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Sarah sighs loudly from Logan's words,


Sarah looks down at the floor as she begins to walk to her right,


Sarah is frustrated and slightly angry as she explains her thoughts to Dr Logan, Sarah say's, But your just proving theories that were advanced (Raises left arm momentarily) months ago. Looks back at Logan - And you're not even proving them correctly. (Shakes right hand out) You're making a lot of assumptions here. Walks to her right as she looks down - Sarah turns her head around as she continues to look down - Sarah is slightly less angry - You're wasting time trying to define what's happening - Sarah stops moving as she looks at Logan - instead of looking for what's making it happen. Sarah looks down and over at the vivisected zombie attached to electrical current and say' as she furiously shakes her right hand in front of her with a left and right motion, (Looks back at Logan - (Shouts loudly) And just slicing up too many specimens, It's extremely dangerous to go up on top and round them up in the wild. Turns to her right then back at Logan, Shakes right hand out - "When we can't control them, Sarah turns to her right and looks down as she notices a dead corpse on the dirtied floor, Sarah say's with intrigue, What happened to this one?


A rotten and dead zombie lay's on the floor as it stares up into the ceiling, Frankenstein responds, It was too unruly, I couldn't handle it, I had to destroy it.


Sarah turns back to face Dr Logan with extreme concern on her face.


Dr Logan say's We can still get information from it, Dr Logan turns away from Sarah and looks down at a scientific sample contained in a thick white plastic sleeve,


Sarah blinks as she slowly paces to her left, Sarah tries to reason with Dr Logan and say's, Dr Logan, We are losing the cooperation of the men, (Hesitates) -  Shakes head slightly, I'm not even sure they'll go up top when we run out of the specimens we already have.


Logan turns his head towards Sarah as he begins to listen in more detail, Sarah continues, "I'm not sure they won't just try to shut us down completely." Logan turns and looks down at his zombie sample fleetingly before looking back at Sarah, Logan points down with his right hand towards the sample as he say's, Well, I'll show them results,


Dr Logan begins to move off from his position as he say's again with an air of confidence, I'll show them results.


A light tapping of feet is heard as Dr Logan walks back over to the zombie attached to an electrical current, Dr Logan raises and widens his hands slightly as he say's, Looks at Sarah fleetingly -  I'll show them that these creatures can be domesticated even (Raises hands again) without the surgery, Dr Logan looks down at his specimen -


Raises right hand - Knowing what they are, (Hesitates) - (Raises both hand (Turns head steeply left)  - we can begin to approach them properly. Looks back to Sarah - condition them, control them. Raises hands fleetingly, We've got to do this Sarah. (Shakes head) It's our only hope.


Slow and simple synthesizer key is now heard to provide the sound score - (Sarah shakes her head slowly in some kind of disbelief) Sarah is silent and is beginning to side with Dr Logan in some way. Sarah slowly looks down and to her right before noticing something in the not to far distance.


Sarah has discovered a green army uniform that has been discarded onto the floor, This uniform was Major Coopers before he died, but the question is now, what is the uniform doing in Dr Logan's laboratory?


Sarah looks over at the uniform for a few seconds as she tries to work out the impossible conclusion, Sarah suddenly looks back over at the corpse that is attached to an electrical current with a worried conscience and inquiring mind.


Dr Logan and Sarah are silent, The vivisected corpse is now moving all by itself, A squishing squelching sound of flesh and blood is heard as the exposed spinal cord begins to move in and up and down motion, This causes the brain to move also producing a frightening and disgusting sight.


Dr Logan is completely silent as he looks on over at Sarah. Logan looks to his right and then back down at his animated specimen as he continues his quietude. Dr Logan is hiding something but he already thinks that Sarah has guessed the outcome.


Dr Logan suddenly begins to walk back over to his specimen as he say's, "Yes, this is (Looks over to Sarah) Major Cooper".


Light ruffling of material is heard as Dr Logan quickly pulls the white sheet back over Major Coopers vivisected remains with both hands.


Sarah is stunned at finding out that Dr Logan is using Major Cooper for his macabre and gruesome scientific experiments, Sarah is silent and is trying to absorb the shock and horror of Dr Logan's actions, Dr Logan say's , I needed him Sarah,


Dr Logan looks back down at his prized zombie as he say's,(Moves head from side to side) He's helping us more now than he ever did when he was alive. (Squints eyebrows)


Sarah hesitates - Sarah speaks softly but is alarmed and also inquisitive, "But I saw the grave"


Dr Logan impulsively looks back at Sarah as he "ah's" a sigh of predictability, Dr Logan say's, (Shakes head up and down slightly) They buried one of the specimens


Sarah responds with a slow and shocked tone of voice, Jesus, God, Logan, Do you know what they'll do to you if they find out about this? (Raises voice - Do you know what they'll do to all of us?


