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A book of the dead does exist in time, In ancient Egypt around 1550 BCE to about 50 BCE an Egyptian funery text was used to collect a series of religious documents. Translated from rw nw prt m hrw means "Book of Coming Forth by Day". This book of the dead included a number of magic spells that would assist a dead person's journey into the underworld. This underworld was thought to exist deep beneath the surface of the earth and is a place where souls go after death.

Mummy mask of gilded and painted cartonnage. Vertical stripes of dark blue paint and gilt define the mask's wig. The face is gilded and the eyes are elaborated with paint. The deceased is shown wearing a gilt collar decorated with raised decorations.

Spell from the Egyptian pyramid text states in a Semitic language, but written in hieroglyphics: “Utterance of rir-rir mother snake, mother snake.” The words “rir-rir” refer to the drivel, the venom of the snake.

This book also included the Pyramid texts and Coffin texts which were carved onto walls mummy masks, papri, canopic chests stelae and the Sarcophagus. The book contains 1,185 spells and were mostly inscribed on middle kingdom coffins dating from 2050 BC and 1710 BC. These texts reference many gods ( Most notably Amun-Ra, Shu, Tefnut, and Thoth.

Amun was a major ancient Egyptian deity who appears as a member of the Hermoplitan ogdoad. Re-Horakhty ("Ra (who is the) Horus of the two Horizons"

An ancient Egyptian handbook containing magic spells has been deciphered by Australian scientists. Dated at 1300 years old it was first acquired by Macquarie University in 1981 from an antiques dealer called Michael Fackelmann. It is unknown how Fackelmann acquired the book. The book is 20 pages long and one of the spells details how to control someone. It contains a series of drawings and invocations with words of power embeded beneath the creative tool. This book would of been used by magicians and for witchcraft purposes.

Spell 74  from the book of the dead- A spell for the revival of Osiris re-creates the part of the story in which Isis and Nephthys bring Osiris back to life

Ah Helpless One!
Ah Helpless One Asleep!
Ah Helpless One in this place
which you know not; yet I know it!
Behold, I have found you lying on your side
the great Listless One.
'Ah, Sister!' says Isis to Nephthys,
'This is our brother,
Come, let us lift up his head,
Come, let us rejoin his bones,
Come, let us reassemble his limbs,
Come, let us put an end to all his woe,
that, as far as we can help, he will weary no more.

Somewhere in Siberia a geological group drilled a hole 14.4 kilometers deep into the earths crust this being the deepest hole ever drilled. They have expressed alarm after hearing loud screams from condemned souls deep down. Now petrified scientists are afraid that they have unwittingly allowed out evil powers from the deep chasm.
Scientists are now to scared to continue there research as the sounds are to disturbing to witness.

The description of sounds was incredible, You could hear a human voice screaming in pain and thousands perhaps millions more in the background screaming there souls out. Only half the team remain after this discovery these people can no longer work there. Dr Azzacove explains that he truely hopes whatever evil is down there that it stays down there. Continuing to drill deeper may only worsen the outcome.


The Indonesian Torajan people from South Sulawesi carry out very bizarre and disturbing rituals. When a person dies they do not bury or cremate, Infact they keep the deceased around them at home or in the garden. They provide the corpses there own rooms and they are washed and changed regularly. They also give them cigarettes and a bowl acts as their toilet. They inject the deceased with a preservative called Formulin that slows down the natural decomposing after death. Similar practices were carried out in Egypt prior to 3500 BC. In shallow graves a natural mummification would take place as the scorching hot sand naturally mummified the person.
The Torajan believe if they buried there dead straight away they would experience pain and suffering just like the deceased did. They want time to adjust to the grief and seperation so this is a reason to not bury the dead. They have animist beliefs that everything in the universe has a soul and the line between this world and the next is blurred.
Even after they are buried the physical relationship continues, A ritual called ma'nene involves them exhuming the dead person and parade them across farmland, At the same time they will clean them and the coffin. Babies and children are also treated the same way.

