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Mathilda is shaking her head slightly from the stress of the situation as she pauses momentarily,


 Mathilda then replies softly, "Yes".


Stansfield starts to paw and stroke at Mathilda's hair and neck as he tries to soften the conversation a little. 


Mathilda is looking down and is at the complete mercy of Stansfield, Stansfield replies, "That's Good".


Stansfield moves his left hand over to the bottom of Mathilda's lip, He then begins to press down gently onto the bottom of Mathilda's lip two times as she looks down in sadness and fright.


Mathilda looks back at Stansfield as he begins to rub Mathilda's right neck and shoulder, Stansfield then moves his hand below Mathilda's cheek as he stares her in the eye. 


Stansfield is shaking slightly as he say's, Because... I take no pleasure, Stansfield pauses momentarily as he looks slightly away from Mathilda, Stansfield looks back at Mathilda and say's, In taking life... if it's from a person who doesn't care about it. 


A deep pan sound now produces the sound score, Stansfield and Mathilda are locked in a stare as Mathilda considers her life options. Mathilda's eyes are closed as she can not possibly look at the man who killed her family and now wants to kill her.


Suddenly Stansfield draws his weapon very close to Mathilda as it rests almost on her chin and neck.

 Stansfield rubs the cold barrel of the gun against Mathilda's soft skin as he plays and toys with her like it is some game of chance. Mathilda bends her head left as she shuts her eyes praying and begging to God for her to be okay and to be able to get out of this terrible mess that she is now so deeply stuck in. The sound score is similar to a computer game called "The Evil Within" on a certain level you have to escape multiple chambers of toxic gas but you also have to kill enemies called "The Keepers" These creatures have been created by  a blend of Ruvik's final memories before he was dismembered and his fury at having his research stolen from his safe, Anyone who approaches the safe is killed and their severed head added to those in the safe. Height 7'7 (230cm) Weight 750 lbs (340Kg). Suddenly a loud voice is heard from the distance, It is Willi the Blood and he has just came in to the bathroom, Willi shouts loudly "Stan" breaking Stansfield's hold on Mathilda.


Willi walks into the bathroom with some kind of urgency.


Willi say's with a serious voice as he covers his face with his right hand,  "Stan!"


Willi say's  as he raises his right hand,  Shit, Stan I've been looking all over for you, Man. The door squeaks and creates a loud bang as it closes behind Willi.


A loud bang is heard as Stansfield turns to face the approaching gang member, 


Stansfield is annoyed that he has been disturbed and raises both of his hands as he shouts out, What?


Stansfield continues, "I'm busy" Stansfield shouts as he signals with his hands in the direction of Mathilda.


Willi raises his right hand briefly as he tries to explain to Stansfield some important news,


Willi say's softly but with a hint of sadness, It's Malky man, He's dead.


Willi's words drive home deep as Stansfield's face turns to one of shock and disbelief, A deep sound of wind in a tunnel is heard to produce the sound score, The camera zooms in rapidly onto the face of Stansfield as he takes a single step forward.


Willi continues, Malky was making a buy for us from the China men.

tenor (1).gif

A light echoing synthesizer chord is producing the sound score, Willi's voice continues as a new scene depicts what happened to Malky when he tried to make a deal with the China men. 


Willi continues, Yo! but they got nothing to do with it, man. (Malky is seen chatting and doing a deal with a China man at an undisclosed address.)


Willi continues, They told me...(Another man wearing glasses is also chatting with other dealers and arranging a deal with Malky)


Willi continues, this guy came from the outside. (Leon can be seen entering the premises) 


(Leon places his brown weapons suitcase down on to the floor with speed.)


Willi continues, He was a pro, 


(Leon comes at speed and shoots a Chinese antiquities dealer dead at point blank range with his weapon that has a silencer attached.)


(A loud high pitched bang is heard as Leon fires his weapon, Blood instantly sprays over a series of rare Chinese artifacts including vases that have been carefully stacked next to each other.)


The center Chinese ornament topples over from the impact of the blast. The center Chinese artifact instantly jerks and makes contact with the adjacent piece to the right, As the center piece topples it also knocks down the piece that was behind it. The rest of the pieces wobble slightly but manage to stay upright.


Willi continues, He was fast!, (Leon can be seen quickly moving from the left side of the room to the other totally undetected.)

tenor (2).gif

Willi continues, He fucking came... 


Willi continues, Outta nowhere.


Willi continues, Boom,


(A loud bang is heard as Leon shoots and kills another China man with a single bullet to the chest.)


