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Sometimes an idea for a product is great and really works but sometimes an idea for a product should just stay an idea, You can shop online or go to your local shopping center there is always a product on the shelf you want but do you need it or is it best left where it is,  Here is a selection of products that might make you think twice before you make that all important purchase.

This great invention allows you to shop with your baby quicker than ever before. Imagine whizzing down the high street at supersonic speeds while your baby enjoys the view, The roller buggie has a powerful hydraulic brake system which uses two disc brakes to ensure a smooth and safe stop especially when your at top speed down hill or over bumps, Your baby will love this scooter hybrid and will be so happy you bought this machine. Comes with a strong belt to harness and keep your baby from shooting out into oncoming traffic or obstructions. A simple pull of the lower body transforms this humble pram into a hyper speedy scooter hybrid that will guarantee a faster more efficient travel experience everytime. It's recommended that you don't exceed speeds of 9.3 mph but hey this machine could easily do 30 mph or more, You may want to invest in a crash helmet for your child as unfortunately they are not supplied with this product. This product won third prize at the 11th international bicycle design competition in Taiwan, This model was designed by Valentin Vodev of Pixstudio. Constructed of aluminium plastic and rubber this pram weighs in at 20kg with dimensions of (HxWxD) 90 x 60 x 90cm (2.9 x 1.9 x 2.9ft). Guaranteed to put a smile on your babies face go on buy one now I know you want to.

This is a great idea, There has to be a moment when you really need refreshment but hey you have just realized your stuck in this boring office interview for the next 3 hours and there simply is no time to get a drink. That board meeting or that date really has you snookered but wait,  simply add your favourite beverages and sip when ever you want this flask tie will always refresh.

Discretely add alcohol or high caffeine drinks never again will you be stressed at work or out shopping with the kids. Simply fill bladder gently bite the valve and enjoy.

In today's dangerous world where stalkers creep and pervert's roam you will need some of these anti pervert hairy stockings. Popping these on will guarantee your safety from shady characters. An excellent repellent you must tell all your friends about these. Made in China and described as the latest must have fashion accessory and the ultimate anti pervert item. This could be your new summer look so order a few pairs now before stocks are depleted. Respect is due and your partner will love you for trying these out.

The weather is very unpredictable and usually rains down with snow and hail when your least prepared. Yes the typical weather always ruins the day, Most people own an umbrella but they never seem to work to well when your on the move as you cant see where your going, This will ultimately cause a collision or fall but now we have Goggle Umbrella. This clever periscope styled umbrella has a roomy 78 cm diameter which will allow up to two people to get under and also comes with built in goggles for that perfect view. Easy periscope design allows quick stand and dry ready for another day. Never again get caught out in the rain with the Goggle Umbrella.

Sick and tired of alway's having to clean up after your child dirties the house. Well help is at hand with this clever and efficient baby mop. Wouldn't it be great to get your child to clean up there own mess well now you can. This clever and unique design will have your child cleaning in seconds just drop a few of his or her favourite sweets down and watch as the floor is cleaned in seconds, Made from 100% cotton this soft and cosy onesie is covered in ultra absorbent mop microfibres that will transform your child into the ultimate cleaning machine. Dont bother with a new cleaning product this will solve all your house cleaning problems well most of them, Well done baby good job. With 3 different sizes from 3-6 6-9 and 9-12 months there is a size for him or her. Teach your child a strong work ethic broom handle attachment coming soon.

Are you feeling lonely and isolated, Would you like some support a friend that will always give you a hug when your feeling down and in the doldrums. Well now you can with this all loving all hugging pillow. Hug Me Pillow is designed to always be their for you and when your in need of some kindness and affection hug me pillow will be there for you every time or your money back.This dream man arm pillow is soft and cosy that comfortably wraps around your body, Feel safe and sound with this hypoallergenic arm hand and shirt pillow just the thing for a good nights sleep. Made with 65% polyester and 35% cotton and can be hand washed. Can be purchased in three exciting colors, Red Black and Blue. Can be dressed up in any clothes you desire, Been given the cold shoulder no worries hug me pillow will support you, Styled on the movie icon and chisled actor Brad Pitt and great for migrane sufferers.

Brad Pitt personalized pillow case is the perfect companion to go with Hug Me Pillow.