The Dark Ones,

The Necronomicon Ex-Mortis is a book that contains a series of evil spells prophecies, funeral incantations and drawings. Written in Sumerian this book is pure evil, Even to read out loud the texts within will summon demons that want to take your soul. The book was written by one of the Dark Ones back when they ruled the earth and the seas ran red with blood. It was this very blood that was used to ink the book's pages. The book was created in a temple in modern Egypt created out of human skin from various humans who disobeyed the Dark Ones. Another theory is that the book was created from the flesh of a powerful demon.
Three of these books were made and incredibly were all found in a graveyard in Modern England.

Professor Raymond Knowby Henrietta Knowby, Annie Knowby and Ed Getley discovered the Necronmicon and a Kandarian Dagger in the early 1980's.

A Kandarian Demon is an ancient demonic spirit that can possess a host and turn them into a Deadite form. Anything can become possessed as long as it has a soul.

The dark ones are a race of godlike beings, famous ones being Yog-Sothoth and Cthulhu.


There are many variations and theme to a group of naive teenagers that spend a night at an abandoned cabin.


Cthulhu larp Gate of Yog Sothoth Necronomicon page occult horror witchcraft dark pagan

Joshua Vernon Maddux 18, vanished in May of 2008 while walking in woodland in Colorado. His remains were found seven years later in a chimney of an abandoned cabin. The owner of the cabin said that he checked the property occasionally and did notice a bad smell, But put this down to rodents that died in there, His remains were found by construction workers who had been ordered to flatten the cabin located on Thunderhead Ranch, Joshua's father said that his son had experienced a difficult two years before he vanished without a trace. Incidentally Joshua's older brother Zachary had commited suicide two years previously. Sadley Joshua's sister was hoping he would return some day with a wife and a small child.
It seems Joshua had tried to get into the building maybe for shelter and unfortunately got stuck trying to access through the chimney. A wood burning insert would of stopped Joshua from getting down and it seems he got stuck and there was no one around in this isolated place to help.
Joshua's mummified body had his knees above his head and his legs were dislodged from the torso. He thought very highly of his older brother and was a talented musician and scholar. The cabins owner Chuck Murphy said that his parents bought the cabin 60 years ago and was at one time an infamous place for illegal gambling and wild parties. No one had lived there for 10 years Murphy said and now he is redeveloping the site into 32 single family homes. He also has a construction company called Murphys construction. Joshua's death was ruled an accident but the last person to see Joshua was a man named Andrew Newman. Newman had been in trouble with the police most of his life and was even charged with several counts of murder after Joshua disappeared. But no substantial evidence has connected Newman to Joshua's death. The family of Joshua wanted an investigation as to why there son was found dead in a chimney but his case was moved to the jurisdiction of the coroners office which officially ruled it an accident.


Log cabins were originally brought over by settlers of short lived new Sweden in 1638. The log cabins were spread across the American colonies primarily by German and Scots-Irish immigrants who were mostly poor folk looking for new lives in the New world.

Joshua Vernon Maddux with his sister Ruth Maddux in a family photo.

Zachary Michel Albert Maddux

BIRTH26 Apr 1988

DEATH 1 Jun 2006 (aged 18)

Commited suicide 2 years previously.

This cabin was located in Colorado Thunderhead ranch, It has now been knocked down to make way for 32 family homes.

This photo shows Joshua as a young boy in a guitar shop, He was an avid guitarist.

Settlers built log cabins in the early 1600s in North America. Historians believe that the first of these log cabins were built in Nya Sverige, a Swedish colony near the Delaware River.
Nothnagle Cabin was built in-between 1638 and 1643 and is thought to be the oldest known standing log cabin in North America. Nothnagle Cabin was put on the National Register of Historic Places in 1976.

