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A few seconds pass before McDermott returns to the door well with his loaded machine gun in hand, Two loud clicks are heard as McDermott readies the weapon for close combat, Several machine guns are stored on a rack attached to the far wall inside the corrugated home for quick and easy retrieval. Living down in the Seminole storage facility has it's risks and if a pack of zombies breached the corral cave system McDermott and Flyboy will need to protect themselves at speed.


McDermott quickly turns around in a clockwise motion as he places his right hand onto a side wall just inside the cabin. McDermott hides his weapon out of sight as he stares ahead while discreetly obscuring half of his body. Rickle's shouts out again "Come on Man" as he directs his frustrations towards Pvt Steel.


Suddenly a small moving bright light appears and a loud sound of running feet is heard as a blackened shape in the form of a man can be seen in the distance. The blackened shape is moving at speed and there arms are exerting a vigorous up and down rhythm.


As the running shape comes forever closer it's facial features and it's body movements reveal it's identity. Luckily it's not an out of control zombie but to no one's surprise it is Pvt Walter Steel. The sound of his feet get much louder as his large bulking frame exerts pressure on the dusty floor.



Dr Sarah Bowman suddenly turns her head away from the injured Miguel after hearing the loud and fast patter of feet from Pvt Steel, Her fire stick produces a flaring muffling type of sound as her left arm rapidly swings out from the sound.


Sarah quickly stands to her feet as she continues to hold the flaming fire stick in her hand, Sarah shows a face of alarm and complete fear as the large and powerful soldier makes his way along the dusty and dimly illuminated cave.


Pvt Steel is full of energy as he nears the bright lights of the corrugated cabin, The intense luminescence of Sarah's fire stick cause Steel to slow down his approach as he applies the brakes on his feet, Steel's feet lumber out at a slight angle as he takes three staggered steps at rapid deceleration before stopping dead with his machine gun in hand. A loud metallic clacking is heard as Steel grabs the rifles barrel jacket at rapid speed with his left hand.



Steel is breathless as he takes in small amounts of air before expelling at a rapid rate. The bulking frame of Pvt Steel is intimidating and rather frightening for Sarah and the others as they wait patiently for the conceited soldier to speak, shoot or wait. Steel suddenly bends his head at an angle to his right before looking forward towards Sarah and say's with a serious tone of voice, "Get out of the way, lady". Pvt Steel is extremely angry with Miguel and want's his yellow blood for sure, he has always disliked Miguel but now with the loss of two close comrades he will not let the situation pass over lightly. In the distance another fast moving shape is making it's way down the dimly lit cave, this could be Captain Henry Rhodes or Pvt Robert Rickles.


Sarah is now utilizing the fire stick as a form of self protection as she rapidly swings the torch from her right side to her left, (Loud whooshing sound is heard) Sarah is exhausted angry and frightened all rolled into one as she sweats profusely from her efforts. Sarah speaks loudly with defiance, "No",


(Sarah hesitates) "I amputated the infected area, (Takes a deep breath) Sarah opens her eyes wider as she emphasizes her words) I think I caught it in time."


Captain Rhodes has just caught up with Pvt Steel as he takes two solitary steps forward before stopping motionless and silent. Pvt Rickles is just a few feet behind as he creeps up behind Pvt Steel after taking five relaxed and almost undetectable steps forward stopping just behind him. Captain Rhodes holds a large magnum styled gun that is encased in a thick and black leather casing in his right hand, his left hand grips black strap of another large weapon that dangles down beneath his legs. The gun in his left hand sways slightly as Rhodes comes into view.


Pvt Steel is feeling cocky as he hunches his head slightly forward and opens his mouth wider as he say's "Yeah?" But what if you didn't?. Pvt Steel is now finding a suitable excuse in his attempt to kill Miguel.


Steel leans his giant body mass forward slightly as he waits for Sarah to explain her actions. Rhodes looks on at Miguel with a vain and stressed facial expression and will also want Miguel's life.


Sarah is breathless as she say's "If I didn't, (Hesitates) Shouts out loudly "I'll shoot him myself." Sarah's holds her flaming pole with a slight up and down motion.


