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Golem say's, Well if it isn't the great Ogre.

Golem continues as Ogre steps down from the ledge, Golem say's, This really is a surprise.

Ice looks at Anne but does not say a word.

Anne say's to Ice, Foiled at the last minute.. How could you think you'd get away with it?

The Ogre slowly walks over to Golem boss of the Zombies.

A loud sound of footsteps is heard as the Ogre walks on over.

Golem say's, Well Ogre? What makes you leave your Kingdom... To honor us with this visit?

Ogre replies, I was merely making a tour! To see if my subjects were still loyal to there King.

Golem say's with dubious doubt, By the way of the sewers?

Golem continues, There should be no doubt man, about my loyalty. 

Ogre replies, I'm not so sure?

Ogre points over at Anne and say's to Golem, Who's That!

Ogre continues, Why is she chained up like that?

Golem replies, Respect for the King!

Doesn't mean I have to tell you my business.

Golem is starting to get a little angry, He shouts out loudly, You hear that men?.... You hear that men?

The Zombie gang start to skate over to Golem and the Ogre, They spread out into a circle disallowing anyone from leaving.The sound of roller skates and a humming as the skates brake can be heard as the Zombies skate into position.

Golem say's, The great Ogre doesn't trust us?

Golem continues, Look... Your surrounded by your loyal subjects

Ogre looks around slightly then say's, That's true Golem....

Ogre continues, But they are there...

And you are here... in front of me

Golem is infuriated with the Ogres words and becomes extremly angry.

Suddenly Golem takes a swing at the Ogre, Ogre ducks missing the attack.

Weapons chink as they make contact.

The Ogre swings his right leg out and kicks Golem in his left side thigh.

The Ogre gets a good solid whack in to Golems face.

Ogre gets a solid punch on the chin of Golem.

Golem gets a great punch onto the Ogre.

The Ogre gets another superb punch on to the cheeks of Golem.

Golem gets a great punch onto the Ogre.

The Ogre's martial arts skills are coming into play. 

For a moment neither Big Boss is making contact they are just summing each other up.

Golem swings his entire body 360 degree's

Golem gets a solid punch onto the left side of Ogres face.

Golem takes a swing with his weapon but misses the Ogre.

As Golem turns his back Ogre punches him.

Golem gets a lucky punch on to the Ogre as Anne looks on.

Golem wants to kill the Ogre and has changed tactics. Golem pulls a knive that was hidden inside his right boot.

Golem goes for Ogre but Ogre manages to get behind Golom.

Ogre grabs Golom by the scuff of his neck and pushes him through a glass window. Goloms height has worked against him here.

Ice witnesses Golom going through the glass window and runs off somewhere.

Ogre pushes Goloms blade into his back and as he does so he rams his hand into the other creating more force. This pressure sends the blade deeper into Golom ultimately killing him.

The Ogre pushes the blade again making sure that Golom dies from his injuries.

Golom screams out in pain and whines as he falls back and onto the floor.

Two gang members wearing red leotards grab Ogre from behind. Ogre performs a backwards punch smashing his fist into the left side gang member.

Trash has entered the Zombie training arena, A zombie goes flying into a wall.

Trash turns to strike another.

Trash whacks the Zombie twice in the head with his weapon.

A Zombie swings a low strike to Witch, Witch's athletic abilities are quite clear here as she jumps up high and over the Zombies weapon.She dodges the attack and strikes the Zombie down. Witch turns and strikes another Zombie.

Ice is trying to make an escape, Some legs appear in the distance. Ice walks over to Hotdog. Hotdog say's to Ice, Is the General leaving the field of battle just before the fun starts?

Hotdog nods over to signal that Trash is over there fighting and Ice is a chicken shit. 

Ice also looks behind and contemplates his traitor status.

Hotdog say's, Trash ain't gonna like that.

Trash gets a good whack onto a Zombies head.A metal sound is heard as the weapon makes contact.

Trash ducks then strikes another Zombie with his weapon.

Ice say's to Hotdog, Are you threatening me peg leg? Hotdog replies, Yep I'm threatening you!. Ice and Hotdog despise each other with a vengence.

Hotdog continues, Cause you messed everything up... I won't get any money or nothing.

Fighting and clinking of weapons can still be heard as Trash tries to free Anne from the chains that bind her. Trash uses his weapon to force the chains off.

Trash uses his weapon again and the chain flies off as it makes a chinking sound.

Ice pulls out his pistol which Ironically Hotdog had given to him earlier on. Ice say's For once your right!

Ice gives off a little but menacing smile as he stands silent pointing the pistol to Hotdog's head.

Suddenly Ice pulls the trigger and a loud bang is generated. 

Hotdog grimaces at the shock and surprise.

Trash and Anne also take notice of the loud bang.

Anne turns to Trash and say's Ice!

Ogre shouts out, Trash, Check it out! I'll take care of this.

Hotdog looks up at Ice and say's, Are you through? 