Scientists have also claimed that death may not be as final as some people fear, They believe souls can leave the body after death and hold a pocket of information pertaining to that person. This information is stored at a quantum or even sub-atomic level. This information is stored in microtubeles within human cells and leaves the body after death. If a person dies temporarily this information is released into the universe only to return to the persons cells when they return from the dead status.
This theory by Sir Roger Penrose is backed by researchers at the renowned Max Planck Institute for physics in Munich. Experts argue that our physical universe is just a perception and once a person dies there is an infinite life beyond.
An immortal life begins once the body dies as the soul enters the spiritual quantum field, We can only comprehend the material level and not what lies above it after death.


Penrose, 85, is a mathematical physicist who made his name decades ago with groundbreaking work in general relativity and then, working with Stephen Hawking, helped conceptualize black holes and gravitational singularities, a point of infinite density out of which the universe may have formed. He also invented “twistor theory,” a new way to connect quantum mechanics with the structure of spacetime. 

Evil practioners of black magic could trap a soul from leaving this world and use it's power for bad things. The more souls which are trapped increases the power of the practioner.
A kandarian demon will take your soul but the persons mind and body will become possessed with pure evil and is at the mercy of the demons black magic commands.

In the Drawsko cemetery in Poland archaeologists have discovered five skeletons with sickles placed at the throat and hips. This burial practice might of been used to protect the dead from demons who might try and take there souls. Sickle burials date back to the 16th and 17th centuries.
Excavators speculate that these dead people may of died a violent death or even of had supernatural powers. These burials will ward of evil demons such as a Kandarian demon.

Once a demon has your soul and you become possessed the change in appearance is quite extreme, This image is taken from The Exorcist  released in 1973. An American supernatural horror film.

Another terrible tragedy has happened very recently and reported on 2nd January 2018. A family of four people were found unresponsive in a cabin that they had been staying in. The bodies of Anthony and Megan Capitano both 32 and their young children, Lincoln 4 and Kingsley 3 were found in Parks Arizona. Authorities suspect the family may of died of carbon monoxide poisoning which is lethal if not discovered quickly. The family had not been heard for several days and concerned relatives asked authorities if they could carry out a welfare check on them. A strong smell of gas could be detected as the coconino sheriffs department authorities approached the cabin. The cabin is owned by a family friend and had a gas furnace installed. Tributes from family and friends described the deaths as tragic. So tragic as it is a relatively cheap carbon monoxide detector would of very likely saved this families lives.

Anthony and Megan Capitano pose with there two children Lincoln 4 and Kingsley 3.

The Kidde 10SCO Combination Alarm is designed to detect both smoke and carbon monoxide with a voice warning that tells you which danger has been detected

A simple synthesizer sound of deep notes is heard with spooky voices that echo and fade away.

High wailing tones are heard and a bubbling sound of water.

Electronic high pitched sounds are mixed with an electromagnetic wavering. 

A yellow car is travelling through the forest region, It is a 1973 Oldsmobile Delta 88 nicknamed "The Classic" 5 teenagers are on a camping holiday.

Shelly is sat in the drivers passengers seat and is singing a song, "I brought you 20 letters Paris fast", "You've been gone six months and I got the fear after" 

Shelly continues as the others listen,  "All the songs that we've sung together after,"

"All the sweet and all the storm," Shelly is still singing as Scott starts to join in, "If I knew where you we're I would surely inform you that"

An evil presence seems to be following the car and a scary synthesizer sound is heard with spooky voices that echo and blend into the sound

But every night Don't you sleep on your bed, don't you watch. 

The Oldsmobile is travelling at speed and brings up dried sediment as it rounds a corner, Skidding is heard.

An old truck is travelling down the road from the other direction. A simple slasher soundtrack is playing almost like a violin on repeat.

Scott looks behind momentarily and say's to Ash, Hey Ash, Where are we?

Ash is looking at a magazine that has a double paged map relevant to the area they are travelling, Ash say's to Scott, Well, we just crossed the Tennessee border.

The sound is getting much louder of the evil presence and a low buzzing sound is heard.

The old truck is getting closer and has an old tinny sound to the engine. The violin slasher sound is also playing.

