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Pvt Rickles continues to observe from the gap in the wooden defenses. The zombies are not the fastest of creatures and take time to set in motion, Pvt Rickles say's, They're scared, Huh? Suddenly Sarah turns and looks at Rickles before turning away again, Rickles continues, They know what'll happen when Frankenstein get's em. Rickles is referring to Dr Matthew Logan but is called Frankenstein by the soldiers because of his macabre and gruesome experiments. The zombies are slowly learning and some may have a slightly rotten idea that they are bait


Loud growling and movement is detected in the far distance, Sarah say's, If you're right, Rickles, then they're learning. (Zombies twist and gyrate as they slowly come closer)


Sarah continues, They're actually learning. Pvt Steel shouts out again "Come on" as he entices the zombie horde.


Pvt Steel continues, "Come and see what I got for ya!" Miguel stares out of a gap in fear, Miguel moves his right hand down the pole used to hook the dead which produces a light click sound as his hand slides down with agitation.


The zombie horde is slowly getting closer and closer to the capture zone as Pvt Steel work's his magic, Pvt Steel continues to shout out at the top of his voice, Come on, you dick faces!


Pvt Steel has become rather vulgar as he entices the zombies forward, Pvt Steel grabs hold of his groin area with his right hand and shakes rapidly as he shouts, "Here's a nice one hangin'

giphy (6).gif

Pvt Steel rests his hands at either side of his hips momentarily before quickly raising his hands high in the air and fluttering his fingers, Pvt Steel shouts out - Come on, Come and get it.


Pvt Rickle's can be heard chuckling to himself in the background from Pvt Steels impulsive, abusive, and rude commentary. Pvt Steel shouts out again, "Come and try to bite it off!" as he tempts fate with the rotten garbage.


Sarah is completely unamused by the soldiers antics, Pvt Rickle's is becoming excited again as he shakes his head positively at a furious rate, Pvt Rickle's say's with euphoria and childish tendencies, "That's it Steel - Rickle's turns to Sarah as he tries to get her attention, "Whip it out" That'll bring em on.


Pvt Steel turns around to face Rickles, Steel raises a clenched left hand as his ego has now taken over, Steel say's, Fuckin' A - (Lowers left hand)


(Steel rests his arms on the top of the fence as he slowly bends forward and say's, "Biggest piece of meat in the cave" Steel is confident he is the biggest man in the group and will defend his manhood when challenge. Pvt Steel is rather rude and discourteous towards Sarah as he say's, I don't wanna excite the lady though, Not with her boyfriend around. Light synthesizer notes are heard - Zombie cries are heard


Sarah responds to Pvt Steels impertinent words and says. You're incapable of exciting me, Steel, except as an anthropological curiosity.Rickles is silent as he listens to Sarah's words. (Zombies growl)


Rickles is taken back by Sarah's strong words as he woohs with insight, Pvt Steel responds and say's, What the hell's that mean, Rickle's? having not the mental capacity to understand the word anthropological. (Pvt Steel is chewing on some gum)


Pvt Rickles responds as he say's with zeal, It mean's you're a caveman asshole!.


Rickles turns and looks at Sarah as he becomes more excited and shouts, You're a fuckin' throwback,


(Rickles moves around the back of the silent Sarah) You've been spending too much time underground, Huh - Rickles chuckles loudly from all the fun he is having.


Rickles looks up at Steel and shouts out, It's okay, Steel, (Rickles adjust strap on his machine gun) Throwbacks all got big dicks.


Rickles let's out a long and rapturous chuckle of delight, Sarah looks down in dismay at the foul language and is completely unhappy with the soldiers fun and games.


Pvt Steel shouts out "Oh!" Steel points his right index finger at Rickle's as he begins to laugh almost like a hyena on acid at the words from Rickle's,


Steel turns around to face the hungry horde once again as he slams his left palm into a wooden beam at high speed, (A loud wooden thud sound is heard) (Light synthesizer notes are heard)


Miguel is staring out of a gap in the wooden defenses as he clings to his religious silver and gold chain. (Light jingling is heard) Pvt Steel has returned to shouting as loudly as possible, "All right, you dumb fucks! Get over here, you scumbags!.


Miguel suddenly turns and takes a few steps to his left, Miguel stops by the side of the capture area as he takes a few moments to compose himself, Steel continues, Your old pal Steel wants to see ya, Come on!. Miguel breathes in deeply as he prepares to capture a zombie with the pole and hook. A few moments pass and Miguel is ready, Miguel quickly begins to walk the short few steps that will take him to the top of the defense wall to enable him to hook one of the undead. Miguel is in bad shape mentally but the other soldiers just don't care. Miguel stumbles as he reaches the top and drops his pole to the ground below. Wooden thud sound is heard.


Sarah hears the pole fall to the ground and instantly turns her head to her right as she attempts to find out what is happening with Miguel,


More wooden thuds are heard as Miguel stands at the top of the stairs, he is struggling to do even the most simplest of tasks, and is tired and should not be attempting this activity in his mental state.


Sarah quickly goes to Miguel's aid, Pvt Steel quickly notices that Miguel has dropped the pole, He turns around as he mutters with dissatisfaction "Shit"


Sarah quickly picks up the pole as she say's , I'm coming up!


Sarah instantly begins to walk up the wooden steps with pole in hand, Steel say's to Sarah, Your not strong enough for up here.


Miguel holds onto his religious chain for support as Steel continues, Send up the pole, I'll watch out for lover boy. Don't Worry, Miguel turns to look at Steel - Sarah snaps back with slight anger, What do you mean I'm not strong enough?, I've done it dozens of times.


Steel is very controlling in nature and always want's things to go his way, Steel bends over and points his right index finger down at Sarah, Steel say's with slight vexation, I don't want you up here, lady, Steel signals with his right hand a backwards motion of fingers - Send up the pole, They're getting closer.