Logan say's, They'll never find out -


Logan looks down at the now covered over Major Cooper (Shakes head from left to right fleetingly) He can't be recognized. Dr Logan has stolen Major Coopers corpse from under the noses of the soldiers as he needs a constant supply of zombies to continue his research. The zombies are started to dry up in numbers as the soldiers are less and less enthusiastic about rounding them up from the outside world. While the men were sleeping Dr Logan switched the corpse of Major Cooper with one of his used up and destroyed specimens, the soldiers now think Major Cooper has been buried up top in the slapstick grave site but that is now not the case, If Captain Rhodes finds out about this there will be hell to pay for sure.


Suddenly a loud bang is heard as the zombie situated across the room brakes free from it's tight bonds, The zombies left hand instantly shoots up into the air as it stares at it's rotten hand while holding it up.


Sarah instantly turns around from the sound with fear and fright. (Sound of synthesized glass smashing multiple times in quick succession is heard to provide the sound score).


The zombie begins to moan and groan as it lift's it's rotten body up while staring Sarah in the eyes with a cold look of evil. The zombies guts squelch and begin to slide and come out of the zombies rib cage.


Sarah is shocked to the core as she watches the zombie make an effort to reach her, She knows that this zombie has only one thing on it's mind as that is too consume her if it could reach her. Sarah's mouth slowly widens with fear and fright.


(Words taken from the movie, Night of The Living Dead (1990) "There horny Barbara - They've been dead a long time, Look Look There's one of them now, He want's you, He's getting closer, Dangerously close,)  - Another fast synthesizer sample is heard - As the zombie becomes more and more vertical it's internal organs that have been carefully severed begin to slide out, It's liver, intestines, spleen and everything else are on course to fall completely out of this ghouls rib cage. A sound of putrid squelching is heard - Zombie groans with evil intent.


Rotten internal organs slide and drop out of the ghouls stomach area producing a vivid scene of horror, A large mass of guts begin to come out of the ghoul and are on course for the dirtied and bloodied floor. (Dr Logan has been busy with this specimen)


A loud crashing slop sound is heard as a large putrid pile of severed internal organs and human flesh drops to the floor at speed, A thick red blood mixed with disgusting ghoul guts sprays out around the mountain of dead guts adding even more contamination and mess to the filthy floor below.


Sarah can take no more of the repulsive images in front of her, As soon as the ghouls guts fall to the floor Sarah begins to feel nauseated and sick from inside, Sarah screams as she places her right hand to her mouth in an attempt to accept the horror in front of her. Sarah's face contorts and she is completely shocked at the zombies gruesome state and condition.


Sarah quickly turns around as she can face the evil no longer, Sarah is on the verge of throwing up all over the floor as she tightly squeezes her hand into her mouth, The stench and putrid and vile guts squirm on the floor and Sarah has had just about all she can take inside Dr Logan's laboratory of horror and suspense. Sarah closes her eyes as she tries to shut out the evil that is all around her.


A sound of vibrating metal is heard as Dr Logan quickly grabs his medical grade hand drill from a tall silver metal stand, (Stand wobbles slightly) Logan grabs the drill with his right hand before looking down and transferring it to his left. Logan transfers the drill back to his right as he adjusts the electrical cable that is attached to it with his left hand, Dr Logan smiles as he holds the drill high in the air and is completely used to this procedure.


Dr Logan holds the drill up with his right hand as he quickly shuffles forward towards the animated ghoul. (Ghoul groans loudly)


Frankenstein lowers the drill and places it onto the forehead of the zombie, The zombie has no reaction to Dr Logan's good intentions as it continues to keep fixed icy eyes onto Sarah, Zombies can be killed if you shoot them directly in the head, In this case Dr Logan does not want to kill his specimen outright he only wants to subdue it.


A loud electrical whirring sound is heard as Dr Logan switches on the device, The zombie still has no reaction as he begins to drill into the zombies skull in an effort to make it lay back down. Suddenly the zombie groans a quiet whimper of torturous evil as the drill enters into the zombies brain tissue, Blood spurts out from the zombies head as it shakes and closes it's eyes from the terrible ordeal. This hits on the question do zombies have any basic rights? Zombies don't have the right to attack eat and kill people, But do scientists have the right to carry out sick experiments on them? Zombies might feel pain in an undead way even though they have no feelings as such, but desecration of a dead corpse animated or not seems unjustifiably wrong.


Sarah can not look any more at Dr Logan's unethical scientific research, She is thinking Oh god please put me somewhere else, Sarah continues to hold her hand to her mouth and is feeling physically sick from inside. (Drill sound stops)


Sarah suddenly opens her eyes and looks to her right at the male zombie chained to the wall, Sarah looks with fear and emotion as she perceives the idea that there is simply no escape from the horror, Continuous synthesizer key is heard - The zombie on the back wall is in far greater condition than the others and has not be operated on by Frankenstein at this time.


