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The angry gang member walks out of the room while the Rasta Farian gang member continues shuffling through the collection.


Stansfield has turned his attention to A bottle of Ezra Brooks Kentucky straight Bourbon Whiskey. This spirit is primarily bottled at 40% abv (80 U.S. proof) or 45% abv (90 U.S. proof), The Ezra Brooks brand was created by Frank Silverman in 1957 and was bottled at the Hoffman Distilling Company, in Lawrenceburg, Kentucky, up until Hoffman Distilling Co. went out of business in the 1970s. In 1993, Ezra Brooks was purchased by Luxco of St. Louis, Missouri (formerly the David Sherman Company, renamed in 2006). Ezra Brooks is distilled at Luxco's Lux Row Distillers in "bourbon county" Bardstown, Kentucky, along with Luxco's other Whiskey brands Rebel Yell, David Nicholson, and Blood Oath. Varieties include, Ezra Brooks Black Label Kentucky Sour Mash, Old Ezra (101 proof, aged 7 years), Ezra Brooks Blended Whiskey (80 proof) and Ezra Brooks Bourbon Creme (25 proof).


Stan is still by the back wall and is now starting to breath more heavily as he fears for his life.


Stan's left hand starts to slowly crawl down the wooden window frame as a shotgun has been concealed behind him.


The antagonist chewing on a match stick walks into the young boys bedroom after hearing the shouting from the other room. The match stick gang member say's Checked the mattress?, The Rasta Farian gang member replies, Nope as he continues searching through the record collection.


The match stick antagonist turns and walks past the bed unaware of the young boy who is still hiding underneath.


Mathilda's younger brother watches as the gang members feet walk past, As soon as they do the young boy accidentally pushes onto a squeaky toy which suddenly creates a loud squeaking sound.


The match stick protagonist sits on the young boys bed and starts to pull back the untidy sheets slightly. 


The gang member reaches into his left side shirt pocket and pulls out a sharp knife from a leather sheaf. A loud metallic sound is heard as the gang member pulls the blade out with speed.


The young boy flinches as the blade is pulled out, He is motionless and completely silent as he lays flat to the ground.


Stan is inches away from the shotgun trigger.


The knife wielding antagonist holds the blade with his right hand as he carefully positions the sharp knifes blade directly above the outer corner of the mattress.


The thug readies himself as he plans to strike down hard into the mattress and penetrate into the material.


The thug raises the blade and is moments away from striking down.


A loud noise is heard as the blade slams down and penetrates the mattress material. The boy looks on scared out of his wits as the blade penetrates down into the under space of the bed.


As soon as the antagonist slams the knife down into the mattress a loud shotgun sound is heard accompanied by a loud grunt, Stan can take no more of the mental torture and blows his top. With shotgun in hand he immediately shoots an antagonist in the back with his back turned as he enjoys a can of Budweiser, 


The antagonist raises his hands from the tremendous forces as blood and flesh splay off in all directions.


Stan intends to kill everyone who has hurt his family as he shoots and hits Stansfield in the left shoulder. Stansfield manages to pull his handgun out from his jacket but all is in vain, Stansfield contorts and falls into another part of the corridor as the shotgun shell implodes into his shoulder. A loud crashing noise is heard as the two men get shot.


The loud noises have scared the young boy and he immediately climbs out from underneath the mattress and starts to run away from the knife wielding thug.


The knife wielding thug attempts to grab the young boy but the boy is too quick for him as he falls back onto the bed.


The noise and commotion including the young boy running for his life into the corridor has caused the Rasta Farian gang member to retaliate the only way he knows. The gang member suddenly grabs his fully loaded machine gun and starts to fire erratically and at everything that dares move or might move.


A tremendously loud noise is heard as the machine gun fires out it's bullets at a very fast rate. The young boy runs for his life up the corridor as fast as his little legs can go. Bullets ricochet off the walls of the corridor as he runs.


