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Welding and cutting of metal can be heard as a circular piece of metal piping falls in on itself.

Bishop put's his hand in and pulls out the piece of metal.

Bishop say's, This conduit runs almost to the up link assembly... 180 meters. Say 40 minutes to crawl down there... 

As Bishop places his electronic equipment inside the tunnel Ripley say's "Right"

Bishop starts to climb into the pipe, He say's, An hour to patch in and align the antenna, 

He continues, Thirty minutes to prep the ship, 

And about 50 minutes flight time, It's gonna be close.

Vasquez picks up a pistol from her left hand side and carries out a quick chamber check before handing it to Bishop, Bishop looks at the weapon for a moment then passes it over to Ripley, I guess not needed.

Ripley say's Good Luck as Vasquez fits the circular metal back over the pipe, Bishop say's See you soon.

Bishops voice starts to echo as he say's Watch your fingers as Vasquez and Ripley fit the piece of metal back down into place.

Bishop turns onto his stomach and starts to shimmy his way down the narrow dark and long tunnel system. The sound of heavy breathing echoes around the pipe system as Bishop slowly inches his way along.

Vasquez say's, Vaya con Dios, man as she starts to weld the metal plate back down for a permanent finish.

The welder creates a loud electrical fizzing as it slowly melts the metal.

The sentry units are really working some overtime, A very loud noise is being generated as the powerful weapons continue there onslaught. Xenomorphs can be heard screeching and exploding as the bullets spray out.

Hicks's says as Ripley and Vasquez come running into the room, This is unbelievable in a fascinated way. He say's, Twenty meters and closing. Fifteen Hicks, say's. Ripley intervenes and say's, How many? as she looks at the display monitors, 

Hicks say's, Can't tell. LOTS!

Hicks say's, "D" guns' down 50%, 

The sentry units are very hot and smoke is bellishing from the metal joints and heavy duty barrels, The sound of xenomorphs screeching in pain echoes all around the corridor.

Hicks say's "C" gun's right behind it.

The bullets continue to explode out as aliens screech and disintegrate on impact.

Hudson say's Stoppin them, This it aint stopping them, 

Hicks say's, 150 rounds on "D", 

Hudson say's, Come on, Come on, baby. Come on!

Hicks say's, Hundred rounds.

Hudson say's, Come on! Come on!

Remote Sentry Weapon System "D" has started to beep and a CRITICAL thick Yellow square is flashing.

Hicks say's, "D" gun's down to 20.

Hicks say's, 10.

Hicks watches as the bullet counter goes to zero, He grabs his weapon and shouts, Damn it.

Ripley is fixed to the display monitors, She say's, Wait! Hicks stops and looks back, Ripley say's They're retreating.

The guns whine and smoke from left to right but all is quiet.

A low beeping sound can be heard, Ripley say's, The guns stopped them.

Hicks is quiet and hesitates before saying, You're right as he looks at the display monitors.

Hicks say's, Next time they walk right up and knock. Referring to there being NO more ammunitions in the corridors.

Ripley replies, Yeah, but they don't know that.

Ripley continues, They're probably looking for other ways to get in. That'll take 'em a while.

Hudson say's, Maybe we got 'em demoralized. Vasquez turns round and tell's Hudson to shut up.

Hicks looks at Hudson and Vasquez, He say's to them, I want you two walking perimeter. 

Hudson and Vasquez are silent, Hicks shouts "Move" as he raises his left hand.

Hicks says, Hey listen.

Hicks continues, We're all in strung out shape. But stay frosty and alert.

Hicks say's, We can't afford to let one of those bastards in here. 

Vasquez say's, All right,... Vamonos, as she softly hits Hudson on the left shoulder. 

Hicks say's, How long's it been since you got any sleep?

Hicks say's to Ripley as an absumption, Twenty four hours?, Ripley is looking slightly down but is not looking at Hicks, She replies quietly, Hicks, I'm not gonna end up like those others. You'll take care of it won't you?. She hesitates then looks up at Hicks in a meaningful way.

Hicks hesitates and then say's quietly, If it comes to that, I'll do us both.

Hicks say's, enthusiastically Listen, let's just make sure it doesn't come to that.

Hicks say's to Ripley in a reassuring way, All right?, Ripley smiles softly and replies quietly, All right as she looks down.