Pvt Steel turns his head towards Captain Rhodes before turning his head back to face Sarah as he say's "It's the spick" (The word "spic" is a racial slur and often used as a derogatory way to refer to Hispanics.) (Rickles looks at Steel) - Steel continues "The yellow son of a bitch, It's his fault this happened, (Rickles looks back to Sarah and the others.) "It's his yellow fucking fault." Captain Rhodes continues his silence and motionless stance.



A clicking of metal is heard as Steel readies his machine gun, Steel continues with slight anger and frustration, Steel bends his head slightly left at an angle as he expresses his words, "Get out of the way, bitch, (Raises voice) (Metal clicking) (Points gun at Sarah) or I'll go right through you with this. Steel is referring to his machine gun and plans to kill Sarah and then Miguel.


Sarah's eyes widen as a strong feeling of fear and dread feel her mind, Sarah shakes with a cold sweat as she breaths rapidly.


A low level humming of wind is heard inside the cave system, (Loud click sound is heard) Flyboy suddenly raises his handgun and points it towards Pvt Steel at speed with both hands. Flyboy bends his knees as he lowers himself slightly, poised to fire.


The sudden threatening behavior by Flyboy causes Captain Rhodes to instantly pull out his weapon at speed with his right hand. Another loud clicking is heard as Rhodes aims his weapon high and in the direction of Flyboy. Rickles also turns his machine gun towards the group. After Pvt Steel finished off Pvt Miller he ran back to headquarters to tell Captain Rhodes what went down. Captain Rhodes blew a fuse and went with Steel and Rickles back to the corral cave system to inspect the dead soldiers. Captain Rhodes took the dead soldiers dog tags from there necks and also there handguns. This explains why he came down to McDermott and Flyboy's cabin with a holster of guns in his hands. The gun Captain Rhodes has withdrawn is actually one of the soldiers guns.


McDermott is also feeling the tension as he rapidly produces his weapon, He points it over towards the soldiers in silence as he veers his eyes from right to left.


Captain Rhodes, Pvt Walter Steel and Rickles stand silent and motionless as they point there weapons towards the group, One of the dead soldiers gun's sways slightly from within it's holster that is held with Rhodes left hand, Slight movement is detected on the soldiers weapons as they aim precariously at Miguel's defenders.

tenor (1).gif

Flyboy hesitates as he scrutinizes the hostile soldiers before turning his head slightly right and saying with a slow and normal tone of voice devoid of anger but slight tension, "We're getting to make this a habit, man...(Hesitates and blinks once) Pointing guns (Hunches eyebrows) at each other, you know.


Steel breathes in as he becomes vexed and say's, We just lost (Raises right hand with protruding little finger and index finger and shakes frantically) two men cause of this motherfucker.


Flyboy moves his head slightly left as he looks directly at Steel and say's "Well... (Hesitates) (Speaks with a serious tone) that kinda evens the odds between us then. Wind howls all is silent


Captain Rhodes is silent and motionless as his brain festers without any indication. Rhodes gun wavers slightly in front of him as he considers a fire fight or not. Pvt Steel speaks as he tries to convince the captain that they should attack, "The spick's been bit, Captain. We gotta blast him. Steel shouts out louder with anger "He's been bit."


Sarah veers her eyes fleetingly between Pvt Steel and Captain Rhodes as she sways slightly from side to side with extreme anxiety and stress. Sarah speaks clearly as she tries to convince the Captain that Miguel won't become one of the undead as she say's, I got the infection in time, Sarah breathes rapidly as her eyes flit between the two aggressive soldiers. Sarah is keen to protect Miguel's life as she now feels sorry for him and underneath she still has feelings for him.


Rhodes stares at Flyboy with anger and hate as he say's, "That's bullshit lady", Rhodes hesitates as he veers his eyes over to Sarah, Rhodes looks down at the injured Miguel as he say's with a slither of truth, I've seen a thousand of em' (Hesitates) Speaks softly devoid of compassion (Contorts mouth) "He's gonna die." (Wind howls at soft levels all is silent)


Sarah hesitates as her mind attempts to find a reasonable explanation that Rhodes will accept or at least give more time. Sarah breathes in softly as she loudly whispers back to Rhodes, "If he dies, Sarah raises her voice slightly as she sways gently from side to side - Raises eyebrows) "I'll destroy him myself." Sarah's flaming stick continues to burn as it mildly bends from left to right in Sarah's left hand. Captain Rhodes replies and say's, "Unless he gets you first". Sarah takes another deep breath of air as she shakes with a cold fear and anticipation,


Rhodes is silent momentarily as he tries to intimidate and persuade Sarah to give up the fight, Rhodes then say's with a quiet tone of voice, "You may still want to sleep with him, (Hesitates) (Low breeze is heard) "I don't want him inside the complex"


Flyboy instantly breaks into the conversation (Lifts head slightly up at speed) as he say's with confidence, We'll keep him out here, (Hesitates) (Nods forward) "with us."