Ice looks at the pistol and ponders for a moment why the gun never killed Hotdog. Obviously the gun was loaded with blank bullets, No one trusts no one and Hammer knows best.

Ice looks at Hotdog with an evil grin, He looks at the gun and say's "Nope" as he throws the gun away.

Ice drops the useless gun on to the floor.

In a sick twist of fate Ice activates a hidden blade that pops out at speed from his right shoe.

With almighty force Ice kicks Hotdog in the stomach with his shoe.

Hotdog sounds out a loud groan and a squidgy sound is heard as the blade enters and leaves Hotdog's body.

Hotdog holds his wound with both hands as blood pours from the deep cut.

Ice looks on very satisfied.

The blade makes a metal sound as it returns back to inside Ice's shoe, 

Hotdog looks at Ice as he falls to the floor dead.

Ogre deflects a high kick from a Zombie boxer, Ogre spins round anti clockwise and strikes the Zombie in the head. 

Ogre high kicks another Zombie.

A zombie boxer high kicks at Ogre, Ogre blocks then strikes him down with a hand strike to the back of the neck.

Witch high kicks a Zombie and he goes down, 

Witch turns to her right to face another Zombie, A whipping sound is heard as she spins her whip around knocking the Zombie out cold.

Witch misses another attack as she grabs a third Zombie from around the neck.

Trash and Anne have gone to investigate the loud bang they heard just minutes earlier. 

Trash shouts out, Ice! Ice! I know your here! Come out!

Suddenly Ice appears from a distance and approaches Trash and Anne. Ice puts his hands up and say's Hey, You got it all wrong!

Ice say's, I'm ashamed of you, Man, Are you really gonna listen to what this twat has to say?, Anne snaps back shocked and surprised at Ice's rude comments. Anne say's Wait a minute!

Ice continues with his play on Trash, Ice say's, You ain't kidding,  What does she know with her fancy dresses with her cocktail parties, this rich bitch from Manhattan.

Ice continues, You and me were like brothers, 

Ice stoops down to emphasize his point, Ice say's We come from the gutter... the real gutter.

Trash replies unconvinced, Trash say's, "You talk to much Ice". Ice continues, I bet she told you I made a deal with Golem ahh, And made a deal with Hammer!

Ice continues, All that crap! 

Ice continues, But what you don't know is... I did it for you!

Ice say's, You wanna be a leader then be realistic.

Ice say's, It's the only way there's no idealism left in this fuckin' world.

Ice turns his back to Trash and puts his hands up in the air to signal his disappointment. Ice say's, But what do I know? What do you know?

Ice rests his hands onto a metal drum, The drum makes a metal sound as he looks down.

Ice continues, We're just a couple of do gooders in a world that doesn't know nothing!.

Ice suddenly turns around and tries to strike Trash with a large plank of wood.

Trash ducks to avoid the blow, He scuffles with Ice and sends him flying into a pile of wooden beams and metal drums.

Ice recovers and stands up,

Ice attacks Trash again with a wooden plank.

Ice misses and goes flying into an old wardrobe head first.

Ice is on his back and holds the plank up with both hands as he tries to stop Trash from striking down upon him with his metal baton. Ice kicks Trash in the back and Trash turns in pain.

Ice strikes again and a clinking is heard as the weapons make contact.

Ice manages to loosen Trash's grip on his weapon, It flies out of Trash's hand and lands feet away sticking up at an angle.

Ice takes another swing but Trash ducts just in time. Trash smashes Ice in the head, Ice lets out a loud shriek as he receives Trash's fist.

Trash places both of his hands onto Ice's face, Trash then knees Ice in the face.

Unfortunately the force of Trash's blow makes Ice lose his balance, Ice screams out loudly as he falls down a deep hole head first. Luck is definitely not on Ice's side. Ice lands heavily onto Trashes metal baton that had flown out of Trash's hand just a few moments earlier. The baton impales Ice severley and he groans and splutters with pain. Broken glass is heard as Ice hits the deck.

Trash and Anne look down at Ice completely emotionless, Ice holds his left hand over his wound, He groans and breathes out heavily as he lays dying. Suddenly Ice turns his head to one side and he goes quiet.

The scene changes back to Ogres mansion. Gang members are quietly listening to a piano that is playing in the background.

Everyone has made it back to Ogres mansion from Zombie territory. Quite clearly the Zombies or nearly all were given a severe beating and lesson.

Anne is an accomplished pianist and is playing a very moving and technical piece, Everyone is enjoying Anne's playing especially the Ogre. Anne seems happy and in good spirits.

Ogre say's to Anne as she plays, So... Your the rich chick who's gonna inherit the Manhattan Corporation?

Anne replies, Why? Is it a sin?.

Ogre replies, A sin?... Ogre is tickled, Ha Ha Ha

Ogre continues, Hardly... Baby I think it's fantastic.

A helicopter is heard over head, A male voice is heard over a speaker system, Attention all units... Attention all units.