High pitched melody of several notes is heard infused with the continuous synth chord. The zombie is relatively relaxed as it slowly moves it's left arm up a few inches then back down again, Steps back a single step on it's left foot, Groans at low levels distinguishable as Brains -  Zombie looks to it's right, Zombie is dull slow and lethargic,


Sometime later back at the Operations headquarters bunker McDermott and John are sat down at a table eating and drinking. Captain Rhodes ordered everyone to be back there at 7.00 pm sharp or there would be trouble. John is quiet as he eats his beans and bread and is listening to McDermott who is explaining his experiences when he went out in the helicopter to look for survivors. McDermott say's over to the rest of the group, Not a peep, Long range or short, high-band or low, I can't raise anybody. McDermott looks down at his metal mug, John puts a spoonful of beans into his mouth,


John quickly puts a small piece of bread into his mouth with his left hand, John licks his middle, index finger and then his thumb in quick succession as he sucks of the crumbs, A chinking sound is heard as John places his fork down to his silver food tray with his right hand. Pvt Rickles shouts across from a distance to McDermott which creates a loud echoing sound from within the large room, "How can that be McDermott?, There must be other groups like us. Somebody else must be trying to radio, Pvt Johnson comments and shouts over, "Yeah what the hell is this man? Maybe we are the only ones left, John chews with rapid movements of the mouth and jaw, John picks up a cup of tea with his right hand, John takes a gulp of the hot beverage, John mixes his tea with food that is remaining in his mouth as he chews while holding his cup just in front of him. John takes another gulp of tea as he looks on over at the soldiers. John licks his left thumb twice then rubs his hand together. John looks at his palm before raising his left hand and rubbing his nose several times, McDermott holds his metal mug with both hands in a static position. The camera slowly pans around the table at a slow pace going behind McDermott and John. McDermott responds to the soldiers concerns as he say's, I'm sure there's others, McDermott fleetingly signals with his right hand as he say's, This is not the best place to be sending from, Now a lot of the equipment that I'm using has been rotting down here since the Second World War. Sarah and Dr Fisher are also present as they listen on, Pvt Juan Torrez is laying down flat on one of the tables, Pvt Johnson, Pvt Miller, Pvt Rickles sit on another table, Pvt Steel sits alone on another, Pvt Miller is cleaning his machine gun with a white cloth with his left hand, Pvt Torrez sticks his right hand out and waves it towards Pvt Johnson to indicate that he would like something from the table, Johnson becomes distracted and passes Pvt Torrez a piece of bread with his left hand from off of the table, Captain Rhodes places a sheet of paper down onto his table with his left hand and then pushes it slowly with the same hand. Sarah is drinking from a white mug with both hands as Dr Fisher looks down, Sarah lowers her cup as she looks on over at McDermott.


Pvt Steel is sarcastic as he looks away from McDermott and say's, We'll it's up to you to get it working right. Pvt Steel then looks over to McDermott with a sour face of frustration, He shouts with slight vexation, Lay of the fucking booze for a while, why don't ya? -


Loud echoing bang is heard as Pvt Steel slams down a can of RALPH Beer with his left hand, Pvt Steel continues with more anger,  And get somebody on that fucking horn, (Hesitates) - pronto.

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And a big hello to you undead and not so undead corpses who have come out of your graves for another fun filled night of rotten and dead little numbers to get your Rigor mortis and stiff bones in the mood, This is Crypt your number one DJ and soul mate who is making your animated lives just a little bit more bearable tonight, Settle down with your meat and Cherryade as we roll back the years and play some nostalgic tunes to get your heart pumping, Stretch those limbs and feel the mood as we relax to another night of horror themes, Don't forget to give your corpse friends a big shout out as we moan and groan the night away, Remember the big phone in later on tonight, we have a special guest which I will reveal to you later on in the show. Lets moan and groan lets stomp and romp DJ crypt is all you want. Oh yeah you puss brained dumb asses the night has only just begun.

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John looks at Steel then down at his food, John lowers his right hand to under the table, John continues to move his mouth around from food particles, John points his left index finger towards Steel for a few seconds before lowering his left hand also to under the table,  McDermott has taken offense from Pvt Steels bad manners as he responds, We'll, if we stay down here long enough, I'll have to lay off the fucking booze, Steel, because there won't fucking be any of it fucking left.


John raises his right hand to his mouth as he attempts to remove food particles from his teeth with a slight up and down motion. John suddenly pulls his hand away as he looks down at his index finger,  McDermott pulls out a silver spirits flask with his left hand from his left back jean pocket, McDermott grabs the flask with his right hand also, John looks at McDermott, McDermott begins to unscrew the top with his right hand, (Intermittent metal scratching sound is heard) McDermott begins to pour the strong brandy spirit out of the flask and into his metal mug, (Sound of splashing water is heard) McDermott continues, In the meanwhile, I will continue to (McDermott fleetingly looks back at Pvt Steel then away with raised eyebrows) indulge myself,


(Splashing sound is still heard) and I will continue (Looks back at Steel fleetingly) doing my best in the good fight (McDermott raises his flask high in the air with his left hand) against (Nods over at Steel) dry rot and rust. (John seems slightly amused)


McDermott looks away as he raises his flask to his mouth and drinks a long mouthful of the liquor.