Ash is still examining the map and say's Which would put us... Ash hesitates.

Scott turns his head eager for information, He say's yeah! in a happy tone of voice.

The evil presence draws even closer, A loud buzzing sound is heard as the trees pass by at speed.

The Ford truck is called Lazy Mary and is on a direct path with the 1973 Oldsmobile vehicle.

Ash is still trying to work out the map directions, He say's Which would put us...

The Ford truck is making a loud noise. A repeated keyboard sound is heard.

Ash is still having problems, He say's "Right" but is still not sure.

The evil presence stops and is looking down onto the travelling teenagers.

Ash prods the map as he finally locates his position. He say's "Here"

As soon as Ash say's "Here" Scott loses control of his vehicle, The steering wheel spins round in an uncontrolled way, 

The Oldsmobile skids on the muddy road as Scott tries to avoid the oncoming Truck. Scott say's Shit in panic.

The Ford truck starts to beep its horn to try and warn the oncoming car of its presence.

Ash shouts out loudly, "Turn" to try and avoid a collision. 

The truck continues to beep it's horn.

Scott tussles with the steering wheel and spins it frantically to the right side in a single motion

Shelly screams loudly and puts her hands up in anticipation of a crash. 

Scott just manages to swerve the vehicle around the oncoming Ford truck, It was a close call.

Ash sits back into his seat, Ash say's in a worried voice, What the hell was that? Are you trying to kill us?, 

Scott replies, Hey don't blame me!, It's your steering wheel! Damn thing jerked right out of my hands. The evil presence is already trying to hurt the group of teenagers.

Ash replies dumbfounded, I don't understand it, I had this thing in for a tune-up yesterday and they said they'd go over everything.

Scott replies, Yeah We'll you better take it back because the damn thing don't work. The one thing that does work is this lousy horn. Scott starts to beep the car horn as he spots two local people in the distance at the side of the road.

The local people start to wave at the vehicle, Scott shouts out of his windows, Ah Go to Hell! I'm not honking at you! as a continuous sound of a horn echoes down the road. Scott was testing the horn but does not appreciate people waving at him. Maybe he is a little frustrated from the near miss just moments earlier.

The local people continue to wave as Scott drives further away. Birds can be heard chirping.

Scott say's Jesus Christ.

Linda is sat in the back and is Ash's girlfriend, She say's to Scott, Hey Scotty! What's this place like anyway?

Scott replies, Well, the guy that's renting it say's it's an old place. Little run down but it's right up in the mountains.

Scott say's as he looks back at Linda, Yeah, and the best part is that we get it so cheap.

Linda replies, Yeah, Why are we getting it so cheap?, Scott replies, We'll I don't know, Might be in real bad shape.

Cheryl say's, You mean nobodies seen this place yet? Scott replies, Well, not yet. 

Ash say's as he turns to Linda, Well, It might not be that bad. Linda replies, No! Ash say's, Actually it might be kind of nice.

Linda replies Yeah. Shelly say's, It's probably a real pit!

Ash spots a sign from outside, He say's, Ah I think this is where we get off as he points his finger.

A sign post can be clearly seen, It reads "Dangerous Bridge" Travel at your own Risk, 3 Tons Load Limit.

Shelly say's, a little surprised, This is the bridge we're gonna cross?, 

The old wooden bridge creeks and rattles as the weight of the car pushes down, Suddenly some support beams from underneath give way, Scott shouts, Jesus Christ! The whole thing's falling apart on us!

Ash is convinced the bridge is safe, He say's, Don't let the noise fool you girls, This thing is solid as a rock.

Suddenly the back right wheel falls through the old and rotten beams causing a loud bang as the materials fall to the river below, Loud screams are heard as the female teenagers react with shock.

Ash opens his passenger door and looks out to evaluate the damage, As he does more wood falls into the water below making a splashing sound.

Scott revs the engine and manages to pull the wheel out of the hole.

Scott can be heard laughing as the car slowly makes it's way towards the deserted cabin.

