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Gorman say's over his head piece, All right, Hicks, Hudson use your motion trackers.

A frequent clicking sound eminates from the motion tracker.

Hicks say's Nothing Not a goddamn thing.

Gorman say's Quarter and search by twos.

Apone snaps his fingers and signals for Frost to follow him into the left corridor and for Crowe to go right into another corridor.

Hicks say's Ok Dietrich Frost, You're up.

Drake and Hicks enter a side room, Drake sniffs as he enters.

Hudsons motion tracker has picked up a signal and has started to beep.

Hudson signals to Vasquez that the signal is coming from behind a door to the left of the corridor.

The motion tracker signal is getting stronger, It's right in there Hudson say's as he thumbs up to Vasquez.

Hudson pushes the slightly ajar door fully open with his foot and a loud sound is made as the metal slams outwards.

High pitched beeping can be heard as the signal gets continuosly closer.
Hudson and Vasquez line up outside the door ready to burst in, Hudson shouts now and then Vasquez as they use force to enter the undisclosed room.

The door flies open making a loud bang, Hudson shouts Haah! Uh- ready for the worst but there seems to be nothing. Vasquez sarcastically say's Good one, Hudson!

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Hudson say's Uh Sir, Uh we have a negative situation here. Uh, movin on sir, The scanner was picking up a signal for a couple of gerbils who miraculously are still alive and seem in good health. There is no more information on the Gerbils from this point on and it is hoped a soldier removed them to a save location so that the scanner does not pick them up again. A soldier rescued these.

Clicking from Hicks motion tracker and drips of water can be heard filling a coffee cup and splashing over onto the side. There is a half eaten doughnut and It is dark and deathly quiet otherwise.

Ripley is watching Hicks display monitors and something has caught her attention, She say's wait wait, Tell him to...

Ripley hesitates as she grabs the head piece from the table, She say's Hicks, back up, Pan right.

Ripley say's "There" as the image comes onto the display monitor,

Hicks replies,  You seeing this alright?

Hicks say's Looks melted, Somebody must have bagged one of Ripley's bad guys here.

Ripley looks to Burke who say's "Acid for Blood"

Hudson say's over the monitor, If you like that you're gonna love this, 

Hudson Vasquez and Apone stop at the damaged area, Hudson spits down the deep shaft as a way to test it's depth.

As Hudson looks over Vasquez playfully pushes him from behind, Hudson dislikes this and say's Quit screwing around.

Apone say's over his head piece, Second squad what's your status?

Hicks replies, Uh, we just finished our sweep, Nobody's home. Roger Apone say's, Sir this place is dead.

Apone continues, Whatever happened here I think we missed it. Gorman sighs and say's All right, The area's secured, Let's go in and see what their computer can tell us.

Ripley say's Wait a minute, It's not secure, Gorman say's The area's secured, Ripley, Ripley is a little dishevelled at Gorman's decision.

Gorman say's First team head for operations, 

Gorman say's to Hudson, Hudson, see if you can get their C.P.U. on line. Hudson say's "Affirmative"

Gorman continues, Hicks, meet me at the South lock, We're coming in. Hicks say's Roger.

Hudson is in a sarcastic mood and say's He's comin' in, I feel safer already.

Vasquez replies Pendejo jerk off.

It is still raining heavily and the APC is on it's way to the South lock to meet up with Corporal Hicks, The tank is making a loud high pitched rumbling sound as it travels the few km to the rendevouz point.

Hudson is on the radio, he say's Sir, we got the C.P.U. on line. No problem.

Gorman replies, Good, stand by in Operations. Gorman slams the APC hatch closed and say's to Ripley and Burke, Okay, Let's go.

Everyone descends to the open lock door but Ripley hesitates and stops in the pouring rain. She is soaked through but something is on her mind and she hopes things will be fine.

Hicks and Frost look back to see where Ripley is, Hicks comes slowly back and say's to Ripley in a reasuring way, Are you all right?

Ripley say's "Yes" then follows Hicks to the south lock entrance.

Everyone enters and the large sliding doors whirl to a close.

Gorman Burke and Ripley enter a barracaded and destroyed corridor, Drake turns up and say's to Gorman, Sir, they sealed off this wing at both ends,

Welded the doors and blocked off the stairs with heavy equipment. Gorman say's Mm Hmm, Drake continues, But it looks like the barricade didn't hold.

Gorman say's Any bodies? Drake replies, No sir.

Frost say's Last stand, Drake replies, Must have been a hell of a fight! Hicks replies, Yeah, looks that way.

Gorman say's All right, Drake this way. We should be able to cut through the medlab to operations.

