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Rhoda taps on the inner door but there is still no answer, Rhoda decides to let herself in anyway as the door is unlocked.


Rhoda pushes the door lightly and it opens to reveal the interior of the house. Rhoda stares in and can see Mr Burroughs asleep on the sofa. A light synthesizer chord plays as Rhoda decides to disturb Mr Burroughs or not.


Mr Burroughs is sleeping on the couch, A virtually empty liquor bottle is present on the table including a tub of pills.


Rhoda quietly steps into the house. 


Rhoda silently walks on over to the table and inspects the empty liquor bottle, She picks up the cylindrical glass container and raises it to her nose to check to see if Mr Burroughs has been drinking.


Rhoda takes an empty cup and the liquor bottle in hand and slowly makes her way into the darkened kitchen to start her days cleaning.


Rhoda carries a box of items up the stairs for safe storage. This box contains parts to a telescope which Rhoda has suddenly become interested in. Mr Burroughs is asleep and Rhoda is using the time to check out the telescope.


Rhoda reaches the very highest part of the house (The Attic) and walks through a curtain into a rundown attic space. Cladding and beams are exposed and a lot of work is needed but it is functional and does not leak.


Rhoda starts to investigate this new space as she pulls out the parts of the telescope from the cardboard box. Rhoda has found the eye piece or view finder that attaches to the body.


Rhoda Hmm's under her breath as she finds the eye piece and puts it to her right eye. Rhoda likes what she see's and decides to continue building the telescope.


Rhoda pulls out the large and bulky tripod stand from the box, Hopefully all the parts are present. A loud clinking sound is heard as Rhoda sets down the heavy stand.


Rhoda does have some experience with telescopes as she has her own at home, Rhoda continues to make progress with the telescope as she adjusts the Motion Screws Counterweight and Equatorial mount that will support the Telescope tube.


Rhoda screws in the view finder to the front of the Telescope tube.


Mr Burroughs has awoke from his slumber and has come upstairs to the attic space, He watches Rhoda silently as she connects and adjusts the parts of the telescope.


The telescope squeaks as Rhoda gently swings it from side to side in satisfaction of putting it together. Rhoda caresses the steel and parts as she accepts the craftsmanship and beauty of the device.

Mr Burroughs is content with what he has seen, He does not mind now Rhoda touching his property, In a way she is helping him to get back on his feet and to show more interest in things just like before the accident. Mr Burroughs watches for a few moments more then slips away as Rhoda continues to marvel at the telescope still unaware that Mr Burroughs had been watching her.


Rhoda has returned to West Haven High to carry out her real job. A simple guitar plays out mixed with a loud rumbling sound.


Rhoda sets down a Wet Floor warning sign as she goes about her tasks for the day. A plastic thump sound is heard as Rhoda places the sign onto the slippery floors surface.


Rhoda has just entered the school and has not fully started work at this point, She starts to read some information from the schools high board as she has a little time to waste.


Rhoda turns her head to look at Purdeep who is slowly making his way down the corridor. A light tapping is heard as Purdeep walks slowly towards Rhoda.


As Purdeep slowly walks along the corridor he taps the end of his cleaning brush in rhythm with his feet which produces a tap tap sound.


Rhoda watches silently as Purdeep makes his way towards her.


Purdeep is showing signs of unhappiness and tiredness, He moves along in a Zombie like fashion indicating he may need a rest from the job. Rhoda notices Purdeep's movements and is feeling a little sorry for him. Rhoda really likes Purdeep as he is like a grand father to her.


Jeff Robert and Kim are sat at home on the sofa watching television, A female voice can be heard saying, This is Dr. Joan Tallis of SETI, the United States, planet Earth, Do you read me?, Rhoda is making her way in from outside after finishing her days cleaning. A low level rumbling synthesizer sound is heard mixed with twangs of a guitar.


Rhoda enters the house as she instantly starts to watch the television, Something very interesting is being broadcast and everyone is glued to the screen. The glass door makes a low level snapping sound as it closes too, Kim jumps on over to Jim's side as she gets settled in for the excitement on the TV screen, as Jim looks around to see Rhoda staring at the television. Kim is eating some snack food and this is prime time television since Earth Two appeared in the sky.
The female voice is heard again from the TV set, This is Dr, Joan Tallis of SETI, 


the United States planet Earth. Do you read me?, Rhoda is silent as she slowly sits down on the corner of the sofa to listen to the Doctors words as she tries to make contact with Earth Two.


