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Willi pulls hard on the metal casing when suddenly a loud metallic ripping sound is heard as the cover completely detaches from its housing. Willi instantly spots a large bag of cocaine that has been hidden inside by Stan. Willi reaches in and takes the bag of cocaine out of the back of the radio transistor. This now prooves that Stan was blatantly dishonest about the cocaine to Malky and Stansfield and sadly risked the lives of his family which as we know has now ended in tragedy.


Willi lifts the bag of cocaine high in the air with his left hand and shouts loudly with excitement, "YO!" I found it!. 


Malky is sat down in the living room on an armchair while Stansfield is enjoying a cigarette as he looks out of the window into the busy world outside. Malky immediately stands up as soon as he hears Willi shouting. Finally the visit has all the more meaning for Stansfield as he confidently shouts out "Bingo" to highlight his satisfaction at finding the lost cocaine.


Police sirens can be heard from outside as Malky approaches Stansfield. Malky indicates with left index finger in the direction of Willi and the cocaine and say's, Stan, we found it. The old lady most likely called the police when Stansfield fired his weapon through the glass window.


Stansfield turns and confidently replies, I know, Stansfield's sixth sense is working efficiently for him today.


Willi walks into the living room with cocaine in hand. He holds the cocaine out and say's "Here it is" as Stansfield looks down at the elusive white powder. Stansfield murmurs with pleasure at the feel and touch of the uncut product. The police sirens are starting to get much louder now and soon the cops will be swarming the building.


Malky looks out of the window to investigate the loud noises. Stansfield holds the cocaine close to his nose and sniffs hard to check its authenticity.


Malky turns from the window and say's There's cops outside, we better go.


Stansfield is facing Willi and becomes sarcastic, Stansfield repeats Malky's words, It's the cops outside, We better go. Stansfield points his left index finger at Willi and say's, You stay here.


Willi raises his hands in disbelief as he shouts at Malky and Stansfield who are making there way out of the apartment, Willi say's "What do you want me to tell them?. Even though Willi found the cocaine Stansfield expects him to do his dirty work for him and Willi will have to make up a story to cover the terrible events at Mathilda's apartment. Stansfield works for the DEA office but is using the agency as a cover for his illegal drug operations and dealings. Willi will no doubt say that they were investigating a possible cocaine dealer and things turned nasty when Stan attacked the DEA officers with a shotgun.


Both men turn around and stare back through the beaded curtains towards Willi. (The Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) is a United States federal law enforcement agency under the United States Department of Justice, tasked with combating drug smuggling and distribution within the United States. The DEA is the lead agency for domestic enforcement of the Controlled Substances Act, sharing concurrent jurisdiction with the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE), U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) and the Department of Homeland Security (DHS). It has sole responsibility for coordinating and pursuing US drug investigations both domestic and abroad.)


A loud rumbling sound is heard not to dissimilar to an aeroplane flying overhead,Stansfield slowly walks to the outer edges of the beaded curtains as he throws the bag of cocaine at Malky who catches it with both hands. Stansfield looks menacing and evil as he approaches.


The beads sway slightly from side to side as they produce a scrunching sound, Stansfield stands just behind the beads as he looks at Willi with evil eyes. Stansfield say's, Tell them... We were doing... Stansfield pauses momentarily and then speaks with a low and evil tone, He say's with conviction, "Are Job!".


Stansfield turns and walks away as Malky follows leaving Willi to face the music. The tapping of feet can be heard as the two men leave the apartment.


The sound score consists of a singular low level flute.

Leon and Mathilda are sat down at the living room table, Leon has moved away from the door as the danger has passed for the time being. Benny could return and Match Stick could still be loitering but most likely has left the building. Willi is still in Mathilda's apartment, but the real police are on there way and Leon wants to get to know Mathilda and find out a little bit about her life. Mathilda is still crying as tears drape down her cheeks. Leon say's, What's your name?. Mathilda replies softly, "Mathilda".


Mathilda sniffs then looks directly at Leon.

Leon looks down at the table and then raises a glass of milk with his right hand. Leon decides not to drink from the glass and resits it back down onto the wooden surface. Leon looks at Mathilda for a few seconds before saying, Sorry about your father.


Mathilda replies, If somebody didn't do it, One day or another I would of probably done it myself.


Leon is looking down but instantly looks back up at Mathilda as the girl sniffs again. Leon say's, Your mother, she...


