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Everyone looks up at the ceiling except for Rennes as the deep rumbling sound continues.


Quentin looks back towards Leaven and Holloway as he raises both of his hands and say's "Please" 


Quentin continues, We're spooked enough as it is, Let's, Quentin sighs as he looks down then back to face the prisoners, Quentin raises his arms wider and say's, "Let's rule out aliens for now and concentrate on what we know.


A dreamy middle corded synthesizer break begins to play - Leaven nods her head negatively slightly as she say's, My mom's gonna freak!.


Quentins turns to look at Rennes from behind and say's, Rennes?


Holloway is still fascinated with the ceiling as Leaven say's, I just won't be there, They'll freak. 


Quentin say's to Rennes, What do you think, Rennes?


Rennes is looking down and is tying another knot into his other boot as he prepares to test another trap room, The other boot which was burnt is finished and is unsuitable for another test. Rennes say's, We won't solve jack shit sittin' still.


Quentin listens to Rennes carefully.


Rennes continues, I'm moving in a straight line till' I get to the end. Rennes begins to shake rapidly with his right hand as he tightens the knot around the eyelets of the boot before pulling out with the same hand.


Quentin nods positively slightly as he say's to Rennes, All right, I tend to agree. Leaven responds and say's, Shouldn't we wait here? Quentin turns to look at Leaven from her words. 


Holloway turns and looks at Leven before saying with doubt, For What?


Leaven speaks with a serious lack of confidence as she looks at Holloway and say's, To see if anyone comes, Leaven then looks back at Quentin.


Worth nods his head slightly and say's, No one's gonna come.


Quentin walks off to his left as he swings his right hand down and say's, Look, There's a way in here, 


Quentin turns back around as he walks to his right and say's, So there's gotta be a way out.


Quentin raises his right hand and points it towards Rennes second boot, Quentin say's, We can avoid the traps using the boot.


Quentin turns and looks at Holloway before saying, Holloway is it?

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Holloway nods positively with a serious expression on her face, Quentin continues, What do you think? 


Quentin continues Look for an exit? - Leaven looks at Holloway, Holloway say's, Okay before looking back at Quentin with a face of worry.


Quentins looks down at Worth and say's, What about you?


Worth say's softly, It can't be that simple, 


Quentin turns his head and looks at Rennes as Rennes say's, It won't be that simple.


Rennes is looking down at his boot as he plays with the lace before saying with an air of confidence and wisdom, "Look around"


Rennes hesitates then looks up before saying as his head shifts from side to side as he looks up at the ceiling, Take a good long look see.


Rennes hesitates some more before saying with a strong gut reaction, Cause' I got a feeling it's looking at us. Rennes looks back down at his boot as he continues to fine tune the lace and knot that is attached to the eyelets.


Quentin is silent as he watches Rennes prepare his boot, Holloway has her arms folded as she looks up at the ceiling, Leaven is also looking up at the ceiling with interest, Suddenly Leaven turns to face her right as Holloway turns more to her left as she continues to stare up at the ceiling panels in an attempt to work out a solution to her dilemma.


(Rumbling sound is louder and more prominent) Leaven walks to the far wall then turns around as she rests her back to the wall, Leaven gasps with fear and worry as she tries to maintain mental focus and stability. (Whooshing Synthesizer note) Leaven becomes emotional as she bends down to the floor and say's, "I just want to wake up."


Leaven looks down as she gasps some more and is emotionally affected by her captivity and situation, Leaven closes her eyes tightly as she tries to shut out the horrors of Cube.


Leaven raises her head slightly up then back down as she gasps some more, Leaven is shaking and trembling with fear as she rocks her head in an up and down motion, Suddenly Quentin comes over to Leaven in his bid to provide some emotional support, Quentin say's Leaven and then hesitates, (Leaven  lets out a short cry) Quentin raises both of his hands and signals with an up and down motion as he say's, We can do this.


Quentin continues as Worth looks over, We just have to stay calm and work together as a team. Worth looks to his left.


Rennes is still preparing his boot to ensure a safe and secure attachment, Suddenly Rennes shakes his head violently and lets out a loud grunt before looking back down at his boot.


Quentin continues speaking to Leaven as Holloway continues to observe the ceiling, Quentin say's, There's gonna be a lot of people looking for us on the outside. 


Quentin continues as he joins his fingers and hands together, I'm a cop. Leaven continues to gasp loudly and shake as she looks up at Quentin from his words, Quentin reassures Leaven and say's, All right?.


Leaven looks at Quentin and replies, You're a cop?, Quentin replies, Yeah as he nods positively.


