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Another man called T.H.Lennox who is the propreiter of the local drug store in Summerisle begins to sing. He is sat at the bar wearing glasses and a blue top piece suit and leans over his chair and sings, ♪ The parts of every gentleman


♪ Do stand up, John MacGregor raises a clench fist with his right arm as he holds it steady with his left hand. He shakes his fist rapidly as he emphazises the words being sung. 


T.H. Lennox continues, ♪ at attention.


The entire room ignites with rapturous laughter at the singing antics of the two men,


Willow holds her hands over her mouth while in fits of giggles.


Suddenly John Young the Fish monger wearing a navy blue jumper and glasses leaps into action as he holds hands with the Harbour Master, Both men begin to dance around the floor in a 360 degree motion.


Sergeant Howie has still not caught on to the pubs fun and games and is rather unhappy as he looks down at the floor, Alder MacGregor inhales on his cigarette and is thoroughly enjoying the show.


All the men begin to sing loudly in unison like it was a church congregation. ♪ Oh, nothing can delight so''( The patrons did not sing the final line of this fourth verse which is "The Landlord's Daughter" but skipped and went to the first line of verse five. Alder stares at the Sergeant with strangely lit eyes.


T.H.Lennox on the left begins to sing the next line of verse five as he looks at John Young the Fishmonger, ♪ As does the part that lies between


John Young to the right finishes the line and sings ♪ Her left toe, He then turns to look at the drunken patrons.


John Young sticks his left foot out to emphasize the words that he has sung.


T.H.Lennox to the left sings - And Her right Toe!


T.H.Lennox then sticks his right foot out to join with John Young's left, Fits of laughter are heard from the patrons as the two men join feet.


Oak has stood back up and is jigging on the floor as he claps his hands to the rhythm of the sound, 


Both T.H.Lennox and John Young begin to shuffle there shoulders and move to the rhythm of the music.


Both men swing there feet in unison from left to right as they flow with the music.


Loud clapping is heard along with the musical instruments as people stamp there feet on the floor in a rhythmic motion.


Alder turns to face the cabinet of alcoholic beverages as Sergeant Howie watches Willow who has suddenly got the urge to dance around the officer.


A musician plays a drum at a medium pace while the Harbour Master and others clap there hands to the beat.


Willow has caught the sound and the atmosphere as she begins to dance into the crowd, Willow looks behind her while T.h.Lennox takes a large drag of his cigarette which produces a ploomb of silvery smoke. John MacGreagor watches Willow as he claps his hands along with the Harbour Master and others.


Willow puts her left hand to her left hip as she looks behind herself, Oak comes up behind Willow with his hands raised and starts to nudge her backside with his groin. Willow is pretending to be part of the song and is the Landlord's daughter. Sergeant Howie is not very happy with the situation and  suddenly walks off from the singing and dancing as he makes his way to the back of the bar.


The Harbour Master taps Oak on his right shoulder as Oak continues to apply pressure to the back of Willow. The school master moves from his position and into the room.

Oak raises his hands high as he follows Willow where ever she goes, Willow bangs her buttocks in a rhythmic backwards motion against Oak as she moves to the beat of the drums and the other instruments and the clapping. Sergeant Howie has walked around the commotion and is entering from the right side door well as he approaches Alder the bar man.


Willow is quite clearly a natural party animal. Sergeant Howie sets his brown bag down on the right side bar close to the door and 1973 calendar.


Sergeant Howie enters into the bar area with a face of unhappiness and irritation, Sergeant Howie say's loudly over the noise, I'd like my supper now please, 


Alder MacGreagor replies, It won't be long Sergeant.


Alder turns to look out at his dancing patrons and say's, Och, you don't want to let them worry you.


Alder continues, Why don't you have a wee drink? The sergeant replies, No thank you, not just now.


Sergeant Howie turns away from the barman and faces the noisy crowd as he begins to slam a glass ashtray against the wooden bars surface in an attempt for everyone to stop what they are doing and be quiet.

Chill Out (1982) - Black Uhuru

The School Master has decided to get in on the action and is twizzling his body around with his hands held high, Another man wearing a white shirt with a cigarette in his mouth holds the school master around the hips to steady his balance. A couple at the very far back have stood on a bench and are dancing with each other while others clap and laugh. Sergeant Howie can still be heard slamming the glass ashtray down onto the bar to try and stop the show.

Sergeant Howie is determined for peace and quiet as he continues to bang the glass ashtray down onto the surface of the bar.


Suddenly all goes quiet as the banging ashtray has taken effect. The Harbour Master turns around at the sound of the banging while the musicians stop playing there instruments.


All is quiet as Sergeant Howie turns to his right and looks up along the room.


Sergeant Howie turns back to face the crowd as he begins his important message, He say's, I think you all ought to know that I am here on official business.


