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A calendar is attached to the wall in the darkroom and has the 1st May 1973 ringed in a red ink, This calendar is also the same design as the one in the Green Man public house, Lord Summerisles voice continues, that you won't be here, 


to be offended by the sight of our May Day celebrations tomorrow.


Sergeant Howie has left the chemists and is now back at the Green man pub, He has decided to get some sleep as he is leaving Summerisle tomorrow to travel back to the mainland. A loud sound of cheering laughing shouting and other noises emanates from downstairs, Suddenly Willow comes over to the sergeants door and from outside she softly calls for him, "Sergeant" 

The bottom of the door strobes the light from the hallway two times as Willow moves across the door blocking the light as she does so, Two light wooden taps are heard from Willow as she moves around.


The camera pans slowly left to reveal an armchair that the sergeant is using to rest his uniform and hat on to. Another wooden racket sound is heard as Willow steps back to her door and opens it, Another loud banging is heard as Willow closes back the door to her bedroom just adjacent to the sergeants room.


As Willows footsteps slowly become less and less the sergeant looks around from his bed at the outside window,


Suddenly a sound of a light switch is heard and instantly the old wooden frame of the window becomes softly illuminated. Willow has switched her bedroom light on and the light has traveled to the sergeants window. (Guitar begins to play)


A guitar begins to play a slow and even tempo composition, The sergeant is knelt at his bedside and is praying to God, The sergeant always prays to God before he goes to sleep, It is his way of finding solitude and peace in the face of diversity. The noise from downstairs and now the sound of Willow has disturbed the sergeant from his prayers, A few moments pass before the sergeant turns his head back around to face the bed again, The sergeant sniffs loudly before lowering his head as he silently prays.


A musician is playing his guitar downstairs in the music room, 


The camera slowly pans left to reveal more musicians with there instruments in hand, A violinist begins to play as he moves his bow up and down at at fast rate, The chord is stuck on the same note as he brushes his hand up and down.


The sergeant is feeling a little agitated as he kneels at his bed, 


Suddenly without warning the sergeant decides that he will get into bed, He pushes up with his right hand as he raises from the floor.


The sergeant lifts his left leg up as he places both hands onto the mattress.


The sergeant lifts his right leg up as he turns to face his right towards the bedside cabinet removing his hands from the mattress.


The sergeant pulls the white and cream sheet over his body by lifting the left corner and bringing his left leg under the sheet, 


The sergeant pulls the sheet over as he faces his right, He raises his right hand to underneath his lip and nose as he contemplates in deep thought.


Willow is feeling the excitement of the May Day festivals tomorrow and her mind is deeply connected with Aphrodite and the Sun God, The music from downstairs is drifting up to Willow and the sergeant, Willow lies on her bed and with her right hand she slowly bangs the wall in rhythm to the sound,


Willow slowly sways her right hand back and forth with a motion and feeling of thought, Her hand is now shaped like a hare and the music is exciting her inner secrets and desires.


Willow beats her hand with a heavy thud in synchronization with a musicians drum from downstairs, The two beats are infused together as the sound expands to upstairs as well as downstairs.


Heigh ho! Who is there?
No one but me, my dear
Please come say, How do?
The things I'll give to you
By stroke as gentle as a feather
I'll catch a rainbow from the sky
And tie the ends together
Heigh ho! I am here
Am I not young and fair?
Please come say, How do?
The things I'll show to you
Would you have a wond'rous sight
The midday sun at midnight?

Heigh Ho who is there
No one but me my dear

Fair maid, white and red
Comb you smooth and stroke your head
How a maid can milk a bull!
And every stroke a bucketful


The musician rests his right palm onto the drum and just lifts it slightly as he taps the beat with his outstretched fingers.


Willow softly taps the wall again as she flows with a spontaneous rhythm, Willow begins to hum and sing a song called - Willows Song - Written by Faith and the Muse - Taken from there album "The Burning Season" - Paul Giovanni wrote the original song in 1973


Willow hums softly as she begins to sing the song - This song has had many cover versions by other bands including, The Mock Turtles on their 1991 album Turtle Soup, A version by the indie band Milky appears on the compilation "Songs For The Jet Set 2000" A version by the British rock band Doves on their 2003 Lost Sides album, and a version by Seafood on the 2004 album As the Cry Flows.


♪ Heigh


♪ Ho


Willow is looking towards the sergeants room and is trying to seduce him with her banging and sweet singing, She is testing the Gods tonight because she wants to be clear in her mind that she is the Goddess of Love in human form.


