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A light piano melody is heard infused with the sounds of a wooden block. Some time has passed and Rhoda has decided to come back down to the front room, She slowly makes her way down the winding staircase in a subdued state of mind.  The reporter on the television continues, the original proponent of this extraordinary "Broken Mirror Theory"

Dr. Berendzen, tell me the significance of this theory. (The stairs creak as Rhoda reaches the bottom)


Why it excites you and how this changes...


the possibilities of the planet known as Earth Two.


Dr. Berendzen responds to the reporters question, In the grand history of the cosmos,


more than 13,000 million years old, 


Rhoda turns as Dr. Berendzen's words start to have a meaning. Dr. Berendzen continues, Our Earth is replicated elsewhere.


But maybe there's another way of seeing this world. If any small variation arises... Rhoda walks closer to the television as she listens to Dr. Berendzen's theory.


Dr. Berendzen continues as he waves his hand from left to right, They look this way you look that way... suddenly maybe everything changes, 


And now you began to wonder,


What else is different?


Rhoda is mesmerized by Dr. Berendzen's words as she stands directly in front of the screen.


Dr Berendzen continues, Or one might say that...


You have an exact mirror image which suddenly is shattered. 


and there's a new reality.


And there in lies the opportunity... And the mystery... What else?..What new? What now?  


A high pitched synthesizer sound is heard as the camera slowly zooms in on Rhoda's face, A female voice is singing a wah wah sound. Something has changed in Rhoda having heard the Dr's scientific evaluation of Earth Two.


The somber violin begins to play as Rhoda rushes from her house in some kind of emergency, Rhoda runs through town in some kind of panic.


Rhoda runs through a tunnel that goes under the train tracks for New Haven train station.


Rhoda reaches the station platform as a locomotive rumbles past, Rhoda slows to try and locate another train.


Rhoda successfully catches a train to her destination.


Rhoda runs from the train exit as she continues her journey.


Rhoda runs down a short stair case as she leaves the train station, She jumps the last two steps in her effort to be as quick as possible. 


A ticking sound is heard infused with violin and notes of piano, Rhoda is sprinting as she runs through country terrain.


A high pitched female voice is singing the wah sound as Rhoda arrives at Mr Burroughs house, A full phase moon and Earth Two dazzle in the night's sky.


Rhoda is on a mission tonight as she frantically taps at Mr Burroughs front door, Mr Burroughs can be heard from inside, he shouts loudly "Stay Away!" Rhoda is determined now to speak to John as she instantly runs off too find another way into the property. The tapping and ticking sound is heard along with a female singing voice.


Rhoda's mind is in overdrive tonight.

Rhoda runs around to the back of the property to see if she can gain access from the back door. Rhoda taps the door in a frantic fashion as Mr Burroughs continues to shout in distress and turmoil, He shouts, "Get away from me" Rhoda replies, Please let me in, Please Just... Mr Burroughs responds.. Stay... John shouts louder this time, "Stay away from me!" Rhoda rattles the door with an insatiable urge to gain entry. John shouts out again, "Stay away!"

Rhoda flees from the back door with arms flailing as she continues to find a way in, Rhoda is not giving up that easily.


Rhoda moves a little further around the house and locates an open window, Rhoda bends down and slides a plant pot along the ground so that she can stand on top of it to give her the extra height she needs to climb through. Deep and long  piano notes can be heard. 


Rhoda is breathing heavily from the exertion as she leaps from the plant pot head first into the open window space, Rhoda cries out with pain as she bangs her legs from the force of her body weight, A wooden rattling sound is heard as Rhoda scrambles with all her strength through the open window.


Rhoda generates a loud wooden clanking sound as she enters the property space. It is dark inside the room and Rhoda's breathing can be heard. The sound score has stopped and all is quiet otherwise.


Sounds of footsteps and then a loud clicking sound is heard as Rhoda makes her way across the darkened room.


The door clicks open and a low level creaking sound is heard as Rhoda slowly makes her way into the next darkened room. A low level synthesizer sound is heard similar to machines that would rumble from a distance.


Rhoda is cautious as she feels her way along the wall of the room, The Moons bright glow produces shadow symmetry and subtle ambient textures of light and expanded patches of reflection.


Rhoda calls for John, She shouts out from the darkness, "John?"


Rhoda scans the room as she looks around in an anti clockwise movement. The telescopes motionless appearance watches the night sky with solitude and grace.


Rhoda locates the door to John's entertainment room (Front room) she has a hunch he may be inside.


Rhoda edges forward slowly, suddenly a strange tapping sound is heard from a short distance away. A low level moving breeze is heard as Rhoda stands motionless in the darkness.


