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The majority of people have been for a job interview, finding work can be a stressful experience and you may feel under pressure to perform well at your meeting if your in with any chance of securing the job position. The interviewer should be welled trained on the types of questions they will ask for you to answer, if you have done your home work you will have no problem in answering to a satisfactory level in your bid to become employed. A teenager who wishes for his identity to be kept classified had a peculiar bizarre and very rude question time when he attended an interview for T.G.I. Fridays. (TGI Fridays is an American restaurant chain focusing on casual dining. The company is a unit of the Sentinel Capital Partners and TriArtisan Capital Partners, who purchased the company from Carlson Companies in May 2014).


The teenager was completely shocked when he was asked "Would you rather watch your parents have sex, or join in?" The 18 year old man at the time was applying for a part time job with the fast food company which caters for an American styled diner experience. The formal assessment could not have got any worse as he was then asked "Would you rather watch your parents have sex for a year, or join in from the start?" The nervous teen was not able to answer before he was further asked: "Would you rather s*** a brick, or cry glass?" "Before he had a chance to respond he was asked whether he would rather eat chocolate flavored s*** or s*** flavored chocolate. The interviewer was finding the situation rather amusing and was hoping that the teenager would join in with the sick prank. The teenager thought it was disgusting, sick and pathetic. He left the interview at that point."

giphy (1).gif

The teenager was completely sickened by the disgusting questions and had not expected the interviewer to be so gross with the unnecessary and vulgar commentary. TGI Friday's said: "Fridays offers an industry-leading recruitment process, and this incident fell severely below our high standards. "The questions posed during the interview with the candidate are absolutely not part of TGI Friday's interview process and we were very disappointed to learn of this incident. "Immediate action was taken, with the person involved suspended. We have apologized to the candidate for the experience and offered them the opportunity to re-interview with us, which we hope they will take up."The American restaurant chain's manifesto on its website reads: "Simply put if we all live by the principals of our manifesto, not only are we true Fridays people, we are also pretty amazing human beings. "The manifesto words were written from the heart of one of our team, who aspires to behave in this way every day at home and at work."


Are you a Vegetarian, Vegan or maybe more extreme (The Breatharian diet
Inedia (Latin for 'fasting') or breatharianism /brɛθˈɛəriənɪzəm/ is the belief that it is possible for a person to live without consuming food, and in some cases water.) In life there are many anti groups of people that go against the grain, If you support something there will always be an anti group that frowns on your beliefs,(Such is life) This bizarre moment was caught on video when anti-vegan protesters ate raw meat in a hipster veggie cafe in front of shocked staff. A plant based cafe called Essential Vegan based in Shoreditch London was the chosen venue for a group of anti Vegan protesters that actually enjoy and support the carnivorous activity of eating animal meat. The atmosphere soon became tense as the owner, Vanessa Almeida, 40 became agitated and verbally expressed her desire that the protestors leave her premises immediately.


One of the protesters declared that vegans were "retarding the human race" as he gnawed on a slab of uncooked meat. The ringleader, known as Sv3rige, began to chomp down on what appears to be a raw and skinned squirrel right in front of the owner. Another protester sat beside and pulled out a bloody piece of raw meat from his bag before stuffing it into his mouth – to the horror of the staff. The owner called Vanessa tried to explain to the protestors that they were in a Vegan cafe and customers do not eat meat nor is it served, "You are in a restaurant for Vegans Vanessa shouts, "Okay now you go out "Go!" You're so stupid, it's pathetic. One of the group members, who was sucking on a piece of offal, shouted at her: "In November, Vegans went to a meat eaters restaurant and screamed at them. We are being very nice."


Vegan activists demonstrate there views somewhere in Melbourne Australia, Cafe's close down that sale meat products due to the nature and strong views of the Vegan protestors. Some vegans have strong views on lifestyle choices and consider meat eating something that is immorally wrong. I would consider there to be good points and also bad points with the Vegan diet and to some it is more on the extreme scale of things.


Ironically, Sv3rige, who was wearing a top with the slogan 'kill animals, drink blood, eat raw meat', is an 'ex-vegan'. Since returning to animal meat he now makes anti-vegan videos and shares them with his followers. Your brain is fraying on your diet. You're mentally ill. You're retarding the human race. He had explained in one of his many YouTube videos damning vegans that even though he was once on a vegan diet, it was actually because he was a 'sungazer' – the act of looking directly into the sun as a spiritual practice. Clearly losing her patience with the group who sat at the table grinning, Vanessa told them to get out or she will call the police. She told them: "Go out now, you are not in your place. He argued: "But vegans do the same thing to meat eaters!" As the tensions heightened, the group's leader stood in front of the camera chewing on the squirrel before he was shoved by Vanessa. He spun around and pushed her back, resulting in her raising a fist and demanding them to leave. Speaking for the first time since they strolled into the restaurant he said to the camera: "She just attacked me.