Hicks say's Lieutenant, but there is no response, Hicks say's Gorman to grab his attention. 

Burke say's Are those the same ones that, Ripley nods in agreement.

Burke gets close to a tank that is housing an alien face hugger, He peers closer in fascination and bewilderment.

Ripley say's with an urgency, Careful Burke.

Burke looks away for a moment at the words spoken by Ripley, As soon as he looks back the face hugger strikes out at the glass of the tank sending Burke away in a moment of shock and fright.

Ripley is also taken back by the alien organisim.

The alien organism hits the glass with a loud thud and starts to suck the glass surface as it tries to reach Burkes face. A rattling is heard as the parasite springs to live with excitement. A face hugger is a parasitoid that's only purpose is to make contact with a hosts mouth so that it can implant eggs (Oviposito) into a victims esophagus,  The eight fingers are used to securely tighten it's grip around the face of the host so that it is almost impossible to remove unless massive injury is caused or in most cases death. The tail of the facehugger will tighten around the victims throat if it feels endangered or threatened, The alien organism supplies oxygen to the victim by two lung like organs that are attached at each side, but the victim will be comatosed during this stage and will only feel better after the stage of embryonic implantation has completed. The alien hosts epidermis solidifies into a chitinous layer of silicon possibly to ensure the success of the implantation, the parasite will detach from the host and retreat to die once the stages are complete.
A face hugger is the second stage in the life cycle of a xenomorph it comes from an egg. Face huggers are very athletic and can launch and pounce from great distances, they are also great hiders and like to strike when the victim is completely unaware. Surgical operations to remove the parasite result in a highly pressurized molecular acidic blood which will spray wildly if the parasites skin is cut, This would kill the host from severe burns at acts as an excellent deterrent from any attempts to do this. The final stage of the process is when the larval form of the xenomorph known as a chestburster reaches a stage where it will violently and without warning burst out from the hosts chest region, resulting in a gruesome and excruciating death. 

Hicks say's Looks like love at first sight to me.

Hicks say's, Oh, he likes you, Burke.

Bishop say's Two are alive, The rest are dead.

Bishop say's while looking at the notes found at the medlab, "Surgically removed" before embryo implantation.

He continues, Subject Marachek, John J, died during the procedure.
They killed him taking it off!.

Beeping and clicking is heard from a motion tracker operated by Frost, Frost say's Yo, Hicks, I think we got something here.

Hicks say's after looking at the motion tracker signal, Behind us. Ripley looks at the scanner also and say's "One of us?" to try and come to some kind of a solution.

Gorman say's Apone, Where are your people?, Anybody in "D" block?

Apone comes over the radio headsets, Ah, that's a negative, We're all in Operations he say's with a concisive tone of voice.

Suddenly everyone leaps into action and starts to investigate the signal, Drake takes the lead and say's Talk to me Frosty to keep him updated on the movements of the unknown signal. Frost say's Let's keep moving baby.

As Gorman and Ripley walk around a corner Gorman knocks a surgical operations microscope with his right shoulder, This causes an examination lamp to full to a lower surface area creating a loud bang. The sound causes Ripley to jump in fright and shock.

Hicks say's It's moving, Drake say's "Which way" Frost say's as he looks at the motion tracker, It's coming straight for us. Straight up he say's as he nods to go forward.

Suddenly a black shape crosses the path of the soldiers at very high speed, 

The sight of this black shape causes Drake to fire his weapon, He fires at an angle hitting the ceiling of the corridor and creating a loud noise and sparks of fire. 

Drake shakes his gun in anger and frustration and say's "Fuck" Hicks say's "Hold Up" as he may been onto something.

Hicks say's Ripley and nods for her attention to come down with him.

Ripley looks through an air duct vent and makes eyes with a dirty faced girl called Newt. The girl is very quiet and is just staring blankly out at Ripley.

Ripley say's Hey, Shh, It's all right. It's all right, Come on. Gorman say's to Hicks, Just grab her corporal.

Ripley say's softly as Newt backs off slightly, Don't be afraid, Come on, We wont hurt you.

Ripley say's Shh, It's all right, It's okay. Come on out, Come on, Ripley tries to coax the girl out of the vent.

Ripley say's Easy Easy to reassure the girl as Hicks tries to grab her with his right hand. Hicks say's excitedly "I got her"

Ow! Damn! Hicks shouts out,  Hicks voice turns to pain as Newt bites Hick's hand as he tries to get a hold of her.

Newt is on the move inside the vent, Gorman say's Watch her, Hicks say's She's under the grille! Ripley shouts out "Don't let her go.

