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A loud squeak and blast of air is heard as the trap door located in the floor is opened up once again, Kazan is sat on his knees with his hands to his face and is gently rocking in a forward then backwards motion of movement. Holloway looks at Kazan in silence as Leaven looks down at the trap door.


Holloway looks up at Worth who has just opened the trap door.


A light tapping of metal is heard as Worth gets down onto his hands and knees as he slowly and carefully lowers himself ready to climb down into the dangerous sound activated death room. 


Worth is brave and will be the first prisoner to attempt to cross the dark blue room.


Quentin slowly steps up behind Worth and will assist in helping to lower Worth down into the new room, 


Quentin stands with his feet either side of Worth as he lowers himself ready to support Worth the best he can, 


Worth turns his head and looks at Quentin with a black boot lace in between his teeth, Worth hopes he can trust Quentin not to drop him down into the room as it will result in certain death.


Leaven stands up and walks around to assist Quentin, Holloway stands behind Quentin with both of her hands holding onto the back of Quentin, Leaven holds onto Quentin's right leg with both hands as Quentin holds onto Worth's prisoner uniform with both hands, Quentin will slowly lower Worth down into the room as best that he can.


Worth quickly becomes vertical as he slowly edges and slides into the trap door entrance, Quentin is now holding onto Worth's ankle's as Worth disappears into the abyss.


Leaven turns her head fleetingly left then back as she holds onto Quentin's legs as best she can, Worth is now completely upside down and will have to grab hold of the metal railings from inside the room as quietly as he can, 


Worth swings down after successfully managing to get inside the room while precariously hanging from two metal rungs. Worth swings from side to side as he turns his body to face forward, Worth had better be as quick as possible or he could lose his grip.


Worth swings his right arm out as he grabs hold of the next rung in the series, Worth swings back then grabs hold of the next rung with his left hand, 


Worth swings from side to side as he holds onto the rungs with dear life in the balance,


Worth carefully holds his body weight with his right hand, His first attempt to grab a rung is missed as he swings back, the second attempt Worth manages to get a grip on another rung with his left hand as he faces towards the right wall. A very low metal sound is heard as Worth touches and grips the rungs, The sound is not great enough to set off the death trap and Worth has been lucky up to this point. Worth swings again grabbing a rung with his right hand and is now facing in the opposite direction. (No sound is heard)


Leaven Quentin and Holloway stare in at Worth in complete silence and contemplation. (Camera slowly pans into the three prisoners)


Worth's silhouette blends into the artistic flair and style of the room, Worth has made it across the circumference of the room and is now clinging to a rung as he contemplates opening the trap door to enter the next room.


Worth looks down at the floor and is feeling nervous.


Worth squints as he slowly makes his way down several rungs to the front of the trap door opening. Another low level tap is generated by Worth but the death machines remain dormant, Worth carries a black boot between his teeth


Worth lowers his head as he raises his left hand in an attempt to carefully turn the lever anti clockwise as gently and as quietly as he possibly can. 


(More light tapping) Worth feels he has become a bomb disposal technician and has the task of defusing the bomb, One loud sound and it will end in disaster for Worth, 

Worth becomes distracted momentarily as a giant and loud sound of rumbling squeaking and the vibration of moving cogs and machines fills the air, Worth must be closer to the outer shell and there is more disturbance the closer to the edge you become. Luckily the sound of the machines has not set off the death machines inside the room and Worth can breath a little better.


Worth looks back into the room for a fleeting second then returns to his job at hand, Without further time to waste Worth begins the meticulous task of turning the lever as quietly as he can, (A low level friction sound is heard from the lever) Worth closes his eyes and is praying that the door opens without a hitch, Worth releases his hand and begins to push down again from the top of the lever, Worth grips the lever tightly as he completes the full 360 degree turn, Suddenly a loud click is heard as the door mechanism locks falls into place. Worth holds onto the silver metallic lever with both hands as he begins to apply outwards pressure pulling the door open, A loud sound of escaping air and grinding metal is heard as the door opens outwards, A low level sound of rollers is heard as the door slides down including a loud high pitched squeak sound. 


Worth carefully follows the door down with his right hand before a loud thud is heard from the door opening to a full extension, Worth begins to climb into the new trap door entrance as quietly as he can, Luckily the blue room did not activate and Worth can live another hour or so.


Leaven Quentin and Holloway continue to observe Worth from a distance without making any sound.


From inside the trap door Worth slowly pulls the black boot up with the attached lace as quietly as possible from the new room which is color coded a light brown color.  Worth gasps for air under his breath as he tussles with the boot that he has so carefully placed inside the room to check for traps, In all respects Worth is taking a risk as the boot does not always work as it should.