Mathilda snaps back at Leon after he mentioned her, Mathilda replies, She's not my mother... Mathilda speaks softly, And my sister, she wanted to lose some weight anyway. Matilda sniffs again then say's, But she never looked better. Mathilda sniffs again. 


Mathilda continues, Not even my real sister.

Mathilda continues, Just a half-sister, and not a good half at that.

Mathilda stops talking as she becomes emotional with tears dwelling in her eyes. Mathilda begins to cry as she thinks about her half sister, her mother, her younger brother and her father who have all passed away.


Leon watches Mathilda sob as he slowly looks down at the table, Leon is trying to understand Mathilda a little bit better but it's not easy.


Leon say's, If you couldn't stand them, why are you crying?.


Mathilda responds with slight anger, She say's, Because they killed my brother. What the hell did he do?. He was four years old.


He never used to cry, Just used to sit next to me and cuddle. Mathilda sniffs as the tears keep flowing from her eyes,  


Mathilda continues, I was more of a mother to him,


than that goddamn pig ever was!


Mathilda closes her eyes in sorrow and unhappiness just for a few moments.


Leon responds and say's, Hey, don't talk like that about pigs, They're usually much nicer than people.


Mathilda replies, But they smell like Shit!


Leon waves his finger at Mathilda in disagreement and nods negatively, Leon say's, Not true!


Leon continues as he holds the milk carton in his right hand,  As a matter of fact, right now I have one in my kitchen. Leon looks to his right momentarily then say's, that's very clean and smells very nice.


Mathilda replies with scrutiny, You don't have a pig in your kitchen.


Leon pauses momentarily then replies, Yes I do!


Mathilda replies, I was just in there and I didn't see any goddamn pig.


Leon replies, Don't move, I'll get him.


Leon suddenly stands up from his chair and walks across the living room floor towards the kitchen area.


Leon walks into the kitchen as Mathilda looks on in anticipation and disbelief. Leon say's as he enters the kitchen area, Piggy Piggy, Where are you?.


Mathilda stares at the kitchen door well waiting for Leon to reappear with a Pig. Leon starts to mimic a pig by grunting, Hog Hog.. Ah, There you are!. Grunt Grunt Hog Hog...


Suddenly a puppet appears from around the door, It is a pig designed cooking glove that is used to protect your hands from being burnt when pulling dishes from a hot cooking appliance.


Leon continues to grunt as he moves and shapes the pig glove with his hand. Grunt Grunt Hog Hog.


Mathilda watches with a strange bewilderment as Leon performs from behind the door.


A light orchestra of Violins is playing to accompany the sound score. Leon say's with a slow voice, Hi, Mathilda.

pig 2.gif

Leon shapes Piggy to move from left to right.

leon pig.gif

Mathilda replies slow and softly, Hi Piggy.


Leon has appeared at the door well as he continues to grunt and hog hog with the Piggy puppet.


Leon walks out from behind the kitchen wall and walks back over to Mathilda as he continues to animate the Piggy puppet. Leon's face scrunches as he imitates a pig especially for Mathilda.


Mathilda likes Piggy very much.


Mathilda is smiling and the Piggy act has certainly made Mathilda feel a little better about herself.


Leon is getting the knack of impersonating a pig as he continues to grunt and hog hog, Leon say's to Piggy, Ha Ha, How are you today? (Hog Hog) as he looks directly at Piggy.


Mathilda say's, I've seen better days.


Leon continues to Grunt and hog as he looks at Mathilda then away then back again.


The act is starting to grow a bit thin with Mathilda now as Leon abruptly stops the impersonation.


Leon rests Piggy down onto the table as he looks on at Mathilda.


Mathilda say's, What's your name?


Leon has raised his milk glass to his mouth and is just about to drink some of the liquid when he hesitates and stops,


Leon looks down then across at Mathilda and say's "Leon".


Leon then raises his glass and drinks the cool milk.


Mathilda watches as Leon drinks his favorite tipple then say's, Cute name!


Mathilda's reply causes Leon to choke on his milk as he coughs and splutters,


Milk sprays out all over Leon's face and drips down his cheeks.


Leon wipes his mouth with Piggy the cooking glove.


Mathilda is silent and just stares as Leon cleans his face.


Leon say's, You have anyone to go to? Any family, any place else?.


Mathilda nods negatively in silence.


Leon seems a little nervous as he look right then down. Leon sighs as he pours the last of the milk into his glass.


Leon holds the milk carton up with his left hand as he signals with his right to indicate that the carton is empty.


Leon say's, I'm gonna get some more milk.