It is very quiet, Hicks say's, Hey, I want to introduce you to a personal friend of mine. Hicks lifts his weapon up to show Ripley.

Hicks continues, This is an M-41 A pulse rifle, 10 millimeter, with an over and under 30 millimeter...Hicks pumps the weapon and say's action,   grenade launcher.

Hicks passes the gun over to Ripley, He say's, Feel the weight. 

Ripley takes the weapon in her hands, She looks down and up then ponders for a moment, Ripley say's as she look up at Hicks, Okay, what do I do?

Bishop is still in the conduct and has maintained a constant speed and pace. It is very quiet in the pipe and only a very low level breeze is heard.

Hicks say's, Okay, pull it in tight here, Ripley replies, Right. Hicks say's Uh huh, Lean into it, Ripley say's, Mm-hmm. Hicks say's, All right, Now, it will clicks in.

All right, When the counter reads zero here, you...Ripley replies, I press this up? Hicks replies, That's right.

Ripley pulls a magazine from the bottom of the weapons magazine catch.

Hicks say's and get another one in quick, Slap it in hard. 

Ripley is learning well, She say's Right, Hicks replies, And you're ready to rock and roll.

Ripley has noticed something else of interest, She say's What's this?, Hicks replies cautiously, That's the grenade launcher.. I don't think you want to mess with that. 

Ripley turns to look at Hicks and say's, You started this, Show me everything.

Ripley say's, I can handle myself. Hicks is amused and say's Yeah, I noticed.

Ripley exits the operations room and comes out onto a corridor, The double electronic doors whine as they open up. Her feet tap as she walks along.

The medlab doors suddenly whirr open and Gorman appears. Ripley say's, How do you feel?, Gorman replies, All right, I guess, One hell of a hangover. Look Ripley, I just want... His words are cut short as Ripley replies sharply forget it. Excuse me Ripley say's to Gorman as she enters the room.

It is very quiet, Ripley presses the open button and the electronic doors whirr open with a sound not to dissimilar to Star Trek, They thud to a stop. The door closes behind with a whirr and a high pitched jet sound.

Ripley slowly walks over to the bed Newt is sleeping in but the bed is empty.

Ripley lifts the sheets back but there is no Newt.

Ripley turns her head all around, She is a little worried but also wonders where she might be.

Ripley then looks down towards the floor, She bends down to see a sleeping Newt who has hid under the bed.

Ripley puts her weapon on top of the mattress and then decides to climb down under the bed to give Newt some comfort and company.

Newt whimpers quietly as Ripley's presence disturbs her slightly. Ripley tries to comfort Newt, She say's Shh. shh, shh, shh, shh, It's Okay, It's Okay as she strokes Newt's hair and gives her a reassuring peck, Ripley then lies motionless.

Bishop has made it to the up link assembly point, A storm is building and there is frequent streaks of lightening. Bishop connects a thick cable from his portable terminal to the up link assembly network equipment. 

Bishop starts to programme commands into the device, 

A parabolic satellite dish starts to move around and then lock into place.

Bishop looks up then completes a few more strokes on the keyboard before he presses the White Enable button.

The drop ship support carrier suddenly comes alive and starts to slowly turn the second drop ship around.

Bishop continues to programme the portable terminal and after several more key presses he presses the Enable button for a second time.

The drop ship starts to move forward and the engines increase in volume as the ship prepares to leave the Sulaco from the airlock doors.

Ripley and Newt are sleeping when Ripley suddenly awakes.

Ripley looks at her watch to see what time it is.

Ripley settles back down but starts to look out onto the floor of the medlab.

She notices that some medical lab plastic flasks have fallen onto the floor.

Ripley looks out and can see that some flasks have been knocked onto the floor. One of the flasks is rocking slightly and Ripley realizes that this has just happened.

Ripley starts to alert Newt that something is not right, She whispers, Newt, Newt, wake up.

Newt awakens and say's Wha but her words are cut short as Ripley say's, Be quiet.

Ripley say's to Newt, We're in trouble.

Ripley reaches her hand up on to the top of the bed.

Ripley looks around to see what she can see,

Suddenly a face hugger strikes leaping from a side table straight onto Ripley.

The face hugger misses Ripley as she ducts back down under the bed, She screams ughh as the face hugger tries to attach to her. 

