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As Ash approaches without warning the deadite sends Ash flying into a wooden shelf as its long and powerful arm protrudes at speed. 

A loud crashing sound of ornaments wood and pottery is heard as Ash hits the shelf. The shelf falls to pieces as Ash hits the floor.

Off chord and random violin chords are heard as the deadite grabs Scott by the throat. The deadite screams "Join Us" in an evil but persuasive tone of voice.

The deadite is trying to dish out the same medicine as Scott, The rotten entity holds Scott by the throat and is edging him closer to the hot flames of the fire place. Scott is suffering greatly and time is running out. Join Us ahhhh the deadite screams out with pleasure.

Scott's arms flail as he desperately tries to escape the deadites clutches. Ash is struggling from the attack and is trying to get out from under the debris pile.

Join Us! the deadite shrieks out again, Scott struggles to breath as the deadites grip tightens.

A loud and shrieking sound is now being produced by the deadite, Ash is still laying on the floor and can only watch at this point in time.

Scott's face say's it all, the deadite is not giving up any time soon.

The deadite reaches down and picks up the Kandarian dagger that Scott was examining earlier. The deadite immediately tries to stab Scott with the long and sharp blade.

Scott tries with all his might to stop the deadites attack.

Scott has a knife strapped to his back for safety, He struggles but manages to pull it from it's sheath. The deadite is groaning loudly as violins and cymbal crashes are heard.

Scott hesitates momentarily.

Scott is trembling with fear as he pulls the knife, Slightly hesitating he immediately tries to cut the hand off from the rotten deadites body.

The deadite winces with pain and pleasure as the blade cuts through the rotten flesh.

It is very noisy as the deadite shrieks with pain and pleasure, The deadite in the hatch is banging up and down, Cymbals are crashing loudly as well as violin chords. Ashley stands up to witness the commotion.

Blood pours from the deep wound of the deadite as the blade cuts deeper and deeper. The deadite spins it's head around and around in pain.

The deadite still has it's slimy hand on Scott's throat. It wont be going down without a fight.

Scott drops the knive and it falls to the floor as the deadite screams with evil.

Ash stands upright with an Axe in hand.

Ash retorts with discust at the deadites foul deeds.

Ash signals with his axe to attack the deadite but stops in his tracks as he witnesses the evil deadites actions.

The deadite starts to bite through the hand as the evil forces that control it want a feast.

A crunching and sucking sound is heard as the deadite loudly wimpers with pleasure and pain. Scott watches with shock and fear as the deadite slowly bites and knaw's at the rotten flesh of it's own hand.

Scotts face shows one of sheer terror and bewilderment.

A few seconds more and the hands stringy tendens and veins stretch and snap as the hand becomes decapitated from the wrist.

Ash is struck with fear and shock and has not moved from his position.

The deadite groans and growls as it throws the seperated hand to the floor still attached to the Kandarian dagger. 

The hand lays motionless still attached to the Kandarian dagger.

The deadite shrieks and breathes heavily from the self inflicted wound. 

As the deadite suffers with pain Scott uses the moment to reach down and grab the Kandarian dagger. The Kandarian dagger has the power to kill a deadite. The decapitated hand still clings to the daggers handle.

Scott raises the blade and with all his might reaches behind the deadite and plunges the long and sharp metal into the back of the rotten evil.

Ash looks on in fear as the deadite gives out an almighty long and continous shreek of pain.

Ash can't believe what he is witnessing.

The deadites loud and piercing shreek is all that can be heard as it tries to pull the blade out with the other hand.

Ash watches as the deadite shreels a high pitched sound of pain.

Blood starts to pour from the skelton mouth of the Kandarian daggers handle.Smoke protrudes from the human bone handle as the deadite increases it's shreeks of pain.

Ash stands behind as the powerful dagger sends the deadite slowly to the floor of the wooden cabin.

Scott winces and touches his throat with discomfort as he watches the deadite slowly succumb onto the wooden beamed surface.

Scott stands over the deadite as the deadite starts to rock its head from side to side in a violent fashion. Suddenly a white milky substance spurts out of the decapitated stump that was bitten off moments before.

A loud growling is heard as the deadite convulses on the floor and then it suddenly stops motionless. The deadite tries to pull the protruding blade from its chest to no avail.

Suddenly the deadite spurts more of the milky substance, It fountains out of its mouth and stump once again as it groans with pain and defeat.

Scott looks down with shock and bewilderment.

More milky white liquid spurts from the stump.

The deadite stops moving as the growls die down.

Ash looks on slightly perplexed.

A low level growling is heard as the deadite slowly stops moving its head.

Only a light wind is heard as Scott looks down at the motionless deadite.

Scott looks over a little unsure of what to do next.

Scott and Ash are completely silent, Scott is out of breath as he looks down at the completely still deadite form.