Leon stands up from the table with empty milk carton in hand.


Leon walks off leaving Mathilda sat at the table. The fan is blowing wildly creating a rippling in the nets as the air passes over them.


Mathilda is inquisitive as she picks up a brass bullet from off the table. Mathilda looks around momentarily before studying the ammunition. A few seconds later Mathilda places the brass bullet back down onto the tables surface.


Mathilda turns her attention to Leon's brown suitcase which is just right next to Mathilda. 


Mathilda lifts the top with ease as it has not been locked.


Mathilda pulls down the front flap of the suitcase (a clicking sound is heard) and all is revealed. Inside is a selection of hand guns and grenades including a 1911-A2 SASS weapon. Springfield made a 1911 A2 S.A.S.S. that was a single shot break action pistol that was built on a 1911 frame chambered in either .22LR, .223, 7mmBR, 7mm-08, .308, .357 mag., .358 mag, .44 mag. with either a 10 3/4" or a 14 15/16" barrel from 1989 to 1992.


I'm a paragraph. Click here to add your own text and edit me. It's easy.


Mathilda looks at the contents of the suitcase briefly before she say's, Holy Shit!


Leon returns from the kitchen with a fresh carton of milk and instantly notices that Mathilda has found out about his weapons stash.


Leon returns to the table and sits back down.


No sound score exists at this point, Mathilda is supporting the lid of Leon's suitcase with her right hand as she stares in at the contents. Highly explosive Grenades align the top of the cases lid in multiple numbers.


Leon say's Don't touch that please as he closes the suitcase back up.


Mathilda say's with curiosity, Leon, what exactly do you do for a living?


Leon responds "Cleaner" as he looks away indicating he is not being exactly honest.


Leon looks down as a way to hide his real occupation, Mathilda replies, You mean your a Hitman?. Leon looks at Mathilda then looks away and say's, Yeah!


Mathilda looks straight at Leon and say's Cool!


The sound score returns consisting of a flute and low level continuous synthesizer notes. Leon slowly lifts his head to look at Mathilda. Now that Mathilda knows about Leon's career he will be feeling nervous and worried because he never expected to let a 12 year old girl into his apartment. Nor did he expect a fire fight a few doors from his apartment.


Mathilda stares at Leon silently contemplating how she might be able to use Leon's help for something later on.


There is no sound score at this point, A splashing of liquid is heard as Mathilda fills a glass to the top with fresh milk.


Mathilda is interested in Leon much more now that she knows he is a hitman. Mathilda places the red carton back down onto the table as she starts to pry a little.


Leon is looking down as Mathilda say's, Do you clean anyone?. Leon replies, No women, No kids, that's the rules.


Mathilda replies, How much would it cost to hire someone to get those dirtbags.


Mathilda continues, Who killed my brother?. Leon contemplates Mathilda's words as he hunches his forehead. Leon replies, Five grand a head. 


Mathilda say's softly, WOW!


Mathilda continues and say's, How about this?.


Mathilda say's, I work for you, and in exchange..


you teach me how to clean. Mathilda expresses herself with the biscuit that she is holding.


Mathilda say's Huh,... What do you think?


Mathilda continues, I'll clean your place, I'll do the shopping. I'll even wash your clothes.


Leon stares at Mathilda in silence as he listens to her words, Mathilda say's, Is it a deal?. Leon pauses briefly then responds with a slow and negative nod. Leon say's softly, No, It's not a deal.


The sound score consists of a soft low level flute accompanied by piano and several violin.

Mathilda and Leon look at each other silently as Mathilda becomes slightly emotional from Leon's refusal to participate in Mathilda's plans. Mathilda swallows with desperation as she momentarilly closes her eyes then opens them again in sadness and defeat. Mathilda then say's, What do you want me to do? ..Huh I've got no place to go.


Leon swallows and replies, "You've had a rough day today" as he nods positively. Go to sleep and we'll see tomorrow, Okay?.


Mathilda's eyes are closed briefly and then reopen as she looks on at Leon in silence.


Leon and Mathilda have retreated to the bedroom as Mathilda rests on the single bed. Leon opens an old wardrobe and pulls out a blanket for Mathilda. The door to the wardrobe squeaks as Leon closes it back again.


Leon walks on over to Mathilda to ensure that she will be warm and that she gets a well deserved good nights sleep.


Leon places the blanket over Mathilda as she rests peacefully.


Leon's house ethics are not the best as he fails to unravel the sheet, But none the less it will keep Mathilda warm.