Your schedule too busy for today's modern exercise routines. No time to get to the gym or to eat that healthy high protein food. Jealous of your mates always getting the looks while you are ignored. Worry no more with the exciting AB Hancer, Why strain your body into oblivion when you can have amazing abs in seconds. A six pack in seconds that comes with adjustable straps and super light weight frame. Be the envy of your friends with AB Hancer and get the respect you deserve.

AB Hancer for men advertisement. Get a six pack in seconds.

Feeling the cold need a good quality woolen hat and beard garment. This dual purpose hat will save you from getting that beard transplant you have been saving up for save money and time with this great product. 

Beard hats are great for children too, Will teach them how to maintain a good beard for later in life.

You may choose to go for a slightly fuller beard with this great Viking look that will keep you snug and warm on cold winter nights.

Camping is great when you get the chance to go on vacation for a few days or more. You may choose to sleep in a tent and as the nights are cold your going to need a sleeping bag. The only thing is in the middle of the night you wake up after drinking all that lager and you need to wee. Yes not so great when your stuck nice and cosy in your traditional sleeping bag, It is a right pain having to get out go to the toilet usually behind a bush at that time then crawl back in in pitch darkness rotten, Now this is a thing of the past with these new sleeping bags with arms and legs. Why sleep in a bag when you can wear a bag no more night time troubles solved.

Weighing 2000g and with zip off booties this is the ultimate accessory. With Kangaroo styled pocket leg vents and a baffled construction this sleeping bag will not dissapoint. Soft nylon shell and a waterproof resistant finish these bags look the part. Survive the cold at a maximum of -11 this is the perfect companion for a camping holiday, Thermal collar exagerated draft tubes insulated hood and two dimensional anatomical fit this bag has it all except a zipper to go to the toilet nevermind you can't have everything.

With a bright yellow color you will easily be recognised and fit right in at any nuclear power station or hazardess waste situation.

Have a Pug Poodle or other vicious dog or need a muzzle to comply with state laws. These great Quack muzzles will easily safeguard your pet from attack and also confuse your local ducks and make your dog look like a duck from the local park. In Yellow Pink and Coffee your dog will love you even more with these great duck bill designed muzzles. Makes your dog quieter too but I would worry if it starts talking duck quack. Made of silicone and nylon and weighing 80 grams these muzzles will be a perfect fit for your pet. In three sizes S: 11*23cm M: 13.5*23cm L: 16.5*30cm. 

Only the Japanese could invent such a useful product.

There comes a time when you really could do with a nap but your stuck at the airport or in a traffic jam. Not all is lost however as you can now purchase a very comfortable Ostrich pillow that easily fits over your head for complete comfort. No more tiredness with this convenient pillow styled on an Ostrich. This pillow eliminates sound and light and also keeps you cosy and warm ideal when at the office, party or lecture. Made of polyester and cotton and in a variety of colors you will sleep soundly until the alarm goes off.

Check out the video and decide if the Ostrich pillow is for you.

The shower is a great place for some soak and suds get clean and refreshed for the day ahead, Wouldn't it be great to have your own shower mic how cool would that be. If you love Karaoke you can sing along to your favourite songs and get into the swing of it. This shower mic is soft to the touch and shaped just like a microphone brillant let your inner diva shine through.

The shower microphone sponge is the latest must have accessory to make any shower a karaoke experience.

Sponge Bob Trap Remix

Are you busy and pushed for time, does your pet like to be petted I am sure they do. This great invention will take all the work out of petting and do it automatically for you. With 4 different speed settings you can adjust the rhythm to suit your pet and it's fur type, With 6 deflea pads this Pet Petter can also be recharged for hotel use, Todd Lawson invented this contraption and is a complete necessity if you love your pets but have a busy scedule.

No Poops No Oops is the slogan for PooTrap the ultimate contraption that straps to your dogs rear.Available in 8 different sizes and you can also purchase spare bags which come in packs of 5 or 30 singles. Each time your doggy wears PooTrap reward them with a treat so that they become accustomed to using the device. Never pick up dog mess again let PooTrap do the work.

The Japanese are a clever bunch and some of there inventions are just stunning. This invention is simply that The Mobile Toilet Roll Dispensing System that simply and efficiently sits on top of your head with a strap that goes under the neck for a safe and secure attachment. When in need of some toilet paper you simply reach up and pull some down to blow your nose it's as easy as 123 reach up pull and blow the 123 system works very well. Never run out again with a full roll to use and it also stops others from using the loo roll when you have guests.

