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A low level breeze is heard.


The sound of wind becomes much louder and more prominent.


The sound of people singing in a church is heard, It is Sunday the 29th of April 1973 (Morning time)


Sergeant Howie is in attendance at his local christian denomination church accompanied by his fiancee, Sergeant Howie is a deeply religious man and attends church service each and every Sunday. An organ is playing loudly and the congregation are singing a hymn. ♪ He makes me down to lie - (End of first verse)


Sergeant Howie's fiancee is sharing the hymn book with her soon to be husband, She quickly glances at Sergeant Howie as he continues to sing and smiles brightly as Sergeant Howie turns his head right and returns the compliment.


♪ In pastures Green he leadeth me thou quiet waters by.


♪ He leadeth me...


He leadeth me... The congregation increases pitch and loudness as the hymn comes to a close. ♪Thou quiet waters by...The parish vicar gently sets his hymn book down onto his book stand as the service progresses with peoples testimonies.


Sergeant Howie is one of the speakers this fine Sunday morning, His broad and strong brogue echoes loudly from inside the church walls, Sergeant Howie say's, I have received of the Lord, that which also I delivered unto you.


That the Lord Jesus the same night in which he was betrayed...took bread.


Sergeant Howie is looking down at his bible as he speaks to the congregation, "And when he had given thanks," Sergeant Howie looks back up to face the congregation and say's, He broke it.. Sergeant Howie looks back down again and say's, "and said,"  


Sergeant Howie is thinking in his mind about communion and his experiences and thoughts as he speaks clearly and loudly to the congregation. "Take...Eat"


"This is my body...which is broken for you"


"This do in remembrance of me" Sergeant Howie pauses momentarily then say's, And after the same manner he also took the cup, When he had eaten saying," 


"This cup is the new covenant in my blood" This oft as you drink it in remembrance of me."Sergeant Howie closes his eyes as he prays to God,   "Or as often as you eat this bread"


"And drink this wine" (Howie looks back up from his bible) You do shew the Lord's death till he comes again.


The church is silent as Sergeant Howie's fiancee looks on.


A sound of seagulls and a plane engine are heard.


Sergeant Howie has undertaken a job assignment and is using a Thurston TSC-1A Teal sea plane to navigate and reach his destination. The motor increases with energy as the rotors begin to spin at a rapid rate, A loud rumbling noise is heard as the engine reaches equilibrium. During takeoff an airplane or seaplane uses the most propeller velocity to become airborne. ... Most of the noise generated by any airplane comes from the propeller tips. Many are under the misconception that it is engine or exhaust pipe noise that people complain about because we tend to think in terms of automobiles.


A high pitched whirring sound is heard as the sea plane gathers speed.

General characteristics
Specifications (TSC-1A2 Teal II)
Crew: one pilot
Capacity: one passenger
Length: 23 feet 7 inches (7.26 m)
Wingspan -  31 feet 1 inch (9.56 m)
Height: 9 ft 5 inches (2.87 m)
Wing area: 157 sq ft (14.86 m²)
Airfoil - NACA 4415
Loaded weight: 2200 lbs (land and water) (997 kg)
Max Takeoff weight 2200 lbs (land and water) (997 kg)
Powerplant x Lycoming 0-320-A38, 150 Horsepower (112.5 kW) each
Propellers: 1 propeller, 1 per engine
Cruise speed, 115 mph (186 km/h) 100 knots
Rate of climb - 600 feet per minute (3.1 m/s)


A song is playing that was written by Robert Burns in 1794, It consists of a Scottish bagpipe intro that leads into a female voice verse. The Thurston Teal is a family of two- and four-seat all aluminium amphibious flying boats designed by David Thurston in the United States and first flown in 1968. A total of 38 Teals were manufactured.


The TSC-1A was the first to the series to actually be completed and featured retractable conventional landing gear and non-folding wings. The prototype TSC-1A was registered as N1968T, given serial number 1 and was first flown in June 1968. The TSC-1A certified under FAA Type Certificate A15AE on 28 August 1969 at a gross weight of 1,850 lb (840 kg), land and water. An increase in gross weight to 1,900 lb (860 kg) was approved on 9 December 1969. Fifteen Model TSC-1A Teals were built by the Thurston Aircraft.


Born Britt-Marie Eklund; 6 October 1942) is a Swedish actress and singer. Her high-profile social life and her 1964 marriage to actor Peter Sellers attracted considerable press attention, leading to her being one of the most photographed celebrities in the world during the 1970s.


Diane Cilento (5 October 1933 – 6 October 2011)[1] was an Australian actress and author, She was nominated for an Academy Award for Best Supporting Actress for her role in the 1963 film Tom Jones. In 1985, Cilento married playwright Anthony Shaffer who wrote the script of The Wicker Man, she met him when she appeared in that film in 1973, and he joined her when she returned to Queensland in 1975. Diane Cilento died of cancer at Cairns Base Hospital on 6 October 2011, the day after her 78th birthday.