It is very peaceful and quiet, Only the sound of insects can be heard. A very quiet keyboard sound is heard, The car makes a low level crunching sound as it slowly glides forward over the green terrain.

A higher pitched keyboard sound is heard as the sound of dogs barking can also be heard. Cheryl looks out of the window in expectation. 

A low level banging sound is heard as the high pitched synthesizer plays. The banging sound gets increasingly louder as the car approaches. An old wooden bench repeatedly bangs against the wooden frame of the old cabin. A rubbing sound and then a bang is generated.

All five teenagers exit the vehicle. Ash Linda Cheryl and Shelly stand motionless as they watch Scott walk up to the cabin entrance.

Scott turns around momentarily as he slowly walks over, A scrunching of leaves is heard.

The wooden bench is rattling and shaking as Scott looks up high.

Scott reaches up and feels along the ledge for the key to the cabin door. Suddenly he finds the metal ring that holds the key in place.

Suddenly the high pitched keyboard sound stops at the same exact moment the wooden bench stops banging and rattling. It is like someone has put there hand onto it or an evil presence has stopped it's natural rhythm. It has stopped dead.

Ash Linda Cheryl and Shelly wait patiently for Scott to open the door, I don't think the group have much faith in Scott at the moment.

Scott looks back round at his motionless friends as he holds the key in his hands. Scott is unsure himself if the keys will fit or what is inside the cabin but does not want to disappoint the others. Scott say's It's supposed to be one these on here.

A rattling is heard as Scott jiggles the key into the old and stiff lock mechanism. The first key fails to open the worn lock, Scott flicks his wrist and inserts the second key, Hopefully this will open the door. The door slowly creaks and whines as it opens, A piano sound is heard going down the scale slowly.

Scott walks a few steps and for a few moments is completely motionless as he evaluates the interior, Insects can be heard,  It is very dusty inside and has not seen a brush or cloth for a very long time, Scott pulls the key from the lock. A jingling is heard as he takes the key ring in hand, Scott switches a light on from his right as a single stroke of a piano key is heard. Scott walks on over to a circular mirror as another downscale of a piano is heard.

Scott's feet tap on the old wooden floor as he furthur investigates, Scott walks past an old fireplace, He walks past a pink sofa and other furniture. Scott looks at and old clock that has the time of "25 minutes Past Five".

Ash say's come on as Cheryl and Shelly toss there baggage from the boot of the car. Ash shouts "Hey" every time Linda throws an item at him. The first throw is a large yellow watermelon, the second throw is some woolen blankets, and the third throw is Linda's satchel bag, Shelly throws a brown bag of food stuff on the fourth throw.

On the third throw Ash misses the catch and the item hits Ash in the stomach, Ash bends down and makes a grunting sound as Linda's bag hits him squarely in the stomach, Ash turns around and Shelly for fun instantly throws a bag of food stuff at the unsuspecting Ash that bounces off his back. Shelly laughs with excitement. 

A metal jingling is heard as Scott opens another door as he investigates another room of the cabin. A simple low piano sound is heard consisting of a few strokes,  

The piano sound starts to cascade down as Scott looks up at an animals skull of some kind with large chains hanging down from it, Or is it the skull of a Kandarian demon? Time will tell.

Strange items hang from the ceiling on thin rope, Scott spots a stuffed toy and other strange pieces.

Scott looks up and pulls a thin chain that switches on a light bulb. The piano sound hits two keys as the bulb expands its glowing light.

Scott pulls on another chain to his left but it does not seem to do anything.

Scott turns around and has seen enough, He reaches up to switch the light off again. A generator room must be some where around and he does not want to waste power.

All is quiet as Scott leaves the room and closes the old wooden door. A sound of crickets chirping can be heard, It is very quiet otherwise. The sun has almost turned the day to dusk.

The clock has come to life and makes a Tick Tock sound as the pendulum swings from side to side, The time reads 5 Hours and Fifty Two minutes.