Ironing is a chore at the best of times so why not make life easier with this fashionable coffee mug iron appliance. Drink your favourite beverages and iron at the same time to help you complete your task. Ironius can iron and keep your beverages hot at the same time a unique idea that saves you having to boil a kettle. With 4 amazing colors to choose from Red Yellow Black and White ironing will never be a chore again.

Those clever Japanese just dont give up and have developed this easy fit easy wear ear enhancing device. Just plug n play and your hearing will be substantially improved. This amazing devide which resembles a large pair of headphones turned outwards will easily get you recognised where ever you go and are constructed in a robust stainless steel material incase of bad weather.

Embarrassed using a traditional metal detector to find lost treasures and precious metals well now you can metal detect in true style. These amazing metal detecting sandals will have you walking around the field three or four times as they detect metals with each step. A copper coil built into the right sandal takes it's power from a battery pack strapped to your calf. Using beat frequency oscillation technology the ring creates a magnetic field when a metal object is underfoot, It distorts the field and you are alerted by the battery pack. Choose from a flashing red light gentle vibration or a clearly audible buzz, Requires one 9 volt battery and will provide up to six hours of use on one battery, Non skid soles and polyurethane foam footbeds. Black. Sizes M (Men's 7 1/2-9, Women's 8 1/2-10) and L (Men's 9 1/2-12, Women's 10 1/2-13). (1 lb.). These amazing sandals come with a lifetime guarantee The Hammacher Schlemmer Lifetime Guarantee, Return for a refund exchange or credit whenever you feel dissatisfied for any reason,

Have you a deep fear of creepy crawlies, Do you suffer from Insectophobia syndrone. Is your house overrun with them but you just don't have the courage to eradicate them yourself.  Fear no more with these great bug killing slippers. With easy attachable extension no more will you have to get close to them. With a generous extension zap those bugs into outer space with these incredible bug slaying chappals just the thing when you can take no more and want to take control, Get some today.

Are your children fussy about who feeds them do they crave the mothers touch. Do you prefer to breast feed for the added nutritional values, Wouldn't it be great if the husband fed them for a change take some weight of your feet. Well now you can with these durable and highly built pair of double breast feeding nipples. Simply fill with your child's favourite milk and attach the strong strap over the head for easy suction power. Your child will not know the difference and will be sleeping in no time at all.

A good night's sleep is guaranteed with these double breast feeding nipples.

Women love to get there hair done but in these busy times sometimes there just is not enough time to get it dried. Not to worry though this innovative hair dryer dries your hair while your on the move. No more time wasting at the hairdressers this easy to use device just fits perfectly over your new hair doo and the weight of your body will simply pump and blow dry your hair. Simple easy and saves you more time to do the things you want to do.

Do you like walking the dog it is fun and great exercise. But wouldn't it be even better if you could take your friendly goldfish for a stroll down the street or even to the shops. Well now you can with this great and durable fish bowl metal trolley. Made of a solid steel and highly rotatable wheels this item is made to impress not forgetting it's also painted in a lovely blue paintwork you and your friend will be inseparable and the envy of your fish keeping friends.

You might consider the goldfish bowl helmet instead. This great helmet made of a toughened waterproof design eliminates dripping and with the toughened glass you will have the confidence to go anywhere with your fishy pets and will certainly make you look the part. Best of all you don't have to worry about pulling anything from behind simply brilliant.

Man demonstrates the fish tank helmet.

Go anywhere with ease but don't forget the fish food.

The Aquarium Helmet Man.

Is your cooking boring bland and simply has no flair, Is there times you just wished for a Chinese takeaway or your favourite pizza order. Well now all your problems can be solved with these great fast acting edible spray paints. Add some colour to your meals and really impress your guests.

Turn your food into pure gold in seconds you will be the star of the kitchen.

Golden Roasted Chicken Example.

Baby ponders on a General relativity hypothesis before a milk break.

Children and babies alike start out on there academic journey from as young as six weeks in these advanced technological times. No more waiting until college to read Quantum physics for your young child as we have these great books designed for the younger mind. With topics such as Rocket science General relativity and Newtonian physics your child will quickly become a super brain and professor. 

Maybe HTML programming is more entertaining for your baby.

Are you a big star wars fan are you on the dark side or the good side. Wouldn't it be cool to have your own death star that blazes with fire and also comes in as a handy heater for those cold winter days and nights. Constructed in a robust and pure 1/4" steel you can have your own exploding death star in minutes. Great for barbecues and any star wars party. Selling now for £2.851.28.