Ingoushka Pitt (née Petrov; 21 November 1937 – 23 November 2010), known professionally as Ingrid Pitt, was a Polish-British actress, author, and writer best known for her work in horror films of the 1960's and 1970's. Ingoushka Petrov was born in Warsaw, Poland to a German father of Russian descent and a Polish Jewish mother. During World War II she and her family were imprisoned in Stutthof Concentration camp in Sztutowo, Free City of Danzig (present day Nowy Dwor Gdanski Country, Pomeranian Voivodeship, Poland. She survived, and in Berlin, in the 1950s, married an American soldier, Laud Roland Pitt Jr., and moved to California. After her marriage failed she returned to Europe, but after a small role in a film, she took the shortened stage name "Ingrid Pitt" and headed to Hollywood, where she worked as a waitress while trying to make a career in films.


Sir Christopher Frank Carandini Lee CBE, CStj (27 May 1922 – 7 June 2015) was an English actor singer military officer and author, With a career spanning nearly 70 years, Lee was well known for portraying villains and became best known for his role as Count Dracula in a sequence of Hammer Horror films  a typecasting situation he always lamented. His other film roles include Francisco Scaramanga in the James Bond film (The Man with the Golden Gun) 1974, Saruman in The Lord of the Rings trilogy (2001-2003) and The Hobbit film trilogy (2012-2014) and Count Dooku in the second and third films of the Star Wars prequel trilogy (2002-2005).


♪ O, I am come to the low country

♪ Och on, och on, och rie!


♪ Without a penny in my purse
♪ To buy a meal for me


♪ One time I had a hundred sheep


♪ Och on, och on, och rie! (A rummaging of paper is heard as Sergeant Howie checks his map.)


♪ Skippin' on yon narrow creek


♪ And growin' wool for me


Sergeant Howie looks to his left and down at the scenery as he continues his journey.


Police Sergeant Neil Howie has been given an important mission to travel to Summerisle which is located deep in the Hebridean islands archipelago to investigate the disappearance of a young girl called Rowan Morrison about whom he has received an anonymous letter.


An acoustic guitar is heard playing down the scale with a repeated chord. A song begins to play called Corn Rigs. Paul Giovanni [Magnet] - - 1973.

The opening music and "Corn Rigs" are arrangements of the Robert Burns ballads "The Highland Widow's Lament" and "Rigs O' Barley", respectively. The instrumental parts of the score are based on traditional Scottish, Irish, and English tunes such as "Miri it is", the strathspey "Robertson's Rant" jig, and "Drowsy Maggie" reel. "Chop Chop" is based on the nursery rhyme "Oranges and Lemons". "Procession" is an instrumental arrangement of the Child Ballad "Willie o Winsbury". Although some of the music is Scottish, and the film is set in the Hebrides, no traditional Scottish Gaelic numbers are featured.

♪ It was upon a Lammas night


♪ When corn rigs are bonnie


♪ Beneath the moon's unclouded light
I held a while to Annie


♪ The time went by with careless heed
'Till 'tween the late and early


Seamus Flannery


♪ With small persuasion she agreed


♪ To see me through the barley


♪ Corn rigs and barley rigs and


♪ Corn rigs are bonnie

eric boyd perkins.png

Eric Boyd Perkins

anthony shaffer.jpg

Anthony Shaffer

peter snell.jpg

Peter Snell

♪ I'll not forget that happy night
Among the rigs with Annie

robin hardy.jpg

Robin Hardy

Robin St. Clair Rimington Hardy (2 October 1929 – 1 July 2016) was an English author and film director. He was born in England and studied art in Paris, He worked in the U.S., where he made television dramas. He was a partner in a film company with Anthony Shaffer for 13 years. He returned to London where he made television commercials. Later he wrote historical novels and was involved in creating historical theme parks in the U.S. Hardy had expressed interest in producing a finale to his loose Wicker Man trilogy titled The Wrath of the Gods. A crowdfunding campaign was set-up in 2015 to raise funds for the film's production, but ultimately fell short of its $210,000.00 target. 


(The second verse is recorded into the movie but is heard later on but I have listed it here.) ♪ The sky was blue, the wind was still
♪ The moon was shining clearly
♪ I set her down with right goodwill
♪ Among the rigs o' barley
♪ I kent her heart was my own
♪ I loved her most sincerely
♪ I kissed her o'er and e'er again
Among the rigs of barley


A squishing water sound is heard as the sea plane skims across the water line.


Sergeant Howie has safely arrived at his destination and is slowly moving along the waters surface.


