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Hammer is a crack shot and kills three scavengers with three bullets, He then turns round shouting Ahhh as he shoots another scavenger in the head.

After the last scavenger drops down dead Hammer say's loudly, Punks! No one alive can trick Hammer from the Bronx!, A sound of water trickling is heard as Hammer makes his way back along the tunnel to meet Hotdog.

Trash now has the pleasure of meeting the Ogre. The Ogre say's to Trash, You come sneaking into my kingdom like a thief... You kill one of my best men...You say you didn't do it?, The Ogre then quietly chuckles to himself as he walks around Trash.

The Ogre say's to Witch, You hear that Witch? Trash tells lies.

Witch replies to Ogre in a susceptible tone, Somebody else was pointing a gun at Trash, Really!

The Ogre walks slowly around Trash again, He say's "Really?" not to convinced by Witch's words.

The Ogre taps his stick on to the right shoulder of Trash and say's Who?, Trash replies, That Scum Hammer!!

The Ogre replies "Hammer" in a familiar tone of voice, You brought Hammer into my territory? 

Trash replies, He works for the Manhattan corporation. His job is to get my girl and bring her back to them.

The Ogre replies, Yeah, I heard there was a rich broad hiding out in the Bronx... But I never imagined she'd be staying with the likes of you, ..Trash!!

Trash replies, Very funny! Look, Hammers turning us against each other...

The Ogre has suddenly changed his tune, He say's Yeah! in a serious way as he turns away from Trash.

The Ogre continues, That's his style all right!.

The Ogre continues, Just so he could get off his sadistic rocks...

Trash replies, Could explain why the Zombies kidnapped my girl?

Ice has made his way to the Zombies hideout and is trying to negotiate with Golem. Ice say's, What do you say Golem?

Golem replies, I say your toys in the attic!

Ice replies enthusiastically, Alright!

There may be toys in the attic, And that girl may have been yours when you first got here, But now she's Trash's girl!

Ice continues, And if he finds out you got her here he's gonna kill you! 

The scenes depicted in this movie do bring back memories and are very reminiscent of those great retro arcade games, Vigilante which was released in 1988 and Double Dragon which was released in 1987.

Sounds of skating can be heard, Ice continues, You don't know Trash He's crazy!

Ice continues, But if we get together on this there's a chance we could come out smelling like a Rose!

Golem replies in a thoughtful way, Let me think about it.

Ice replies, For Christ Sakes man we don't have time to think!. ...There's no time!

Golem turns around and is slightly angry with Ice's words, Golem say's Tough Shit... If you want an answer you must wait!

Trash turns around and is still talking with The Ogre, He say's Your the King of the Bronx, But if you don't want hammer to screw ya... You gotta give me a hand!

The Ogre replies, Oh Yeah!, The moment I move it's war! The shit's gonna hit the fan... Trash replies, Maybe not?

Trash slowly walks over to Witch and the Ogre, He say's, We can free the girl and screw up Hammer's scheme. The Ogre replies, Go On!

Trash continues, Me and you could take on the Zombies and a... Trash's words are cut short. 

Ogre replies, And if we win have less trouble after. Now I know why you really came.

Ogre continues, You want me to help you get your chick back.


The Ogre continues, I'm with Ya!

The Ogre continues, I owe Hammer one anyway! Witch say's as she picks up her whip, I'm coming with you! 

Ogre replies to Witch, Good you can cover my back just in case he's lying.

Hammer has made it back to Hotdog, The sound of Hotdogs truck engine can be heard. Hotdog say's to Hammer, I want out! 

Hammer replies, You don't have any out.

Hammer continues, What are you worried about?, 

Pretty soon they'll be ripping each other apart!

Come on... Let's go, Drop me off..

And I want you to watch Ice.

Hammer say's abruptly Let's go, Hotdog hesitantly say's All right.

Hotdog accelerates up the dirt road to take Hammer back to the Manhattan corporation HQ.

Trash Witch and the Ogre have just entered into scavenger territory, A loud echoing sound of footsteps and rubble is heard including a loud sound of jingling glass. A synthesizer sound of low notes is playing with high notes as soon as scavengers appear.

The sound has disturbed the scavengers and they start to appear in large numbers. One scavenger signals to more of his gang to jump down and join the attacking group.

The Ogre is hesitant and cautious, He readies his cane in case of combat.

Gorilla sounds are generated as the scavengers jump down from there hiding places.

Trash Witch and Ogre survey there surroundings, Suddenly something has caught Trash's attention.

Multiple twangs of an electric guitar are heard increasing in pitch as the three gang members set there eyes on Blade who does not look in a good way.

Trash Witch and the Ogre are motionless as they look down the corridor at Blade who is tied up and slumped to one side.

Trash turns and looks at the Ogre in shock and confusion. Trash then turns his head back round.

Trash slowly walks forward towards Blade, It is very quiet and no sounds are heard.

The Ogre looks all around for any enemies that may be lurking close by.

Ogre say's to Witch "Be careful"

Witch nods her head positively.

Witch moves forward along the corridor, 

Witch snaps her whip as she moves along, It makes a loud snapping whipping sound as she snaps at the floor.

Witch moves off at high speed into the adjacent corridor snapping her whip again as she turns left. Her long flowing dress floats behind as she makes haste..

A soft and sad melody plays that is fitting for this scene, Trash slowly walks over to Blade, 

Trash slowly lift's Blade's head up.

As soon as Blade see's Trash a smile appears on Blade's face.

Blade say's Trash.

Trash looks on at his friend in a sad way. Tears are starting to well in Trash's eyes. Trash replies, What happened?

Blade replies, It was the ...Blade stutters his words mixed with blood, Blade continues "Scavengers" I was coming to warn you. Trash affectionately holds Blades left side cheeks to try and comfort him in some way.