It is now Leaven's turn to face the death room, She quickly turns to look at Quentin with her glasses between her mouth.


Leaven is fearful but must continue and be brave, Quentin holds onto Leavens prisoner uniform as tightly as he can as Leaven is slowly dropped down into the room. (Kazan rocks in a forward and backwards motion) (Light breeze from the top room is heard)


Worth carefully rests the black boot up against a side wall of the trap door space with his left hand, 


Worth pulls his hands away from the long laces and turns his head to observe Leaven who is now making her bid for freedom along the metal rungs of the blue room.


Leaven hangs in the balance as she grips her glasses with her teeth, 


Leaven lifts her left leg up as she looks up at the rungs she must swing over, Leaven swings out with her left hand and safely secures another rung, 


Leaven grunts at very low levels as she traverses to the next rung with her right hand, and then left hand again.


Holloway is the third prisoner to take her chances inside the room, She fleetingly looks back at Quentin before lowering her head inside the square trap door entrance.


Quentin holds onto Holloway's white tee-shirt as she is slowly lowered down inside the room, Quentin slowly moves down Holloway's body length as she slides further inside as he supports her legs right down to her ankles if required.


Leaven has found her way to a central reservation and is carefully climbing down the metal rungs to the trap door below, Leaven continues to hold her glasses between her teeth and is grimacing from the extreme effort required to stay silent.


Leaven reaches over with her left hand as she clings to a metal rung before lifting and placing her left leg into the trap door entrance.


Holloway is making progress and has reached a space below the trap door, Holloway swings across the metal rungs with her left hand followed by her right.


Holloway is the lightest of the group and will find this task slightly less painful than the others.


Holloway continues to swing her hands and body across the platform.


Holloway hangs in the air momentarily before moving on across the reservation of metal bars and spaces.


Kazan is silent as he continues to move his body in a forward and backwards motion, Quentin holds his left hand out towards Kazan as a gesture that it his his turn to go down inside the trap door and that Quentin will assist him.


A few seconds pass but Kazan is in a world of his own and completely ignores Quentin, Quentin is not a person to mess around with and has now took a dislike to Kazan's ignorant personality, With a rush of anger Quentin quickly slaps Kazan's left hand (Loud slap sound is heard) to gain his attention. Kazan begins to grunt at irregular intervals almost mimicking a gorilla or small animal.


Quentin holds Kazan's right hand with both of his as he pulls at his arm in an effort to pull Kazan around the back of him so that he can assist in lowering the mentally retarded man down inside the trap door.    


Poor Kazan has no say in the matter and will have to agree to Quentin's demands, Kazan quickly scrambles under Quentin on his hands and knees as he quickly edges closer to the trap door entrance.


Just like the others Quentin holds onto Kazan's prisoner issued uniform and follows his hands down as far as Kazan's heels. Quentin grimaces and grunts from the extreme effort in supporting Kazan's body weight.


Holloway is still making her way towards the trap door and is slowly climbing down a series of metal rungs to her destination just below. (Light metallic tapping sound is heard from Holloways feet.)


Worth is now standing inside the death trap room as Holloway climbs down to join him, Holloway turns her head as she watches Kazan make his journey across the square shaped room.


Worth tries to speak to Holloway as best he can in complete silence, Worth is a little perplexed and worried for Holloway's actions and would much rather she climbed into the trap door entrance for safety. Worth say's "What are you doing?


Holloway responds as she points her right index finger up in the air towards Kazan and say's, I'm gonna wait for him.


Worth quickly looks up at the ceiling towards Kazan then back at Holloway before saying "No" in disagreement.


Holloway replies as she thumbs Worth towards the trap door, You go out, I'm staying here.


Worth admits to himself the situation has no leeway for an argument and instantly gives in to Holloway's request, Worth raises both of his hands up to Holloway and say's Okay, Holloway acknowledges Worth and say's Go on before looking back at Kazan.


Worth begins to climb the metal rungs that will take him back inside the trap door while Holloway looks on with concern for Kazan.


The rest of the group are placing much more responsibility onto Kazan considering his mental aptitude, Kazan is being forced to follow suit by Quentin and has no choice but to cross the room of death in silence, Kazan drops down slowly having managed to grab hold of two ceiling rungs.


Kazan swings from side to side as he desperately tries to navigate his way across the room, 


Kazan swings his left arm towards his left direction and has now decided he will try a different route to the others, 


Kazan takes another swing with his body as he reaches over with his right hand moving forever closer to the opposite direction he should take.