Pvt Steel stares at Flyboy with disapproval and negativity as he still believes it is better to kill Miguel considering his physical and mental state. Steel slowly turns his head to face Captain Rhodes.


Steel takes a deep breath as he looks towards Rhodes, Steel is totally convinced they should murder the infected soldier as he say's with a loud and persuading tone of voice, "We gotta blast him, Captain". Steel knows that a lose zombie inside the compound could infect and kill many personnel and it is not worth the risk leaving Miguel to a chance recovery.


Rhodes is icy silent as he considers his options, Rhodes veers his eyes away from Sarah and focuses on Flyboy in the distance, Rhodes gun wavers slightly - Wind is howling at low levels


McDermott is silent and motionless as he continues to point his machine gun in the direction of the soldiers as he listens and watches for any sudden movements from the hostile men.


Flyboy stands poised to fire his weapon as he holds it firmly with both hands. (All is silent and a pin could be heard dropping to the floor at this moment) Only Captain Rhodes can order the fire fight and he may be considering it to great a risk considering the odds.


Not a sound is heard except a light breeze, Captain Rhodes festers as he stares ahead unable to fire his weapon.


Suddenly Rhodes lifts his handgun up after deciding he will give Sarah and her team the benefit of the doubt (For now anyway) Rhodes always gets his way and if things are not shuffling in his direction he can and most certainly will become much more aggressive and hostile in the days to come.


A loud metallic click sound is heard as Rhodes releases the hammer of his gun to a safe and static position with his right thumb. Rhodes slowly lowers the weapon as he continues to lock eyes with Flyboy.


Rhodes suddenly speaks and say's with a quiet tone of voice, That'd be doing him a favor, Steel. A loud sound of falling and dripping water is heard in the not to far distance of the cave. Rhodes considers Miguel a dead piece of meat and killing him would actually be better than keeping him alive, Miller died with pride and honor but Miguel want's his life which explains why he ran off as Steel would of crucified him without a second thought.


Sarah is silent as she gently sways from side to side, All is silent except a loud cascading stream of fast moving water - Captain Rhodes won't give up trying to persuade Sarah and the others that he and his soldiers should be dealing with Miguel and not them, Rhodes say's at normal voice levels "You think he want's to walk around after he's dead?." Miguel's head moves slightly from side to side - Rhodes continues, "You think he wants to be one of those things?." Sarah is shaking as her eyes veer from one soldier and then back to Rhodes.



Rhodes stares at Sarah in silence for a few moments before saying, with a controlled pace of words, "Think about it, lady" (Hesitates) Rhodes eyes look up and focus over to Flyboy and McDermott as he say's slightly louder, "And think about this, all of ya..." A eerie high pitched howling becomes infused with the wind sound almost mimicking the evil undead that frequent the corral cave system. (Water droplets are heard)  Rhodes veers his eyes back to Sarah as he say's loudly, "From now on, you ain't gettin' shit (Veers eyes to Flyboy then back to Sarah) from me and my men." Rhodes looks down towards the unconscious Miguel as he hesitates before looking back at Flyboy and McDermott. Rhodes say's, Tomorrow morning, were going inside that corral, (Looks back to Sarah) and we ain't coming out till every one of those rotten piles of garbage (Looks down at Miguel with evil eyes of hate) has been wasted. (Rhodes lifts his head slightly)


Rhodes is silent as he veers his eyes away from Miguel as he focuses on Sarah then Flyboy and then McDermott, Rhodes slowly turns around as he looks up to Steel and touches him on the right arm, Rhodes say's with reassurance, Come on, Steel. A light scrunching of feet is heard as Rhodes begins a slow walk back to headquarters leaving the injured Miguel and Sarah, Flyboy, and McDermott to there own devises for the time being.