Rhoda moves from her position as she slowly and cautiously moves further forward towards the beckoning and irresistible door well.


Rhoda's shadow reflects to the wall as it joins with the telescopes own zoomed out shadow. Rhoda takes one step at a time in the moon lit room.


Rhoda reaches and enters the next room of the house, A blowing breeze can be heard.


Rhoda has changed her approach and instantly speeds up her steps, Now Rhoda is almost charging through the house as she aims her attentions to a door just in front of her.


Rhoda is convinced that the door in front of her is where John is hiding, Rhoda has gained a new power (courage) as she heads to the door.


Rhoda tries the door handle as it clacks from her hand movements, Rhoda continues to push on the handle then say's loudly, John? as she knocks once to the wooden surface, - A low level voice is heard from inside the room, John say's "Stay away from me" Rhoda is breathing heavily as she say's, John, Please let me in. A loud banging is heard as Rhoda bangs the door some more, John repeats his words but much louder this time, "Stay away from me!" John shouts with conviction. More banging is heard from Rhoda as she say's, "Open the door!" John replies, I'm warning you stay away from me!, Rhoda responds in an almost begging tone, Please!, I have something I have to explain, I have to tell you Please! 


Suddenly the door to the room opens with speed as John appears at the opening. John forces his way out of the room as he grabs Rhoda shoulders with both hands.


Rhoda splutters and tries to catch her breath as she repeats her words, Please" the word can not come out as John is exerting extreme pressures onto Rhoda's throat region.


John pushes Rhoda backwards as she hits her back hard onto a wooden sideboard that is heavily stacked with large hardback books. Rhoda's arms flail from either side as Johns powerful control is evident, Air is being forced out of Rhoda's mouth as she splutters the word "Okay" she coughs and breathes out heavily from the pressures that John is exerting. 


John is a man possessed tonight as he attempts to strangle Rhoda, John gives out a croaking kind of sound as his face contorts from the hate and anger he is feeling at that moment


Rhoda is helpless and alone as she watches John attempt to take her life. Rhoda's head shakes from the forces of Johns hands and fingers.


As John continues to strangle away the intense feelings of lies and deceit Rhoda musters enough positive energy to say  two single words "John" ... "John" she say's as she swallows heavily. Johns face is hellbent and contorted as his feelings for Rhoda have taken another turn. Even under the intense pressure Rhoda still has a huge impulsive desire to tell John something very important.

Suddenly Rhoda's breathing increases and she starts to take in huge gulps of air, John's pressure has subsided slightly and it has allowed Rhoda to breath more easily.


Suddenly John relaxes his grip on Rhoda's throat as he slaps her right side face, John has given up the fight for now as Rhoda falls to the floor head first into a heap. Rhoda coughs and breathes in and out heavily as she say's "Oh My God" from under her breath. Rhoda whimpers as she lays motionless on the wooden floor boards.


Rhoda is down on the canvas just like the Wii u boxing game, She continues to breath heavily as she fears for her life.

John retreats into the kitchen suffering from mild shock as he holds his left hand to his temple, John is confused and angry but a whole load of emotions are going through his mind tonight, He trusted this woman and now she has defied him by entering his space without his authority. It is going to take some time for John to recover from this ordeal.


John walks around the kitchen in the moonlight as he tries to make sense of everything and gain his composure.


John is not sorry at this moment but has realized his actions were wrong.


Rhoda is starting to gain her strength back and her composure from the other room.


Rhoda brushes her hair with her left hand as she moans and breathes out still trying to get her breath back, Rhoda slowly raises herself up from the floor with her hands.


John is silent as he cups his hands to his mouth, John is feeling anguish at this moment.


Suddenly Rhoda slowly appears at the left hand door way, She silently moves into view as she looks on over at Mr Burroughs. A slight creaking noise is heard from Rhoda's feet.


John is breathing faster than normal as he takes his hands away from his mouth, Rhoda is still standing at the door space as John contemplates his feelings and actions.


John rolls his tongue around his mouth as he continues to face away from Rhoda, He can feel her presence from a distance but is just waiting for her sound and words to fire at his inner thoughts. Rhoda suddenly begins to speak about what she came to see John for in the first place. She say's softly, I heard on TV about a theory. John is prepared to hear Rhoda out as he stares down into a void of nothingness. Rhoda slowly spaces her words as she expresses her thought with a sense of believing. She continues, They think...that the moment we first saw the other Earth... was the moment our synchronicity was broken.....That was just over four years ago.


Rhoda pauses for a brief moment before she continues, Maybe they're up there. Rhoda looks down and nods negatively slightly as she say's Maybe not, but...maybe. A light and simple trance synthesizer key can be heard.


