 19 years, 11 months, 0 days, 3 Hours, 12 Minutes and 46 Seconds. Cassini plunged into Saturn's atmosphere and disintegrated about 3:31 a.m. PDT (7:31 a.m. EDT) on Sept. 15, 2017.


Rhoda is looking at Earths moon and she is considering the fact that now Earths moon is being shared with Earth Two. The powerful gravitational forces that keep the planets and moon apart have not affected the tides in anyway. Science will now expand on this phenomena and lots of new and exciting things will be learnt about planets moons solar systems and the universe itself.


The Moon from the hidden side - Image taken by Apollo 16.

The Moon (or Luna) is the Earth’s only natural satellite and was formed 4.6 billion years ago around some 30–50 million years after the formation of the solar system. The Moon is in synchronous rotation with Earth meaning the same side is always facing the Earth. The first unmanned mission to the Moon was in 1959 by the Soviet Lunar Program with the first manned landing being Apollo 11 in 1969.

The dark side of the moon is a myth.
In reality both sides of the Moon see the same amount of sunlight however only one face of the Moon is ever seen from Earth. This is because the Moon rotates around on its own axis in exactly the same time it takes to orbit the Earth, meaning the same side is always facing the Earth. The side facing away from Earth has only been seen by the human eye from spacecraft.
The rise and fall of the tides on Earth is caused by the Moon.
There are two bulges in the Earth due to the gravitational pull that the Moon exerts; one on the side facing the Moon, and the other on the opposite side that faces away from the Moon, The bulges move around the oceans as the Earth rotates, causing high and low tides around the globe.
The Moon is drifting away from the Earth.
The Moon is moving approximately 3.8 cm away from our planet every year. It is estimated that it will continue to do so for around 50 billion years. By the time that happens, the Moon will be taking around 47 days to orbit the Earth instead of the current 27.3 days.
The Moon has no atmosphere.
This means that the surface of the Moon is unprotected from cosmic rays, meteorites and solar winds, and has huge temperature variations. The lack of atmosphere means no sound can be heard on the Moon, and the sky always appears black.


Rhoda closes the box so that it becomes the shape of a square, Rhoda ponders over an image of Earth Two which is now the ninth planet in the solar system. There are 8 true planets not including Earth Two being, Jupiter, Saturn, Venus, Earth, Mars, Neptune, Uranus, and Mercury. High pitched synthesizer sounds are heard infused with a somber middle toned violin.


Suddenly Rhoda decides to leave the beach as her hair blows in all directions from the strong breeze.


Rhoda stands up and walks away from the beach still in thought and contemplation.


An hour or so has passed as Rhoda walks through a wooded area, Birds are chirping loudly including several squawking sounds. It is still relatively early in the day and Rhoda has decided to go and visit Mr Burroughs. 


A piano can be heard in the distance as Rhoda approaches the old wooden house. Rhoda did not make plans to visit John she is going to make a surprise visit instead. Rhoda walks with pace towards the front door with a confident body language.


The piano composition continues to play as Rhoda stands motionless from outside, Rhoda waits momentarily as she stares through the glass window contemplating (as Rhoda always does) on what she is going to say and the night ahead. Suddenly Rhoda begins to walk forward one step at a time towards the sound and her own reflection.


Rhoda reaches the door with something very important on her mind.

Sonatina In D Minor (Phaedon Papadopoulos)

John is playing his electronic piano in the music room, For once in his life his mental state has improved and he has started to do the things he did before the accident. Rhoda has certainly played a part in his improved state of mind.


Rhoda stands motionless at the door as she listens to Johns music, She is cautious and in no rush to surprise him. 


Rhoda slowly moves through the kitchen on her way to meet John, Rhoda feels the soft material of the sofa as she gracefully moves closer to the sound. 


John is a fluent and accomplished piano player.


Rhoda's darkened silhouette slowly appears from the kitchen doorway, She walks slowly towards John without making a sound.


Rhoda is focused on the door entrance to where John is playing.


Rhoda is quiet silent and calm, she shows little emotion as she edges her way closer to John.