Matilda say's softly as Leon looks on over at the resting girl, You've been really great with me, Leon.


Mathilda continues, End of the night not always like that...You Know?, 


Matilda reaches out with her left hand as she holds Leon's left hand for some kind of comfort.


Leon is slightly shocked at Mathilda's kindness as he looks on down at her.


Mathilda say's softly, Good Night.


Mathilda shows affection by holding Leon's fingers.


Leon slowly pulls away from the soft grip of Mathilda as he contemplates his thoughts for the evening, Leon is always alone and Matilda has changed his repetitive routine for once.


Leon slowly makes his way out of the bedroom as he reaches for the light switch.


A click is heard as all goes dark in Matilda's bedroom. Mathilda lays motionless as she tries to get some rest from the terrible day she has experienced. Only Leon has managed to shine a meaningful light onto her life otherwise she might have been murdered by the drugs gang.


Leon returns to the living room where he sits in darkness and silence contemplating his next move as hitmen do. Leon does not sleep in a traditional bed he much prefers an armchair just in case he is ambushed or attacked.


The camera starts to zoom in slowly as Leon sits motionless and completely silent.


Suddenly a moment of madness fills the mind of Leon, He gyrates on the chair for a few moments as terrible thoughts transgress his otherwise stable and sensible mindset. Leon instantly switches the living room lamp on with his right hand. 


Leon sighs loudly as he grabs his weapon with his left hand and rapidly stands up out of the leather armchair.


Leon quickly makes his way over to his weapons stash on the living room table and immediately opens up the brown suitcase.


Grenades multiple handguns and even a machine gun are visible, Leon routes through the suitcase with a sense of urgency. 


Leon slides open a small drawer that contains an abundance of silencers or suppressors. A metal ting sound is heard as Leon rapidly pulls one out from the stack.

A silencer, suppressor, sound suppressor, or sound moderator is a device that reduces the sound intensity and muzzle flash when a firearm is discharged. It can be a detachable accessory to, or an integral part of the muzzle or barrel. A typical silencer is a metal cylinder with internal sound baffles that slow and cool the escaping propellant gas, which decreases both sound volume and muzzle blast. A flash suppressor on the other hand specifically cools or disperses burning gases typically exiting from the muzzle of a carbine-length weapon, without reference to sound reduction. In most countries, silencers are regulated along with firearms. Some jurisdictions allow, and even mandate, the sporting use of silencers, to reduce the risk of hearing loss and decrease noise pollution, while other governments ban them for civilian use.


A metallic rubbing sound is heard as Leon rapidly screws the silencer onto the end of his weapon with his right hand while holding the guns barrel with his left. 


A few seconds later and the job is done. The sound of steam and old machines sliding and vibrating produces the sound score.


Leon quickly leaves the living room area and immediately walks into the direction of the bedroom where Mathilda is sleeping. A moment of madness has crept over Leon as he makes his way over to her with the silenced gun in his right hand.


Leon is moments away from the sleeping Mathilda.


A clicking is heard as Leon cocks the weapon ready to fire, He automatically places the silenced nozzle over the head of the sleeping girl as she sleeps oblivious to Leon's intentions.


Leon stands there motionless in the darkness as he holds the gun over Mathilda, All sorts of crazy thoughts and emotions are going through Leon's mind at this time, He may consider the girl too much of a risk to have around him and this may be the best solution to the problem. More time passes but Leon has not fired the weapon.


Suddenly the dark sound score stops as Leon takes a deep breath of air and looks away from the bed. 


Leon looks down and from side to side as his mind suddenly causes him to spring back to his normal senses. Leon looks down at Mathilda as she sleeps but has decided not to assassinate her tonight.


Leon is not going to kill Mathilda and retreats back into the living room.


Leon may be suffering from PTSD, Someone with (Post-Traumatic-Stress-Disorder) often relives the traumatic event through nightmares and flashbacks, and may experience feelings of isolation, irritability and guilt.
They may also have problems sleeping, such as insomnia and find concentrating difficult.
These symptoms are often severe and persistent enough to have a significant impact on the person's day-to-day life. Leon is somewhat a loner and being a hitman carries a lot of responsibilities and mental stress. 


Mathilda is left in peace.


The next morning has arrived and Leon is looking out of the living room window. The sound of children and adults talking and laughing can be heard. 


Leon investigates the outside world for a few short moments.


A loud rattling sound is heard as Leon lifts up the glass window with both hands using the handles attached on either side of the wooden frame.