Sergeant Howie reaches into his right side upper jacket pocket with his left hand as he continues, I am here to investigate the disappearance... Howie hesitates then say's, "of a young girl"...


Sergeant Howie produces a small notebook as a rummaging of paper is heard, Howie continues, As doubtless, the harbour master has already told you by now


Sergeant Howie holds up the picture of Rowan Morrison for everyone to see and say's, There's the girl, Her name is Rowan Morrison. Howie turns to his right as he shows the photo to others in that direction.


Sergeant Howie offers the photo to Alder as he say's, Would you pass that among your customers, please?,


Alder looks at the photo as he takes it in his hand.

Sergeant Howie say's as Alder holds the photo of Rowan Morrison, Now, if any of you can give me any idea as to her whereabouts, A light acoustic guitar begins to play to provide the sound score.

giphy (3).gif

Howie continues, I'd be most grateful if you'd let me know. The camera zooms in on a black and white photo of a young woman that is standing next to that years grown produce, Freshly cultivated fruits and vegetables are scattered all around, and it is customary for a photo to be taken each and every year to show that years bontiful growth. Sergeant Howie looks up at the photo directly above on the top row as he continues to investigate.


(Top Row Photograph) A lot of chatter is heard as the photo is passed around the pub, Sergeant Howie is looking at the series of black and white photos that are neatly placed to the back wall of the pub. A mans voice is heard saying, Let's have a wee look at the photograph, Another man say's abruptly "No I've not seen her," Another man say's, "Have you tried the mainland". A woman's voice say's, No I've not seen her. A cough is heard. Sergeant Howie moves along to the next photo on the wall to his left as the chatter continues.


This photo is from 1971 and also has a young woman standing in front of that years produce, The chatter continues as a elderly woman is heard saying, "No, I have not seen her at all,  Howie looks directly down at a blank space in the collection of photographs.


Alder the barman say's, No, I'm afraid nobody's seen her, Sergeant.


Sergeant Howie takes the photo of Rowan back from Alder as they look at each other with faces of uncertainty.


The loud chatter continues as a man's voice is heard saying, "When he kicks us out" A wooden bang sound is heard which causes Sergeant Howie to turn around briefly.


Howie reaches for his right side upper jacket pocket with his left hand as he smiles at Alder, Howie say's Thank you to Alder before he looks at the black and white photographs on the wall in front of him.


Sergeant Howie pulls out his small notepad with his left hand as he admires the photos on the wall, Howie raises his right hand with photo in hand as he points at the images and say's with interest, Are these harvest festival photographs?.


A scuffling of paper is heard as Sergeant Howie places the photo of Rowan into the middle of his notepad, Howie looks down for a short moment before looking directly at Alder, Alder replies, Aye, we have one taken at the end of every summer.

Sergeant Howie places his notepad back into his right side jacket pocket with his right hand, Howie momentarily holds the notepad with his left hand as he points his right index finger at the empty space in the series of photographs. Howie say's, What happened to last years?. A woman wearing a stripy shirt walks across the room and disappears into a door to the left, Howie continues to fidget with his notepad as he tries to get more information from Alder.


Alder replies, Umm It got broke. Sergeant Howie silently mimics with his mouth and say's Oh! as he nods positively at Alders words. Alder continues, "Your supper's ready, Sergeant. Howie finishes placing his notepad back into his jacket pocket.


Willow is close by as Alder turns his head to face her and say's, Willow, show the Sergeant to the dining room.


Sergeant Howie is running his fingers up and down against his jacket with his right hand as he turns to follow Willow. Howie turns back around for a short moment and say's Thank You to Alder before turning and walking off. A tapping of feet is heard as the Sergeant makes his way to the dining room.


Alder is silent and motionless with his arms folded as he watches the Sergeant walk off into the distance, His head moves slowly as he tracks his movements. Loud chatter is heard from the customers but no music is playing.


Sergeant Howie is playing with his food and is not to keen on the meal that has been served up to him, Howie places his knife down onto the plate as a chinking of cutlery is heard, Sergeant Howie say's to himself, "It's disgusting"


Willow suddenly appears from the bar area with a pint of fine ale for the Sergeant, A loud chattering can be heard from outside of the dining room. The silver till rings in another sale as Willow provides her customary service. Willow places the glass down onto the table as Sergeant Howie looks down at his dismal dinner, Willow looks at the Sergeant and notices his disappointment or that something is wrong. The Sergeant say's, Thank You as the beer is placed onto the table,


Willow say's as she places both of her hands at either side of her hips, What's the matter, aren't you hungry?.


Oh Aye it's just that, Most of the food I've had, the farmhouse soup, Howie signals with his knife at his plate as he say's, the potatoes, Howie signals again with his knife, the broad beans, Howie turns and looks at Willow as he say's, all come out of a can.