John stands motionless as he absorbs the words that Rhoda has just spoken.


Rhoda stands motionless also as she hopes and prays that John will make some sense from what she has said. John is an intelligent man and so is Rhoda and maybe the pair  can solve another piece of the puzzle box if they just listen to each other and respect each others views more.


Rhoda looks on over at the silent John who still has his back turned to Rhoda, John desperately wants an answer for the accident and a cure for his terrible mental and physical ailments.


Rhoda slowly moves forward into the kitchen area as a sad piano key starts to play out. Rhoda slowly places her ticket to Earth Two onto the edge of the sofa as she turns and walks away. The ticket has a transferable value and Rhoda has decided to give her ticket away to John as a way for her in someway pay for what she did and also to help her mentally, Rhoda has gained the power of (sharing) and generosity). John has acted strongly tonight and his feelings for his pregnant wife and son are quite clearly evident, If John gets the opportunity to travel to Earth Two maybe..maybe the second alternative reality will bring back his family Maybe? Rhoda only wants the best for John and by leaving the ticket it will generate an impossible chance for John to get his life back in order.


Rhoda leaves John to reflect on his own thoughts as that is the right thing to do in this situation.


John listens as Rhoda's footsteps fade into the distance.


John turns his head at the sound of a door closing, Rhoda has left the building and John is considering his actions.


A week or so has passed and the scene changes to a view of New Haven, Old Churches, large tower blocks and a high peak are clearly visible in the distance. School children and a light breeze can be heard.


This is an image of Rhoda's house, cars can be heard in the distance.


Rhoda is in the attic bedroom cleaning and is laying down fresh sheets onto her bed. Birds can be heard chirping and everything is peaceful.


Rhoda adjusts the pillows and straightens the top sheet.


Rhoda is content and happy from her facial expressions. A snapping sound is heard as Rhoda snips a flowers stem with a pair of scissors.


A simple low level synth key is heard infused with a scrunching sound of flowers, Rhoda places 10 or so pink flowers into a glass vase as she adjusts there position for a delicate and pretty effect. Rhoda places her hands on another much larger collection of flowers as she prepares to scent her room with a natural perfume and odor.


Rhoda is choosing individual flowers to place into a bouquet.


Rhoda places the individual flower into another much larger collection, 


Rhoda intends to spring clean her life and make things better.


Rhoda has returned to West Haven High School to carry out her cleaning duties, 


A new cleaner is working in tandem with Rhoda as Purdeep has not returned to work and probably never will after blinding himself with bleach. 


Rhoda enters into the office and cleaning storage room pushing a cleaning trolley,


The LCD screen is switched on as always and a female voice can be heard emanating from the speakers. "We are just days before the launch of the United Space Ventures civilian shuttle. Members of the crew of this dangerous voyage have been training intensely here at the Mojave spaceport.


Rhoda starts to watch the screen The female voice continues, The media blackout was finally lifted with a press conference early this morning.


In an incredible twist of fate John Burroughs appears on screen having taken up the offer when Rhoda left her ticket on the sofa a few weeks earlier. John say's to the world, I'm feeling privileged... 


and....oddly, I'm proud. A loud static breeze sound can be heard from the LCD.


John shrugs his head left as he say's, And of course, nervous and excited. John smiles to the camera to show his jubilation at being one of the first people to go to Earth Two.


Rhoda turns her head away with a face of happiness for John, The ticket did help Rhoda to get back on her feet, but not by actually going to Earth Two but by the good deed of giving the ticket away to someone Rhoda thinks deserves it better than her. The female voice returns, The modified Saturn 5 rocket 

Has undergone rigorous testing.. Rhoda has finished her shift and shouts over to Freddie, Rhoda say's, See you Freddie as she raises her left hand to wave goodbye.

Freddie smiles as he waves back.

A deep synthesizer sound similar to wind in a tunnel is heard, Four months have passed since Rhoda gave her ticket away.


A strange warbling synthesizer sound can be heard mixed with short key notes, Rhoda has just finished her shift and is close to her house. It is the winter period and snow has fallen all around, Rhoda is in a happy mood as she spots a smiley sticker on the floor.


Rhoda picks up the smiley sticker from the ground. Rhoda is experiencing positive change and is a lot more content and happy these days.


Rhoda places the sticker on to her right side jacket but it has lost its stickiness


Rhoda likes the smiley and decides to keep it by placing it into her jacket pocket instead.


A very high pitched synth key plays mixed with a female vocalist who wooo's in long intervals, Rhoda smiles as she looks up at the sky and strolls along the road.


Rhoda is contemplating on Mr Burroughs space trip and how he might be doing, She certainly feels good about herself for giving him the ticket.