Cheryl is transfixed on the hypnotic swinging of the pendulum, She feels a unique urge to draw the clock, The curtains silently wisp in and out with the light breeze that is coming in through the open window, 

Cheryl rubs the pencil along the circular lines of the clock face lightly. 
The hand drawn art piece is making progress.

The clocks pendulum clicks from left to right as the tick tock sound becomes the only master sound as Cheryl  draws in silence.

Cheryl is almost in rhythm with the pendulum and sound as the pendulum flashes like a bat fleeting across a full moons intensity,

The open fire has been burning silently but now a low level crackling is heard.The clock is almost watching Cheryl's every move and deeply wants her attention as the clock has been neglected for so long. 

Suddenly Cheryl looks up and stares at the clock, Her face shows a little confusion momentarily.

Suddenly the pendulum of the old clock stops dead in it's tracks like time has stood still. The clock starts to chime even though the clock has not reached 6 o'clock. It dings at repeated intervals of 2 seconds and Cheryl is transfixed on the repeating sound.

Cheryl just looks at the clock and it's slightly rusted and paint cracked Roman Numeral face, She is transfixed by the clock and its sound.

The camera in this scene focuses on different areas of the clock face, The camera zooms in on different parts of the clocks face revealing it's detail.

The chimes start to increase in speed as with each ding the camera zooms in on different areas of the clocks face.


A ding rings on each shot of the clock face.

The creamy white and blue curtains suddenly increase there flow as Cheryl turns to look at them. They move in and out of the window as a loud wind is heard.

Suddenly an evil male voice is heard, The voice say's "Join Us" Cheryl parts the curtains and peers out of the window at the odd noises. A metal panning sound is heard.

The creepy male voice repeats his words, "Join Us" Cheryl is alone and the wind has picked up as the curtains move in and out. A low and off key synthesizer sound is heard mixed with the wind, bench, crickets, and creepy voice.

Cheryl looks down at her art work but has been overcome by an evil presence, 

Her hand grasps the pencil very tightly, Her face has turned to one of struggle, The white drawing paper flaps and shakes generating a sliding rhythmic clacking as the evil forces control the material world.

Cheryl's right hand has turned black similar to having her hand in a coal bucket that is full of dust, Her hand looks badly bruised but something is terribly wrong.

Cheryl's hand is under the influence of Kandarian evil and is being controlled all by itself against Cheryl's will. She tries to stop but cannot resist the power that has forced Cheryl to press down hard onto the piece of paper. Her hand moves across the page as the sound score plays out a tapping scratching screeching out of tune violin.

Suddenly Cheryls masterpiece flies from the art pages and she is forced to draw on a new piece. The kandarian evil wants Cheryl to draw another picture this time channeled by evil.

Cheryl lets out a forced groan as the evil controls her hand. While Cheryl fights the forces of evil her mind wants to stop or even make a stroke in another direction or spot on the page. The shape of a book is forming with the simple lines, Could this be the Kandarian Book Of The Dead. The evil wants Cheryl to find the book read the book, It is the key and gateway for which a kandarian demon can take your soul.

Almost as soon as it had started so it fades away. The evil presence has departed for the time being. The wind drops almost instantly to soft levels, Cheryl's hand is now back in control of Cheryl's mind, All goes quiet as Cheryl examines the page. Cheryl looks in disgust at the image before her, The paper has ripped and torn with the pressure of Cheryl's hand but the outline is clear to see. Cheryl lifts the page up and stares at her work, not quite sure of what it is but also hypnotized to the image.

Suddenly a loud banging is heard as the page she is holding slips away to reveal a wooden hatchway with chains attached to the outside. This hatchway leads down to a basement and the Kandarian demon is guiding Cheryl and telling her where the evil wants her to be.

Cheryl is transfixed to the rapid movement of the basement hatch. It is as if someone is trying to get out from behind the wooden hatch but the hatch is locked down and can only move a few small inches either up or down.

The old wooden hatch lights up with a golden glow, It beckons Cheryl to investigate furthur. 

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