The Rasta Farian fires his machine gun in a circular motion putting holes into every wall and cranny. Bullets penetrate the thin walls and explode into other areas of the apartment.


The Rasta Farian shoots up the young boys bedroom.


Bullets fly out in every conceivable direction as Malky ducks for his life from the kitchen space, A picture falls from the wall as cereals and glass spray out from the forces.


It is complete mayhem as Stan and the Rasta Farian fire there weapons, A crashing sound is heard as Stan unloads another shell towards the gang members positions.


"Everyone will someday be judged for what they do, and Jah is the only judge. Dennis Brown" The Rasta Farian gang member is in overdrive.


The gang member sweeps his machine gun from left to right as he fires blindly. "It is not only war that can stop war but men of goodwill, conscious of their mission can deal with such deadly enemy." (Haile Selassie)


The Rasta Farian is in no mood to stop firing his weapon. "Don't gain the world and lose your soul; wisdom is better than silver or gold." (Bob Marley).


Malky is having a rough time as the bullets rain down on to him in the kitchen, Malky retreats underneath a sideboard to try and protect himself.


Benny is still in the corridor and is wisely staying put. He will still shoot anyone that tries to leave if he thinks you are the enemy.


Stansfield is still alive as he lays flat with his back against Mathilda's older sisters dead body, She is providing a little comfort to Stansfield's shoulder as he holds his gun up with his other hand ready to fire.


The Rasta Farian continues his blaze of glory,  "Enlightened leadership is spiritual if we understand spirituality not as some kind of religious dogma or ideology but as the domain of awareness where we experience values like truth, goodness, beauty, love and compassion, and also intuition, creativity, insight and focused attention. (Deepak Chopra)     


Suddenly all is strangely quiet as the Rasta Farian gang member stops shooting.


The Rasta Farian gang member holds his gun at an angle pointing down satisfied that he has unloaded a full magazine in all directions.


Malky is motionless and fearful for his life as he lays among a totally devastated kitchen.


Benny has a gut feeling that is making him nervous as he stands stationary in the corridor. 


Benny feels a little pushed out from the action but stands his ground as instructed by Malky.


The Rasta Farian gang member is totally impressed with his performance, He pulls his shades down slightly with his left hand and say's "WOW!"


Stan suddenly moves from his position as he breathes out heavily from the intense situation, As he moves off he throws his shotgun down onto the floor.


Stan runs towards the beaded curtains at speed.


A scrunching sound is generated as Stan parts the beaded curtains with both hands as he faces the onslaught.


Stan's feet make a loud thudding sound as he runs through the living room past the dining table and towards the corridor.


Stan stops for a few short seconds as he looks on down at the dead gang member he shot just a few moments a go with his concealed shotgun. 


Stan runs out into the corridor in a panic but does not notice Stansfield who is laying on his stomach on the floor. 


Stansfield uses the opportunity to take aim and fire at Stan's head and back as he passes at speed. A groaning sound is heard as Stan get's shot two times.


A loud thud is heard as Stan falls down almost instantaneously, Stansfield looks on to make sure he has done a good enough job.


Stansfield lifts himself up with both hands as he breathes heavily not that impressed that he has just killed Stan the man that has cheated him out of a large quantity of pure cocaine.


Stan has hit the back corridor hard as he slides down the wall having died almost instantaneously. Blood is plastered all over the painted surface from his fingers as his body spreads it further down from his own body weight.


Stansfield puts his left hand to his face to acknowledge that Stan is not participating anymore in his gang drugs monopoly, Disappointment feels his brain as he contemplates briefly over the outcome of the meeting.


Stansfield breathes out loudly again showing signs of laziness as he lifts himself from the bloodied floor.


Stansfield pops to his feet feeling alright with himself.


Stansfield turns his head and starts to examine his left shoulder injury.


A few moments later Stansfield becomes childish in attitude as he shouts out "Uh" and stamps his feet in a tantrum from the sight of his wound. 