Scott slowly and hesitantly steps over to the deadite, A crunching is heard as Scott's shoes and weight creak and displace the wooden floorboards.

As Scott walks forever closer to the deadites head a hand suddenly grabs Scott's left leg. A pounding crash is heard to emphasize the reaction.

The deadite springs back to life as the hand crawls up to Scott's chin and mouth. The deadite is making those horrible noises again. A middle toned violin chord plays expressing a sad and depressing atmosphere.

Scott manages to throw the exploring hand away as a cresendo of violins play. The deadite returns to its feet.

The deadite in the basement becomes excited again as it watches from the hatch. Shelly's deadite form is now covered in blood and growls as it slowly crosses the room towards Scott and Ash.

Scott backs away in fear as he shouts to Ash "Hit Her" He hesitates and say's again more loudly this time "Hit Her".

Scott turns to the motionless Ash and shouts loudly "Hit It!" The deadite growls as it gets forever closer.

Ash is frozen with fear as Scott grabs the axe from his hand. The deadite shreeks and groans with an evil pleasure as it slowly moves forward.

Suddenly Scott strikes the deadite with the axe. He swings the heavy axe with both arms and a thumping sound is heard as the deadite falls to the ground. Scott strikes for a second time as the deadite shreeks on the floor. Blood splatters up and over Scott as the force of the sharp blade cuts deep.

Scott is now enraged and continues to strike down onto the deadite with full force.

Scott aims his axe at the other hand of the deadite, He pounds the blade into the bone several times as it becomes severed..

Ash watches on in discust and shock as Scott takes his anger and revenge out on the growling and shreeking deadite.

Scott see's red as he pounds the deadite with the heavy weapon.

Scott is in a frenzy and chops the left leg just below the kneecap with the axe several times as the deadite screams with pain. An off key syntheziser plays out at repeated notes as the slasheresque scene plays out.

The axe glimmers with blood and moon light as it raises up ready for another strike. Blood sprays out onto the walls and ceiling each time the blade hits its mark.

Scott breathes heavily as he continously strikes the deadite with the axe in a frenzy of blows. A thudding sound is heard each time the axe hits its target. Ash looks away in discust and terror.

A single middle toned key tone is playing as Scott stops his attack, He is breathing heavily and looks down at the damage he has created with axe in hand. Scott has surprised himself with the ferocity and speed of the attack as he looks at the axe in contemplation of his actions.

Scott looks at the axe dumbfounded at what just happened, He then drops the axe down onto the floor to join with the pieces of deadite that scatter around the wooden surface. The pieces of rotten flesh twitch nervously as if wanting to connect.

Scott looks down at his bloodied hands, He is in shock and can't quite accept what he has just done. Ash has his back to the cabin wall, He say's to Scott, Scott?. Scott is still looking down at the fleshy and shaking remains, He replies "Yeah"
Ash say's, What is... He stops his sentence dead, "What are we going to do?" Scott replies, We're going to bury her. A light wind is all that can be heard. Ash replies, You.... can't bury Shelly, She's a... she's a friend of ours, isn't she?. Scott replies loudly, Ash, She's dead. Shelly's dead. Scott is convinced this is the right thing to do. Scott say's, We gotta bury her now. The fleshy deadite body parts are still moving around on the floor.

Scott and Ash appear at the cabin entrance. They have scooped up Shelly's body parts and have put them into a bed sheet. Blood can be seen seeping through the white linen as they carry it out like a hammock. It is very quiet with only a light wind.

Ash and Scott slowly struggle with the deadites remains as Ash momentarilly drops his side of the sheeting.

Slowly Ash and Scott drag the heavy sheet into the woods, With a swinging action they proceed furthur. A thud sound is heard as they lift the heavy sheet over some foliage for it too come down heavy on the moist and tempered ground.

A thick silver mist penetrates the air as Ash and Scott vanish from view. Scott and Ash start to dig the ground with shovel's, they want a hole deep enough to bury Shelly's remains.

Ash and Scott start to dig a hole.

The hole has been dug and Ash and Scott place the heavy sheet into the deep space they have just dug.

Ash starts to shovel mud over the sheet to give it a nice coverage.

As soon as the deadite has been buried Ashley throws his shovel into the soft ground and it sticks up vertically to indicate a job completed. Scott throws a makeshift wooden cross into the ground to show some respect for Shelly who's remains are really there. A flash of lightening and thunder rumble across the sky lighting up the spot where Shelly has been buried.

The evil presence is on the move again as it heads towards the cabin. A didgeridoo and an evil echoing voice can be heard along with a howling wind.

Scott and Ash have returned to the cabin, Scott is looking through the window in contemplation when Ash comes over to join him. Ash say's, Linda's still sleeping. I think once her leg... Ash's words are cut short as Scott interrupts and say's, I'm getting out of here.