Leon immediately turns to his right and looks down at his best friend being the green potted plant. Each day Leon allows the plant some well deserved sunshine to keep it in tip top condition.


Leon places the plant with both hands in front of the bay window. The day is bright and sunny with a pleasant temperature.


Leon's plant goes where ever he goes, he has a fascination with this plant and looks after it the best he possibly can. It does not talk back, hurt people, deceive you, or make a fuss and he considers it better than people in that respect.


Mathilda has arisen and is sleepy eyed as she makes her way into the kitchen. She has Piggy with her as the bright sunlight shines into her eyes. The clock on the back wall reads 8.20 AM.


A wooden clunking sound is heard as Mathilda moves around the floor, Mathilda closes her eyes briefly and blinks rapidly as she slowly adjusts to the mornings bright glow.


Mathilda pulls on the refrigerator door as it stubbornly opens producing a jingle of glass from the stored bottles and jars.


Leon is in the living room carrying out his rhetoric and daily routine of scrunches. Leon exercises any makeshift way he can utilizing what ever is available. This time Leon is supporting his legs from the living room table and resting on two chairs as he punishes his body.


Suddenly Leon stops his workout and turns his head left as he realizes Mathilda is awake and is in the kitchen area.


Leon immediately leaves the living room area and walks into the kitchen to greet Mathilda. Leon is adjusting his suspender belts as he speaks with Mathilda.


Mathilda is sat at the kitchen table eating a bowl of corn flakes with a sad expression on her face. Leon say's, Sleep Well?. Mathilda nods positively in silence with a blank but sad expression.


Leon responds, Good, because after breakfast you gotta take off. Mathilda replies, Where too?.


Leon replies, Not my problem. Leon then leaves the kitchen the same way he came in.


No sound score exists at this point, The green fan is motionless and has been switched off, Mathilda is sad and unhappy with her life as she closes her eyes briefly and stares down at the table to consider her options.


A loud rumbling sound is heard as Leon begins to check over his equipment. Leon pulls out a chunky sized revolver from another hardback suitcase.


Leon opens up the barrel and slides out the bullet chamber, A loud whirring sound is heard as Leon spins the barrel around in a fast motion.



Any gun owner knows that properly cleaning and maintaining your equipment is not only key in increasing a weapon’s lifespan, but is necessary to ensure safe operation. Just like shining your shoes there are as many ways to clean a gun as there are stars in the sky. Handguns should be cleaned immediately after a range session, stored clean, carried clean, and regularly checked for dirt build up and proper levels of lubrication. There's no good reason to sacrifice a defensive handgun's reliability when just a few minutes' work could make all the difference. Be sure to understand the layout of your pistol and the tools and procedures for disassembly, reassembly and the points on the pistol where lubricant will need to be applied. This will help you to avoid damaging the gun, launching springs across the room or leaving key parts of the gun unlubricated. Ensure the gun is unloaded and pointed in a safe direction before you start cleaning. We've all heard stories of someone getting hurt while cleaning their guns. Since it takes three components to create a shooting accident (a gun, ammunition and a shooter), it makes sense to remove any ammunition from your work area. Along with safety considerations, solvents and lubricants can damage ammunition resulting in a failure to fire. The interior of the barrel is one of the most important parts of a handgun to clean properly--and the most labor intensive. The layer of material left in the barrel after shooting sessions can reduce the pistol's accuracy and corrode the rifling.

Leon sighs as he picks up a screwdriver and inserts it into the one of the bullet chambers holes, Leon shakes his right hand rapidly as he starts to clean out the bullet compartment with the screw driver.


Mathilda frowns as she sits at the table not to happy with Leon's request for her to leave.


Mathilda is desperate to stay with Leon and will try every trick in the book to persuade him to let her stay. Her entire family has been murdered and she does not want to go into an institution or worse be fostered. Mathilda spots the till receipt from the convenience store just in front of her with a pen on top. Mathilda has an idea and something that will test Leon in to her staying.


A few minutes later Mathilda enters the living room to see Leon, She suddenly produces the till receipt which she has carefully written on the underside. Mathilda places the receipt down onto Leon's worktop and say's, Read It!. Leon is busy cleaning his weapon and is using a screw driver to clean out a small spring.


Leon looks at Mathilda with a worried face as he accepts the offer.


Leon carefully looks at Mathilda's writing with both hands.


Leon is struggling to read the text and "Umms" without being able to read back the text. Mathilda say's, You don't know how to read.