Is anyone out there? 


Rhoda turns her head to look at her family who are all completely engrossed in the images and sounds from the TV screen. The Doctors voice is heard again, Let's try another channel.


I repeat... 


This is Dr, Joan Tallis of SETI, the United States planet Earth.


Suddenly a distorted intermittent female voice is heard from Earth Two. The voice say's, WHERE-YOU. The sound causes Dr Tallis to turn away from the microphone in a state of mild shock and discovery.


The distorted voice returns and say's "We Read You".


Clear, Jeff is awestruck by the voice.

The voice appears slightly clearer as "Copy" is heard. Dr Tallis is extremely excited by the voice and say's "Verified?" as she looks on over for her science colleagues expert alien communication verification signal. The alien expert nods positively to Dr Tallis to indicate that the voice is genuine and originates from Earth Two. Dr Joan Tallis turns back round to the microphone in an extremely excited manner.

Kim is completely engrossed in the communication from Earth Two along with billions of other people around the world.


The doctor repeats her words for the third time, This is Dr. Joan Tallis of SETI,


Is someone there? Do you read me? 

Suddenly the female voice from Earth Two responds with a very clear sound, The sound is exactly the same tone and pitch as Dr Joan Tallis's voice, This is Dr Joan Tallis's true doppelganger and double speaking back to her from Earth Two an incredible moment. "This is Dr Joan T-Tallis" is heard. 


Suddenly a high pitched sound is heard as Dr Joan Tallis say's, We're getting feedback. Earth two responds again, Hello? Hello?, Dr Joan Tallis is momentarily silent as Earth Two responds. The alien communications officer works hard to try and eliminate the feedback.


Suddenly the female Earth Two voice comes over the loudspeaker clear and loud, "My name is Joan Tallis" 


This amazing live contact has got Jeff very excited, He say's, Whoa! No way! Dude! as a large smile appears on his face. The Earth Two voice continues, I am the director of SETI.


In Mountain View California.


When were you born? Dr Joan Tallis from Earth replies.


The Williams family are totally engrossed.


May 7th, 1954


"When were you born?" the Earth Two voice requests.


Dr Joan Tallis from United States Earth moves closer to the microphone as she responds excitedly with "May 7th, 1954. Mount Pleasant, New York. The voice from Earth Two replies, "Robinson Hope Hospital"


Dr Joan Tallis from United States Earth continues, She say's, I took a trip to Cape Canaveral when I was a kid. 


Did you? The voice from Earth Two replies, Yes, I was 11.


Dr Joan Tallis from Earth One starts to write some words down on a piece of paper, Dr Joan Tallis from Earth One say's, What did you buy at the gift store? The Earth Two voice responds, Space Food, I thought I would be going into space. Dr Joan Tallis from Earth One is getting emotional as she listens to her doppelganger from Earth Two.


Earth Two continues, I bought these astro strawberries... 


Dr Joan Tallis from Earth One then holds up the writing pad to show the viewers what she had written down.  She has written the near exact words that the voice from Earth Two had replied with, "Space Strawberries". This indicates that people from Earth Two are a near replication of Earth One, They may have slightly different personalities and thoughts but are 98% a copy of Earth One.


Rhoda is silent and a little dumbfounded as she watches Dr Joan Tallis hold up the notepad,


Kim say's with shock and confusion "What?" Robert replies "Oh Come On" as Jeff responds excitedly and say's, No Way Dude! He points his finger at the screen and repeats ecstatically, No Way! 

Kim replies to the room as she looks at Rhoda pointing her finger also at the screen,  What does that- What does that mean? she say's. Robert tries to explain he say's, It's-It's- Listen. Kim replies again, What does that mean. I don't understand what that means?. Robert replies, Kimberly, It's just an elaborate hoax. Even with Earth Two in the nights sky Robert still can not believe there is a replication of Earth, It will take time for people to accept this new discovery.

Rhoda silently exits the room as the rest of the family argue and confer over the television programme. Kim is heard saying, There has to be a... her words are cut short as Robert say's loudly, There has to be an explanation. Jeff shouts out loudly "We are all gonna die" in a sarcastic way. Kim is heard shouting out to Rhoda as she makes her way out, Wait Wait Kim shouts as Rhoda disappears from view. 