Steel watches Rhodes for a fleeting second as he makes a slow exit out of Flyboy and McDermotts space. Wind and falling rain water can be heard - A light tapping of feet is produced as Rhodes leaves the area.


Steel is breathing heavily as he turns back to face the protectors of Miguel, Steel stares at Flyboy as a million and one thoughts enter his mind, Steel is adamant that Miguel should be dealt with and not left to fester with his amateur friends, Steel has little respect for anyone except Captain Rhodes and his comrades, It is becoming a little to much to bear now that he has lost another two soldiers in the space of about 10 minutes.


Flyboy slowly raises himself up as he continues to aim his weapon at Steel and Rickles, -Howling wind is heard - It is hard for Steel to break away as he is pumped and wants a fight. Flyboy is silent as he gently sways in an almost undetectable way. A black belt above the door well sways gently with the cool breeze that fills the cave.


Pvt Steel and Pvt Rickles are still facing the survivors as Rhodes makes his way back. Steel continues to aim his weapon over towards Flyboy and McDermott but Rickles is less interested as his weapon aims up towards the ceiling. Rickles stares over at Steel as he takes a small step backwards.


Steel is glued to the spot and is waiting for an excuse to unleash his fully loaded machine gun. Suddenly Rhodes stops in his tracks and turns his head around slowly in silence as he looks back up towards the static Steel. (Fast skidding sound of mud is heard as Rhodes stops dead) - (Loud sound of dripping water) Captain Rhodes takes a singular step backwards as he shouts at the top of his voice "Get out of there, Steel! - "We got better things to do!." Steel closes his eyes as he contemplates his actions and his frustrations. Pvt Rickles stands motionless, A few seconds pass and Steel reopens his eyes but continues to defy the Captain as he continues to stand with his weapon aimed at the men in front of him. A loud clicking of metal is heard as Steel suddenly releases the pressure from the trigger with his right hand before releasing his left and raising his weapon up high so that it no longer is aimed at anyone except the ceiling. Rhodes still has his weapon withdrawn as he holds it down by his right side.


Pvt Steel is still feeling breathless as he side steps with his left leg (Light tap of feet is heard) Suddenly Steel raises up his left hand and points his left index finger towards Flyboy before saying with slight sarcasm and anger, "You're on my shit list, Flyboy." Steel almost whispers the word Flyboy as his words ring out a serious warning to John and his friends. Getting on the wrong side of Pvt Steel is not advisable considering his spontaneous and unpredictable temperament. With no further a due Steel turns away from Flyboy and the others in a clockwise motion before making his way back with Rhodes and Rickles.


A crunching sound of metal is heard as Steel casually walks away with controlled and powerful strides of his legs and arms. Rickles also turns clockwise as he makes his way out. Rhodes patiently waits for Steel and Rickles to pass him as he continues to stare down at the losing team. Light tapping of feet is heard - Rhodes steps out into the middle of the cave before following his faithful soldiers from behind. Falling rain is heard - No sound score


The three soldiers slowly disappear into the darkness as they head back to headquarters. living down in the Seminole Storage Facility certainly takes it's toll mentally and physically. For a start there is only artificial light and no windows to the outside world. There is a constant growling of the undead and a howling wind and water presence. The night poses freezing conditions and there is always a constant need to stockpile and regenerate oil and gas supplies. Rhodes and his goons will now have to deal with Pvt Miller and Pvt Johnson's bodies as they can't stay rotting in the cave. When the time is right Rhodes and his men will go up top to carry out the unpleasant procedure of burial and short prayers.


Sarah watches with fear and severe tiredness as the hostile soldiers vanish into the darkness a moment longer before standing to her feet, Flaming pole continues to burn at a constant rate of heat.


A light scuffling of feet is heard as Sarah stands up onto her feet, Sarah is mesmerized and shocked by the soldiers actions and strong and hateful words as she continues to watch them, She is also traumatized at witnessing the death of Pvt Miller and having to chase down Miguel before amputating his arm. Flyboy suddenly removes his left hand from his pistol before turning his body slightly inwards towards the door, Flyboy has noticed Sarah's strange behavior as she continues to stare into the distance. Bill McDermott is still standing just inside the cabin entrance with his machine gun still in hand, A loud metalic click is heard as Bill releases the pressure from his weapon and begins to make his way slowly back inside his house. Sarah begins to shiver a cold sweat in silence as Flyboy comes over to her.