Willow looks down at Sergeant Howies plate and then at the sergeant, The only explanation she can give is to raise her eyebrows as she returns her eyes to the sergeants food.

Sergeant Howie picks up a single broad been with his fork and holds it up to show Willow, Howie say's, Broad beans, in their natural state aren't usually turquoise, are they?.


Willow looks away from the Sergeant and looks down at the food again before umming and smirking at Howies dilema.


Willow looks back at the sergeant and replies, Some things in their natural state, Willow looks down then back up again as she say's, have the most vivid colours.


Sergeant Howie is speechless as he continues to hold the fork and broad been up to show Willow, 


Howie then lowers his fork as he looks back at his food. Howie umms under his breath as he continues to cut at his food with his knife, Howie then say's, I just wanted to know why, that's all as he shakes his head vigourously.


Willow responds, Now, I wonder what you'll be wanting for afters? The sound of cutlery chinking is heard as Howie places his knife and fork to the plate.


Willow pouts her mouth as she tries to make Sergeant Howie feel more comfortable and satisfied.


Another chinking of cutlery is heard as Willow picks up the unfinished plate from the table, Howie lifts his glass to his mouth and just before he drinks he say's without hesitation, Well I'll have an apple, Sergeant Howie is confident he can get some fresh fruit if he requests it himself. Another chinking of cutlery is heard as Willow picks up the unfinished plate from the table, Howie lifts his glass to his mouth and just before he drinks he say's without hesitation, Well I'll have an apple, Sergeant Howie is confident he can get some fresh fruit if he requests it himself. Howie begins to swallow his beer as Willow replies, "No Apples" as she picks up a smaller dish that has an uneaten dessert on top. 


Sergeant Howie stops drinking his beer and lowers his glass as he looks at Willow in some kind of disbelief, Howie swallows awkwardly on his beverage as he say's, No Apples with slight shock.


Sergeant Howie say's, On an island famous for it's fruit and vegetables? Willow just stares at the sergeant then looks down as she smirks. Willow snaps to attention as soon as Howie has finished his sentence as she returns to face Howie with an explanation. Willow say's, "I expect they've all been exported" as she looks back down briefly at the end of her sentence.

Willow say's, You can have ahh Peaches and Cream if you like, Sergeant Howie replies, Aye, from a can I suppose.


Willow is finding Sergeant Howies dry humor rather liberating as she smirks wildly and tilts her head right while laughing slightly under her breath.


Willow continues to smile as she turns away from the sergeant and makes her way to the door to her right with the plates in either hand. Sergeant Howie say's "All right" as he gives in to the quality and supply of food this late night. Howie returns to his beverage as at least something is acceptable. 


Wilow turns around at the door and looks back at the Sergeant, Willow say's, Cheer Up as she looks at the table for a fleeting second then back at Howie, Willow hesitates then say's as she shakes her head negatively, Food isn't everything (Willow looks down then up) in life, you know.


Some time has passed and Sergeant Howie has decided that he will go for a late night stroll to grab some fresh air and a little peace and quiet from the mayhem inside The Green Man public house, 

It is very quiet from outside as Howie steps out into the moonlight placing his police hat on to his head with his left hand as he passes the door well. An unknown couple are cavorting against the wall on the right side of sergeant Howie and crickets can be heard chirping. The sound of chatter emanates from the door space as Howie opens the door, 


Sergeant Howie closes the door shut with his right hand as a loud bang is heard from the door closing. The orange curtains to the left of the door swey slightly at the corner closest to the door from the air that is generated from the doors closing. The couple by the wall are laughing softly to themselves and making sounds of a romantic notion. Sergeant Howie's feet are lightly heard as he steps out onto the soft ground, As Howie passes the Green man sign he holds his hat with his right hand for a brief time until he has passed by the sign.


Sergeant Howie slowly walks past the cavorting couple as he ventures into the night. Being a police officer he has an irresistible urge to investigate more on the disappearance of Rowan Morrison.


A soft flute begins to play to provide the sound score, Sergeant Howie makes his way out into the night to gather composure and to explore a little.


Sergeant Howie finds his way onto a large field of grass and can see bright objects in the distance not to dissimilar to the symmetry and outlines of people. Sounds of heavy breathing and infernal lust can be heard infused with the sound of Crickets.


As the sergeant gets further onto the field it is plain to see that there are scores of couples randomly spaced out on the grass in some kind of courtship, They frolic and gyrate with one another and dont seem to mind the sergeants presence at all, In some way his being there has excited there senses and emotions to a higher level.


A man wearing a blue shirt is feeling the breasts of a young lady as she looks up at the presence of Sergeant Howie, The man is tenderly caressing the womans right side breast up and down and around her neck.