'Go vegan and die'
"She just assaulted me!" After pushing and shoving, the raw meat protesters left the cafe before the man, still holding the squirrel, said to the camera: "I was just assaulted by vegans for eating meat." The meat eaters crowded outside the cafe, hurling abuse at the furious owner who was being held back by another staff member. While the other, said: "The owner of the place looks paler than an albino" and shouted to her "Your brain is fraying on your diet. You're mentally ill. You're retarding the human race." Love beats hate every time. As the group walked away from the plant-based battleground, they began to plot how they wanted to get the staff arrested for assaulting them. Speaking exclusively to The Sun online, Vanessa said: "For us the whole experience was very saddening. It was just horrible. "They had no place being here, whatever they get up to in their own time is up to them. "Since the attack the community has been amazing, vegans and non-vegans have been coming into the cafe just to give us hugs.


"We've had over 100 messages of support. "Love beats hate every time." Sv3rige and his followers are known for turning up at vegan establishments, festivals and events and eating raw meat in front of horrified onlookers. On his website he says: "I make videos about eating raw meat, the natural human diet. "Anti-vegan videos because plant-based diets are the number one reason human health has been destroyed. "I interview ex-vegans who got sick because of veganism and more." He was in Amsterdam last year eating a hunk of meat wearing a top that read: "Go vegan and die." The video of the demonstration was posted on YouTube gathered hundreds of comments from supporters, with some praising him for pushing the woman. Dee Siva wrote: "I didn't know sv3rige believed in gender equality so strongly, he actually pushed her back lol" Slick Pickle commented: "Protesting restaurants, they don't like it when it happens to them!" Another wrote: "That guy was so amazed at the end! Priceless! And I'm not sure if you can call a vegan pushing you assault as it probably hurt them more than you! Keep going guys!" Praising them further, one wrote: "You guys are horrible, I love it!"



I personally have nothing against Vegans Vegetarians or any other diet that people choose to live by, In reality everyone has a Vegan day or several when they don't consume meat or any meat products, Many times I have just eaten a banana apple or a slice of bread, The stigma is that meat eaters are eating meat daily which is not true at all, If you have eaten meat all of your life it is not easy to change over to a Vegetarian or Vegan diet and I would not recommend you try the Vegan diet at first but the Vegetarian diet if you like dairy products such as cow's milk and eggs. Also the plant based diets too me are boring and you have to spend extra time in supermarkets reading the food labels as you can't eat meat products, For instance bags of sweets in most cases contain Beef gelatin so you can't eat those products, If you care deeply for the environment you may shun palm oil but unfortunately this oil is in lots of products. The best solution for me would be to cut down on meat consumption and eat more vegetables and fruits grains and other non meat products like Quorn, tofu etc, try it you never know if your like it or not. There are many diets and one will match your requirements, Some vegetarians might eat fish in there diets but still cut out meat.


Maybe a short plan of eating Vegan will benefit your health, After a month you can add meat and other products back into your diet.

Here are a few examples of a Vegan diet that was fed to young children, In all respects a vegan diet might not be suitable for young babies as they require other nutrients for healthy development.


Nearly five years after religious parents starved their toddler to death, a jury found Jennifer and Jeromie Clark guilty of criminal negligence causing death. The jury in Calgary, Canada also convicted the parents with failing to provide the necessities of life-related to the child’s death. At the time of death, the child suffered from a rash, gangrene, hypothermia, and a staph infection. Jennifer and Jeromie Clark, Seventh Day Adventists, had never taken the child to see a doctor. They only brought 14-month-old John to the hospital the day before he died. The parents starved the child to death with a strict vegan diet. The conviction of the Clarks is another example of religious parents taking their beliefs to an extreme. By following an extreme interpretation of the Seventh Day Adventist Church, the Clarks starved their son with a nutrient-poor vegan diet. Additionally, their religious beliefs caused them not to seek out any medical help for the child.


A malnourished toddler raised by vegan parents had no medical records after her birth and neighbors didn't even know she existed.  The girls mother and father, aged 32 and 34, pleaded guilty to causing the toddler serious injury by feeding her a strict vegan diet. The diet was proved to drastically lack in basic nutrients that she developed rickets which is a degenerative bone disease caused by a lack of vital nutrients. Neighbors told police they only saw the girl's two older brothers playing in the backyard and didn't know there was a third child. Her father told Family and Community Services the parents 'did not want to put the baby through immunizations as (it was) hard on her. The girl had very little documentation and no medical records after she left hospital in 2016 after being born in 'good condition'. The mother had a 'water birth', and left hospital just 3.5 hours later. She returned for a post-natal check three days later. However, the mother then refused a newborn screening test or a hearing check, telling doctors she would rather her GP do them. She never did these with a GP and the mother ignored 'multiple phone calls, voicemails, text messages and a letter' for two weeks.

maxresdefault (1).jpg

The hospital discharged (the mother) from their care after no response was received,' court documents read.  For 19 months authorities had no idea the horrifying neglect the toddler went through until she had a seizure at the family's home in Sydney's eastern suburbs. The girl stayed in hospital for a month in March with her mother constantly by her bedside, court documents read. The mother behaved 'generally normally' but she would at times 'not engage' with her daughter and fed, changed and comforted her when staff asked her to. She told a hospital dietitian her entire family followed a vegan diet, and detailed the extreme diet that led to the girl's condition. She said her daughter would generally have one cup of oats with rice milk and half a banana in the morning, and a piece of toast with jam or peanut butter for lunch. For dinner, she said her daughter would be offered tofu, rice or potatoes. But she said the girl was a 'fussy eater' so she might just have oats again.