Kazan may of been upset by Quentin's slap and it is in Kazan's nature to break from normal reality and substance, Kazan hovers in mid air as he contemplates his actions. 

The sound of complete silence saturates the air as Holloway watches Kazan's every move, This time however she is very concerned for Kazan as he has now put himself in greater danger by choosing the opposite direction from the others, Holloway is in dismay as she acts out her frustrations in silence and say's, No! Damn what are you doing Kazan, Holloway mimes out.


Holloway tries her best to gain Kazan's attention as she shakes her left index finger over at him and mimes her words "You this way" Holloway looks behing fleetingly to try and get Kazan to comply.


Kazan has reached the far wall and is slowly making his way down the metal rungs, Kazan turns and looks over towards Holloway as he continues to do things his way.


Kazan pauses momentarily before turning away from Holloway as he continues down, After all Kazan misinterprets people easily.


Kazan turns back around once again as he continues down, 


Kazan reaches the ground level of the room and is now split between pleasing Holloway and doing the right thing and a facial expression that he has done wrong.


Worth and Leaven stare out from the safety of the brown room with faces of serious worry and concern, 


Kazan looks down at the floor as he begins to flutter his right fingers, Holloway has decided that Kazan is going to need a little guidance if he is to make it safely across the floor, 


Holloway places her right hand onto the left shoulder of Kazan as she points her left index finger over in the direction of the brown trap door, Kazan does not follow Holloway's finger and is struggling with his mental interpretations.


Holloway nods at Kazan before turning in the hope that Kazan will follow her over to the brown room, Kazan looks forward and over at Worth and Leaven as he continues to flutter his fingers before slowly stepping off behind Holloway.


Kazan begins to move across the room one step at a time with a certain rhymic motion and pace, 


(Kazan's feet produce a low ambient tap sound) Suddenly a light crunching ripping sound is heard which causes Kazan to stop in his tracks. Kazan's eyes rapidly shift down and left then a strange oblique stare forward.


Holloway has her back turned away from Kazan as she reaches the brown trap door entrance, Worth is watching Kazan and suddenly begins to wave his right index finger over at the retarded man in some kind of distress.


Leaven can also see Kazan from a distance and is also very concerned, Leaven looks at Worth then back at Kazan, Holloway instantly turns around to see what has happened to Kazan.


Kazan looks down from Holloway and is now showing a face of sincere distress, Kazan is motionless and can not go any further from his position. Kazan suddenly looks all the way down to the floor as the camera quickly pans down.


Now all has been revealed and Kazan has accidentally caught his right leg trouser seem around a silver trap door lever for the downwards room, (This is not good as Kazan could quite easily fall over or become extremely tormented and traumatized.) Kazan gently raises his trapped foot up and down from the severe pressure he is now feeling.


Kazan is now becoming extremely isolated and full of anxiety, Kazan has understood that he can't make a sound but begins to cry out in silence.


Leaven grits her teeth with the stresses of Kazan as Holloway tries her best to calm Kazan and to try and keep him from making a sound. Holloway raises both of her hands in front of her in an attempt to silence Kazan,


Holloway kisses her right index finger then places her right hand over her mouth then raises her left hand to signal for Kazan to be silent and to stay put.


Holloway is extremely worried for Kazan because of his mental disabilities and also for herself as if Kazan makes a sound she will also die. Holloway begs Kazan for silence as she mimes out the word "Please" 


Holloway quickly steps on over to Kazan and places her right hand over his mouth in an attempt to silence him, Kazan must understand that he is not to make any noise and that Holloway will now assist in freeing Kazan's leg from the silver lever.


Holloway squeezes Kazan's lips softly before placing her right index finger over the mouth of Kazan, 


Worth and Leaven continue to watch the scenario play out with fear and trepidation. Leaven looks down to the floor as she worries about Kazan's trapped leg.


Kazan flutters his right hand furiously as he grimaces with mental fatigue and expectation.


A very low grinding sound of metal is heard as Kazan slowly moves around in a anti clockwise 360 degree motion. The silver level suddenly moves a few inches as Kazan pulls it around with his left trouser leg seem. Holloway is assisting Kazan to free himself and has bent down to the floor as she attempts to lift the trouser material up and away from the lever.


Kazan continues to spin his body around as quietly as possible. 


Holloway has now managed to get a good grip on Kazan's trouser leg as the silver lever rotates around, Holloway quickly flips the material away as the lever spins around a few more notches and then stops, The lever was not twisted a full circular motion so did not produce any sound other than a grinding metal.