Stansfield slams his right hand down and stamps his right foot heavily to the floor simultaneously and shouts out loudly "Fuck" in complete frustration and anger at being shot by Malky.


A lower level synthezier sound can be heard to accompany the soundscore, Malky is still under the kitchen cabinet and calls out "Stan" Jesus, Stan is his bosses name in short. Malky falls back to the back wall still not brave enough to stand up and leave the kitchen.


Stansfield walks to the kitchen door well and then turns to look at his shoulder wound once again. 


Stansfield points his gun at his wound then looks at Malky and say's with dissatisfaction and frustration, "Look what you did" 


Malky shouts out, Stan you all alright?, Stansfield shouts loudly with anger "Look what you did!". Stan is getting the blame for Stansfield's shoulder injury.


Malky starts to climb out from under the kitchen work surface with an eagerness to speak with Stansfield.


A loud crashing noise is heard as Malky fumbles his way out of the work surface area. Malky places his weight onto an already knocked over bin causing it to twist over allowing more junk to fall out over the already obliterated floor.


Amazingly Stan has not succumbed to his gun shot injuries and is slowly crawling along the corridor a few inches at a time. Large amounts of blood can be seen pooling and Stan is bleeding profusely.


Benny is nervous as he slowly edges forward towards Mathilda's apartment entrance. Malky is heard shouting loudly "Stan".


Stansfield makes his way back into the corridor and spots Stan crawling along the floor in intense pain. Without hesitation Stansfield aims his revolver at Stan's back and fires at point blank range into the back of the dying man.


Stansfield steps over Stan as his anger and rage take over because of the shoulder wound he received. Stansfield fires again at very close range as Stan groans with pain.


Benny has been in the corridor the entire time listening to the loud explosions shouting and bullets, Another shot rings out into the corridor as Benny becomes more and more anxious and nervous.


Stansfield is furious with Stan because he simply will not die, Stansfield fires a fourth bullet into the near death man's right side, Stan's body spasms and bounces momentarily from the tremendous forces as he groans for the last time. Blood is every where in the corridor it trails along indicating how far Stan has been crawling and is covering his trousers and feet.


Stansfield's gun clicks several times as he tries to unload more bullets into the now completely dead man, but no more shots can be fired as the gun chamber has been exhausted.


Stansfield opens the gun chamber and a clattering is heard as the empty bullet shells fall out onto the floor. 

A shell casing offers a great deal of information that can be used as evidence to both solve a crime and to convict the perpetrator. In any crime a hundred things can go wrong and if the criminal thinks of even half of them, he’s a genius. The best forensic countermeasure would be to use a revolver. The fired shell casings stay in the gun’s cylinder. Most cartridge casings are made from brass. Brass is softer than the steel which is used to make the business components of a pistol: barrel, firing pin, ejector, firing chamber. The steel of these components will leave scratches and indentations on brass. For instance, the firing pin in a specific gun hits a bullet primer in a specific place every time. This spot may be centered or off center to the left or right or up or down. The indentation will have a specific depth. The surface of the firing pin will leave microscopic scratches on the primer that correspond to the wear marks on the firing pin. Those specific characteristics of that specific firing pin in that specific gun will match the empty shell casing to the gun and are hard evidence for prosecutors. Likewise, the marks made from the ejector claw that pulls the empty casing out of the firing chamber are also specific, measurable, and effective as evidence. And if the criminal didn’t use gloves while loading the gun, the brass may also contain his fingerprints. What kind of revolver should the criminal use? This depends on the situation. If a robbery is involved or if the criminal can’t get very close to his victim, something like a .357 magnum or .44 magnum would probably be the weapons of choice. They are accurate and have plenty of penetrating power to shoot through a car door or a wall or some other protection the criminal might encounter. Their use also would depend on the criminal’s concerns about noise. They’re loud guns.