Another assassination!.


Willi continues, In two seconds!.


Malky and another China man raise there hands in shock at the unexpected intrusion.


Leon is using two guns at the same time (Double the fun)

 (Drum roll) Malky has just witnessed multiple murders and is now very scared for his life, Malky say's softly, Easy man, I'm a cop.


Willi continues, Then turns around say's something to Malky like...


Leon say's with a low and serious voice, "No women, No kids!.


A loud gun shot is heard as Leon kills Malky at point blank range.


An intense and bright light illuminates the darkened room as the bullet explodes out from the chamber.


Willi's explanation of how Malky died has sent shivers down Stansfield's back and spine, Stansfield lifts his hands up high over his ears as he breathes out heavily from the shock. 


Stansfield turns around to face Mathilda as a light tapping of feet is heard, Stansfield holds his weapon with both hands as he looks on over at the silent girl.


No sound score exists at this point. Stansfield sighs loudly as he turns away from Mathilda and looks down at his weapon in contemplation of what he should do next.


Willi say's, I think it was something personal.


Stansfield is solemn and has become quiet as he say's Death is...Stansfield pauses momentarily then raises his head and say's, whimsical today.


Stansfield slowly turns to look at the petrified girl.


Stansfield looks back away as he lowers his weapon.


A light tapping is heard as Stansfield walks away from Mathilda.


Stansfield stops as he reaches Willi then turns to face him.


Stansfield turns around to face Mathilda once again, Stansfield moans loudly as he raises his gun high and points it directly at Mathilda, Willi is a little concerned for Stansfield's actions but say's nothing as Stansfield's lust for death takes over his mind and soul. Stansfield shews Mathilda with his gun so that she moves into position.


Willi is transfixed onto Stansfield as Stansfield aims his weapon ready to kill in cold blood.


Suddenly Stansfield has a change of heart as he relaxes his arm and points the pistol away from Mathilda.


Now the attention has turned on to Willi, Stansfield is all fired up and is angry and frustrated at how things have developed, Malky one of his right hand men is dead and Stansfield is a control freak who always wants his own way.


All is deadly silent as Stansfield points his pistol at Willie, Stansfield say's, Blood,  Willi is silent and scared that Stansfield might shoot him, Stansfield say's, You hear me?, 


Willi raises his left hand in fear and too try and reason with Stansfield, Willi say's, Yeah man, I hear you Stan, Just chill out man.


Stansfield waves his gun right as he points it at Willi with little care for retribution,  Stansfield say's, Would you take her up to my office?


Willi hesitates briefly then replies softly, "All right, yeah." Willi stares at Stansfields gun unable to fathom the pressure a loaded weapon has on ones mind. Stansfield nods positively slightly as he mimes the words Okay in silence. A low level synthesizer chord has begun to play for the sound score.


Willi raises his right hand and rubs his nose with his index finger as he watches Stansfield turn slowly around.


Stansfield glances over at Mathilda then briefly at Willi before making his way slowly out of the bathroom.


Stansfield lowers his arms in a lazy kind of way as his weapon swings from side to side. Stansfield's shoes produce a loud tap sound as he makes his way towards the exit.


Willi is relieved that Stansfield is leaving the bathroom, Willi whispers to himself, Jesus fucking Christ! as he wipes his brow with his right hand.


Mathilda is silent as she watches Stansfield exit the bathroom also relieved that she is still alive. Mathilda closes her eyes briefly from her lucky escape as a loud bang is heard from the bathroom door closing.


A thud is heard as Leon pushes a door open from the outside, Leon is making his way back to the rented apartment after finishing a cleaning mission. Leon was responsible for the surprise hit at the China men meeting and has assassinated Malky who was one of Stansfield's drug gang members.


Leon's image can be seen through the circular glass and steel reinforced window. Tony gives Leon the files and Leon carries the instructions out, It is just a stroke of bad luck that Leon killed Malky as he does not want to give Mathilda retribution.


Leon quickly looks through the square patterned grill as there might be someone in the corridor waiting for him.


A synthesizer generated pan note is heard as the door shuts too, Leon walks at a steady pace back to apartment 4F.


Mathilda's voice is heard talking to Leon as she has wrote him a letter to let him know where she is if something should happen to her, Mathilda's voice say's, Leon my love...


Leon enters the apartment to find that Mathilda is not there, Mathilda has left a hand written note on top of her teddy bear so that Leon will notice it. The voice of Mathilda continues, I know where to find the guys who killed my brother. A piano plays a middle toned melody to provide the sound score.