Pvt Steel continues his sarcasm and dislike for McDermott, He say's, Yeah, well, your best ain't good enough, (Hesitates) asshole.


A rattling sound of metal is heard as McDermott begins to re screw the cap back to the liquor flask, McDermott looks back up and over to Pvt Steel as he say's with vexation, You think I'm not aware of our situation? (Hesitates) (Nods forward) You think I want to stay isolated down here? Lurches forward slightly - You know, I'd make a desperate effort to raise somebody just in the hope of getting away from your nasty mouth, Steel. The fact is... McDermott hesitates - McDermott smirks with frustration, Looks away from Steel and down into a void, Looks down at his flask which he is still screwing tightly closed, Continues more quietly, The fact is...Hesitates for 4 seconds, either we are the only ones left...Hesitates for 4 seconds, slight jingle produced from flask - or there's nobody within range of my puny little second world war signals. (Veers eyes right fleetingly) All is quiet in the operations room and there is no sound score.


Pvt Johnson responds from McDermott's thoughts and say's, We used to talk to Washington all the time, They could hear us then. Pvt Torrez touches Pvt Johnson's back with his right hand as he passes half of a rolled up cigarette to him which Johnson collects with his right hand without turning around. Johnson raises his right hand and places the cigarette into his mouth and inhales, A loud sound of sucking air is heard as the cigarette end lights up a bright orange color, Smoke is seen coming from the cigarette. Pvt Miller is sleeping and oblivious to the conversation between the soldiers and McDermott.


McDermott continues as he tries to explain the inadequate radio equipment problem, We were on relays then, We weren't over the air. McDermott looks away from Johnson as he fumbles with his flask with his left hand as he replaces it back into his trouser pocket. McDermott looks back over at Johnson and the other soldiers and say's, You know, the power's off on the mainland now, in case you haven't heard. McDermott pulls his hand away from his back pocket - And all the shopping malls are closed. (McDermotts voice echoes around the bunker) (McDermott has a strong Irish accent) McDermott looks down and picks up his metal mug that is full of brandy, Metal scraping sound is heard -


McDermott holds the mug in front of him as he looks back at the nasty Steel, Steel speaks out and say's, We don't appreciate your fucking jokes old man. McDermott raises his metal cup to his mouth and begins to drink the strong spirit.


Steel continues, Keep it up, Steel raises his left hand with his cigar between his fingers and points it towards McDermott, he shouts over with vexation, "I'll shove that bottle of yours right up your wise ass."


A loud wooden echoing tapping sound is heard for two taps - Sarah has come to life after listening to McDermott and Steel's constant bickering, Sarah instantly stands up as she grabs her yellow pen with her left hand and a thick yellow note pad with her right, Sarah passes the notebook over to her left hand as she pushes on her right hand onto the table for support,


Sarah say's with frustration and disappointment, I've got better things to do than listen to this kindergarten, Are we finished here?. Sarah holds onto her notebook with both hands as she stands and looks around finishing her focus on Captain Rhodes, Dr Fisher looks down unimpressed with the meeting before looking to his right over at Captain Rhodes also.


Captain Rhodes is checking his watch as he quickly closes over the black Velcro styled protective cover with his left hand, (Crunching sound is heard) Captain Rhodes pushes down a couple of times onto the black Velcro to ensure a tight lock, Rhodes has a cigarette in his right hand, Rhodes looks over at Sarah with a harsh facial expression as he slowly places his left hand down onto some white paper notes Sarah had submitted earlier, Rhodes say's, No we ain't finished here lady, Sit Down. Rhodes looks down at the notes.


Sarah is calm and collective as she slowly nods her head and say's to Rhodes, What else do you want? We've given you the (Nods forward as her eyes veer right fleetingly) reports for this week. We've given you everything you've asked for...Captain Rhodes begins to shout over to Sarah drowning out her words...Captain Rhodes is not happy as he say's, You've given us a mouthful of Greek salad..


All is quiet and there is no sound score, Captain Rhodes voice reverberates around the large bunker room, Rhodes say's, Formulas, equations, (A crackling of paper is heard as Captain Rhodes picks up a yellow notebook that was submitted to his desk previously), a lot of fancy terms (Rhodes looks down at the notebook before tossing it down at speed back to the table, that don't mean a thing.


Sarah looks away from Captain Rhodes as he tries to dismiss Sarah's scientific work as a load of old nonsense. Rhodes continues, "I wanna know if you're doing something that's gonna help us out of this deep shit we're in, Sarah closes her eyes fleetingly before looking over at Captain Rhodes in silence, Sarah is not taking the captain too seriously and considers him too have zero experience or knowledge of the scientific principles she and the rest of the team are applying.


Captain Rhodes sick and degrading sense of humor returns as he say's, or if you're all in there just jerkin' each other off. Rhodes looks at Dr Fisher before looking over to Pvt Rickle's as he begins to speak.