Rhoda stands motionless as she watches John play the piano, 


John is focused and has not noticed Rhoda's presence.


John is close to finishing the musical composition as his hands climb the scale to a crescendo of high notes.


John finishes the song as he looks up and see's Rhoda standing there in silence, A big smile appears on John's face as he is very happy to see her. John say's, Hi.


All is silent as Rhoda smiles and say's "Hi" John say's softly, A nice surprise.


John say's, You're all dressed up as he beams with delight at the sight of Rhoda. 


Rhoda say's, Do you remember that essay contest I told you about? 


Rhoda continues, Travel to Earth Two? John replies, Uh-huh as he listens carefully to Rhoda's words.


All is silent as Rhoda replies with happiness, I won.


John is tongue tied as he hears the words, He continues to smile as he only wants the best for Rhoda, Rhoda say's ecstatically, I'm gonna go to space. John replies with encouragement as his face broadens into a wide smile of acceptance, "You won, That's great".


Rhoda is full of happiness and big smiles as she looks at John.


John say's with immense pride and satisfaction, That's fantastic, 


John immediately stands from his stool as a massive impulsive urge fills John's mind. He say's with enthusiasm, We have to celebrate, Come here, come on we have to celebrate.


Rhoda laughs ecstatically as John pulls Rhoda by her left hand through the next room towards the kitchen.


John say's again, Come here, we have to celebrate. Rhoda continues to laugh with happiness.


John leads Rhoda into the kitchen as he say's loudly, First things to start with a drink. Rhoda lets out a huge high pitched laugh as now fun is mingled with her happiness. John pulls Rhoda over to a workbench behind the sink where he picks up a bottle of spirits. John say's, we have to celebrate as he places the bottle on the sink worktop.


John say's to himself as he walks over at speed to a side cupboard, I can't believe... John turns to Rhoda after retrieving two glasses for the drink. He say's, How many people...


The cupboard door slams loudly and a bang is heard as John continues, How many people wrote in? 


John continues, That is... A sound of dripping water is heard as John pours the liquor into glasses.


A clink of glass is heard as John returns the top to the bottle decanter. John say's with sincerity, I am so happy for you.


John hands a glass to Rhoda as he takes a deep breath in preparation for his big speech, He say's to Rhoda as he raises his glass, To the coming true of your most improbable dream. Congratulations.


Rhoda and John stare each other in the eyes as Rhoda raises her glass to celebrate her winning a ticket to Earth Two. A chinking is heard as John and Rhoda touch glasses in high spirits and for the occasion.


A gurgling sound is heard as John quickly consumes his beverage, John raises his glass and gulps down the drink in just a few swallows, Rhoda sips her glass but does not finish the drink. Two thuds of wood are heard as the glasses are returned to the sink sideboard.


Rhoda lets out a loud breath in happiness as John looks at Rhoda with more celebrational ideas on his mind.


John raises both arms as he goes to embrace Rhoda around her face and neck, He say's, Next step is a feast. Rhoda splutters with laughter as John gives Rhoda a tender kiss on the lips.


John say's, I'm gonna cook you a celebration feast. Rhoda replies "Yeah" as she smiles and laughs with delight. John say's Okay? as Rhoda replies with a huge smile "Okay". John gives Rhoda another kiss on the lips before breaking away to prepare the food.


John say's, Okay, uh, John claps his hand's together to signal the next step of the celebration, Food, we need Food first he say's. Rhoda follows John as she giggles and beams with happiness.


A couple of hours have passed as night has fallen and all is silent outside except for a light ambient breeze, A violin can be heard playing a simple melody infused with a simple piano chord as the camera pans right bringing the house into view.


John's voice is suddenly heard, He say's, And...


Do they know how prepared you are?


I mean, with the Joan Tallis costume... for Halloween?, Rhoda replies, I will be fully trained in the Mojave desert. John replies, Oh, Well, that's comforting.


John is preparing the celebration dinner as Rhoda replies with food in her mouth,  They made me sign this waiver. Basically every other line of it say's, "If you die, Rhoda points her finger at John to emphasize her words,  "it's your fault". Rhoda is amused at her words as she picks on some cheese from a plate on the table. 


