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The atmosphere is quiet with only an occasional car that passes by Rhoda, Rhoda pauses and looks up directly at Earth Two which is at Half Phase. The phases of the Moon depend on its position in relation to the Sun and Earth. As the Moon makes its way around the Earth, we see the bright parts of the Moon's surface at different angles. These are called "phases" of the Moon.


Rhoda stares at Earth Two, She is mesmerized by its power and has longed for this moment for a very long time. Earth Two will now copy the Moon in phases as it occupies a space relatively close to Earth Ones moon.


Suddenly a car pulls up beside Rhoda, It is Rhoda's family who have drove out to collect her and bring her back home.


More cars pass at high speed as Rhoda can be seen from a distance hugging and greeting her family members.


Rhoda's dad Robert is clearly very happy to have his daughter home again, They embrace with happiness.


It is very quiet as Rhoda travels back home, Only a low level rumbling of vehicles can be heard including a low level high pitched synthesizer sound.


The family drive back past a Yellow bus depot.


Rhoda is sat in the back seats next to her brother Jeff.


Jeff has not seen his sister for four years and is keen to ask some questions,  He say's, So did you have a crew on the inside?Jeffrey starts to pry more, He say's, Do you have any tattoo's. Rhoda is quiet and is not in a talkative mood. She lowers her head in denial of having to respond to her brothers naive questions.  


Jeffrey's mother Kim is listening intensively and responds to Jeffrey's prying words. Kim feels her son is inquiring too inquisitively into her daughters affairs at this very early stage. She say's with annoyance "Jeffrey in a will you give it a rest tone of voice.


Jeffrey raises his left hand slightly and replies with complacency "I'm just asking he say's. Kim looks behind as she feels Jeff is being insensitive at this moment, She turns back round to survey the road ahead.


Robert has not said a word as he concentrates on his driving, The motorway is very busy as he progresses back home to New Haven, Connecticut.


Rhoda projects a blank facial expression she is neither sad nor happy, Jeff is still in a talkative mood and say's to Rhoda, You hear about that guy who's having the contest to go to the other Earth?


I mean, it's so stupid. Jeff's words ring with conviction "They're gonna get sucked into a black star and die".


Jeff's words make Rhoda turn to look at her brother who is now looking out of the window. Now Jeff feels a little isolated from Rhoda as she has not said a word for the entire trip.


A motorbike whizzes by at high speed as the family car continues it's steady pace back home.


A low level synthesizer sound is heard and a quiet squeaking as Rhoda slowly pushes open the door to her bedroom.

Rhoda stands motionless momentarily as she embraces her bedroom for the first time in four years, The smell and the sight of her belongings bring back the memories before the fatal accident. Rhoda is an avid enthusiast of Astronomy and her bedroom is full of charts books planets and other items relating to the science. 


A wooden rumbling sound is heard as Rhoda sits down at her desk, She instantly notices  a calculator which has been left untouched from the last time she was there. She picks up the calculator to receive the feel of its plastic and to bring back some memories from the past.


Rhoda looks momentarily at the calculator before placing it on top of several others that have accumulated on top of a thick science trilogy book. Makeup and other items lay around the table in a chaotic fashion.


Rhoda spots some blue tinsel makeup that was one of her favorites before she was incarcerated. In prison her makeup was restricted to certain items only and she really missed this pot of color. Rhoda gently prizes the lid from the pot and peers in at the highly metallic and shiny substance.


Rhoda rubs her hands together and stands up, She is slowly building up the information that slowly ebbed away from her while she was incarcerated. The room has been left untouched by her family and this will undoubtedly help Rhoda to get back on her feet again.


Rhoda examines her clothes wardrobe and is caressing an item of clothing when her mother Kim walks in with some fresh towels.


Rhoda senses her mother entering her room and turns around to face her. Her mother say's softly with happiness Hmm, Is it good to be home?. Rhoda steps over to her mother and sits down on her bed. Rhoda's mother smiles as Rhoda replies "Yeah" quietly.


Kim continues, You know, if you need anything... (Kim only wants to make things right again,) Rhoda is quiet and does not respond to her mothers words.


The TV from downstairs can be lightly heard, Kim feels a little unwelcome now as Rhoda wants some time on her own, Kim looks around briefly before setting her eyes on the towels she had just brought in. Kim say's "Oh Towels" in a forgetful tone of voice.  


Kim say's "night" as she exits the room.


Rhoda hesitates then say's softly, Good night, Mom.


The sound of a locomotive beeping its horn can be heard in the distance as a silvery fog floats across Rhoda's bedroom window. It is otherwise very quiet.


Rhoda looks out of her bedroom window up at Earth Two and the neighboring moon. 