A moment passes and the woman looks down at her lover while the man turns away from sergeant Howie to focus on his lover, Neither is concerned for the sergeants feelings or his emotions as they consider this strange behavior normal, The man begins to move his hand around the woman's left side breast as he explores the flesh further.


Sergeant Howie slowly looks to his left and as he does so more and more cavorting couples come into view. Another man looks at the sergeant in a strange and transfixed way, The more time that passes the more Sergeant Howie builds his picture of Summerisle, and at the moment things are very strange but also intriging for the officer as he needs to find Rowan Morrison.


Sergeant Howie has seen enough of the strange pagan ceremony and leaves the field to investigate some more secrets of the night. 


Sergeant Howie stops behind a stone wall as something has caught his attention from inside the local cemetery.


A man wearing a light brown jumper and blue jeans is carefully watering the grass around a tombstone with a watering can while a woman in a pink dress stands motionless as she watches the man carry out his task. Another man standing behind the woman with a pink dress is also watering the grass while a woman wearing a blue jumper and flowery dress stands motionless as she watches. Both woman carry lanterns to light the ground and all are silent. Another man appears from the back of the two couples carrying a lantern and is walking across the grass.


Sergeant Howie stares at the strange behavior as noises of a woman crying can be heard. 


Sergeant Howie watches as a completely naked woman cries and whimpers loudly as she drapes her self over a tombstone, The woman breathes in and out as her stomach contracts then squeezes in, She is completely oblivious to the sergeants peeping but will have no sympathy for him. Maybe she is weeping for her dead lover or someone who meant a lot to her when they were alive, But in all fairness it is very strange and out of charcter and Sergeant Howie is now considering that the small town and it's people are completely bonkers.


Sergeant Howie has seen enough and suddenly moves off from his position as he heads back to The Green Man.

Inside the Green Man public house the patrons have erupted and transformed into a kind of circus event, The noise is tremendous as the patrons shout scream and clap there hands as loudly as possible, As the saying goes, When the Cat's away the mice will play and that is exactly what they are doing. Oak the Scottish strongman has lifted a patron high up onto his shoulders as he holds his legs for support. Broom the Steward for Lord Summerisle shouts loudly "Up Up Up" Others shout Higher Higher Higher as Oak suspends the man on his strong shoulders. 

Oak turns himself around while the patron holds on for dear life, Everyone is enjoying the feat of strength from Oak. Everyone starts to cheer wildly as Oak swizzles the man around and around to try and make him dizzy. Similar to riding a mechanical bull or even a real one.


Broom cheers loudly as he raises his right hand at the sight of Oak lifting the man high onto his shoulders in the balancing act, Sergeant Howie has made it back to the pub and enters in through the double doors. The sergeant is none to pleased with the strange going on's from outside and is now rather annoyed at the loud party atmosphere. Broom is totally unaware that the sergeant has entered and is now standing behind him.

Without warning Sergeant Howie barges through the doors and shoves Broom with both hands across the floor to his left with a hefty and powerful force. A man to the sergeants right wearing a white shirt and yellow stripey tie almost chokes on his beer as the sergeants right arm knocks the drinkers left arm holding the glass. 


The sergeant has a serious and complex look on his face and with all that is going on the officer has lost his professionalism by shoving Broom but no one seems bothered by the sergeants actions it's almost like he is not there something that does not exist. Howie watches for a brief time the commotion and act as he contemplates his actions.


As Oak the strongman continues his twisting his left arm comes around and makes contact with the sergeants hat, This does not go down too well with the police officer as he pushes Oak's arm away with his right hand in annoyance that no one is taking him seriously. 


Broom raises his right hand high clearly enjoying the show, Others continue to shout and clap at the act. The heavy brass chandelier swings in all directions as it gets hit by the patron on top of Oak's shoulders. Broom slaps the right arm of Oak with his right hand for encouragement and fun.


Alder the barmen pushes up a lever on the right side of his silver cash register as Sergeant Howie approaches. Sergeant Howie has left his brown police bag on the end of the bar.


Sergeant Howie shows signs of a headache as he holds his right hand to his forehead, Howie collects his bag with his left hand as Alder places a green bottle of alcohol onto the bar. A wooden thud is heard as the bottle hits the bar's surface.


As the sergeant walks around the side room Alder reaches up and lifts Howie's room key from off of it's hook. A clicking sound is heard as the key comes away from the hook.


A couple of heavy wooden thuds are heard as sergeant Howie walks behind the bar to retrieve his room key, Alder holds the key up with his right hand as the sergeant takes the key with his left hand. The sergeant say's rudely "Where" 


The sergeant looks away from Alder as he watches the commotion from a distance, Alder say's, You'll find it at the top of the stair on your right.