Quentin continues as Worth looks over in silence, I'm gonna get you out of here, I promise.


Quentin signals with his hands again as he say's, You gotta be with me on this one.


Leaven continues to shake with fright as she sighs and looks down before nodding her head positively, Leaven then say's Okay as she agrees to Quentins words, Quentin whispers softly, Okay to ensure that she is on his side and won't do anything stupid, Leaven looks directly at Quentin as she continues to nod positively, Quentin outstretches his right hand before Leaven grips it tightly with her right hand. (Tap is heard) Quentin begins to stand slowly as Leaven follows suit,  

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Delirium (Original Mix) - Freak Control

Leaven raises her right hand and begins to play with her ear before lowering her hand again, A loud sound of scraping metal is heard as Rennes opens up another trap door that he has been stood close to for some time so that he can test the boot technology once again.


Quentin walks on over to the now open trap door as Rennes looks at Quentin with the boot dangling from between his teeth, Quentin looks up at Rennes and then raises his head up as he say's to Rennes "Boot it" to indicate that Rennes should now throw the boot inside the room to see if it is safe or not to enter.


(Light tapping is heard) Rennes turns away from Quentin and looks down at this boot before pulling it away from his body with his left hand, 


Rennes turns to face the trap door as he lowers the boot down before bending his arm so that he can get a good swing on the boot, Rennes carefully throws the boot through the square gap and into the room on the other side. 


The boot quickly propels into the next room as Rennes holds onto the long lace that is attached to the eyelets.


A whooshing whipping sound is heard as the boot travels through the air a few feet before rapidly landing, The boot creates a loud squeak sound as it lands squarely and evenly on to it's sole, 


(No sound score or rumbling exists) Rennes hesitates momentarily as he looks into the room as he waits for a death machine to appear, All seems good as Rennes begins to pull back on the long lace with his left hand a single time before grabbing the retrieved lace and pulling the boot back out of the room. 


Rennes clings to the wall with his right hand as he turns to face Quentin and the others, Rennes say's, "Clean" as he smirks from the discovery.


Quentin raises his left hand towards Leaven to signal to her to come over to him as Rennes pulls on the attached lace high in the air with his left hand, He then uses his mouth to hold onto the boot as he prepares to climb through into the room.


Rennes turns back around to face the trap door as he pulls himself up with his right hand, A tapping sound is heard as Rennes lifts up his left leg as he makes his way through the enclosure and into the next room. Leaven looks forward in silence and contemplation as she will also be going through the door into the next room along with the rest of the group. 

Strange Light (Original Mix) - Euphorya

(A grating of metal is heard from a trap door) The group have all entered into the Red room but have now decided to enter through yet another door as they try and find an exit from the maze of interconnected rooms. A loud thud is heard as Rennes tests his boot technology once again, The boot lands squarely on it's sole as it lands before wobbling from side to side a few times. Rennes waits a few moments then pulls at the laces to retrieve the boot from the room.


Rennes is first to make his way inside the Green color coded room followed by Quentin and then Holloway, (Tapping is heard from Holloway) as she climbs down the metal rungs, All is silent inside the room except for a light wind sound and all members of the group are quiet and sombre. Rennes walks forward a few steps and observes the environment as he looks from left to right, Holloway brushes her face and hair with her right hand. Leaven has just climbed the metal rungs and is carefully making her way through the square gap in the wall as Worth stands below her waiting.


Leaven breathes out loudly as she lowers her left hand to the surface of the hollow square entrance before looking down, 


A loud rumbling sound has now returned infused with a metal straining squeaking noise,  As Leaven looks down she uses her right hand to feel along the surface of the floor and has now discovered something of interest.

More rumbling continues but now there is a much louder sound of heavy vibrating cogs of movement that are under extreme pressure, Suddenly a very loud explosive thud similar to a canon is heard which cause Rennes to close his eyes from the loud noise. The sound indicates that something heavy and large has hit a surface or area that disallows it to go any further. Holloways hair moves from a gentle wind that has been generated by the large and unidentifiable object.


The heavy thud of ambiance causes Leaven to look up with curiosity, She continues to look forward with confusion and fright as her eyes open wide and look around in a circular motion. Holloway say's to Rennes and Quentin, "That one sounded closer" as she expresses her thoughts on the loud rumbling sound which frequents Cube.


Rennes say's with a confident nature, It's mechanical, It seems to come at regular intervals. Rennes looks to his left as he observes the room.