Holloway rapidly stands to her feet as she places her right hand softly to the back of Kazan before squeezing his grey shirt to alert Kazan to stop. Kazan is unable to completely take in what is expected of him and begins to walk forward towards an outer wall without any thought on getting over to the brown trap door.


Holloway raises her left hand to Kazan's left shoulder as she softly pulls in an attempt to turn Kazan around.


Kazan slowly turns on the spot as he continues to flutter his fingers vigorously, Holloway carefully begins to direct Kazan over to the brown trap door as she bites on her tongue.

The sound from the room above is completely different as it produces an ambient low level fan and wind noise, Quentin is the last member of the group to traverse the room and has had plenty of time to ponder how he will cross, Quentin's slaps the right side of the exposed trap door steel as he prepares to energize his mind and psyche, No one is going to assist Quentin in climbing down into the blue room so will have to be extra careful.


Quentin quickly ducks down into the trap door opening, 


A light metallic tapping sound is intermittently produced from Quentin's arms as he scrambles down and into the abyss of the blue room, Quentin slowly disappears into the square trap door space as he hustles and tussles for a safe position.


Holloway and Kazan have safely navigated there way across and are now safely inside the Brown room along with Leaven and Worth, Worth leans his head around the side wall as he watches Quentin with interest make his way across the Blue room, 


The four prisoners watch with undivided attention and anticipation as Quentin carefully crosses over, Kazan rubs his cheeks into Leavens right side shoulder a few times as Leaven blinks wildly through her broken glasses. 


Quentin has successfully made his way down and onto a series of metal rungs that will take him safely across the circumference of the room, Quentin holds onto a rung with his right hand as he swings precariously across with his left, A moment passes and Quentin hangs in the balance as he stops momentarily and just stares ahead at the rest of the group. Suddenly Quentin looks down at the trap door directly below him after feeling his sixth sense surge with excitement, Quentin is feeling distressed and now quite nervous at his predicament.


To Quentin's complete surprise the silver lever from the bottom trap door has suddenly retained a life of it's own and is turning in a 360 degree anti clockwise motion all by itself. Quentin is now very alarmed as there could be another prisoner below who will inadvertently set off the death trap machines.


Quentin is now grid frozen and can do nothing until his fate has been revealed, 


Leaven Worth Kazan and Holloway are also feeling and seeing the situation play out and are very worried for Quentin at this moment in time. (Holloway looks down at the silver lever) Quentin has decided that he shouldn't risk waiting any longer and instantly shoots for trap door as quickly as he can, Quentin looks up at the metal rungs before quickly traversing a few in quick succession before stopping dead in his tracks once again. 


Quentin looks down at the twisting silver lever with real fear and anticipation as it slowly twists a full turn. Quentin turns around as he grabs hold of another rung, (Quentin lets out a loud breath of air) 


The trap door lever produces a low level grinding sound as it continues to revolve around, 


Quentin is now using maximum energy and adrenaline as he grimaces at the extreme level of determination he now has to produce, Quentin rapidly makes his way to the blue trap door as quickly as he can. 


The four prisoners watch Quentin with different mind sets, Leaven looks down at the revolving silver handle along with Worth, While Holloway and Kazan watch Quentin in his major attempt to survive the room of horrors. 


A grinding intermittent clicking of steel is heard as the lever continues it's turn, Quentin may have time to escape if he is quick enough,  Quentin continues to traverse the steel rungs as quickly as possible. The four prisoners inside the brown trap door continue to watch Quentin with serious concern and anticipation. (Suddenly a loud click is heard as the silver lever from the ground floor trap completes equilibrium) 

Quentin has made his way to the entrance of the Brown trap door as he clings on for dear life, 


Quentin grimaces from the loud click from the lever below as he expects the worst, Quentin can only pray that the sound OR ANOTHER PRISONER does not set of the death machines, 


Kazan begins to look to his right toward Holloway and then to his left, The rest of the group are also praying that Quentin makes it out alive and in one piece.


A few seconds has passed and the sound has not set of the many spikes that would fill the room, Quentin reopens his eyes and grimaces from his ordeal.


A few seconds has passed and the sound has not set of the many spikes that would fill the room, Quentin reopens his eyes and grimaces from his ordeal. Quentin is relieved that he is still alive as he shifts his eyes to his left before raising his eyebrows and turning his head left, 


Quentin looks up at the ceiling expecting something to happen but it does not, Quentin looks over at the remainder of the group as he considers his next move.