Willows hand represents a hare which is a symbol for fertility and sensuality, (Moon worship, adoration or veneration of the moon, a deity in the moon, or a personification or symbol of the moon. The sacredness of the moon has been connected with the basic rhythms of life and the universe. ... Lunar deities, gods and goddesses who personify the moon and its cycles, are comparatively rare.


Each time Willow bangs the wall a pounding heart soaks into the wooden walls and travels over to the sergeants room.


Willow is completely naked as she lies on her bed, The white lamp represents the moon and the deities it personifies.


In ancient Greek mythology, Selene, is the Titan goddess of the moon and is said to drive her glowing chariot powered by beautiful white horses across the sky each night. Her list of powers are unmatched, as far as lunar goddesses go. As the patron of femininity, she was known to have the power to ease childbirth, to inspire love, to mask reality, and to pierce illusion. Mythology also states that she has powers surrounding dreams and intuition, harnessing the ability to awaken intuition and to catalyze psychic visions. She was also said to have fallen in love with the handsome mortal Endymion and would watch him each night as he slept amidst his cattle. Eventually, they went on to have fifty children and Zeus made him her immortal companion.

Selene with her rose gold necklace, is known for her fierce draw towards creative expression, the yearn for sensual activity, and energy surrounding heightened emotions.


♪ who is there


Artemis has been commonly associated with Selene. While these two goddesses were often thought to be one in the same, they are separate deities with unique meanings and powers. Artemis, a hunter, is the daughter of Zeus and twin sister of Apollo.  She was the protector of animals, who would dwell in places of nature, harnessing that energy to rest and regain strength. Those loyal to this lunar goddess were known as Amazons which translates to “moon women” and they worshipped the new moon phase. The sixth day of the new moon in each monthly cycle belonged to Artemis.

Like this goddess, the new moon symbolizes, of course, a new beginning. The moon phase perfectly aligns with Artemis, as it is a time for mental healing, as a new slate is presented with each new moon. This goddess signifies pure focus.

Known throughout Roman mythology, Diana has long been associated with the words heavenly or divine. The goddess of the hunt, moon, and childbirth, Diana has been connected to wild animals and woodlands, and in some myths has the power to communicate with animals. Like Artemis, this is a goddess who reveled in and celebrated nature. Diana has been a symbol throughout Ancient Roman religion and is regarded as the virgin goddess of childbirth and women. Legend states that she swore never to marry, along with two other maiden goddesses, Minerva and Vesta, showcasing her individuality and her fierce independence.

Portrayed as youthful and gorgeous with stunning custom bracelets, Diana has been envisioned and depicted as wearing a tunic and hunting boots, holding a bow, and carrying a quiver on her shoulder, often accompanied by a deer or hunting dogs. Diana represents the crescent moon, which is a part of the first moon phase. Also known as a sickle moon, a crescent moon symbolizes fertility and is related to life and death. It is also a symbol of changing seasons, and it’s one that has appeared many times throughout history and holds significance in a wide range of religions.


Sergeant Howie snaps his bible shut with his left hand as he continues to hold his right index finger below his nose, 


The sergeant lowers himself lower so that his head is resting on the pillow, The noise from Willows room is seeping in through the thin walls and this is going to be another awkward night for the sergeant. The sergeant is still in deep thought as he stares into oblivion.


Suddenly the sergeant turns his head and rests his forehead onto his folded arms as he tries to block out the sound.


♪ No one


♪ but me,


♪ my dear


♪ Please 


♪ come


 ♪ say


♪ How


♪ do?


The intoxicating rhythm and sound is beginning to chisel away at the sergeants own morality and beliefs as Willow tries her utmost best to seduce the sergeant, Howie lays in bed as he listens to the sound of Willow and her hand which bangs the wall each and every few seconds.


Suddenly the sergeant sits upright and looks towards the softly lit window frame that now shines in the night, He knows that Willow is trying to excite his senses but he is engaged to be married and his Christian beliefs forbid him, His faith is exactly that he is faithful to his fiance and the investigation is more important than the Landlords daughter will ever be.


♪ The things


♪ I'll give


♪ to you


Willow suddenly looks to her right as she begins to slowly lift herself from the bed. ♪ By stroke


♪ as gentle as


♪ a feather


Willow slowly stands to her feet as she continues to sing the song as softly and as sensually as she possibly can.


Sergeant Howie blinks wildly with a secret and captivating desire as he continues to stare at his window, The sound from Willow and the music from the musicians downstairs is now playing tricks on the sergeant as he listens and contemplates his actions.