John laughs at Rhoda's acceptance to the rules, He replies humorously, And you seem- You seem totally Okay with that.


John watches Rhoda sat at the table as she nibbles on some cheese. He is extremely happy for Rhoda and is feeling very happy himself.


John say's from the kitchen sink, You know, you'll need an executor for your will.


John suddenly brings two plates of food over for himself and Rhoda, John say's, Do you have one?


Rhoda replies, No, but I don't have anything.


John sits down as he replies, Okay, so nothing to no one. Sounds pretty easy, I think I could handle that.


John continues, Um...Burial or cremation? as Rhoda moves her plate slightly with her right hand.


John listens tentatively to Rhoda's reply.


Rhoda replies, I think my body would probably burn up on reentry. Or be lost in space, so...


John chuckles as he raises his glass and say's Okay, Ashes to Ashes...


John and Rhoda clink glasses as John say's, "Dust to Dust".


Rhoda smiles sweetly at John before taking a sip of the rich red wine from the glass. Rhoda holds the glass slightly away from her face as she evaluates the wines natural fruity notes. John taps on the table three times in fast succession and say's, We'll have to hold a memorial service.


John sniffs as he looks down at the table, John looks back up at Rhoda and say's, Who would you like to attend?


Rhoda ponders momentarily then nods her head negatively and say's, I don't know?.


John raises his hand slightly to signal Rhoda's response, and then looks in silence as neither have anything to say at that moment.


John watches Rhoda as she lifts her head to look at John and replies, You?, Both John and Rhoda look at each other then both look away staring at the table in complete silence.


All is silent and there in no sound score, A few moments later John say's softly with sincerity, Don't go. A few seconds later John say's, Please don't go.... We're so close to something here.


Rhoda just stares down in denial and deep thought as all is silent. Suddenly Rhoda starts to nod her head slightly in a negative way, She whispers with a sad and unforgiving tone , "We Can't" she say's.


John replies, Why can't we? His eyebrows bunch as he looks over slightly complexed.


Rhoda's mind is screaming tonight as the time has come for Rhoda to tell John the best way she can that she was responsible for the fatal accident that killed his pregnant wife and young son. She has been building up to this moment for a long time and this is going to be the moment. This relationship can go no further without Rhoda coming clean otherwise it will destroy them both. Rhoda envisions the night of the accident in vivid detail.


Rhoda replies softly, You know that we can't, 


John replies a little louder and more firmly, I know that we have. Rhoda's mind is still on the accident that fateful night. The images have burnt into her mind and haunt her on a daily basis.


Rhoda looks away unable to find a clear solution to her problem.


John 's feelings are getting the better of him and the situation, He say's with a begging expression, Stay, please?, Suddenly Rhoda stands up from her chair and leaves the table, A wooden rubbing sound is heard as Rhoda abruptly stands up not being able to look John in the face anymore. 


A wooden rubbing sound is heard as Rhoda's chair slides slightly across the floor from her abrupt movement, Rhoda is facing away from John as more images of the accident begin to torment Rhoda. Rhoda's feet make a light sound as she takes a few steps away then stops motionless.


Rhoda stares ahead in complete silence and confusion.


John is silent as he watches Rhoda from a distance.


Rhoda is thinking back to the night she was arrested and incarcerated at the local sheriff's department. Rhoda had hurt her left side temple and leg in the collision and was lucky to have not received worse injuries. 


A low level synthesizer sound is heard in the background, Rhoda turns around and sits back down to face John. Rhoda stares at John without saying a word.


John is motionless and he also just stares at Rhoda with a blank expression.


Rhoda is in a devious frame of mind as she looks away from John and contemplates another image from the night she crashed her vehicle.


Rhoda's mind takes her back to the time when she was in custody and was having her Photo taken for ID purposes. Rhoda had also hurt her lip from the collision.


Rhoda was instructed by a police officer to turn face around so that another photograph could be taken of the teenage delinquent. Rhoda's height was also measured including finger prints and DNA. 