Newt screams loudly.

Ripley shouts Move, Newt! as the face hugger continues it's attack, A sound of whipping tails is heard.

Newt has escaped a little from the bed and is on her feet, Ripley manages to get out from under the bed and as soon as she does she picks the bed up by it's frame and throws it back upside down.

The bed frame clatters as it goes over, This gives Ripley and Newt a small amount of time to decide what to do next.

Newt and Ripley run to the exit doorway and Ripley presses the open button but nothing is happening.

The organism escapes from the bed and scatters across the floor.

Ripley is still frantically pressing the open button to the door. 

Both Newt and Ripley try to push open the exit door. They can be heard straining and pushing with all there might.

Both Ripley and Newt start to bang on the extra tough and sound proof glass window. They shout, Hey! Hey! to try and attract some attention.

From outside of the room not a sound is heard as the glass panels are completely sound proof and there efforts are in vain. Newt shouts Help! but her voice can not be heard.

Ripley notices her weapon has been placed on a table outside of the room, Earlier she had left it on top of the bed. Now she has realized that someone is responsible for this situation.

Newt frantically taps on the glass, She shouts, Help! Help! as loud as she can.

Somebody help Newt shouts, Ripley starts to wave with her hands, She shouts Hicks into the camera to try and attract someone's attention.

There is no sound on the monitor display system only an image of a frantic Ripley, Hicks can be heard talking, He say's, Say again, Bishop, You've got it into auto-refuel mode, and it's sequencing right?.

Bishop replies on the radio, That's right. Hicks replies, Okay good, Stay on it.

Bishop replies, I'm clearing the craft?, Hicks say's Get back to me when you've activated the launch cycle. Burke is watching Ripley on the monitor but does nothing except turn off the display.

Bishop replies, Roger!, Hicks say's to Gorman and Burke, He's at the up link tower.

Gorman replies, Good, and Burke say's Terrific.

Ripley is frantically screaming and shouting at the camera lens,  Ripley shouts, Hicks! Hicks! Hicks!, Newt shouts, Help!

Hicks Help us Ripley shouts as she waves frantically, Newt shouts Help! Help! to no avail.

Newt starts to bang the glass over and over and shouts to Ripley, Break the glass! Break it, Break it. Ripley listens to Newts words and say's Yes, I'll try as she comes over to Newt.

Ripley picks up a metal chair that is lying close to the window, She swings with all her might at the window but the chair just bounces back.

She swings again but the chair still just bounces back, There is a silent wobble of the window as the chair hits it hard but no sound is made from outside of the room.

Ripley tries for a third time and makes a loud ughh sound as she tries giving her best shot, Incredibly the glass does not break even after three strikes. Only small abrasions can be seen in the glass from the metal chair. Ripley gives up on this idea and slams the chair to the ground knocking some plastic medical equipment to the floor as she does.

A scurrying can be heard but the alien organism can not be seen.

A clinking is then heard as quite clearly the face hugger is very close.

All is quiet except for the odd noise of medical equipment, Newt say's, Ripley, I'm scared.

Ripley say's to Newt in a loud whisper, Me too.

Ripley is looking around and then say's to Newt in a whisper, Stay here.

Ripley takes a few steps and then pulls out her gas filled lighter from her right side pocket. She reaches up towards a sprinkler system heat detector.

Ripley holds the flame for a few seconds under the heat sensor.

Suddenly the sprinkler system leaps into life, Water starts to spray down all over the room as an alarm siren rings out. The lights turn off and are replaced by some emergency red lamps instead.

Gorman say's, It's the medlab, Hicks shouts, Hudson, Vasquez, meet me in medlab. We got a fire.

Hudson over the radio replies, We're on our way, Hicks grabs a small fire extinguisher from the wall as he runs down the corridor towards the medlab.

Ripley say's, They're coming Newt in a sad tone of voice.

The sprinkler system is raining heavily on a soaked through Newt and Ripley, Ripley looks all around to see if she can spot the face hugger.

Suddenly from no where the organism strikes leaping from the circular metallic roof of a microscopic patient study area.

Ripley knocks a metal table over as she falls backwards from the shock and fright of the alien creatures attack.

Newt screams as Ripley fights with the face hugger, 

Ripley manages to pull the alien off and throws it across the room, A wet thud is heard as the organism hits the wall. A whipping sound is heard as the face hugger continues it's attack.