Beautiful sounds flow and wisp in the air as the sergeant looks at his door that leads out into the hallway, Willows shadow from under the door just a few minutes earlier is beckoning the sergeant to explore further. ♪ Heigh ho!


The sergeant continues to listen to the captivating sounds as he falls deeper into it's powerful spell.


♪ I am  - Suddenly the sergeant becomes more intrigued and disillusioned as he slowly spins his legs to the right as he begins to stand up from the bed.


♪ I am here - The sergeant slowly makes his way over towards the door in a transfixed state of mind.


Willow has made her way to her front window as she continues to sing the words to the song, The curtains gently sway from Willows soft body pressure as she flows her arms up and down like a wave that gracefully rolls in to shore. ♪ Am I not - Willow smiles as she looks behind.


♪ young and


♪ fair? - Willow turns her head slowly as her right side face rests on the curtains.


♪ Please - Willow slowly turns back around as she looks into the distance, Willow blinks frantically two times then blinks for a third time as she sings out loud. Willow is slowly becoming more agile and more energetic as she continues to sing, The words and the music have stirred up a hidden energy within Willow and she will not give in until the sergeant breaks.


♪ come say, How do?


The sergeant has a unique urge to come closer to the sounds of Willow as he reaches his door. The sounds are drifting down the corridor and under his door as he stands in adoration, Howie also feels a biting wrongness as the sounds are stirring up images of carnel desire.


The sweet sounds are transgressing through the door to provide a wooden taint to the echoing sounds from the hallway, Howie stares at the door before resting his left side head so that the sounds become more amplified and delightful. ♪ The things


Suddenly the sergeant reaches for the door handle with his right hand, The infernal seduction from Willow is controlling the sergeant as he becomes more deeply emotional and evolved. ♪ I'll show


A loud clank of wood is heard as the sergeant twists the door handle open, The door opens inwards a few inches as the sound continues it's seduction. Howie is becoming overcome with deep emotions of Love and sex but something is also telling him it is immorally wrong.  to you


Willow has moved away from the curtains as she takes a few short steps into the room, Willow holds her hands out to a full extension as she stands motionless to the floor, As she expresses her words Willow raises her hands slowly towards her at a controlled pace. Willow looks up away from her hands as she brings her hands closer and closer to her collar bones. ♪ Would you have a


♪  wond'rous


♪ sight


Willow seductively lowers her hands onto her skin then slowly drapes her hands down and over her breasts as she continues to look across the room, Willow is thinking about Sergeant Howie and is offering her body and her deepest thoughts to the sergeant tonight.


Suddenly Willow moves her shoulders rapidly from side to side as she lifts her head up slightly then back down again, This movement is followed by Willows eagerness to explore further as she moves from her position along the floor, Her legs bend at the knees slightly as she bobs up and down from her expressive body language.


Willow begins to hum the sound as she slowly travels across the floor.


♪ The midday sun 


Suddenly the sergeant has second thoughts about crossing the hallway into Willows room, In an act of denial and negativity the sergeant pushes the door closed with his right hand this creates a loud banging sound.


♪ at midnight? - Willow has danced her way over to the front of her bedroom door as she looks to her left, A clock that is in the shape of a Cat to the right has the time of 12.25 on it's dial.


Willows hair sways from side to side as she faces forward towards the door.


Willow then looks to her left again momentarily.


Willow quickly looks back at the door as she suddenly feels very energetic and strong, Willows long blonde hair flips to her left as she looks up at the door to her right. Willow raises her right arm as she squeezes her hand into a fist, Willow is transforming into the Goddess of Love as she slams her fist at speed into the door.


A loud but dulled thud sound is heard as Willows fist makes contact with the wooden door, Willow looks up high as she feels the energy and power of nature and human form. 


Willow rests her left hand onto the door as she sways her buttocks and bends her legs slightly, Willow shakes her hips to produce a sensual and seductive rhythm and motion of her body. 


Willow leans to her left as her right leg slightly bends, She is using the door to support her legs and back as she performs the sexually energized movements.


Willow then moves back to her right as her legs push up to a straight position, Her left leg is slightly twisted left as she pushes on the door for balance and stability.


Willow sways her buttocks to the left as the motion of her dance creates a pendulum effect of emotion.


Her body moves at a rapid speed as she moves her buttocks from left to right and from right to left, Willows hair sways but manages to keep a certain amount of control, Willow bends her right leg as she bends her back at a slight angle towards the left side while keeping her left leg straight. Her hair sways out to the left as she rests both hands on the door.


Suddenly Willow turns around as she faces an Aztec type of carved relic, Willow is dancing and expressing her carnal desires for her Sun God, All her actions and thoughts must first be dedicated to her Sun God, By playing out her fantasy she will gain knowledge and ultimately this will shape her decisions and those of the islanders.