Leon replies, I'm learning, but I had a lot of work lately, so...


Leon looks down then back up again as he say's, I'm a little behind.  


Leon looks back down at the till receipt and say's with interest, What's it say?. Mathilda explains to Leon what she wrote down, Mathilda say's, "I've decided what to do with my life. I wanna be a cleaner".


As soon as Leon hears the words that Mathilda wrote down he becomes a little angry and stubborn. Leon say's, You wanna be a cleaner?, In a (So you think you can do what I do?) attitude.


Leon is a little annoyed at Mathilda and begins to hand over some of his weapons and ammunition. Leon passes over a Revolver and a large white box of bullets which he places on top of his brown suitcase as an offering to Mathilda. Leon say's, You wanna be a cleaner? Here, Take it.


Leon continues sarcastically, It's a goodbye gift. 


Leon nods his head to the left and say's, "Go Clean"


Leon is looking down in a mood, He suddenly looks back up and looks directly at Mathilda and say's sternly, "But not with me"


Leon continues, I work alone, Understand, Alone?.


Mathilda is trying very hard to persuade Leon so that he lets her stay, Mathilda say's, Bonnie and Clyde didn't work alone, Thelma and Louise didn't work alone. And they were the best.


Leon looks away as he sighs, Leon is trying his best to explain to Mathilda why he does not want her to stay with him, Leon looks down as he say's, Mathilda,...


Leon expresses his turmoil with his hands by bringing them into his chest, and say's Why are you doing this to me?, I've been nothing but nice to you. I even saved your life yesterday, right outside the door.


Mathilda replies, Right, so now you're responsible for it. If you saved my life, you must have saved it for a good reason. If you throw me out now, it's like you never opened the door.


Leon is a little shocked by Mathilda's response, Mathilda continues, Like you let me die right there in front of it.


Mathilda continues, But you did open it, Mathilda pauses briefly, so...


The sound score returns consisting of a low level flute, Leon listens carefully to Mathilda's words but is still unhappy with the situation, Leon say's softly, Mathilda and then looks down as she puts him on the spot.


Mathilda rests her head on her hands as she say's, If you don't help me I'll die tonight, I can feel it. Mathilda shakes her head negatively as she say's, But I don't want to die tonight.


Leon expresses his words in a way that Mathilda can come to terms with, Leon say's softly, Mathilda, Your just a little girl, so don't take it badly, but I don't think you could do it... I'm sorry.


Mathilda is trying her best to persuade Leon but it is not working too well, Suddenly Mathilda stands up and her mood has changed, Mathilda thinks she should try a different angle of approach to persuade Leon. Mathilda stares at Leon in a sultry kind of way for a brief few seconds.


Leon looks at Mathilda not to sure on what she has in mind.


Mathilda continues to stare at Leon but looks down momentarily and back up again at the weapon Leon gave her when he was in a sarcastic mood. Suddenly without warning Mathilda grabs the revolver with her right hand.


No sound score exists but motor vehicles can be heard from outside, At this moment in time Leon is not taking Mathilda too seriously when she grabs the gun. A clicking is heard as Mathilda grabs the weapon from the brown suitcase top.


Mathilda is annoyed from Leon's treatment, He considers her a little girl trying to compete in a mans world and Mathilda has to show Leon that she means business. Heavy wooden thuds are heard as Mathilda makes her way over to the open window. Leon's facial expressions have suddenly changes as he realizes Mathilda is about to do something completely out of character for a young girls mind set. Leon moves slightly to get a better view of Mathilda.


Mathilda arrives at the open window and without warning she fires the loaded weapon out and down into the busy street, A loud bang is heard as she unloads the first round, then second in quick succession.


Leon is surprised and is suffering a sudden burst of hyper tension as Mathilda fires from right to left, left to right and then repeats.


Huge bangs are generated each time Mathilda pulls the trigger, Mathilda fires another four bullets out of the window as loud sounds of smashing glass can be heard from the road below. Mathilda's actions can only make the situation worse now as Leon won't be able to stay in the apartment now that the general public have been alerted to firearm activity.


Leon continues to stare at Mathilda as she returns to the living room table.


Mathilda places the gun back down onto the brown suitcase as a thud is heard.


Fast paced and rhythmic Bongo drums now provide the sound score, Mathilda shows a face of (Are you impressed now) as she stares at the shocked Leon, Mathilda is silent for a few brief seconds then say's, How's that?.


Leon looks at Mathilda with surprise and shock on his face.

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