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The sound of metal tapping is heard as Ripley and Hicks run down the stairs and along a corridor, The tracking device is beeping much faster as they get closer to Newt, This way Hicks shouts as they frantically try to locate Newt. Shes Close Hicks say's as they run down the corridor, Ripley shouts Newt loudly to try and reassure her. Newt is cautious and also very scared, She is looking all around up and down she only has Kacey her doll for comfort. It is very dank dark and quiet in the water pipe system. Ripley Newt shouts out.

Ripley shouts, Where are you? Can you hear me?

Ripley and Hicks are just above Newt, Ripley shouts Newt and Newt shouts out Here!

I'm here! Newt shouts as she climbs up onto some pipes, Where Ripley shouts!

Newt pushes her hands through the metal grills to indicate her position, Ripley and Hicks arrive and get to there knees.

Ripley say's to Newt reassuringly, Newt are you okay? Newt nods her head positively.

Hicks grunts as he strains and pulls with all his might at the Metal grill, He say's, We'll have to cut it.

Ripley shouts through the metal grills to Newt, Climb down Honey, We've gotta cut through she say's.

Ripley shines her torch down at Newt and say's, Newt, Now don't move, Stay very still.

The sound of fizzing is heard as the welder cuts through the thick steel bars, Okay Newt say's as she patiently waits for help. Ripley shouts, We're almost there, Hang in there, okay?

The motion tracker is detecting movement and has started to beep and click as an object comes into view.

Ripley responds and say's Hicks in a worried tone, I know Hicks replies as he cuts through the metal. Hurry! Ripley shouts with impatience.

I know! Hicks replies even louder, I mean it Ripley replies as the object gets closer and closer.

The sound of sawing is heard as sparks of metal fly in all directions, The beeping is getting faster and faster.

Ripley shouts, Newt? Newt just stay still.

Suddenly a large xenomorph quickly comes out from the water line, It's black and foreboding shape creeps over the back of Newt, Newt is oblivious to the aliens presence and momentarily stands there motionless.

Suddenly Newt turns round after feeling a presence and screams in fear and shock at the aliens attack.

Almost there Hicks shouts as he frantically burns through the steel.

Ripley shouts out No! as screams can be heard from below, Ripley and Hicks simultaneously kick down on to the metal grid that has been almost cut through, It shudders and bends down with every strike of there feet.


Newt! Ripley shouts as the metal grid bends down to allow an open gap in the floor.

Suddenly there is a strange silence from the noise just seconds previously, Ripley looks down into the water system as the beeping tracker quietens to a few small beeps, 

Ripley can only see Newts doll floating on the waters surface, Ripley becomes emotional and angry, She shouts out No! No! as she pushes her head and body down closer to the water. No Ripley screams in fear and frustration.

Let's go Hicks shouts as he grabs Ripley from behind, Ripley shouts no! she is very distraught at this moment. No No they don't kill you Ripley cries out,They... They don't kill you! They... She's alive! She's alive Ripley screams with emotion, Clearly Ripley is extremely upset that Newt has been caught by a xenomorph.

Hicks shouts, All right, I believe you. She's alive, But We've gotta go! Now!

Hicks pulls Ripley along and takes the lead,

Hicks and Ripley quickly arrive to a lift system, Hicks rapidly presses the buttons to call and open the door.

The lift door slowly whirls open as a trumpet sound score is playing.

Ripley and Hicks quickly fall into the back of the booth, Hicks leans over to press a button to close the doors.

Hicks sets back waiting for a response, A beeping has started on the motion tracker.

Hicks quickly tries again to get the lift to work, He presses the buttons in impatience.

Suddenly the electronic doors start to whirl shut, As they do a whipping sound is heard as a large xenomorph comes flying at speed into the lift as the doors are closing.

Ripley screams loudly as Hicks instantaneously fires his weapon, A loud bullet sound is generated as the alien attacks.

A loud screeching is heard as the alien explodes into small pieces, Acid blood sprays into the lift and has covered Hicks metal armour plating and some of his bare skin.

A burning fizzing sound is heard as the acid burns, Hicks grunts and gasps with pain.

The doors to the lift have closed but the alien has left it's damage behind.

Ripley tries to assist the writhing Hicks, The acid is causing severe pain as it burns through the armour plating, Hicks shouts out with pain, Get it off! Ahh Get it off.

Ripley coughs as the acid and metal burning produce a choking acrid smoke, A large whole is visible where the alien had attacked from, The fizzing metal armour is thrown down onto the floor as it clatters like junk from a scrap yard, 

Suddenly a bell rings as the lift stops at Level one and the doors open up.

Ripley helps the injured Hicks from the lift and out off the complex doors, She say's Here as Hicks groans with pain, Ripley and Hicks exit the North lock and it is very windy and very noisy.