Leaven pulls her attached glasses from her shirt with her left hand as she takes hold of them with her right also, This action has opened the right side hinge,  Leaven opens the left hinge to a full extension with her left hand before raising and putting them over her eyes and face. Leaven releases her right hand from her glasses as she maintains a grip with her left hand as she looks down at the floor. Quentin say's to Rennes, "Maybe it's the ventilation system." Rennes replies, "No vents," Holloway say's, "No kidding I'm boiling."

Everlasting (Original Mix) - U-Recken & Static Movement

Both Worth and Leaven look down at the floor at something of interest as Leaven tries her best to focus through her broken glasses.

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Leaven has focused her mind onto a small silvery strip of metallic metal that has a series of numbers inscribed into it, Leaven runs her finger slowly along the strip as she tries to fathom if the digits have a significant meaning or other purpose. The numbers read 566 472 737 for the Red Room.


Each room has a strip of numbers and now Leaven is intrigued as to what these numbers specify.


Holloway turns around to look up at Leaven while Quentin has noticed Leaven reading the numbers and has gone back over to the trap door to investigate, Quentin climbs two rungs so that he can focus on Leavens sudden interest and say's, What is it? Leaven is silent and does not respond as she looks back down at the series of numbers.


All is silent as Rennes turns his head to look back at the rest of the group, 


Holloway has also climbed back up the metal railings so she can have a look at Leavens discovery, Quentin say's with curiosity, Serial Numbers?


(A low level buzzing sound is heard) Holloway say's, Room numbers, They're different in each room. Theses numbers are for the Green room 476 804 539


The camera pans down to reveal the second metal strip of digits which are for the Red room. They read 566 472 737 - Worth is reading the Red rooms digit strip and say's as he reads it, Oh great, 


Well there's only uhh, 566 million 400 thousand other rooms in this thing. As Leaven looks down at the serial numbers she drops her glasses slightly down from her face with her right hand before looking to her right at Worth who is reading out the numbers.


Holloway responds with a serious tone of voice as Quentin turns his head to look at her, Well, there better not be?, We have about 3 days without food and water before were too weak to move. Holloway steps down from the metal rungs leaving Quentin to ponder on the situation.


Leaven replies with a sense of well being, Well, they have to feed us don't they?


Quentin tuts as he looks away from Holloway before looking back at her and saying, Holloway, 


Holloway responds to Quentins wishes for an explanation as she is a doctor and will know more than he does about the human body, Holloway say's, Oh, we have heat, stress,


Rennes looks away and then back again at the group as he listen for any hot tips on how to escape, Holloway continues, physical exertion, i.e. dehydration,


Holloway turns to look at Rennes as she say's, Headaches, (Holloway raises her right hand)  dizziness, disorientation, (Holloway lowers her hand) confused mental processes. (Leaven raises her left hand to her face)


Holloway has made her way much closer to Rennes as she continues her medical prognostic on the outcome of a prisoner if they do not find food and water within three days, "The body eventually begins to break down it's own tissue. Holloway nods her head positively as she explains her theory, 


Suddenly without warning Rennes rapidly strikes Holloway with his right hand which surprises Holloway causing her to stop talking, The strike is gentle but creates a loud thud of material.


Rennes pushes his face slightly forward towards Holloway as his face retorts and say's, Suck on it.


Rennes begins to chew and gyrate his mouth around before pushing his tongue out at Holloway which produces two large green buttons that are stuck to the end.


Leaven and Worth and Quentin are silent as they watch Rennes and Holloway from a distance, Suddenly Leaven looks down slightly causing her glasses to fall a few inches down her face and rest on the end of her nose. (Low level ting is heard from the glasses)


Rennes walks further forward as he quickly raises his right hand to his tongue to retrieve one of the buttons. Rennes offers the button to the slightly taken back Holloway with his right hand and say's, Keeps the saliva flowing. Rennes speaks slightly muffled as he begins to suck on his button, 


Holloway is silent as she accepts the button from Rennes finger and thumb.


Rennes steps away convinced he is the smarter of the group as Holloway stares down at her new friend.


Worth and Leaven look on before making there way into the Green room to join the others.


Some time has passed and the group of prisoners have traversed several more rooms with the help of Rennes who is still using the boot technique to test the rooms. The group have now made there way into a light brown room as they wait for Rennes to test out a new Red room with the boot.