For a quieter crime, such as a close-up mob hit, a .22 caliber revolver is frequently used. When the killer can get close to his target, even though this is a fairly weak cartridge, it is very effective. A .22 using a sub-sonic round could be shot in a home and the sound would not be heard down the block. Up close, a head shot is the assassin’s choice because the .22 bullet will penetrate the skull and usually won’t come out. Instead, the bullet usually spins around the curved interior of the skull, creating massive damage and assuring almost instant death. But here’s the problem. Other than for a sudden crime of passion, why would the perpetrator of any planned crime choose to leave evidence behind? Any professional would want to minimize the data points that police could use to link a crime to him. 


Benny quivers and is showing signs of extreme stress as his gun wavers.


Malky runs into the corridor having heard the gun shots, Malky is concerned and worried for the insane Stansfield, Malky shouts loudly, Hey, Stan, Stan! What are you doing?


Wha.. What are you doing, He's dead!. Malky grabs Stansfield's right arm to try and make him see sense.


Stansfield raises his left hand and say's, But he ruined my suit.


Stansfield is breathing heavily as he confers with Malky. Malky is shocked and tries to make Stansfield see sense, Malky say's with a serious tone of voice, I know, I know... but he's dead.


Malky continues, He's a piece of meat, forget about it. Calm down. Stansfield replies, "I'm calm" as he stares at Malky.


Benny has had his ears tortured for the entire duration of the house visit, Benny is still quivering as Malky shouts out, Stay there Okay?.


Stansfield nods his head positively to indicate that he is staying put, Malky shout loudly for Benny's attention from outside in the corridor, Benny!


Malky slowly and cautiously edges his way to the door well.


Malky suddenly appears from the apartment, He shouts out again "Benny!" as he fully extends his body into the corridor space.


Suddenly without warning Benny fires his gun at Malky narrowly missing him and instead firing into the wall, The wall explodes into dust and large amounts of debris spray out into the corridor. Benny is on edge and has not fired his weapon since arriving and has trigger twitch.


Malky retreats back inside the apartment as he shouts loudly, Jesus fucking Christ, Benny!


Benny is taking no chances.


Benny realizes he has made a mistake as he breathes deeply and pulls his gun away still holding his chest with his left hand. 


Benny is relieved he did not kill Malky.


Malky shouts loudly back to Benny, It's Malky and Stan!


Malky falls back into the door as a loud banging is heard, Stansfield is pointing his revolver down at the dead Stan as a click is heard from the weapon. Malky slips and slides on the sticky blood that covers the floor and the bottom of his shoes.


Malky quickly grabs Stansfield's right arm and say's, Take it easy, Alright?, Come on Come on.


Benny is worried as he starts to wipe his face with his left hand.


Benny covers his face with his hand to try and gain some composure.


Malky shouts out again loudly, Benny! as Stansfield examines the chamber of his revolver.


A sloppy and squidgy sound is heard as Malky quickly steps over to Stansfield and grabs him by the right arm.


Malky say's Come on, Let's get a cigarette, all right?


Malky shouts loudly, Benny, We're coming out!


A wooden tapping sound is heard as Malky and Stansfield step over the dead man Stan. A large pool of blood is oozing out of Stan's head and he has many bullet wounds to his back. Malky shouts out again to Benny for reassurance, Benny, don't fire!


Malky signals with his left hand and shouts to Benny to "Get in".


Stansfield seems subdued but his sixth sense is telling him to reload his weapon. He reaches into his left side jacket pocket to retrieve some more ammunition for his revolver. Malky reaches into his left side leather jacket pocket as he shouts loudly and angrily at Benny. Malky shouts "Jesus fucking Christ, Benny!, as he nearly got his head blown off just a few moments previously. Stansfield is preoccupied as he reloads his gun.


Malky pulls out a packet of cigarettes, he pulls one out and places it into the mouth of Stansfield. Stansfield sighs and say's Ahh, You wear something new everyday!


Leon is still spying on the corridor for the entire time, Malky can be heard from the distance saying to Stansfied, "You What?" as he lights the cigarette for him.