Rhoda has a strong impulse to walk outside after watching the TV programme, She is thinking that there is another Rhoda up in the sky on Earth Two and is compelled to look up at the replicant planet. She leaves the house without closing the door in a trance like state.


Rhoda's feet are heard as she steps down the wooden stair well, A high pitched violin is playing along with a low level synthesizer chord. Noises from the family still sat down can be heard as Rhoda investigates the night sky. 


Rhoda stands motionless as she peers up at the dark blackness of night.


Other noises from a small crowd of people that have accumulated outside can now be heard as the violin continues it's high pitched screeching melody. Rhoda is fascinated by Earth Two's presence as she stares up at the brightly lit oddity.


Rhoda's concentration is momentarily broken as she looks back down and across the street and all around.


Rhoda turns to face her house as she once again looks up at the night sky.


The camera slowly pans up to reveal Earth Two and the moon in a virtually full phase position. Rhoda is considering her options as she evaluates her life and the strange circumstances she is experiencing. Maybe Earth Two is the cause of all her sadness and depression Rhoda desperately seeks an answer to her dilemma.

The next day has arrived and Rhoda is walking through her home town of New Haven in a relaxed and exploring way. She knows more about Earth Two now and is seeing life from a different angle. A male conspiracy theorists voice is heard explaining some intriguing facets about life's changing meaning,  He say's, It would be very hard to think "I am over there"... A low level and simple synthesizer sound plays out.


Rhoda looks back at a man smoking a pipe as she continues her journey, The conspiracy theorist continues, And "Can I go meet me?"...


And "Is that me better than this me?"


"Can I learn from the other me?"


"Has the other me made the same mistakes I've made?"


Or "Can... I sit down and have a conversation with me?"


Wouldn't that be an interesting thing?


The truth is, we do that all day long every day. People don't admit it and they don't think about it too much, but they do.


Everyday, they're talking in their own head. What's he doing?" "Why'd he do that?" "What did she think?" "Did I say the right thing?"


In this case, there is another you out there.


Rhoda has returned to Mr Burroughs house for another cleaning session, Rhoda removes a large glass vase from a top shelf so that she can clean away any dust and dirt from the wooden surface.


The atmosphere is peaceful as Mr Burroughs appears from the stairs, He has brought down with him the telescope that Rhoda was so careful to have put together. Rhoda's interest has now crept onto Mr Burroughs as he places the sensitive device next to a window.


A low level banging sound is heard as Mr Burroughs places the heavy telescope onto the floor. Rhoda observes Mr Burroughs as she continues to clean the room.


Rhoda watches as Mr Burroughs connects the telescope tube to the Motion Screws, Counterweight, and Equatorial mount.


Rhoda seems more happy and content today as she looks down in a thoughtful mood.


Mr Burroughs is completely engrossed in the telescope as he looks down into the view finder in an effort to establish a clear focus.


Rhoda makes a clinking sound as she cleans which causes Mr Burroughs to lose concentration. Rhoda does not seem to interested in cleaning today she is slow and there is little effort being made.


Mr Burroughs notices that Rhoda seems more interested in the telescope that the cleaning, He looks on over at Rhoda and say's, Wanna take a look?


There is complete silence as Mr Burroughs waits for an answer, Rhoda looks over and then shrug's her head negatively as she looks back down at the glass items she is cleaning.


Mr Burroughs waits momentarily then returns to the view finder. Mr Burroughs is totally engrossed as he looks into the view finder, He whistles with intrigue and discovery as he say's, My God. 


Rhoda stares at Mr Burroughs as he looks into the view finder.


Rhoda has suddenly gained some interest in the telescope and walks slowly over to Mr Burroughs.


Mr Burroughs points with his finger to signal Rhoda to have a look for herself. Rhoda still has a glass vase in her hand as she slowly bends down to investigate the view finder.


The image Rhoda can see is that of Earth Two, The focus is blurry and needs a slight adjustment.


Rhoda looks up and slightly away as she slowly adjusts the view finder. Mr Burroughs say's "Yeah" 


Suddenly the view of Earth Two becomes clear and focused, Rhoda breathes deeply and say's "Wow" as she sets her eyes on Earth Two, this being the closest she has ever seen the replicant planet.


Rhoda is in awe of the image from the telescope never in her life has she seen such a sight especially one of Earth looking back down on you. Rhoda suddenly pulls herself away from the viewfinder bewilderment and slight shock as she leans over towards the window not quite believing what she has just seen. 