Miguel seems to think he is mentally okay to complete the task in mind, Miguel suddenly grabs hold of the pole Sarah is holding with his left hand, Sarah continues to hold onto the pole and feels that Miguel is unfit to carry out what is expected of him, Sarah tries to persuade Steel and make him see sense, Sarah say's, He's collapsing for Christ's sake's, Look at him. (Zombie cries are getting closer) Miguel is adamant he is okay as he say's to Sara with a gritted determination, Let go of the pole. Sarah is mentally strained and believes she is right, Sarah say's to Miguel, Listen to me.


Miguel is now becoming irate and the situation is getting out of hand, Miguel states his claim as he say's with a controlled tone of voice, "Let go of the god damn pole." Miguel looks down at Sarah and won't give up.


Steel shouts out loudly, Here they come! Steel clenches his right hand and thumbs backwards as he shouts even louder, Let's go! Steel has no time for the bickering pair as the zombies are virtually inside the captive area. Steel stands silent as he waits for Sarah and Miguel to sort out there differences.


A loud whining sound is heard from one of the undead - Sarah is under pressure as she continues to hold onto the pole, Several zombies have now gathered just behind the wooden defenses and there simply is no more time to waste, Half heatedly Sarah releases the pole from her tight grip, Miguel pulls at the pole once again and this time Sarah releases as her left hand springs back from the forces. Miguel instantly makes his way up the stairs to the observation deck.


A continuous bell sound is heard at two dings per second to provide the sound score - Steel and Miguel watch as the zombies approach, Steel shouts out, "You dumb fucks" with hatred and frustration, If he had his way he would kill the lot with his machine gun but has to follow orders from Captain Rhodes, Steel bends forward slightly as he shouts "Puss breeding bags of shit" - Miguel looks down at the small capture room with pole in hand, If all goes to plan a zombie will become ensnared inside. Miguel looks back at the approaching corpses praying to God that he doesn't get bit or fall in. Zombies sway from side to side as they growl and groan with extreme hunger. The zombies hold there arms up in front of them as a way to find direction as a large percentage are blind. Steel continues to excite the undead with his foul words - Growling increases from undead as they become more and more excited - You dumb fucking bags of shit, I'll kick your fuckin assess, Come on! Steel bangs down heavily with his right hand onto the wooden ledge multiple times in quick succession producing a torrent of loud thuds. "Let's go!"


Zombies shake rapidly from left to right as they hold there rotten limbs up high in the air, The zombies are totally focused on Pvt Steel who us making all the commotion, The zombies all want to devour Pvt Steel and they can smell the fresh meat which is sending them into a frenzy. (Multiple growls and moans are heard) Each zombie that has been caught up top has a dog collar attached to there neck, This makes capturing one of the undead much easier as they can be hooked by the pole, Primitive and not entirely safe as several soldiers have already died.


Pvt Steel begins to chuckle loudly with intense pleasure as he excites the corpses with his pole, Pvt Steel pokes and prods the zombies to increase there appetite and evil intentions, Pvt Steel begins to sound off gorilla impressions as he treats the animated dead like monkey's in a cage.

The female zombie to the left jumps up and down with arms flailing as she attempts to get to Pvt Steel, The zombies are transfixed on the soldier as they continue to hold there arms high in the air.


Loud groans and an evil moaning is heard - Pvt Steel is trying to locate and catch a suitable zombie with his pole, By using the pole he can direct one of the undead into the small compartment that Miguel has the pleasure of securing. Once a zombie has been secured it can be taken from the compartment and safely led by the pole to Frankenstein s experimental rooms. Not an easy task and a very dangerous activity. Pvt Steel say's "Come here scumbag"


Pvt Steel continues his animal impersonations while poking his stick into the rotten garbage to excite there undead senses. Pvt Steel continues his animal impersonations while poking his stick into the rotten garbage to excite there undead senses. A male zombie waves it's arms wildly as it tries to grab hold of Pvt Steel.


A female zombie is transfixed on Pvt Steel as it waves it's arms high in the air. Zombies will continue to attack until there rotten corpses break into pieces after exhausting dead human flesh.


Miguel stares out at the undead with fear and anticipation as he waits for Steel to send one of the undead into the capture compartment, Steel continues his monkey impressions, Zombies make loud growls and moaning sounds it is very noisy at this moment.


Steel is enjoying every moment as he torments the zombies, Steel continues his animal impressions as he pokes the stick out at the undead, Suddenly Steel has seen an opening,


The female zombie to the left has now been caught unawares as Steel uses the opportunity to attach the pole end to the zombies dog collar, The zombie whines with an evil displeasure as it raises it's arms to it's neck why holding onto the pole with it's left hand. 


The female zombie is quickly dragged into the capture compartment with the pole by Pvt Steel, The zombie hits the back wall as it's hands hold onto a ledge momentarily.


The beauty of the primitive system is all to see, Now it is Pvt Rickles turn to release the wooden trap door which will quickly slam down trapping the zombie inside. Rickle's chew's on some gum as he waits for that all important moment, Suddenly Rickle's pulls down on the rope with his left hand.


A loud squeaking sound is heard infused with a low wooden vibration of wood, The trap door releases and falls from height at speed almost like a french guillotine.


The zombie notices the door falling and quickly turns itself around but all is in vain as the zombie has been squarely caught. Another wooden banging sound is heard as the door hits the ground, The zombie comes to the front of the compartment as it raises it's arms unable to fathom what has just happened.


The female zombie looks up at Miguel and Pvt Steel and has now become much more irate and noisy, The zombie growls with intense evil at being captured and will now be much more worse to deal with. Miguel has a solemn face and is not enjoying his time, Pvt Steel is also feeling the pressure, Miguel looks at Pvt Steel for a fleeting moment before looking back at the captured corpse, Miguel gyrates and moves his body in a strained way from the pole and the zombie he must now hook, The pressure is now on Miguel to complete his part of the process. Steel also pokes his stick in and prods the zombie in a continuous movement to try and confuse it.