Ripley crawls backwards pushing tables and cabinets down as she desperately tries to escape from the organism.

Medical equipment can be heard falling onto the floor, Suddenly the face hugger strikes for the third time, It skitters and jumps over a fallen chair straight onto Ripley.

The face hugger wraps its long tail around Ripley's throat as it's long fingers try to attach to Ripley's face.Ripley gasps for air as the organism tightens its grip.

Newt is panic stricken watching Ripley suffering as she fights with the face hugger, Newt screams out loudly and continously.

Another face hugger is on the loose, Newt spots the organism on a table close to her, She suddenly pushes the table as hard as she can to try and trap the aliens tail behind so that it can't get to her.

Hicks has arrived at the medlab window, He can see what is happening inside the room, He shouts to Hudson to shoot it out, Hudson fires his weapon at the window as Hicks dives through head first.

Hicks dives through the window head first as glass flies in all directions, 

An almighty crashing and smashing sound is generated as Hicks comes through the window.

Hudson Gorman and Vasquez follow in through the broken window, 

Newt shouts, Hudson!, She is struggling with the alien hugger. Hudson shouts, Jesus!.

Hicks runs straight over to Ripley, He tries to pull the alien organism off Ripley but the alien is very strong and wont let go without a fight.Ripley is gasping for air and is suffering immensely.

Hudson shouts, Christ kid look out! as he guides Newt to an arms safe distance, 

Hudson unloads his weapon at the face hugger that has it's tail stuck behind the medical table, A loud noise is heard as the face hugger is shot to pieces.

Vasquez Gorman and Hicks are all trying to release the face hugger from Ripleys throat, 

Hudson releases another round of bullets to ensure the face hugger is dead., Hudson shouts, Fucking die!

Ripley starts to gasp really loudly, She is cupping for air and her mouth is wide open.

Hicks manages to pull the tail off from around Ripley's neck, Gorman helps Hicks and both have there hands on it, 

Hicks shouts, Over there! Vasquez shouts Yeah, Hicks shouts Ready? to indicate to Vasquez that he and Gorman are about to throw the alien across the room. Vasquez shouts Yeah!.

Hicks shouts loudly, Now! as he throws it as hard as he can across the room, The alien hits the back wall.

Vasquez fires her weapon at the alien and it is blasted to pieces.

Ripley is breathing heavily after being choked for some time, Hicks shouts, Hudson?, Hudson replies, Yeah, All clear.

Newt runs over to Ripley for support, Hudson say's Nailed the other one, It's history man.

Ripley is breathing fast and loud, She coughs and is out of breath, Hicks say's, Jesus, 

Ripley tries to get her breath back and then say's, Burke, Ripley coughs and then say's, It was Burke.

Hudson sticks his weapon to Burke's right cheek, And say's angrily, I say we grease this rat fuck son of a bitch right now.

Hicks replies, Just doesn't make any goddamn sense, 

Ripley replies, He figured that he could get an alien back through quarantine... If one of us was impregnated.

Ripley say's, ... Whatever you call it. And then frozen for the trip home.

Nobody would know about the embryos we were carrying, .. Me and Newt.

Hicks say's, slightly unconvinced, Wait a minute, now, We'd all know.

Ripley continues, Yes, The only way he could do it.. Is if he sabotaged certain freezers on the way home, Ripley turns to look at the survivors and say's, Namely yours. Ripley say's, Then he could jettison the bodies and make up any story he liked.

Hudson replies in a pissed and angry way, Fuck! He's dead, You're dog meat, pal.

Burke replies trying to sound innocent, He say's, This is so nuts. I mean.. Listen.. Listen to what you're saying, 

Burke tries to turn the tables, He say's, It's paranoid delusion, It's really sad,

Burke hesitates and then say's, It's pathetic.

Ripley replies, You know, Burke, I don't know which species is worse, You don't see them fucking each other over for a goddamn percentage.

Hicks replies, All right, We waste him, 

Hicks grabs Burke by the collars and say's angrily, No Offense!.

Ripley shouts out, No! He's gotta go back... Her words are cut short.

Suddenly all goes dark and an emergency red light system comes on in it's place.  

Ripley whispers, They cut the power. Hudson replies, What do you mean, they cut the power? 