Flyboy stares at Sarah in silence as he tries to work out why she is acting the way she is, Sarah is completely oblivious to Flyboy's presence as she continues to look down the long cave system.


Suddenly Sarah turns her head and looks at Flyboy almost in a zombie state of emotion, Sarah has been greatly affected by Miguel's suffering and now the chance he could turn into the undead, Captain Rhodes is making it very difficult for everyone down in the Seminole Facility and there is only so much one can take before cracks appear.


Sarah continues to shake slightly as she suddenly speaks and say's "Thank you". (Flyboy blinks) Sarah is thanking Flyboy for stepping in and protecting her from the Captain and also Miguel who she still has feelings for.


Sarah breathes a rapid shiver of cold sweat and anxious delirium as she stands silent and motionless. Flyboy suddenly speaks and say's softly, (Nods forward blinks) "Let's take him inside, clean him up." hesitates - Nods forward - "Think you can move him?" Sarah shakes as she breaths in and out rapidly. John is silent as he waits patiently for Sarah to reply. A moment passes and Sarah say's, "I...I think so?." John suddenly looks at Sarah's burning pole for a few seconds before looking back to her with a serious facial expression. Suddenly Flyboy grabs hold of Sarah's pole with his right hand as he slowly takes it away from her frozen hand. A loud sound of fast moving and highly oxygenated fire is heard as John quickly throws the fire pole to the floor below. John bends down slightly as he throws the stick a few feet to the ground. At all times Flyboy maintains focus with Sarah as he is feeling rather concerned for her. (A loud wooden clanking sound is heard as the fire stick hits the floor.) Flyboy blinks - Flyboy bends down slightly so that he can get a better look at Sarah and her condition. A high pitched and simple melody plays out that goes up and down the scale.


Sarah is in a world of her own as she slowly turns her head to face the concerned helicopter pilot.


Sarah is silent and rather downcast as she veers her eyes down and towards Flyboy's chest area.


A loud sound of falling water is heard - Sarah slowly raises her head as she looks Flyboy directly into his eyes.


Sarah's temperament begins to change as her eyes begin to flit from left to right and back again, Sarah shakes as she stares Flyboy in the eyes, Sarah is becoming exceptionally emotional as tears begin to dwell in her eyes. Sarah sighs loudly as she becomes increasingly emotional and sad.


Sarah's hands shakes violently as a torrent of feelings, emotions, and a million other electrical impulses hit the Dr for six. Sarah just needs comfort and some form of affection which is sadly lacking down in the Seminole Storage Facility. Zombie's have no love, tenderness, warmth, or empathy for anything human or animal in nature. They are truly the sons and daughters of Satan and after several weeks of confronting and working with these undead ghouls the human brain becomes weaker and even psychotic. Sarah let's out a cry for help as she cries loudly with tears in her eyes.


Sarah suddenly falls into Flyboy's arms as she places her arms around his back for a well earned hug. Sarah is feeling isolated and needs some form of human affection or she may well crack up.


Sarah squeezes tightly around Flyboy as she cries loudly, her sadness and utter disbelief in the broken down system she is forced to participate within is destroying her life force and her hopes and dreams. Sarah's muffled weeping is softly absorbed by Flyboy's thick jumper as she clings to him for more emotional support.


Sarah shakes uncontrollably as she sobs her heart out unable to come to terms with her predicament. Tomorrow Captain Rhodes is going into the corral cave system with his goons to exterminate the entire collection of captured zombies. What can Sarah do if everything turns against her, how can she live and study her science if all these terrible things are going on around her. Dr Logan's pure science programme will be ruined if he has no access to undead specimens. Flyboy applies soft pressure to Sarah's back and head as he comforts her the best he can, Suddenly Flyboy say's softly "It's all right, Hesitates - It's Okay. Sarah lifts her head up slightly as she sobs uncontrollably while struggling to take in air.