♪ Fair

Willow begins to sing again as she slowly lowers her arms. She feels empowered to express her feelings out loud and the carved sculpture is her bloodline to another realm of inexplicable happenings.


♪ maid, 

Willow closes her eyes for a fleeting moment as she expresses her thoughts.


Willow leans slightly to her right as she looks into the furthest corner of her room.


Willow looks down and now her attention has turned to the Aztec wood sculptured relic.


Willow slowly glides her right hand up and over the head of the relic before looking back up, Willow begins to caress the top of the relic as she continues to sing. 
♪ Comb you smooth

♪ white and red 


Willow slowly places her left hand onto the bottom of the relic as she softly massages the wooden body shape, The likeness of the relic is also a likeness to her own body, Willow is finding a connection between the God of the Sun and her own lust and tempestuous inclinations. ♪ and stroke


♪ your head

Willow slowly and delicately feels the shape and texture of the relic as she glides her left hand from the bottom to the top of the relic, Her words are now infused with her actions, 


Willow takes her hands away from the relic as she begins to create hand signals. 


Beginning of 1st circular motion moving in a clockwise direction.

Willow slowly glides her right hand up and over the head of the relic before looking back up, Willow begins to caress the top of the relic as she continues to sing.

Willow slowly places her left hand onto the bottom of the relic as she softly massages the wooden body shape, The likeness of the relic is also a likeness to her own body, Willow is finding a connection between the God of the Sun and her own lust and tempterous inclinations

♪ Comb you smooth

Willow slowly and delicately feels the shape and texture of the relic as she glides her left hand from the bottom to the top of the relic, Her words are now infused with her actions, 

Willow takes her hands away from the relic as she begins to create hand signals. 

Willow slowly glides her right hand up and over the head of the relic before looking back up, Willow begins to caress the top of the relic as she continues to sing.

Willow slowly places her left hand onto the bottom of the relic as she softly massages the wooden body shape, The likeness of the relic is also a likeness to her own body, Willow is finding a connection between the God of the Sun and her own lust and tempterous inclinations

♪ Comb you smooth

Willow slowly and delicately feels the shape and texture of the relic as she glides her left hand from the bottom to the top of the relic, Her words are now infused with her actions, 

Willow takes her hands away from the relic as she begins to create hand signals. 

Willow slowly glides her right hand up and over the head of the relic before looking back up, Willow begins to caress the top of the relic as she continues to sing.

Willow slowly places her left hand onto the bottom of the relic as she softly massages the wooden body shape, The likeness of the relic is also a likeness to her own body, Willow is finding a connection between the God of the Sun and her own lust and tempterous inclinations

♪ Comb you smooth

Willow slowly and delicately feels the shape and texture of the relic as she glides her left hand from the bottom to the top of the relic, Her words are now infused with her actions, 

Willow takes her hands away from the relic as she begins to create hand signals. 


kathak hand gestures meanings


Willow begins to twist her hands around and around in a circular motion as she continues to stare forward, Her hands do not change or move in anyway as they move around in front of her, Willow is also walking at a slow pace towards her window as she hums a sweet melody.


2nd circular motion.


3rd circular motion.


4th circular motion.

Willow continues the circular motion for a duration of four complete turns as she nears her open window.

Willow is in a deep form of trance as she delicately expresses her feelings and thoughts.


Willow lowers her hands as she forms a cup symbol, She is fantasising that she is holding the sergeants heart in her hands as she continues to seduce and captivate the police officer. Willow is channeling  her emotions and is connecting to sergeant howie with a form of telepathy. 


Suddenly Willow raises her hands at speed as she outstretches her arms from either side of her body, This is symbolizing that she is sacrificing Love lust and all things related to procreation as she gives away the heart and all that it represents.


Willow begins to tap the top of the window ledge with her hands, With a rhythmic movement Willow taps from side to side as she raises her right hand to start the sequence. Her left hand is now in the shape of Jhana Mudra - Teaching - The hand is held at chest level and the thumb and index finger form the Wheel of Law.


Willow moves to her left as she raise her left hand against the window ledge, As she moves her hands from right to left she strikes the wood with hands outstretched and palms facing inwards. This light pressure produces a loud slapping sound. Willow is feeling the coldness of the wood and it's texture, she is at one with her surroundings.


Willow lowers her right hand and slaps the wooden panel that covers the stone wall at speed, A light wooden thud is heard each time Willow places pressure onto the walls, Willow also lowers her left hand.