Pvt Rickles has become excited from Sarah's predicament and Rhodes vulgar words, Rickle's say's as he looks on over at Rhodes, She doesn't have to jerk off like the rest of us, Captain. Pvt Rickles look's to Sarah as he say's loudly, "She got an" Rickles becomes aggressive and nasty as he shakes from side to side, "honest to God"


Rickle's shouts out even louder with racial insulting and a disrespectful attitude and tone, Rickles shakes violently once - "Dick" TO GET OFF ON, HUH? Pvt Steel begins to chuckle from Rickle's derogatory remarks.


Sarah looks down at the floor and away from Captain Rhodes and the rest of the soldiers, Sarah is feeling trapped and can say nothing back for fear of violence and abuse by the break off soldier unit. Sarah is very unhappy with the way she is being treated but luckily the other survivors and Dr Logan totally support Sarah and her methods and beliefs. Even though Miguel is sick and still in bed he would also support her if she is in danger but for now Sarah will have to ride the tide and get along the best she can within the group.


Rickle's laughs out loudly again as Sarah looks back at him, Rickle's continues his racist abuse as he shouts loudly with excitement and fun, It may be Yellow, Rickle's is tense as he shakes his body rapidly from side to side, but it's still a Dick! Rickle's simulates masturbation with his right hand as he tries to offend and belittle Sarah the best he can.


Pvt Johnson and Pvt Miller are also now giggling like school children, Pvt Rickle's screams out loudly as he "ahhhs" at the top of his voice


Sarah is not amused and now considers Pvt Rickle's a complete and utter idiot, Sarah has had enough and can not see the meeting getting any better or any more serious than it all ready is, Sarah turns as she begins to leave the table and make her way out of the meeting and the operations bunker. (Soldiers giggle and laugh loudly among themselves.)


Captain Rhodes takes a large puff of his cigarette before removing it from his mouth, Rhodes is silent as he watches Sarah make her way out of the operations bunker.


A large plume of grey smoke emits from the Captains mouth as he continues to watch Sarah from a distance. Rhodes lowers his cigarette with his right hand as he shouts over to the fleeing Dr. "I said we ain't finished here, lady. Laughter continues -


Sarah suddenly stops in her tracks as a light scuffling of feet is heard, Sarah stares out into the void silent and motionless as she considers her next move. Captain Rhodes shouts over "Sit down" Rhodes hesitates.

Sarah continues to face away from Rhodes as the captain continues his aggressive stance, He say's with a calm edge and nerve, Sit down, or so help me God, I'll have you shot!


Fast drum role of several beats is heard before a single louder drum beat - Sarah slowly turns back to face the Captain, Low level synthesizer chord is heard - Sarah is shocked to hear that Rhodes wishes her dead as she say's calmly, You'll what?


Rhodes repeats his words with a slow and evil tone of voice, I said - (Hesitates for four seconds) - "I'll have you shot" All is quiet in the operations room and no one is talking or making noise, No sound score exists.


Sarah slowly walks forward as she say's, Have you lost your mind? Rhodes replies softly, No Ma'am.


Fast drum beat - Single loud drum beat - Low level synthesizer chord begins again - Rhodes suddenly stands up from his chair as he stares at Sarah with evil intentions, Rhodes say's, Have you? Rhodes hesitates,

Rhodes continues, I just told you I was willing to kill you if you didn't get back in your chair.


Rhodes continues, You didn't get back in your chair.


The tension and suspense is now becoming a little too much for Dr Foster, Suddenly he slams his right hand down onto his opened up white note book, A loud wooden bang sound is heard - The Doctors yellow pencil bounces from the table from the sheer force and spins around multiple times while in the air.


Dr Foster shouts loudly with anger, Goddamn it, You can't shove us around like this. Dr Foster hesitates then say's, "Since when did this become a military operation?". No sound score- -


Rhodes snaps back quickly at Dr Foster and say's, Since I took over, Rhodes then turns and looks on over at Pvt Steel, Rhodes shouts out, Steel - Hesitates - Shoot that woman. Rhodes voices echoes from inside the bunker room.


Steel quickly looks on over at Sarah who is still standing up, Steel is full of laughter as he suddenly raises his left hand and shapes it into a handgun, Steel shouts out loudly "BANG!" Your Dead. Steels voice echoes -


Steel turns to face Pvt Rickle's and bursts out into a rapturous chuckle of delight and fun, Steel nods his head up and down as he signals over to Rickle's and the rest that his wisecracks are the best.


Rickle's instantly turns his head right as he gives out a shrieking and incredibly loud chuckle of extreme enjoyment - Rickle's is highly charged as he leans forward and is finding the situation highly humorous at the expense of Sarah and now Captain Rhodes who is not in a happy mood what so ever.


Pvt Miller Pvt Johnson and Pvt Torrez are also now finding Steels wisecracks extremely funny, Johnson looks over to Pvt Miller as he chuckles before removing his cigarette from his mouth. All three soldiers giggle like small children as they enjoy there meeting with Rhodes. Miller looks back over to Rhodes


Steel looks back at Rhodes as he continues his laughter.