Are you worried your overly large member is causing problems such as relationships and basically getting from A to B. This great and informative hardback book written by Dr Richard Jacob and Rev Owen Thomas will help you overcome your problems with advice and meditations. 

Engrossing and a great way to pass the time when out and about.

You may also consider reading this other great book by Dr M Tissot or his other synonym Dr. Samuel-auguste Tissot.

Are the kid's bored are you feeling stressed. Entertain them with this great Gangsta Rap coloring book with all there favourite artists. With such great rap artist's including Dr Dre Tupac and Snoop Dog they will be entertained for hours.

Enjoy colouring Tupac shakur and a host of other gangsta's.

Back in the day we had VHS and after watching a programme movie we all had to rewind the tape ready for the next time. No one likes having to rewind tapes so it was good etiquette to rewind them especially if you rented videos on a regular basis. Now in todays high tech world we have DVD Rewinder. Yes folks DVD Rewinder is the perfect gadget to rewind those favourite dvd's from your collection fast and reliable every time. Space age tech will give you an enjoyable experience every time you rewind also Mpeg rewinder coming soon.

Rewind your favourite DVD'S in minutes with DVD Rewinder.

Are you a model aircraft enthusiast do you fly on a regular basis. Fancy something a little different want to be noticed in a crowd or looking for that ultimate xmas present, Want to upset the neighbours and show them who's boss or put a little smile on an old ladies face, then do it the high tech way, This great RC controlled helicopter simply does not give a flying F**K and neither will you when you fly this great piece of style in over and around your house or garden. If the neighbours window is open fly it in for added fun and when they come running out you can tell them you don't give a flying f@@k.

Learn the secrets to rewinding DVD'S with this educational video.

Item Weight 259 g

Package Dimensions18.6 x 15.8 x 10.8 cm

Love a packed lunch no time for busy cafe's and food outlets. Love fruit it's so good for you but the only thing is it's also very soft and easy to damage. If you like bananas for dinner what a great way to protect your delicious soft fruit with Bananas Guard. This handy device can accommodate one full banana for you to enjoy at a later date. No more black and damaged fruit with Banana Guard relax knowing your banana is safely tucked way.

Review and test of Banana Guard technology.

Do you consider it unetiquette for your pet dog to show off it's butt, It can be unsightly to other pedestrians and this might be a problem for you when your out and about. Wouldn't it be great if you could cover up Fluffy's rear. Well all is not lost with this amazingly simple but clever device called Rear guard. These brightly colored covers come in a variety of different designs including a Smiley a Disco ball an Air freshener, a Heart a Cupcake and a Bio hazard symbol, These great thought out designs will really make your dog feel special and you can show off to your friends with the different types and colors which you can change on a daily basis if so desired. Your doggy friend will love you for ever and ever when you slap one of these easy and discreet patches on, No more will your dog show off it's rear and it will give you hours of fun and lots of entertainment also.

Rear Guard come in several exciting designs, Give back your dog's privacy in seconds.

Do you love pizza are you a food junkie, Are you always day dreaming about fast food and do you get take away's meals nearly every night. You really could do with this hand crafted pizza sleeping bag that will have you dreaming of Pepperoni and Pineapple in minutes as you drift off into pizza land. This pizza sleeping bag includes 5 vegetable pillows which are not attached so you could wedge a broccoli and a mushroom in between your head for a vegetable tastic time. You will receive 2 mushrooms 2 olives and 1 broccoli but they really could of added an onion slice or two but nevermind, A thick crust rims the edge of this sleeping bag it is generously filled with cheese, A thick red tomato sauce adorns the top all it needs now is a pizza order from your local shop, Lined in Red satin and made from hand dyed cotton this pizza slice wants to keep you deliciously warm and snug and you will be so happy. Made to order these pizza slices are worth every penny slip into one today enjoy.

Woman demonstrates the incredible comfort you will get when you buy this pizza slice. Available on Etsy.

Pizza sleeping bag promotional video.

Animals can be messy at times, Certain breeds malt more than others and more dust will be generated. You may be busy and have no time to clean or you may work and only want to get home and put your feet up. The majority of people can't afford a house maid so wouldn't it be a great idea if your pet could do the cleaning instead. These incredible dust boots are specially developed to fit perfectly over your pets feet. Developed by Todd Lawson an inventor and animal author, Come home to a cleaner brighter house your dog will be so proud to of pleased there master they will clean daily for no cost whatsoever.

