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Bub is now learning how to somehow use a telephone as he slowly raises the receiver to his ear, As the receiver edges it's way further higher Dr Logan speaks out to praise and encourage Bub to act out the motions of using the cream colored set. Logan say's with excitement "That's right Bub"


Dr Logan leans forward as he attempts to persuade Bub to speak out, Logan say's "Say Hello" as he tries his best to stimulate the dead brain tissues. A simple and soothing synthesizer melody is playing.


Suddenly Pvt Walter Steel turns his attention to Captain Rhodes as he say's with slight anger and frustration, Come on, Captain, Give me a break will ya?. Steel widens his arms as he emphasizes his dislike for zombies and the ridiculous situation he is witnessing. Steel hates zombies with a vengeance and would put a bullet into Bub without a second thought if instructed too by Rhodes. Rhodes is more patient and wants to learn more about the experiments as he believes the scientists are failures and his plan is going to work out a whole lot better. Rhodes stares at Steel in silence without any reaction.


Bub is struggling to understand what Dr Logan wishes of him but is trying his best nether the less. Bub slides his right hand slowly down the dangling cream colored cord as he stares ahead into the void. Dr Logan speaks out again and say's "Say hello to your aunt Alicia." Bub bends his head forward slightly as he lets out a low level growl, Bub was captured from the underground corral system previously and is being used by Logan for his pure science programme. Logan has found out some information about Bub from his wallet which he found inside his jacket. Logan knows that Bub was in the United States Military before the zombie outbreak and has a firearms certificate. He also has an aunt called Alicia who may be dead human or infected. This information is vitally important for Dr Logan as he can use this to improve his chances of success with Bub.


Dr Logan repeats his request as he raises up his right hand, "Say hello aunt Alicia." Logan shakes his head forward with each word as he tries to stimulate the undead corpse. Pvt Steel adjusts the strap on his shoulder which is holding his machine gun with his left hand. A metallic clicking sound is heard from steels actions.


Logan raises his hand again as he attempts the impossible, Bub stands motionless with his mouth wide open knowing that he has to perform an action, This is really taxing for a dead corpse but Logan has incredible faith in his undead specimen. Bubs mouth starts to shape the syllable and word he must produce but it is proving very difficult. Logan heaps more encouragement as he speaks loudly "Hello aunt Alicia" Bub moves on his feet slightly as he begins to fulfill his masters request. Bub groans a slow and morbid "Heell" cumbersome and dumb. Bub produces another deep "auuunt" groan then finishes immediately with a strained and almost unrecognizable "aliiicia" Relaxing synthesizer melody plays out at a simple key and tone. I'm sure the real Alicia would of had a heart attack if she really took the call from Bub the zombie.


Captain Rhodes is shell shocked after witnessing Bub speak almost like a real human being, The unexpected meeting is starting to have a profound mental effect on Rhodes, Suddenly Rhodes drops Dr Logan's notes with an uncontrollable body spasm of emotions creating a loud wooden clank as the pad hits the table below. This causes Dr Logan to turn around and face the Captain who is motionless and silent.


The loud sound of the note pad causes Bub to instantly look on over to Rhodes and drop the cream colored phone receiver all at the same time. The phone receiver somersaults over itself as Bub maintains grip on the coiled wire. A loud bang is heard from the falling phone as it hits the side of the silver table. Bub is confused that Rhodes made a loud sound and may think it's part of his play time and he now has to perform more tasks. Bub continues to stare at Rhodes as he shuffles slightly right,


Bub slowly lowers the phone cord while maintaining his focus on an unappreciative and shocked Rhodes. Bub steps to his left creating a light tap sound. A whistling sound effect gradually lowers in pitch and tone to provide the sound score. Suddenly Bub releases his grip on the cord as they slide away from his rotten fingers, Gravity will now take it's course as the cream colored telephone set falls abruptly to the floor creating a loud bang sound, This bang sound is also accompanied by a loud clanking plastic noise accompanied by a loud bell ring that slowly echoes away. All is silent in the laboratory as Bub steps from side to side once in each direction as he continues his death stare towards Captain Rhodes. Bub is not growling and has finished playing with the telephone.


Suddenly Bub begins to raise up his right arm and hand at a slow and controlled pace as he continues his death stare towards Rhodes. Bub can see that Captain Rhodes is wearing army clothing and carries a pistol, this is having a connection to Bub's life before he was infected. To add insult to injury Bub salutes Rhodes while maintaining his hand against his temple. A low level air siren sound is heard which gradually lowers in pitch and tone at a medium speed to provide the sound score.