Gorman say's Frost get your light up here, Ripley say's Where'd she go?

Newt can be heard crawling through the vent chamber space, Frost say's she on the other side of us, Ripley shouts "Shine the light". Down here here Frost say's.

Bishop say's Here Here, There she is.

Ripley shouts, Keep back, Keep back, Don't scare her.

Hicks say's Grab her man, We're gonna lose her. Ripley say's Damn it! as Newt heads into another air vent.

Suddenly Ripley knocks the light away from Bishop it makes a thack sound, she instantly decides that she will follow Newt into the vent herself. Frost shouts, "Kick it out" 

The sound of banging metal is heard as Ripley shouts "Wait" to Newt who is on the other side of the grill with her hands pushing against it.

Ripley pushes through and Newt runs to the back of the small space. Ripley shines her light at Newt as she stares back motionless, 

It is very quiet inside the air maintenance space, A white light flashes and strobes as the lightwaves bounce of the large air fan flow system that is continously in motion. 

The room is full of Newts possessions including toys clothes and food items, Similar to the inside of a garbage truck that has started it's rounds. The air fan may of helped Newt not to be found by the xenomorphs as the moving object will give Newt a small amount of cover.

Ripley slowly moves over to the girl and say's It's okay, It's all right.

Ripley say's Don't be afraid as Newt pushes her body a few inches more away from Ripley. The girl is very hesitant of this stranger and has little trust in humans anymore. Ripley edges a little closer and softly say's "see?" Newts eyes turn right she has other ideas.

Newt suddenly moves from her spot and tries to escape through another air vent, Ripley grabs the girl and say's Wait, No you dont, Newt starts to scream and shout in distress.

Ripley say's It's okay, You're gonna be all right now. 

Newt is whimpering and struggling with Ripley, She wants to get away from her, Ripley say's Shh

Ripley say's Easy Easy, It's gonna be okay, Newt is still struggling and distressed.

Ripley say's It's all right, You're gonna be okay.

Ripley softly say's Shh, shh, shh, shh, shh. Newt is slowly becoming more at ease.

Ripley say's "Easy, Easy as Newt silently whimpers.

Newt has gone quiet and Ripley strokes her hair with her right hand, 

Ripley looks down at some of the junk and other items laid about the room and spots a photo frame, 

She picks it up from the floor and looks at it, It is a picture of Newt in happier times.

The picture has a engraved description at the bottom, It say's Second Grade Citizenship Award REBECCA JORDEN.

Ripley puts the picture back down and turns to Newt to comfort her some more and stroke her hair, Ripley now knows some more information on the girl who's real name is Rebecca.

A whirring sound is heard as Corporal Hicks brings down the steel shutters in the makeshift operations room located at the South lock. The atmosphere processor can be seen from the window.

Newt is sat on a table and is being interrogated by Lieutenant Gorman but she is very quiet and has not said a word. Gorman say's What's her name again?, Dietrich say's Rebecca.

Gorman say's Now think, Rebecca, Concentrate. Just start at the beginning. Gorman say's Where are your parents? Gorman say's in a frustrated tone, Now look Rebecca, You have to try and help.

Ripley say's Gorman, Give it a rest why don't you?

Gorman sighs and say's with disapointment, Total brain lock, 

Corporal Dietrich say's Physically she's okay, Borderline malnutrition but I don't think there's any permanent damage. Gorman say's Come on, We're wasting our time, Gorman and Dietrich then walk off leaving Ripley and Newt alone.

It is very quiet with only a very low breezy sound, Ripley sit's down next to Newt and offers her a cup of Hot Chocolate, Ripley say's Try this.

Ripley slowly offers the warm beverage to the motionless Newt, Ripley say's It's a little hot chocolate, 

Newt slowly sips as Ripley say's There you go.

Ripley say's Whoop as Newt seems disinterested in the liquid. A small amount of hot chocolate lines her lips.

Ripley takes the cup away and say's That good huh?

Ripley has a cloth which she starts to use to wipe Newts mouth, Ripley say's Uh oh, I made a clean spot here. Now I've done it, Guess I'll have to do the whole thing.

Ripley starts to wipe Newts face and cheeks, she say's to Newt, Hard to believe there's a little girl under all this. And a pretty one too.

Ripley say's You don't talk much, do you?

Hudson Gorman Hicks and Burke our looking at the internal computer system for the complex, They have a detailed map system on display, Hudson is trying to locate any citizens from the complex or any other important information that will lead to a conclusive decision. Hudson say's Smoking or Non smoking in a sarcastic way. Gorman say's Just tell me what you're scanning for Private, Burke replies, P.D.T.s, Gorman say's What? having not being familar with that concept, Burke replies, Personal data transmitters, Every colonist had one surgically implanted, 

Hudson say's If they're within 20 Klicks, we'll read it out here. So far, Zippo.