Flyboy comforts the Dr some more as he softly Shh, (Shh-Shh's) her, John veers his eyes at an angle as he comforts Sarah's head and body. Sarah suddenly breathes in a rapid breath of air before shaking some more. John veers his eyes in the opposite direction as he Shh Shh's Sarah once again. Sarah slowly becomes silent as Flyboy does his stuff. A loud sound of falling water is heard -


An hour or so has passed by and Sarah, Flyboy and McDermott are all safely back inside the modest and fairly spacious metal corrugated cabin. A loud sound of scrunched paper and materials is heard as McDermott attends to the sick and severely injured soldier. Bill carefully removes some bloodied white bandages from around Miguel as he lifts up a large and bloodied length of red and soiled cotton with his left hand. The bandages were used to soak up and clean Miguels bloodied left hand and also his severed stump.


Zombie blood is highly contagious but Bill is confident that Miguel has not been infected and his hands have no cuts to allow infection to seep in. Sarah leans over towards the comatosed man as she watches Bill attend to him. Bill looks at Sarah in silence fleetingly as he goes about his business in helping Miguel's recovery. Bill looks back down at the soiled bandages as he scoops them up with his left hand also.


Bill looks back down towards Miguel as he ensures that he has been carefully bandaged as best that one can do considering the circumstances. Sarah also looks down at the man she used to love but is now not so sure. Miguel has changed for the worse and only this close call with death can hopefully educate and help Miguel to think in a slightly more positive way than taking his problems out on the person who cares for him the most. Bill pulls his left arm back towards him as he gathers up the soiled bandages, A flapping of material is heard as Sarah raises her left hand as she slowly pulls a green blanket over the sick soldier followed by her right. Sarah then takes hold of the furthest corner of the sheet as she finishes the procedure. Bill looks down fleetingly.  Curtains sway gently from Bill's close contact with his shoulder.


Both Sarah and Bill look down at Miguel who lay's motionless and silent with his eyes staring up at the ceiling in some kind of trance state. A blue and white tee towel has been put to good use for Miguel's sore head after receiving two heavy blows from a large rock. Bill holds the soiled bandages with both hands as he contemplates Miguel's health. Sarah gently caresses Miguel's head for a few seconds as the soldier moves his head slightly. Bill rubs the bandages together in his hands for several seconds as another scrunching sound is heard. Sarah looks to Bill


Suddenly both McDermott and Sarah stand in almost unison, Bill looks at Sarah with a serious facial expression before stepping away from the bed with soiled bandages in hand. A loud sound of wooden taps is heard from the Brandy loving man. Miguel is carefully resting on a makeshift sofa just inside the door of the cabin, Several cushions and sheets have been allocated for his comfort and recovery. This area also contains a kitchen area and a table that has a World War Two period radio receiver on top.


Flyboy and McDermott have certainly done a great job in creating a relaxing and homely atmosphere considering what lurks outside. If only a short moment of peace and happiness can be felt while living here the job has been done. Flyboy is standing next to the table that contains a whole host of items including lit candles, a magazine with an open article entitled, Retiring to FLORIDA?, a God Bless Our Home picture attached to the wall directly above, and a large bottle of liquor. A thud of wood is heard as Flyboy pushes closed a drawer while retrieving a light blue jumper from within with his right hand. Flyboy bends his body back to a standing position as he scrutinizes the garment for a few moments in time.


Flyboy turns slightly as he holds the garment with both hands before releasing his right hand fleetingly. Candles sway gently from the increased air pressure as the garment is manipulated.



John releases his left hand as the blue garment falls several inches before turning it around as he looks at the collar area. John slowly walks forward as he stretches the collar gently with both hands. (Flyboy's machete sways gently)


Suddenly John looks up and over towards Sarah as he holds the garment firmly. John takes two more steps forward before offering the garment to the Dr. John say's, "It's a man's sweater, Try it on." (A simple and relaxing synthesized melody provides the sound score.)


Sarah has cleaned herself up and is much more composed and stable than she was earlier on, Sarah looks at Flyboy with a silence and motionless of words as she contemplates her thoughts. Sarah suddenly looks down from the words of John as she considers the free gift.