Kazan looks all around and is becoming super excited from his ordeal and that of Quentin, Kazan always wants to be part of things and his the situation is beginning to take over his mind, Suddenly Kazan can take no more and his mind will not allow him to be silent anymore, Without warning Kazan loudly Ha's with enjoyment and extreme fun from his involvement with the group, Kazan is happy and he wants the rest of the group to know. Leaven instantly looks down at Kazan with a face of sheer shock while Holloway rapidly responds to the sound Kazan has just made.


Like a razor of instant shock and unknowing Quentin suddenly becomes extremely unsettled from the loud sound from Kazan, Quentin knows that if he does not get out of the blue room immediately he will face a certain death, Quentin takes in a deep and rapid breath of air as he attempts to escape his fate, 


A loud sound of metal blades that grind and produce a smooth ambiance of instant skewer sushi emanates from the room, Kazan's loud shriek of happiness has activated the death rooms spikes and Quentin is going to be pissed if he survives this ordeal.


Without any more time wasting Quentin pushes himself from the walls with his feet and swings in with his arms in an attempt to escape certain death. Quentin groans wildly as his body escapes through the square shaft, The spikes follow Quentin as they rapidly protrude from the walls and floor. A loud scream from Leaven and Holloway is heard as Quentin's body explodes into the brown room.


The Blue room quickly fills with a criss cross pattern of sharp and long spikes as Quentin disappears into the square gap.


Quentin has been extremely lucky has he propels himself at high speed through the square gap into the Brown room. Kazan clings to the left side wall as Quentin flies into the room, A loud grunt and a loud bang is heard as Quentin hits the floor on his hands and knees.


Kazan knows he has done wrong like a dog that has disobeyed his master, A loud slap is heard as Quentin quickly grabs Kazan by the shoulders with extreme anger and frustration.


Quentin pulls at Kazan's shoulders as he pushes him up against a wall so he can unleash his fury at the retarded man. (Trap door produces a whirling of electronic movement as it closes)


Quentin is full of rage as he holds onto Kazan's shirt with his right hand, Kazan is silent and can do nothing as Quentin exacts his revenge, Quentin say's with anger, "You Fucking (Quentin pulls hard at Kazan's shirt and wants to hurt him,) Fuck!"

Holloway is very concerned for Kazan as she quickly comes over to his aid, Holloway shouts loudly to try and stop Quentin from dishing out his justice - "That's enough!"


Quentin responds with his frustrations, He is a trap! - Quentin nods his head towards Holloway as he expresses his words, Holloway responds "Let him go right now!

Quentin responds as he veers slightly towards Holloway but misses eye contact, "The law of the jungle Holloway - Quentin looks back at Kazan as he grips his shirt tighter "He's  endangering the pack!


Now Holloway has become very angry and bellows at Quentin with her frustrations not thinking too much about the consequences - "Let him go You NAZI. Holloway's head shakes with anger as she expresses her vented resentment.


Something has now infested Quentin's mind as he suddenly becomes quiet and calm, Holloway stares at Quentin as she waits for a response from the infuriated police officer, Quentin say's with a soft tone of voice mingled with surprise and shock "What did you just call me?"


Holloway responds with a loud and confident tone, Quentin - you let that innocent boy go. Quentin lowers his left arm and is now completely upset by Holloway's interfering, Quentin stares at Holloway with contempt as he say's, You listen to me, Woman. Quentin removes his right hand from a metal rung without any thought as he focuses his mind on Holloway, Quentin begins to walk forward as he interferes with Holloway's natural space, Quentin say's with a soft vexation, Everyday I mop up after your (Quentin becomes much louder) bleeding heart.


Quentin continues, The only reason you even (Quentin becomes extremely angry and bellows out loudly as he shakes his right arm) exist is because I keep you. Quentin is sweating profusely as he stares at Holloway with complete anger, Quentin has no real feelings for Holloway's and is out to upset her as best he can, Quentin say's with a softer and more quieter tone of voice, "I know your type," no kids, no man to Fuck you! Leaven and Worth look on in silence as Quentin continues his words. Holloway begins to shake with fright and breaths out loudly as Quentin continues, so you go around outraged, Quentin raises voice - Sticking your nose up other people's assholes, Quentin becomes infuriated - "Sniffing their business! Kazan stands with his face to the wall and is fluttering his fingers with intensity,


Worth is silent as he listens to Quentin's words, Worth turns his head towards Quentin as Quentin say's softly, You missed your boat, Holloway.


Quentin and Holloway stare at each other in pure and unadulterated silence, Holloway suddenly shakes and shivers with a cold fear and shock from Quentin's nasty words - Quentin whispers "You're all dried up inside there, aren't you? - Quentin twists his head left as he say's, That's your Fucking problem.