This diet resulted in severe deficiencies in nutrients across the board for the infant, including a lack of calcium, phosphate, vitamin B12, vitamin A, iron and zinc.   Her levels of vitamin D - which can cause bone disease if found to be too low - were 'undetectable'. The infant had fractures scattered throughout her tiny body and her bones were so brittle doctors believed they could have been broken by 'normal handling'. The treatment of the girl was only brought to the attention of doctors in March 2018, when doctors attended to the infant after she suffered a seizure.  One doctor described her as 'floppy' and noted how the diminutive one-and-a-half year old didn't crawl or talk during the month in care. Hospital staff initially respected the parents wishes to keep the infant on a vegan diet, but grew concerned when the mother outlawed soy, worried it was full of 'hormones'. Even after a week in hospital care, the parents exchanged text messages denying their daughter's lack of growth was a result of malnutrition. 


Soon after, police spoke to the father at the hospital, asking him why he wasn't concerned that his daughter never grew. Even at more than a year old, the child weighed only 4.9kg, barely double of what she weighed when she was a newborn. '(He) thought she was a girl and different to boys - she was petite,' court documents say. After an investigation into the girl's medical history, doctors found an absence of immunizations, no follow-up check-ups after she was born and no birth certificate or Medicare number. The couple's 19-month-old daughter is now in foster care with her two older brothers, aged four and six, and are doing much better.  Within just six months, the girl put on six kilograms and is crawling and standing on her own. But doctors said it was still 'imperative' she continue therapy and is constantly monitored to help manage developmental delays. The parents pleaded guilty to failing to provide for a child and causing serious injury, charges of reckless grievous bodily harm were withdrawn.


Image Above - Dustin Wray & Lauren at The Woodlands Pavilion. If you go on holiday you will in most cases book a hotel for your duration, A good hotel will go out of it's way to please the customer and ensure that they have a comfortable and satisfactory stay. While booking a stay at a Texas resort, Dustin Wray impulsively entered a bizarre request in the “Comments or Special Request” box online. Wray was only joking—he did not expect the property to follow through. But one should never underestimate the customer-service excellence of the staff at Woodlands Resort and Conference Center in The Woodlands, Texas. Wray, who was staying at the Houston-area hotel with his girlfriend, made a ridiculously silly request for three red M&Ms (only three) plus a picture of bacon on the bed, because, in his words, “I love pictures of bacon.”

giphy (4).gif

Wray told that he “wrote it so that if they saw it they would laugh because it was stupid but also make it feasible if they actually wanted to fulfill it.” Mission accomplished. Wray said he completely forgot about the request afterwards.When the couple arrived at their hotel room, they were shocked to discover three red M&M’s and, as pictured above, a framed image of greasy bacon. Once Wray remembered the special request he had submitted, he “started laughing hysterically at the beautifully framed picture of bacon.” After his stay, Wray posted pictures of the hotel surprise on Reddit, and the story has since gone viral. Just as well he never asked for a full sized pig and one ton of lose M&M's as that would be a sight to behold.

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A tour of the castle museum's keep before it closes for a complete redesign Dr Tim Pestell Byline: Sonya Duncan Copyright: Archant 2019