Hudson say's in an agitated and confused way, How could they cut the power, man? They're animals.

Hicks say's to Hudson and Vasquez, I want you two with trackers, checking the corridors!, Hicks shouts Move!

Ripley shouts, Gorman, watch Burke! Gorman replies, I got him!.

Ripley shouts, Newt, stay close.

Hudson and Vasquez come out of the side door into a corridor, They look both ways and then Hudson say's, I'll go this side, Vasquez replies, You do that, Man.

The tracker starts to click as Vasquez follows it's movements.

It is very quiet and only the sound of metal tapping as the soldiers make steps is heard, The trackers continue to click.

Ripley speaks to Hudson through the headset, She say's, Anything?, Hudson replies, There's something.

The motion tracker has started to beep, Hudson say's It's inside the complex in a panicking way.

Vasquez replies, You're just reading me.

Hudson turns round rapidly, He say's No, no, it ain't you.

Hudson is fixed to the motion scanner, He say's, They're inside...inside the perimeter, They're in here. Hudson is getting flustered.

Ripley responds over the headset, She say's, Hudson, stay cool! Vasquez?, Vasquez does not answer.

Vasquez is looking hard at her motion scanner, After a few moments she looks up and say's, Hudson may be right.

Ripley is preparing her weapon, She shouts over the headset to Hudson and Vasquez, Get back, both of you! 

Hudson replies, The signals weird, He shakes his motion tracker and say's, Must be some interference or something. Hudson turns his head and shouts, There's movement all over the place!

Hicks replies, Get back to Operations, Hicks turns his head and say's to Ripley "It's game time".

Ripley calls for Newt as Hicks and Ripley head off towards the steel door that leads to the corridor.

Ripley shouts, Seal the door, Hurry!

Ripley shouts, Seal the door, Hicks and Ripley both say Hurry!, Come on! come on! get back Hicks shouts as Vasquez and Hudson rapidly step through the open doorway.

Hicks shouts, Work fast to Vasquez, Both he and Vasquez start to weld the door closed, A loud fizzing and electrical crackling is heard.

Ripley say's to Newt, Cover your eyes Newt, Don't look at the light.

Hudson say's, Movement, as he steps backwards, Signals Clean.

Hudson say's, Range 20 meters. Ripley say's, They found a way in, something we missed.

Hicks replies, We didn't miss anything.

Hudson is transfixed on his motion tracker, He shouts out, Eighteen then hesitates.

Hudson continues, Seventeen meters, Ripley looks at her motion scanner and say's, Something under the floor, not in the plans. I don't know she say's completely confused.

Hudson shouts, Fifteen meters. Newt looks up at Ripley and say's in a worried voice, Ripley!.

Hicks shouts, Definitely inside the barricades, 

Newt grabs Ripley by the hand and say's in an anxious voice, Let's go!

The scanner is displaying Thirteen meters, Hudson shouts, Thirteen meters, Ripley replies in an urgent tone, That's right outside the door. Hicks, Vasquez, get back! 

Hudson say's, Man, this is a big fucking signal as he steps furthur back.

Hicks say's, How you doing, Vasquez? Talk to me,

Vasquez replies, Almost there.

Vasquez say's, "That's it" as the final inches of the door are welded tightly shut.

Hicks and Vasquez finish welding and rapidly step back from the door, Hudson shouts, Twelve meters, Eleven. Ten, 

Vasquez shouts, Then they're right on us as she steps back ready to fire her weapon.

Hudson shouts, Nine Meters, 

Hicks say's Remember... short, controlled bursts.

Hudson say's, Eight meters, 

Hudson looks back down then back up again at his motion scanner and say's "Seven" in a worried tone of voice.

Hudson looks back down and say's "Six", 

Ripley replies in a perplexed way, That can't be, That's inside the room.

Hudson starts to get annoyed and angry, He fires back at Ripley and everyone else, It's reading right man, Look!

Hicks turns his head and say's, We'll you're not reading it right.

Ripley is getting agitated and harshly moves her weapon out of the way to look at her motion tracker.

Hudson shouts, Five meters man.

Hudson continues, Four, What the Hell? completely confused.

Ripley is looking at her beeping motion scanner, Suddenly she slowly  raises her head to look up at the ceiling.

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