Kazan is feeling much more agitated as he flutters both of his hands and fingers to either side of his head, Leaven has listened to every word that Quentin has said and is now feeling rather sorry for Holloway, Leaven say's to Quentin, How dare you say that to her?, Leaven shakes her head as she continues, You don't know her Quentin, 


Leaven continues, None of us know each other here. Quentin nods slightly and say's softly, Oh, I do, Leaven shouts out loudly, No you don't!

Holloway suddenly responds back to Quentin with some soft words, She say's, No wonder your wife left you, Quentin begins to slowly pull his head away from Holloway, Holloway continues -  All that bottled up anger. Quentin stares in silence as his anger secretly boils - Holloway continues, And a thing for young girls.


Quentin has heard enough and cannot stand there listening to her anymore, Without warning Quentin slaps Holloway with great force with his right hand right around the left cheek of Holloway. Holloway screams out with pain and fright as she stumbles away to her right from the forces of Quentin's hand. 


Leaven's mouth opens wide from the shock treatment Quentin has just dished out, 


Holloway steps back from Quentin as she holds her severely beaten cheek with both hands, Holloway whimpers from the stinging pain and her mouth is wide from the shock, Quentin stares at Holloway with a small sense of satisfaction but now his hatred for her will be growing by the second. (Kazan whines and flutters his fingers)


The anger is flowing through the veins of Quentin as his vexation simmers out, Quentin's mouth ejects a small blast of air as his mind let's out a small piece of disgust for the doctor.

Kazan is feeling very distressed and knows he has been naughty, anxiety is getting the better of him and he feels he is responsible for Holloway's situation. Kazan whines and flutters his hands wildly as he rocks backwards and forwards against the wall.


Holloway swivels her head around at an angle as she continues to hold her left hand to her sore and throbbing face, Holloway looks up at Quentin and say's with a sad and teary tone of voice, God help you, Quentin. (Holloway rubs her face with her hand and lets out a large breath of air before saying, Did you smack your kids around too?


Quentin is silent and has no sympathy for Holloway, (Kazan whines at a low level)


Holloway continues to hold her hand to her cheek as Leaven stares blankly at Quentin none impressed with his actions.


Quentin has began to lose interest in Holloway as he aggressively shifts his eyes left then right before slowly turning his head around to face the 7th trap door required that may reveal the outer shell of Cube. Holloway looks to her left with her mouth wide open as she continues to rub her cheek.


Leaven comes to life and say's Um, Leaven looks down at the floor as she coughs slightly, Leaven looks up at the group and say's, Is anybody besides me interested in what's on the other side of that door? - Leaven's mouth opens wide before closing as she waits for a response.


Kazan begins to turn around from the wall still fluttering his fingers and has become quiet, Quentin is staring with interest at the trap door ahead that may reveal the sarcophagus or outer shell, Quentin say's "Open it"


A light tapping is heard as Worth begins to walk on over from a far corner of the room, Worth seems lacklustered and has little enthusiasm for Quentins demands.


Quentin Leaven and Kazan all look forward at the trap door as they ponder there minds on the outcome, Worth sighs as he reaches the door and turns to face Quentin and the others, Worth points his right index finger towards the door and say's with a sarcastic approach,  Door number six?


Worth raises his index finger upwards towards the ceiling and continues, Not number one? 


Worth points towards the far trap door and say's Door number Two? - Because none of the doors have been calculated by Leaven Worth thinks it is a little odd for Quentin to ask Worth to open that door and something is working on a gut instinct at this point.


Quentin takes a short step forward and stares at Worth will evil eyes and intent, Quentin say's "Open the Fuckin' thing. Leaven stares at Quentin and is none too pleased with his attitude.


Holloway slowly wipes her right hand down the side of her cheek as she waits for Worth to open the door. Holloway slaps her left leg as she opens her mouth wide and slowly bends down to her knees, Holloway breathes out loudly as she say's, Oh Sunshine, Holloway like the rest is keen to escape Cube and this door might teach the group how to break free from the confinement and control they are under.


Worth slowly turns away from the group of hopeful prisoners as he attempts to open the trap door,


Worth places his right hand to the top of the silver lever as he begins to slowly turn it around, (Low level friction is heard)


Quentin is looking down but slowly raises his eyes to the trap door and Worth, He does not seem that impressed and if the door does not reveal the outer shell he may just take his anger out on the prisoners once again.


Holloway has her mouth open and is silent and patient as she waits for the trap door space to reveal itself.


Leaven stares ahead and gasps softly as the tension builds.