Suddenly Rennes throws the boot into the room at speed, (All is silent and there is no sound score)


A whooshing sound is heard as the boot attached to the lace hurtles through into the Red room space, (A crashing thud is heard as the boot lands on the floor of the room)


Rennes waits for a few seconds in time to see if any death machines attack the boot before pulling it back in the same way as before, Rennes raises his right hand and pulls back on the lace before retrieving the intact boot from the square gap. Rennes quickly throws the boot to the ground in the room he is standing (Loud thud is heard)


Rennes continues to look inside the red room before he suddenly sniffs loudly two times in quick succession.


Quentin walks forward as he attempts to make his way into the new room like all the others, 


Rennes quickly turns around then forward again as he stretches his left arm out backwards to block Quentin from going any further, Rennes say's "No" as he shakes his head negatively, 


Quentin questions Rennes serious reasoning and say's What? - 


As Rennes looks into the Red room he say's back to Quentin, The air seems dry in there, Holloway responds with intrigue and say's, Trapped? Rennes replies, Molecular chemical sensor.


Quentin responds, Why the hell didn't the boot set it off? - Rennes replies as he turns to face Quentin, The boot's not alive.


Rennes turns back to face the red room once again as he say's, Detects hydrogen sulphide excreted from the skin. Rennes moves his left hand to his right and away from the entrance of the trap door as he begins to make his way down the metal rungs and back to the floor of the light brown room.


As Rennes walks past Quentin from behind Quentin say's as he slowly turns around to face Rennes, How is it you know so much about sensors, Renz? 


The rumbling of moving machinery begins to fill the room, (The trap door produces a hissing sliding sound and then a thud as it automatically shuts back closed, Rennes stops in his tracks before slowly turning around to face Quentin to provide the answer, ( Holloway smirks silently) As Rennes turns to face Quentin he pauses momentarily and seems to be a little upset with Quentins explanation of his name, Rennes say's, Renn, not Renz, (Rennes hesitates momentarily) It's French. Rennes turns back away from Quentin once again.


Quentin folds his arms as he say's, Fine, your French, I'm asking how you.... Quentin instantly stops his sentence dead as he looks on at Rennes who is making his way to another trap door, (Tapping is heard from Rennes)


Quentin ponders his thoughts as he looks at an angle then turns his head more to his right and stares ahead missing eye contact with Holloway completely. Quentin is in deep thought as he tries to gather some information on Rennes, Quentin say's Renn... as his eyes move from side to side as he ponders his memory.


A loud sliding and clicking sound is heard as Rennes slides open a trap door that leads into a Blue color coded room, (Quentin whispers to himself - Sensor expert? as he ponders his thoughts, Rennes leans down to his left and retrieves his intact black boot from the floor before carefully throwing it inside the room with a low swinging action, (Quentin whispers some more - "about the right age."


The boot silently propels through the air before producing a light thud sound as it lands inside the room.


Suddenly Quentin comes to his senses after having a light bulb moment and say's with slight shock, I don't believe it. Leaven slowly walks behind Quentin and Holloway as she stares ahead at Rennes who is in a world of his own. (Leaven is chewing a sweet of some kind as she looks on a little puzzled and subdued, Quentin begins to chuckle and is finding Rennes and the situation rather amusing, 


Quentin continues to chuckle loudly as he looks down at his shirt, 


Quentin looks back at Rennes as he points his left index finger at him and say's with a humorous chuckle, This guys... (Quentin looks at Holloway) the Wren. 


Holloway is a little confused as she nods forward and say's, The what?. Quentin hunches forward as he widens his arms and say's with confidence and conviction, He's the Wren, The bird of Attica...


Quentin continues, Flew the coop on six major prisons. (Tapping sound from Rennes is heard) Rennes pulls his boot back from inside the room with his left hand, As he pulls up on the long lace the boot also raises up briefly before creating a loud thud sound as Rennes slams it down to the surface of the trap door hatch. 


Rennes turns around to face the group as he corrects Quentins calculation and replies with his perfectionist instincts, "Seven" - Rennes lifts the boot back up rapidly from it's position with his left hand before placing it back down a little closer to the trap doors right. Rennes begins to traverse the metal rungs as Holloway say's with amazement, Your kidding, right?

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Image Above - Attica Zoological Park, At Yalou, Po Box 38, Spata, Athens 190 04, Greece


Leaven is keen to find out more information from the professional escape artist and instantly walks forward between Holloway and Quentin in her eagerness to find a way out of Cube. Leaven say's with a tinge of hope, "You can get us out"


A light creaking is heard as Rennes makes his way up the metal rungs to his right, Rennes is on a mission and now thinks that the rest of the group are only creating problems and not solving them. Rennes say's with a slightly out of breath tone, Maybe? as he rests his left arm onto the surface of the trap door before raising his left leg up and over.