Ripley say's I don't know how you managed to stay alive, but you're one brave kid Rebecca.

Newt whispers softly, N Newt, 

Ripley in surprise say's What'd you say? 

Newt say's Newt, My name's Newt, Nobody calls me Rebecca except my brother.

Ripley say's Newt? I like that, I'm Ripley, It's nice to meet you.

Ripley looks down at a scruffy looking  plastic head of a doll that Newt is holding in her left hand,  Ripley say's And who is this, Hmmm? 

Newt say's Casey, Ripley replies, Hello Casey.

Ripley looks back at Newt and say's What about your brother? What's his name?

Newt say's with a sad voice, Timmy, Ripley say's Is Timmy around here too? Maybe hiding like you were?

Ripley say's softly, Any sisters?

Newt slowly nods her head negatively.

Ripley say's Mom and Dad?

Newt nods positively, Ripley puts her right hand to the left side of Newts face, And say's a little more urgently, Newt, look at me, Where are they?

Newt replies, in a louder slightly angry tone, They're dead, all right? Can I go now?

Ripley is slightly taken back by Newts response and hesitates for a few moments then say's I'm sorry, Newt, Don't you think you'd be safer here with us?

Newt nods negatively.

Ripley say's These people are here to protect you, They're soldiers.

Newt replies, It won't make any difference.

Ripley looks at Newt in silence.

Bishop is in the science division labatory studying and dissecting one of the dead alien face huggers that was found in one of the glass cylindrical tanks, These parasitic lifeforms also have the ability to stay alive while submersed in water and almost certainly have fish like gills and organs. Bishop is deeply submersed in his work,

Suddenly a door can be heard whirring open and a clacking of wheels. Spunkmeyer has brought Bishop a stack of scientific electrical equipment which Bishop requested, Spunkmeyer sets the trolley down and say's to Bishop, Do you need anything else? Bishop momentarily stops his research and turns around to face Spunkmeyer. 

Spunkmeyer say's Hello Bishop, Do you need anything else? again because of the delay in reply.

Bishop looks down at the items Spunkmeyer has delivered and then say's No. Bishop then turns back round and continues his work.

Spunkmeyer say's That's a nice pet you got there, Bishop.

Bishop replies enthusiastically, Magnificient, isn't it!

Hudson say's Yo! Stop your grinnin' and drop your linen! Found em.

Gorman say's They alive? Hudson replies, Unknown, but it looks like all of them. 

Hudson continues, Over at the processing station,

Sublevel 3, 

Under the main cooling towers.

Hicks say's Looks like a goddamn town meeting. 

Gorman say's Let's saddle up big Apone.

Sergeant Apone say's Aye, Sir.

Sergeant Apone say's All right, Let's go people, They ain't payin' us by the hour, Let's go, Head em out!

Apone say's in the background, Ok Frost you're driving, as Hudson chews his gum.

The APC is heading on over to the processing station, It is travelling at about 20mph and the high powered engines are making a loud noise, 

Newt is onboard the APC as well, She say's to Kacey her doll head, It's okay, Don't worry, It'll be okay reassuringly.

The APC slows and enters Access ramp 3

The turret at the back of the APC is lowered to allow access inside the complex.

The vehicle fits perfectly under the large heavy door as it automatically closes behind.

The vehicle stops and it's front headlights go out, A powerful flood light activates from the top of the APC, Private Drake, Private Vasquez, Private Hudson, Private Frost, Sergeant Apone, Corporal Dietrich, Private Crowe, Private Wierzbowski, and Corporal Hicks all leave the APC fully armed and in tactical war mode.

Gorman say's over the radio headset, I want a straight "V" deployment second team on left flank. Advance on axial 664. Tracker on line, Set the "V" gain to filter R.F. ambient. 

Apone say's to Hudson through his radio set, Hudson, tracker on line, Left and right little buddy.

Gorman say's from the APC, Forty meters in, bearing 221, there should be a stairwell.

Apone say's Check got it as he hand snatch signals to his team.

Gorman say's You want Sublevel 3

Apone say's Let's go people, Hudson, you got the point. Hicks watch our tails.

Apone say's Nice and easy, Check those corners.

Gorman say's Watch your spacing, Apone say's All right you heard the man.

Apone continues, Don't bunch up, Stay loose.

Gorman say's Uh, your transmission's showing a lot of break up.