The zombie moves it's head from side to side as it stares up at Miguel and Pvt Steel, (Zombie growls loudly) On the end of the dog collar is a convenient thick silver ring which is used to hook onto with the stick, Steel pushes his pole against the zombies left shoulder as Miguel tries his best to hook the corpse. Pvt Steel say's with frustration, "Hook her up, will ya?


Steel shouts out again, "Hook her". A jingling of metal is heard as Miguel successfully attaches the pole end to the metal ring, As soon as Miguel hooks the zombie and begins to tighten his grip the zombie becomes silent as it stares up at the pair.


Miguel feels the strain as he applies pressure to the neck of the undead, He must try not to use too much force as sometimes Zombies heads can be severed from the neck, Miguel rocks violently from side to side as the Zombie tries to pull him overboard, Pvt Steel begins to laugh once again and irritating gorilla impression. Pvt Steel turns away from Miguel and now has his attentions set on another corpse as Frankenstein has requested two specimens for his scientific studies.


Pvt Steel holds his pole over the heads of the two remaining zombies, The undead growl with evil as Pvt Steel say's with an undead sarcasm, Hey, nice hat, asshole, The male zombie is wearing a solid steel hat and was most probably involved in the building trades before he was unfortunately infected.


Suddenly Pvt Steel aims his pole directly at the male zombies hat, Pvt Steel is a great tormentor and has done this job many times before, Instantly Pvt Steel strikes the zombies steel hat from it's head knocking it completely off. Loud thud is heard as the hard hat hits the ground causing the zombies head to veer backwards from the strong forces. The zombie closed it's eyes from the impact as this may be a human trait that the zombie has subconsciously remembered, Dr Frankenstein will be pleased with this specimen as he is requiring zombies with a tiny amount of human actions and thoughts.


The zombie growls loudly and is not in the best of moods from Pvt Steels aggressive behavior, Pvt Steel has a pole with a large ring on the end and is now intent on capturing this zombie for the capture compartment, Pvt Steel manages to place the ring over the corpses head to the zombies intense displeasure, The zombie raises it's arms high and grabs hold of the pole in a futile attempt to remove it, (Maybe another human trait) The pole shakes violently as Pvt Steel strains from the strong forces of undead energy, Pvt Steel looks behind with a furious impatience as he shouts out loudly, Come on Come on! Get the other one out of there, The female zombie is still inside the compartment and must now be removed.


Pvt Rickles is still stood by the rope that controls the trap door, As soon as he hears Pvt Steels loud orders he instantly runs off towards the back of the trap door to remove the live specimen


The female zombie has now turned around and is facing the back of the compartment, It gyrates and flails it's arms in all directions as it growls intensively. Pvt Rickles instantly lifts a beam of wood up with his left hand that is used to keep the door from opening. A wooden pinging sound is heard as Rickles throws the piece of wood to the ground at high speed, Sarah watches from a distance but does not participate in helping Rickles at this time.


Pvt Rickles quickly pushes a silver bolt lock open with his left hand at speed.


The entrapped zombie immediately forces her way out as Miguel continues to hold on to the pole that is attached to her neck. (Zombie growls loudly) (Miguel's chains jingle from the intense forces)


The zombie holds onto the pole with it's left hand as it observes it's new environment.


Sarah stands with fear and anticipation as she watches the irate zombie come out of the compartment, Sarah is holding her machine gun and is ready to use it if the an emergency breaks out. The zombie suddenly notices Sarah and strikes out with it's right hand in an effort to catch it's prey.  (Click is heard from machine gun) Sarah retreats back slightly from the sudden attack as she tries her best to maintain composure.


The zombie holds onto the pole with it's left hand as it flails it's right hand out, (Zombie growls loudly) (Zombie gyrates violently) Pvt Rickle's instantly rushes back to the now open trap door as he quickly begins to close the door and replace the plank of wood. (Loud thud is heard as Rickle's slams the door shut)


Rickle's lifts the lock and then slides it across at speed before snapping it down, Now the trap door has been secured the second and final zombie can be trapped inside.


The silver lock is showing signs of lubrication, if the lock jammed the system of harvesting a dead corpse could be jeopardized.


Zombie growls again - Pvt Rickles almost instantaneously runs back to the rope, Rickles uses both hands this time as he frantically pulls down in a rhythmic motion to re raise the trap door, A loud squeaking sound is heard -


Pvt Steel strains and exerts major effort onto the neck of the male zombie - (Zombie groans) Pvt Steel uses maximum body strength to direct the last zombie to the trap door opening.


As the trap door opens Pvt Steel manages to direct the male zombie into the trap door opening at the same time, The zombie hit's the back wall creating a loud thud sound.


This zombie will also be extracted and transported to Dr Frankenstein's laboratory for examination and experimentation.


Rickle's is transfixed to the trap door and it is imperative that he closes the door as soon as the zombie has entered, After a few short seconds Rickle's springs back into action as he pulls down with his left hand onto the pulley system to quickly lower the door trapping the specimen. As the door travels to the floor at high speed it causes the rope to raise up rapidly, This rapid force snaps Rickle's left hand up in the air as he holds on with all his strength.


The second captured zombie reacts badly from suddenly becoming trapped inside the compartment space, It begins to growl more intensely and much louder as it frantically spasms and gyrates from side to side and all around. It slams it's right palm to a left side plank of wood as it tries to escape. (Light synthesizer notes are heard)


The female zombie is still being held around the neck by Miguel, The zombie still moves about but has become silent, It's right arm flails as it stares directly at Sarah. Rickle's has moved away from the rope pulley system and stands in a stance light position, He sways from side to side as he widens his arms ready for anything that might go down. The male zombie continues to growl and moan with overwhelming evil.