Rhoda is still looking at the glassware shelf in a lost way when she suddenly turns around to face John,


Rhoda say's, Let me tell you a story. The synth sound continues it is a continues spacey note with no fluctuation or change.


Rhoda is thinking about West Haven High School and the real cleaning job she does, Rhoda has been deceiving John as we know but she feels awful for cheating him out of his family and now cheating him again with her own selfish actions. Her mind is some where else as she looks down at the floor in the chemical storage facility.


Rhoda continues, And if, Rhoda swallows and nods positively as she struggles to get her words out, "after you still want me to stay," Rhoda pauses for a few short seconds then say's, I will stay.


John is now transfixed onto Rhoda's words and facial expressions, His body language has changed from hearing the serious words from Rhoda, He looks down then back up at Rhoda as he nods slightly in agreement.


Rhoda has been in deep thought and contemplation for quite some time, She has constantly thought about John and her conscience, This moment when Rhoda was walking through town is another notable time that she was contemplating a solution to her problem an action plan to initiate.


Rhoda continues, It's about a girl.


Rhoda thinks back before the accident and how different her life was before the fatal collision and Earth Two's arrival. Rhoda is posing in the mirror in this scene as her reflection emulates the second Rhoda the girl with two minds and actions.


Rhoda continues as John listen tentatively, Rhoda say's, At the start, Rhoda nods negatively slightly to express some immaturity almost feeling sorry for her young self, she's...


Naive, Her mind reverts back to the moment she left the party having celebrated her acceptance into MIT, She imagines herself getting into the motor vehicle but regrets the fate she was handed, If only she had never took the car or if only she had left earlier or later this terrible accident may never of happened. 


Rhoda continues, Reckless.

John is hypnotized by Rhoda's words, He knows there is something building up inside Rhoda she is carefully telling John what she wanted to say but now it has turned into a very deep and meaningful expression of her mind. At the beginning she thought it would be so easy to tell John about the accident but this has proved to be impossible and now she has reached the point of no return and must finish telling John her story. A moment passes then Rhoda say's, She does something that is...

Rhoda drifts back to the moment she first set her eyes on Earth Two and the feeling it provided. The excitement and the bewilderment of the night all alone with a giant oddity that beams its light down to Earth's strangers without any warning of it's forthcoming.


Rhoda say's, "Unforgivable" in a serious tone of voice.


John is mesmerized as Rhoda continues, She say's, And one day,


she goes to apologize


Rhoda returns her thoughts to the first time she met John after spying on him at his house.


Rhoda speaks with sadness denial and guilt as she remembers in every detail her visit to the old white house in the forest. Rhoda's thoughts took over as she took advantage over Mr Burroughs dilemma even though it was he who thought was taking advantage over Rhoda.


Rhoda continues, But she loses her nerve, Tears are starting to dwell in Rhoda's eyes as she carefully explains herself the best way she can. A few seconds pass then Rhoda say's, She's weak, 

Rhoda thinks back to when she took her clothes off and laid naked and all alone in a field in freezing cold conditions. Rhoda is certainly suffering from a guilty conscience and each time she fails she takes the disappointment out on herself. She thinks she is a failure and nothing ever goes right for her so she tried to commit suicide as a means to escape and solve the problems she is experiencing. 

Rhoda continues, She lies to him.


The camera lens zooms in slowly as John blinks rapidly as he tries to absorb the information and Rhoda's way of expressing herself. John's eyes look down in a kind of disbelief as he is still processing the information and he is now thinking about the situation he has had with Rhoda.


Rhoda thinks about her job at West Haven High School and why she enrolled for the job in the first place. Working at the school gave Rhoda a cover for her pretend job at Maid in Haven and she feels guilty for deceiving John after all that they have been through.


Rhoda continues and say's softly....And then... Rhoda nods her head slightly as she expresses her words, Rhoda say's, She thinks that she might in the smallest ways,... Rhoda has a whispering tone, "be able to make his life just a little bit better".


Rhoda envisages John sitting in the garden reading a book as she slowly walks behind with some washing in hand. This scene indicates Rhoda is a kind of phantom entity that carries out cleaning chores for John as she feels sorry for his life.