Rhoda can not believe what she has just seen and is considering it a trick of the eye or an illusion being played out from the telescope.


Rhoda decides to have another look just to confirm that it is real what she is seeing and not a fantasy or illusion of the mind.


Mr Burroughs steps forward slightly and looks out of the window as Rhoda takes another peep at Earth Two. This time the image is even closer and reveals landscape and terrain shrouded by a deep blue sea and a long trail of thick white sand. Mr Burroughs say's, You're up there and I'm up there. Rhoda moves the telescope slightly and it reveals a glimmering shine from the sun as the light hits the water.


Mr Burroughs stares up at Earth Two in complete fascination and amazement.


Mr Burroughs snaps out of his trance and say's "Ah It's just too much" as he pulls himself away from the window. He nods his head in a disbelief of reality as his mind and thoughts become too much.


Rhoda is still looking through the view finder and suddenly makes a light remark that changes the atmosphere. She say's in a soft voice "I wonder if I'm cleaning your house. Mr Burroughs finds Rhoda's remark slightly humorous he laughs and say's "Maybe".


Rhoda looks at Mr Burroughs not expecting her remark to be funny at all, Suddenly there is a knock at the door and Mr Burroughs walks off to find out who it is.


Rhoda stands motionless as Mr Burroughs scuffles off to the door.


Rhoda returns to the viewfinder as a male voice is heard talking to Mr Burroughs at the door. He Say's, So that's $29, Mr Burroughs replies, Thank you.


Rhoda pulls away once again from the viewfinder in contemplation of the close and far away planet.


A scrunching of plastic is heard as Mr Burroughs returns from the front door with a Chinese takeaway in hand.


A sound of plates banging and a thud of a plastic container is heard as Mr Burroughs prepares the Chinese takeaway onto plates. Rhoda has started to clean again, She has pulled down all the glassware and is meticulously cleaning each one with a spray cleaner that she had bought previously from the Walmart store. Rhoda is quiet but that is her true nature as she silently continues her work. 


Mr Burroughs has dished up his food onto a plate and starts to walk away from the kitchen sink area with a plate and a bottle of beer in hand.  He coughs loudly and say's to Rhoda, Can you hand me a paper towel?


Mr Burroughs slippers rub against the floor as he moves around, Rhoda hands Mr Burroughs a paper towel from a roll that is on the table, A ripping sound is heard as Rhoda tears a sheet from the roll, Rhoda is silent and responds to Mr Burroughs request.  A creaking is heard as Mr Burroughs makes his way to the front room from the weight of his feet.

Mr Burroughs say's, Thanks as Rhoda hands him the white sheet, Mr Burroughs walks a few feet and then stops motionless. He turns around and say's to Rhoda, If you wanna join me.. He signals with his hand as a gesture that it his her choice but he's not so bothered if she decides to stay in the kitchen cleaning the glassware.

Rhoda watches as Mr Burroughs retires to the entertainment room with his meal and drink in hand.


Rhoda contemplates her decision as she continues to watch Mr Burroughs from the other room. A computer game soundtrack can be heard, It is a boxing game for the Wii U computer console. A male computer generated voice is heard saying, "Round 1"


Rhoda decides to join Mr Burroughs in the other room, she plates up some Chinese food for herself and slowly with an edge of timidity steps forward into the room. Mr Burroughs is full of energy as he lashes out at the screen with the Wii U controller units. He say's to Rhoda as she beckons at the door, "You can come in" 

The sound of cheering and electronic punches is heard from the TV speakers. Rhoda looks down then over at the TV screen and then over at the sofa. Her body language projects a slight unwelcome portrayal or "should I be doing this" even though she is very welcome by Mr Burroughs. Rhoda nearly trips over on a rug as she makes her way across the room.


Mr Burroughs continues to play the video game as Rhoda passes his field of view briefly.


Rhoda sits down abruptly on the sofa as she looks away from Mr Burroughs and then down at her food with an expression that she is not entirely hungry.

Mr Burroughs gives a final flurry of swings before an electronic male voice is heard saying "Knockout!" a bell is then heard signalling the end of the match. Mr Burroughs breathing has increased as he turns his head and say's to Rhoda, "You wanna play?, Rhoda is watching the TV screen and replies, I don't know how. Mr Burroughs raises his right hand to his nose as he replies, It's easy..It's easy, You're a fighter, I'm sure he say's with a hint of (You're do well).