Rhoda decides it is time to rediscover her laptop, She quietly sits on her bed with the lights out and slowly opens the laptop screen.


Rhoda is transfixed to the screen.


Rhoda starts to type into the address bar of her safari operating system, She types out www.unitedspaceventures.


Rhoda logs onto the website for United Space Ventures, A voice is heard saying, Three, Two, One.


Booster ignition, and lift off.


Another voice is heard, this time it is the voice of a representative of United Space Ventures. A video is playing showcasing a space shuttle program launch and the male voice boldly say's, This will be a trip like no other. We will give those that travel with us a unique and life changing experience.


A simple melody plays from the laptop speakers as the bold voice continues, Travel to Earth Two, Now Booking.


Rhoda is mesmerized by the video and words, She stares at the screen reading the words over and over again. Win a flight to EARTH 2. Underneath the words a small paragraph explains how you can win this amazing trip of a lifetime. The paragraph reads, write 500 words below explaining why you should win the trip! 


Rhoda ponders her actions as all sorts of thoughts go through her mind. 


The cursor blinks and blinks as Rhoda contemplates her actions, She is really considering entering the competition now as it will help her to reduce the pain and suffering she is experiencing and also to smooth things over and take her mind off things.


Rhoda decides now is not the time and she rapidly switches off her laptop.


Rhoda lies down on her bed and starts to think about her life.


Later all is dark until suddenly a click is heard and the room lights up. Rhoda is awake and is in an energetic frame of mind.


Rhoda is in the attic bedroom and has decided to move the room around to her liking. Rhoda lifts up a heavy box with a stack of books that are on top. She sets the box down in another corner of the bedroom.


Rhoda examines a four piece picture frame that she also moves to another location.


Rhoda pulls a white sheet across the floor as she wants to place her bed by the window.


Rhoda picks the bright lamp from the table top and places it on to the floor for a nice and mellow luminescence.


A clicking is heard as Rhoda prepares some matches for a candle.

Rhoda places one of her favorite space themed pictures onto the wall facing her bed. It is a picture of a nebula entitled "The Pillars of Creation" This image was taken by the Hubble Space Telescope of elephant trunks of interstellar gas and dust in the Eagle Nebula, specifically the Serpens constellation some 6500-7000 light years from Earth. They are so named because the gas and dust are in the process of creating new stars, while also being eroded by the light from nearby stars that have recently formed. Taken on April 1, 1995 it was named one of the top ten photographs from Hubble by The astronomers responsible for the photo were Jeff Hester and Paul Scowen from Arizona State University. A nebula is an interstellar cloud of dust, hydrogen, helium and other ionized gases. Most nebulae are of a vast size, some are hundreds of light years away in diameter, A nebula that is barely visible to the human eye from Earth would appear larger, but no brighter, from close by. The Orion Nebula the brightest nebula in the sky that occupies a region twice the diameter of the full Moon, can be viewed with the naked eye but was missed by early astronomers. Although denser than the space surrounding them, most nebulae are far less dense than any vacuum created on Earth. A nebular cloud the size of the Earth would have a total mass of only a few kilograms. Many nebulae are visible due to fluorescence caused by embedded hot stars, while others are so diffused they can only be detected with long exposures and special filters.


Rhoda has settled in the attic bedroom instead of downstairs, She is more comfortable in the attic bedroom as she wants to change her life around and it is more peaceful. Rhoda lays down on the mattress and looks up at the picture on the wall maybe contemplating its beauty and it's distance.


A rumbling sound is heard as the public bus travels through town.


A light wind is heard accompanied by the sound of cars and the chirping of birds.


Rhoda has decided to find a job and get her life back on track, She has taken a bus into town to visit the local careers office who can help her decide what she is good at and what she would like to do for a job.


A clattering of paper work is heard as Rhoda speaks to her careers officer. Rhoda say's, I was thinking I would like to do something with my hands. You know, maybe- maybe outdoors, maybe not.


The careers officer responds to Rhoda's thoughts, She say's, Come on, I mean, you could do something with your hands, But you have such a great mind.


Rhoda replies, I don't wanna really be around too many people or do too much talking.


The careers Councillor carefully listens to Rhoda's preferences.


The officer taps wildly on the computer keyboard as she tries to find Rhoda a suitable job position.


The careers officer is dedicated to find Rhoda a suitable job position.


A few moments later the computer screen displays some suitable jobs, The officer say's, Well, there's a maintenance position open at West Haven High School.


Rhoda is quiet and is considering the job vacancy, A high pitched synthesizer sound starts to play.


Rhoda has returned back home and has decided to go for a walk, She has brought a hot drink with her as the weather is rather cold. 