Back in 2002, a farmer in the UK dug up a strange looking item and decided to use it as a doorstop, but 12 years later, it was discovered that the item was a 3,500-year-old Bronze Age dagger. Reports say that a farmer in East Rudham, Norfolk plowed up the item in a field back in 2002, but for the 12 years since, his family has used it as a doorstop and left it unattended, completely unaware of its significance. Eventually, the farmer discovered how valuable the item actually was, and now, its been sold to the Norwich Castle Museum for nearly $64,000. “The farmer found it and took it into the house because it would get in the way of his machinery,” said Dr. Tim Pestell, senior curator of archaeology at the Norwich Castle, to The Daily Mirror. “He gave it a cursory brush and left it lying around his office as a doorstop. It is amazing that it has been used as a doorstep but there are an awful lot of similar objects that are found just lying around a house.” According to reports, the dagger was used in ancient rituals, although researchers are still not entirely clear on what the ceremonies entailed. The Rudham Dirk, an oversize Bronze Age ritual dagger that was famously used for years as a doorstop by a Norfolk farmer. It is 800 years older than the ancient city of Rome and is even older than the Pharaoh Tutankhaten, but this ceremonial Bronze Age dagger, which is thought to be about 3,500 years old, was found during ploughing in a Norfolk field in 2002. Known as the Rudham Dirk, the near-unique Bronze Age treasure was used as a doorstop by the finder – a Norfolk farmer – until it was properly identified through the Portable Antiquities Scheme in 2013. Only six examples of its kind – pairs are now held in France, the Netherlands and Britain – are known in Europe, with the British Museum’s equivalent, the Oxborough Dirk, also discovered in Norfolk in 1988. The National Heritage Memorial Fund paid for the Rudham ritual dagger and it is now in the collection of Norwich Castle Museum and Art Gallery. "What makes the Rudham Dirk particularly distinctive is its monumental size,” says Dr Tim Pestell, Senior Curator of Archaeology at the museum, who adds that the find points to the beliefs and “contacts” of people during the earliest stages of metalworking industries. “At approximately 68 centimetres long it is about three times the size of a normal Bronze Age dirk, and so large and heavy it is completely impractical as a weapon.
“With a blunt blade that was never sharpened and no rivet holes for a handle, the Dirk was deliberately designed as a ceremonial weapon. “This is almost certainly the reason why it was found bent in half, deliberately folded as part of the object’s ritual ‘destruction’ before its burial – a practice well known from Bronze Age metalwork.” East Rudham is just over 16 miles away from the find location of the Oxborough Dirk, which was found sticking out of a peat bog in 1988. Experts conjecture that the region’s proximity to the North Sea trade routes to Northern France and Netherlands may account for its similarity to those found on the continent and although all six known daggers have stylistic differences, there is further speculation that they may have been made by the same person – or at least in the same workshop. However, as with most archaeological discoveries, many questions remain. The exact reasons for its ritual damage has fuelled debate around the tradition of hoarding and ritual depositing – although most archaeologists agree that the tradition of depositing metal objects for religious or ritual reasons began in the Bronze Age and is especially prevalent in East Anglia.

The Oxborough Dirk, DescriptionCopper alloy ceremonial dirk. Edges of blade are deliberately blunt and there are no rivet holes at butt. Date1500BC-1300BC, Culture Period - Middle Bronze Age. Discovered: My Lords Wood in 1988 set vertically into peat, butt uppermost. Materials composition: copper alloy, DimensionsLength: 709 millimetresWidth: 181 millimetresThickness: 73 millimetresWeight: 2.36 kilograms.


A man walking in woods near Oxborough literally stumbled across this dirk in 1988. It had been thrust vertically into soft peaty ground nearly 3,500 years ago, but erosion had exposed the hilt-plate, which caught his toe.The 'weapon' respects the basic style of early Middle Bronze Age dirks, but it is extremely large and unwieldy, 70.9 cm long and 2.37 kg in weight. The edges of the blade are very neatly fashioned, but deliberately blunt and no rivet holes were ever provided at the butt for attaching a handle in the customary manner. The dirk was evidently never intended to be functional in any practical way. Instead, it was probably designed for ceremonial use, or as a means of storing wealth.Although of an extremely rare type, one of only two from Britain, there are also four excellent parallels from continental Europe - two each from the Netherlands and France. Two of these earlier finds give the type the name Plougrescant-Ommerschans type. The five weapons are so similar, in style and execution, that it is possible that they were all made in the same workshop. However, on present evidence we cannot be sure whether this was in Britain, or the neighbouring parts of continental Europe.


The food menu on aeroplanes is not always the best and some customers have complained about low quality offerings, If you travel by business class you should expect a decent food menu and even though the menu for this particular story looked appetizing you really need to read the small print. A British Airway's passenger called Dr Michael Brown was shocked by what he saw on the flights menu, Comfort and luxury is always promised when flying business class but Mr Brown was quite concerned for his health after reading the text for a venison stew. Even though the BA website states that their meals are inspired by some of the "Worlds top chefs" you would expect the menu to be at least a la carte quality. You would also expect the ingredients to ignite your tastebuds and make you saliva at the mouth (Okay maybe not that extreme).


American radio host Dr Michael Brown was recently on a British Airways flight traveling in business class from London Heathrow to Chicago O'Hare Airport. The passenger, who lives in North Carolina, was shocked to discover that the airline's menu contained a very strange warning for diners. On the menu was a tasty sounding dish called Home Counties venison stew, which was to be served with rosemary dumplings, roasted chestnuts and wilted kale. All this was sounding good, or at least it was until Dr Brown reached the next line. It read: "Even though greatest care has been taken, due to the nature of the product there is a very small risk of bullet fragments that could be found in the meal."

giphy (6).gif

Taken aback, the 63-year-old took a photo of the bizarre message and shared it on Twitter,   saying: "You've got to be kidding me." The radio host, who also works as an author and professor, claims he then had a good laugh about it with flight attendants. "The two flight attendants I spoke with had never seen or noticed this before but got a good laugh out of it." He added: "One joked with me that this warning could be so all the Americans on board couldn't sue them. I told him he could well be right." A spokesman for British Airways said: "These warnings are there as a precaution, and are common practice. We source the best British ingredients for our in-flight menu and this is no exception."