Leon spots the note and takes his hat and glasses off with a concerned look on his face, A loud click is heard as the glasses hit a wooden surface.


Mathilda continues, Their boss is Norman Stansfield and he's in the DEA building, room 4602.


Leon stares at the text trying his hardest to understand it, Mathilda has been teaching Leon how to read and write and she is confident he will be able to understand. Mathilda's voice continues, I'm gonna do them myself.


Leon opens the white piece of writing paper fully as he continues to read the text, Mathilda's voice continues, If something goes wrong, I left you twenty grand on the table. It's for a contract, Five grand a head, right?.


The paper shakes slightly from Leon's hand pressure as he continues to read, Mathilda say's, I know I'll feel better after I do this. Leon's blinks rapidly as the information goes into his mind,


 Mathilda finishes the sentence, I love you, Mathilda. 


A yellow taxi cab is just pulling up outside the DEA office at speed. A squeaking is heard as the brakes are applied. A cymbal is heard along with a xylophone that provides pan notes.  


A door suddenly opens from the back passenger side.


Leon has arrived at the DEA office after reading Mathilda's note, He knows that she is in danger and could not possibly ignore her as he now has a very strong bond with her. Leon say's to the taxi driver as he exits the vehicle,  Wait for me, I won't be long.


The taxi driver is taken back by Leon's sudden urgency and say,s with a serious tone,  Wooh, I can't park in front like this, It's a federal building!.


Leon is on a mission as he robustly walks into the DEA building foyer at speed, 


The security guard is watching Leon as he enters and shouts out loudly "Sir" as he reaches out for him in an attempt to stop him from going any further,


Leon is not in a talkative mood as he immediately punches the security guard around his left side temple creating a loud wacking sound. The security guard is knocked out as he violently falls to the floor.


The force of the attack causes the security guards coffee cup to wobble and spin around on its axis completely turning in a 360 degree motion before stopping revealing the imprinted words, ME BOSS. YOU NOT.


The second security guard is completely oblivious to Leons attack on the first guard as he is busy chatting on a telephone, The guard say's "She's gonna He's gonna do the same exact thing like I said"...


Suddenly the guard looks up at Leon having being taken by surprise.


The security guards face changes to one of extreme shock as Leon pulls him by his tie from his seat and over the security bench to the floor below, Leon is not messing around with anyone today and there is no room or time for negotiation, Leon is keen to have Mathilda back at any cost.


Willi has made it back to Stansfields office and is examining the contents of Mathilda's parcel. Willi say's, Nine Milli as he lays a weapon down on to the table, A loud wooden banging sound is generated as Willi slams the heavy metal down, 


Willi picks up a large red carton of nine millimeter golden encased bullets and say's, Bullets and another nine milli as he lays the carton down on the other side of the table, Mathilda is sat down at the table having been kidnapped by the gang, She is scared and worried for her life but hopes Leon will come and rescue her once he finds the note.


Willi slams another gun down onto the table as he lays back in his chair, Mathilda is sat at the end of the long table while Match stick sits at the back by the window with his feet up. 


Willi sighs loudly as he raises his left hand to his left cheek and looks over at Mathilda, Willi say's, What did you plan to do with all these guns eh?.


Match stick responds in a serious voice and say's, Maybe she was planning on taking out the whole building?.


Drums and a synthesizer chord can be heard including an occasional triangle and a high pitched whirring sound. The lift display starts to indicate that an elevator is making it's way up to Stansfields office 4602. 


The red square continues to travel up the screen then stops indicating that it has arrived on to the antagonists floor.


Willi should be taking notice of the elevator icon but is more interested in the pizza Mathilda brought with her. Willi say's Holy Shit!.


Willi continues with enthusiasm, What've we got here?, Mathilda continues to watch the two antagonists in silence and hope.


Willi say's "Lunch" as he pulls out a large slice of deep pan pizza from the box.


Willi licks his lips as he looks down at the tasty slice of pizza, Match stick say's from across the table, Careful Blood, Might be poisoned, Willi turns and looks at Match stick momentarily as he wipes his nose with his right hand. Willi nods negatively and say's sarcastically, No man, there's no anchovies on this as he turns the pizza from side to side.