Mr Burroughs points with his right hand over at the spare Wii-U controllers and say's, The controller's up on the...He stops his sentence to indicate where the controller is located. 

Rhoda stands and immediately walks on over to the spare controller that is located on a low level table adjacent to a large collection of stacked hardback books. Rhoda grabs the controllers as Mr Burroughs say's, Hold the big one in your right hand. A tapping of wood is heard as Rhoda's feet make there way back across the floor boards.


A dinging sound is heard from the TV screen as Rhoda returns to the sofa. Mr Burroughs turns to look at Rhoda and say's, You Okay playing boxing? Rhoda replies enthusiastically "Yeah Yeah!" Mr Burroughs responds with a confident Okay as he touches his right ear with his right hand.

Mr Burroughs is teaching Rhoda a few tips and tricks to help her play the game. He say's to Rhoda, To block shots, you put your hands up, Mr Burroughs demonstrates the movements as he say's "Face" And you-You know, you lean and stuff.


And then for swinging, you just swing. That's it. Mr Burroughs starts to swing his arms in and out in a rhythmic motion as he demonstrates the boxing game to Rhoda.


Rhoda tries to copy Mr Burroughs movements but her movements are less energetic or have much enthusiasm. ("Learners speed I guess"), "All Right?" Mr Burroughs say's as he ensures Rhoda is picking up the skills and knowledge to play the game.


The computer generated male voice is heard again saying, "Round One. Fight!, 


Several dings of a bell are heard as Rhoda instantly lifts the controllers up to her face in a defensive position. Rhoda starts to display her new skills as she bobs and ducks from the virtually created boxing ring.


Mr Burroughs is in a seismic rhythm as he swipes and lashes out at the screen with a robust and skillful energy. The immediate reaction is that Mr Burroughs has played this game a few times before as he rolls in a few body shots then an upper cut. A computer generated crowd noise is heard along with computer generated wacks each time a player makes contact.


Rhoda is starting to get into the swing of things but is still in a defensive position.


Mr Burroughs is evaluating Rhoda's play style as he continues to play the game. He has realized Rhoda prefers to fight in a defensive position but is clearly building a much better score with the judges as he plays a more straight attack mode. He say's to Rhoda as he punches out with his right hand with effort "You gotta fight back".


Rhoda instantly makes a swing with her right hand as her game play starts to develop. Mr Burroughs continues to body punch then say's with a loud effort, "Don't forget your uppercut" as he takes an uppercut swing with his right hand. Rhoda holds the controllers tight and close to her face as Mr Burroughs dishes out the pain.

A few moments later Mr Burroughs has become motionless as his playing skill and effort has demolished Rhoda's fighting character. Rhoda's fighter has been knocked onto the canvass and a computer generated referee is heard saying, One! Two! including a timer jingle indicating the ten second rule. Rhoda responds to the images on screen as she points a control stick at the television set. She say's with a hint of surprise and a lack of boxing knowledge, "My Guy's, Uh, on the ground as Rhoda finds the scene rather amusing and laughs slightly at her amateur fighting skills.

Rhoda tries implementing a different tactic as she progresses the game and her fighter returns to his feet, This time Rhoda punches up three times with a series of uppercuts to try and improve her position in the match. Mr Burroughs is almost in unison with Rhoda as he also punches into the air with several uppercut blows from left to right in series. Suddenly "Knockout! is heard as Mr Burroughs stops play. A loud cheering is heard from the TV screen as Mr Burroughs signals with his controllers and say's "God" with slight humourism as he revels in easy success at beating Rhoda. Rhoda say's, How do I hook my- Mr Burroughs interrupts and say's, You gotta swing. You gotta swing, It's okay. Rhoda has lost the match because she is not swinging enough and is playing in too much of a defensive position. Mr Burroughs understands Rhoda's weakness in the game and is enthusiastically trying to teach her as quickly and as simply as he can.

A little time has past and it is now the next match, Rhoda is really starting to get into the swing of it now as she exerts a much greater effort into the boxing game. Rhoda lashes out in fast rhythm as she changes her hands from left to right. Rhoda breathes more heavily as she increases her skill of the video game. Mr Burroughs say's "Easy" with a sense of (Take it Easy on me) as Rhoda lashes out wildly. Rhoda has now learnt to body punch, upper cut, dodge, and defend as she plays out a much better game this time round.