Scientologist and A lister Tom Cruise thanked Stanley Tucci for inviting him to his pre-wedding party by gifting the actor a rather unusual gift that he thought would be greatly appreciated and used. The "Top Gun, Cocktail and Oblivion actor was working with Tucci's future sister-in-law Emily Blunt on the all action science fiction movie "Edge of Tomorrow" when she explained she was heading out to a party and he asked if he could join her. Tucci was thrilled to have the mega movie star as a guest, explaining Tom was great fun, and he was stunned when he received his wedding gift from his new pal. "He noticed that both (wife) Felicity and I like to exercise and Tom is obviously the fittest man on earth, so he sent us this machine that athletes use," he tells Access Live. "It's like a cryogenic fitness machine that freezes your muscles or something. It's this huge thing." Tucci reveals Tom also sent the couple a joke gift after learning the newlyweds loved to cook - a spatula.


Image Above - Stanley Tucci


Image Above - A similar example of witches in Zimbabwe. Residents of Budiriro in Zimbabwe have been left in absolute shock after two suspected witches were caught red-handed with witchcraft tools. Two alleged WITCHES caught with calabash, live owls and other fetish materials - This story is rather disturbing and also shocking to the core, Reported on July 23rd, 2019, In a bizarre incident that has shocked Bikita District, in Zimbabwe, two women who are alleged to be witches have reported a colleague to a traditional leader’s court because the colleague is refusing to have her child sacrificed for the group’s supply of human flesh. The women (names are supplied) claimed that they each killed their children and ate the human flesh together with the colleague. They complained that the accused was now refusing to have her child killed although it was her turn to supply human flesh to the group. Chief Clemence Mpakwa confirmed the case in an interview with The Mirror and said everyone in the district is shocked by this turn of events.
The matter came to light when the witches claimed that they ate the human flesh of a popular tout at Nyika Growth Point who died a week ago. The tout is said to be the son of one of the witches.


Image Above - Nyika Growth Point in Zimbabwe

Dam in Bikita.jpg

Image Above - Bikita district Zimbabwe, Article posted on Friday, May 17, 2019 - There was excitement in Bikita district Ward 1 last week when Care Zimbabwe through its project called Enhancing, Nutrition, Stepping Up Resilience and Enterprise (Ensure) handed over Chamanhokwe Dam to the community and officially opened Chamanhokwe Irrigation Scheme. The projects were set up to help improve food security in the area.

maxresdefault (2).jpg

Image Above - Bikita minerals. The Bikita mine is the largest lithium mine in Zimbabwe, The privately owned company holds the world’s largest-known deposit of lithium at approximately 11 million tonnes.  The mine is located in southern Zimbabwe in Masvingo Province. The Bikita mine has reserves amounting to 10.8 million tonnes of lithium ore grading 1.4% lithium thus resulting 0.15 million tonnes of lithium. The occasion was graced by many people including Ensure representatives, Bikita South Member of Parliament (MP) Josiah Sithole, Chief Mabika and Bikita Rural District Council (RDC) Chief Executive officer (CEO) Peter Chibi.
Ensure has similar projects in other districts where over 20 dams were built and a total of 211 hectares of land were put under irrigation for the benefit of over 5 000 villagers.
Speaking at the occasion, Chibi praised Ensure for what he described as momentous efforts towards making the district a greenbelt.
“I would like to express my sincere gratitude for this wonderful work and I feel so honored to have such development in my district. I am also happy that we have already begun our move towards Vision 2030. As you may all know, 80 percent of Bikita district is dry land so the land must be turned into a greenbelt,” Chibi said.
Ensure programmes manager, Archibald Chikavanga later told TellZim News that the Chamanhokwe dam and irrigation projects were just among many others that were done in other districts of Masvingo province.
“We are celebrating the achievement done here in Bikita district and hand-over Chamanhokwe Dam and officially opening the irrigation scheme. It is our hope that we will be able to continue supporting vulnerable communities by helping to build their self-sustenance capacity,” said Chikavanga.
The Chamanhokwe projects have helped several families to gain livelihoods from agriculture in an area with erratic rainfall patterns.


Image Above - Bikita Mineral Trucks - “We are grateful for this life-changing opportunity. We now have hope and the means to improve our lives. The irrigation scheme is thriving and the fishery project is also doing very well.
Ensure is weaning us off but I must say we have been capacitated enough to manage these assets. We will work with agritex officers and security guards to improve performance and protect these projects. We plan to drill boreholes to ensure a constant water supply even if the dam is to run dry in the course of the seasons and we plan to build more fish ponds so that we will have fishing competitions in the future,” said Esau Gwande, who is the asset manager.
Market facilitator, Dadirai Mawanza said produce will be sold to local schools and the wider community.
“Access to the markets for our products is not a problem since we sell our vegetables, chickens, tomatoes and fish to such school as Mashoko High and to the surrounding communities,” said Mawanza.