Pvt Walter Steel is now finding Bub and the situation extremely funny, Steel begins to screech out a high pitched chuckle similar to a hyena on acid as he turns to face a depressed Rhodes. Rhodes gives Steel a cold and foreboding stare and does not appreciate the fun and games he is witnessing.


Pvt Steel begins to move from his position as he turns and walks behind Captain Rhodes with a slight left and right buoyancy to his movements. Steel places pressure on his gun strap which creates a metallic clicking sound as he moves off. A loud tapping of feet is produced from Steel as he steps away.


Dr Logan begins to fill Captain Rhodes in on some information regarding Bub and say's, "Apparently, he was in the military - Return the salute and see what he does." Dr Logan is all for Bub and is trying his best to get Rhodes on his side so he can continues his experiments in some form of peace and sustainability. Rhodes grimaces with hate and denial as he say's, "You want me to salute that pile of walking pus? (a thick yellowish or greenish opaque liquid produced in infected tissue, consisting of dead white blood cells and bacteria with tissue debris and serum.) Rhodes is angry and absolutely hates zombies in general including Steel. Steel turns to face the back of Rhodes as he puts his hands in his pockets and moves his head around in a tense and agitated way. Rhodes looks towards Frankenstein and say's with arrogance and hate, "Salute my ass" Rhodes has raised his voice as he speaks his frustrations.


Frankenstein has turned away from Captain Rhodes and does not appreciate his sarcasm, Logan looks up at the ceiling as he say's, "Your ignorance is exceeded only by your charm, Captain. Logan looks back to Rhodes before looking down at the floor.


Dr Logan decides he will confront Captain Rhodes so that he can explain his thoughts more decisively, Logan looks down fleetingly as he takes a few short steps over to the Captain. Logan looks up to Rhodes and takes a deep breath of air before leaning closer and saying, "How are we going to set an example for them if we behave barbarically ourselves?.


Dr Logan quickly steps away from Rhodes as he makes his way over to Sarah and Dr Fisher, Rhodes eyes follow Logan as they veer right but maintains a static position. Steel stands silent as he also watches Logan move across the floor. Light scuffling of feet is heard from Dr Logan.


Logan raises his right hand as he approaches Sarah and say's abruptly, "Take the bullets out, please, and let me have your pistol, Sarah." Dr Fisher fleetingly looks towards Sarah's right hand before looking up to Logan who has now positioned himself against the workbench. 


Dr Logan looks straight ahead patiently as he waits for Sarah to retrieve her weapon. Sarah looks down at her right leg and pulls open a black Velcro pouch that contains her gun. A loud ripping scrunching sound is heard as Sarah pulls up at rapid speed. Another metallic clinking is heard as Sarah immediately pulls out her weapon and begins the task requested. Dr Fisher watches as Sarah carries out the operation.


Rhodes looks slightly punch drunk as he watches the three scientists before switching his focus back to Bub the all singing all dancing ghoul from somewhere in the Florida everglades.


More loud clicking is heard as Sarah removes the live shells from her pistol. Rhodes and everybody else is completely silent as the only sound is the clicking of bullets. Rhodes is becoming more and more unstable as evil fills his eyes and emotions.


Bub can feel the tantalizing presence of Captain Rhodes as he continues to stand morbidly with his high salute. Zombie begins to growl uncontrollably like a large hound that is distressed or smells fear.


Steel is feeling a little anxious as he waits for Captain Rhodes, He gyrates on his feet thinking he has better things to do than stand around like an idiot. His RALPH beer is waiting and he much prefers the presence of his soldier goons than the scientists. Rhodes continues his death stare and wont give in or back down to the ghoul, not by a long shot.


A light tapping of feet is heard as Dr Logan returns to face Bub once again. Frankenstein is now trying to stimulate more of Bub's past life as he returns the salute. Logan is rigid and motionless as he keeps his hand to his temple for a few short seconds. Suddenly Logan swipes down at a rapid speed as his hand is lowered.


Bub slowly removes his clawed hand from his temple after witnessing Logan's salute. Steel is finding the situation rather funny once again and begins to laugh a high pitched chuckle that is similar to a deranged madman. Zombie is silent as it lowers it's hand.