Fast drum roll - Captain Rhodes is not amused and has now become much worse mentally, Steel expects Rhodes to be laughing also but that is not the case and Rhodes is not appreciating Steel's fun and games, Rhodes suddenly pulls out one of his silver magnums with his right hand and aims it directly at Steel. Deep synthesizer chord - Rhodes hesitates - The soldiers instantly stop laughing and all is silent - Rhodes say's with an edge of madness, Shoot that woman or you're dead. Fast drum roll -


Deep synthesizer chord - Steel has suddenly lost his humorous face and is now beginning to take Rhodes a bit more seriously, Steel plays with his cigar in his mouth as he circles his lips around before closing his mouth completely with a sullen facial expression. Rhodes continues, You think I'm fucking around, Steel?.


Captain Rhodes raises his voice slightly as he say's, "Your wrong".


Fast drum roll - Pvt Torrez suddenly lifts himself up from the table as he swings his legs up in the air before sliding them across and over the table edge, Pvt Johnson places his right hand onto his machine gun carry strap as he looks down in silence before looking back at Rhodes, Pvt Miller bends forward as he starts to listen to the Captain.


Captain Rhodes continues his serious threats, Now, you've got till a count of five, and that's two of you wasted. John McDermott and Sarah are transfixed to the silently raging Captain Rhodes, McDermott quickly places his left hand down onto a black leather case that contains a handgun, Everyone is now on edge and there is now the danger that a possible gun fight could develop.


Steel removes his cigar from his mouth with his left hand as he looks on over at the Captain, Fast drum roll - Steel spits out a small piece of tobacco to his right -

Rhodes say's calmly, That's three, Rhodes hesitates - "Four"


Fast drum roll - Suddenly John quickly stands from his chair and say's over to Sarah with a tone of seriousness, Sit down Sarah, Sarah is still defiant and unimpeded by the situation, Sarah say's, What is this? as she tries to dissolve the situation, Sarah looks to John - John snaps back as he raises his left index finger and say's with a stern and controlling tone, Shut up and sit down. (John slightly shakes his index finger as he orders Sarah to do what Captain Rhodes requested.


Synthesizer melody begins to play - Rhodes say's That's five Steel, Fast drum roll - Rhodes contorts his face as he pulls back the hammer of his silver magnum with his right hand. A loud metallic clinking is heard as the hammer is quickly raised, Rhodes points his gun at Steel and is moments away from killing his right hand man.


Steel is now feeling the strain and considers Rhodes true to his word, Steel quickly stands as he outstretches his left hand towards Rhodes, Steel say's with panic and slight fear, All Right, (Shouts loudly) All Right - Low level tapping of feet is heard from Steel -


Steel quickly turns his head as he now becomes transfixed onto Sarah who has still refused to sit down.


Rickle's stands from his chair as he can feel the pressure building and he does not want to be shot either. Sliding of feet is heard


Fast drum roll - Pvt Miller quickly stands up as Pvt Rickle's makes his way over to the rest of the soldiers, Pvt Miller retreats backwards slightly as he also now fears for his life and the terrible situation.


A clunking sound is heard as Steel pulls out his handgun from his leather pouch with his right hand, Steel stares down at Sarah as he coldly raises his weapon in preparation of the worst. Synthesizer chord is heard - Steel is slow and is biding his time as in reality he is being forced to shoot Sarah by Rhodes.


John McDermott and Sarah are silent and completely motionless as they stare down at Steel in complete bewilderment, Sarah is amazed that Rhodes can be so cruel and can not believe the intense control and authority Rhodes is placing on her and the rest of her team.


Steel is nervous but knows that he must carry out his orders from the Captain or he will be shot, It's a dog eat dog world down in the Seminole storage facility.


A loud click is heard as Steel pulls back the hammer on his handgun and instantly points it towards Sarah, Steel grimaces as he readies his weapon and is certain to shoot and kill Sarah if she does not quickly sit herself down.


Suddenly John's body side steps as he quickly reaches down for his handgun that is attached to his right side, John is seconds away from pulling his weapon out and firing at Steel or even Rhodes and the other soldiers, A scuffling of feet is heard from Sarah as she suddenly shouts out loudly with fear and panic "No" (McDermott looks fleetingly at Sarah then forward then towards Steel in a fast series of eye movements) Sarah takes two quick steps forward as she rests her right hand onto the table while looking directly at John, Sarah is now confident that Steel is serious and that she should do as Rhodes commands. John looks at Sarah in silence as he contemplates his risky actions as the science team are outnumbered and have limited firepower.


Sarah makes a another single step forward with her right foot as she looks on over at Steel who is aiming his weapon at her, (Scuffling sound is heard from Sarah) John McDermott and Sarah wait patiently for Steel to pull the trigger or for something else to transpire.