Image Above - Evangelista-and-Shumirayi-Bheji-discuss-as-Pisirayi-exorcise-the-goblin - The witch-hunters had been terrorising the area east of Masvingo town since late last year, taking away cattle worth thousands of dollars, allegedly as payment for “exorcising” goblins and other voodoo items.Witches eat human flesh continued: The women are from Musavengana Village under Chief Mkanganwi in Bikita. Chief  Mpakwa said they will on Saturday appear before a traditional court. The matter came to light after the women quarreled over who among their children was the next to die for their supply of human flesh. The complainants have formalized their case with Village head Benias Musavengana and trial will be there this Saturday. “This is not a rumour, the matter has been brought before  Musavengana in whose village the three reside. I have received a letter confirming the matter and they will appear on Saturday (August 20),” said Chief Mkanganwi. When contacted for comment,  Headman Musavengana said he was still in shock since he never thought people of that calibre were in his village. “It shocked me so much that I decide to refer the matter further up to Chief Mpakwa” said Musavengana The woman whose turn is to have her child killed is allegedly refusing to make the offer saying that the tout who died at Nyika was thin and her child that they want killed is fat and bigger. “It is disgusting for a community to sink to such levels of open witchcraft. I will call the parties involved in the issue and get the full details,” said chief Mpakwa.


I am sure you have read stories where someone has accidentally received large amounts of cash into there bank accounts by mistake and they have spent some or all of it as there eyes popped out of there head and the temptation took over. A Sydney lawyer was accidentally paid more than $24 million by one of the country’s big banks making her a millionaire for a couple of days. There’s still a few month’s for Christmas, but people have already begun anticipating their gifts this festive season. While most of us love when we get expensive gifts, wouldn’t it be shocking if you found a million dollars in your bank account? One such strange incident has taken social media by storm. It all started when Clare Wainwright, a lawyer from Sydney, received a letter of the mortgage repayments for her home loan from the National Australia Bank (NAB).


However, when she read the letter, she almost got a minor heart attack! There was a typo in the official letter, which read the mortgage repayments as $25,102,107 instead of the agreed-upon $2,500. She informed her mortgage broker soon enough, but instead of fixing the typo, NAB requested the whopping amount from her St George Bank account and, quite remarkably, St George obliged. She woke up to find out that her NAB mortgage account had $24,544,780.16 in the black, while her St George account displayed negative balance. She again contacted the bank, and was told that it will be fixed in “three working days”. Sharing her bizarre situation on social media, she wrote: “When NAB accidentally pays out your entire mortgage, and gives you an extra $24.5 million to redraw. Do I skip the country??” According to, the bank later said in a statement: “The error has been fixed and the payment has been reversed. We thank the customer for contacting us and we’re sorry for any trouble caused. We are looking into how it occurred”.


Sonal Waghela from Gujarat, India refuses to feed, look at, or even name to her newborn son because he kind of looks like an alien. Pictured below is a nameless child with a gargantuan, alien-like head that weighs 2.15kg (4.74lbs). According to Dr. Hiren Thumer, the little bundle of oversized joy has an accumulation of water in his head. “The head swells like a balloon because of water accumulation inside the brain, and hence the baby looks abnormal,” Hiren said. “Generally, these types of births occur in one in a hundred thousand deliveries.” The boy unfortunately is at great risk of death, especially within the first six months. Hiren explained that this can be avoided with brain surgery. The problem is that the baby’s own family rejects him. When Sonal first laid eyes on him, her body went limp and she fainted in shock. She now refuses to name him, look at him, speak to him, or even nurse him. At the moment, he is being spoon-fed another woman’s breast milk because Sonal refuses to allow him within a foot of her. It’s a very sad, unfortunate, and rather odd occurrence that hopefully will inspire some soul out there to intervene. Though this “mother” thinks her son isn’t good enough for her, the truth is that she isn’t good enough for him!

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Occasionally shoppers have found items inside there food which should not be there, From a dirty dishcloth inside a steak pie to a poisonous snake in your fruit salad or a tin of beans with just one bean inside, A man called Richard Noon was eating a packet of Burts hand cooked potato chips in his local pub when he pulled out something strange and definitely not a potato crisp, Richard was fascinated by the strange alien looking substance that he found inside his crisp packet and immediately posted a picture to Twitter to see if anyone could shine a light on it's origin. The other drinkers were also puzzled as to what it was as you don't always find a large strange brown lump in your crisps every day of the week. The shocked man tweeted Burt Chips in a bid to find out what the lump was asking “hey! WTF is this in my bag of chips?!” Burts Chips responded and sent an unmarked highly classified envelope to Richard so that they can start a thorough investigation to identify if possible the strange object. One patron said “looks like it’s just been dug up after several million years!” could this strange object be from outer space or even alien, Maybe it will increase in size and become huge like the movie "The Blob" or will it give you special telepathic powers. Another added “obviously that’s a meteorite fragment that’s done landed in the potato field”. A festive suggestion was “looks like someone got a lump of Coal”. With another person said “it’s unicorn poop”. Richard told The Huddersfield Examiner: “People on Twitter are saying it’s hash and asking what it smells like – it doesn’t really smell of anything, just burnt crisps and a bit of cheese! “We haven’t had a taste – we’re not that stupid!” "Richard said the strange brown object is roughly the size of a tennis ball, A spokesperson for Burts Chips said: “We take food safety and quality very seriously and are sorry for any upset caused. “The lump is likely a cluster of overcooked potato chips which have unfortunately slipped through our quality checks, as a direct result of this we will be increasing the frequency of checks made by our team of fryers so this does not happen again. “We have been consulting with Mr Noon since this issue came to light.”