Go! Ripley shouts as loud electrical arching can be heard, Paper and bits of material are flying around in the wind.

Ripley shouts, "Come on you can make it!"

An electrical buzzing is heard from the portable terminal that Bishop is operating.

Bishop has brought the other drop ship down from the Sulaco and is remotely controlling it's descent, A loud whistling is heard as the craft gets closer and closer,

Bishop carefully lands the ship and it thuds as it's support legs hit the ground.

A whirring is heard as the drop ship releases its ramp, Ripley approaches Bishop and shouts, Bishop, how much time?

Bishop replies, Plenty, Twenty six minutes. Ripley replies, We're not leaving. Bishop replies, We're not? in a surprised tone of voice.

Bishop leaps from his chair as he follows Ripley and Hicks to the drop ships ramp.

A dynamic and energetic sound score is playing as Bishop takes the controls of the drop ship.

Bishop carefully manouvres the craft over and into the atmosphere processor, There are frequent flashes of lightening and electrical arching, The atmosphere processor is in a critical condition and will explode in 26 minutes.

Ripley grabs an M-41 A pulse rifle from a gun storage rack and sets it down onto a hard surface.

Ripley then pulls down a flame thrower unit from another storage rack. She fastens a belt around the ends of the two weapons.

Ripley grabs a roll of heavy duty tape and wraps some around the butt and operating rods of the M-41 A machine gun and the grip safety of the flame thrower unit.

Hicks is using some medical tweezers to remove a small piece of shrapnel which he then discards.

Bishop is still operating the cockpit controls and has entered into a high rise of steel and metal pipes and trusses, There are frequent dangerous flashes of electrical lightening and huge high powered arches of neon blue lightning that buzz and streak momentarily.

Bishop flies the drop ship over towards a flat platform so that he can land,

Ripley slaps an amunitions pack into the amunitions feed compartment of the M-41 A MACHINE GUN. The counter goes to 95 on the display unit.

Ripley attaches a range meter reader to the side of the grip handle of the flame thrower unit, This essential device will hopefully locate Newt's whereabouts.

Ripley also takes a few M40 grenades from a large metal box for the M-41 A machine gun. She then decides to take a full belt of these highly explosive charges.

Ripley takes a full pack of M-94 marking flares which will be used to mark Ripley's footsteps and help her to return safely.

Bishop tries to reason with Ripley, Ripley replies, I don't wanna hear about it, Bishop. She's alive. There's still time. Bishop replies, In 19 minutes, this area there's gonna be a cloud of vapor the size of Nebraska.

Ripley turns to Hicks and say's, Hicks, don't let him leave. Hicks replies, We ain't going anywhere. A beeping can be heard from the location tracker also an alarm is blearing that emits a mayday pattern of two short seconds with a gap of two seconds can be heard on the stations tanoy system,

As Ripley prepares to leave the drop ship she turns around to face Hicks,

Ripley say's See you Hicks in a kind kind of way, She may never see Hicks again and this is a small moment in time where they both can say goodbye.

Hicks replies, "Dwayne" It's Dwayne Hicks say's.

All goes quiet except for the beeping and siren, Ripley hesitates and then say's "Ellen", Don't be gone long, Ellen Hicks replies. They both look at each other in an uncertain but peaceful way to mark an end of something.

Ripley turns and runs out and down the drop ship ramp, The siren can be heard a little louder now and a female voice has started to come over the tanoy system, The computer recorded voice say's, "Attention, Emergency, All personnel must evacuate immediately, You now have 15 minutes to reach minimum safe distance.

An exciting music score starts as the lift plunges down the levels of the complex, This is giving Ripley a little time to load her M40 grenades into her weapon.

Ripley inserts the M40 grenades one by one into the underside of her M-41 A pulse rifle, A clicking sound is heard as she does this, She then cocks the weapon ready for any hostile attack.

Ripley pulls out all the flares that are in a M94 marking bag and places them into her left pocket.

Ripley pulls her jacket off and straps an M40 grenade harness belt to her upper torso, She then swings a large strap over her shoulder that is holding the M-41 A weapon in place. Finally she throws over a larger strap that holds the flame thrower unit.

The female computer generated voice comes over the tannoy system again, Attention, Emergency All personnel must evacuate immediately, You now have 14 minutes to reach minimum safe distance.

Ripley has a few moments to compose herself.

Ripley fires up her M240 flame thrower unit.

A whirring is heard as the lift reaches Sub basement 02, The doors and metal grills slide open to let Ripley out, The siren is loud and prominent, The location tracker is producing a steady beep, A strange airy breeze is also heard including a low level hissing of the flame thrower unit.