Steel is silent as he points his weapon towards Sarah, Steel slowly lowers his weapon but it is still aimed directly at Sarah, Steel does not want to shoot Sarah and is trying to help the situation by biding his time even though he could possibly fire.


Sarah looks at John as John stares at Steel, Sarah looks back at Steel. Sarah looks over at the table and chair she was sat at previously before quickly walking on over leaving John who is still standing. Continuous high pitched synthesizer chord is heard -


John continues to stare at Steel transfixed and fearful with anticipation.

More tapping is heard as the defiant Sarah reaches her chair, Sarah is angry as she looks on over at Captain Rhodes and he will definitely be in her bad books for a very long time to come. Sarah picks up her chair with her right hand with speed and force as she slams it back down as hard as she possibly can - (Loud wooden bang sound is heard)


Sarah sits down not in the best of moods, As Sarah sits down she rapidly strikes her left hand out which nudges a silver food bowl and fork across the table - Metal smashing sound is heard - Sarah stares at the Captain in silence as Dr Fisher watches her.


Deep pulsating synthesizer sound is heard - Captain Rhodes holds his gun high with his right hand as he takes a singular step forward, (Tap of foot is heard) Rhodes say's "Anybody else have any questions about the way things are gonna run around here from now on?.


John is silent as he slowly begins to sit back down once again. John keeps his eyes locked onto the Captain as he is very unpredictable and could blow a fuse at any time. A loud flurry of drum beats is heard infused with a synthesizer melody, John relaxes as best he can as he intertwines his fingers between his hands,


Rhodes stares at John with evil intentions as he slowly places his hand gun back into it's holster, A loud tapping popping sound is heard as the gun slides back home- Rhodes pushes the gun back with a last stroke of energy.


Captain Rhodes begins to walk slowly towards John McDermott and Sarah as his desire to explain the finer things of military life have now come to the forefront, Pvt Torrez lifts his legs as he lays back down onto the table, Pvt Rickle's takes a couple of steps forward as he returns to his chair, Steel returns his gun to his holster with his right hand, Pvt Miller takes a few steps forward from his position, Rhodes speaks with anger and frustration, This ain't a goddamn field trip, people. Rhodes looks to Dr Fisher.


Pvt Miller sits down, Captain Rhodes shouts out loudly with vexation, This is a fucking war! - The sound echoes and reverberates around the chamber, Rhodes stops in his tracks and is motionless. Pvt Torrez plays with his glasses with both hands. Pvt steel has opened a new can of RALPH Beer and is taking a large mouthful of the liquid with his left hand. Dr Fisher lowers his left hand away from his mouth, Sarah looks down as she places her right hand to her face.


Rhodes turns towards Sarah and Dr Fisher as he holds his right index finger towards them, Rhodes speaks with a sincerity, I'm not down in this cave for my health, I'm down here on orders. (Scuffling of feet) - No sound score - Soldiers are quiet.


Dr Fisher is looking down as he slowly raises his head in response to Rhodes words, Dr Fisher say's "Your orders are to facilitate the job of this scientific team. Dr Fisher suddenly looks to his left towards John and McDermott as he say's loudly, This is a civilian team, (Looks back at Rhodes) and we don't have to be subjected to your tyranny.


Rhodes speaks slowly as he say's, Who's being subjected to what, Fisher?


Rhodes begins to walk off from his position to his right as he say's, You've lost one man, Pvt Johnson shouts over to Rhodes remark and say's "Yeah right" in support and acceptance of the captains words.


Rhodes holds his right hand up outstretched as he say's, We've lost five,


The soldiers behind Rhodes begin to chat enthusiastically among themselves as they side with Captain Rhodes, One soldier shouts out "Yeah That's fucking right" Another shouts out loudly "Yeah" Rhodes continues to walk slowly back towards his table as he say's, "Where does it say we gotta keep those dumb fucks next door to where we sleep? (Scuffling of feet is heard as Rhodes turns around to face Sarah and the rest of the team. Rhodes hesitates then continues, Where does it say we should do any one thing but shoot the mothers in the head? A soldier is heard saying "Let's do it" Another say's, "Were fucking gonna do it man"


Suddenly a loud voice and a patter of feet is heard as Dr Logan's voice can be clearly heard, Rhodes turns to his right as he watches Dr Logan make his way down the long chamber of stone and concrete, Dr Logan shouts out from a distance, We don't have enough ammunition Captain, to shoot them all in the head.


Frankenstein walks at a fair pace as he makes his way down the cold and dank bunker, Frankenstein continues to speak as he walks and say's, "The time you have done that would've been at the beginning" - Tapping of feet is heard - Frankenstein hesitates, "No, we let them overrun us, (Dr Logan's voice echoes all around)


Frankenstein continues, They have overrun us, you know.


Tapping of feet continues, Dr Logan continues, We're in the minority now. Something like 400,000 to one, by my calculations. Dr Logan looks on over at the soldiers before looking at Rhodes who is slowly walking forward towards the mad scientist.