Malky say's Take it Easy as other low level chatter is heard. Suddenly a loud bang is heard which echoes up the corridor and all around.


Almost immediately an old and frail lady comes out of her door well, She is a long term resident in the block and has come out onto the corridor to investigate the noise. Her door creaks as she steps out, The frail old lady turns her head and say's loudly to Stansfield and Malky, What's happening out there?


Malky shouts down the corridor to the old lady, He say's, It's all right, Ma'am, go away. DEA Police. Stansfield is blatantly loading his weapon in front of the old dear without a care in the world which is no surprise.


The old dear responds to malky's words, She say's, Why don't you leave that poor family alone?


Malky tries his best to calm and reassure Stansfield by saying, Good stuff Everything's all right, Just calm down. Stansfield is determined to reload his weapon.


Malky taps Stansfield on the left arm as he turns and enters back into Mathilda's apartment. Stansfield replies, Eh, I am calm,


Stansfield flicks his right hand as he snaps his weapons barrel into place, A loud metallic click is heard as the weapon locks ready for firing, Stansfield holds his hands up in a reassuring way and say's I am calm.


The old lady is persistent and repeats her words, She say's again, Why don't you leave them alone?. Stansfield raises his gun up high and points it towards the old lady.


Suddenly a loud whistling and loud bang is heard as the glass panel just behind the old lady shatters into a million pieces from a bullet impact. The old lady flinches and closes her eyes from the shock of the shattering glass.


Stansfield becomes authoritative and slightly sarcastic, He say's to the lady, He said


Go back inside.


The sound score starts to play again, This time Bongo drums play accompanied by synthesizer pan notes. The lady turns slowly to look at the broken window.


Malky returns to the corridor holding his right hand to his head suffering from some kind of headache.


A click is heard as Stansfield ignites his oil lighter for his cigarette. Malky say's, Stan, I think it's better if we go inside, all right?. Malky grabs Stansfield from behind and pushes him into the apartment as Stansfield continues to ignite his cigarette.


Mathilda has finished shopping at the local convenience store and is making her way back to Leon's apartment to drop off the milk.


Light drums and a sleek and adventurous violin soundtrack can be heard as Mathilda makes her way home.


Mathilda seems to have much on her mind.


Mathilda walks out of the blocks lift system.


Mathilda is slow and a little apprehensive as she makes her way along the corridor, She notices the broken glass and is cautious.


Leon has not moved from his spy hole ever since the gang members turned up, He may be worried for Mathilda and also for himself as he always has to keep his guard at all times because of his chosen career.


Malky's voice is heard from inside Mathilda's apartment giving out orders, Malky shouts, Benny, turn that kitchen upside down, find that shit!. Mathilda can hear the commotion and is getting very worried.


The match stick antagonist is stood outside Mathilda's apartment and is looking directly at the girl, He does not know that she is Stan's daughter and Mathilda is keeping a straight face as she can feel the danger. Malky's voice is heard from the apartment, "Willy Blood, look what you did!. (Willi One Blood (born William Harbour, Jr.) is a reggae singer and actor, formerly New York based and now lives in Miami. He is best known for the song "Whiney Whiney (What Really Drives Me Crazy)", from the soundtrack album of the 1994 film Dumb and Dumber which peaked at number 62 on the Billboard Hot 100. His character in Léon is called "Blood" by Stansfield and  "Willi Blood" by another antagonist, Malky; he is credited as "Stansfield's 1st man".


Malky is heard again in an unhappy and disappointed tone of voice, You killed a four year old kid! Did you really have to do that?. Stan's dead body is quite visible at the door way as Mathilda walks on now knowing that the drugs gang kept to there word.


Mathilda walks slowly and surely past her apartment door way, She is trying to act as normal as possible so as not to give anything away to the antagonist stood outside.


Leon is watching every move that Mathilda makes as she slowly comes closer to his door.


Leon moves his position and starts to look through his inbuilt view finder.