Bub is confused and is having a hard time keeping up with Dr Logan's requests and the soldiers mentality all rolled into one.


Steel produces another rapturous chuckle of madness as he shakes his head wildly and looks away and down at the floor. Steel is finding it hard to control his emotions and has never witnessed a zombie carrying out human related tasks. Steel looks back to Bub in high spirits and will have plenty to tell his comrades when he gets back to headquarters. Frankenstein slowly walks over to Bub having retrieved the handgun from Sarah. He passes the weapon from his left hand to his right as he makes his way over to Bub.


Steel continues to chuckle loudly with delirious delight, Logan looks up and down slightly with intense passion as he nears Bub, Logan sticks his tongue out slightly as he places the weapon down onto the silver table with both hands. A loud metallic clanking sound is heard as the chunky weapon hits the metal surface. Logan looks down at the weapon fleetingly before looking up to Bub as he slides the gun towards him with his left hand. Logan will demonstrate that Bub is a fast learning ghoul and could be domesticated if his studies continue.


Logan points his left index finger down at the weapon as he steps away to allow Bub to engage with the item. A light tapping of feet is heard from Logan. Pvt Steel has stopped laughing for the moment as he watches Logan from a distance, Maybe Steel is laughing at Frankenstein as well as Bub on how crazy and stupid he thinks the experiments are. Everyone is now watching Bub in silence to see how he will react to the presence of a handgun, Bub was in the military so this item will hopefully jog some memories in the zombie carcass.


Bub switches off from his human spectators as he looks down at the new toy, Bub slides the gun slightly with both hands as he starts to feel and become more associated with the man made piece of metal. A few seconds pass and Bub lifts the gun from the table with both hands. Bub seems interested in the pistol chamber as he looks down with some kind of dumb mental activity. Bub slowly raises the gun further up so that his dead eyes can receive more information.


Pvt Steel is still feeling highly amused as he watches Bub play with the weapon, Captain Rhodes watches carefully as Bub begins to familiarize himself with the gun and is displaying a somewhat worried and anxious disposition. Bub produces a low level heavy breathing as he examines the item. Pvt Steel takes two short steps forward.


All is silent in the laboratory and there is no sound score, Bub slowly turns the gun to his right as he stares down at the cold chunk of steel, Bub tilts the gun as he stares at the muzzel end.


More low level grunting is heard from the zombie as he looks further down and pulls rapidly on the slide of the weapon. A loud click is heard as the slide is pulled back to Bub's fascination. Drum roll is heard


Deep synthesizer chord is now heard to provide the sound score. The sound is a wavering electric of pulses which slowly fades away. Suddenly Bub lifts his head up but his eyes have turned into pure evil and hate, Bub's mouth is static but shows his rotten teeth and gums as he stares ahead with tantalizing power.


Bub groans again as he suddenly releases the slide producing another chink sound of metal as it slides back into position. Bub continues his death stare towards Captain Rhodes and Pvt Steel as he slowly points the weapon in there direction. Bub's right hand slowly moves down the side of the gun as he holds it firmly with his left hand.


Low level chink sound is heard as Bub suddenly grips the gun with both hands and growls once again, Bub is feeling frustrated and is showing his more natural and aggressive side as he stares ahead with evil intentions.


Bub has become extremely hostile as he growls and raises the pistol up high in the air towards Captain Rhodes. The ghoul grimaces as it prepares to discharge a bullet out and into the Captain. Bub has a rather unpleasant dislike for Captain Rhodes and does not like his strange silence and facial activity.


Captain Rhodes is taking no chances as he suddenly raises his own weapon up and towards Bub, Dr Logan shouts over to the Captain and say's with concern, "It's empty Captain" as he refers to Sarah's gun having had the bullets removed. Sarah would never purposely leave a live round in the gun even though she dislikes the Captain but Rhodes trusts no one.


Dr Logan tries his best to reassure Rhodes that he is safe as he shakes his right hand out towards him, Dr Logan turns to face a silent Sarah as he say's, We saw the bullets come out. Dr Logan turns back to face Rhodes and Bub as he say's, "Let's see what he does".


Rhodes is silent and motionless as he aims his silver magnum towards Bub, If Rhodes has done his homework he would know that a direct shot to the brain will kill a zombie outright, If he shoots Bub in any other area the zombie will not die. Dr Logan continues, "Let's see what Bub does in this situation."