Sarah is silent as she stares up at Miguel on the observation deck who is still struggling with the female zombie.


Miguel is completely focused as his arms move in an up and down motion while he turns slowly to his right from the evil undead forces.


The male zombie is creating quite a racket as it slams it's arms onto the right side of the compartment with incredible energy, It continues to bang in an effort to escape.


The female zombie is becoming more difficult to control and Miguel must be feeling physically exhausted at this point, The female zombie flails it's right arm out as it continues to pull on the pole with it's rotten left hand. Suddenly the evil and rotting flesh looks up at Miguel without any warning. (Zombie continues to growl and moan)


Suddenly a loud sound of something being snatched is heard as the pole is violently pulled away from Miguel's tight grip, Something has happened and Miguel has lost control of the situation.


The wooden pole falls to the ground at speed producing a loud thud sound, Miguel is having a mental breakdown and has now jeopardized the safety of the other survivors,


The female zombie is growling loudly, Miguel's silver and gold chains swing from side to side as he looks down in complete shock and horror at the pole he has just let go of.


The female zombie shakes it's head from side to side as it growls loudly, The zombie has not realized it has become free and just stands on the spot without any attempt to attack and bite the human spectators.


Pvt Rickles has become extremely worried for his life as he slowly retreats back in fear, Rickles shots out loudly, Steel, Steel, Steel, As the zombie turns it's attentions to Pvt Rickles the soldier places his left hand up against the rope while he tussles with his machine gun unable to fire his weapon, As the zombie gets closer Rickles screams out, Cover! Cover! as he now needs help.


Steel quickly pulls out a silver handgun and aims at the zombie, A loud metallic click is heard as the soldier readies the trigger and cocks the weapon, Steel shouts - "I got it" as he aims directly at the evil corpse.


Sarah is now overwhelmed by the situation as she shouts out "Jesus" with complete and utter disbelief at the now ridiculous situation. Sarah quickly moves off from her position in an attempt to quell the situation.


Sarah quickly bends down and grabs the trailing pole that is still attached to the zombies neck.


Sarah holds onto the pole with both hands as she tries to control the irate zombie and reduce the risk of attack. The zombie flails it's arms as it turns around to face Sarah, The zombie is strong as it pulls on the pole with it's neck. Pvt Rickles stares at the handal of the pole as he say's, That's it, That's it, That's it, Rickles carefully steps over to Sarah so that he can get a hold of the pole.


A loud tapping of feet is heard - Rickles outstretches his left hand as he attempts to grab hold of the pole, Rickles successfully grabs hold of the pole with his left hand as he say's loudly, I got it, I got it come on.

Pvt Steel slowly raises his weapon after feeling confident to do so, The situation seems more under control again as Rickles shouts at the zombie, "Come on Come here" Come here,


Miguel is shell shocked that he messed up and risked the lives of the others, Miguel looks down at the floor unable to accept what just happened. Pvt Steel is acting a little strangely as he stands behind Miguel with a solemn facial expression.


Pvt Rickle's has now took control of the pole as he places his right hand on to it for extra support, Sarah is extremely scared as she watches the female zombie gyrate and growl with intense evil. Rickle's pulls hard on the pole as he drags it out and away from the wooden defense wall, (Zombie moans almost crying with her captivity) Sarah quickly backs away as the zombie is forcibly transported away from the capture area.


Pvt Rickle's now has the unpleasant task of moving the zombie back to Frankenstein's laboratory, Luckily the zombie follows as it has human meat just a few feet ahead. Pvt Rickles will wait patiently until Pvt Steel has captured the other zombie as Miguel is not up to the job. Miguel should be used for slightly less dangerous tasks such as the opening and closing of the trap door and letting the zombies out but the other soldiers see otherwise.


Pvt Steel removes his hard hat with his right hand and passes a black strap with his left to his right which he also pulls off from over his head, The black strap holds a leather box around Pvt Steels waist which contains his silver handgun. Steel slowly takes a few steps towards the oblivious Miguel and does not seem in a good mood.


Pvt Steel looks at Miguel with an intense hatred and has become enraged for some reason, Miguel is just moments away from finding out.


Suddenly Pvt Steel bends down as he grabs the silent Miguel by the shirt and drags him up by the scruff of his neck, Miguel's chains produce a jingling sound as they are violently tossed around from Pvt Steels strong and powerful arms, Pvt Steel looks directly into the eyes of the mentally wracked soldier and say's with a deep passion for his most closer friend, "You almost killed Rickle's, Pvt Steel shakes his head positively at rapid speed as his anger and venom take over his mind, Yeah, You almost killed Rickle's.


Pvt Steel is almost working himself up to immense anger levels and is now hellbent on hurting even killing the useless Miguel, Pvt Steel shouts with intense feelings of hate, "You almost Fucking killed Rickles!


Pvt Steel begins to choke and push Miguel down and over the gap in the trap door compartment, The male construction working zombie is unfortunately still locked inside, The smell and sight of Miguel sends the zombie into a flurry of groans and intense action as it tries to get to miguel, The zombie shakes it's head furiously and thinks it's it's lucky day having been starved of human flesh for sometime.


Miguel's chains shake furiously producing a jingling sound - Pvt Steel pushes the incapacitated and weak Miguel further down as the zombie below is almost at touching distance, The zombies hands go into an insane spasm of evil as they try to reach the sick Miguel.


Sarah is very aware of Pvt Steels actions as she has a birds eye view from the ground level, Sarah is not in the best of moods either now that she has to watch Pvt Steel murder her boyfriend Miguel, Sarah say's with a calm but authoritative tone of voice, Let him go Steel. He shouldn't of been up there in the first place.