Mathilda's face is starting to show sadness and she is starting to cry as she arrives at Leon's door.


A crunching is heard from the brown paper bags as she rings the door bell, A simple ding is heard as Mathilda waits patiently for an answer.


Tears are gushing from Mathilda's eyes as a tear falls down her right side cheek. 


All is silent as Leon stands behind the door maybe thinking he is being setup for an assassination attempt. Mathilda is getting emotional as she say's softly, Please, open the door.


Leon can quite clearly see Mathilda's distraught and traumatized facial expressions as he continues to look through the door viewer. Leon knows trouble is on his doorstep as he holds his gun in his right hand. Leon starts to get agitated and in two minds whether to open the door or not.


Mathilda is in a bad way as she explicitly cries and whimpers for Leon's help.  "PLEASE" she cries out softly.


The brown paper bags crunch again as she turns slightly to ding the bell once again. This time she presses the bell two times in quick succession.


The antagonist stood outside Mathilda's apartment is watching the young girl from a distance, If Leon does not let her in she will be discovered by the antagonist because of her emotional state.


Mathilda is very distraught now and is begging Leon to open the door, Once again she say's "PLEASE" as she looks down with torrents of tears and emotion devouring her face.


Mathilda shakes her head with all kinds of emotions and feelings at this moment, She feels her life is coming to an end and this is her last calling card. She is utterly desperate and alone at this point.


Still there is no answer as Mathilda rings the bell for the third time. Mathilda presses the bell for a slightly longer duration this time as it buzzes and drings.


Leon starts to scratch and rub his left side ear as he is feeling slightly pressurized and also now feels that the situation might be genuine.


Leon returns to the built in view finder once again as he makes his mind up whether to let the traumatized girl in or or not.


Leon places his weapon into the back of his trousers having made a decision.


Mathilda has gained a little composure as she continues to wait for a response from Leon.


Suddenly a blaze of bright ambiance lights up Mathilda's sobbing and traumatized face. A feeling of relief develops onto Mathilda's face as she looks directly ahead.


Matilda stands there motionless as her eyes close and reopen a couple of times as she focuses on Leon feeling somewhat relieved that she can escape the corridor.


This is a strange and rare occurence for Leon as he shows no emotion from the face of Mathilda. He knows why she is crying and distraught but does not want to give anything away to the antagonist stood outside Mathilda's apartment. Leon lets Mathilda enter his apartment as he moves his arm away from the door handle.


Leon stares down the corridor at the antagonist for a few seconds more.


Leon closes the door as he continues to watch the antagonist. Leon's door creates a clicking sound as it locks shut. (Fight fire with fire as the saying goes).


The antagonist plays with his match stick in between his teeth as he continues to silently look down the corridor towards Leon's door, Luckily he has not twigged on yet that the girl is Mathilda as he looks the other way.


This is an unexpected surprise for Leon as he cautiously examines the situation. Leon looks in on Mathilda as he stays close to the door.


Leon is taking no chances as he pulls out his weapon and returns to the spy hole inside the door knob. A clicking is heard as Leon cocks his weapon, He continues to stare down the corridor while Mathilda makes herself at home.


Matilda is playing the game cool as she places down her heavy brown bags of produce next to the refrigerator. The clock on the back wall reads 12.20 indicating it has been a long 20 minutes since the drugs gang turned up at Mathilda's apartment.


Matilda opens the refrigerator door and starts to place items into the fridge.


The scene changes back to Matilda's apartment and Malky has just discovered a family photo of Matilda her older sister and the sisters younger brother. Malky picks up the damaged frame as he ponders over the images. Malky say's to Benny who is stood behind him, Benny, there's three kids here, I think Stan killed this girl, He is referring to Stansfield who blasted Mathilda's older sister in the back with a shotgun as she tried to escape down the corridor. Malky continues, And Willy, that asshole shot the little boy. Malky taps his index finger a few times onto a small photograph of Matilda and say's, The third one's missing...