Blade struggles to get his words out, He say's uh uh ICE, You know... Ice was paid off!

A tear falls from Trash's left eye, Blade continues, And double crossed you!

Blade continues, He was paid off by Hammer.

Hotdog too! Blade starts to struggle for breath.

Trash holds Blade's head with both hands and say's softly, Save your breath.

Blade is making some horrible uhh sounds he is suffering greatly, Blade say's I'm in pain Trash!

Blade splutters and say's Trash in great pain, Ah Ah I cant take it. Blade has lost his breath at this point.

Blade whimpers softly as Trash comforts him as best he can.

A tear rolls down Blades cheek as he fights for life. Blade say's Trash one more time.

Suddenly a crunching sound is heard as Trash puts Blade out of his misery by snapping his neck and causing instant death. 

Trash slowly covers Blades face and as he does so he slowly slides his hand down to close Blades eyes so that he can rest in peace.

Suddenly a scavenger drops from an elevated opening and starts to attack Ogre. 

Ogre kicks the first scavenger to the ground only to face another from behind. He dispatches the scavenger from behind with a rapid strike to the head with his strong and versatile cane.

Another scavenger attacks from the left side, The scavengers strike misses and Ogre uses the opportunity to strike the enemy  twice in the back.

The next scavenger to attack is also beaten to the ground with a kick to the lower leg and then a kick to the head.

Another two scavengers are beaten to the floor by Ogre, He uses his stick as a shield also.

Another scavenger suddenly appears.

Ogre takes out another scavenger as another scavenger jumps down on top of Ogre, Ogre whacks the scavenger in the head and it goes down.

Witch is also in trouble, A scavenger jumps down from behind as Witch turns she strikes the scavenger with her whip, A cracking sound is heard as she strikes the enemy, 

Witch turns around and kicks another scavenger down only to turn around again to whip the same scavenger again, She finishes with a heavy strike to the back of the enemy.

This scavenger has been whipped twice and hit in the back by Witch.

Another scavenger appears at the top of the wall, Witch extends her whip at it coils around the scavengers neck. The scavenger grabs the whip and makes some funny faces as Witch pulls it from off the wall to the ground.

As the scavenger is pulled down another two suddenly appear. The scavenger to the right drops down to the floor, Witch turns to her left and sticks her razor sharp steel finger nails into the enemy. A sound of a falling bottle is heard and a ripping sound is heard as she stabs the scavenger to death.

The scavengers just don't give up and are giving Trash a hard time also, Six scavengers swarm onto Trash he is struggling, Trash elbows one of the scavengers in the face.

Trash manages to throw another scavenger off.

Trash manages to put his arms around two of the scavengers, As he struggles a scavenger whacks Trash from behind in the back with a plank of wood.

Now three scavengers are holding Trash still while another whacks Trash in the stomach, Caveman sounds are heard by the scavengers.

Suddenly the Ogre appears and starts to strike the scavengers down with his cane,

Ogre whacks this scavenger full force in the face. 

Ogre kicks and strikes the Scavengers with his cane.

Trash elbows a scavenger with his right side metal spiked elbow protector.

Only one scavenger remains and Ogre strikes the scavenger with his cane decapitating it.

Trash thanks the Ogre for helping him out.

Ogre replies, Don't thank me now, I gotta feeling that before this is over we're gonna owe each other a whole shit load of favors.

Ogre say's to Witch, You been using your whip again, Witch replies, Yeah! Just like you taught me.

Ogre reaches down and picks up Trash's weapon which he hands to him, Ogre say's Let's Go!

Hey Hey Hey Hey Hey sounds are heard as Hotdog approaches the Zombie gangs hideout.

Ice is talking to Golem, Ice say's Golem I don't trust Hammer that much either but he's the only chance we got.

Ice continues to persuade Golem, Ice say's, All we gotta do is take him that girl over there...

Hotdog is listening in to the conversation.

make a deal with him and we got it made!

Ice continues, Trash is out of the way..Ogre's out of the way.

It's all ours.. got that?

Ogre ponders for a moment and then becomes convinced, Ogre say's, Okay Man... It's a deal.

Samuel Fisher is speaking sternly to Hammer in an authoritative tone, Fisher say's, Hammer if you don't get the girl by 11.00 tomorrow...

Fisher takes a step forward and say's to Hammer, I'll have your head.

Hammer turns his head and looks at Fisher before turning back round to answer a ringing telephone.

Hammer cautiously places the receiver to his ear and say's Hammer Here!

Hotdog has returned to his truck and is on his radio mic. He say's to Hammer, I saw the girl, Ice is making the deal!, 

Hotdog continues, We should be back here in probably half an hour, Hammer replies, Right!

Hotdog say's, I'm gonna go back and get them now!

Hammer say's She'll be here in a half hour.

Samuel Fisher say's, I don't want anybody to see her. 

Samuel Fisher continues, Nobodies to know anything about her.

Hammer gestures with his finger and makes a shh sound,

Hammer say's sarcastically,  We'll fly her in, in a helicopter... 


Hammer chuckles at Fisher, Fisher is not amused and leaves the room with the Vice President.

Sounds of men fighting and clacking of weapons can be heard as the Ogre Trash and Witch creep deeper in to Golems hideout.

The Ogre tells Witch to go to the left.

The Ogre say's to Trash as he points his finger Right, Trash that way...

Golem is giving his men supportive verbal morale, He say's, Lay in to each other..Men!

The Ogre has climbed onto the ledge and is moments away from being spotted.

Golem is watching his men lay in to each other and shouts, That's it! He is pleased with his men's performance. As soon as Golem's words come out, The Ogre shouts over and say's loudly, Golem!.

As soon as Ice see's the Ogre he quickly moves from his position.

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