Sarah accepts the jumper as she reaches out with her right hand to transfer ownership, Sarah looks back to Flyboy as she say's softly and with gratitude, "Thanks". Sarah continues to look at Flyboy with silence and a new found mental stability. McDermott has made his way over to the kitchen area as he reaches out with his right hand to turn the cold water tap on. A loud squeaking sound is heard as the tap is twisted.. A loud sound of running water is then heard as the liquid trickles from it's spout almost like a shower in the distance. McDermott begins to wash away Miguel's blood and other dirt particles with both hands inside the sink basin.

giphy (4).gif

Flyboy's body moves slightly left as he stands on the spot, he tenderly looks at the Dr almost feeling sorry for her mental state and her predicament. Flyboy is a caring man by nature and he will do everything he can now to protect her as he knows Captain Rhodes and his soldiers are on a war path.


Sarah flits her eyes down then back up again at high speed as she looks back at John for a few moments more. McDermott continues to scrub his hands as the sound of running water continues to sooth the mind and soul.


Sarah turns slightly as she begins to put on the garment to replace her light brown and white cotton shirt that she had to use for the fire stick. Sarah looks down as she pulls the sweater over her right arm first before raising her right hand to pull the garment more firmly on over her shoulder. Sarah suddenly takes two short steps forward as she say's with importance but slight reluctance, "I...I have to go to the lab." (Bill instantly turns and looks over towards Sarah from her words) Sarah stretches her left hand up and around her long brown hair as she pulls it out of the way. Sarah's right hand stretches right behind her shoulder as she tussles to put it on.


Sarah looks down briefly as she holds the blue garment up with her right hand while pulling it around with her left. A low level scrunching of material is heard) Sarah pushes her left arm through the garment as she looks up at the stripy colored windows. Sarah flicks her left arm up rapidly before using both hands to pull the garment forward. Sarah say's as she looks away "He's going to need some Morphine..." A low level squeak sound is heard as McDermott turns the running tap off with his right hand and instantly steps away from the wash basin. Bill picks up a white tee towel from the sideboard with his right hand.


Sarah raises both hands simultaneously as she pushes her hair up and out of the way of the garment. Sarah's hair flops down as she raises her hands to both sides of her temple as she brushes her face down with one fast movement.


Sarah looks down at her new jumper as she rapidly slides her fingers down the edge of the buttons to the bottom of the seam, Sarah instantly begins to button up the jumper using both of her hands. Sarah speaks with a breathless tone of voice as she say's "Along with some other supplies". (Light taps are heard from McDermott as he leaves the sink area.)


McDermott suddenly steps into view as he stands motionless by a carved brown wooden beam that is part of a series of six that are spread out at one foot intervals. This simple DIY home improvement feature segregates the living room space with the kitchen space to add some sort of separation and diversity. McDermott gyrates his hands rapidly as he dries them with the white tee towel. (Towel produces a light scrunching sound) Bill looks on over towards Sarah with wide eyes and an urgent need to consolidate the situation. Bill cares for Sarah just as much as John does and is now worried for her safety. McDermott speaks out with concern as he say's "I'd better go along, I'm sure those boys haven't calmed themselves down yet. Bill turns his head left towards the kitchen sink.


Sarah stands motionless as she suddenly turns her head away from McDermott and looks back to Flyboy. Sarah hasn't fully buttoned her denim shirt but only the first two buttons. Bill quickly makes his way back to the sink as he reaches out and places the white tee towel back to the sinks sideboard unit. Sarah is feeling a little repentant as she say's to John "I'm sorry I said those things about you". Sarah is referring to the time she first visited John and Bill's cabin and how she remarked to Flyboy that he had protection of the facility, He consumes the water and food but does not lift a finger to help, John remarked that his job was to fly the whirlybird at that's all. Sarah also thought McDermott was in the same boat and lived a relatively peaceful and easy life. All that has now changed and the three survivors will now need each other more than ever. Let's hope that Dr Fisher is also safe as his life could also be in danger too. Dr Logan however is in a world of his own.


Flyboy looks at Sarah with compassion and a better understanding of how she thinks, John hesitates before nodding forward two times to express his words and saying, "I'm sorry too, (Hesitates) (John has a slight smile) (Nods forward once) Really."


Sarah is silent and motionless as she looks on over at Flyboy with a hint of sadness. McDermott suddenly speaks out as he say's "Well, what do you know?." Loud wooden tap sound is heard) Bill is retrieving his machine gun) Sarah slowly looks down with unhappiness as she slowly moves off from her position towards the middle of the room. McDermott gets closer to Sarah as his voice becomes louder and say's, "We are heroes after all." A loud sound of something small bouncing into a pot is heard at a fast rate of bounces)


McDermott is now on a mission as he brushes past Sarah and Flyboy as he makes his way over to the exit door. (McDermott produces light wooden thud sounds from his feet) Bill glances at John as he passes and say's with slight sarcasm, "What a relief".