Now Mr Burroughs is on the defensive as he holds the controllers tightly to his face, He say's confidently, Yeah, Try and break through this as Rhoda lashes out wildly with her controllers.


An instant change in Rhoda's personality and body language is evident, Rhoda is having incredible fun with the controllers as she continues her flurry of blows, She punches the air with all her might as she breathes out heavily with enjoyment and delight at her improving skills.


Suddenly Rhoda's flurry of punches sends Mr Burroughs fighter to the canvass, Mr Burroughs responds with a touch of class as he say's to Rhoda "Okay, That one I gave you!" Mr Burroughs signals with his hand and touches his nose to indicate that he let Rhoda win that match. A ding of a bell is heard as the computer generated referee say's, Player Two, Win!.


Round Three, Rhoda is really enjoying the computer game now as she deals her opponent a flurry of right hand hooks and some left and right hand body shots.


Both Mr Burroughs and Rhoda are really making the effort now with huge flurry's of blows,


Rhoda decides to stand up as it might give her the edge, Rhoda grasps both controllers tightly together as she upper cuts her opponent with both hands. Rhoda gives out loud and heavy breaths each time she swings up into the air. 


Mr Burroughs decides to stand up also as Rhoda is proving to be a good player, Mr Burroughs is dishing out the pain as he left and right jabs his opponent, Rhoda has ducked down and is in a defensive position as she weaves from side to side trying to deflect Mr Burroughs fighting style.


Mr Burroughs is in an extremely aggressive position, He groans and breathes out loudly as he rapidly goes for the knockout with a succession of head punches.


Rhoda is feeling the pressure as her fighting character attempts to deflect the heavy blows, She ducks and resorts to a defensive position but all seems futile.


Mr Burroughs exerts a tremendous rally of punches onto Rhoda's fighter, Rhoda knows that she is in big trouble as she watches her fighter take a beating.


Suddenly the computer generated voice is heard "Knockout!" Both players stop there skillful hand swipes as the voice say's Player One Wins! A loud cheering of spectators can be heard from the TV. 


Mr Burroughs is extremely out of breath from the effort he put in that he can hardly get his words out, He say's as he rests his hands at his side and gasps for air, "Okay" He turns to look at the motionless Rhoda who has just lost that match, He say's, Well... He looks at the TV screen then back at Rhoda and say's, That it, or you got another one in you? 


Rhoda is silent but she is also worked up and is not going down without a fight, Rhoda hesitates then holds her hands high in the air with controllers ready. Mr Burroughs responds to Rhoda's hand signals, He say's, I thought so! expressing his thoughts that Rhoda is not giving up that easily.


Some time later Rhoda enters the kitchen with the empty plates, all is quiet as Rhoda makes her way around to the kitchen sink. Rhoda bends down and opens the small cupboard beneath the kitchen side board to find a soft sponge so that she can wash and clean up.


Suddenly Mr Burroughs enters the kitchen and walks on over to Rhoda, Mr Burroughs can be heard breathing quite heavily as he holds his left hand to his head showing symptoms of a migraine headache. 


Mr Burroughs makes a coughing sound as he clears his throat and places a cheque onto the kitchen work surface.


A splashing of water is heard as Rhoda drys her hands with a tea towel.


A loud sound of rattling pills is heard as Mr Burroughs unscrews the plastic top from a medication tub. He say's to Rhoda, I didn't see your car.


A scrunching sound is heard as Rhoda cleans the kitchen surface with a sponge, Rhoda replies, I take Metro North (Metro North is a train service)


Mr Burroughs replies, "I'll give you a lift" in a serious tone of voice.


Rhoda responds with a confident tone, No, that's all right.


Mr Burroughs has reached for his jacket and is putting it on, He say's to Rhoda, No, it's too cold to wait for the train as he lets out a slight chuckle.


Rhoda replies as she continues the cleaning chores, "I don't mind the cold" she say's in a confident I am okay manner.


"Really it's okay" Mr Burroughs replies as he does not want Rhoda to go home in the freezing cold.


Rhoda expresses a face of defeat as she finally agrees for Mr Burroughs to take her home in the truck. She replies, Okay. (in a have it your way tone of voice.)


A loud sound of Mr Burroughs truck travelling up the highway can be heard similar to a loud breeze. The radio is switched on and a male radio reporter's voice can be heard, The voice say's, It's typical for planets... Like Mercury, Venus, Mars, and Jupiter... to have a period during their orbit in which they are obscured by the sun.


and no longer observable from Earth. It's called superior conjunction.