Dr Logan is not showing much respect to the rest of the group as he has not cleaned his surgical linens and could potentially transfer pathological organisms. The scientists have complained that there is no cleaning solutions and sterile cloths to keep the laboratories above the standard of cleanliness. (The soldiers are chatting quietly among themselves) Dr Logan sits down at a chair as he fleetingly looks to his right, Pvt Miller is playing with a silver fork with his left hand as he rubs it under his neck. Miller lowers the fork as he waves it around slightly, Sarah looks down with her left hand over her face,


Dr Logan say's with an urgency, I haven't eaten, Is there food? - Dr Logan sighs loudly.


Captain Rhodes responds with slight anger as he say's, You were supposed to be here at 7:00 o'clock sharp, mister. Dr Logan replies, I know Sarah told me, I'm sorry I couldn't break away, Is there food?


Captain Rhodes responds with even more vexation, Listen, egghead, let me bring you up to date on what's been...Captain Rhodes words are cut short as Dr Logan butts back in, Dr Logan huffs slightly as he turns to face Rhodes and say's with annoyance, Excuse me...Rhodes raises his voice once more and say's Let me... His words are broken yet again by the hungry Dr as he say's with a much louder voice, Excuse me! His words echo around, Dr Logan places his right hand down onto the table in defiance as he tries to get his requirements through to the difficult Rhodes.


All is quiet as Dr Logan speaks with sincerity and plain speaking English, Frankenstein nods his head negatively as he say's "Is there food" for a third time.


Frankenstein's rude and abrupt persistence has now severely angered the Captain and he is now at boiling point, for a brief second in time Rhodes looks at Dr Logan as his mind feels with explosive frustration and anger.


Without warning Rhodes slams his clenched right fist down hard onto the table as he exercises his complete authority, (Loud wooden bang sound is heard) Rhodes shouts at the top of his voice and his vocabulary will be heard even by the hungry zombies at this point, (Livid is an underestimate) Rhodes shouts, "I'm running this monkey farm now, Frankenstein, and I wanna know..Rhodes points his right index finger towards Dr Logan - What the fuck you're doing with my time! - Rhodes face is red as the blood flows and veins begin to expand out of his skin.


All is icy silent inside the bunker and no one is making any sounds, Rhodes continues to stare at Dr Logan with aggressive vexation as he slowly lowers his hand, Rhodes hesitates before saying at a lower level of voice, Rhodes lips contort with frustration -Rhodes has his hands by his hips -  "Cause' if we're just jerking off here", A scraping of feet is produced from Rhodes feet as he slowly moves off from his position,


Dr Logan is silent and has given up on requesting something to eat, Captain Rhodes begins to slowly walk past Frankenstein and the others as he continues his rant and rave at the scientists behavior, Rhodes shouts loudly, "I'm gonna have my men blow the piss


Dr Logan looks down as he smirks, Logan considers the Captain absurd and completely unreasonable, Rhodes continues, "out of those precious specimens of yours, The soldiers instantly confer with themselves as they quietly say "Yeah Yeah" in agreement with Rhodes.


Rhodes continues - "And we're gonna get the hell out of here.." Dr Logan looks back up as he listens to the tyrannical Captain.


(Scuffling of feet from Rhodes) Rhodes turns to face the scientists as he continues, "and leave you and your highfalutin asshole friends to rot in this stinking sewer!. Is that food enough for ya?


Dr Logan responds and say's "Where would you go Captain?" Dr Logan turns his head to his right as he looks on over at Rhodes. (All is quiet and there is no sound score -


Captain Rhodes has become silent as he stares over at Frankenstein and the others. Dr Logan say's, You can destroy my specimens, But...


Dr Logan looks away fleetingly then back to Rhodes, Logan raises his right hand fleetingly as he say's, "what about the millions more that are waiting to greet you outside?." Logan turns away from Rhodes.


Logan looks up at the ceiling as he becomes sarcastic and say's, "Do you really think you can (Shakes head slightly and raises his eyebrows twice) "blow the piss" out of them?. All of them?


Sarah is looking at Dr Logan but quickly veers her eyes over to Rhodes, Dr Logan continues, They have you in a hopeless situation, strategically.


Dr Logan continues as Rhodes listens on - "You're lost, Well you're lost unless...


Dr Logan hesitates as he looks down at the table. Pvt Steel can't handle the suspense as he shouts over to Logan "Unless what?" Logan looks back up at the ceiling in silence, Pvt Steel is enthusiastic as he shakes his head around and say's sarcastically, "Unless what Frankenstein?


Dr Logan responds and say's, Unless you can make them behave. Logan looks back down again as he folds his fingers between his hands.


The soldiers all disagree and sigh among themselves from Logan's thoughts, Some say "Oh man! Sarah looks down at the table in silence and contemplation, Pvt Steel becomes slightly louder and frustrated as he shouts, This is a fucking loony bin, I ain't being paid enough to work in a fucking loony bin!.

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