An operations supervisor is giving out information over a radio system, He say's This is a command post Zebra... Command post Zebra. Commence operation... "Burnt Earth"

The operations supervisor continues, This is command post Zebra... Do you read me? Over..

Bumblebee replies to the transmission, He say's Command post Zebra... This is Bumblebee, Commencing phase one, Commencing phase one!

Suddenly the back of a silver reinforced van opens and special vigilante members dressed in black uniforms and carrying flame thrower units step out, Something big is going down.

The pilot of the helicopter say's over his radio system, There's still no sign of a fire fight...

The operations supervisor speaks through his radio mic, He say's Hush Hush calling Hammer, Answer please.

An electrical whirring sound can be heard, Hammer say's, Tell them I'm on my way!.

Hammer picks up his police hat and walks past Fisher, Fisher say's with a very serious tone of voice, Hammer... I don't want any evidence or witnesses left behind. Hammer nods negatively slightly and turns to look at Fisher, Hammer say's Ashes!, He turns away and say's,, Just Ashes. 

Anne is still playing the piano, Ogre signals to Trash and say's, Trash... Just think, You could become a member of the board of the worlds largest corporation. You! The baddest...Dumbest and poorest mother in the Bronx. 

A helicopter flies low and close to Ogres mansion, Squad members are seen closing in on the building.

Vigilante squad members are arriving on Horseback

A squad member fires a spear gun high up into the roof of the mansion.

A funky tune plays out, The squad member climbs the attached rope.

Many many squad members on horseback are galloping and will be surrounding the mansion anytime soon.

Another squad member fires his spear gun, He also will be climbing up the attached rope.

Hammer is preceding over the operation, He speaks into his radio and say's, Start next phase.

Anne is still playing the Piano, Trash say's to Ogre, Look, Whatever you got in mind... Forget it.

Ogre replies, Really... That's to bad. Ogre continues, Really... That's to bad. Ogre pulls his sharp cane from his holder and it makes a grinding metal sound. Ogre say's Because I prepared a surprise for you Trash..

Hammer signals to the vigilante squad horse riders with his hand, 

The helicopter is making a lot of noise and there are many horse riding squad members on approach.

There is laughter and happy voices as a New York City Skyscraper cake is brought out by two Tiger gang members.

A male voice is heard saying, Yeah all right as he see's the large cake. Wow, woo hoo can be heard, Alright man someone say's totally impressed.  

Anne is very impressed, She holds her hands together in excitement and say's out loud, "Wonderful"

Vigilante Squad members have entered the mansion and are carrying machine guns, The Tiger gang are still oblivious to the approaching men.

Looking good baby and alright is heard as the Tiger gang enjoy there surprise party, It is Anne's birthday and now a special occasion. The Ogre say's to Anne, Actually the surprise is for you Anne!.

Squad members with flame thrower packs on there back have now entered the mansion. The sound of happy people is heard in the background.

The atmosphere is tense from outside but inside everyone is happy and in a good mood, Anne is very happy and receive's a kiss on the cheek from the Ogre.

Everyone starts to sing Happy birthday!, Happy Birthday to you... Happy Birthday to you..

Happy Birthday Dear Anne... Happy Birthday To You! Anne stoops down and blows out her birthday candles. Everyone claps and cheers, Hooray Hooray everyone shouts out.

Clapping and happy voices continue as Hammer appears from the top of the circular hole in the ceiling. He shouts down, Let the enemy have no survivors this day. All goes quiet and no one is saying anything. Ogre looks up and see's Hammer. Hammer shouts, Horsemen! Horsemen! as he raises his hand up like a Nazi salute.

Ogre shouts out and waves his hands, He say's First spread out take cover!

People have changed from being happy too one of fear and panic. Gang members start to run in all directions Pandemonium is ensured.

Hammer lifts both arms up with fingers out stretched, He shouts out loudly, Charge!.... The word is shouted long and will make the vigilante squad members go into overdrive.

Suddenly the squad members start to expel there flame throwers at the escaping people. An air sound is heard as large plumes of hot yellow and Orange fire eject from there units. The squad members burn everything in sight including metal drums and other items.

Ogre shouts out, That Bastard Hammer!, 

Bullets can be heard discharging, The evil Vigilante squad horsemen close in on two innocent bystanders, They instantly expel there flame throwers and burn the victims. A loud screaming is heard as the hot flames burn and disfigure the couple.

A whipping sound is heard as Witch attacks a horsemen, The horsemen tussles with the whip momentarily before being pulled from his horse.

More shots can be heard as people try and escape the inferno.

Another horsemen burns the same couple again.

Ogre shouts out, Everyone take shelter!

Ogre shouts, Snake take out the guns and pass out the weapons!

Ogre points over to Hippo and say's, Hippo close the gate.

Hammer is clearly enjoying the show and gives out a giant laugh as he watches people getting burnt and shot.

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