Sarah is looking down as she turns to face the make shift bed that supports the injured Miguel. Sarah still cares for him and is feeling sorry for him too, At least the morphine will help if she and McDermott manage to outsmart the soldiers with out being side stepped or dragged into another serious situation.


Flyboy watches McDermott for a fleeting moment as he quickly makes his way to the exit,


Flyboy quickly turns back around as he glances at Sarah before looking down at the injured Miguel. A click and then a loud squeak is heard as Bill turns the handle before pushing the door open. (Door swings outwards)


Both Sarah and Flyboy look down at the gravely ill soldier as they contemplate his recovery, Miguel shakes his head rapidly in small movements as he stares at the ceiling. Miguel shivers as he breathes in the cool air. Miguel's eyelids move slightly but are unable to fully blink. Miguel is alive but in some kind of listless condition, It is going to take some time for the soldier to recover that is for sure.


Exit door closes - Sarah looks back up and towards Flyboy in silence and motionless for a few seconds more.


Sarah smiles at John as she suddenly steps away from her position to go and meet McDermott who is standing at the exit door. Sarah glances at John before looking down at the floor.


John turns around as he watches Sarah, John moves forward slightly while maintaining a static standing position and say's loudly, "Sarah".


Sarah instantly turns around from Flyboy's voice as she adjusts her black shoulder strap that is attached to a large collection bag. Her left hand caresses the strap with agitated fingers while her right hand grips it firmly. Bill did not turn around as he was already standing in that position while waiting for Sarah to join him.


John hesitates as he looks at Sarah with concerned eyes and a sympathetic facial expression. John rapidly flips his head left at an angle as he expresses his words and say's, "He might not make it you know."


Sarah hesitates as she slowly blinks once before saying softly "I know it". (Sarah nods forward slightly) (Bill veers his eyes to Sarah) (Bill blinks once) (Sarah and Bill both veer there eyes down to Miguel) (Bill looks back to Flyboy) Sarah continues to look down at Miguel as she say's, "At least we gave him a chance."


John is silent and motionless as he looks on over at Sarah, John hesitates before veering his eyes down at the floor and closing his eyes in a split second, (John looks at Sarah) (John nods forward slightly) John say's, "I'll keep an eye on him."


Sarah slowly turns away from John as she attempts to leave the exit but is summoned back from John's words - Sarah quickly pulls the strap on her right shoulder firmly - John say's "Hey" which causes Sarah to instantly turn back around again. Bill also turns his head rapidly back to Flyboy.


John nods forward as he say's with concern, "You guys be careful, Hesitates -John turns his head slightly right as he maintains focus on Sarah to express his words -  If you're not back in half an hour I'm coming out to look for you.


Sarah smiles softly as she moves slightly on her feet, Sarah say's with confidence - "They'll leave us alone." Bill looks at Sarah as she turns and heads out of the exit door and into the dimly lit cave system once again.


A light tapping of feet is heard as Sarah disappears into the night as Bill continues to watch her movements momentarily.


Bill suddenly turns his head and looks back towards Flyboy in silence, Bill is waiting for some kind of support and permission to join Sarah as he waits patiently for Flyboy to consolidate there departure.


Flyboy hunches his eyebrows slightly as he speaks with a slight whisper and a controlled verbal expression as he say's "Half an hour." Flyboy slowly lowers his chin.


McDermott nods forward as he winks at John with his right eye and say's "We'll be back." A loud wooden clunk sound is heard as McDermott instantly exits the door as he joins up with Sarah who is waiting patiently outside. More light steps are heard as Bill rapidly traverses the wooden steps down to the muddy floor below.


John stares ahead as he watches Bill leave the cabin in deep thought and contemplation. Suddenly John turns in a clockwise motion as he directs his attention down towards Miguel. Flyboy would of gone with Sarah and Bill but has decided it will be better if he stays here with Miguel, If the soldiers returned uninvited god knows what would happen to the gravely injured soldier if they got there hands on him.

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