Ha ha ha  - Those earthlings think the large cluster lump is potato!


That famous celebrity and actor Chris Pratt has starred in some great movies and fans of his appreciate his natural abilities especially when he has to work along side tyrannosaurus Rex and velociraptors. man eating giant reptiles.Christopher Michael Pratt (born June 21, 1979) is an American actor. He rose to prominence for his television roles, particularly as Andy Dwyer in the NBC sitcom Parks and Recreation  (2009–2015), for which he received critical acclaim and was nominated for the Critics' Choice Television Award for Best Supporting Actor in a Comedy Series in 2013. He also starred earlier in his career as Bright Abbott in The WB drama series Everwood (2002–2006) and had roles in Wanted (2008), Jennifer's Body (2009), Moneyball (2011), The Five-Year Engagement (2012), Zero Dark Thirty (2013), Delivery Man (2013), and Her (2013).


Pratt achieved leading man status in 2014 after starring in two critically and commercially successful films, Warner Animation Group's "The Lego Movie as Emmet Brickowski and Marvel Studios' "Guardians of the Galaxy" as Star-Lord. In 2015, he starred in Jurassic World, the fourth installment in the Jurassic Park franchise,  which was his most financially successful film up until the release of "Avengers: Infinity War", and later "Avengers: Endgame", he reprized the former role in the sequel "Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom in 2018. In 2015, Time named Pratt one of the 100 most influential people in the world on the annual Time 100 list. Pratt continued his leading man run in 2016 with "The Magnificent Seven" and "Passengers". He reprized his role as Star-Lord in the Marvel Cinematic Universe in Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 (2017), Avengers: Infinity War (2018) and Avengers: Endgame (2019). Pratt was discovered by Rae Dawn Chong as he waited tables at the Bubba Gump Shrimp Company in Maui, Pratt is also an avid fan of the original Jurassic Park movie who he refers to as "my Star Wars".


Pratt is married to Katherine Schwarzenegger and is a non-demominational christian. Pratt received a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame for his achievements in motion pictures, located at 6834 Hollywood Boulevard. Pratt was the featured cover story of the July 18th Entertainment Weekly, which documented the evolution of Pratt's physique over the course of the previous 12 years, going from 220 pounds (100 kg) for his role on Everwood to 295 pounds (134 kg) for Delivery Man, to 225–230 pounds (102–104 kg) for his roles in Zero Dark Thirty and Guardians of the Galaxy. Previously Pratt had a son with Actress Anna Faris, the child was nine weeks premature and weighed only 3 pounds 12 ounces (1,7 kg). Pratt stated that the birth of his preterm son "really defined" his faith in God, after both he and his wife "prayed a lot" as they were initially afraid of the baby's prognosis. The two separated in 2017 and finalized their divorce the following year.


Despite His Role As A Dinosaurs' Trainer In 'Jurassic World', The 35-Year-Old Actor Jumps Back When A Fake Tyrannosaurus Rex Comes After Him Off-Screen. Though Chris Pratt was a dinosaurs' tamer in "Jurassic World" he was shocked when he met fake dinosaurs off-screen. In a video posted by SA Wardega on YouTube, the hunky actor showed astonishment as he was a victim of a fake-dinosaur prank.

The video began with a message which read, "Who better to prank with dinosaurs than Chris Pratt, Star of 'Jurassic World'." It then showed the SA Wardega crew setting some cameras at some points where the actor would go through. They also prepared two fake dinosaurs for the prank. After everything was ready and they got a signal that Pratt was approaching, they hid. The 35-year-old actor was walking through the corridor with his team. While he was having a chit-chat with his assistant, all of sudden a roaring Tyrannosaurus rex quickly came to him. The surprised actor yelled, "Oh s**t!" as he jumped against a door. He then gave his fist to the fake dinosaur while smiling, realizing that the dinosaur wasn't real. Another dinosaur, Velociraptor, came to him but he wasn't surprised at all. He gave a pat on that dinosaur, instead.

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"You, mother f**ker," Pratt said to the prankster as he took his breath away. However, the former Bubba Gump Shrimp waiter  also praised their work for the fake dinosaurs which looked so real. "They look great... Did you make these? What is this? Who are you?" he added. "You scared me. Oh, this is great, you have cameras." SA Wardega introduced themselves as the prankster who posted a clip of giant spider which was actually a dog in a giant spider costume. Anna Faris' husband also found out that his team was involved in the prank. "Did you know about this?" he asked to his team. His assistant answered, "Yes, sorry Chris." After a record breaking weekend "Jurassic World" became the first film to gross over $500 million, Jurassic World generated $1.6 billion in box office revenue, ranking sixth among the highest grossing films of all time. Also the highest grossing in the franchise and highest grossing film ever released by Universal Pictures unadjusted for inflation. An animates series based on the film is scheduled for a 2020 release on Netflix.