Holloway is fascinated with the exciting discovery that Rennes is a professional escape artist as he may be able to find a way out of the maze, Holloway say's "An escape artist"


Rennes turns around to face the remaining group and say's with an air of self sarcasm, Yeah, I'm Harry fucking Houdini. A light tapping is heard as Rennes lifts his right leg up and further in to the small square gap, Rennes continues to look at the group as he picks up his boot from his right side and with his right hand  puts it down between his legs. Rennes is feeling confident as he comes clean and begins to explain to the group why he has lead them through multiple rooms with his boot technique, He say's, "The only reason I dragged you this far is 'cause I need your boots.


Rennes takes a deep breath of air before continuing, If you don't smarten up, I'm gone like (Rennes raises his right hand and clicks his fingers) that.


Rennes hesitates as he continues to look at th erest of the group, Rennes then say's as he shakes his head negatively, No more talking, Rennes hesitates) No more guessing, Rennes Hesitates) Don't even think about nothing that's not right in front of you. Rennes nods forward as he expresses his words, 


Quentin Holloway and Leaven stand silent and motionless as they listen to the Bird of Attica's expert opinion on the situation, Rennes say's, "That's the real challenge."


Rennes begins to move forward towards the new room but quickly changes his mind as he say's, You got to save yourselves from yourselves. (Rennes nods forward) All is silent as the group listen to the wise words of Rennes who has managed to escape from Seven maximum security prisons undetected and unassisted.


Leaven blinks wildly as she and the others stand motionless looking at Rennes who is clearly on another level, Quentin looks away from Rennes as he ponders his thoughts, Holloway is subdued as she watches Rennes make his way inside the blue room.


Rennes looks over at the silent prisoners for a few seconds more before turning to make his way inside the new room, 


Rennes kicks his legs over the edge of the square gap as he supports his body with his hands, Rennes moves to the edge of the surface and is moments away from jumping down into the new room.


A loud thud is heard as Rennes pushes himself from off the ledge and into the new room, Rennes lands squarely on both feet as he bends slightly from the natural buoyancy of landing. Rennes instantly looks up at the ceiling but has worried facial features, A low level rumbling sound fills the air - Suddenly two low sounds in quick succession emanate from a distance similar to the sound of dripping water with echo. This sound causes Rennes to shift his head to the left as he continues to look up at the ceiling, 


Suddenly a loud click is heard similar to a switch or clock mechanism, This sound causes Rennes to instantly look forward before he say's Merde. (French translation - "Merde! What had he done!") Rennes shows a face of fear and is now considering the fact he may of made a mistake dropping down into this room. 


Rennes instantly has a strong impulsive urge to turn his body around as he faces the direction of the click sound, The camera zooms into Rennes right eye as he suddenly becomes very scared and isolated, Fear transforms his eye as it light up in anticipation of something evil.


A high pitched digital beep is heard at the exact moment a circular object appears from the wall in front, A creamy blue light instantly lights up the center of the ring that is protruding out from the middle, Another loud sound creates a roaring Lion effect that is playing backwards for two notes.


Rennes fearful eyes quickly focus onto the unidentifiable circular object and he can see that the center is similar to a shower head. The circular object begins to spray out a colorless liquid in the direction of Renne.


Rennes has been taken by surprise as he has inadvertently disturbed something, Suddenly a large amount of the colorless liquid sprays directly into the face of Rennes at speed, Rennes closes his eyes to try and protect his sight but has been outsmarted this time by a trap room device. 


Rennes quickly puts his hands to his face to protect himself but it is in vain as the liquid has already covered his face. Rennes screams loudly as his hands shake rapidly, Rennes is now showing signs of extreme trauma and suffering as the liquid is a noxious substance and not plain old water.


The camera pans to the right as the trap door automatically begins to close up. The square door quickly slides at speed up and in to securely seal the door. Rennes cries out with severe pain and suffering as he screams at the top of his voice, 


A loud hissing sound is heard as the door closes in then a loud echoing thud. 


A continuous synthesizer note begins to play that gradually increases with loudness, More synthesizer effects are heard similar to a distant laser gun or weapon blast, The rest of the group can quite clearly hear the screams and noises from the other room, Worth is now standing up and looks on with a subdued and worried face, Leaven has become emotional while Holloway opens her mouth wide with shock and fright, (More piercing loud screams are heard) Quentin slowly stands to a full standing position as he breathes rapidly and is also sensing that something terrible has happened to Rennes.