Another middle toned synth sound starts to play as Rhoda looks up at the trees and blue sky in a clockwise motion.


Rhoda is still walking through the snow and ice, Rhoda enjoys the outside as it's a great way to take her problems away.


Rhoda continues her journey.


The camera produces a slow motion frame rate effect as Rhoda continues her journey, The female vocalist can still be heard.


The slow motion effect continues as taps of an echoed wooden block are heard.


Rhoda reaches her house as she slowly walks up the drive way to reach the back yard of the house.


More electronic taps of a wooden block are heard.


The female vocalist is heard singing long chords of high pitched ooooooh


Rhoda is slowly making her way around the house.


Rhoda feels the wooden walls surface with her finger as she slowly slides it along.


Rhoda is now using her full hand as she nears the back yard space. Rhoda turns her left hand upside down as she slides it over an insulated pipe and then back again, Rhoda is feeling the contours and texture of the side of the house as her hand reacts with each obstacle.


Rhoda feels the coldness of the wood as her fingers rub against it.


A triangle can be heard as Rhoda's fingers move at speed against the wood even though Rhoda is walking at an even pace.


Rhoda looks away from the fingers that are caressing the wood as she stops suddenly from something in the not to far distance. Rhoda's hand falls away from the wood as she stares at something which has effected her thoughts.


Rhoda's mind is transfixed as she stands motionless.


Rhoda's hand seems to have a mind of it's own as it spiders away from the wooden surface.


Rhoda suddenly turns around as she can sense something strange is about to happen a sixth sense no doubt. Rhoda is perplexed and silent as she stands motionless for a few fleeting seconds.


Rhoda is experiencing a very strange occurrence one that she has never experienced before. 


Rhoda's eyes shift left as she can sense something from behind her.


Rhoda suddenly has a great urge to turn back round again, as she does she steps slightly left and a woman suddenly appears. Her body shape was blocking out the image of this woman who now stands before her. 


The new arrival certainly looks like she has a lot to talk about, The woman and Rhoda stare at each other for a short moment before the woman makes a single step towards Rhoda with her left leg. This woman is most certainly from Earth Two and is Rhoda's mirror image. Rhoda did not leave Earth for Earth Two as she gave her ticket away to Mr Burroughs, Rhoda from Earth Two has thought independently from herself and has traveled to Earth to meet Rhoda. If Rhoda from Earth had traveled to Earth Two the other Rhoda should replicate her actions and travel to Earth but this did not happen. This prooves for this scenario that Earth Two though identical in body does not have identical thoughts and actions as first thought. Mr Burroughs may even meet his doppelganger on Earth Two or maybe Mr Burroughs followed the programme and traveled to Earth. This is all very confusing and do we as human beings really want this mind bending life where there is a double of you in every facet. So Earth Two is a replicate of Earth by composition and area and even the animals insects and people, But in all respects Rhoda has probably met her soul mate and best friend, Notice Rhoda Two is wearing different clothing, this shows that she has gone against the programme she wants to be different as we as humans are. Maybe Mr Burroughs family survived on Earth Two and Rhoda decided to leave as she would only get in the way. Earth Two is very close in space to Earth a worrying factor for many, if Earth Two crashed out of orbit into Earth it would end disastrously as neither planet would survive and the human race would be destroyed. Earth Two in my opinion is just creating more problems than it can solve but definitely signals a huge change in human learning and culture, and our way of thinking. But its the people which cause the problems, if there are 8 billion people on Earth there will also be 8 billion people on Earth TWO, Those 8 billion from Earth Two can not just land on Earth it would proove to be too many people and not enough resources to feed them or clothe them etc. Which ever way you look at it its a two way street I cross over to the other side but its the same distance on my return. Food and other essentials could be transported from Earth Two or vice a versa but both planets are identical so what would be the point in even travelling to the other planet only to meet yourself and be represented with the same scenery. If Earth Two could become independent thinkers then they would have the power to change the planet somewhat make it different be different would that make people want to go and see the new planet probably yes. Would that family accept you I doubt it you are a stranger to them an oddity. And if Earth Two became a better society than Earth much better then we on Earth then we could follow there example it could create a super race of people with deep compassion and understanding. All the problems on Earth could be wiped away for good as people become more aware of themselves and there surroundings. 


Another Earth 05: Rhoda's Theme (Fall On Your Sword)

Written Produced and directed by Mike Cahill.


Written and Produced also by Brit Marling.


William Mapother as Mr John Burroughs


Robin Lord Taylor as Jeffrey Williams (Jeff)


Kumar Pallana as Purdeep


Matthew Lee Arlbach as Alex.


Flint Beverage as Robert Williams



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