Hudson replies, Probably getting some interference from the structure, 

Apone say's Use those lights,  The computer display map is beeping as it displays the location of the soldiers and also the location of the P.D.T.s. Gorman say's to Apone, Next one down, and proceed on a 216.

Apone crackle's over the air and say's Uh roger, That's a 216.

Gorman say's as he looks at the display monitors, I'm not making that out too well, What is it Hudson?, 

Hudson is communicating to Gorman through Vasquez's camera equipment.

Hudson replies, You tell me man, I only work here, A clicking can be heard in the background from the motion tracker,

Vasquez's monitor display fizzes out of focus.

The team have traveled much furthur into the complex and have veared onto unknown and strangely articulated territory.

Gorman looks at his monitor display and with a sense of unknowing he say's What is that? to Ripley.

Ripley is looking at the display with a dumbfounded look, She nods negatively and replies I don't Know?

Gorman say's with little thought, Proceed inside to Apone.

Apone say's on his headset, Watch your fire and check your targets.

Apone say's Remember we're looking for civvies in here.

Apone say's Easy, Hicks comes over the headset, He say's Tighten it up, Frost. We're getting a little thin.

Apone say's Nice and easy. Water droplets are dripping heavily from the strangely curved surface, This produces a splashing sound.

Corporal Dietrich snaps off a small piece of what resembles a stalactite and she say's, Looks like some sort of secreted resin. 

Hicks replies, Yeah, but secreted from what? in fascination.

Apone say's Nobody touch nothing,

Burke say's Busy little creatures, Huh?

Frost say's Hot as hell in here.

Hudson replies, Yeah man, but it's a dry heat sarcastically.

Apone responds, Knock it off Hudson.

Ripley is concentrating on the display monitor maps and has thought of a question to ask Gorman, She say's carefully, Lieutenant, What do those pulse rifles fire?

Gorman replies, Ten millimeter explosive tip caseless

he continues, Standard light armor piercing round. Why? 

Ripley replies, Well look where your team is, They're right under the primary heat exchangers.

Gorman looks at Ripley showing a worried expression, He say's So? 

Ripley replies, So if they fire their weapons in there, won't they rupture the cooling system?. Burke cottons on to what Ripley is trying to explain to the anorexic Gorman, He say's Ho ho ho, Yeah she's absolutely right

Gorman replies, So? So what? as he looks round at Burke.

Burke explains, Look he say's This whole station is basically a big fusion reactor.

Burke hesitates for Gorman to acknowledge then say's Right, Gorman is starting to panic at this point.

Burke say's So you're talking about a thermonuclear explosion, and adios, muchachos.

Gorman replies, Oh great Wonderful accepting in his own mind that he has made a serious mistake.

Gorman puts his hand to his brow in frustration and anger that he has to work something out fast and say's Shit.

Gorman say's Look, Uh... Hey Apone, 

Apone snaps his fingers in the air to signal everyone to be quiet, 

Gorman say's, Look, We can't have any firing in there. I uh, I want you to collect magazines from everybody.

Hudson say's Is he fuckin' crazy?

Frost replies, What the hell are we supposed to use man, harsh language?

Gorman continues, Flame units only, I want rifles slung, 

Apone replies, Sir I, Apone is cut short by Gormans commands, Gorman say's Just do it, Sergeant and no grenades.

Apone responds, All right, sweethearts, You heard the man, Pull em' out. Come on, Lets have em.

Apone say's Come on, Vasquez Clear and lock.

Apone say's Damn!.

Apone say's You too, Give it up, Ski Come on Let's go. Crowe, I want it now, Give it up.

Vasquez hands Drake a magazine from her clip and Drake say's Right on Vas as he connects it to another part of a gun.

Apone say's Let's go marine, Give it up. Hicks hands over his magazines.

Apone say's Frost, you got the duty, Open that bag.

Frost replies, Thanks a lot Sarge

Apone say's Hicks, cover our ass.

Apone say's, Head em out people, 

Hicks say's to Frost, I like to keep this handy... Hicks pulls a concealed shotgun out from his back cocks his shotgun and then say's For close encounters. Frost say's, I heard that then he walks off.

The motion tracker can be heard clicking, Gorman say's Any movement?
Hudson replies, Nothing, Zip.

Hudson Apone and other soldiers spot something disturbing as they all look up in a slow sort of synchronisation. Apone say's Holy Shit as the images unfold.

Ripley say's Newt, go sit up front.

Ripley shouts at Newt, Go on! Now.

Apone say's Steady people, Let's finish our sweep.

Apone continues, We're still marines and we got a job to do. Keep it moving.... Easy.