Worth stares at the group as he slowly turns the lever in a slow and controlled manner, Like a jack in the box Worth is the entertainer and he is exciting and building delirium emotion and animation into the prisoners. Worth slowly turns back around to face the trap door as he finishes the controlled turn of the door lock mechanism,


A loud click is heard as the lock clicks into equilibrium. Worth turns back around yet again in anticipation and reaction the prisoners may provide from what ever is behind the door, Worth then turns back to pull the door open to a full position.


The trap door produces a loud jet of air that becomes saturated by the loud ambiance from outside, Leaven was right about her calculations and Worth was also telling the truth, A little luck has now brought them to the outer shell which is similar to standing by a window in a tall skyscraper. The camera slowly pans down as it reveals a series of many thousands of square windows that are all rooms, A loud synthesizer effect of high pitched whistles is heard infused with a loud storm of wind and fast moving breeze, It is icy cold outside and very dark with only the light from the individual rooms to produce any detail.


There is no way to climb down as there are no visible ladders to descend, Because Cube is so large the group of prisoners could potentially be thousands of feet in the air just like a large skyscraper. (The Burj Khalifa with a roof height of 828 m (2,717 ft) is currently the world's tallest building.) A bright beam of white light shines through the square gap where the prisoners are located.


With no means of escape in sight the prisoners will have to find out another clear method to break loose. 


Kazan moves from side to side as he looks through the square gap into the darkness, Kazan say's "Night time"


Worth continues to look out onto the outer shell as he say's, My old friend, the shell, Worth previously admitted that he had worked on a project that was committed to constructing a large cube shaped structure but Worth was kept in the dark about the true reason for it's construction until now. He was responsible for drawing plans for a hollow shell a sarcophagus but he admits he had nothing to do with the interior of the project.


Quentin quickly comes forward with intrigue on his mind as he looks out into the void of space and darkness.


The rest of the group quickly follow from behind as they watch Worth climb up and into the trap door opening. Quentin climbs up a few rungs for a better view of outside.


A light tapping of echoing metal is heard as Worth crawls to the edge of the trap door, (Worth breaths out loudly from his exertions) (Deep and dark sound of wind is heard from outside of the shell)


Worth is trying to raise the morale of the prisoners as he pops his head out of the square gap, Worth looks to his right and say's "It's there", as a way to say that there is something that can be used to escape, 


Worth is breathing heavily as he looks forward into the night, Suddenly Worth has the urge to shout at the top of his voice to break the atmosphere and animosity he is feeling, With sarcastic intentions Worth shouts out "Morning" 


The sound pressure begins to echo up and down and all around the outside space creating a repeating sound that slowly fades away, Similar to shouting out loudly in a mountain range or large fielded area.


Worth has stepped back into the Brown room as he looks down at Leaven, (Kazan is silent and is not fluttering his fingers) (Holloway looks up to Quentin)  Quentin say's to Holloway, "Hang on to me" as he intends to peer out into the abyss himself.


Quentin quickly climbs a series of rungs before placing his left leg first into the square gap, 


Quentin bends down as he slowly slides his head then his right leg through the gap while holding onto the top rungs with his hands. Leaven steps down a few rungs back to the floor as she watches Quentin, Holloway also steps down, (Light tapping of metal is heard) (Leaven rubs her face left then right with her left hand) 


Worth steps down to the floor below to assist if Quentin needs any support, 


Quentin is keen to investigate the outer shell as he leans right out in his quest to find out more information. Quentin looks down into the void before quickly looking to his left. (Loud ambient breeze is heard)


Quentin quickly looks straight up to see what he can see.


Quentin looks straight ahead and then to his right as he say's, I can't see shit! - Quentin breathes deeply as he looks back down, Slap sound is heard as Quentin touches the outer shell with his right hand). Quentin say's back to his team, Nothing to hang on to. 


Kazan rocks from side to side in a static position as he shifts his eyes intermittently and frowns with irritability.


As soon as Quentin makes his return from the void Holloway climbs up and peers out, Quentin is a little out of breath as he say's to Leaven and Worth - "We gotta try something, Quentin signals with his left hand towards the outside and say's, We gotta see if the door's over there. In the darkness there seems to be another side a few meters across that could be reached in Quentin's mind. 


Worth rubs his left eye with his right side thumb, Quentin looks down as he takes a deep breath of air before looking up at Leaven then Worth and saying, Someone has to swing over there, and take a look. Quentin looks back to Leaven as he generates some motivation for a volunteer.    