Rhoda continues as the tension is nearly at boiling point, Tears are quite visibly swelling in Rhoda's eyes as she say's in a whispering tone of voice, And so she wakes up every day just to do that.


John is still silent as Rhoda continues, She say's, And some days she thinks it's for him, John looks down and doesn't know where to put himself as he is emotionally stunned at this point.


Rhoda is close to tears as her powerful words continue, Other days, she worries that it's for herself, that it was really just a way to survive what I have done.


John suddenly realizes what Rhoda is trying to explain to him, He looks at Rhoda with an inbuilt shock as the words start to bite. Everything that has happened is suddenly making sense and John is starting to piece together the complicated puzzle box for himself.


Rhoda has genuinely strong feelings for John and she never intended to ignite a relationship that would end in tears. Rhoda continues as her emotions increase with every second, She say's from the heart, But I think that I do make you happy.


The conversation is proving to be too great for John, He turns his head away and stands up in complete shock from Rhoda's words. Another piece of the puzzle has just slotted in to place and John does not know anymore if he even knows this woman called Rhoda. John curses himself from under his breath by saying, Oh My God as he stands and walks away.


Rhoda continues, I know that you make me happy.


John is in a trance like state as he walks around the kitchen table to sit down onto another chair. The chair makes a snapping sound as Johns weight is placed onto it.


John is in a bad way he feels delusional and confused, Rhoda is trying her best to make the most of a bad situation. John is contemplating the accident and is piecing together everything that has happened.


Rhoda is silent and tearful as she stares at John, 


John is thinking back to the night of the accident, The images and events he remembers have been blotted out by the impact of Rhoda's vehicle. His pregnant wife and child were so viciously snatched away from him those last moments are so precious. John now knows that Rhoda was responsible for the accident and is a mixed bag of fireworks at this moment in time.


Now John's mind is playing a movie as he thinks back to happier times. Nothing can bring back his family and Rhoda knows she can only push her luck so far with John.


John is dumbfounded, John is destroyed, John feels trapped.


Rhoda comes clean and admits her role in the accident, She say's, It was my fault.


Now Johns mind is focused on his five year old son Amos who tragically perished from the impact, He really loved and misses his son like all good fathers would but now a blade has come between John and Rhoda. He put trust and faith into this person and now he feels betrayed. A low level clicking sound can be heard mixed with the trance synth sound, It can be described as a ticking clock sound.


A pin could be heard if dropped at this point, John stares at Rhoda hesitating knowing that she is about to say something extremely hurtful but at the same time extremely brave and honest.


Rhoda spills the beans and say's with a soft whispering tone, I killed your wife and your son.


John has has enough but is taking the situation very well at this point of the night. He say's in a normal tone but not angry, "You better leave".


Rhoda has tears to her eyes and is feeling awful for what she has just told John, But she had an insatiable desire to tell John and if she never told him tonight it would of been the next time or next but with each day that passed she carried her guilt and the worse she felt and her mind could not hide her  anguish any longer. Rhoda closes her eyes in sorrow and deep sadness.


John is starting to feel very stressed as he makes his wishes much more understandable, He stares at the floor as he shouts, "Get Out"


More time passes in silence but Rhoda is still sat down from across the room. John can take no more and shouts at the top of his voice for Rhoda to leave, He shouts "Get Out Now!"


Rhoda sits there motionless as she jumps in fright slightly from Johns loud verbal command, Rhoda opens her eyes and just stares at John without any emotion of any kind. Rhoda was not sure what the reaction would be once she told John about her guilt but now all is plain to see. John shouts once more, Now! and this time Rhoda instantly leaves her chair and makes her way to the exit through a darkened door well.


A distorted and intermittent high pitched whirring sound is infused with a middle toned synth key that plays a continuous note. John is extremely affected by Rhoda's shock treatment. His body signals indicate he is moments away from a convulsion but he raises his left hand to his forehead while taking deep breaths of air.


John feels his chest area with his right hand as his heart beats rapidly from the stress and mental torture he has endured. 