A loud click is heard as the blue room trap door lever begins to automatically turn in an anti clockwise motion, 


Quentin instantly bends down lower to the floor as he shouts with intense fear "Get him out" Worth stands motionless and shows no signs of emotional stress, Holloway is flabbergasted and shocked as her mouth opens widely, Leaven is also shocked as her mouth opens wide from the sounds of Rennes distress.


Quentin quickly reaches the trap door lever as he begins to pull out and then quickly down with both of his hands, A rumbling sound is heard as the trap door slides down at speed, 


As soon as Quentin slides down the trap door Rennes appears at the entrance of the gap, Rennes face has been severely burnt by a highly corrosive acid and he is not in a good way, Rennes has managed to climb the metal ladders completely blind in his frantic desperation to escape the horrors of the room, His face is so badly burnt his teeth are visible while he has no eyes and has been blinded.


Rennes comes forward as he screams a loud and muffled groan of complete terror and defeat, A silvery smoke is also visible from the severe burning the acid has caused.


The sight of Rennes face and his loud groans of suffering instantly create bedlam among the other prisoners, Quentin instantly steps back from the sight and fright of Rennes while Holloway has now become extremely emotional, She screams loudly with her mouth wide open in complete shock surprise and fear, Leaven also screams from the sight while Worth is now feeling more affected and grimaces from the horrible images in front of him.


The camera zooms in to Leavens shocked and emotional face as she screams wildly while looking on with complete horror at the situation.


The female prisoners continue to scream loudly from Rennes severe injuries, Rennes continues to groan loudly from the pain and suffering he is experiencing, Rennes needs help but the group are too traumatized and shocked to do anything,


Suddenly Quentin reaches forward with his left hand as he tries to assist Rennes who is making his way through the square gap, Holloway suddenly comes forward with her hands outstretched as she tries to help also, Leaven shakes her arms rapidly as she screams out with total fear and shock, Worth just stands motionless and silent and is not as affected as the others.


Quentin reaches up with both hands as he helps Rennes the best he can in getting him out of the square gap, 


(A low level sliding sound is heard) Rennes continues to groan loudly from his injuries, Quentin pulls at Rennes shoulders as he falls over towards Quentin and Holloway, Quentin steps backwards as he tries his best to remove Rennes from the gap, Holloway also does her best to help as she raises her hands under the body of Rennes as he slides out, (Holloway screams loudly) (Rennes is grunting and groaning loudly)


Oh God aww groans continue from Rennes - Quentin Holloway and Leaven have managed to pull Rennes out of the trap door entrance and have carried his body over to a far corner of the room, The females continue to scream loudly, 


Quentin takes control as he carefully lowers Rennes down onto the surface of the floor, Rennes spasms and shakes violently as he lays with his back to the floor, (Groans continue) Rennes raises his right arm high as he tussles over to one side unable to control his now involuntary body movements.


Leaven is looking down at Rennes suffering and is emotionally and physically disturbed from the sight, Suddenly Leaven retorts with fear as she raises her right hand to her face, Leaven lets out a loud whimper as she begins to cry uncontrollably from the sight and situation.


Rennes produces a terrible sound of choking and severe pain and trauma, He groans loudly as he gyrates violently on the floor, Rennes head spasms and rapidly shakes in an uncontrolled way, The corrosive liquid is extremely powerful as it continues to burn through Rennes skin and bone leaving the escapist unrecognizable.


Holloway being a doctor has taken up a closer position towards Rennes, She lays over the man in a state of severe trauma and shock, Large amounts of a thick silvery smoke cascade up from Rennes face as the acid burns and burns with a voracity and with no mercy. Holloway flaps her hands rapidly over the suffering man as she tries to come to terms with the terrible situation, 


Suddenly Quentin comes from behind to help Holloway who is now the more traumatized, He quickly grabs the doctor from behind as he tries to pull her away from Rennes who can not be saved.


Quentin huffs and groans as he physically pulls Holloway away from Rennes face and body, Thuds are heard from Quentin and Holloways feet.


Holloway screams and cries out loudly from the horror of the situation as Quentin supports her from behind, Holloway rocks from left to right as she continues to shake and gyrate with fear, (Holloway lets out a more higher cry of shock and disillusion.)


As the female prisoners continue to scream the camera slowly zooms into the face of Worth, He is silent and motionless as he looks down at Rennes and ponders his thoughts. Worths facial muscles twitch with a nervous uncontrolled disposition as his mind feels with anger and dismay.