Willow then slaps the left side wall in rhythmic motion with her right hand.


Willow slaps her right side once again this time she has returned her hand to the top of the window ledge, 


Willow then slaps her right side once again at the top of the window. Willows movements begin with Right High, Left High, Right Middle, Left Middle, Right High, Left High. Willow returns with a repeat of the sequence.


Sergeant Howie is still stood by the door listening to the noises and singing from Willow, Howie is almost cowering at the door as he continues to be transfixed by the sounds emanating from Willows bedroom.


Suddenly the sergeant brakes away from the sound and its emotional hold as he pushes away from the door with his right hand, Howie's left hand spontaneously reaches the corner of the armchair before lifting and moving a few inches more to the middle, The sergeant stares at a small picture that is attached to the wall for a few fleeting seconds as he tries to gain some composure.


The sergeants right hand slides down the door frame a few inches before he turns in an anti clockwise motion so that he is facing the back of the armchair, Howie places both of his hands onto the top of the armchair as he slouches forward, The sergeant is in deep thought and is thinking about Willow and also what is apolitically correct.


The sergeant lowers his head as he places both of his hands in front of his face.


Willow has turned left as she now faces the room, With her right hand outstretched Willow slowly moves along the floor while looking directly ahead. She is now using her hand to feel and communicate with the sergeant in the other room, She can see him from inside her mind and she knows what he is thinking.


Willow reaches out with her hand as she looks up at a picture that is attached to the wall. The curtains sway gently as Willows gentle body pressure brushes by.


Willow slowly increases her distance towards the picture before suddenly placing her right hand to the wall, Her body movements indicate she is silently creeping up onto the bull and is going to surprise the beast, The picture to the right of Willow depicts a large bull standing motionless, Behind the bull is a small bear that is holding up a red umbrella. 


Howie suddenly turns around as he faces the picture on the wall, Willows thoughts and emotions are now controlling the senses and thoughts of the sergeant as he stares at the image with a feeling of fear. The light sound of Willows hand touching her wall has created a connection with the sergeant and the picture on his wall. Howie tries to break away from his fixation with the picture by looking to his left.


As Willow hums to the guitar drums and sitar sound she begins to slap a wooden dressing table with her hands outstretched, Willow slaps lightly with her left hand onto a corner of the dressing table. A corn Dollie is visible behind her while an elaborately decorated Indian elephant artifact rests on top of the table.

Decorated_Indian_elephant 2120.jpg

The Elephant Festival takes over the city of Jaipur every year. (A city in Rajasthan state in India, It is held on the day of Holi festival, usually in the month of March.) The animals are draped with jewelry and given majestic multi color makeovers (complete with pedicures), before doing a procession through the streets. Later they race, play elephant polo and take part in a human v animal tug-of-war.


The Elephant Festival begins with a beautiful procession of bedecked elephants, camels, horses, and fold dancers. The owners proudly embellish their elephants with vibrant colours, jhools (saddle cloth) and heavy jewellery. It is quite a treat to see female elephants wearing anklets, which tinkle as they walk. One can see people sprinkling 'gulaal' (coloured powder) perched on top of the elephant. The most beautifully decorated elephant is awarded. Elephant polo, Elephant race, the tug-of-war between Elephants and 19 men and women are the featured events of the festival. 

giphy (1).gif

The elephants are also outfitted in ear danglers and brocade scarves to embellish their ears and necks. The Mahouts, who are known as the caretakers of the elephants, decorate the foreheads of the animals with head-plates as well as garnish their tusks with gold, silver bracelets and rings. Other events that take place during the festival include a polo match and a tug of war contest, where the strongest elephant is chosen to compete against a group of ten people.
Although the festival is primarily based on elephants, other animals such as camels and horses also participate in the elephant festival.


Willow turns as she slaps the wooden table for the second time with her right hand this time.


A feeling of formidable power runs through the veins of Willow, She is a sensitive woman that needs a kind and understanding man just like the sergeant is.


Willow is feeling the happiness and joy that her Sun God deity delivers to her soul,


Willow turns to face the table as she reaches up high and slaps the far wall with her right hand.

As Willow brings her hand down she glances right at the Indian decorated Elephant, Many African cultures revere the African Elephant as a symbol of strength and power. It is also praised for its size, longevity, stamina, mental faculties, cooperative spirit, and loyalty. South Africa, uses elephant tusks in their coat of arms to represent wisdom, strength, moderation and eternity. 


Willow looks forward as she slaps the table for the third time with her right hand.