Pvt Steel has gone into kill mode as he continues to strangle and push Miguel's head down into the gap, Pvt Steel is completely unaware of Sarah's words as he goes into overdrive, Steel say's again with an increased anger, "You almost killed Rickle's" Pvt Steel and Pvt Rickle's are the best of friends and Steel is rather pissed. "Miguel shakes furiously from Steels powerful grip as he lets out a sick and tormented moan as he begs for his life.


Miguel's silver and gold chains dangle dangerously below Miguel as Pvt Steel continues his abuse, The zombie screams with evil intent as it's rotten hands skim past Miguel's shaking chains. Sarah shouts loudly "Steel stop it!"


The zombie groans wildly as it shakes with it's mouth wide open, It is just a matter of time before Miguel is bitten and then he will become infected, Miguel is praying to God at this point as his faith is all that he has left at this point.


Pvt Steel has completely lost the plot as he attempts to throttle and get Miguel bitten, The zombie is also in overdrive as it growls loudly almost joining in with Pvt Steel, the intense shouting from Steel has created mayhem. Steel shouts with intense anger "You yellow spick bastard, You dirty fucking spick bastard," Miguel's chains sway and jingle with intense vibrations. Miguel's mouth opens wide and is saying his last words to God.


Miguel begins to scream the worst sound you could possible hear, He is in complete fear for his life as he spasms and bellows out his last breath of life. Miguel knows he is finished and Pvt Steel is intent on finishing this loser off right now.


As Pvt Steel continues to strangle Miguel Sarah shouts over "Let him go!


Sarah shouts out again "Let him go! Goddamn it" Miraculously Pvt Steel begins to take notice of Sarah as he slowly turns his head to face her.


Sarah is now furious as she cocks her machine gun (Loud clicking sound is heard) Sarah continues, or I'll cut you in half, Sarah points her loaded machine gun at Steel and is deadly serious on wasting Steel if he does not stop hurting Miguel.


Pvt Steel continues to look at Sarah but has simmered slightly and is now starting to think about his own life and believe that Sarah is genuine with her words. Pvt Steel and Miguel are silent as the situation comes to a head, If Pvt Steel continues Sarah will open fire and Steel does not want to die for Miguel not by a long shot.


All is quiet as Pvt Steel and Sarah stare at each other, Steel must decide his fate and that of Miguel quickly or face the consequences. (Light drum beats are heard)


Pvt Steel shakes and tremors with an inbuilt anger that he is now trying to control, Pvt Steel continues to look at Sarah with intense anger but is now considering his fate, Suddenly Pvt Steel turns his head and spits directly into the face of Miguel.


A loud groaning and screaming sound is now coming out of Miguel's mouth as Steel grabs him by his arms and pulls him back up from the trap door compartment, With tremendous force Pvt Steel throws Miguel from the top of the observation deck away and straight down towards the ground.


Miguel's chains jingle loudly - Miguel flies through the air at high speed as he crashes to the dusty floor below, Miguel rolls over before smashing into a pile of empty fuel canisters, Ammunition boxes and other various plastic and metal storage boxes, A loud bang is heard as Miguel's body slams into the clutter, Miguel's body retorts as his legs flail from loss of control.


Sarah steps forward as she looks on with concern for her boyfriend who may have been seriously injured from the angry assault by Steel.


Miguel falls onto his back severely winded and bruised as he tries to gather some composure, Miguel pushes with his legs as he turns back to face the military junk. Miguel turns further as he rests his body and shuns himself away from the rest of the group.


A low level howling wind is infused with evil zombie sounds, Sarah looks at her boyfriend for a split second longer as she thinks about his well being, Sarah closes her eyes momentarily as she tries to gather some composure of her own.


Sarah turns away and looks down unable to look at Miguel any longer, She needs to find a solution for her sick boyfriend and is worried that he could be seriously hurt. Sarah breathes in and out at a heavy rate as her adrenaline surges through her veins, Sarah begins to service her machine gun as a loud clicking sound is heard - Sarah pushes down with her right hand as she ensures the weapon is correctly loaded - More snapping sounds are heard as Sarah adds more ammo to her gun.


Sarah slowly raises her head as she looks back at Miguel considering her duty to the team and her duty and care to the sick Miguel.


Sometime later the capture team have arrived back to Dr Logan's laboratory station, It is not easy to transport live zombie specimens back to camp as they are very unpredictable. Walking back through the corrall underground caves is not very sensible when you have an aggressive predator just a few feet away. The team all assist in netting the zombies and placing them onto the back of a buggy cart where they are chained up. Pvt Steel has the pleasure of driving them back while Pvt Rickle's keeps a close eye on them in the passenger seat, the other members walk, The poles are removed and then reattached after the netting is removed at the other end. It is the safest way and is proving to be successful. Once the zombies have been transported back they are chained to a wall and left for Frankenstein's attention. A lot of noise is heard as Pvt Steel and Pvt Rickle's struggle with the zombies, The female zombie is in no great mood to be chained up as she moans and groans with evil, Pvt Rickle's shouts loudly, "What are you doing? as he directs his thoughts to Pvt Steel, The zombie is irate and difficult to work with as it pulls and gyrates in every direction, Pvt Steel is trying his best to remove the clip from the metal ring attached to the zombies dog collar. Suddenly Pvt Steel shouts "I got it as he unclips the carabiner,


Suddenly the female zombie raises it's rotten limbs after having the pole taken away to the relief of the soldiers.


Both Pvt Steel and Pvt Rickles spring back after releasing the female zombie, Pvt Rickles shouts out "Yeah" after the pole is released, The male zombie pulls on it's chains as it holds it's hands out in front of it's rotten corpse, Pvt Rickles suddenly tosses the zombie catching pole over across the room, A loud wooden thud is heard as the pole hits a series of grey cupboards and drawers before falling to the floor. Pvt Steel is angry and frustrated with the hard work involved in capturing and transporting the undead, He shouts loudly with anger at the noises the zombies are making, Steel punches his right hand out as he say's, "Shut up you dumb fucks, (Steel lurches forward) I hope they chop you up for (thrusts right hand out towards male zombie) dog meat.