The Specialist: Am I Alone (Fall On Your Sword)

A clacking of wood is heard as a male conspiracy theorists voice starts to explain some scientific principles. He say's, Just imagine that you're a sleep and then your awake. 


You're not sure where you are, You're not sure if anyone else is around.


What would you probably do first?


You likely would look around and say, "Hello?" - "Hello?", You're attempting to find, "Am I Alone"?


We here on Earth would like to know.


Teenage girls can be heard talking to one another, A female voice is heard saying, Me and Rob got into this huge, stupid fight last night. Another female voice replies, Really? About what?, The other female voice replies, I don't know. We were hanging out, and he just started fighting... Another friend walks into the toilet and say's "Hey, The other girls reply Oh Hi. The girl that entered asks the other females, What are you guy's doing/, A female voice replies, Um, skipping Chemistry. A girl replies, Really?, Another say's "Yeah"

A teenage girl adjusts her hair in a mirror.

Rhoda has started work at West Haven High School, She is a cleaner for the school and is in one of the toilets listening in on the teenager girls as she cleans. 
Another girl is heard saying, I'll see you in Algebra, Another girl say's, Guess who just texted me. Who? "Kyle the girl replies. The school bell rings for 2 seconds to alert the girls of the next lesson. Another girl say's So is he gonna pick us up? "About What?"


Rhoda has finished cleaning the toilets and has made her way back to the storage room where all the cleaning supplies are stored. It is in this room that the offices are also located for the business. Rhoda looks at Purdeep as she enters the room, He has been working for West Haven high school for sometime and is considered a senior member of staff.


The radio is switched on and that boy ♪Flava♪ can be heard over the airwaves, A simple electronic melody with light beat is also heard,  He say's, YO! It's the winter solstice. That's right, The shortest day of the year, which means it will also be the longest night of the year.


So take advantage, You know what I'm talking about.


Also, today marks the anniversary of the discovery of Earth Two a few years back.
Can you remember what you were doing that night?


Rhoda listens to Flava as she loads up her cleaning trolley. Flava say's, I know I remember, I met this girl from Bridgeport...

Flava starts to rhyme his words..."That had a thing for the Flava!"  That is right baby, You know how we do. Baby if you're still out there, Boo, holler at your boy. Flava, F-L-A-V-A Yeah.


Not only do I got a big mouth, I got a- Uh. You know my number, Call me, Mmm.


Rhoda has finished work and is walking along a scenic route at a slow pace, A light breeze is all that can be heard.


Rhoda is deep in thought as she slowly walks along the side walk.


Rhoda stares ahead as she continues along the scenic route.


It is very peaceful and calm as Rhoda slowly makes her way along the beach, A bridge is starting to come into view.


Rhoda has decided to return to the location of the terrible accident four years previous. Rhoda is still deeply affected by the events of that night and this place has a powerful magnetic draw. A sign post reads Peck Ave and Beach St.


Rhoda stands motionless on a Zebra crossing looking down at exact spot of the terrible collision. Rhoda is thinking about that tragic night trying to piece together the events and in some way to makes things better.


Rhoda stands motionless in the cold street as she contemplates her actions.


Rhoda feels extremely guilty for the tragic loss of life she caused and she would do anything to make things right again if she could.


Suddenly a vehicle from behind appears and is slowly making it's way down the road towards Rhoda. Rhoda decides to move off as she wants to keep a low profile.


Rhoda walks over to a small bridge and slowly makes her way on to the steps.


Rhoda can use the bridge to hide and to see anything unusual without being noticed.


The approaching vehicle suddenly slows down and stops next to a telephone pole. This has caught the attention of Rhoda who is now watching the drivers every move.


Rhoda is now transfixed on the stationary vehicle, She is clearly looking for clues linked to the accident.


The sound of a door opening and shutting is heard as John Burroughs who was the only survivor of the accident suddenly appears from the driver side position. He is holding something in his hand and is making his way over to the side walk.


Rhoda ducks down as Mr Burroughs makes his way over, She is very interested now in the man and his actions.


Mr Burroughs places an orange toy onto the ground, This toy is Bob the robot which was a favorite toy for his son Amos who tragically perished in the accident. John looks down momentarily as he contemplates his son and the accident.


Rhoda watches John through the gaps in the bridge as he stands motionless for that few seconds in time. 


Rhoda is also contemplating her actions and is deeply moved by the sight of John.


A slow paced and sad piano sound starts to play as Rhoda continues to watch John.


John has finished what he set out to do and slowly drives off completely unaware of Rhoda's spying.