A flag blows in the soft breeze that has a striking resemblance to the Sun of May which is a national emblem and is integrated into the flag of Argentina. According to the historian Diego Abad de Santillan the Sun of May is a figurative sun that represents Inti, the sun god of the inca religion. Worshiped as a patron deity of the Inca Empire, Pachacuti is often linked to the origin and expansion of the Inca Sun Cult. The most common story says that he is the son of Viracocha, the god of civilization. In the flag of Argentina, the Sun of May is the radiant golden yellow sun bearing the human face and thirty-two rays that alternate between sixteen straight and sixteen wavy. In the flag of Uruguay, the Sun of May is the golden yellow sun bearing the human face and sixteen triangular rays that alternate between eight straight and eight wavy. The specification "of May" is a reference to the May Revolution which took place in the week from 18 to 25 May 1810, which marked the beginning of the independence from the Spanish Empire for the countries that were then part of the Viceroyalty of the Rio de la Plata. A legend claims that as the new government was proclaimed, the sun broke through the clouds, which was seen as a good omen.


The camera pans down slowly as the sea plane glides over the water.


The rumbling sound from the sea planes engines and propellers quickly slows and stops as Sergeant Howie lifts up his right side window for some air and to survey his surroundings.


Seagulls can be heard squawking as two local fisherman stand watching the sea plane cruise in slowly then stop.


Sergeant Howie stands upright as he surfaces from the cockpit, He immediately throws an anchor that is attached to a strong line into the water to stop the plane from floating off from it's position. A heavy weight and/or hook like device that can be connected to a seaplane by a line that is intended to dig into the bottom below the water or on a shoreline and keep a seaplane from drifting.


A loud splash is heard as the anchor hits the water then sinks down below.


Sergeant Howie shouts over to the two men standing at the waters edge, Howie shouts loudly "Will you send a dinghy, Please?


Suddenly the Harbour Master appears from a right side door and begins to make his way over to the two fisherman standing and watching from the way side.


Sergeant Howie decides to use his Mega phone so that his words are better understood and heard, Howie shouts loudly throught the horn and say's, Did you hear me? 


The harbour master comes running down and stops in between the two local fishermen, Sergeant Howie shouts, I'd like a dinghy, if you please.


The harbour master cups his hands to his mouth and bellows back loudly to Sergeant Howie and say's, Hello Sir! Have you lost your bearings?. More men begin to appear from the right. 


Howie responds, No sir I don't think so! Howie hesitates then say's, This is Summerisle, is it not?.


The Harbour master cups his hands to his face again and shouts loudly, It is Sir!


Howie responds, Well I'm right then, Now would you send a dinghy, Please?,


The Harbour Master replies, I'm afraid it can't be done sir!, This is private property!.


You can't land here without written permission!


Howie replies, I as you can see, am a police officer.


Howie continues, A complaint has been registered by a resident of this island about a missing child.


Now that makes it a police matter, Private property or not.


Howie continues, Now, will you send a dinghy, please?


The Harbour master turns around to face his fisherman friends and say's, Need to tell his lordship, The fisherman nod there heads with concern and aye.


Howie lowers his mega phone as he waits for someone to bring over a dinghy.


Suddenly a fisherman wearing a blue jumper and black wellies begins to walk on over to the moored red and blue dinghy. The other fisherman and the Harbour master continue to confer with each other.


Howie tugs at his jacket as his impatience is growing on him.


A horse rider suddenly appears who gently rides down the old cobbled path.


The sound of hoofed feet tapping along the cobbled road is heard, The song "Corn Rigs" begins to play again, ♪ Corn rigs and Barley rigs and,  ♪ Corn rigs are Bonnie.


The horse rider disembarks from his saddle, ♪ I'll not forget that happy night, Among the rigs with Annie.


A young boy suddenly appears from an upstairs window, He pushes the outside glass panel down from the top and looks out with interest at Sergeant Howie and his sea plane. A wooden tap sound is heard as the wooden panel hits the bottom of the window ledge. Two girls then appear from another upstairs window, They also push down the outside window panel and a tap of wood is heard.


A splashing of water and paddle rows are heard as Sergeant Howie is escorted to dry land.


Sergeant Howie steps out of the boat and climbs up a short but steep embankment with his brown bag in his right hand.


More seagulls squawk loudly as Sergeant Howie wipes himself down a couple of times with his left hand, Two fishermen can be heard chatting among themselves as three others stand facing the sergeant as he prepares for his interrogation.


Sergeant Howie continues to rub himself down with his left hand as he makes his way over to the Harbour master. Howie nods to the harbour master and the harbour master nods back, The Harbour master say's, Good day to you sir! I'm the harbour master.