Pvt Steel suddenly taps Rickle's on the left shoulder with his right hand as he say's, Come on Rickle's, Let's get out of here. Pvt Rickle's shouts out "Let's go as he directs his words towards the zombies, Pvt Rickle's and Pvt Steel quickly make there way out of Frankenstein's laboratory, The female zombie waves it's left hand out wildly as it holds onto the metal chain with it's right hand, Both zombies groan and create a lot of noise as they dispute there captivity.


As Pvt Rickle's nears the exit door he turns back around and shouts loudly, "Fuck" I hope you fuckin' rot! Pvt Rickle's closes the door with his left hand as he makes a fast exit out, A loud clanging is heard as the door shuts at pressure, A pull cord and ring for the door blind swings from side to side as the door closes, As Pvt Rickle's exits into the corridor he turns and signals to the zombies with his left middle finger, a rather rude gesture, Rickle's screams at the top of his voice as he say's, "Fuck You" long and hard. Pvt Rickle's fingers produce a grubby outline on the window pane as he leaves the scene.


The zombie couple suddenly change there personalities and instantly become less docile in character, The zombies may have just learnt something and have become much more quiet as they strangely accept there captivity, The female zombie bends down slightly as she let's out a cry of evil unhappiness that she is now in captivity by a thick chain, The male zombie stares ahead also accepting it's fate, Frankenstein will use these specimens for his scientific experiments as he tries to unravel the mystery of zombie thinking and actions, He is trying to teach the zombies to remember there past lives and to make them change in some unbelievable way, If he can teach zombies not to attack and see humans as food he could rerelease the treated zombies back into the wild, Changing these zombies into more social animals will not change the outcome or will it solve the apocalypse. But maybe these zombies once treated could change the behavior of the other zombies, maybe they could teach them.


A clanking is heard as the male zombie pulls on his chain with his right hand, The male zombie pulls again as it tries to free itself, The female zombie suddenly turns and looks at the male zombie in silence. Once left alone the zombies have become much more subdued and quiet and there wretched sounds have been reduced to a whimper which is great news and highly appreciated by the survivors.


When we first met Sarah she was sat down on the floor of a small concrete brick fabricated room with her head between her legs, There was a calendar attached to the wall in the far distance, This room is actually Miguel's sleeping room and the pair have now made there way back to this room, Sarah is very concerned for Miguel's increasing mental illness and his safety, Sarah is in the process of filling a syringe with an anti psychotic drug that she plans to inject Miguel with, Sarah carefully holds the small bottle upside down as she slowly draws the powerful liquid into the syringe with the plunger flange. The liquid in the syringe tube bubbles as it seeps into the plastic barrel. A low level click is heard as Sarah pulls the needle away from the bottle after successfully filling it up.


A metal ting sound is heard as Sarah places the anti psychoactive bottle of liquid back down onto a tables surface, Sarah examines the syringe with both hands as she adjusts the liquid pressure and ensures she has removed any air bubbles. Miguel is stood by the back wall and is watching Sarah prepare the syringe.


Suddenly Miguel comes on over to Sarah not in the greatest of moods, Miguel lunges for the syringe with his right hand as he attempts to snatch it away from Sarah's grasp, Miguel say's with anger, "I am not gonna let you dope me up" (A ringing electronic synthesizer sound can be heard) Miguel throws the syringe with all his might against the far wall as he tries to break it, (Loud snapping sound is heard) Miguel walks towards the left side wall and is adamant he is mentally okay and does not need Sarah's help in anyway.


Miguel turns to face Sarah as he folds his arms and rests his back onto the whitewashed wall, Both Sarah and Miguel look at each other in silence for a few moments in time, Sarah turns as she focuses her mind on preparing another syringe.


Miguel begins to rub his mouth and jaw with his right hand as Sarah prepares a new shot of anti psychotic drugs, (Miguel sniffs several times) A loud sound of ripping paper and scrunching is heard as Sarah rips open a brand new syringe from it's protective outer layer, (Miguel begins to rub his ears and the side of his head with both hands) Sarah say's softly to Miguel as she prepares the syringe, You need a sedative, You're behaving dangerously. I'm just (Sarah becomes slightly agitated as she pulls off the syringes luer lock), trying to help you, Miguel, (Metal tap is heard from sterile tray)


Miguel holds his chin with his right hand as he say's with slight distress and mental tiredness, We'll, I don't need your help - (Miguel's caresses his neck) or anyone else's.


A plastic tapping sound is heard as Sarah prepares the syringe with her back turned to Miguel, Sarah is determined to give Miguel the shot of anti psychotic drugs as she feels he needs it,


Miguel watches Sarah from a distance, Miguel turns his head left as he looks down slightly not in the best of moods, Miguel suddenly becomes emotional as he scrunches his face up and begins to weep slightly at his situation, Miguel puts his right arm to his chin as he say's with a sad and depressed tone of voice, You made me look like an asshole out there, (Shakes head negatively slightly) (Places both hands to the side of his head and then slides them down over his cheeks) Miguel continues, You made me feel like a piece of shit! - Miguel closes his eyes as he ponders his mind back to the corral underground bunker and the scenario that unfolded, Sarah feels strongly that Miguel is sick and is not capable of carrying out his duties in a safe manner, On the other hand Miguel accepts he is weaker than Sarah but still has the mental capacity to go on. (All is silent and there is no sound score)


Sarah is silent as she slowly turns around to face Miguel once again,


Miguel instantly focuses on the freshly prepared syringe Sarah is holding in her hand, Miguel looks up at Sarah and say's with a soft but authoritative tone, You stay away from me with that, Sarah.