Low level clinking of metal is heard as Bub squeezes on the guns handle and trigger, Bub bends his head right slightly as he slowly moves his head vertically, Bub is aiming at Rhodes at Point Blank Range and could not miss if a real bullet was fired. Because of the close proximity to the target the bullet would have more explosive power than if it was further away. Zombie growls at low levels - Suddenly a loud metallic click is heard as Bub pulls the trigger on the gun, Fortunately Sarah did empty the bullets from the chamber or at least there was and empty chamber as the gun does not discharge.


Point-blank range is any distance over which the trajectory of a given projectile fired from a given weapon remains sufficiently flat that one can strike a target by firing at it directly. Point-blank range will vary by a weapon's external ballistics characteristics and target chosen. A weapon with a flatter trajectory will permit a longer maximum point-blank range for a given target size, while a larger target will allow a longer point-blank range for a given weapon. In popular usage, point-blank range has come to mean extremely close range with a firearm, yet not close enough to be a contact shot.


Known also as "battle zero", maximum point-blank range is crucial in the military. Soldiers are instructed to fire at any target within this range by simply placing their weapon's sights on the center of mass of the enemy target. Any errors in range estimation are effectively irrelevant, as a well-aimed shot will hit the torso of the enemy soldier. Any height correction is not needed at the "battle zero" or less distance, however, if given, it can result either a head shot, or even a complete miss. The belt buckle is used as battle zero point of aim in Russian and former Soviet military doctrine.

Muzzle energy is the kinetic energy of a bullet as it is expelled from the muzzle of a firearm. Without consideration of factors such as aerodynamics and gravity for the sake of comparison, muzzle energy is used as a rough indication of the destructive potential of a given firearm or cartridge. The heavier the bullet and especially the faster it moves,  the higher its muzzle energy and the more damage it will do.

1,760 feet per second
When fired from the 20-inch barrel of a lever-action rifle, a 240-grain . 44 Magnum bullet can reach velocities of up to 1,760 feet per second, 27.54% faster than when the same bullet is shot from a 6-inch revolver. The same round generates a kinetic energy of up 1,651 foot-pounds of force at the rifle's muzzle. 24th May 2019




Point-blank: Because it's right out of the nozzle.
One foot away: Strongest because it gives 1 feet' of breathing room for 'fully launching' than point-blank.
At the end of effective range: I heard bullet gets stronger and stronger as it travels? (at the cost of accuracy)

(Beev) I'm no scientist, but how would an end of range bullet be best? Wouldn't it be going slower?

(spidey07) - point blank or even closer. That's when the bullet is at highest velocity and hence most energy. You could make the argument that farther out would be more lethal if the bullet starts tumbling.

(paladin3) I'm not an expert, but all the numbers I hear quoted are muzzle velocity. A bullet pretty much reaches it max velocity as it leaves the barrel and only slows due to inertia after that. I doubt there would be any measurable difference between right at the end of the barrel and one foot away. The bullet will definitely not hit harder at the end of some "effective range", unless you found a way to stick a rocket motor in it to continue the propulsion as it continues downrange.

(dmw16) The answer is wherever the velocity is highest.

The basic assumption would be at the end of the barrel, but there may be some acceleration beyond that point because the high pressure gas may still act on the bullet beyond the barrel. However, it'd be hard to say for sure. You'd need to calculate the force of the gas on the bullet and compare it to the drag it experience.

So simple answer is at the end of the barrel. But it most certainly doesn't build up speed as it travels down range.


(Loud Drum Roll) Single deep timpani beat -Electric static synthesizer chord is heard - Captain Rhodes shudders with uncontrollable fear and anxiety as he stands silent and static with magnum in hand. Rhodes gun wavers slightly as he stands in front of the demonic ghoul.


Bub continues to point the weapon at Rhodes as he stares at him with a glint of rotten evil from his rotten eye sockets. Suddenly Bub looks down at the gun in his hand and has realized that something is wrong. Bub's mouth contorts as his heavy breathing returns knowing the gun has failed on him. Bub studies the hammer and back plate as he tries to fathom why it did not fire an explosive charge.


Bub groans loudly with a complexed and confused mindset as he turns the gun onto it's side in his attempt to understand, Bub groans loudly some more as he turns the gun even further to it's side as he touches and caresses the magazine back plate. Does Bub consider the gun faulty, out of bullets or a fake.