Howie replies with a stern expression, Sergeant Howie, West Highland Police.
The Harbour Master replies, A missing child is always trouble. Howie replies, aye aye aye, for everybody. Howie leans left and places his heavy brown bag down onto the floor, The Harbour Master say's, Perhaps you would be good enough to explain matters to his lordship. He's most particular who lands here. The Harbour master nods at Howie and smiles as he expresses his words. The fisherman are silent and just stand motionless as they listen to Sergeant Howie and the harbour master.


Howie produces a small white envelope from his right side jacket pocket as he looks down trying to find something that he wants to show the harbour master. Howie say's, All in good time, We too have our own particularities.


The Harbour Master laughs loudly from Howie's dry humour, Howie produces a photograph from inside the letter he received, Howie stretches his right arm out and shows the photo to the harbour master, Howie say's, You know her?,


The harbour master stretches both of his arms out and stares at the image as Howie say's, Her name is Rowan Morrison.


The harbour master turns to his left and shows the photo to one of the local fisherman to see if he might recognise her.


More seagulls squawk, Howie say's, The photo was in this letter posted here on Summerisle. The harbour master reaches into his left side pocket with his right hand as he continues to look at the photo.


The harbour master has put on his reading spectacles as he looks more carefully at the photo, The harbour master suddenly raises his head and looks at sergeant howie before saying, No No No, never seen her before.


The fisherman wearing a purple knitted jumper say's, I don't know the face either, He shows the photo to another fisherman and say's, Do you know her, Kenny?.


The elderly fishermen nods negatively and replies as he coughs slightly, She doesn't belong to this island.


The elderly fishermen looks at the photo then say's, No, I never saw her before, He then passes the image to the next man.


Another fishermen looks at the photo then instantly replies, No, she doesn't belong here at all, He shows the image to his friend and say's, Johnnie to emphasize that his friend might recognise the girl.


Johnnie looks down silently at the photo but has a blank expression on his face as he also does not recognize the girl Rowan Morrison. Sergeant howie say's, The letter was anonymous, 


Another fishermen wearing a blue hat and brown jumper nods negatively as he looks down at the image, Sergeant Howie continues, It was addressed to me personally on the mainland.


The fishermen turns to face sergeant Howie and say's, No cannae say I know her. Howie reaches out with his right hand and takes the photo back from the fishermens hands.


Howie responds to the fishermens unhelpful words, Now now, what are you saying? Howie looks at the fishermen and shakes the photo as he say's, You're saying that she is not from the island?.


The Harbour Master replies, That's right, She's not from here.


Sergeant Howie places the photo back between the letter in a robust and slightly annoyed way as the fishermen wearing a brown jumper say's, No.. Your get Morrisons on Lewis


Howie listens as the fishermen continues, and a few on Mull, I would try there.


Sergeant Howie say's "Thanks" as he looks down at the anonymous letter he has received, Howie begins to read out loudly an extract from the text, "None of us has seen May Morrison's daughter Rowan since last year.


The Harbour Master shows interest as he looks closely at the letter in Howies hand,


Howie continues as the harbour master looks back up at Sergeant Howie, "She's only 12 and she's been missing from her home for many months"


A flapping of paper is heard, Howie continues, Her mothers name is May Morrison, 


The Harbour Master suddenly chuckles and his face lights up with happiness as soon as sergeant Howie mentioned May Morrison, The harbour master replies, Oh May!, She quite slipped my memory. The harbour master looks around at his fishermen friends briefly as he say's, Of course we've got May,


The harbour master quickly points his finger in the direction Sergeant Howie should be heading as he say's, She keeps the post office in the High Street.


Sergeant howie replies with slight doubt, May Morrison? You're quite sure? The harbour master replies confidently, "Quite Sure" The fishermen are quietly chatting to one another as Sergeant Howie puts the letter back into his right side jacket pocket and say's, Well, thank you for your help,


Seagulls squawk as Howie bends down and picks up his brown police bag with his left hand.


The Harbour Master shouts loudly back to sergeant Howie and say's, That's not May's daughter, though!, Howie stops in his tracks as the words are heard.


Howie turns back around to face the men as the fishermen wearing a brown jumper and blue hat nods negatively and say's, No, she's not May's,  Howie responds with intrigue and say's, Then who is she? The fishermen are silent and so is the Harbour Master, The Harbour master just looks at sergeant Howie with his hands in his pockets as he moves his lips out and nods negatively unable to answer the question. 


Sergeant Howie slowly turns back around and begins to walk away from the group of men, The harbour master looks to his right at his friend and smiles as other men chuckle and smile at one another.


The entire group of fishermen and the harbour master look on as Sergeant Howie makes his way away from the marina and into town.


Sergeant Howie walks along the marina as he makes his way into town.