Ripley is cautious and on edge, She is checking every available point and is taking no chances, She quickly turns to look up at the top of the lift shaft, maybe an alien is lurking,

Ripley moves forward and tests her flame thrower unit by firing out a little fuel into the air, A loud whooshing noise is emited from the flame thrower.

Steam hisses out as Ripley fires her flame unit again, This time she fires out a forward flame that travels about 30 feet. The M240 flame thrower has a range of 30 Meters effective so can hit a target from a great distance.

The lift makes a whirring sound as it automatically closes from behind Ripley, Ripley turns to check that all is ok.

Arches of electrical energy are eminating from electrical machinery from inside the complex.

Ripley checks her range meter as another arch of electric makes Ripley flinch slightly.

More energy emits out a bright blue light from below the stairwell as Ripley looks down to find her bearings.

Ripley quickly moves down the stairs as steam jets out from various unexpected places,

The range meter starts to beep at a slightly faster rate,

Ripley fires her flame unit for the third time inside a long corridor that has strange black puffy objects on either side and has seemed to have lost its symmetry from a normal metal galvanized corridor.

At this point Ripley decides to use one of her flares to keep a marker for the way back out, She ignites one from the side of her M-41 A pulse rifle.

The marker flare gives off a bright fluorescent pink colour as it gasses and fizzes on the floor.

Ripley continues along the metal walkway and fires her flame thrower again, Some metal stairs are visible. The scenery is starting to change like it's some kind of lair.

Ripley lets out another blast of fire as steam emits out from the eerie environment.

Ripley is breathing much more heavily now as she peers around a corner, The tracker is beeping and a heart beat can be heard. There is no music score at this point.

Ripley fires out again as she goes down some metal stairs into a low level darkness.

A wind is heard as the tracker beeps more rapidly, Ripley knows she is going in the right direction.

A high pitched sound is heard maybe it's a xenomorph close by. Ripley emits another blast of heat just to be safe.

The tracker is beeping very very fast now as Ripley ignites another flare from her pocket.

Rapid beeping is heard as the tracker displays a distance of 0.0.0. Meters.

Ripley stoops down and pulls the range meter from a sticky patch of slime.

The range meter emits a continuous beep as Ripley starts to cry with strong emotions and disappointment. She sobs Oh Oh as the sound provides no comfort.

Low sounding trumpets are heard as Newt wakes from a slumber, She is heavily stuck down with a thick sticky type of webbing and moans as she comes to reality. She tries to pull her hand out of a sticky blob of goo but is unable to do so, She is stuck fast, A crunching sound is heard as the web slime fails to budge.

Newt then looks over and spots an alien egg that houses an alien facehugger organism,

The alien egg slowly opens producing a watery slimy sound as all four corners open up fully to reveal a spaghetti like substance inside.

Suddenly some creeping fingers appear above the rim of the egg like a spider crawling out, This image causes Newt to scream very loudly as it has scared her witless.

Ripley hears Newt's screaming and in an instance runs forward towards the high pitched sound.

The face hugger is slowly exiting the egg as Newt continuously screams for help. A slimy sound is generated as the face hugger pulls out of the warm and sticky spaghetti hole.

Ripley runs into the area that Newt is situated and instantly fires her weapon at the face hugger, It explodes into pieces as the bullets penetrate the hard leather skinned organism.

An alien suddenly appears and leaps from the side walls like a frog on a lily leaf, Ripley fires her weapon again to dispatch the attacking xenomorph. The xenomorph screeches in pain as she targets another alien, She fires again for the third time killing that one too.

Ripley fires her weapon for a third time as another alien is disturbed from it's submerged state.

Newt is screaming, Ripley! Ripley!, Ripley instantly tries to help Newt by pulling the sticky web slime from off of her, Ripley say's Newt in recognition of finding her.

The slimy web goo crunches as Ripley frantically pulls it away from Newt, Newt is uneasy at this point.

Newt makes a uh sound as Ripley pulls the slime away.

Ripley pulls Newt out of the sticky mess and picks her up. Ripley say's, Grab on to me! Hold on!.

The atmosphere processor is starting to implode at a faster rate, Giant explosions are emitting from the metal pipes and cylindrical tubes, The platform and the entire complex is getting closer to critical condition. Arc's of electricity flash as the structure weakens and the power discharges uncontrollably.

Another explosion sends Ripley to a side railing and nearly knocks her off her feet.

More explosions erupt as hot gasses emit from every orifice.

Suddenly Ripley and Newt enter a quiet area of the complex, The explosions have sent Ripley off course, It is strangely quiet here with only a light breeze.

Ripley has inadvertently walked into a very dangerous environment, She is in the middle of an alien nest and there are eggs in all directions

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