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Funerals are a depressing and sad time for all involved especially friends and family that were close to the deceased. A funeral was taking place at Craigton Crematorium in Glasgow when a huge brawl and fight broke out between dozens of people. Mourners were shouting and hitting each other while others were punching the living daylights out of each other with rage and intense anger. What could of possibly set this crazy scene to life probably someone said something nasty to someone close to the deceased which started a mass brawl. A hearse was parked right outside as the fighting escalated out onto the road, A man carrying a cane begins to hit people in a frenzy of moves this incredible scenario is something from a comedy film it is insane to watch. Luckily the mayhem and insanity action was captured on CCTV and manages to record the mayhem as people karate kick punch push and scream at each other in a frenzy of madness. As mourners wait outside ahead of the funeral service a row erupts beside the hearse and dozens of people get involved in the altercation.

They can be heard in the video screaming and shouting as they furiously lash out at one another. The funeral director can see in the footage at the Crematorium Chapel entrance attempting to lead people to safety. It remains unclear who the people in the footage are, or whose funeral it was. Just two years ago, a young boy was killed at the same site after he was crushed by a falling tombstone. Ciaran Williamson was pinned underneath the giant stone in the Craigton cemetery in 2015. The eight-year-old and his two friends had climbed through a hole in the wall into the cemetery and Ciaran jumped from a tree onto the tombstone, which started to wobble and collapsed on top of him. Ciaran was taken to the Yorkhill children's hospital where he later died. A spokesman for Dignity, which operates the Craigton Crematorium told MailOnline: 'A group of 20-25 mourners were involved in a violent incident outside the crematorium prior to a funeral taking place.


Image Above - Ciaran Williamson - 'It quickly became apparent that the police would be required to intervene and they were called by a member of our staff. Once police took control the funeral proceeded as scheduled and we have provided them with our CCTV footage.  'Whilst family disputes can sometimes happen at any emotional occasion this type of incident is thankfully very rare at a funeral.' Police Scotland said officers were called to the incident but no arrests were made.

The heartbroken father of Ciaran has vowed to fight for justice "no matter what" for his son who was crushed underneath a tombstone at the Craigton Crematorium. This was not the only sad tragedy to strike but Dad Ryan's 15 year old sister Nikki Williamson died in 2003 after suffering an epileptic seizure at their family home. Instead of an ambulance, a paramedic car arrived unable to take Nikki to hospital, yet three empty ambulances sat 100 yards from their house waiting for a football match to start at Ibrox stadium. By the time an ambulance did arrive, more than half an hour later, it was too late to save Nikki and she died later that day in hospital. Ryan and his mum Margaret fought for answers for Nikki for eight years, before a landmark ruling decided that emergency services have a duty of care to people even before they arrive at the scene. It was this battle for justice which has helped to give Ryan the drive to find out why his beloved son died.


Image Above - Stephanie Griffin Ciaren's mother and family attend at Glasgow Sheriff Court to give evidence on her son's death. Details of his multiple injuries were read to the court and how he managed to be toppled over by a large tombstone. The 26-year-old said: “What happened with Nikki showed me that they might fob you off but if you keep going, you will find the answers. “It took eight years but we eventually got them. “It has given me the strength and determination to know that I will find the answers I want, I’ll just keep going until I do.” Ryan was proud of his son, and always pushed him to do the best he could but all he really wanted for him was happiness. He explained: “He wasn’t just my son, he was my best pal. We did everything together. We loved playing football and the computer., and we were constantly playing pranks on each other. “He’d ask me if I wanted a cup of coffee, and then he’s put salt in it instead of sugar. I fell for it every time. “We would sit and draw, go to the pictures... I wanted so much for him. “I wanted to take him to Ibiza for his 18th birthday, but now I’ll be sitting by his grave. This should not have happened.


Police guard a hole in the wall at Craigton Cemetery where Ciaran Williamson died(Image: © HEMEDIA / SWNS Group) “My son shouldn’t have died before anything was done to make graveyards safe.” Ryan said he specifically wants to know why a large hole in the wall to the graveyard had not been repaired, despite claims by residents that they reported it to Glasgow city council on numerous occasions. He said: “Ciaran and his pals wouldn’t have gone in there [if it had been repaired]. If a kid sees a hole in the wall it’s like an invitation. I also want to know why the graveyard was left in the state it was in. “There were six foot tombstones leaning over to the side, leaning on trees. Why was nothing done about it? “There is no way I’ll let this go unnoticed. “He didn’t deserve it.”

Picture: COLIN TEMPLETON..Tributes for Ciaran Williamson (outside his home), who was crushed by a tombstone in an accident in Craigton cemetery, Cardonald...Picture: COLIN TEMPLETON.

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