The second verse of Corn Rigs begins to play.
♪ The sky was blue, the wind was still
♪ The moon was shining clearly


The small town is very picturesque and relaxing as Sergeant Howie continues his investigations.


A splashing of water and feathers is heard as the ducks take to the water.
♪ I set her down with right goodwill


♪ Among the rigs o' barley


♪ I kent her heart was my own

A squeaking is heard as an elderly man lifts up a window panel to watch Sergeant Howie as he makes his way deeper into the town.


♪ I loved her most sincerely  This image shows two alien shaped heads on the grass as Sergeant Howie walks by, These heads remind me of Prometheus, Prometheus is a 2012 science fiction film directed by Ridley Scott, written by Jon Spaihts and Damon Lindelof and starring Noomi Rapace, Michael Fassbender, Guy Pearce, Idris Elba, Logan Marshall Green and Charlize Theron. It is set in the late 21st century and centers on the crew of the spaceship Prometheus as it follows a star map discovered among the artifacts of several ancient Earth cultures. Seeking the origins of humanity, the crew arrives on a distant world and discovers a threat that could cause the extinction of the human species.


This head belonged to one of the long-dead fossilised Engineers found within the bowels of the Engineer ship on LV-223. Made of biscuit foam, the piece features an array of detailing to replicate the look of the Engineer pressure suits including the long, snout-like respirator tube, and has been given a worn, dirty grey finish on the surface to look old and decayed. A hole has been applied in the right hand side of the head, adding to the ominous appearance of the ancient fossil.


Another man opens his door and watches Sergeant Howie as he makes his way along the quiet streets,  ♪ I kissed her o'er and e'er again


♪ Among the rigs of barley


Another man steps out side to watch the stranger making his way towards May Morrisons Post Office and general store.


A lady stares from her window at Sergeant Howie with a concerned look on her face.


Sergeant Howie has managed to find May Morrisons Post Office as he looks up at the sign. A dog can be heard barking wildly as birds tweet from a distance. Sergeant Howie's feet can be heard tapping lightly on the ground as he walks towards the shop window.


The display window has many different candy shaped items for sale, including Pink elephants, Skulls and a demonic baby - All very strange and abnormal.


Please click on the image if you would like to read more on skull candies and festivals from all around the world.


A metal bell rings loudly as Sergeant Howie enters the store, 


Sergeant Howie slowly walks along the counter as he looks at the many sweets that align the shelfs and table display.


Suddenly a woman's voice is heard from the back of the shop and say's loudly, Good afternoon, Howie replies, I like your Rabbits.


The woman replies, Those are Hares, not silly old rabbits. Lovely March hares.


The lady continues, Can I help you? Sergeant Howie replies, Mrs Morrison? Mrs May Morrison?, The lady replies Yes. Howie continues sternly, Sergeant Howie West Highland Police. Mrs Morrison is taken back and quite shocked when she hears the police officers words and say's, Oh My! Did you come over in that aeroplane that I saw flying around? Howie nods positively and say's Aye, that's right. Mrs Morrison say's What... just to see me? 


Well oh no, not exactly, erm... Sergeant Howie leans down and rests his brown bag onto the shop floor. Howie continues, I'm making inquiries about your daughter, We understand that she is missing.


Sergeant Howie reaches into his right side jacket pocket and pulls out a brown note pad.


Mrs Morrison is shocked to hear of the news and quickly replies, Missing... My daughter? Sergeant Howie say's Aye, You do have a daughter?, Mrs Morrisons say's calmly Yes!


Sergeant Howie raises the photo of Rowan Morrison and shows it to Mrs Morrison, Howie say's, And that's her? 


Mrs Morrison breathes out loudly as she sighs and say's, Oh never, 


Mrs Morrison laughs loudly as she looks down then back up again, She say's, I tell you no. 


Mrs Morrison chuckles some more as she passes the photo back to Sergeant Howie.


A light scuffling of paper is heard as Sergeant Howie takes the photograph back from Mrs Morrison.


All is silent as Mrs Morrison say's I think you'd better come with me. Mrs Morrison turns and walks back into the back room that she came from.


Sergeant Howie follows Mrs Morrison into the living room.


Mrs Morrison points her left hand down the room towards a young girl who is sat at a table drawing and coloring a picture. Mrs Morrison say's, This is our Myrtle, She was nine last birthday. Mrs Morrison folds her arms and turns to look at Sergeant Howie as she say's, She's not a bit like the girl in your photograph.


Mrs Morrison continues as Myrtle dips her paint brush into some gold colored paint, Well she must be at least 13 or 14, surely


Myrtle continues to paint a foreleg of a rabbit with the fresh paint, Myrtle has copied the outline from a chocolate rabbit that lays in front of the large white sketch pad.