Ash replies, Scott, we can't take Linda anywhere with a leg like that. Ash continues, We don't even know if there is any other way back besides the bridge.

Scott replies, Well, maybe there's a hiking trail, or an old road or some other way around the cliff. Scott continues, I mean there's gotta be another way besides the bridge.

Ash replies, Listen to me, Linda cannot walk with a leg like that, She can't even stand up.

Scott turns to face Ash with an unhappy expression on his face, He say's, Well, then we'll leave her here, Until we can send somebody back.

Ash replies in disbelief at Scott's words, He say's, What! Are you crazy? 

Ash tries to continue but is overpowered by Scott's loud response, Scott shouts, Look! I'm getting out!. I don't care what happens to her, She's your girlfriend, you take care of her. I'm getting the hell out of here, Right now!.

Scott walks away as somber violins play out. Ash watches as Scott walks over to the cabin entrance.

The sound of crickets chirping is all that can be heard, Scott exit's the cabin and starts his slow walk into the forest. Scott looks back one time only before descending into the dark and creepy moonlight.

Ash is all alone except for Linda who is sleeping in the bedroom. Ashley is standing at the hatch entrance looking down at Cheryl's deadite form. The deadite speaks to Ashley in an evil tone of voice. "Soon all of you will be like me". The deadite becomes more excited and higher pitched, It screams out "And then who will lock you up in the cellar?" Ashlea is none impressed and leaves the room to the door across the way. 

The deadite is in an evil and humourous mood, It laughs and chuckles loudly to torture Ashley as best it can.

Ashley goes to check on Linda who is soundly asleep in the bedroom. It is very quiet and not a sound can be heard.

Ashley kneels down to check that Linda is okay, She is snug asleep in bed.

Ashley moves to the bottom of the bed and slowly lifts the bedding up to reveal Linda's feet.

Linda is oblivious to Ashley being there, As Ash lives up the sheets he notices something strange happening to Linda's ankle.

Linda previously was stabbed with a pencil in the ankle by Cheryl's deadite form. Now Linda has become possessed by Kandarian evil. Suddenly her ankle increases in size a spider like web of dried blood.

The spiders web increases and spreads out in size engulfing Linda's ankle foot and creeping up her leg. Ashley is alarmed by this phenomena and is now very worried for Linda. An electrical synthesizer sound is heard as the web of dried blood increases in size.

A cymbal crash is heard as Linda suddenly sit's upright with hands outstretched. Linda giggles and chuckles an evil but also childish laugh that is continuous.

Ashley is in fear and shock at the sight of Linda's sudden change in character, He walks backwards to try and escape the giggling Linda.

Ashley wants to leave the building.

Ashley opens the door while facing forwards, He is scared for his life and maybe running into the woods could be a better option for survival.

Ashley quickly vacates the bedroom and makes his way to the cabin exit looking behind as he does so. Ashley looks down the dark corridor but can see nothing nor can he hear any giggling at this moment in time. Only a light breeze from outside can be heard.

Suddenly from no where Scott reappears throwing himself onto the surprised Ash. Ash is shocked and completely caught unaware almost losing his skin in fright. A loud cymbal crash is heard as Scott appears. Scott grabs Ash and shouts with fright "Ash! Ash!. Scott is hurt and needs medical attention.

Ash say's "Oh My God"" as he helps the injured Scott back into the cabin. Scott say's "Help me" in pain and fear.

Scott has injured his right leg and a large gash in his right upper leg area can clearly be seen bleeding. His jeans are ripped and large amounts of blood have soaked into the fabric. Scott say's in pain, Help me Ash". Scott is limping badly as Ash helps him over to the sofa. Linda is sat down with knees folded. She giggles at the sight of the injured Scott, Clearly Linda is now possessed with Kandarian evil.

Scott groans loudly with pain as Ash rests him down onto the sofa. Scott groans some more as Ash say's, Scotty, You're going to be Okay. You're going to be just fine. You'll see.

Ash steps away to investigate Linda, Ash kicks a tin can as he steps away and bends slightly on his knees,  Linda is giggling loudly like a mischievous child and is slowly becoming Kandarian evil.

Scotty say's, Ash, It's not going to let us leave.

Ash is by the fire grate and throws a piece of wood into the burning flames, Scott say's in a weak and pain filled tone of voice, Cheryl... Cheryl was right. Scott chokes and swallows on his words, Scott continues, We're all going to die here! he say's in a defeated tone.

Ash replies, No, we're not going to die!

Scott continues, We're all going to die. "All of us!"  he say's with a sad conviction. Ash walks over to Scott and looks him in the eyes, He say's No we're not going to die!, Ash pushes Scotty with his hand to make his words have a meaning,  We're not going to die! We're gonna get out of here. Ash continues, Now listen to me Scotty, Is there a way around the bridge?

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