A strange echoing synthesizer chord begins to play that gradually increases with volume, A static buzzing sound is also heard. Quentin and Leaven slowly make there way forward as they look down at Rennes who has stopped groaning and is completely silent. Leaven is shocked to the core at the sight of Rennes face as she breathes heavily, Suddenly Leaven cries out "Oh my God" as Holloway suddenly appears from her right who is also looking down in shock.


A horrendous sight has now been revealed as the prisoners looks down at Rennes, His face has now been completely burnt through by the powerful and corrosive liquid, His face bubbles up and moves around creating a loud crackling sound.  Smoke emanates from his hollow head wound


Holloway lowers her head further as she absorbs the horror in front of her, Leaven places her right hand over her mouth before quickly stepping away from the scene unable to look at Rennes anymore.


Leaven turns to her right as she fleeting touches Quentins shirt with her left hand as she moves off - Leaven lets out a loud whimper of fear.


Echoing synthesizer sounds are heard - A crackling sound is heard from Rennes face injury, The camera slowly zooms in to the side of Rennes face to reveal total devastation, The corrosive acid has completely consumed and eaten away the face of Rennes to leave a large crater behind, Rennes has succumbed to the acid attack and has died.


A few short minutes have passed and the group have gathered there emotions to allow normal thinking and actions once more, Quentin is talking to the group as Worth stares on, Quentin say's, So. it was electro chemical or whatever, right?, And he missed it. The camera is slowly zooming out on Worth's face as Quentin continues, (Worth looks up at Quentin as he walks past him) The wren, That's great! 


Quentin walks towards a far wall near to Rennes corpse as he faces away from the group, Quentin continues, That's just fuckin' great!. Quentin breathes in and out loudly as he shakes his head in disbelief, Quentin then looks down at Rennes severely burnt face as he contemplates what he should do now.


Quentin suddenly begins to push Rennes body by the left shoulder with his left foot,  Slowly Rennes body begins to raise so that Quentin can conceal the horrible injuries he has sustained.


As Rennes body turns over Quentin quickly pushes his right shoulder with more and sudden force, Quentin is angry and upset that Rennes has died and also that he and the rest are still stuck inside the Cube maze. A loud thud is heard as Rennes body topples over so that he is resting face down. No sound score exists - A low level rumbling of distant machines is heard. Quentin continues to face away from the group as he ponders his thoughts.

Quentin slowly turns around to face the group as Holloway sits on the floor in silence, Quentin looks down at Holloway as he say's, All right, It's time to reassess this place. Holloway moves her head slowly around and is subdued but mentally improved, Holloway say's as she avoids eye contact with Quentin, I've been over it again and again. Why would they throw innocent people in here?. Holloway increases the loudness of her voice - Are we being punished?, Holloway nods her head forward several times as she speaks to Quentin and the rest of the group. 


Leaven rests on the floor as she uses her arms as a makeshift blanket, Leaven whimpers quietly as she say's. I've never done anything to deserve this.


Suddenly Quentin becomes extremely angry as he moves away from his position and across the floor towards Holloway, Quentin raises both of his hands up and down quickly as he say's, Forget about all that! -Light thuds are heard from Quentin. Quentin bends down in front of Holloway as she looks up at him, Quentin say's, You can't see the big picture from in here, (Quentin raises his hands slightly and snaps his head left rapidly) - So don't try. Keep your head down, Keep it simple just - Quentin raises his right hand) Just look at what's in front of you.


Worth say's That what he said, as he refers to the words that Rennes spoke before he went inside the death trap room. (Worth looks down)


Quentin continues speaking with Holloway, Start with us, (Quentin raises his hands as he moves his head right then forward two times in quick succession) (Quentin emphasizes with his hands as he looks right and moves his right hand over to the right,) We got an escape artist - (Quentin looks at Holloway as he moves his right hand over to the left,) and a cop. There's gotta be a reason for that. (Quentin looks to his left slightly then back at Holloway) Quentin emphasizes with his hands and say's, Your a doctor... Holloway, Holloway looks deeper into Quentins eyes, That gives you a function, a reason, right?


Holloway shakes her head negatively rapidly as she responds and say's, No, it just makes me go why me and not one of the other (Holloway raises her head as she shakes it to emphasize her words) 10 million doctors out there. Quentin quickly moves his head right then back at Holloway as he stares at her in silence.


Quentin looks to his left and up at the ceiling as he puffs out loudly from Holloways critical words, Quentin is finding it difficult for Holloway to see his way of thinking, Quentin stands up disappointed and walks on over to the back wall - Thuds are heard.