Mrs Morrison shouts over at her daughter and say's, Myrtle, Say Hello, Myrtle turns around from the sound of her name. Mrs Morrison quickly glances at Sergeant Howie then back at Myrtle as she say's, This is Sergeant... 


Mrs Morrison pauses and say's Oh! as she turns back around to look at Sergeant Howie for a response after forgetting his last name, Ah Howie the sergeant replies, Sergeant Howie introduces himself to Myrtle by saying, Hello Myrtle, Myrtle replies softly, How do you do?


Myrtle turns briefly to her painting then back again as she expresses her enthusiasm for drawing and coloring in,


Myrtle say's, Look Mummy, I'm drawing a hare. Mrs Morrisons say's Ah to the girls delight.


Myrtle returns to her painting.


Myrtle brushes along the under belly of the rabbits outline with the brush as the sound of ringing bells is heard, A customer has just entered the shop from outside.


Mrs Morrison say's Excuse me sergeant as she makes her way back into the shop to attend to her new customer. Mrs Morrisons opens the front room door and leaves the room.


A tapping of wood is heard as Sergeant Howie slowly makes his way over to Myrtle who is engrossed in her painting, Myrtle continues to color in the rabbit with the gold paint and brush.

Backpackers - Chiffre 100

Sergeant Howie places his heavy brown bag onto a table top as he continues to watch Myrtle painting. A loud slapping sound is heard as the bag rests on the wooden surface.


A clock can be heard ticking as Sergeant Howie takes a few short steps over to the young girl. Sergeant Howie stamps on the floor lightly as he leans over and pulls his trousers up slightly with both hands, Howie places his left arm around Myrtle as Myrtle turns briefly to look at the sergeant, Howie say's Hello as he bends down onto his knees to admire the girls artwork.


Myrtle rubs her right side chest with her left hand momentarily, She then reaches for a brush with her right hand and say's to Sergeant Howie, Here you are,


Myrtle hands the brush over to Sergeant Howie as she say's, you can fill in the ears in grey.


Myrtle hands the brush to Sergeant Howie the wrong way around as he grabs it with his right hand.


Sergeant Howie fills the wet paint on the palm of his hand and opens it wide as Myrtle say's, Oh, sorry.


Myrtle snatches a cloth from the table with her left hand and passes it over to Sergeant Howie so that he can wipe the paint from his hand. Sergeant Howie momentarily looks at the paint on his palm before taking the cloth from Myrtle.


Sergeant Howie say's Thank you Myrtle as he grabs the cloth with his right hand.


Myrtle continues to paint as Sergeant Howie examines his fingers for a brief moment. Sergeant Howie seems in a world of his own as he looks away from the painting and Myrtle for a brief time. Sergeant Howie breathes in deeply then say's, Myrtle, do you know, erm...


Howie looks at his right hand quickly then say's, do you know Rowan? as he scrunches the cloth with his right hand.


Myrtle replies, Of course I do. Howie transfers the brush from his left hand to his right hand as he say's, You do? Myrtle replies, Course I do, silly. Myrtle continues to add paint to the back legs of the rabbit. 


Sergeant Howie reaches around the back of Myrtle with his left hand and puts the paint cloth down onto the table.


Myrtle dips her paint brush back into the gold paint then returns to her picture,


Sergeant Howie dips his paint brush into the grey paint as he moves his hand up and down to saturate the brush. Sergeant Howie say's, Uh, do you know where she is now? Myrtle replies, In the fields...


Myrtle continues, She runs and plays there all day. Sergeant Howie leans over Myrtles picture with grey brush in hand. Sergeant Howie begins to apply brush strokes to the rabbits head as he say's, Does she? Do you think she'll be coming back for tea?


Myrtle spurts out a high pitched "Tea" Hares don't have tea, Myrtle turns her head right briefly as she looks at Sergeant Howie and say's "silly".


All is silent and only a ticking of a clock can be heard, Myrtle looks down at her painting as she rests her left side face with her left arm. Sergeant Howie say's with slight confusion, "Hares?"


Suddenly Myrtle turns her head briefly and looks at Sergeant Howie as she say's, She's a Hare, Rowan's a hare,


Myrtle begins to dip her brush back into the gold paint as she say's, She has a lovely time.


Sergeant Howie starts to apply brush strokes to the rabbit as he say's, Well, tell me... His sentence is cut short as Mrs Morrison suddenly appears from the door well after seeing to her customer, She say's, Well now sergeant,


Mrs Morrison walks abruptly over to sergeant Howie and Myrtle, She say's, as she walks across the room, "You will stay and have a cup of tea, won't you?, Mrs Morrisons feet are heard tapping loudly as she crosses the floor.