Sarah stares over at the zombie with a sense of unbelievable shock and perturbation, Dr Fisher is mesmerized and totally blown away by Bub's behavior as he say's under his breath, Jesus.... at a slow and controlled pace. Sarah slowly turns her head towards Dr Fisher from his words as she also is feeling the same mental stresses.,


All is silent in the laboratory as Dr Fisher finishes his sentence and say's Christ". Fisher is motionless as he stares at Bub with unimaginable thoughts of despair.


Bub is still observing the weapon as he studies the back plate with intense interest, Zombie growls at low levels -


Bub suddenly raises his head at a slow pace as he veers his eyes right. Suddenly Bub lowers the weapon having lost his desire to discover the fault, A loud clanking sound is heard as Bub drops the gun a few inches to the table below, The ghoul looks on over towards Dr Fisher and Sarah with a complex evil and thoughts of dishonesty. Bub may feel he has been cheated or tricked into playing his part with the gun and is frustrated and angry that he did not kill Captain Rhodes, How could they cheat me? Zombie hunches forward a single step towards Sarah and Fisher but goes no further because of it's restraints and the table in front. Low level thud is heard from zombies actions.


Bub quickly returns his focus onto Captain Rhodes who continues to have his sights set on shooting him. Zombie stares at Rhodes as it growls at low levels.


Rhodes maintains his death stare and is seriously thinking about killing Bub who he dislikes even more so now after it attempted to take his life away. Rhodes slowly raises his silver magnum up into the air as he settles in for a clean head shot.


Rhodes finger twitch nervously around the guns grip as he lifts the gun almost vertically as a moment of madness creeps into his mind. Rhodes is now intent on killing Bub who has disrespected him in a big way. Rhodes face brightens as his mouth opens slightly ready for the kill.


Bub wavers on his feet slightly as he looks at Rhodes who is moments away from pulling the trigger, Bub knows he is in big trouble and cannot attack or escape the wrath of the despot Captain. Without expectation Bub begins to cry and groan loudly like a baby or small child would unable to deal with the situation. Bub grimaces with disappointed feelings, Bub knows his time is running out fast and Rhodes is right on the button.


Loud drum roll is heard - Rhodes lowers his gun slightly so that he is dead on when he pulls the trigger, At this distance Rhodes powerful bullet will guarantee a clean kill but it will be a bit messy. Rhodes stands motionless with his gun ready.


Bub groans desperately, Suddenly without warning Frankenstein appears at a rapid pace and stands right in front of Bub to prevent his specimen from being shot. Light tapping of feet is heard as Frankenstein makes his way over to defend Bub. Logan has worked tirelessly with Bub and cannot give him up because of the significant progress he is making. Rhodes does not appreciate Logan's demonstrations or enthusiasm for Bub and would rather shoot it in the head, One less pus brained ghoul to worry about. Bub looks on dumbfounded and motionless as the brave scientist blocks Rhodes weapon. Logan looks at Rhodes with a sense of anger and betrayal and deep down he has more respect for Bub than he does for the tyrannical leader.


Rhodes has now been put on the spot and could shoot Logan but then that would be murder, Rhodes suddenly begins to low his heavy silver magnum down as he stares at Logan with evil thoughts, Captain Rhodes say's with an angry frustration, "What are we supposed to do? Low level deep synthesizer key is playing out.


Rhodes hesitates slightly then say's, "Teach 'em tricks?" Drum Roll - Rhodes is nearly at boiling point but Logan has successfully deflected a serious situation for now at least. Rhodes is a difficult man to persuade and influence and sadly the scientists have a mountain to climb if they want Rhodes to side with them.


Captain Rhodes has called another meeting back at his headquarters as he has some serious words to discuss. Captain Rhodes has just removed his machine gun from his back and slams it down heavily onto his work table with his left hand. A loud wooden clunk sound is heard as the heavy weapon is slammed down onto the surface. Rhodes is very angry at this moment and needs to get some things off his chest. Pvt Steel is present and is sat down at a table looking down silent and motionless, He has a can of Ralph beer in his hands and is chewing on a cigar as his mouth moves around in a circular motion. Pvt Robert Rickle's has turned his head and is looking on over at the scientists as he chews on some gum.


Rhodes shouts out loudly with vexation, "What the fuck is wrong with you people?" Rhodes shouts at the top of his voice with frustration "They're dead!" Deep pulsating synthesizer chord is heard which slowly fades away - Pvt Steel raises his eyebrows momentarily - Rhodes cheeks puff out and blood is searing through his veins and face. Pvt Rickle's turns his head back around. Rhodes voice echoes and reverberates around the large chamber, Rhodes continues, at a slightly lower volume "They're fucking dead".