Ganesh is one of the best known and loved deities in the Hindu pantheon of gods, and indeed is the most recognised outside of India. Ganesh (also spelled Ganesa or Ganesha and known as Ganapati, Vinayaka and Pillaiyar) is the Lord of Good Fortune who provides prosperity, fortune and success.  He is the Lord of Beginnings and the Remover of Obstacles of both material and spiritual kinds.  Interestingly, he also places obstacles in the path of those who need to be checked. Because of these attributes, Ganesh is widely revered by almost all castes and in all parts of India, regardless of any other spiritual affiliations.  

giphy (3).gif

His image is found everywhere, in many different forms, and he is invoked before the undertaking of any task.  Ganesh is also associated with the first Chakra, or energy wheel, which underpins all of the other Chakras and represents conservation, survival and material well-being.  He is considered to be a patron of the arts and sciences and of letters.  Devotees believe that if Ganesha is worshiped, he grants success, prosperity and protection against adversity.  In a lesser known role, Ganesh is also the destroyer of vanity, selfishness and pride.


The most famous legend is how he came to have an elephant's head.   It is said that the goddess Parvati, wishing to bathe, created a boy and assigned him the task of guarding the entrance to her bathroom.  When her husband Shiva returned from one his interminable battles, he was denied access by Ganesh and killed the boy in a fit of petulant rage, striking his head off with his sword. Parvati was understandably upset and so to soothe her Shiva sent out his warriors to fetch the head of the first dead creature they found, which happened to be that of an elephant. The head was attached to the body of the boy and he was brought back to life.  The elephant's head symbolises unmatched wisdom and the gaining of knowledge through reflection and listening.  And because of his role as his mother's doorkeeper, he is often placed facing doorways to keep out the unworthy.


Some of the stories surrounding Ganesh are conflicting in nature, for example how his tusk came to be broken.  One popular story is that he broke it off himself in order to write down the Mahabharata one of the world's longest epic poems, as it was dictated to him by the sage Vyasa.  In the process of writing, Ganesh's pen failed and so he snapped off his tusk as a replacement in order that the transcription not be interrupted.  The broken tusk therefore symbolises sacrifice (particularly in the pursuit of artistic endeavours) and reiterates Ganesh's role as patron of the arts and of letters. 


( Image Above - Image of Mahabharata Manuscript) Another account of Ganesh's broken tusk focuses on his loyalty and devotion, His father Shiva decided to take a nap and asked Ganesh to guard him.  A proud Brahmin warrior named Parashuram came to visit Shiva but was stopped from waking him by Ganesh.  Parashuram was furious and fought with him, finally throwing his ax at his head. Ganesh stopped the ax with his tusk which broke, giving him the nickname Eka-danta, or "One Toothed."


Another common icon associated with Ganesh is that of the snake which concerns Ganesh wrapping the snake around his stomach as a belt.  According to the legend, on one of his birthdays, Ganesh went from house to house accepting offerings of sweet puddings (in one version of the story the offerings are cakes made by a baker, who wishes to thank Ganesh for his good fortune in business).  Out on the road his mount the mouse stumbles, having seen a snake and become frightened, with the result that Ganesh tumbles off. His stomach bursts open and all the sweet puddings fall out. Unwilling to leave them on the ground for the baker to see on his way home from the bakery Ganesh stuffs them back into his stomach and, catching hold of the snake, ties it around his belly. 
The moon in the sky, on seeing this, has a hearty laugh at his expense. Annoyed, Ganesh pulls off one of his tusks and hurls it at the moon.  Once again, the symbology behind the mouse, snake, Ganesh's belly and its relationship to the moon on his birthday is highly significant, his belly representing as it does the entire cosmos which is held together by the cosmic energy of the snake kundalini.


Willow turns to face the picture on the wall as she raises her right hand


With a rapid movement Willow slaps the wall with her right hand.


Sergeant Howie can quite clearly hear the slaps from Willow as she moves around her room, Willow is also humming along to the music from downstairs and all of this combined together is interfering with the sergeants normal thoughts and emotions. Howie stares at the flowey picture on the wall knowing that Willow is just behind it.


Howie slowly reaches out with his left hand towards the picture, The image is now a significant contribution to the sergeants thoughts as it hypnotizes him to come closer.


Howie can here Willow from the other side of the thin wall and is almost at touching distance with the picture.


Howie places his left hand high to the wall as he outstretches his fingers, He can now feel the vibrations that Willow is creating as she dances and hums for the pleasure of the sergeant.


The sergeant reaches out with his right hand as a part of him wants to fornicate with Willow while the other half does not.