A loud sound of breeze emanates from the trap door where Holloway is standing, Worth say's in a surprised tone of voice, "Swing?"  - Quentin replies, We make a rope, out of clothes. Holloway is in deep thought as she looks out at the outer shell, Her hair gently blows in the cool breeze that is coming in through the gap, Holloway is disappointed that there is still no escape and she has not seen daylight for quite sometime, She is also upset about Quentin who is treating her with immense disrespect.


Quentin immediately begins to take off his prisoner issued shirt with both hands, As Quentin removes his garment he points his right index finger towards Leaven and say's "Take 'em off" Quentin looks down as he begins to tie his shirt around his waist. If Leaven agrees she will also take off her garments so that a long snake like rope can be constructed.


As Quentin continues to tie his shirt around his waist Leaven responds and say's, Ah yeah, and you're gonna go. Leaven is a little amazed that Quentin would suggest that he will be the one to risk his life dangling from a makeshift rope line considering he would be the heaviest out of the group. 


Leaven continues with a tone of sensibility, You weigh like 500 pounds, it'll snap in two seconds. Leaven shakes her hands down to emphasize her point - Leaven looks away slightly then say's I'm the lightest as she raises her arms to suggest she should go. (Are the prisoners being rational or desperate as they all want to go outside?) Quentin shakes his head negatively and say's "Forget it!"


Holloway is still in a subdued state of mind as she listens from the gap, Suddenly Holloway say's I'll Go. (Holloway's voice echoes out into the void then slowly fades) Quentin turns towards Holloway before saying, I'm going, Holloway, 


Holloway turns her head towards Quentin before saying, She's right Quentin, you're too heavy.


Holloway continues as her hair gently blows in the cool breeze from the void, I'm the lightest after Leaven. Holloway hesitates then say's with a tone of sadness, Anyways, it's my turn. (Cool breeze is heard)


Holloway is feeling sorry for herself and has contemplated a little deeper why she may have been placed inside Cube, If she can somehow help the prisoners to escape she will feel better in mind and soul.


Worth and Holloway are sat down opposite each other as they participate in binding there garments together, Leaven raises her shirt into Worth's hands as Worth makes a makeshift knot.


Holloway and Worth have a small amount of time to talk before Holloway takes the plunge outside, Holloway speaks with a soft tone of voice - How long did you know people were being put in here?


Worth is looking down in thought before looking up at Holloway, Worth squints as he say's, A couple of months. (Breeze is heard)


Holloway shakes her head negatively as she say's, That's not long. (Holloway nods positively) - If you consider your whole life.


Worth sniffs softly as he looks down before saying, I am. Worth looks slightly tense as he looks back at Holloway - Holloway say's, You opened my eyes Worth, That's something. Worth looks back down then back up avoiding eye contact with Holloway before saying, "David" Worth and Holloway have become closer over time and experience and are now revealing there first names.


Holloway hesitates for a few seconds before saying, Helen. 


Worth has suddenly become happy as he looks down while Holloway smiles at Worth with happiness also, The two prisoners suggest that they would of made the perfect couple and this short moment in time is a small token of there respect for each other.


Worth hesitates for a fleeting moment before breathing in heavily and shaking his head as he looks down, Worth is super impressed with Holloway and if the situation could of been in the outside world and they had met a relationship could well of been on the cards. Worth begins to stand as he say's, You're such a Helen, Holloway looks at Worth with admiration and casual romance.


Being a gentlemen that Worth is he raises and lowers his right hand as a gesture to help Holloway to her feet, Holloway and Worth have found an escape from Cube even if it was only for a few minutes at most. Holloway looks down at Worth's hand as she accepts his offer.


A low level slap sound is heard as Holloway and Worth's hands embrace tightly.


A few moments have passed and Quentin is wrapping the end of the makeshift rope around his arms, The rope has now been constructed and each member of the group will help to support Holloway when she lowers herself down into the darkness. Quentin pulls tightly with his right hand outstretched, being the last in the group he will have the most work to do in keeping Holloway supported.


The camera slowly pans left as it reveals the long line of prisoners and makeshift rope, Kazan is third in line and holds onto the rope in a completely different way to the others, Worth is closest but can use the trap door for support if needed, Holloway is inside the gap and has attached the other end around her waist, Being the lightest this is to be the best option if anyone is going to escape.


Holloway is fearful but also determined to help the group, Holloway takes a deep breath and then sniffs as her nerves start to take over, Holloway looks down for a few moments to gain her composure before she clambers outside,


Holloway looks at the group for the last time before turning her head, Holloway grimaces as she struggles with the task of lowering her body weight outside the gap, 

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