Steel places his right index finger to the top of his mustache before touching the side of his nose before sliding his finger up to his glasses and pushing them closer to his face from the center of the frame. Rhodes leans down on his arms as he say's loudly "And you wanna teach 'em tricks?"


Sarah and Dr Fisher are sat quietly on a far table as they silently drink coffee from metal mugs. Fisher raises his right hand and rubs his nose momentarily before resting his hand on his chin and closing his eyes briefly. Sarah looks down at her mug of coffee and is somber and in thought. Frankenstein is in a cool calm and collective mind and will not back down from Captain Rhodes views. Logan has folded his hands as he looks down with a forced smile on his face. Suddenly Logan looks up at Rhodes and say's "They have to be rewarded, Captain. Logan smiles again as he looks back down, Dr Fisher veers his eyes over to Rhodes as he straightens his index finger along his mustache. Logan looks back to Rhodes as he raises his eyebrows and widens his eyes,  Logan hesitates then say's, "Why else will they do what we want them to do?"


For a fleeting second Rhodes looks at Logan just before a fuse blows, Without warning Rhodes suddenly becomes extremely aggressive and vexed, Rhodes slams down his right hand down onto his table with extreme force and at high speed. A loud thumping sound of wood is heard -


Logan's words have infuriated the Captain and he want's the meeting to go his way or someone is going to pay the price. Rhodes screams out loudly with anger, "I don't want em' to do anything but drop over!.


Rhodes stands upright as he waits for Logan to reply to his strong views. Pvt Steel has shaped his right hand into a telephone receiver as he places his thumb to his ear and his little finger to his mouth. Pvt Steel is chatting quietly with Pvt Rickle's and is explaining to him the moment Bub tried to speak to his long lost relative "Aunt Alicia".


Dr Fisher has his hand placed over his metal mug as he looks at Sarah, Sarah begins to smile slightly from Rhodes childish behavior as she looks down at her beverage. Fisher looks away and down as Sarah looks down still smiling. Frankenstein replies to Rhodes nasty thoughts and say's, "Yes, well, apparently they're not inclined to do that for you, Captain."


Rhodes raises his left hand up as he say's with a slightly less angry tone of voice, "Is this your progress?" Captain Rhodes is referring to the Seminole storage system and his job to protect the scientists while they complete there experiments with the undead. Rhodes mouth contorts with inbuilt anger and frustration as he stares at Dr Logan. Rhodes continues slightly louder, "Is this the shit (Rhodes lowers his hand) that's supposed to knock our socks off?" Rhodes stands motionless as he waits for Logan to reply.


Logan looks at Rhodes with sadness but has strong inbuilt beliefs that his pure science programme is beneficial to the beginning and to the end of life as we know it. Rhodes does not have a scientific mind only one of violence and impatience, Logan will try and teach Rhodes how to become a better person and be more understanding which he lacks. Logan say's" It's the beginning, yes. (Logan nods forward rapidly as he emphasizes his words) Logan hesitates - It's the bare beginning of social behavior. Logan hesitates (Increases loudness)- "Of civilized behavior". Hesitates - Civil behavior is what (hesitates raises eyebrows) distinguishes us from the lower forms.


Dr Fisher is drinking his beverage as he slowly begins to lower his silver mug to almost touching distance of the table but freezes as he stares ahead towards Logan and Rhodes.


A metallic sliding slide is heard as Sarah suddenly grabs her mug with her right hand. Dr Logan continues. It's what enables us to communicate, Sarah raises her mug to her mouth and takes a sip as Dr Logan continues. "To go about things in an orderly fashion."


Rhodes stands silent and motionless as he hears Frankenstein out - "Without attacking each other like beasts in the wild." Rhodes continues his silence  - All is quiet inside the headquarters chamber.


Logan continues, - Civility (Hesitates) must be rewarded, Captain. Logan nods forward slightly as he speaks with importance. Logan continues to stare at Rhodes in silence for a fleeting moment. A deep and vibrating synthesizer chord begins to sound out from a quiet key that gradually increases in loudness. Logan continues with sincerity, "If it isn't rewarded, (Hesitates) Logan looks down and away from Rhodes as he say's, "There's no use for it". Logan begins to shake and tremble with an inbuilt believe as he say's, "There's just no use for it at all" Looks back to Rhodes then looks down in silence.