Rhoda is returning on the train in deep thought.


(A simple synth key can be heard playing a continuous note) A television channel is broadcasting a report on Rhoda's success at winning the United Space Ventures competition which so many people entered. A female reporters voice is heard saying, The mystery flight member is 21 year old Rhoda Williams who is rumored to be an ex-convict. Her records are off limit to the public as the alleged crime occurred when she was under age. 


Kim and Robert are watching the television as the TV reporter continues, There are reports of offers up to three million dollars on the web for a ticket aboard USV's flight. We're getting word now that she's arriving at her residence in New Haven.


Kim raises her arms and signals to Robert that Rhoda has arrived back home and is moments away from coming in the front door. She turns and points her right hand at the door to signal for Robert to go and let her in. Kim say's with urgency and a face of concern, "Oh, Oh, Can you get that... The TV reporter continues, where Robert Hughes is standing by. 


Rhoda has just arrived back home from leaving the train station, A large crowd of news agency reporters have turned up and are directly outside Rhoda's house and have also circled around the back of the house. Rhoda holds her right hand up high to try and shield herself from the blinding flashes of cameras, It is very noisy as all the reporters are trying to ask questions all at the same time. Some say "Right Here" to try and catch her attention.


Another reporter shouts "Can I take your picture for the space trip", another reporter shouts, Rhoda are you going into space. Another shouts "Have you got the ticket?" Many are shouting Rhoda while another shouts out "Rhoda Williams" and creating a lot of noise and commotion.


Rhoda has been taken by surprise as she never expected a large crowd of reporters to have accumulated outside her house. Rhoda is naturally introverted and shy so she is not appreciating the reporters at this moment in time.


Rhoda fights her way through the crowd to be greeted by her father Robert. Robert helps her in to the house as another reporter shouts out "Just one photo"


The reporters are desperate for photos and answers, They shout as they flash wildly with there cameras, they won't be going home anytime soon.


Rhoda enters her house and immediately walks to the stairs so that she can get some peace and quiet from the attic bedroom, Robert shouts over to his daughter with a tone of concern, The television can be heard in the background.


Rhoda turns around as Robert walks on over to speak to Rhoda, Robert say's, You could have told us? We had to find out from the media? Rhoda replies, I ju.. I just found out.


Kim and Robert are very concerned for there daughter and only want what's best for her, Both parents listen carefully as Rhoda say's, I wasn't sure I wanted to go, I didn't...Rhoda stops her sentence. Kim replies with uncertainty, Are you going?


Rhoda replies, I'm gonna go. A reporter on the scene is broadcasting live from outside Rhoda's house and can be heard on the Williams television set, The reporter say's, The space flight will cost Trillions...We were unable to get a comment from Rhoda Williams or her family members. They are keeping a low profile and were keep you updated.

Kim replies with slight shock and distress, She say's, Oh no no Wait a minute. I mean, don't you think we- we should have a discussion about this? Robert breathes out deeply from the stressful situation.


Rhoda has made up her mind and is silent and motionless as she stands on the stair case.


A tap tap tap sound is heard at the back window from a keen reporter, Kim responds by saying, Oh, they're in the backyard now. Flashes of light from the reporters cameras pierce through the glass window to create a flickering light show.


Robert goes to investigate the tapping sound as more flashes of light illuminate the window producing a pleasant "Air Force Blue" color scheme that reveals the contours and shapes of shrubbery and leaves. Kim follows Robert and attempts to signal him with her right hand for him to ignore the reporters as it will make the situation worse.


Rhoda suddenly makes her way up the twisting stairs as Kim turns and shouts up to her loudly, Rhoda, Rhoda she shouts in an attempt to bring her back as she and Robert have not finished there important discussion with her. Rhoda defies her mother and continues up to the attic bedroom (Her only place of solitude in the entire house)


Fast tapping of a wooden block can be heard that has a slightly echoed effect overlayed, A simple piano chord can also be heard infused with a low level synth key. Rhoda has laid down on her bed and is looking at an envelope that she has received in the post.