The sergeant hastily walks off along the bar and into a door well to his left.


The sergeant makes his way along the second bar towards the stairs that lead to his room.


From outside the noise of singing and laughter can be heard from inside the Green Man pub, The sign swings gently from side to side as crickets chirp.


Some time has passed and the noisy and out of control patrons have left the premises for the night. Now the atmosphere has changed completely to one of silence but only for a fleeting moment as now musicians begin to play there instruments and sing. This is no doubt a relief for the sergeant but this small town never sleeps there is always something going on. A musician begins to play his acoustic guitar at a controlled pace and tempo.


A song is being played by Paul Giovanni called Gentle Johnny.

The vocalist sings softly while smoking a cigarette as everyone listens intensively to the words and guitar melody. Musicians are a permanent feature to the town of Summerisle and the night time is a great time for them to practice and sing there favorite folk songs. A musician sat on the far right taps his right hand at a slow pace onto the table to the rhythm of the sound to provide a wooden drum effect.
♪ I put my hand o-on her knee
♪ And she says, do you want to see?


Sergeant Howie has retired to his room and is sat at a table writing information into his journal, Every day the officer will keep notes so that he can thoroughly build up information to help him find Rowan Morrison. 
The sound from the musicians can be heard from the sergeants room as he has his window wide open to allow a cool breeze to enter. 
♪ I put my hand o-on her breast.


Suddenly a male voice is heard from outside of the window down below, The voice say's, Willow MacGreagor, The voice causes Sergeant Howie to stop writing momentarily as he turns his head towards the window in anticipation of who it might be.

Day Night (Original) - Tasteful House

Down below in the darkness of the trees stands Lord Summerisle and his nephew a young man called Ash Buchanan. They have come to the back of The Green Man to speak with Willow. ♪ And she says,


♪ do you want a kiss?
Willow quickly comes over to the window to see who it is that has just called for her. Willow stands motionless and silent as she looks down below at the two men. Crickets are heard chirping in the moonlight.


As soon as Ash Buchanan see's Willow from the window he steps back slightly while Lord Summerisle rests his left hand onto the young man's right shoulder.


Lord Summerisle speaks up to Willow and say's, Willow MacGreagor, I have the honor to present to you Ash Buchanan. 

♪ Gently, gently,
♪ Gently Johnny, 


Willow smiles as she rests her hands either side of the window ledge and say's in a sensual tone of voice, Come up, Ash Buchanan.


♪ Gently Johnny,
♪ My giggalo.
Ash Buchanan instantly moves off from his position as he bends down to avoid the low hanging branches and shrubbery that lightly block his path forward.


As Ash sidesteps across the soft ground he looks up at Willow for as long as he possibly can until he goes out of view. Lord Summerisle smiles brightly as he watches Willow from the open window.


Sergeant Howie is intrigued by the whole situation as he leans over further to gain a better view and understanding off what is going on. Lord Summerisle speaks again to Willow from the darkness, "Another sacrifice for Aphrodite, Willow.

Aphrodite is an ancient Greek Goddess associated with love, beauty, pleasure, and procreation. She is identified with the planet Venus, which is named after the Roman goddess Venus, with whom Aphrodite was extensively syncretized (attempt to amalgamate or reconcile (differing things, especially religious beliefs, cultural elements, or schools of thought). Aphrodite's major symbols include myrtles, roses, doves, sparrows, and swans.


(Chorus) Repeat
♪ Gently, gently,
♪ Gently Johnny, Sergeant Howie has come right over to the window and is just hiding behind the concrete wall so that he is not spotted. Willow speaks down to Lord Summerisle and say's with slight excitement and happiness,  You flatter me, your Lordship, Surely you mean.. to Aphrodite? (Meaning Willow has been chosen to procreate for the worship and strong beliefs of that system.) Lord Summerisle replies, I make no such distinction. 


Lord Summerisle continues, You are the Goddess of Love in human form, ♪ Gently Johnny,
♪ My giggalo.


Lord Summerisle bows slightly as he expresses courtesy to Willow by stretching his left hand out from his chest to a full extension. Lord Summerisle say's, and I am merely your humble acolyte. (Acolyte means "an assistant or follower").


Willow is tickled from Lord Summerisle's words and actions as she laughs strongly and produces a wide and beaming smile. 


Willow raises her right hand to her mouth and blows Lord Summerisle a big kiss, A sound of puckered lips is heard as she expresses her happiness and delight. Lord Summerisle continues, Enjoy yourself...


Willow stretches her right hand out to express that her kiss has floated down to Lord Summerisle and to thanks him for his kindness and understanding. A strong smell of flowers sweeten the air as they sit undisturbed on Willow's window ledge.