Quentin sighs loudly as he rests his right hand on the wall and looks down at the floor in silence and deep thought, A few moments pass and Quentins turns back around to face the group once more, Quentin say's, Leaven... what are you?


Leaven shakes her head negatively and say's softly, Nothing, Leaven hesitates then say's, I just go to school, (Leaven is slightly more emotional) I hang out with my friends.


Quentin snaps back and say's What else? 


Leaven is almost in tears as she raises her left hand up then back down again as she emphasizes her point, There is nothing else. (Leaven breathes in deeply) (Leaven continues as she raises her left hand up and down,)  My parents are these people, I live with them, I'm boring.


Holloway is listening intensively to Leaven and the others as she responds with a more sensible solution to the groups dilemma, Holloway looks up at the ceiling and then forward as she raise her left hand in the air before saying, I think, Holloway slowly stands up as she say's, We have to ask the big question, Holloway shakes her hands down in unison as she emphasizes her words, 


Holloway turns to face Quentin as she say's, What does it want? Holloway shouts loudly as she shakes her arms in a downwards motion, What is it thinking?, Holloway shakes her head with her strong words and thoughts on the situation,


Holloway becomes silent as she looks on at Quentin, Worth is looking down as he say's One down, four to go in a sarcastic way.


The deep rumbling sound has started to fill the atmosphere once again, Quentin quite clearly heard the comment from Worth and has now required the urge to confront him on his sarcasm and silent approach to the groups problems, Quentin slowly walks on over to Worth as Holloway looks down at him, Quentin takes a few short steps then stops silent and motionless, Quentin then say's, Why don't you tell us what your purpose is, Worth?


Worth is looking down as he say's, I often wondered that myself, Worth looks to his right and up slightly at Quentin and Holloway in silence.


Quentin and Holloway just stare down at Worth in silence, 


Worth sighs loudly as he turns away from Quentin and Holloway, Worth looks back at the two prisoners as he say's, I'm just a guy, I work in an office building doing office building stuff. (Worth is sucking on a button)  (Worth nods his head forward as he expresses his words.)  The loud rumbling of machines and cogs slowly dies away.

Worth looks away and to his right as he raises his left hand up and say's, Hey I wasn't exactly (Worth takes a deep breath) (Hesitates) bursting with "Joie de vivre" Worth shakes his head as he expresses his words and looks back at Quentin and Holloway, Before I got here, (Joie de vivre is a French phrase often used in English to express a cheerful enjoyment of life; an exultation of spirit. It "can be a joy of conversation, joy of eating, joy of anything one might do… And joie de vivre may be seen as a joy of everything, a comprehensive joy, a philosophy of life, a Weltanschauung.)


Worth continues, Life just sucks in general.. Holloway responds as she closes her eyes and sways her head from side to side, Oh I can't stand that attitude, Holloway reopens her eyes, 


Leaven is also listening and replies with a soft tone of voice, Because he's right.


Worth shakes his head before saying,  What's your purpose,


Worth turns to look at Quentin and say's, Quentin? -  Worth and the rest of the group are silent as they wait for an answer from Quentin.


Quentin is silent as he looks down avoiding eye contact with Worth, (Quentin blinks rapidly) Quentin continues his silence as he looks even further down as he locks eyes with Worth once again, Quentin suddenly say's, Kids, (Quentin hesitates) Three of them...


Worth blinks as he looks to his right, Quentin continues, I haven't made my peace yet.


Quentin turns his head as he follows Worths head movements and say's with a slightly raised voice, And I'm getting out of here, no matter what. That's where my strength comes from.


Quentin quickly turns his head to his left to face Holloway and Leaven and say's, You people find yours wherever you got it.


Quentin turns back to face Worth and say's with reasoning as he scrunches his face, For Christ's sake, Worth, What do you live for?


Quentin opens his arms wide as he say's with slight aggression, Don't you have a wife (Quentin waves his arms again) or girlfriend, or something?


Worth is looking down as he say's with a modest and normal tone of voice, Nope, I've got a pretty fine collection of pornography. Worth looks back at Quentin and Holloway as he chews on his buton.


Holloway has now become a little sarcastic as she say's, Oh nice, nice, Quentin turns his back away from Worth, 


Holloway begins to imitate the sexual libido of Worth who views pornographic images and films by sticking her tongue out and rapidly shaking her right hand up and down in a sexually suggestive action, (Slapping sound is heard)


Worth is silent as he looks at Holloway before looking away and slightly to his right, Worth then turns his head slowly left as he continues to avoid contact with the rest of the group, Holloway say's, I haven't got anybody either...

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