Rhoda slowly pulls the winning ticket for the Earth Two flight from it's protective outer cardboard box.


The illustrious and highly desirable ticket has now been revealed to Rhoda. The ticket displays a small amount of information in regards to travelling to Earth Two, UNITED SPACE VENTURES - TRAVEL TO EARTH II  - Operator (USV) Ticket No 0001 - Departure - 05 July 2012 -  - Time 0645 -(Compartment) BUS N - (Seat) 3B - (Astronaut) Group A - Arrival 0715 - Valid only for dates listed. - TRANSFERABLE - ADMIT ONE (1) - -


Rhoda ponders over the impossible dream, the text sits nicely printed onto the thin papers surface not entirely expressing it's power and excitement. Rhoda contemplates what the trip will be like and who she will meet on her journey.


Rhoda reads the information on the ticket then quickly slides it back into it's sleeve. A whooshing sound is heard as Rhoda pushes the ticket back into it's protective envelope. Rhoda stares at the dimly lit ceiling as she imagines her amazing trip into outer space.


Rhoda rests the ticket onto her stomach as she investigates a thin booklet that contains her liability agreement amongst other important information relevant to her trip. She pulls the booklet from within another protective envelope as she begins to read the information.


Rhoda flips one piece of paper down the middle to reveal a Release And Waiver Of Liability Agreement.



voluntarily applied to participate to travel to Earth II Day------Month------Year------


I verify this statement by placing my initials here-------------
Parent or Guardians initials (If Under 18)------------------

As consideration for being permitted by USV to participate in these activities and use the USV service and facilities, I forever release USV, the state, the county, any affiliated organisation and their respective directors, officers, employees, volunteers, agents, contractors, and representatives ("collectively releasees") from any and all actions, claims or demands that I my assignee's heirs, distributes, guardians, next of kin, spouse and legal representatives now have or may have in the future for injury death or property damage, related to (i) my participation in these activities (b) the negligence or other acts, whether directly connected to these activities or not and however caused by any release or the condition of the premises where these activities occur, whether or not I am then participating in these activities, I also agree that I, my assignee's , heirs, distributes, guardians, next of kin, spouse, and representatives will not make a claim against, sue, or attach the property of any release in conjunction with any of the matters covered by the foregoing release. 

I have carefully read this agreement and fully understand.........


Rhoda looks at the Release and Waiver Of Liability Agreement form for a short few seconds before flipping the page over to reveal a food menu that USV are catering and providing for there tourist space travelling friends. This fantastic astro created menu is provided as an "all in" and exclusive deal. Rhoda will also be provided with accommodation and she can use this food menu for the complete duration of her visit. Rhoda starts to drift off into her imagination again as she dreams of eating her favorite foods while travelling through space.




The list includes but is not conclusive,


Cheese slices#Cream Cheese
Sour Cream, Yogurt and Fruit




Meat and Eggs
Beef Brisket BBQ
Beef Stroganoff with Noodles
Luncheon Meat
Meatloaf with mashed potatoes and gravy
Fish Sauted

Seafood, Fish grilled Scallops baked
Seafood gumbo with rice
Shrimp Cocktail
Tuna noodle casserole


Egg omelet cheese
Egg omelet Vegetable
Egg omelet Ham
Quiche Vegetable


All our food is prepared by some of the finest chefs on Earth for your satisfaction United Space Ventures


Pasta Mixtures

Lasagne vegetable with tomatoes
Noodles stir fry
Spaghetti with meat sauce
Spahetti with tomato sauce
Tortellini with tomato sauces



Egg rolls


Dinner ROLL
Sandwich bun, wheat-white



Breakfast item

Cinnamon roll
French toast
Pancakes buttermilk



Fettuccine Alfredo
Macaroni and cheese




Rhoda ponders her journey but also she worries about her family who she will greatly miss, 


A dripping sound of water can be heard including a simple piano key, Rhoda relaxes as she thinks about her exciting adventure.


Downstairs in the front room the television is still switched on, A male voice can be heard coming from the speakers, he say's, Joining me now from Washington, D.C. Astrophysicist Dr. Richard Berendzen, 

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