Lord Summerisle continues, And him...Only make sure you are ready... for tomorrow's tomorrow.


Willow's tone of voice changes as she hears the words of Lord Summerisle, Willow say's with seriousness and importance, The day of... Willow hesitates then say's, death and rebirth.


Sergeant Howie turns his head away from Willows window as soon as Lord Summerisle responds to Willows deep thoughts. Lord Summerisle say's, "Yes" 


Lord Summerisle continues as he smiles with happiness, And of a somewhat more serious offering and tonight. 


A light sound of Lord Summerisle's feet pressing down onto the soft ground are heard as he turns and leaves Willow to her emotions and her sexual offerings to Aphrodite. Crickets continue to chirp but all is silent and peaceful as Lord Summerisle retreats back to his castle delighted with the outcome.


The Green Man public house has a roaring trade as some of the local patrons continue to drink and chat among themselves. A recorder is heard playing from the room in front as the musicians chant and create new ideas for more folk songs. John MacGregor the Baker stands at the bar along with John Young the fishmonger, Alder rests his right hand on the silver cash registrar hoping for some more customers before the night is out. 


Suddenly all goes icy quiet and a pin could be heard dropping to the floor as Ash Buchanan appears from the right side. 


Ash Buchanan slowly walks along the side of the bar then stops as he looks into the room where the musicians are situated. John MacGreagor looks at Ash as the young man stands motionless and silent.


John MacGreagor turns his head away as he rests his glass onto the bar with his right hand. The young Ash suddenly moves on and forward as he goes to meet Willow from upstairs. Alder starts to tap his right hand on the silver cash registrar in a rhythmic motion as he follows the sound of drums that are being played from inside the musicians room.


A musician begins to tap his right hand on the wooden table to provide a beat for the acoustic guitar.


A musician begins to play his guitar at a slow and even tempo.


♪ I put my hand o-on her thigh
♪ And she says, do you want to try?
♪ I put my hand o-on her belly
♪ And she says,

A small amount of smoke drifts up from the vocalists cigarette as he sings the song.


♪ do you want to fill me? The camera starts to pan left as it circles around the musicians. The musicians are transfixed to the ceiling and are in deep though and contemplation as Ash Buchanan and Willow perform there sacrifice to The Greek Goddess Aphrodite.


Musician instruments include a harpsichord, a violin and a large recorder type of instrument. (Chorus)
♪ Gently, gently,
♪ Gently Johnny,

♪ Gently Johnny, (Backing Chorus sings Johnny My giggalo. )
♪ My giggalo.


♪ Gently, gently,
♪ Gently Johnny,


♪ Gently Johnny,
♪ My giggalo.

The sound can be heard from outside the Green Man pub as Lord Summerisle examines with interest a large dock leave plant.


Lord Summerisle has spotted a snail in the darkness that is perched on top of one of the leaves. Being an adventurous Pagan with strong beliefs he holds animals that are not human in high regard. 
The snail is slowly pushing its body out from it's shell.


The garden snail (Helix aspersa) is a terrestrial gastropod mollusk and one of the best-known species in the world. It is so common that it is one of the most proliferated terrestrial mollusks. The Helix aspersa is an air-breathing snail,  which has a single lung. They have a brownish soft body, covered with slimy mucus and yellow or cream-colored shells with brown spiral stripes. The shell of this species has a height of about 0-9-1.3 Inches, and a width of 0.9-1.5 inches and a lip appears at its edge when an individual is old.

giphy (7).gif

(The snail slowly extends it's head and tentacles from the interior of it's shell as Lord Summerisle watches the snails every detail and movements.) It is a small mollusk, with a shell that has a sphere shape and a slightly rough surface, with about 4 or 5 spirals. Not all individuals have the shell of the same color; some have it dark brown, but the majority has it light brown or with a golden hue; also, it shows several brown or yellow stripes. This shell has a large opening whose edges are white.This mollusk has a soft body protected by the shell, but when it is not feeding or when it feels danger, it retracts to its shell. The garden snail has a flat “muscular foot” that helps it move with a gliding motion aided by the release of mucus to reduce the friction with the surface. This mucus is the reason of the trace that snails leave when they move around.


The acoustic guitar, recorder, and Harpsichord can be clearly heard from the Green Man pub as Lord Summerisle studies the snail on the dock leave.

It is a snail native to the Mediterranean region but now is in many more areas of the world, which makes it a species of wide distribution and presence on all continents, except Antarctica. Individuals of Helix aspersa dwell in the lowlands of Great Britain, in the Mediterranean, in Western Europe, in North Africa including Egypt, in the Iberian Peninsula and the Middle East, including Turkey. The species is herbivorous and consumes many types of plant matter. It finds its food in fruit trees, herbs, cereals, flowers and bark of trees, but occasionally it adds to its diet organic matter in decomposition, either vegetable or animal.