If they remain behind the sun... Mr Burroughs switches the radio off.


Mr Burroughs starts to talk to Rhoda, He say's, So are you from New Haven?


Rhoda replies, Yeah!, Mr Burroughs continues, Still have family there? Rhoda nods her head slightly in a positive way and say's Mm-hmmm.


A few seconds pass then Mr Burroughs say's, You like working at Maid in Haven?


Rhoda replies, It's all right. Mr Burroughs replies with slight dissolution, Yeah, Have you been doing it long?, Rhoda replies, Couple months.


Rhoda suddenly turns her head around to face John in a bid to change the subject, She say's loudly and with enthusiasm, You see that Joan Tallis broadcast? 


Mr Burroughs say's Yeah with an amusing chuckle, Rhoda say's, It's crazy, Mr Burroughs replies, I can't stop thinking about it. The sound of a motor vehicle is heard as it speeds past Mr Burroughs truck producing a bright and intense light from his drivers side window, Mr Burroughs continues, Another me up there somewhere.


A moment passes then Rhoda say's with an enquiring tone of voice, If you met yourself what would you say?


Mr Burroughs blows out of his cheeks with complex thoughts as he considers the response, A moment passes and then John say's, "Hey, you up for a video game?" 


Rhoda looks at John with a wide smile on her face from his reply, John continues, "Probably beat me."


Rhoda looks away slightly amused at John's odd reply. John continues, What would you say?


Rhoda is silent momentarily then replies with a humorous smile, "Better luck next time."


A low level ticking sound is heard as John turns his head in disbelief at Rhoda's reply, He say's with slight astonishment, Really? Rhoda defends her comment with No No No I mean... 


I'm sure I'd be speechless.


A light and mellow synthesizer sound begins to play in the background as Rhoda and John make there way to Rhoda's house.


Rhoda points out of the window and say's to John as they get nearer to Rhoda's house, Up at the corner here is good. Right here and then you can just...John interrupts Rhoda's words as he say's with concern, No, I'll take you to your house, Is this it?. Rhoda replies, Yeah, okay. Right Turn.


Rhoda say's as John nears her house, Yeah, just to the side behind the van. John replies Okay.


John pulls up next to Rhoda's house.


John is satisfied that Rhoda has got home safely.


John turns his head to face Rhoda and say's, All right, So I'll see you next week. Rhoda smiles as she turns to look at John before she say's, "Yeah" Rhoda say's as she steps out of the vehicle, Thanks for the lift. John replies, Sure.


John has just remembered something and say's, He leans a little closer to Rhoda and say's,  Oh, um, you know...I'm sorry, My memory's not what it used to be. His face relishes to express his poor memory and say's "I forgot your name?"


Rhoda looks at John for a few moments in silence as she contemplates her answer, Rhoda say's, I don't think I ever told you as she looks away slightly eliminating any eye contact.


John is surprised at Rhoda's reply and say's "Really?" in a taken back way. A few moments pass as the engine produces a low rumbling sound, John replies, That's not very polite of me, His face moves rapidly in readiness of the answer and say's, So, it's..


Rhoda pauses momentarily then replies softly, Rhoda.


John pauses and looks out of the window as his mind processes the information, Because of the accident John suffered from a very heavy concussion that has affected his short and long term memory. It now takes a little longer to remember names, phones numbers and other important information.


John looks back at Rhoda and say's, Rhoda, John nods his head in acceptance of the new name and say's, All right. John continues to nod in acceptance as he say's, Good night Rhoda, I'll see you next week. John smiles sweetly at Rhoda as she stands at the passenger side door.


Rhoda smiles as she say's "Goodnight" and slowly disappears into the night. A simple and mellow chill out trance tune plays out, It consists of a continuous deep bass line overlay ed with keyboard synthesizer notes.


The sound of the passenger side door slamming is heard as John continues to watch Rhoda walk the few feet to her house.


The moonlight blends with the light from Johns stationary vehicle which lights up Rhoda's face as she makes her way back to her house. Rhoda looks back at John and as she does so she gives him a little wave with her right hand to show some appreciation for the day she has had. 


Rhoda runs back to her house.


John watches as Rhoda makes her way to the front door, He wants to make sure that she gets in safely before he drives off.