Willow is dancing provocatively from behind the wall and her body movements are sending vibrations through the wall into the sergeants room. Willow's hair sways from side to side as she performs the sexually inviting tribal dance routine. Loud slaps are heard as Willow strikes the wall with a rhythmic prowess, First she slaps the wall to her right with her right hand.


Willow quickly slaps the wall to her left with her left hand.


Willow begins to slap her body in different places as she strikes her stomach with her right hand.


Willow slaps her left side stomach with her left hand at a high speed of movement.


Willow raises her right hand as she aims to strike her right side buttock at speed.


Willow slaps her right side buttock with her right hand as she lowers herself by bending her knees slightly and looking to her left. 


Willow slaps her left side buttock with her left hand as now both hands rest on either buttock cheek as she looks towards the elephant relic. Willow turns back to face the right as she slaps her right side stomach with her right hand and then her left again. Willow moves quickly from left to right as she strikes her body with her hands.


Sergeant Howie places both hands outstretched to either side of the picture as he listens and feels Willows presence from the other side of the wall, Loud slaps are heard as Willow continues to strike her body with her hands.


The sergeant now rests his head against the picture as his sexual frustrations and yearnings become much stronger.


Howie slowly lowers his hands down as he looks towards his left, The sound of Willow is causing the sergeant to lose his mind.


Willow rests her right hand on the wall as she swings her head with a rapid energy, Willows hair explodes out in all directions from the forces as she raises her left hand in front of her face. 


Willows head returns to a horizontal position as she continues to place pressure on the wall with her right hand.


Willow suddenly lowers her body by bending her legs as she continues to communicate her physical and emotional attributes to the wall and the sergeant. 


Willow bends all the way to the floor as she stands on tiptoe, Willow slaps the wall with her right hand while resting her left hand for support against the white surface.


Willow stand abruptly as she rests both of her hands to the wall for a fleeting moment.


Willow swings her head to the right as her right hand lifts from the wall and follows with the movement. Willows hair sways wildly with each turn of her head and body.


Sergeant Howie is flat to the wall and is sweating profusely, His left hand starts to push up against the wall as he raises it higher and higher, The sergeant is mesmerized and under a certain amount of pressure as he listens to the noises from next door, The sergeant knows too well that Willow is trying to seduce him and he is deeply affected by her actions as indeed she is a very attractive woman.


Suddenly the sergeant closes his eyes as he pushes his left hand as high as he can, The sergeant then brings his hand back down again as he looks to his left while still with his eyes closed. Howie is connected with Willow as she continues to impress and delude the sergeant, Willow has no morals as such and would probably sleep with anyone she liked.


Willow is also resting her head onto a picture from her side, Willow slaps the wall with her right hand as she closes her eyes in deep thought for the sergeant and her Son God deity.


Willow places her left hand to the left side of the picture as she continues to obsess and fantasize.


Willow raises her right hand and places it to the right side of the wall before raising her left hand and placing that to the wall also. Willow then slaps the wall with her right hand before becoming motionless, The only movement is of Willows deep and heavy breathing as she continues to rest her face and hands against the white surface.


The sergeant is not enjoying the experience as much as Willow and is showing signs of distress and even fear as he continues to sweat. 


The sergeant lowers his left hand as he shivers from his cold sweats and deep emotions of regret and denial.


The sergeant lowers his head slightly as he contemplates his feelings. Musical instruments continues to play but Willow has stopped humming and singing.


The sergeant raises both of his hands as he tries to brake away from the picture and the sounds of temptation.


The sergeant is feeling regret for his actions and is praying to God for help and a decisive decision.


Suddenly the sergeant begins to slowly push away from the picture using both of his hands, 


The sergeants hands are shaking as he balances himself on all of his finger tips.


Sergeant Howie is struggling to take his hands and body away from the picture as  powerful magnetic forces are at work to seduce the officer.


Suddenly the officers relieves the pressure from the picture as his hands leave the surface, Howie shakes with powerful thoughts of seduction as he gathers enough mental strength to retire from the wall.


The picture slides from left to right momentarily as the sergeant backs away, The sergeants hand can be seen forming a shadow on the pictures reflective surface as he steps further and further back into his room.


More shadows engulf the wall as the sergeant steps back.


The sergeant leans forward slightly as he rests his left hand onto a corner of his bed, His other hand is outstretched towards the door as he fights the powerful seduction from Willow.


Suddenly the officer lowers both hands to his side as he continues to stare at the picture on the wall.


The sergeant steps backwards one step at a time as he attempts to retreat back to a more sensible mindset. His hands join in front of him as he sits down onto his bed. The sergeant bows his head as he looks down at his hands in an effort to try and gain some composure.