Lord Summerisle looks up from the snail and turns his head right as he focuses on Willows open window. He contemplates Ash Buchanan and Willow together as one in harmony and synchronization like the snail and the musical score.

The garden snail mouth is beneath its tentacles, and it has a toothed ribbon called the radula, which is used to fragment its food. This structure is exclusive of mollusks, and most of them have one. The garden snail is a terrestrial species with nocturnal habits; it does most of its day-to-day activities at night or very early in the morning, but if it rains during the day, it usually goes out. In hot or drought periods, Helix aspersa retracts in its shell and covers the opening with a layer of mucus called epiphragm, which helps to keep the moisture inside and avoid the attack of animals that can kill it, like some ants. After doing this, it enters a state of inactivity that compares to hibernation.


Willows bedroom light has been turned off and Willow can be heard softly giggling and laughing to herself as she cavorts with Ash Buchanan.No movement can be seen from the darkness of outside.


Lord Summerisle is in a world of his own as he begins to talk to himself, He say's, "I think I could turn" Lord Summerisle turns and looks back at the snail as he say's, "and live with animals."

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But not all snails hibernate. For example, in Southern California, young individuals are often active throughout the year.
Some of these snails hibernate during winter months, especially when they are mature, but they return to activity with the spring. They are extremely slow as their fastest speed is only 1.3 centimeters per second. Like other gastropod mollusks, the Helix aspersa is hermaphrodite, since a single snail has male and female reproductive organs and therefore, can produce reproductive cells of both genders. However, they usually mate with another snail for fertilization; even tough self-fertilization is possible for this species.


Lord Summerisle say's, "They are so placid and self contained" (Another snail has suddenly appeared and has made a new friend, The two snails are making intimate contact with there tentacles, The snail to the right touches the snail to the left's right tentacle with it's left tentacle. The snail to the right then reaches closer and is very close to touching the other snails right side tentacle with it's right side tentacle.) A garden snail reaches sexual maturity between its first and second year of life and the breeding season is at the beginning of summer. In the short process of courtship, male and female touch each other and then each inserts the other a mucus-covered calcium structure, known as the “love dart,” which could help to survive spermatozoa. Then both insert their penis into their partner, and the sperm is transferred and stored until the eggs are mature and ready to be fertilized. The entire mating process requires 4 to 12 hours.


Lord Summerisle continues to talk in the darkness and say's, They do not lie awake in the dark and weep for their sins. Sergeant Howie is praying by his bedside to ask God for strength and conviction as he tries his hardest to piece together the puzzle that will help him to find Rowan Morrison who he now truely is afraid for.


(Lord Summerisle continues as he stares out from the darkness, They do not make me sick discussing their... duty to God. Lord Summerisle could be considered an atheist or someone that does not believe in the God eternal or the God that Christians believe in. His God is more powerful and is inbuilt into nature and the sky.) During the mating process, they fertilize each other, and they both will lay around 80-86 eggs about 3 to 6 days after the copulation. Each snail will create a nest digging a hole in the soil with its foot to deliver its eggs. After excavating about 1 to 1.5 inches, they drop the eggs in the nest. Hatching occurs two weeks later if it is summer.
Gardens snails can produce up to six batches of eggs in a single year, and each newborn will take one to two years to mature. Garden snails are a food source for some animals like lizards, frogs, and worms. Predatory insects and other species of snails will also eat garden snails.
Some birds, especially ducks will feed on these snails.
The helix aspersa is also known as “European Brown Garden Snail,” but its scientific is under discussion. Some scientists think this snail is “Cornu aspersum,” “Cantareus aspersus” or “Cryptomphalus aspersus.”


Lord Summerisle continues, Not one of them kneels to another, Sergeant Howie has been disturbed by the erotic noises that are creeping in through the thin walls and old beams, Howie turns his head around from the bed as he tries to stay focused on his good and pure thoughts to God.


Summerisle continues, Or to his own kind that lived thousands of years ago. (The sounds of Love making continues)


Sergeant Howie turns back around as he faces the bed with his hands folded. 


Summerisle continues, Not one of them is respectable... Or Unhappy... ♪ Gently, gently,


Summerisle looks slowly down as he say's, All over the Earth...  ♪ Gently Johnny,


The first snail to appear has climbed over the second snails Shell and both snails are now good friends. Summerisle's world has a deep meaning and all things make sense if you stand back and consider your beliefs, The two snails are no different to Willow and Ash and Aphrodite will be pleased.


♪ My giggalo. The musicians are in a deep psychedelic trance as they continue to play and sing, This couple sing sweetly as they look up at the ceiling.