Sergeant Howie stands up and faces Mrs Morrison as he say's, Oh... Yes Yes please,


Mrs Morrison say's "Good" as she looks at Myrtles rabbit picture then back up again.


Sergeant Howie say's, "That's very kind of you" as he turns around to pick up the paint cloth from the table to finish cleaning his hands.


Mrs Morrison say's, Oh not at all, It must be thirsty work asking all those questions, eh?. Mrs Morrison laughs as Sergeant Howie say's aye aye as he continues to clean his hands thoroughly of the paint.


Sergeant Howie has left Mrs Morrisons shop and has been walking around the small village looking for a place to rest and sleep. The Green Man is the local and most central point for the people of Summerisle, It is here that everyone meets up and it is always busy and full of life. The Green Man sign gently swings in the breeze.


Green Man is an independent music and arts festival held annually in mid-August in the Brecon Beacons, Wales since 2003. It has evolved into a 20,000 capacity 4-day event, showcasing predominantly live music, with additional events showcasing literature, film, comedy, theatre and poetry. 
Location: Crickhowell
Dates: 15th August - 18th August 2019
Genre: Folk Music, Psychedelia, Indie, Dance, World Music, Americana, Electronica.
2015 saw 1,500 multi-arts acts perform across 17 stages. The festival site is divided into 10 areas, each offering a unique festival experience.
(Ceildhs, Social Gathering) all-night bonfires and secret gigs all add to the festival's unique identity.


A Green Man is a sculpture or other representation of a face surrounded by or made from leaves. Branches or Vines may sprout from the mouth, nostrils, or other parts of the face and these shoots may bear flowers or fruit. Commonly used as a decorative architectural ornament, Green Men are frequently found in carvings on both secular and ecclesiastical (Study of the Christian Church) buildings. The Green Man is also a popular name for English public houses and various interpretations of the name appear on inn signs, which sometimes show a full figure rather than just the head. 


The Green Man motif has many variations. Found in many cultures from many ages around the world, the Green Man is often related to natural vegetable deities, It is primarily interpreted as a symbol of rebirth, representing the cycle of growth each spring, Some speculate that the mythology of the Green Man developed independently in the traditions of separate ancient cultures and evolved into the wide variety of examples found throughout history.

beard flower flowers derby cathedral dis

Head of a Green Man on the south side of the main west entrance of Derby Cathedral, England. A similar figure on the northern side of the entrance is shown surrounded by leaves, but without the vegetation emerging from its nose or mouth.
the Bloodsucker Head: sprouts vegetation from all facial orifices (e.g. tear ducts, nostrils and mouth)

the Foliate Head: completely covered in green leaves
the Disgorging Head: spews vegetation from its mouth
the Bloodsucker Head: sprouts vegetation from all facial orifices (e.g. tear ducts, nostrils and mouth)

beard flower green man bradwell on sea.j

Beard flower green man - Location  Bradwell on sea. Bradwell-on-Sea is a village and civil parish in Essex, England. The village is on the Dengie peninsula. It is located about 9 km north-northeast of Southminster and is 30 km east from the county town of Chelmsford.

Superficially the Green Man would appear to be pagan,  perhaps a fertility figure or a nature spirit, similar to the woodrose (the wild man of the woods), and yet he frequently appears, carved in wood or stone, in churches, chapels, abbeys, and cathedrals, where examples can be found dating through to the 20th century. The earliest example of a green man disgorging vegetation from his mouth is from St. Abre, in St. Hilaire-le-grand, c. 400 AD.


The Seven Green Men of Nicosia (Cyprus)


Sergeant Howie walks towards the open door of The Green man public house, It's warm light entices any weary and hungry traveller to enter. Birds can be heard tweeting in the night air including an accordian that is playing from inside the Green Man.


A chatter is heard as three men leave the public house as Sergeant Howie nears the door, The sergeant looks up at the sign before he enters. The door slams shut producing a wooden banging sound.


A man in a white shirt is just on his way out as the Sergeant enters the busy and very noisy premises, A ringing of a till is heard as well as lots of noisy chatter and laughter from the patrons.


Sergeant Howie grazes past the man in a white shirt as he enters into the busy bar, 


As Sergeant Howie enters the man in the white shirt turns around and looks at the police officer before exiting the double doors backwards.


Sergeant Howie looks around as he tries to evaluate the situation and the atmosphere. Sergeant Howie slowly walks towards the bar.


Suddenly all the music stops and there is no chatter, Sergeant Howie greets some patrons to his right as he makes his way across the floor, A large man wearing a Green sweater and wearing a Scottish kilt greets Sergeant Howie, He say's, Hello, Sergeant Howie say's, Evening, A local fisherman who was at the marina when Sergeant Howie landed wearing a blue hat and smoking a cigarette also greets the police officer. Evening the fisherman say's as Howie looks at him.