Logan begins to sway his head in an up and down motion from the severe stresses he is feeling as he tries to work around Rhodes and the zombies not an easy task.


Another turbulent day has passed deep down in the seminole storage facility and it is now a fresh day with a new agenda. Dr Logan has managed to persuade Captain Rhodes to give the scientists some more time after showing him the progress with Bub. Pvt Steel, Pvt Johnson, Pvt Miller, Sarah and Miguel are risking there lives to collect some more live zombie specimens from the corrall underground cave system. As we know this activity of collecting the undead has a high risk of injury infection and death and is not the most pleasant of jobs. A loud sound of sliding wood is heard as the heavy trap door plummets down from a high height. A loud thud is heard as the worn wooden door hits the ground trapping a ghoul inside the capture space.


A female zombie of middle age in appearance has been enticed into the trap door space, The ghoul groans a high pitched sort of croaking as she flaps her arms around with frustration and evil intentions.


Another loud wooden bang sound is heard which causes the ghoul to turn around while covering it's face with her hands from the bright lights. The captured zombies are kept in darkness and this sudden brightness from the capture zone sends them insane. A large halogen bulb is used including the lights from the soldiers and scientists helmets. This ghoul has a large ring of blood and damaged skin around it's neck which suggests it has been caught before but was let lose or escaped, The soldiers were unable to retrieve the neck collar and the ghoul has maintained it ever since. Ghoul rapidly twists right


Pvt Miller has the honors of activating the sliding trap door and also to secure it once it hits the ground. Pvt Miller quickly pulls down on the thick rope to secure the door as he wraps and coils it around a wooden post. Miller quickly moves off to his right to assist Pvt Steel and Miguel. Miguel is still unwell but has found the strength and mental toughness to join the team. Sarah knows that Miguel is ill but the soldiers have made him come along as he is no longer with her. Sarah still cares for Miguel but she is not objecting to his condition on this particular visit to the corral cave system.


Sarah begins to write out some information on a note pad to indicate the time and date, how many zombies have been collected so far and type of ghoul collected. This information will indicate how many zombies are left running free inside the cave system. Sarah is completing this job as the soldiers are inadequate and frequently fail to fill the form in.


An older male zombie ghoul has already successfully been harvested from the corrall network and is being firmly held in position by Pvt Johnson. This ghoul growls and creates loudly and is not in the best of moods. The zombie shakes it's head and gyrates it's body violently as it tries to free itself from it's bonds. Zombies hate captivity and will fight to the death in there bid for freedom. The male zombie shakes and flails it's arms in all directions as it growls with intense evil and hatred for the soldiers.


This ghoul has seen better days and is rotten to the core, It has a husky and dank odor that not even your worst enemy would want to smell. It's ears have been chewed by other ghouls and it has a severe neck injury caused by the neck collar that is tightly attached to it's rotten neck. It's eyes have sunken in and have deteriorated so only the zombies strong sense of smell and cold touch can guide it's way, This ghoul was certainly an easy catch for the soldiers but is proving to be difficult to control.


The male zombie is being tightly held by Pvt Nicotero as it gyrates and pulls hard on it's restraints. Several days ago Miguel messed up badly when he lost the grip of the pole and was nearly killed by Pvt Steel. Bringing Pvt Nicotero along will hopefully lessen the burden. Nicotero holds his ground but the zombie is not going to give in without a fight. A loud growling and ground movement is heard and sensed as the zombie struggles for freedom.


Pvt Steel is stood on top of the wooden platform and is attempting to attach his pole to the neck of the female ghoul. Steel gyrates as he attempts the difficult task as he say's loudly "Flesh and Brain". Steel grimaces and is making an extreme effort to capture the undead and foul smelling demon. The stench is almost unbearable and this can only make the job a lot more difficult.


Pvt Steel is somewhat a master at this task and has completed several successful attachments of the pole. The female zombie growls loudly as she looks up at the Pvt adding an advantage with the exposed loop holes from her neck collar. A loud clinking and rattling of steel is heard as Pvt Steel carefully attaches the double loops inside the carabiner clip device. 


The female ghoul begins to choke and moan with displeasure from the upwards motion of Pvt Steel. Her tongue protrudes from her mouth as she holds onto the pole, Suddenly the ghoul turns her head from inside the capture space as she tries to find an escape route.

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