♪ Gently, gently,
♪ Gently Johnny, 
Two musicians are silent as they listen to the sound, They are focused to the ceiling of the room and are motionless as they look up.


The camera pans up to the ceiling to reveal a painting, The painting depicts a boy on a horse holding a white flag, A large sun can be seen in the top right of the image with purple blue and red clouds that indicate a sunset expression painting. The glare of the hot sun shines down and under the horses belly producing an illusion where part of the horses underside is missing. Ribbons trail from the flag and the letter G can be seen on the white flags background. The horse is motionless but the boy is waving a flag with both hands. It is a barren landscape and the boy may be several miles from home. 

♪ Gently Johnny,
♪ My giggalo.


This image is representing a sun god and a natural god of the earth, The picture is on the ceiling as it deserves no better as the Sun god is a higher entity than a human is.


Sergeant Howie can get no peace from the music and the erotic love making from next door, 


The noise of the music is still coming up the stairs and through the floors quite clearly, The sound of love making has ceased for now and sergeant Howie is trying his best to put up with the racket as he tries to pray.  Sergeant Howie turns back around as he pushes his fingers through his joined up hands with slight irritation that he has been disturbed several times. Sergeant Howie then releases his hands and covers his face with his right hand.


The song "Gentle Johnnie" is coming to a close as the instruments slow and the singing stops. A musician sat to the back wall is holding his glass close to his mouth, Suddenly he raises his glass and takes a mouthful of liquid, The vocalist stares at the ceiling in deep thought including the musician who plays the recorder. Another musician continues to tap on the wooden table as the guitarist continues to strum his acoustic guitar.

Sergeant Howie has decided that the best thing to do will be to get into bed, As the saying goes, "If you cant beat them join them," But on this occasion Sergeant Howie really wants to get the night over with so that he can get on with his investigation. Howie shuffles his arms over the quilt cover as he stands up, the urge to climb into bed has now become the dominant decision.

Sergeant Howie pulls the cover down with his left hand as he rests his right hand at the bottom of the bed. Sergeant Howie then raises his left leg as he climbs into the sheets. A light scrunching of material is heard as Howie moves the covers.


Musicians and vocalists continue there transfixed state of thought and obedience, A hand suddenly raises up wearing a watch to the face of another musician who can't be seen from the far left.


Sergeant Howie shuffles into bed and pushes his legs down under the quilt as he pulls it over his body with his left hand.


Howie lays down into bed and faces the left towards a bed side table.


Musicians continue to stare at the ceiling picture in contemplation.


More sounds of love making are heard from Willow. Sergeant Howie is supporting his head with his right hand as he thinks deeply about his life and the investigation that he so dearly wants to solve. Sergeant Howie folds his open bible closed with his left hand as he lowers his head trying to accept the madness of the night.


Vocalists continue to stare at the ceiling and the painting.


Sergeant Howie folds his right arm around his chest as he pushes his head down into the pillow in an effort to get some sleep. Love making sounds continue from Willow


The camera pans up at the painting on the ceiling that everyone is so obsessed with. 


The camera pans up at the painting on the ceiling that everyone is so obsessed with. The guitar is still playing a continuous rhythm over and over infused with the sounds of love making from Willow, A continuous high pitched buzzing sound similar to a fly is also heard along with light drum beats from the wooden table top.


Sergeant Howie still has his head down facing the pillows, He squeezes his fingers tightly against his left arm as he fidgets with irritation and stress, The sounds of lustful love making from Willow and Ash are still heard to the dislike of Sergeant Howie, Because Sergeant Howie is a deeply religious man he believes that sex should be something that a man and a woman reach when married and heavenly involved with one another, To Sergeant Howie, Willow and Ash are only in the realms of the devil with there lustful thoughts and actions.


The second snail from the left slowly moves it's moist and slimy body furthur down the dock leaf as it explores it's environment. The snail uses it's tentacles to feel along the leaf and help it to identify it's surroundings.


Sergeant Howie continues to try his best to get some rest while hearing the sounds of love making and music from downstairs.


The snail from the right continues to ooze and ebb it's mucous body over the second snails shell from the left.


John Young the Fish monger stands at the bar along with an unidentifiable patron, Oak stands at the bar with his wife who is wearing a Yellow dress, while John MacGreagor stands with his wife who is wearing a white dress. Alder has moved from the bar and the patrons are listening to the strange and continous sound that emanates from the musicians room.


John Young turns his head around at the same time that Oak does, Oak nods his head negatively for a fleeting moment as he stares at the bar, Oak's wife has a smile on her face and is happy while John MacGreagor looks down with a face of slight unhappiness. Oak speaks under his breath before taking a mouthful of beer from his glass.


Suddenly the music fades away and all is quiet, Hopefully the sergeant can now get some well earned sleep before another busy day of investigations tomorrow.

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