Suddenly Leon appears at the offices door well having invited himself in without knocking first, The door slides open quietly as Leon peers in with a loaded and silenced weapon in each hand, 


In an instance Leon raises his right hand and points his loaded weapon at Match stick, Match stick places his left hand on to the desk as he tries to react from the sudden intruder, 


A sudden loud and high pitched blast is heard as Leon instantly fires his weapon, A singular bullet impacts Match stick in the chest area as he retorts violently and causes his head to swing back. Large amounts of blood explode out from Match sticks chest as the bullet penetrates his body.


Match stick flops over as he lays slouched and slowly dying from his injuries.


In one continuous move Leon swings his arm in a circular motion as he turns his sights to Willi, Willi is busy eating his pizza and grimaces as he also receives a gun shot to the chest.


Willi chokes on his food as the forces send him backwards from his chair.


Willi goes flying over backwards with his arms held high, a  loud banging sound is heard as Willi collapses to the floor dead.


Mathilda is cowering under the table and is feeling extremely scared and frightened. Mathilda whimpers loudly as she immediately pushes her self up.


Mathilda instantly runs over to Leon with tears in her eyes, She is so happy and relived to see him again.


Leon places his weapon down onto a left side table as he watches the girl come running towards him with a face of serious concern.


Mathilda grabs Leon with both hands around his neck as she embraces him tightly, Leon is relieved and happy that Mathilda is okay.


A middle toned piano melody plays, Mathilda jumps high as she tightly holds Leon, Leon holds Mathilda tightly and can now sleep with one eye open again. Mathilda and Leon sigh loudly with affection and relieve from the terrible ordeal.


Mathilda is proving to be considerably shorter than Leon as they embrace one another.


The impatient taxi driver is still parked outside waiting for Leon, As Leon and Mathilda make there way over to the taxi the driver say's with irritability, Is that what you call "I won't be long?"


The taxi driver turns his head around as Mathilda and Leon get into the passenegr side door and say's, I've been hangin' around here for at least 10 minutes.


Leon slams the taxi door as he replies, I did my best!. Mathilda looks on in shock and bewilderment at the situation not expecting a taxi back home.


Leon signals with his right index finger and say's, Avanti, (Meaning "forward" in Italian) Mathilda turns and looks at Leon as he speaks to the taxi driver.


A loud rumbling sound is heard as the taxi driver sets his wheels in motion, A light piano sound produces the sound score.


The taxi moves off at speed.


When Stansfield finds out that another two of his gang members have been assassinated he is going to blow his lid and a war is inevitable at this point. Stansfield now knows that the girl is linked with the killings and he will not stop until a resolution has been declared.


Leon and Mathilda have returned to apartment 4F to rest, It is now night time and Leon is bringing his leafy plant back into the living room from the window outside, A high pitched ceramic sound is produced when Leon moves the pot from the concrete ledge.


Leon takes the plant away from the window back into the warmth of the apartment.


The nets swing lightly in the cool breeze as Leon is momentarily away.


Police sirens can be heard from a distance as Leon raises his right arm to the wooden window frame to slide it down shut.


A rumbling is heard as the old wooden window panel shuts down into place,


Leon briefly looks out of the window to see what he can see.


A wooden sound is heard as Leon lightly kicks a chair leg as he sits down at the table. (No sound score exists with this scene)


Leon moves the chair forward as he places his right hand on the table for support, Another creaking is heard as Leon sighs loudly from the stressful day he has had.


Leon suddenly becomes interested in his plant as he raises his right hand to caress and examine a leaf. Leon looks at the leaf for a few moments then repels back after being satisfied at it's appearance. 


Suddenly a loud thud is heard as Mathilda appears from the bedroom door well, She has put on the pink flowery dress that Leon bought her some time ago.


Mathilda stands silent and motionless at the door well as the camera pans up. 


Mathilda looks on at Leon with an absorbent expression, Mathilda is trying to impress Leon tonight after he saved her from the drugs gang.


Leon is looking down at a piece of paper and is not showing any interest as Mathilda awaits a response.


Leon sighs as he lifts his head up to view Mathilda standing quietly from a distance.


Mathilda slowly walks a few steps out of the door well into the living room, She is trying to please Leon tonight.


Mathilda walks over to the living room table as she turns away from Leon.


Mathilda then turns back to face Leon as she looks at him with a quiet tranquility.


Leon just stares at Mathilda in thought as Mathilda begins to pour a glass of milk from an open red carton.


As Mathilda fumbles with the carton she say's to Leon, Do you like it?.


Leon turns his head slightly at the words of Mathilda, A splashing of milk is heard as Mathilda fills a glass, Leon say's Yes.


As Mathilda looks down at her glass she say's, So say it. A wooden creaking is heard as Mathilda's weight impairs the floor boards.