As soon as John see's Rhoda disappear into the house he looks forward and drives off back to his house in the forest.


The simple trance tune continues as Rhoda returns to work the following day. Rhoda dips her mop into the bucket, it drips with water as she pulls the mop from the hot and detergent filled basin,


She then places the mop into the squeezer partition and pushes down a lever to flush the liquid away. Rhoda pushes a couple of times before removing the mop to start cleaning the floor.


Purdeep is cleaning the floor from across the way, He is slow and seems to be having some difficulties. Purdeep accidentally knocks over a polystyrene coffee cup and the liquid spills onto the floor mingling with the brush and increasing the mess and soilage already present. Purdeep is tired and certainly needs a break from the job. 


Rhoda hears a pop sound as the polystyrene cup topples over and goes over to assist Purdeep. Rhoda bends down and places her hand onto the bottom of the brush to stop Purdeep from cleaning any further. 


Rhoda uses a cloth to wipe up the sticky liquid as Purdeep places his right hand onto Rhoda's left shoulder. A squeaking is heard as Purdeeps feet rub against the soiled floor. 


Purdeep has something to say to Rhoda as she cleans the floor, He say's softly, Listen to me. 


Rhoda freezes as she listens to the wise old man, Purdeep say's with sincerity, Keep your mind clear.... And that's it. Purdeep holds his right hand out with palm outstretched as he carefully expresses his thoughts.


Purdeep continues, You will have peace of mind.


My dear, don't worry.


Learn to adjust yourself. Purdeep expresses with his hand his wise words as Rhoda listens very carefully.


Rhoda is taken back by Purdeeps slightly strange behavior as she stands up. Rhoda contemplates the words Purdeep has said and tries to make a meaning from them.


Rhoda has finished work once again as she takes a stroll through her home town of New Haven. A male conspiracy theorist can be heard talking, He say's, The distance is not inordinately great. 


But one of the challenges you have... 


Rhoda takes a stroll through the classrooms and corridors of West Haven High School in contemplation.


on interplanetary travel...


is prolonged weightless conditions.


You're in Zero "G."


There is a possibility of cosmic rays coming from stars, 


and that could be dangerous to them. But once there, 


you have no idea what you're about to encounter. 


What really are the beings on this other planet like?


Mr Burroughs can be seen from the right hand side carrying a ladder as he has plans to carry out some home maintenance on his property.


Rhoda is in the bedroom measuring the curtains as she intends to replace them with some flowery and light new ones to brighten the place up a bit. 


Rhoda is changing the bed sheets and replacing the pillow slips.


Rhoda takes aim and throws the old linen across the room into a laundry basket.


Rhoda and John are carrying out a spot of spring cleaning as Rhoda cleans the window ledge. A loud wooden banging is heard from John from outside. Rhoda has a birds eye view of John as he hammers away a few feet up.


John is banging some long nails into the wooden paneling as Rhoda looks on.


Rhoda smiles as she watches John hammer the nails into the wood.


Rhoda starts to clean the windows.


John has returned to the house and is in the kitchen as Rhoda prepares some food at the kitchen sink work surface. John is showing signs of another migraine headache as he sits down with hands held to his head.


All is quiet as John takes his cap off as he tries to relax to help to reduce the pain. John has probably done to much work and it has taken a tole on him.


Rhoda say's, What Happened? John replies, I tried to do too much. Rhoda instantly dries her hands on a white tea towel as she brings over a pack of pills and a glass of water for John.


Rhoda sets down the pills and the glass of water, John replies, Thanks.


A rattling shaking sound is produced when John breaks a seal on a pill compartment and quickly propels the medication directly from the container into his mouth.


Rhoda has made some sandwiches for John as she starts to bring them over she say's, "You know that story of the Russian cosmonaut?"


John can't respond as his mouth is full of pills, He replies with a Mm-mmm as he takes a mouthful of water from the glass.

Rhoda sets the plate of sandwiches down as it makes a light tap sound on the heavy wooden table. John say's, Thanks (this time for the sandwiches). Rhoda sits down next to John and is in a happy mood as a low leveling creaking is heard from the floor boards,  She continues her story as John listens on. She say's, So the cosmonaut. John responds with Mm-hmmm. Rhoda continues, He's the first man ever to go into space. 


Right? The Russians beat the Americans.


John replies again with Mm-hmm. Rhoda continues, So he goes up in this big spaceship, but the only habitable part of it's very small! 

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