Sarah is silent as she displays a sad and reflective facial expression, Sarah is not going to back down as she takes a singular step forward towards Miguel.


Suddenly without warning Miguel springs away from the wall as he shouts out with frustration and anger, You stay a fuck... Miguel's words are cut short as he slaps Sarah across her left side cheek with his right hand at full speed and velocity, (A loud slap sound is heard)


Miguel is losing the plot as he slaps Sarah around her face with anger.


Sarah is completely shocked as her long brown hair sprays out from the sudden attack by Miguel, Sarah stares at her boyfriend in silence for a short moment as she tries to accept what just happened to her.


Too add insult to injury Miguel slaps Sarah again around the same left side cheek, Sarah groans loudly from the stinging pain and the shock she is receiving,


Sarah breathes deeply as she continues to stare at Miguel, her defiance and her resilience is coming through as she knows deep down that Miguel is sick and is now taking his problems out on the people who care for him the most.


Miguel looks at Sarah in silence as his mind slowly tells him there is something desperately wrong,


Miguel raises his right hand and places it delicately onto Sarah's left side head and cheek as he tries to soothe the pain,


Miguel is becoming very emotional towards Sarah and now feels terrible for hurting the love of his life, Miguel begins to weep as he holds Sarah's head with both hands, (Jingling from Miguel's chains is heard) Miguel let's out a deep sigh of sorrow and unhappiness as he pushes his head into Sarah's as he tries to quell his pain and suffering.


Miguel drops down slightly as he holds onto Sarah for support, Miguel pushes his head into Sarah's neck as he holds onto her shoulders for emotional support, Miguel touches Sarah's neck with his right hand momentarily) He feels awful for hurting Sarah and now weeps and sniffles with guilt. (Slow melodic synthesizer chord is heard infused with higher drifting drop notes)


Sarah is also becoming emotional and is truly understanding Miguel's anger and frustrations, She holds the back of Miguel as she carefully holds the loaded syringe just above Miguel's left shoulder, Sarah caresses the back of Miguel as she tries to sooth his mental nerves, Miguel feels the warmth of Sarah as he snuggles into her - Miguel "oohs" with a much needed soothing human comfort from Sarah as the syringe raises much higher into the air.


Now Sarah is totally focused on the syringe as it hangs precariously above the left shoulder of Miguel, Sarah slides her left hand slightly down and away as she guides the syringe to Miguel's right shoulder, (Is Sarah going to inject Miguel with the syringe surely not?) Sarah looks at the powerful anti psychotic solution from inside the syringe as she contemplates her actions, Suddenly Sarah becomes slightly tense as she quickly places her left hand over the top of the syringe, Without a second thought Sarah pushes down hard injecting the strong drug into the shoulder of Miguel catching him completely unaware. Miguel shrieks with pain and shock from the sudden attack by Sarah.

Miguel shrieks with pain and shock from the sudden attack by Sarah.


Miguel holds onto his right shoulder with his left hand as he rapidly steps backwards from the sudden unorthodox procedure, (A light and fast tapping of feet is heard from Miguel) Miguel falls onto his bed as he looks back at Sarah with total surprise and bewilderment.


Sarah looks down at Miguel with sadness and turmoil, She knows in her heart that she did the right thing but is now emotionally destroyed and also quite surprised in herself that she carried out the injection against Miguel's wishes. Sarah suddenly lowers her hands as she drops the used syringe to the floor. (Light tap sound is heard)

Miguel is silent as he looks up at Sarah while holding his right shoulder with his left hand, Suddenly Miguel raises himself up and stands to the floor.


Miguel is still very emotional as he rapidly approaches Sarah, Sarah reacts by turning to her right and retrieving some brand new syringes from the table top. (Crunching of materials is heard) Miguel stops in his tracks as Sarah confronts him with the packets of syringes in her hands. Sarah breathes out loudly with anticipation of Miguel's actions, In Sarah's defense she has used the needles as a way to get her point across, Sarah is a Dr and Miguel respects her medical invulnerability and skills in that area.


Miguel slowly twists his head from side to side as his emotions start to build up again, Miguel huffs out as his hands raise up around his head, Miguel begins to sob as he say's, "You Bitch!" Miguel is now very sorry for himself and is no more inclined to hurt Sarah, Miguel looks on at Sarah in a distressed mental state.


Miguel raises his left arm and places his hand over the spot where he was injected before slowly turning around. (Slow and Dreamy synthesizer melody is heard)


Miguel slowly sits himself back down on his bed, (A loud clunking sound is heard) Miguel rests his left arm on the soft and welcoming sheets as he continues to avoid eye contact with Sarah.


Miguel sniffs loudly - Sarah feels she has done enough and now is the time to vacate the room, Sarah slowly turns around as she twists the door handal around with her right hand. Sarah carries a few packets of fresh needles in her left hand as she makes her way out of the room. A light scuffling from Sarah's feet is heard -


(Window blind wobbles slightly as the ring pull sways) Sarah turns at the doorway and looks back in at the sick Miguel, She now feels sorry for him more than ever and can only wish things were back the way they were before the zombie apocalypse materialized. Sarah is silent as she holds her hands together with the packets of syringes tightly between her palms.


Miguel slowly turns his head around as he looks back at Sarah, The drug is starting to have an effect and Miguel won't be leaving his bed for a second time,


Miguel groans loudly as he begins to weep for himself, He places his right hand over his face as he rest's his head down on the pillows, Miguel rests his left leg onto the bed as he continues to shed tears.


Sarah is silent as she continues to observe Miguel from the corridor, A few moments pass and Sarah reaches out with her right hand and closes the door firmly shut leaving Miguel to his own devices and mental woes.