Rhoda keeps her eyes on the vehicle as it slowly heads off into the distance, Rhoda is now eager to find out what John had left at the telephone pole. A sign on the bridge warns people not to take animals onto the beach. It say's, NO ANIMALS ALLOWED ON BEACHES, DOMESTIC OR WILD, Violation of City Ord, 170-15 Sec, $100.00 fine. Domestic Animals 170.34 Sec A $100.00 Fine. Wild Animals.


Rhoda slowly and cautiously walks on over to the telephone pole to investigate.


Rhoda looks on down at the Bob the Robot toy with a solemn expression.


Rhoda is deep in thought and is feeling depressed from the sight of the orange toy.


Rhoda looks up and stands motionless as she stares down the street in deep thought.


The sad piano sound continues to play as Rhoda returns home. She is now back on her laptop and is investigating John Burroughs for more information.


Rhoda types "John Burroughs and new haven and accident" into the Google search engine to see what comes up.


Google displays a list of possible John Burroughs pages for Rhoda to investigate.


Rhoda stares at the screen and is a little taken back when she spots an article relating to the accident. 


The top entry on Google say's, "Yale professor awakens from coma" Rhoda places the mouse icon over the article and presses the left side mouse button.


Suddenly all is revealed as the article displays a write up by Charlie Savage who has gone into detail the facts of the accident and John's injuries. 


Rhoda starts to read the information from the screen, She is now falling into a spiral of depression and addiction she wants to know more.


The article details the facts of the accident, John Burroughs is a music composer conductor and chair for Yales department in music who went into a coma after the accident. His wife Maya was six months pregnant and his son Amos was only five years old when they lost there lives. John and Maya met at Yale where she was a professor of photography. Maya was expecting her second child, The driver at fault was a minor under the influence of alcohol and was convicted for vehicular manslaughter and was sentenced to five years in prison. 


A picture of John Burroughs appears as Rhoda clicks on links.


Rhoda is frozen in time as a video starts to play of John working at a concerto.


Rhoda feels sorry for what she did but is compelled to find out more about John Burroughs.


Applause is heard from the laptop speakers as an assembly of musicians stand for a standing ovation. John Burroughs was the composer for this musical concerto.


John Burroughs bows his head repeatedly in recognition of his talents and the hard work of his musicians.


The website page displays a booking form for John and also displays his home address. Rhoda gets her notepad out and starts to write down the home address of John Burroughs.


The address states John's address is at 12 Russel Road.


Rhoda starts to write down some information from the screen.


Rhoda writes down the information she needs then closes the laptop down.


Rhoda contemplates what she will do next now that she has John Burroughs home address.


The sound of a train moving at speed over the tracks is heard as the scenery whizzes by at high speed. It is raining and the glass is wet from the moisture which adds a paint brush effect to the outside world.


Rhoda is motionless and in deep thought as she travels along the tracks to her destination.


It is now pitch black and Rhoda is quietly making progress towards John Burroughs home address. 


Rhoda is cautious and maybe a little crazy as she slowly approaches John Burroughs idealistic country retreat. The large wooden house sits alone in the moonlight almost lonely but welcoming at the same time.


Rhoda breathes in the cool night air as her eyes eyes focus more closely on the large wooden structure just a few yards in front of her. Rhoda now has this non existential desire to explore further.


Rhoda is all alone in the forest environment, It is very quiet as she ponders her actions.


A sound of some dogs barking in the distance causes Rhoda to swiftly turn her head around in the direction of the sound.


Rhoda continues her slow and cautious approach, She is still unsure if this is even the right location only time will tell. Rhoda can see a lighted window from her position and cautiously edges over to it.


Rhoda is completely silent as she edges as quietly as possible to the bottom of the window ledge.


Rhoda slowly looks into one of the lighted window squares, low level computer generated beeps and gun fire can be heard.


Rhoda peers through the window space like an innocent child.


John Burroughs can be clearly seen sat on the sofa drinking a beverage and playing a console computer game. He seems to be relaxed but not particularly enjoying his time.


A low level high pitched synthesizer sound slowly increases in volume as Rhoda peeps in at the unsuspecting musician. Now Rhoda knows for sure that this is where John Burroughs lives and all sorts of emotions are going through her mind at this time.


Rhoda has seen enough and quickly leaves the scene back into the nights cold air


It is now very late and public transport has stopped for the night, Rhoda will have to walk the long journey back to her house. A sound of a train beeping its loud horn can be heard as Rhoda chooses to follow the train tracks back to her abode.


A sad and emotional violin plays out as Rhoda takes each step through the cold and thick snow.

Naked On The Ice (Fall On Your Sword)

Rhoda continues her long walk back in the biting cold of the night, She is still deeply in thought and is not quite herself.