Sergeant Howie looks to his left as he is acknowledged by an older man wearing glasses and who is bolding slightly, Howie then greets the Harbour Master who is wearing a thick white jumper and blue hat, The Harbour Master nods his head and say's Evening, Sergeant Howie responds with "Hello again as he reaches the bar.


Sergeant Howie speaks to the barman and say's, Are you the landlord here? 


The barman replies with a sophisticate tone of voice, Aye, I'm Alder MacGreagor. And you must be the policeman from the mainland. Howie repies, Aye that's right, Sergeant Howie, West Highland constabulary. I'm quite obviously not going to get back to the mainland tonight, So I wondered if you had a room and a bite of supper I could have. And could you manage that? MacGreagor replies, Aye, I think that can be arranged.


MacGreagor continues, My daughter Willow will show you to your room. MacGreagor shouts for his daughter "Willow" he shouts loudly, Father? comes the reply from Willow.

Cafe Del Mar Dreams (Ibiza Mix) - Milews

The Harbour Master turns his head as he looks towards the back of the bar where Willow is.


A sliding wooden sound is heard as Willow pushes open the door from the back room and bar area. 


MacGreagor say's to Willow, This is Sergeant Howie, a policeman from the mainland who will be spending the night with us. This is my daughter Willow, 


Willow smiles brightly as Sergeant Howie say's Good Evening.


MacGreagor continues as he speaks to Willow, "Show the Sergeant to his room, would you?. An accordion begins to play out some light notes as loud wolf whistling is also heard. A banging on tables and a song begins to be sung by one of the patrons.


A song written by Paul Giovanni called "The Landlord's Daughter" is now being sung by the patrons of The Green Man pub.


Willow walks across the bar to collect a key for Sergeant Howie's room. ♪ Much has been said of the strumpets of yore


Willow quickly looks out into the bar lounge at the singing Harbour Master before disappearing into the door facing her.


The Harbour Master is full of wit and alcohol as he sings clearly and loudly.


♪ Of wenches and bawdy house queens by the score


♪ But I sing of the baggage that we all adore, 


Everyone begins to sing the final line of the first verse and everyone is in full song, The Harbour Master is enjoying the song immensely and knows every word. 
♪ The Landlord's Daughter


Willow is very happy and has joined the patrons as she smiles wildly. The accordion player pushes in and out on his musical instrument as Sergeant Howie looks on without catching the singing spirit or the occasion.


♪ You'll never love


♪ another


The big man wearing a green jumper and scottish kilt is called Oak, Oak claps his hands together as a loud slap is heard and sings, ♪ Although she's not the kind of girl


Oak touches his right side chest with his left index finger as he sings "Girl"


Oak continues to sing, ♪ To take home to your mother


MacGreagor erupts with laughter at the bar and Sergeant Howie is slightly amused at the antics and singing of Oak, the Harbour Master and the rest of the patrons.


The whole bar erupts with laughter as Oaks wife wearing a yellow dress grabs him by the neck for singing such an inappropriate song.


Oak and his wife kiss as he sits back down, A violinist begins to play as everyone laughs loudly, Sergeant Howie is none to pleased with the situation and would much prefer the peace and quiet the bar once was just a few moments ago.


A couple sat by the window sway left and right as the woman holds her right hand to her face trying to hold in her excitement and laughter, More musicians are present including an acoustic guitar player and another man who is playing a large recorder styled instrument. The violinist is on the move as he strums out a tangy chord.


A man called Broom who is a steward for Lord Summerisle takes his turn at singing the verse, He sings, ♪ Her ale it is lively----Sergeant Howie does not seem amused at all.


Broom continues as he punches his right fist out two times, ♪ and strong to the taste.


A man called John MacGreagor who is the brother of Alder who has grey hair, blue eyes and is wearing a blue jumper begins to sing the next part of the second verse line 2 ♪ It is brewed with discretion


♪ and never with haste


Sergeant Howie blinks rapidly as he watches and listens to the men singing in turn, Another man begins to sing who is wearing a brown jumper, He is the School Master for Summerisle: ♪ You can have all you like


♪ If you swear...


The school master lifts his glass high as he sings, ♪ not to waste, He then retreats back to the wall as the chorus is repeated. A fishermen wearing a blue hat approaches a man sitting at the bar who has long blonde hair, He points down towards the sergeant and say's something to the man sat at the bar, Both men then laugh as the fishermen sits back down while raising his right hand in some kind of gesture.

Everyone sings loudly including the Harbour Master, ♪ The Landlord's


♪ Daughter.


Willow dances on the spot from left to right as the violinist plays his instrument, ♪ And, when her name


♪ is mentioned. Patrons begin to clap as the song progresses.

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