(Wooden tap sound is heard) Miguel is now beginning to feel the effects of the strong drugs and will eventually sleep for quite sometime, Sarah want's Miguel to keep a low profile as she helps him to improve his mental state.

Meanwhile in another area of the deep bunker system Dr Ted Fisher is trying his very best to make Captain Henry Rhodes understand the Scientists point of view. Captain Henry Rhodes is the tyrannical fascistic and despotic leader of the small break away group of soldiers. He is a very difficult man to work with and he always wants things to go his way, He has little scientific knowledge but has his doubts about the operation he is under. The government setup the programme to study the zombies and the soldiers were placed inside the bunker for assistance and protection. Sadly since Major Cooper died Captain Rhodes is now the supreme leader of the group, He is angry that several of his men have died while trying to collect live zombie specimens and would much rather close the scientific study and find a new place to live outside of the Seminole bunker. Dr Ted Fisher say's to Captain Rhodes, We've got to have sterile conditions


(A scrunching of paper is heard) Captain Rhodes pulls a flap up and over as he checks the time before closing the cover again.) Captain Rhodes is studying a local map and is using a compass ruler to plot chart points and areas of significant interest. Dr Ted Fisher quickly presents a piece of white paper with scientific notes written upon it towards Captain Rhodes, Fisher say's slightly louder, "Half the work we do goes down the toilet due to contamination".


Pvt Steel suddenly comes over and sits down, (Captain Rhodes looks at Steel then back down at his map) (Loud thud is heard from Steel) Captain Rhodes begins to pencil in a small circle on the map with his left hand as he replies, You'll work with what you got, Fisher. Fisher suddenly discards the white piece of paper at speed as his frustrations become more paramount, (Steel is in a jovial mood as he places his yellow can of lager down onto the table with his right hand. Dr Fisher raises his left hand up as he expresses his words and say's, But it's madness! Dr Fisher slams his hand back down onto the table.


Captain Rhodes spends most of his time inside the operations room as he shouts out his orders and directs his men. Dr Fisher slaps his hands together as he rests them on to the tables surface, A thud is heard as some white paper is disturbed - Dr Fisher continues, Can't you understand... Dr Fishers words are cut short by the abrupt Captain, Rhodes say's, I understand this:


All is quiet inside the operations room and there is no sound score - Captain Rhodes speaks with a controlling sincerity as he expresses his thoughts on the scientists activities, Rhodes holds his yellow pencil up as he uses it like a conductor, Rhodes say's calmly, You and your playmates, You're running out of friends fast around here.

giphy (7).gif
giphy (7).gif

A click and then a loud metallic echoing bang sound is heard as Sarah enters into the operations room, This large space is also used as a dining area as there are several large tables and chairs dotted about. Pvt Rickle's is also present and is busy pouring himself a fresh cup of coffee. Sarah closes the thick steel door with her right hand as she looks on into the distance.


Pvt Rickle's looks to Sarah momentarily as he turns his head left, Sarah begins to walk down the long and wide passageway towards Captain Rhodes and the others. Sarah frequently pays a visit to this large underground area to report any physical, psychological and social aspects of her work and to provide information on the ongoing scientific work she and the other doctors are currently working on.

Dr Fisher has turned his head at the sound of Sarah's presence, Dr Fisher sighs as he turns back around while covering his disappointed face with his right hand. Captain Rhodes is still engrossed in his maps.


Dr fisher flinches with stress as he continues to hide his face from the Captain, Dr Fisher say's Look...Dr Fisher let's out a deep breath of air as he rests his right hand down on some loose paper notes. (Crinkling of paper is heard) Dr fisher raises his right hand with his yellow pencil between his fingers as he tries once again to persuade and help the Captain to see some sense from the scientists point of view. Dr fisher says, Major Cooper promised that we... Dr Fishers words are cut short yet again by the verbally controlling Captain. Major Cooper was running the show before he died and was more understanding, He listened with more empathy and the scientists could work without the worry of a reprisal or the risk of there operations being shut down. Now things have been torn apart by Captain Rhodes who has other ideas on the fate of the compound. Captain Rhodes looks away from Dr Fisher as he slowly raises his cup of tea to his mouth, Captain Rhodes say's with sincere understanding, Major Cooper is dead.


(A loud clicking sound is heard in the background from Pvt Rickle's who is attending to his machine gun) (Captain Rhodes takes a small mouthful of tea from his cup) Captain Rhodes looks on over at Dr Fisher and say's with an authoritative tone, I'm in command now, (A loud thud is heard from the cup as Rhodes places it back down to the tables surface)


(Rhodes points his pencil towards Dr Fisher) (Rhodes lowers head slightly) and I'm telling you... (More clicking is heard from Pvt Rickle's) that you work with what you got. And you'd better start showing me some results...or you won't have that very much longer. (Rhodes leans back slightly) (Rhodes lowers his head as he continues his map calculations and information diagnostics.)


Dr Fisher has become more angry from the words and thoughts from Captain Rhodes, He shouts out loudly, How can we show you results (Dr Fisher sticks out his right hand to express his words as he looks away then back at Rhodes) when we don't have the proper working conditions?.


Pvt Rickle's has walked across the large room as he holds his white coffee cup in his left hand, Pvt Rickle's carefully sets down his machine gun down against a corner of a table before walking around a chair and sitting down while placing his cup to the tables surface. A light tapping of feet is heard as Sarah reaches the other end of the room and stops in her tracks. Sarah is quick to defend Dr Fisher as she say's, We're in a desperate situation here, We need each other. Sarah's eyes flit between Dr Fisher and Captain Rhodes as she expresses her thoughts. Sarah stretches out her right arm slightly as she say's slightly louder,  Can't we just get along? (Lowers arm) Captian Rhodes snaps back at Sarah, You need us, the way I see it, lady.

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