Pet Sweeper Promotional Video

Todd Lawson is an inventor and animal author.

Want the latest gloves that have a million and one uses want to be seen at a warehouse rave or simply want to look cool out and about, Then you need HanderPants TM which when translated simply means your wearing a pair of underpants on your hands, This stylish must have product has many uses including cooking texting and construction tasks. Want to stay fresh cool and noticed your going to need some Handerpants TM.

Stay fresh and sanitised with every handshake. You can rely on Handerpants to keep you safe from germs.

Impress your friends when you text and call, Handerpants are made for touchscreen technology.

Got a job on need a helping hand. Handerpants will keep your hands steady for any construction task.

Have a Harley or a Chopper your gonna need a pair of these, A perfect companion on long road trips.

And many many more ways to use Handerpants TM technology, Order some today.

Treat your elderly friends of family to a few pairs of Handerpants, Great for zimmer frames Mobile disability scooters and shopping.

Are you a night hawk have a secret admirer or maybe a secret addiction. Feel safe when your on social media sites and feel in control everytime you press the keyboard.

Do you consider yourself a perfectionist have you got green fingers when it comes to gardening. Are you a regular participant in the gigantic fruit growing contests in your area. It could be a problem to transport your prised fruit or vegetable you would want it protected at all times. This handy fruit and veg caddy will allow you to take your fruit and veg any where you go. 

As were on the subject of fruit and vegetables these delicious square water melons from Japan might pose a problem just make sure your fruits and vegetables are round. Growing square water melons started 45 years ago in Western Japan, Japanese consumers were complaining about the difficulty in placing traditional round melons into there fridges without problems. The fruit is placed into cube shaped boxes about 10 days before they fully ripen then are removed at harvest. 

Square Watermelon video on how they are produced.

Are you a detective or spy do you need to go incognito in a hurry, Would you like to pretend to be Pierce Brosnan. This clever mouthspray promises an authentic Irish Accent after a couple of sprays. The special formula activates invisible language receptors in the mouth that instantly gives you an Irish accent. Let the mouth watering spearmint flavour take over your voice in seconds, Be the star of the party and take off Terry Wogan, Bono, Bob Geldof, Brendan Gleeson, Sheamus, Louis Walsh, Sinead O'connor, Maureen O Hara, Michael Fassbender, Jerry Adams, Graham Norton or even Cillian Murphy with precise accuracy and tone, Jokes will never be the same again,

Paddy O'Connell's Instant Irish Accent.

Have an instant Irish accent in seconds, Sheep sold separately.

Golf is a great sport to be active in, Many towns and cities have there own golf clubs and it is excellent exercise. Courses are long and if your playing a tournament you could be out on the green for a very long time. Most courses will disallow inappropriate behaviour and anyone peeing up there landscape if someone needs to go, This could be particularly painful if you cant and really need a pee and you may question why I joined this upscale golfing facility in the first place, You may of forgot to go at the clubhouse damn how could I be so stupid,

All is not lost though with this amazing invention called Uro Club Golf Club Portable Urinal. This life saving device will fool all your golfing pals and spectators, The skill of the low profile is definitely needed here, This club will certainly become your favourite and fits soundly into your existing set your brain will not know the difference outstanding, and with the quick triple sealed watertight screw off lid and hollow grip that can hold half a liter of liquid in its reservoir you are ready for any emergencies. Simply carry a towel to wipe down and the privacy shield is also included and you are ready to go,  Styled on a 7 iron you could be hitting some of your best shots now you have Uro Club Urinal, Have peace of mind at all times while golfing be the best and get the edge,

Be two holes ahead and surprise your competition with Uro Club Golf Club Portable Urinal.

An ingenious Florida Urologist and inventor called Floyd Seskin thought up this device after hearing from his male patients about the need to urinate frequently while out playing golf, These patients also suffered from urinary frequency syndrome which made it much worse as they can pass over 3 liters or more per day and Uro Pro golf club portable urinal can hold an amazing 0.5 liters outstanding, maybe they should be playing bowls instead, Available at most good online stores get yours today. Ladies version out soon,

Floyd Seskin Inventor and Urologist.

Dissatisfied Customer calls Uro Club to express his thoughts.

Uro Club Original Commercial.

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