Malky say's to Benny, "Find Her". Benny immediately reaches for his gun concealed in his trousers and leaves the room as a clicking is heard.


Mathilda has finished placing the shopping products in to the refrigerator as she slams the door shut.


Matilda stands motionless at the refrigerator as she looks to her right not quite sure what to do next. Matilda is trying to catch her breath and is still very much traumatized.


Benny comes out of Matilda's apartment and say's to the match stick antagonist in an anxious tone of voice,  Oh Shit! Hey, we missed the little girl, man. I'm gonna try and find her,


Benny continues at pace down the corridor as he say's, And find the fucking super of this goddamn building.


Mathilda is motionless and down in the dumps as she sits silently at the dining room table.


Leon pops his head around the corner of the corridor to see what Mathilda is up to before returning to the spy hole.


Leon continues to spy out from his door as he knows the people outside are armed and very dangerous. He also knows now that the drug gang are looking for Mathilda and her life is in much more danger than previously thought. Leon did not want to get involved but after witnessing men brandishing guns and gun shots he suspects people have died and that it is a very serious situation.


Leon spies on Match Stick as he shiftily patrols the corridor space, Match Stick is slowly making his way towards Leon's door with a gun in his right hand.


As Match Stick comes forever closer Leon starts to feel a little nervous as he momentarily pulls himself away from the spy hole and looks to his right, Leon quickly resumes his spying as at this point he may be forced to use his weapon.


Match Stick looks up and down as he surveys Leon's door, He might have a hunch that the girl who went inside is Mathilda and if he does there is going to be big trouble. Match Stick is right on the door as he listens for any sounds or evidence of the girl. Bongo drums accompany the low level synthesizer chords.


Match Stick is listening to every sound from inside Leon's apartment.


Leon is feeling nervous as he cocks his weapon ready to discharge the chamber, Leon places the barrel of his weapon close to the wood of the door, If he fires his weapon the power of the discharge will penetrate the door and hit his enemy if he is forced to do so. Leon closes his right eye as he returns to the spy hole inside the door knob.


Match Stick is mingling outside inches from Leon's door. A wooden xylophone produces occasional hits to accompany the sound score. 


Leon continues to spy on the antagonist as he moves his weapon a few inches to the right as to line the discharge with the antagonists head for a clean kill. Leon keeps his distance from the spy hole just in case he is forced to fire his weapon.


Leon has not been keeping an eye on Mathilda as he is under intense pressure at the door, Suddenly Mathilda decides to switch on the television set. She presses down onto the remote control that is laying on the table without any warning what so ever as an electronic charge is heard. The sound from Matilda's favorite programme (Transformers) suddenly emanates from the television speakers much to the surprise of Leon. 


The loud sound of the television set causes Match Stick to flinch with surprise all most shocked by the sound.


Leon instantly turns around from the sound in shock and surprise, He points his gun at Mathilda and waves it from side to side in a moment of mayhem.


A robots voice is heard saying, Don't you recognize me!. An evil sounding robots voice replies,  Me Grimlock know you!. Mathilda is completely oblivious to the situation as she becomes engrossed at the images and sounds from the television. She has been wanting to watch Transformers all day and now she has the chance. 


Leon quickly realizes Matilda has switched on the television,  Leon has little trust in people but is giving Mathilda the benefit of the doubt this time round.


Leon instantly returns to the spy hole to evaluate the situation outside.


Match Stick stands at the door for a few seconds more then decides he has heard enough as the sound of the television has not aroused his suspicions but actually subdued them as now he considers the girl part of that apartment and is probably the mans daughter. Match Stick nods his head slightly as he walks away not to impressed with Transformers.


Match Stick slowly walks back down the corridor with a silenced gun in his right hand.


Meanwhile back inside Matilda's apartment Willi the Blood is searching for Stans hidden stash of cocaine. Willi has his mind set on an old transistor radio which he is trying to dismantle. A metal clinking sound is heard as Willi pulls at the radios front cover.

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