Suddenly the sergeant rests his left arm onto his bed as he turns to his left while covering his mouth and face with his right hand, Howie then lowers his right hand slightly so that only his mouth is covered, The sergeant is now feeling rather guilty that he was almost seduced by Willow, He is just a man after all but has strong religious beliefs that keep him on the straight and narrow. Howie turns more to his left as he now faces the bed with his eyes now shut,

Howie just falls down onto his pillows before he gets himself back into his sheets so that he can try and get some sleep.


The next morning has arrived and Howie is still resting in his bed, Birds can be heard tweeting softly including children and a cockerel crowing. A low level wooden thud is heard as Willow shuts the door after entering with a breakfast tray for the sergeant, Willow smiles sweetly as she looks over at the sergeant who is still sleeping silently, Willow shouts over to the sergeant "Wake up, Sergeant Sleuth as she takes a short step over to the bedside table to place the tray down.


A low level thud and clinking is heard as the breakfast tray is placed down, The sergeant is slowly beginning to wake up from the noise of Willow and the noises from outside, Willow is silent as she watches the police officer slowly rise from his grave, Willow flicks her left side hair for a fleeting second as she waits for a response from the officer.


Willow looks over the sergeant as she raises both of her hands to her hips as she flicks her hair again from the left, As the sergeant awakens more he immediately attempts to read his watch for an accurate time but his watch has been taken off, Howie scrunches his eyes tightly as the light begins to saturate his vision, Willow looks down and moves the bottom of her lip around in a sexually stimulated way as she waits patiently for the sergeant. The sergeant slides his right hand down past his left and onto his pillow as he say's, "What time is it? Willow replies, It's past Nine.

The sergeant lifts his head up as he places his left hand over his face to shield him from the bright mornings light.


As the sergeant slowly turns to face Willow his left hand slides down his face as he raises his right hand to pull the sheet further up and over his body.


Horses hoofs are heard from outside as the sergeant pulls on his left side sleeping garment with his right hand. Willow quickly looks to her left in a flirty and sultry manner as she walks off across the room.


Willow say's as she walks off, "I thought you were gonna


Willow continues, come and see me last night. Howie is silent as he pulls and plays with his sleeping garment with his right hand as he watches Willow from a distance.


A grinding sound is heard as Willow pulls open the curtains, This produces a bright streak of white light that crosses over the sergeant at a rapid speed,  Howie closes his eyes for a short moment as the bright light floods into his awakening eyes.


Willow looks on over at the sergeant as she smiles brightly, The curtains sway slightly from side to side from the forces of Willow's hand movements. Willow then say's, I invited you,


More birds are heard tweeting as Willow walks to her left towards the picture on the wall that the sergeant was stood behind the night before. Sergeant Howie replies, "I'm"

Howie hesitates then say's, engaged to be married.


Willow giggles for a brief moment from the officers response before saying, Does that stop you? Willow raises both of her hands as she adjusts the picture back into a straight and even line.


A splashing sound of water can be heard as Willow suddenly turns around to look at the sergeant, 


Suddenly the sergeant leans over his bedside table to retrieve his watch with his left hand, A loud wooden thud is heard as the sergeant slides his watch from the tables surface, 


The sergeant looks back up and towards Willow as he say's, "Aye Aye" as he nods slightly with a positive and forward movement of his head.


Willow instantly walks back over to the sergeant as she say's loudly, I must say,


you are a gallant fellow,


sergeant. Willow opens the bedroom door as a light wooden click is heard, 


Sergeant Howie takes a deep breathe of air as he say's, It's nothing personal, Just that I don't believe in it.


The sergeant is adjusting the leather strap on his watch and suddenly becomes tense and agitated, Howie suddenly shakes both of his hands momentarily as he continues to speak to Willow, Howie say's, Before marriage.


Howie looks down and away from Willow in a slightly disappointed way as he continues to adjust his watch strap, 


Willow is smiling brightly as she nods positively and replies,


Suit yourself, 


The sergeant looks back up as Willow say's, I expect you'll be going back today.


Willow nods her head negatively as she say's with a more serious tone, You wouldn't want to be around here on May Day.


Willow nods her head forward again as she say's, Not the way you feel. Howie is silent as he looks at Willow while blinking occasionally.


The ambient sounds from outside have died down considerably except for the barking of dogs. Willow stands looking at the sergeant for a brief second before exiting the room.


A tapping of feet is heard as Willow turns around and exits the room from her right side. The door thuds to a closed position as the sergeant contemplates on his next move.

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