Mathilda looks directly at Leon in silence for a brief moment as she awaits his response.


Leon is taken back by Mathilda's surprise and just stares at her for a fleeting moment, Leon then say's, I like it.


Mathilda is pleased that Leon has acknowledged her efforts and smiles briefly as she looks at him, 


Mathilda slowly walks around the table with a glass of milk in hand to give to Leon.


Mathilda holds the glass out with her right arm outstretched as Leon looks down at the beverage.


Leon looks back up at Mathilda as she continues to hold the glass.


Leon then looks back down as he takes the glass from Mathilda's hand.


Mathilda sits down at the table as she watches Leon with his glass of milk.


Mathilda looks down a couple of times at Leons full glass and then replies, Not Thirsty? as Leon continues to hold the glass in his hand.


Leon softly sighs then lifts the glass to his lips.


A gulping sound is heard as Leon swallows the milk in four large mouthfuls. A car horn is heard from outside.


A loud wooden tap is heard as Leon rapidly places the glass down on to the tables surface. Leon then sighs loudly from all the liquid he has consumed.


Mathilda just looks at Leon as he sits there waiting for a moment in time to express her feelings towards the man who has saved her life on multiple occasions..


Mathilda speaks softly and say's, You know, a girl's first time is very important.


Mathilda continues, It determines the rest of her life sexually. I read that once in one of my sister's magazines. My girlfriends told me that they hated their first experience. Mathilda looks down for a fleeting second then looks back at Leon and say's, That's because they don't love their guys. They just did it to show off. Afterwards, they started liking it, like cigarettes.


Leon is looking down and sighs quietly as he ponders on Mathilda's words. 


Mathilda softly say's, I wanna like it the first time.


Leon is silent as he looks down in deep thought, Suddenly Leon nods his head negatively and say's, Mathilda, no.


Leon turns to look at Mathilda in silence and contemplation.


Mathilda replies, Why not?, Leon replies, I just can't. Mathilda replies, You love someone else?


Leon looks up at Mathilda for a fleeting moment and say's No, as he looks back down again. Leon then looks back again at Mathilda and say's, I mean..Leon looks back down and say's, There was someone a long time ago.


Leon takes a deep breath and say's, Before I came to the States. The sound score now consists of a slow paced melody using a solo violin and other backing wood instruments.


Mathilda listens carefully to Leons words, Leon continues, Her father didn't want her to see me.


Leon continues, She was from a very respectable family. Mine was..You know. Leon breathes in deeply as he looks at Mathilda then back down again and say's, Not so respectable.


Leon continues, Her dad went nuts every time she'd take off to see me. Mathilda replies, But she still snuck off to see you right?.


Leon nods positively slightly and moves his head left to express his words as he say's, Right.


Mathilda replies, You see, nothing can stop love, Leon.


Leon nods positively slightly again as he say's, He killed her, Leon looks back at Mathilda and say's with a sad expression, One shot to the head.


Mathilda is silent as she looks at Leon trying to accept what he has just told her. Leon continues, They kept him in jail for two days, then they let him go free.


Leon continues, They said it was an accident.


Leon continues, So...


Leon looks at Mathilda then looks away again as he say's, One night I waited for him...500 feet with a lens. Leon hesitates for a moment then say's, He also had an accident.


Mathilda is starting to fill with emotions as a tear falls from her right eye, Leon continues his sad tale of love and death, The same night I took a boat and came here to meet up with my father who was working for Tony.


Leon continues, I was Nineteen. Leon hesitates for a few seconds then say's, Since then, I've never left the city and... a tear falls from Leon's left eye as he also becomes emotional with his past experiences on life. Leon hesitates again for a brief moment then replies, I've never had another girlfriend.


Mathilda tries her hardest to understand Leon and what he is feeling at this moment, She looks at him with sadness and silence as she contemplates his and her's lives.


Leon is feeling very sad and tears are falling from Leon's right eye as he say's, You see Mathilda,Leon gasps for air as he tries to explain to Mathilda his feelings, Leon say's,  "I won't be a good lover." 


Mathilda looks down then back up again as she sympathizes with Leon and say's softly, Okay!. Mathilda hesitates then say's, Just do me one favour, 


Leon looks directly at Mathilda and say's, What? Mathilda replies, I'm sick of watching you sleeping on your chair.


Mathilda continues, We're gonna share the bed. A harpsichord begins to play to provide the sound score, Leon replies, I don't think it's a good idea.


Mathilda shows Leon to the bedroom and helps him to lay down, Leon in later years never uses a bed as he much prefers an armchair just in case he is ambushed, Mathilda reassures Leon that it is perfectly safe and comfortable to lay on the bed, She say's It's Okay, Put your legs up on the bed. Yeah, it's nice.


Mathilda leaves Leon to experience a soft quilt and mattress as she walks down to the bottom of the bed to untie Leon's shoe laces.


Mathilda pulls at Leon's left laces as she slides the shoe completely off of his foot.


A loud thud is heard as Mathilda throws Leons shoes to the floor, Leon lifts his head up slightly as he looks at his now shoe less feet. 


Mathilda returns to Leon as she places her right hand onto Leon's temple and her left hand under Leon's chin, Mathilda say's as she slowly lowers Leon's head onto the soft pillows, Put your head down, It's Okay Relax.. Mathilda then jumps onto her side of the bed as she bounces up and down momentarily.


Mathilda stands on the floor as she reaches for a white pink and orange blanket which she holds up high before laying over Leon.


Mathilda then makes a few steps to the bedside lamp which she switches off.


For a split second Leon rests with the light on.


All goes dark as Mathilda jumps into bed on her side. Mathilda grabs Leon's left arm and spreads it out long ways for better comfort.


Mathilda then climbs under the blanket so that she can get some well earned sleep.


Mathilda tussles with the blanket until she is snug as a bug underneath.


Mathilda grabs Leon's outstretched left arm as she wraps it under her right shoulder, Mathilda then pulls the pillow closer with her right hand as she rests her head on to the soft pillow.


Mathilda say's softly, Good night Leon.


Leon hesitates as the camera starts to zoom out slowly and then say's, Good night.


Police sirens can be heard from within the busy metropolis, It is sunset in New York City and the lights have just come on to illuminate the city landscape.


Tony is blowing out some candles on a large birthday cake. Tony blows out two times in quick succession as he extinguishes the last two candles to the right comprising of Eight candles, A boy to the left also blows at the same time as Tony and helps to put the flames out, Tony is providing birthday celebration activities for a bunch of kids that are closely related to him, Tony has a lot of friends and holds regular parties to help out the families around the city.


Tony claps wildly in deep adoration of the atmosphere. A woman wearing a black and flowery dress who is a parent to one or more of the boys also claps in celebration.


The boy on the right wearing a white stripy tee shirt shouts out loudly with excitement as he holds a plate high in the air, The boy shouts, "Hey I want some of the cake first" with extreme happiness as a female parent of one of the boys looks on. The rest of the boys swamp Tony with there plates as they shout out loudly Tony Tony.


As Tony and the children celebrate the birthday party and scream out for cake a man wearing scruffy jeans and a silver colored shirt walks into the entrance of Guido's restaurant, He looks a bit shifty and is alone.


The man has a steely look about him as he stands motionless from just inside the door way. The restaurant door creates a bang sound as it closes behind the unidentifiable man. Many vehicles pass by the busy road including an ambulance, three yellow taxis and a 4x4 motor vehicle.


The bang from the restaurant exit alerts Tony away from the screaming children, Tony looks down to the bottom of the restaurant and can see a man standing there motionless staring up at him, Tony raises his right hand to his nose and mouth as he say's with a serious tone of voice, Uh, Manolo, take the kids in the kitchen.


The kids become silent as they also feel something is about to happen, Tony is placid and calm as he waits for a surprise visit. A squeak is heard and a patter of china as the children make there way into the kitchen area.


Suddenly Stansfield appears at the entrance, He walks at a rapid pace and does not seem in the best of moods, A loud tapping of feet is heard as the uninvited guests enter the restaurant.


A horn is heard from outside and there is no sound score, Stansfield continues his stride towards Tony as Benny and the man who came in first wearing a silver shirt follow behind.


As Stansfield disappears from view another man goading a thick beard with mustache also appears at the back of the group, Benny one of Stansfield's close bodyguards is brandishing a shotgun and this visit is most certainly not more happy guests for the children's party but an interrogation from Stansfield. Stansfield knows Tony and he has had jobs carried out by Tony in the past so Stansfield has a hunch he might know something about this assassin and girl who he so desperately wants to track down .


Manolo has brought the children into the kitchen area for safety, As the children enter a man appears from the other side and stops the boys from going any further.


The young boys become startled and scared as they gasp loudly with there mouths wide open, The boys look up at the unidentifiable man and freeze on the spot with fright.

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